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Common Bond Students!

Do you want to make a difference at Common Bond and in the lives of those around you? Do you want to help set the pace for Common Bond rather than continuing to follow? If you want to have an impact, then you may be ready to be a part of doulos (doulos). Doulos in greek means servant.

doulos is the student servant-lead team of Common Bond. Being on the doulos team
youll be asked to play a key role at Common Bond. Well also spend a significant amount of time growing in our relationship with God. But it wont be easy. As a member of doulos, you are expected to be at Common Bond on Tuesday nights, special events and our team meetings. We expect you to set the pace spiritually and set the pace in loving and accepting the students who come to Common Bond. What we expect to see in you is a...

Relationship with God

Is growing in your relationship with God top priority? Do you enjoy God and glorify him? Does your life show that you are following Jesus? Are you willing to help set the spiritual pace for Common Bond? Are you living in a way that is above reproach? Are you working on eliminating sin areas in your life to grow closer to God? Are you willing to learn, or do you know it all already? Are you willing to grow from teaching? Can you learn from Nick, Becky and Leah, and curriculum we use to develop you as a leader and follower of Jesus? Do you care for people, whether or not they like you? Do you want to see Common Bond students become authentic believers in Jesus? How do you handle new ideas, and different points of view than your own? Do you run away when you are confronted? Are you willing to accept accountability and correction to grow in your relationship with Christ? Can we rely on you to make an impact at Common Bond? Are you willing to make sacrifices to attend events and meetings? Do you honestly have time for this? Can you say, I will make time to serve at Common Bond?

Mind & Heart that is Open

Willingness to Serve Others

Positive Attitude When Being Challenged

Life Available to Make a Dierence


Joining doulos is a major decision to make. You will be a key part of Common Bond for the next year. A good portion of your time and energy will be focused on this ministry. While being a part of this ministry will be rewarding, it is not just a fun activity to do when you feel like it. Well be meeting regularly for ministry training, evaluation and planning. You will also be expected to attend both Tuesday nights and special events. Not being able to attend Tuesday nights would be like making all the practices for a sports team and missing all the games. Take some time to answer the questions below. Tell me about your commitment to Christ. When did you accept him as Lord and Savior? How has your life changed since?

To be on the doulos team you need to have a Relationship with God, Mind & Heart that is Open, Willingness to Serve Others, Positive Attitude when being Challenged, and a Life Available to Make a Difference. Tell us about where youre at in each category. Review the questions on the previous page to help guide you through your answers.

o Relationship with God

o Mind & Heart that is Open

o Willingness to Serve Others

o Positive Attitude When Being Challenged

o Life that is Available to Make a Dierence

doulos Winter/Spring 2012 Meeting Schedule - Sunday Nights

January 8th - 4p-8p February 12th - 4p-8p March 11th - 4p-8p April 22nd - 4p-8p May 20th - 4p-8p Sunday meetings will include Prayer, Leadership Training, Scripture Study, Team Building, Common Bond Evaluation, and Ministry Development. There may be special meeting times when needed.

Student Commitment
I am up to the challenge and reasonably meet these requirements. I agree to be at as many doulos meetings and at as many Common Bond meetings/events as my schedule will allow (as discussed with Nick, Becky and Leah). I also agree to commit myself to spending regular time with God through prayer and Bible study.

SIGNED ___________________________________________


Parent Commitment
I have read this commitment sheet and will help my student fulfill his/her commitment.

SIGNED ___________________________________________

DATE ______________