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Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani Work-Integrated Learning Programmes Division Second Semester 2011-2012 Course Handout

Course No. Course Title Instructor : ET ZC414 : Project Appraisal : Omvir Chaudhry

Course Description Overview of Project and Project phases; project formulation aspects in terms of market studies, technical studies, financial studies, economic studies, environmental studies, etc.; project evaluation aspects in terms of commercial profitability prospects, national economic profitability prospects; issue of project preparation in project implementation. Scope and Objectives The course would stress on the fundamental principles needed to appraise and evaluate projects from market, technical, financial and economic view points and suitable techniques for doing the same. Prescribed Text Book
T1. Chandra, P. Projects Planning, Analysis, Selection, Fin. Implementation and Review, Tata McGraw Hill,

7th Ed., 2009. Reference Books R1. UNIDO, (1972) Guidelines for Project Evaluation, United Nations, New York. R2. UNIDO, (1978) Guide to Practical Project Appraisal United Nations, New York.

ET ZC414 (Course Handout) Plan of Self Study

Second Semester 2011-2012


Week No. 1 2 3 4 5 6&7 8 9

Topics Overview Strategy and Resource Allocation Generation and Screening of Project Ideas Market and Demand Analysis Technical Analysis Financial Estimates and Projections The Time Value of Money

Learning Objectives Investment analysis & appraisal of scheme for investing resources Selection of the investment projects and allocation of corporate capital Methodologies and realistic assessment of investment opportunities Systematic method and key steps for analyzing market and demand Technological factors in project implementation Understanding and analysis of a project from a financial angle using financial parameters Effect of time value of money upon project

Reference to Text Book T1-Ch.1 T1-Ch.2 T1-Ch.3 T1-Ch.4 T1-Ch.5 T1-Ch.6 T1-Ch.7

Review Session Syllabus for Mid-Semester Test (Closed Book):Topics in Week No. 1 to 9 10 & 11 Investment Criteria Judging projects on the basic of T1-Ch.8 payback, NPV, IRR and multiple criteria. 12 The Cost of Capital Determination of optimal capital T1-Ch.10 structures for maximization of value of firm 13 & 14 Social Cost Benefit SCBA UNIDO, LM approach T1-Ch.14 Analysis 15 Financing of Projects Various sources of financing and T1-Ch.18 determination of the optimal financing mix 16 Project Management Establishing & operating T1-Ch.21 organization suitable for project management 17 Project Review and Development of administrative T1-Ch.23 procedures and implementation Administrative Aspects through monitoring 18 Review Session Syllabus for Comprehensive Exam (Open Book): All topics given in Plan of Self Study

ET ZC414 (Course Handout)

Second Semester 2011-2012


Evaluation Scheme: EC No. EC-1 Evaluation Component & Type of Examination Assignment/Quiz Duration ** Details to be announced on LMS Taxila website by Instructor 2 Hours 3 Hours Weightage 10% Day, Date, Session,Time ** Details to be announced on LMS Taxila website by Instructor Sunday, 12/02/2012 (FN)* 10 AM 12 Noon Sunday, 08/04/2012 (FN)* 9 AM 12 Noon

EC-2 EC-3

Mid-Semester Test (Closed Book)* Comprehensive Exam (Open Book)*

30% 60%

** Please check the details by January 2nd Week on LMS Taxila web site. * Legend: AN: AfterNoon Session; FN: ForeNoon Session Closed Book Test: No reference material of any kind will be permitted inside the exam hall. Open Book Exam: Use of any printed / written reference material (books and notebooks) will be permitted inside the exam hall. Loose sheets of paper will not be permitted. Computers of any kind will not be allowed inside the exam hall. Use of calculators will be allowed in all exams. No exchange of any material will be allowed. Note: It shall be the responsibility of the individual student to be regular in maintaining the self study schedule as given in the course handout, attend the online/on demand lectures as per details that would be put up in the BITS LMS Taxila website and take all the prescribed components of the evaluation such as Assignment (Course Page on LMS Taxila), Mid Semester Test and Comprehensive Examination according to the Evaluation Scheme given in the respective Course Handout. If the student is unable to appear for the Regular Test/Examination due to genuine exigencies, the student must refer to the procedure for applying for Make-up Test/Examination, which will be available through the Important Information link on the BITS WILP website on the date of the Regular Test/Examination. The Make-up Tests/Exams will be conducted only at selected exam centres on the dates to be announced later. Instructor-In-Charge