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April 2012

For fourteen days in February, in the searing Kenyan heat, 710 Burangi community members showed us all just how hard theyll work for a permanent medical solution. During this time, these villagers rebuilt a part of the road that was made impassable after the rains in December. For the clinic foundation, they cleared the bush, dug the trenching, and carried the foundation stones. Countless jerry cans of water were Women gathering rocks to lay the hauled from the river one mile away to foundation of the clinic the building site. Finally, the concrete slab was poured in the trenches to form the foundation of the first building of their medical center. Their volunteer labor saves Genesis over $16,000 in facility costs. THE WOMEN WERE THE HEROINES OF THE DAY! Over 75% of the volunteers were women, leading Dr. Julius Kavuludi, the director of Kenya Map International to say, The women were the heroines of the day. They came in large numbers, of all ages, some with one or two babies strapped on their backs. And they did it cheerfully despite the intense heat. They were singing and dancing - the joy was palpable! said Dr. Kavuludi.


Empower Burangi
Join us for a nationwide dinner with a handful of friends Saturday May 12


Golf Scramble
Join the Garden City Chamber of Commerce on June 22 at Shadow Valley GC to support Clinic Services


It has been six months since the beginning of the Ada County expansion grant. The funding is already coming into fruition as we see a large spike in patients being served monthly as a direct result.
Medical 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 MentalHealth/SocialWork

Community members said, At last there is hope, we shall have a safe place to deliver our babies and have them treated well. I will work every day till that happens. One of the volunteers was a grandmother who said, Maybe if this medical center had been here I would not be carrying this child on my
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Inspired by Genesis, four South Idaho charity clinics met in Twin Falls this January to discuss operations, vision, and partnerships.
Represented here were Mustard Tree (Twin Falls), Mini-Cassia (Burley), Canyon County (Caldwell), and Garden City Community Clinics


Inspiring Healthy Communities Everywhere. PATIENTS CONTRIBUTE TO THEIR OWN HEALTH
The goal of the Garden City Community Clinic is not to provide indefinite free care for those who qualify. Instead, it is to temporarily provide assistance to people who truly have difficulty with basic access to medial attention. A couple of years ago, we started to ask patients to pay a nominal fee for prescriptions as well as when we fill out prescription assistance paperwork for free medications. This February, we began to ask dental patients to contribute up to $30 per visit for their care. We have been amazed at the readiness nearly all patients have exhibited when we demonstrate the value of the care they are receivingwhich sometimes exceeds $5000. By allowing and encouraging patients to pay for some of their care here, we help them maintain a sense of dignity while they get back on their feet.

There are plenty of ways the news media reports on the health of a community or state. Most of these deal with very tangible measurements that can be statistically sifted: morbidity rates, the number of uninsured, how many people have diabetes, hypertension, cancer and the like. But have you ever considered some of the nontangible ways that health exists, alongside those that are more easily measured? In the book, To Transform a City, authors Eric Swanson and Sam Williams propose that a vision of a healthy community was written by the Jewish prophet Isaiah nearly 3000 years ago (Isaiah 65:17-25). They contend that these are the elements that must be in place for a healthy, whole community where Gods shalom (peace and wholeness) is present:

There is joy and an absence of weeping and crying There is no infant mortality and people live out their full lives People will build houses and live in them There is meaningful work to do and people will sow and reap There is confidence the next generation will face a better life People experience blessing There is intergenerational family support with family structures intact There are rapid answers to prayer There is an absence of violence

Whether you read the Bible or not, most agree that these things would be the kind of place that they would want to live in, work towards, and protect. Our challenge to you is this: what are you doing in the realm of your influence to make your community more like the one above? Please share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


APRIL 2012


$81,600 Raised at Annual Dinner

What is Good Charity?

Feeling good about giving is not the same as good charity. Good charity is that which empowers the person in need, not that which makes the giver feel good. Just like in languages, the translation from what one person thinks is going on with what the other person thinks is going on can sometimes be radically different. - Mark Russell

Three hundred people turned out to The Riverside Hotel on March 4th to support Genesis World Mission and be inspired about community healthcare solutions for those in desperate need. The Todd Palmer Band entertained guests while they bid on silent auction items. Genesis leaders Dr. Karl Watts and Steven Reames hammed it up on stage while thanking sponsors, donors, and volunteers. Keynote Speaker Mark Russell, CEO of Russell Media, gave an entertaining and challenging speech to dinner guests commenting on good and bad forms of faith, hope and charity.

Thank you to these donors of auction items and services

Anniversary Inn, Rebecca Arnold, Artsmith Jewelers, Axiom, Marc Banner, Donna Barker, Bistro 45, Body Building.Com, Donna Brown, Brundage Mountain Resort, Ken & Patrice Burgess, Capital City Florist, Doug Colwell, Commercial Tire, Ken & Cornelia Cooney, Brent Cornell, Janet Davis, Discovery Center of Idaho, Dunia Marketplace, Eclipse Salon, Joe & Nicole Egbert, Eide Bailly, Epis Basque Restaurant, Floating Feather Spa, Fork, Millennium Dental, Susan Hazelton, Hillcrest Floral, Hillview Preschool, Hobbytown USA, Idaho Airships, Inc., Idaho Candy Co, Idaho Humane Society, Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Idaho's Finest Awards, Dr. Dawn King, Kituku and Associates, Lardo's Restaurant, Mai Thai Restaurant, Cosette Martinean, Morrison Center, Mountain States Neonatology, Murphy's Restaurant, Muse Bistro and Wine Bar, Opera Idaho, P F Chang's, Todd Palmer, Papa Joe's Pizza, Susie Pouliot, Brenda & Mike Puchalski, Steve & Tami Reames, Red Letter Books and Caf, Don & Tracy Ritter, Hillary & Mike Roethlisberger, Mark A Ruiz, Russell Media, Dee Sarton, Jim & Joan Stephens, T-Craft Aero Club, The Basque Market, The Flicks, The Grove Hotel, The SodaWorks, The Storytellers, Toll Station Pizza, Ling Wang, Dr. Karl Watts, Wood's BBQ.

APRIL 2012


Registrations at




MAY 12

Volunteer Physicians Network OB-GYN Associates was one of the first charter physician groups to join VPN in 2006 and play an instrumental role in its success.

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WERE HALFWAY THERE! At this time, nearly half of $48,000 needed has been raised for Phase I of the Burangi Clinic has been given. This amazes us, since we only started in December. Wed like to raise the rest of the money so the clinic can be completed by this fall. A NATIONWIDE DINNER WITH A HANDFUL OF FRIENDS We invite you to join us for the Empower Burangi Dinners on May 12th. Youll join several friends (old or new) for dinner at a home near you, which will conclude with a nationwide simulcast explanation of the Burangi Project. ATTEND OR HOST A DINNER There are two locations in Boise that can accommodate more guests. Tickets are $50 for each person. Were also looking for more hosts who will throw a dinner party for the event. If you are interested please contact by email or by phone 208-869-7023.

back. My daughter got pregnant at 14 years of age, could not get to a clinic so she delivered at home and died two days later from bleeding. I have been coming here every day to work because I want this child to get good medical care and live. When given the chance, people can improve their condition and this resilient community is doing so. This is JUST the beginning of the clinic construction and more funds are needed to complete it. In June, we will take another medical camp trip. These squadron sized medical teams formed the basis of our relationship with the Burangi villagers and continue to provide a way of assessing need, strengthening partnerships, and providing hope for their situation.


On June 16th, Genesis Founder/President Dr. Karl Watts and International Director Tracy Ritter will attend a celebration at the PEFA Mercy Medical Clinic in Ndumberi Kenya. This five year anniversary marks the end of Genesis financial startup commitment to PEFA. We are extraordinarily proud of our friends work in becoming financially independent and sustainable. We are in awe of the progress since 2007, with the clinic there providing over 20,000 patient visits a year, including medical, dental, mental health, spiritual care and a birthing center. These two communities in Ndumberi and Burangi reflect a dream come true, an answer to many prayers and an inspiration for us all. True empowerment does promote ownership, accountability, and sustainability, but even more importantly, it restores hope, health and freedom from poverty. Your prayers and donations are making this happen, THANK YOU! To learn more about our work in Ndumberi and Burangi, visit our website:

Medical Clinic RNs Karen ODell and Mary Nagel perform chart reviews weekly for quality assurance. Dental Clinic Anthony Fioretti helps with odds and ends in the clinic while preparing to go to dental school soon. International Pastor Wilson Ngowa Ziro (right) helps organize community building efforts in Burangi Kenya.

APRIL 2012


Corporate/Foundation Gifts
For Garden City Community Clinic Boise Valley Christian Communion, $2400 Sell Charitable Foundation, $5000 State Office of Primary Care & Rural Health, $20,000 St. Lukes Community Health Improvement Fund, $3000 The Walter & Leona Dufresne Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation, $2000 United Way of Treasure Valley Community Impact Funds, $35,000 For International Programs The Jesus Fund, $5000 Eastwind Community Church, $5245 Boise Valley Christian Communion, $2400 Downtown Boise Rotary Club, $2000

For Volunteer Physicians Network United Way of Treasure Valley Community Impact Funds, $30,000 General Gifts Camille Beckman Foundation, $5000 Gravity Technologies, $1000 Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund, $2000 Idaho Womens Charitable Foundation, $1000

Honorary Gifts
Quentin and Barbara Quickstad for Mr. and Kirsten Casillas for Geri Williams Sonitrol Pacific for Brent Haynes Patti Beavers for Peggy and Dick Kuntz Gene & Janis Cathcart for Tamara Reames Richard Ordaz for Angie Alvey Virginia Gabica for Dr. Martin Gabica Jane Watts for Dr. and Mrs. Karl Watts Ernie Hoidal for the Dental Clinic Gifts In Honor of Newlyweds
Mrs. Kent Quickstad

Memorial Gifts
Larry & LaDawn Kidd for Walter J. Kidd Jr. Robin Dodson & Pamela Powell for Don & Tracy Ritter and Montie & Ann Ral Elaine Winslow, Myrtle Bean, and Harriet
Fease for Margaret Howard stin for Win Apel Jamie Stokes

Don & Tracy Ritter

To support the Burangi Clinic
Carol Hagen, Debi McNeil, Ingrid Hudspeth, Tamara & Dean Fredrickson, Steve & Kristi Doud, James & Cindy Haworth

Non-Profit Org US Postage PAID Permit #845 BOISE ID

215 W 35th Street Garden City ID 83714

How You Can Give

Monthly Donations
We have multiple options for those who want to make one time or recurring donations and partner to inspire, organize, and operate community healthcare solutions. Automated checking withdrawal and credit cards charges are available. For information, contact Steve at 854-3942

Corporate Sponsorships
Would you like the community to know your business supports the goal of healthier communities. We have multiple opportunities of sponsorships that provide visibility for your business at events and throughout the year. For information, contact Hillary at 854-3925


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