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INSTRUCTIONS | Thank you for taking time to complete this survey. Please answer all questions. We encourage all candidates to explain an answer as there is no word limit. Do not make changes to any of the questions. Your answers are public information, and you must sign each page of this questionnaire. For candidates seeking consideration prior to the California Democratic Party Convention, you must submit this document by January 3, 2012. Email completed and signed questionnaires to Seyron Foo, chair of the Political Action Committee at The email subject line must include: PAC Last Name, First Name, Office Sought. Example: PAC Sylvester, Sue, Congressional District 4 Please feel free to attach any additional information to the questionnaire. An explanation accompanying a yes/no question is always welcomed. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us by email or at (323) 319 4366. NOTE: Stonewall policies prohibit the club from endorsing anyone other than a registered Democrat, even in non-partisan races. If you are not a registered Democrat please do not complete the survey. PART I | CANDIDATE INFORMATION | Portions of this part will be redacted. Name Office Sought Campaign Committee ID Number Name of Campaign Committee Campaign Address (Including City, State, and Zip) Estelle Lemieux Sacramento County Office of Education School Board #1346466 Committee to Elect Estelle Lemieux 3834 Dotty Street Carmichael, Ca. 95608

Campaign Phone Campaign Email

(916) 813-8112

Campaign Web Site Estimated Campaign Budget Cash On Hand as of the last FPPC $30,000 $800.00



filing period (indicate filing period). PART II | ISSUES OF INTEREST Please review the mission statement of the Stonewall Democratic Club of Greater Sacramento. Mission Statement Advance equal rights for all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity Support public policies that advance lesbian, gay, bisexual, & transgender (LGBT) equality at all

levels of government

Elect qualified, openly LGBT people to public office as well as other Democratic Party candidates

who support LGBT equality

Work within the Democratic Party to advance LGBT equality and full recognition of LGBT families Educate the public at large about LGBT issues and concerns Promote the Democratic Partys message of economic justice and social equality for all

1. Do you support the goals and purposes of Sacramento Stonewall Democratic Club, as outlined above? ( X) Yes ( ) No 2. Identify one of the goals of the mission statement and elaborate how you have helped to achieve one of the objectives. I support all the goals of the mission statement. I worked on the campaign against Prop 8. I work for the California Teachers Association and have advocated on several pieces of legislation such as SB 48. I worked with Sheila Kuehl on legislation that dealt with bullying. Economic justice and social equality are issues I strive for every day for everyone. I find myself fortunate to have a job that allows me to work on those very issues and values that I person as an individual believe in. 3. Are you a member of the Sacramento Stonewall Democratic Club? If yes, how long have you been a member? ( ) Yes ( X) No 4. Are you registered as a member of the Democratic Party? ( X) Yes( ) No 5. Have you ever endorsed a Republican over a Democrat for elected partisan race, and if so, when and why? ( ) Yes (X ) No 6. Will you be using a campaign consultant or campaign manager, and if so, who? (X ) Yes - Susan Savage 7. Are you or any of your staff or key volunteers openly LGBT? (X ) Yes ( ) No



8. Do you support project labor agreements? Would you require project labor agreements in capital improvement projects? (X) Yes ( ) No 9. Do you support the right of workers to collectively bargain? (X ) Yes ( ) No 10. Do you support the right for a woman to access reproductive healthcare? (X ) Yes ( ) No 11. Do you support comprehensive immigration reform, including a path to citizenship? (X ) Yes ( ) No 12. Do you believe that entities receiving public funds or resources should be allowed to violate nondiscrimination policies (for example, the Boy Scouts allowed rent-free facilities at the public expense)? ( ) Yes (X ) No 13. Would you support mandatory diversity training that includes LGBTQ issues for public employees? (X ) Yes ( ) No 14. In your current professional capacity, have you advocated for mandatory diversity training? If your place of employment has diversity of training, did you advocate for the inclusion of LGBTQ issues? Why or why not? I work for CTA and we have diversity training for all employees which includes the full inclusion of LGBTQ issues. (X ) Yes ( ) No 15. Would you support mandatory diversity training for all law enforcement personnel, including correctional peace officers, that includes LGBTQ issues? Why or why not? I believe that ALL public employees should be required to take diversity training which should include LGBTQ issues. (X ) Yes ( ) No 16. Would you support the inclusion of domestic partner benefits in all employee contracts within the jurisdiction of the office you are seeking? (X ) Yes ( ) No 17. Do you support marriage equality (equal marriage laws, permitting same-sex couples to marry under state law, just as opposite-sex couples do)? (X ) Yes ( ) No 18. Did you publicly oppose Proposition 8? Are you active in the campaign to repeal Proposition 8? If so, what activities did you engage in (i.e. fundraising, rallies, etc.)? I worked against Prop 8 campaign specifically with teachers since I work for CTA and we opposed this initiative. I also contributed to the NO campaign on Prop 8. (X ) Yes ( ) No



19. Do you support local funding for HIV/AIDS services, including, but not limited to, needle-exchange programs? Why do you think needle-exchange programs are important to the LGBTQ community? (X ) Yes ( ) No I believe in needle-exchange programs. The needle exchange program has shown that it helps prevent HIV/AIDS from spreading. 20. Do you support an age-appropriate public school curriculum that teaches awareness and sensitivity regarding sexual orientation and gender identity? (X ) Yes ( ) No 21. Do you support the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) of 1996 which prohibits federal recognition of same-sex couples in the United States? (X ) Yes ( ) No 22. Under DOMA, Gay and Lesbian foreign partners of legal U.S. citizens are not recognized for immigration purposes. Would you support federal legislation to allow Gay nationals to bring their partners into the United States under the same criteria as heterosexual nationals? (X ) Yes ( ) No 23. Do you support requiring insurance companies, including HMOs, to cover medically necessary sex reassignment surgeries and treatments for insured individuals diagnosed by a physician with Gender Identity Disorder or Gender Dysphoria? (X ) Yes ( ) No 24. Do you support requiring public employers to cover sex reassignment surgeries and treatments deemed medically necessary if a person diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder or Gender Dysphoria? (X ) Yes ( ) No 25. Do you support allowing openly LGBT Americans to serve in the U.S. military? Absolutely (X ) Yes ( ) No 26. Please describe how you will eliminate prejudice and/or discrimination in your own office if elected. I will advocate the enforcement of SB 48 (Leno) The Fair Education Act. 27. Please describe how your election to this office would be a benefit to the LGBT community. I am a firm believer of inclusivity and equality for all human beings. I advocate as such in my private life and will continue to do so should I get elected. 28. Please describe (briefly) what your top goals will be if elected to this office. Promote justice and equality for all students. Advocate for programs (particularly vocational programs) that will help students get back into the mainstream and to give them hope for their future. I will work on bringing everyone to the table to work collaboratively on solutions. I will work to increase more accountability and transparency for all our schools in Sacramento County. 29. Please list other endorsements you have received. Sacramento Labor Council, Women Democrats of Sacramento County, Sacramento Central Committee, FEMDEMS, Democratic Veterans of Sacramento County, Wellstone Democrats, Planned Parenthood, all 13 CTA locals (teacher endorsement) Sacramento County Office of Education Classified Employees. 30. If you receive endorsement, will you list and disclose Stonewall as an endorsing organization? Yes



31. Sacramento County candidates only: Have you signed the countys Code of Fair Campaigning Practices? Yes

STOP Continue only if you are a school board candidate.

PART III | SUPPLEMENTAL 32. Why are you running for school board? What is your background in education? As a recognized expert on school budgeting, I know what it takes to keep our schools on solid fiscal ground. For the past 20 years I have worked at the State Capitol advocating for adequate and stable funding for our schools. As a Juvenile Hall teacher here in Sacramento County Office of Education for many years, I have firsthand experience with the challenges of helping students get back into the mainstream and to give them hope for their future. Every year we are being asked to do more with less. It is time to have representatives who can answer that challenge. It is time to have board members who can bring everyone to the table to work collaboratively on solutions. I care deeply about the education of our students and I am uniquely qualified to serve. 33. Are you in support of creationism or intelligent design? ( ) Yes (X ) No

34. Does your district have an LGBT Task Force to address the needs and challenges facing LGBTQ students and employees in your district? If not, why not and what do you plan to do to change this? Im not sure at this time. If they dont and I get elected, I will advocate for one. ( ) Yes ( ) No

35. Does your district have a specific anti-bullying policy that includes LGBTQ students? Not aware of one. But they should given that they deal with incarcerated students. ( ) Yes ( ) No

36. What have you done to help make schools safer for LGBTQ students and staff, both classified and non-classified? As a former teacher, I always included in my lessons the need to treat everyone with respect. When I had a student who was disrespectful, or bullied another student I would send them out of the classroom and back to their room. (I worked with incarcerated students 20 years ago). I would have them write about what the word respect meant. 37. Have you been a member of the Bond Oversight Committee? What experiences from the Bond Oversight Committee do you bring to your candidacy as a school board member? ( ) Yes (X ) No