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Jeffery Sachs The Earth Institute, Columbia University New York, NY 10027

April 10, 2011

The Economist Magazine reviewed your recently-published book on Reawakening American Virtue and Prosperity. My comments are as follows. (1)The enclosed Issue#1 of Clarence Political Oversight (CPO) reaches a similar conclusion -- America has an inflated GDP. My enclosed March 2010 Editorial calls this inflated GDP an Illusion of Prosperity. It was created by the Politicians who control our Federal Government deficit spending (see enclosed graph depicting the Illusion of Prosperity). CPO Issue #1 also indicates that the majority of the inflated GDP has been used to create service jobs in the Health Care Industry and the Military Industry (preparing for war, waging war, manufacturing weapons, care of veterans). (2) I disagree with The Economist Magazine comment that He (i.e. Sachs) vastly overstates the similarities between the Democratic and Republican Parties. This comment suggests a need for additional explanation. I would have described the similarity as the Democratic and Republican Parties are equally morally corrupt because they both use deficit spending as a campaign finance tool (see USTB Deficit Spending Fund in CPO Issue#1). (3) The Economist Magazine quotes your book as saying American Voters have been tranquilized into obesity by saturation advertising. Your book states that we have a distracted society. In my opinion the word distracted is far too generous -- the majority of American voters are either Pathetic, Ignorant, or Apathetic. (see commentary on enclosed Editorials by George F. Will and Robert Samuelson). (4) I agree with The Economist Magazine that your proposal for a third Political Party is naive. However, I also agree with your premise that we need a Mindful Society. In my opinion a Mindful Society recognizes that our Democracy cannot survive if we are unable to Reawaken American Virtue and successfully persuade Democratic and Republican Party Politicians to behave like decent human beings. This is the mission of Clarence Political Oversight. (5) Politician Paul Ryan wrote a Wall Street Journal review of your book and claims that Jeffrey Sachs is the latest in a long line of thinkers to reject the values of our commercial republic. Ryan does not discuss whether or not these values should include morally corrupt Career Politicians who use Federal Government deficit spending as a campaign finance tool. (6) Ryan is among the Republican Party Career Politicians who have been testing a new approach for deceiving voters. Since 1986 they have been signing a No New Taxes Pledge to give the impression that they are trying to reduce Federal Government spending. However, they have been increasing Federal Government spending (and their chances of re-election) because since 1986 they have not requested a No New Deficit Spending Pledge. (7) Politician Charles Schumer is among the Democratic Party Career Politicians who have been testing a new approach for deceiving voters. In 2010 the Obama Administration cut the payroll tax so Democratic Politicians like Schumer could boast about a payroll tax holiday. Schumer does not disclose that this has weakened Social Security. Both Political Parties are hoping that Americans reject Social Security and hire the Money Managers who boast about their skill in predicting previous stock price increases that were caused by deficit spending. (8) Money managers win from the fees they charge Americans for helping them gamble in casinos called Stock Exchanges. Politicians win increased campaign contributions from Money Managers (e.g. Mutual Funds and Wall Street Banks). Americans lose because their best hope for a decent retirement is to strengthen Social Security. (9) Regarding the Occupiers of Wall Street, they represent some of the Americans whose shattered lives were built on economic Illusions created by morally corrupt Politicians. This Illusion approach was also used by the Politicians that controlled Federal Government spending in countries such as Greece, Italy, France, and Spain. (10) In my opinion the new millennia Americans will gradually realize that the legacy of their parents and grandparents is a Perverted Illusion of Prosperity. CPO Issue #1 recommends that Americans start Making Room by sharing our necessary jobs with young adults (STNW). Our young adults do not need illusionary jobs (USTB). (11) America has developed sophisticated technology (electronics, robots, and machines) to create labor saving devices, military weapons, and Health Care. Voters need to become mindful and provide the oversight needed to ensure that our Politicians use this technology responsibly. (12) The term Making Room is not a new concept -- British author Harry Harrison addressed it in his 1966 science fiction novel titled Make Room, Make Room. This novel was loosely adapted into the 1973 science fiction movie Soylent Green starring actors Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson. The focus of this movie is the social chaos that occurs in a commercial republic where the elderly are making room, there is overpopulation and unemployment, and global warming caused by humans has destroyed ocean plant life. Michael F. Patterson 6115 Fairlane Drive Clarence Center, NY 14032 Cc: Douglas Turner, The Buffalo news Career Politician Paul Ryan Prof. John Taylor, Stanford University

Career Politician Charles Schumer Prof. Roger Meiners, University of Texas F. Barry Rand, CEO AARP Steve Kroft, 60 Minutes Prof. Paul Krugman, Princeton University