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742 Evergreen Terrace Springfield, IL 62702 555-555-5555

DSSO Credit Analyst

Dedicated employee seeking to advance further within the company to help the business to grow and increase profitability. Brings 7 years of collections experience, skip tracing, program management, and 15 years of sales and customer service experience.

Key Skills
Creative Problem Solving Training Skills Peer Management Project Planning, Coordinating, and Executing Computer Hardware and Software Competent Collections and SOP Procedures Sales Communications Brand Energizer Excel, and Access proficient

Toyota Financial Services, Chandler, AZ Early Stage Collections, 10/05 -2006 Mid Stage Collections, 2006-2007 High Risk Collections, 2007-2008 Core and Reinstatement, 2008 Late Stage Collections, 2008-Present Originally hired as a part-time employee in 2005. After one year, became full-time with the company. Has been involved with various company promoted and sponsored programs such as the Brand Team and partnership with AIC. Has progressed from Early Stage collections all through Late Stage and has done job functions relating to Reinstatement. Has a full understanding of collections and other related departments. Is also networked with many other people in various positions within the company. Key Contributions: Has received multiple achievement awards for excellent performance every year. Has worked on multiple projects as a band 2 level associate reporting to band 4 level managers such as Early Fraud Prevention and Charge Off Management Lists. Has given multiple presentations during team meetings as an associate and department meetings as a Brand Energizer. Lead center-wide activities on behalf of the Brand Energizer Team such as the Brand Carnival to boost morale and establish good relations and connections between associates and managers. Wrote a letter on behalf of a Toyota executive Dave Crandall which was sent out to all of TFS North America. Been on the Brand Team for 3 years. Provided Spanish and Italian language skills to communicate to customers and resolve account issues saving the company money every day. Has provided side-by-side training to other associates at every level of collections. Constantly resolves technical issues for fellow peers. Wrote and submitted formal proposals to improve computer systems for increased productivity and also associate scheduling preference. Brand Energizer, 2007-2009 Had the opportunity to visit corporate in Torrance, CA several times. Was invited to have lunch with executives and our Band 5 leader Scott Sasso locally in AZ. Had dinner with executives and George Borst in CA. Had 3 successful years delivering the Brand Experience.

UNIVERSITY OF TOYOTA, CERTIFICATION, 2012 Chandler, AZ W.P. Carey Undergrad BA Business Communication AZ Collections Certification (2005), Toyota Financial Services Chandler, AZ