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Water CoP Catchment Series 27 April 2012

Checklist for Designing NRW Projects

Contact: EASS/Jingmin Huang

Why NRW matters

Huge loss due to NRW NRW in the USA, 5.5b m3 per year(16%), $2.2 billion loss. NRW in China, 9b m3 /year(18%), $3 billion loss. NRW in Asia: 29 b m3/year, $9 billion loss.

Purpose of the Checklist

To assist: Project Officers prepare projects addressing NRW either as a standalone or as a component of a larger project. Peer reviewers in assessing whether the NRW NRW aspects have been adequately dealt with.

Purpose of the Checklist

Are the project targets realistic? Are the program components to achieve those targets sufficient? Is the time frame realistic? Is the proposed program adequately resourced? Are the projects risks manageable? Is there a high probability of a successful and sustainable outcome?

Concept Note
Purpose Rationale Tentative Investment Plan Technical Due Diligence Required


Problem Tree

Diagnosis of Existing NRW Situation Develop Detailed NRW Output Component Reform Technical Due Diligence Required


Capacity building for water utility operator Flexibility in project scope and procurement plan Long term sustainability Risk Assessment and Management Plan Cost Estimate of Detailed NRW Assessment

NRW Diagnosis Summary NRW Possible Component List Indicative Problem Tree