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Sozkhwan-e-Ahle-Bait (A.S.)”, Syed Aftab Ali Kazmi (Marhoom) An introduction to the “Legend” of Sozkhwani

Born to a religious family in Delhi (India), Syed Aftab Ali Kazmi sahib migrated to Karachi in 1947. At that time there were only a few persons in the new country who had a command over the traditional style of Indian “Sozkhwani” and he was one of them. The only person senior to him was late Agha Maqsood Mirza sahib.









Sozkhwani, he had adopted a unique style of his own to recite the Soz, Salaam and Marsia. Many Sozkhwans of his period derived inspiration from his style. He was a very humble and open minded person by nature and always encouraged and appreciated the younger Sozkhwans.

Creation of Pakistan was a blessing for the Muslims of

“ Sozkhwan-e-Ahle-Bait (A.S.)”, Sy ed Aftab Ali Kazmi (Marhoom) An introduction to the “Legend” of Sozkhwani

Pakistan Television 1979

sub-continent. However it had also taken a heavy toll on the rich social, cultural, and religious traditions and lives of those who had migrated to the newly created country leaving behind everything they had. In order to save the traditional Fann-e-Sozkhwani” from the resultant socio-cultural turmoil, he had dedicated his life to Zikr-e-Ahle-Bait (A.S.) and made it his passion to nurture and promote the traditional Sozkhwani. To this end he took an initiative and discussed some proposals with late Allama Rasheed Turabi sahib and late Agha Maqsood Mirza sahib. Appreciating his initiative and the dedication late Allama Rasheed Turabi sahib suggested that an “academy” should be established to promote Sozkhwani.

Accordingly in the late 1950s, an Anjuman with the name of “ANJUMAN-E-SOZKHWANAN-E-KARACHI” was formally established in Karachi. Allama Rasheed Turabi sahib was the Chief Patron of this Anjuman while Agha Maqsood Mirza sahib was the first President and Syed Aftab Ali Kazmi sahib was the first General Secretary of this Anjuman. Later on he became the President of the Anjuman after the sad demise of Agha Maqsood Mirza sahib.

Anjuman used to hold weekly “Training” sessions in Karachi where younger Sozkhwans were encouraged to attend, learn and recite. All possible guidance and education was provided to them by the seniors. In addition on 19 th Safar of every year the Anjuman organized an exclusive Majlis-e-Sozkhwaniwhere all Sozkhwans (seniors as well as juniors) were given the opportunity to recite and afterwards Allama Rasheed Turabi sahib used to address. Alhamdolillah this tradition continues to date.

May we take this opportunity to request you to kindly offer a Sura-e-Fateha for late Syed Aftab Ali Kazmi s/o Syed Zafaryab Ali Kazmi as well as for all other Marhoom "Asateza Sozkhwans", specifically;

Janab Agha Maqsood Mirza, Janab Mashooq Ali Khan, Janab Azeem-ul-Mohsin, Janab Syed Abad M.Naqvi, Janab Syed Mazahir Ali Kazmi Janab Akhtar Wasee Ali and many others who are no more with us.

All of the above named participated actively in organizing and nurturing the “Anjuman-e-Sozkhwanan-e- Karachi” Alhamdolillah this Anjuman still continues after about 60 years and contributes towards promoting Sozkhwani amongst the younger generation.

Iltimas-e-Dua Family of Syed Aftab Ali Kazmi sahib (Marhoom)