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Grand Rapids FRC Bulletin

April 22, 2012

~ Calendar ~

The Lord willing... James 4:15

Today (Sunday) 4 PM Young Peoples meeting. Snack: Frans Ude April 24 (Tuesday) 7:30 Congregational meeting for male members. April 24 (Tuesday) 9:30 AM Ladies Bible Studys Annual Brunch. Please let Renee of Jeannette know if you plan to attend. We will find out who our secret pals were this year! April 25 (Wednesday) 7 PM This will be the last Fellowship meeting of the season. It will be led by Dr. David Murray. April 25 (Wednesday) 7 PM Boys & Girls Club. Regular meeting for all. We plan to make rockets.

9:30 AM Without Fault Before the Throne

Scripture: Revelation 14:1-13

Text: Revelation 14:5b

5:50 PM - SONG SERVICE Psalter 411: all and Psalter 200: 1 6 PM A Night to Be Much Remembered

April 28 (Saturday) 7 PM (YABS) Young Adult Book Study. Game night. May 4 & 5 is the Pt. Peele Trip. June 22-23 is the Sandy Pines Condo weekend. May 1 (Tuesday) 7 PM This will be our last Dorcas Guild meeting for the season. It will be held at the Manor of the Christian Rest Home. We would like this to be a special time of singing and fellowship with our ladies living at the Manor. All ladies of the congregation are invited & most welcome to join us. May 2 (Wednesday) 7 PM Consistory meeting. May 5 (Saturday) 7 AM We will be doing the Annual Spring Cleaning th around Church and the Parsonage, with a rain date of May 12 . Asking all Young people and Adults to please keep these dates open to help beautify the grounds. Please bring you own equipment (Rakes, wheelbarrows, blowers, tractors, etc.) Early refreshments will be supplied. May 9 (Wednesday) 7 PM Girls Club Spring Banquet. Mothers and Daughters and seniors 60 and over are invited for a night of fellowship.

Scripture: Exodus 12:29-42

Text: Exodus 12:42 & Lords Day 29

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46: 1

~ From The Consistory ~

Visitors, welcome. We hope you are blessed through worshiping with us this Lords Day.

Today, Dr. Jerry Bilkes will preach for our worship services.

Family Camp 2012 -- Registration Forms are available! Check your

mailbox or the narthex. Forms and deposits can be placed in Andy & Cindy VandenToorn's mailbox and are due May 1. Reserve your spot this month!

Next Sunday, Seminarian Rob VanDoodewaard will conduct our worship services. The Sunday School/catechism classes (Beginners 7 grade) Psalter of the month is #302: 1, 4. Please review with your children. The April 24 meeting of the consistory with the voting members includes the consistory's desire for the congregation to call Pastor David Kranendonk to serve as our pastor. Please make this a matter of prayer as well as the important votes for office bearers. Members are encouraged to attend if circumstances permit. As in the past absentee ballots are permitted. Please be sure to place the names of the deacons you choose in a signed sealed envelope. The same may be done with the elders in a second signed, sealed envelope and with your vote regarding calling Pastor Kranendonk in a third signed, sealed envelope.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all the ladies of our

churches to join us for the Annual Ladies' Conference which will be held Tuesday, June 12, 2012 D.V. at 10:00 AM. The theme will be "Countering Cultural Pressures". Pastor J. Overduin of Bethel FRC in Mitchell will give the main address in the morning. In the afternoon, Diana Alblas, from our St. Thomas FRC, will speak on "Biblical Modesty in our Dress" and Meta Moerdyk, from our Grand Rapids FRC, will speak about "Biblical Modesty in our Lifestyles". Our host church will be the FRC in St. George. They will have coffee ready at 9:30 AM. Lunch will be provided at cost. The ladies of Mitchell FRC will provide a musical contribution. Join us for a day of edification, instruction and songs, as well as fellowship. We pray that the
Lord will give insight for the preparations and that we will see many of you there.

~ Church Family ~
New Address/ District 5: Michael & Katie Seal & sons, Jonathan & Haddon 1517 Colorado SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49507 Phone: 434-221-8176. Please Remember in Our Prayers: Mr. Dave Huisjen, Mr. Case Kwekel

My recent CT-scan showed an increase in the size of existing tumors in

the liver, as well as some new ones. The doctor recommended a different kind of chemo therapy which began a week ago. Please pray that this treatment may be effective. Psalm 46:1 Dave Huisjen

Mrs. Vant Hof had surgery to clean out the incision from the previous
knee surgery, this past Friday. Please pray for no infection. Shut-ins: Mr. Vincent Faasse, Mrs. Dorothy Hitchcock, Mr. Cornelius Jobse and Mr. Case Kwekel. Servicemen: Dan Arnoudse, Jacob Hubach and Tyler Prince.

~ Nursery ~
Mother In Charge April: Laura DeJong Today: AM A: B: PM A B: AM A: B: PM A: B: Liz Prince, Suzanne Kleyn Rene` VanderHart, Lydia Karel Betty Elliot, Gabby Karel Jen Pennings, Katelynne Spaans Renee Langerak, Hannah Karel Tammy Timmer, Abbie Prince Misty Huckstead, Alexia Pronk Taunya VanDoodewaard, Sonia Wielhouwer

Next Week:

~ Ushers ~
Today Next Week AM Dave Pronk AM Chris Engelsma PM Henry Boven PM Eric Wielhouwer

~ Offerings ~
Today 1 collection: nd 2 collection: Box at Exits:

Next Week General Building Denominational

Education Denominational Christian Ministry to Israel

Song Service: Psalter 411: all and Psalter 200: 1

LITURGY April 22, 2012 Morning Service Votum & Salutation Psalter: 350: 2 - 4 Law Psalter: 83: 1, 3 Scripture Reading: Revelation 14:1-13 Text: Revelation 14:5b Pastoral Prayer Offertory Psalter: 417: 1, 3 Sermon: Without Fault Before the Throne Prayer Offertory Psalter: 228: 2, 3 Benediction Doxology: 241: 5, 6 ******

LITURGY April 22, 2012 Evening Service Votum & Salutation Psalter: 90: 1 - 4 Scripture Reading: Exodus 12:29-42 Text: Exodus 12:42 & Lords Day 29 Apostles Creed Psalter: 313: 2, 5 Pastoral Prayer Offertory Psalter: 289:1-3, 13-14, 18 Sermon: A Night to Be Much Remembered Prayer Offertory Psalter: 77: 2, 5 Benediction Doxology: 196 ******