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PRESENT 1. Eng. Jackson Mubangizi 2. Eng. Dr. Isaac Mutenyo 3. Eng. Vincent B.A Kasangaki 4. Ms. Angella Kirabo 5. Eng. Dr. frank Sebbowa 6. Eng. Baliremwa Novati Mukajanga 7. Eng. Patrick Rusongoza 8. Mr. Kaddu David 9. Eng. Elias Bahanda 10. Mr. J.M Baliraine 11. Mr. Mpuuga Henry 12. Mr. Otwane Dan Etiange 13. Mr. Opio I George 14. Mr. Kayigwa Richard 15. Eng. Dr. Abel Katahoirwe 16. Mr. Nathan Ddumba Mayanja 17. Mr. Mitega George 18. Mr. Seema Mugisha John 19. Mr. Silver Niwagaba 20. Mr. Byangire Paul Risooka 21. Mr. Mubiru Joel 22. Ms. Nakamya Betty 23. Eng. Dennis Magezi 24. Eng. Ebong Richard President Ag. Honorary Secretary Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member

25. Eng. Dr. Francis Baziraake 26. Eng. Kasingye Kyamugambi 27. Mr. Nathan Wasswa-Mukasa 28. Mr. Stephen Yateesa-Igalo 29. Mr. Bemba Kenneth Kafuko 30. Eng. Abner W. Nangwale 31. Eng. Pande Michael Mabonga 32. Eng. Livingstone Kangere 33. Mr. Paul Mutalya 34. Mr. Alenyo Peter 35. Mr. Kasaakwa Emmanuel 36. Eng. Dr. Anania Mbabazi 37. Eng. Vincent Ochwo 38. Mr. Peterson Mwesiga 39. Mr. Taitika Roberts Tolbert 40. Mr. Mubangizi B. Jude 41. Eng. Musumba William Emmanuel 42. Mr. Gonza Daniel S.W 43. Mr. Sam Bulolo 44. Mr. Aaron Nsamba 45. Mr. Singoma Dennis 46. Mr. Okullu Yorobwam 47. Mr. Godfrey Hashakimana 48. Mr. Aleper Titus 49. Mr. Isabirye Daniel 50. Mr. Kayabya Wilson 51. Mr. Ojera Jacob 52. Mr. Muhwezi Andrew 53. Mr. Serunjogi Steven 54. Mr. Owiny Freddie

Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member 2

55. Mr. Okello Bosco Odongo 56. Mr. Mulabbi Elliot 57. Mr. Byaruhanga Godfrey Kafuruka 58. Mr. Tom Ndizala 59. Mr. Peter Kwiri 60. Mr. Muwaya-Mukuwa Nelson 61. Mr. Okuk Geoffrey Bright Owera 62. Mr. Jackson Byarugaba 63. Mr. Echoku Charles 64. Mr. Otim Alex POkene 65. Eng. Peter Balimunsi ABSENT WITH APOLOGY 1. Eng. John Nasasira 2. Eng. Nathan Muyobo 3. Eng. Hans Mwesigwa 4. Eng. Jimmy Adwek In Attendance 1. Ms. Regina Nanyonjo Maggie MINUTE Min. SGM/2012/1/0 Ag. Manager UIPE Patron

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Chairman Elders Forum Member Member

RECORD OF DISCUSSIONS AND RESOLUTIONS Adoption of the Agenda The President called the meeting to order at 3:30 pm after confirmation of a quorum (37 members were present at commencement). The Agenda was adopted as: 1. Prayer 2. Communication from the Chairperson 3. Matters arising from the communication 4. Alleged Mismanagement of UIPE


RECORD OF DISCUSSIONS AND RESOLUTIONS 5. Matters arising from the allegations 6. Way forward

Min. SGM/2012/1/1 Min. SGM/2012/1/2

Prayer A prayer was led by Eng. Elias Bihande COMMUNICATION FROM THE CHAIRPERSON The President/Chairman read his written communication to the meeting. The Presidents communication mainly highlighted the achievements of UIPE, see attached communication (Annex 1). Main issues raised in his communication included: (i) Launch of the strategic plan 2011-2016 (ii) Council Forum for elders (iii) Increased participation of engineers in activities like social evenings, CPDs, Annual Dinner (iv) Training Courses tailored for engineers in different areas of practice (v) Increased participation in the region and internationally (vi) Joint assessment with ERB (vii) Student Outreach Programs with Kyambogo, Makerere and Busitema universities (viii) Code of Professional Practice and Ethics; and Disciplinary Procedures (ix) Accreditation of Engineering Courses (x) Participation in stakeholder meetings and workshops (xi) Representation on Boards and other entities (xii) Participation in the East Africa Community Integration meetings (xiii) Investigation into Professional Practice The president also highlighted a few other activities that were scheduled to run and among these included; (i) CPD Credit Point System (ii) Membership Management System (iii) Graduate Membership Training Graduate Membership Mobilisation He however, noted that there have been challenges that included delayed joint assessment of members and negative forces from within which led to dissatisfaction. Matters arising from the communication The communication was received by members and the reactions below ensued: (i) Members were concerned that it was the president 4

Min. SGM/2012/1/3


Min. SGM/2012/1/4

RECORD OF DISCUSSIONS AND RESOLUTIONS chairing the meeting yet the mismanagement allegations were made on him. They requested that the President leaves the chair for a neutral person to chair the meeting. Guidance was sought from the constitution in which Article 13.2 provides that the President presides over meetings of the institution and in his absence, any of the Vice Presidents or in the absence of the Vice Presidents a member of Council can preside. It was resolved that the president chairs the meeting since he was present. (ii) Members asked for more clarification on who the negative forces from within were to which the president replied that there are some council members who have been opposing almost every activity planned. (iii) Members expressed concern over the Joint assessment for ERB and UIPE and wondered whether it had really quickened the membership and registration process. They requested that since from the introduction of the joint assessment no person had passed through the process to completion, UIPE should consider reverting to the old system. The President responded that ERB and UIPE are working out ways in which they can harmonise the process. Alleged Mismanagement of UIPE It was noted with concern that the presenter of this item Eng. Hans J.W.B. Mwesigwa was absent. Members were informed that Eng. Hans J.W.B. Mwesigwa had lost his sister and he had communicated to the President and requested that the meeting be postponed. Unfortunately the special general meeting could not be postponed because of the following reasons: The meeting had been earlier postponed due to the passing on of Eng. James N. Zikusoka, The members alleging the mismanagement were 12 therefore any of them could make the presentation, The allegations had earlier been circulated to many people and so the issues were largely known by the members. The meeting resolved that any one of the petitioners presents the allegations. Eng. Livingstone Kangere read the allegations (copy attached, annex 2). Issues raised included the following: (i) Eng. Dans Naturinda the Hon. Secretary and Mr Roberts Tolbert Taitika the Hon Treasure had withdrawn cash UGX 110,000,000 and bought land for UIPE under the leadership of Eng. Mubangizi in total disregard of 5


Min. SGM/2012/1/5

RECORD OF DISCUSSIONS AND RESOLUTIONS established financial and administration procedures (ii) The President Eng. Mubangizi was alleged to cash cheques of UGX 8 million as per diem in breach of established procedures and he was arranging to pay Eng. Dans Naturinda UGX 3 million using unapproved signatories under unclear circumstances. (iii) Election rigging in 2010 when Eng. Mubangizi was elected President (iv) Numerous travels abroad by the President without proper guidance and approvals from the relevant committee (v) Misuse/mismanagement of the presidents powers, cases pointed out: a. Arbitration in a case of civil engineering nature between Mayuge district LG and Sujitho Construction b. Conferring Honorary membership onto the Rt Hon. Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi during public gathering without following council procedure c. Undermining Finance and Administration (F&A) committee d. Training expenditure for the District Engineers training manned by the President and Ms Angela Kirabo thus taking over the role of the Manager of the Secretariat. A cheque of 9 million written in the names of the manager, Mr Bernard Ogei had the president cross out the managers name and inserted his own name for unclear reasons. e. Appointment of Ms Peace Amanya as the Presidents personal Assistant without Councils and F&As knowledge and approval. Eng. Kangere informed the members that there was another document for presentation but he was ruled out as that document was not presented to the Chair nor was it circulated for consideration. Matters Arising from the Allegations (i) Fraudulent Purchase of Land: Members agreed that since UIPE Council was making progress in the investigations on the alleged fraudulent purchase of land, it should be given the opportunity to pursue the issue to logical conclusion and report back. (ii) Use of suspended members signatures for cashing cheques: Members noted that although it was wrong to use these signatures it was circumstantial due to the planned training and there was no financial loss to UIPE. 6


Min. SGM/2012/1/5

RECORD OF DISCUSSIONS AND RESOLUTIONS The decision was meant to avoid constraining institution activities. Members were informed that the change of signatories process was completed. (iii) Election Rigging: Members noted that this allegation was time barred as the current Council Year was about to end. However, UIPE should use it as a learning lesson to avoid such unethical occurrences in the future. For future elections the Returning officer should be held responsible for outcomes of elections. Members advised that an election guide should be developed so that all measures are taken to avoid any dissatisfaction among members. (iv) Numerous Travels abroad: Councils response that travels were within budget was sufficient. The President should in the future delegate to other members of council. Members were further informed that the President of UIPE represents the Institution but not the President of Federation of Engineering Institutions in East Africa (FEIEA), a position to which the members agreed. (v) Arbitration: Although the President is mentioned as the Adjudicator in most Contracts of an engineering nature he should not handle all arbitrations himself. Members were informed that in the cases listed in the allegations, the President had been appointed as the Adjudicator in the contracts. Members were also informed that the President had in all cases selected members to work with although some did not respond. Members were informed that the case mentioned in the allegations had been successfully concluded. Members were also informed that Council discussed the matter and came up with interventions to streamline arbitration of cases. (vi) Honorary Membership to Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi: UIPE council was handling the issue through the proper membership procedures. Members agreed that Council should be left to pursue this issue as planned. (vii) President Undermines the F&A Committee: The chairman F&A committee informed the meeting that this allegation is baseless as his committee is not at all being undermined by the President or anyone else. (viii) Employment of Ms Peace Amanya: The Meeting was informed that Council handled this case. Way Forward (i) It would have been better if the President to whom the 7


RECORD OF DISCUSSIONS AND RESOLUTIONS allegations were addressed had let someone else to chair the meeting. It was recommended that a constitutional provision be made to cater for such situations where someone else is mandated to chair a meeting even when the President is available. (ii) If the Petitioners are dissatisfied because another document was not presented because it was not presented to council they should follow article 12.5 of the constitution. Council should strengthen the procedures and guidelines of the institution and follow them strictly. The UIPE constitution has several loopholes that need address. There should be a constitutional review process to address all loopholes. The UIPE constitution should be pasted on the UIPE website so that all members can refer to it. All communications of the institution should be made by the Hon. Secretary. If a member needs an issue to be addressed by the institution they should communicate with Council through the Hon. Secretary. Members agreed that everyone should be more professional and desist from mass circulation of emails of allegations. This does not only dent the institutions image but creates unnecessary tension amongst members. Eng. Nangwale who travelled all the way from Mbale to attend the Special General Meeting was recognized for his high regard and support for UIPE. He was seen as a role model that young engineers should look on to. A moment of silence was observed in honour of the late Eng. James Nyonyintono Zikosoka who was buried on 3rd February 2012.

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