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Renaissance The Period of Self Reliance and Reawakening

Renaissance was the period began in the mid of fourteenth century and lasted till seventeenth century, between these period believes of mankind underwent tremendous changes. This revolution was originated in Itlay but slowly and gradually it spread rest of the Europe. Invention of printing press helped a lot in propagation of ideas but there was no uniformity of changes in European countries that was brought by the movement of rebirth. Started as a cultural movement, it first influenced the Latin and vernacular literature, classical learning that was vanished during middle age history saw revival. The reminiscent of classical resources were used to develop the current flow of views and literature. Many changes were brought to give the touch of reality to paintings, remodeling of educational institution were done to bring intellectual people of every class under education system. Political diplomacy which was not a part of any rulers manifesto by then became the mandatory technique to run a government. Old method of blindly believing in anything was discarded by the people; they started believing in scientific facts which was further started relying on observatory theories and created a way for modern science and society. Despite the fact that this great movement became a seed for intellectual, social and political revolution still many historical enthusiasts believes major contribution of renaissance era comes from the field of artistic developments including Leonardo da Vince and Michelangelo. They were not only the great artists but great visionaries also who inspired people of their generation. The empathy of such a historical revolution was begun in Florence. Numerous theories have been put forward to understand the reasons behind its origin. The various factors that come under the theories were social and civil life of people, political hierarchy and structure, benefaction of influential family, called the Medici and the migration of Greek Scholars due to the fall of Constantinople. However the noted facts written in the nineteenth century history books devoted to the period of reawakening has faced some strong criticism as well. They are accused of glorifying prominent figures as renaissance men and completely ignored the fine details of lifestyle related to the common renaissance people that is why in the history books people only find the descriptions on social life rich and heroic people but other aspects like failures, diseases and common peoples social behavior are not mentioned anywhere in the written texts. However renaissance proved to be a stepping stone towards the world of secularism which was the blended form of ideas taken from relics and novel approaches. This period was the example of positive changes in the attributes of various structures such as responsible government, rising liberals views in Christianity and self awakening of people. These three factors laid the foundation for the birth of capitalism, Middle class and Industrialization. To tribute the achievements of golden age, a new kind of festival was started in the mid of twentieth century which are now famously known as renaissance festivals. People attend these festivities attiring in renaissance clothing. We all should take part in such festivals to know more about the age which laid the foundation of modern society.