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Cottage Food Operations Law signed by governor

[External Link] The Cottage Food Operations Law enacted during the 2011 legislative session became effective July 22, 2011. This law allows people to make low-risk food products in their own home kitchens and sell directly to consumers. Until this change, no food processing has been allowed to take place in home kitchens. WSDA has initiated the rulemaking process to determine the administrative details of the new law. The rules will identify low-risk food products that can be produced, as well as sanitation, production and inspection requirements. A Stakeholder Advisory Group has also been formed to help WSDA with the rulemaking process. Individuals interested in the rulemaking process may sign up for notification of hearings and other events by emailing Please type Interested Stakeholder CFB in the subject line. Cottage food products specified in the law include:

Baked goods Jams, jellies, preserves, and fruit butters as defined by Federal Regulations (21CFR Part 150) Other foods may be identified by WSDA to be low risk /non-potentially hazardous food products through the rule making process.

Cottage Food products may not be sold through the Internet, mail order or for retail sale outside the state. Sales from permitted Cottage Food Operations may not exceed gross sales of $15,000 a year. If gross sales exceed this amount, the cottage food operation must either obtain a food processing plant license under chapter 69.07 RCW or cease operations. Once the Rule Making Process has been completed in early 2012, the following criteria will need to be met. To produce cottage foods, the law will require applicants to:

1. Obtain a Cottage Food Operations Permit from the Department of Agriculture (WSDA). 2. Obtain a Food and Beverage Service Workers Permit from their local health jurisdiction. 3. Allow inspection of the kitchen and areas of the home in which the food is prepared or stored. 4. Demonstrate the ability to comply with health and safety practices which will be identified in rule and statute.
Fees to include:

a. b. c. d.

$30 WSDA processing fee $75 public health review fee $125 basic hygiene inspection fee Additional fees may be charged if additional inspections are required.

If you have other questions or wish to be informed when rule making is complete, please email or call (360) 902-2095.