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Im Chris Goldberg, nice to meet you. Chris shakes C.J.

s hand and holds his rottweiler with the other. Theyre standing next to a bench in a park full of trees on a sunny day. C.J. smiles, hes excited to meet Chris. Chris looks calm and cool, hes a handsome white man with a jet black relaxed hairstyle, blue eyes, high cheek bones, a five o clock shadow, and thin lips. Chris is looking over his shoulder at a cute Asian young lady whos standing behind him in the grass with her dog. C.J. says, So, did Jay tell you about the show? Chris says, Yup. C.J. says, What do you think? Chris says, I dig. Im down with it. C.J. says, Cool. Cool. C.J. stands next to Chris uncomfortably, Chris dog is sniffing C.J.s crotch. A young black lady walks by and smiles. Chris waves and says, Hey, Angie.

Angie says, Hi Chris, call me later. Chris says, Solid. C.J. is pointing down to Chris dog while hes sniffing his crotch. Chris is still staring at the woman who just passed. C.J.s jaw is closed tight with his right eyebrow raised. C.J. says, Um, dude, my man, your dog? Chris calmly turns back to C.J. and looks at his dog with a blank stare and says, David, down boy. My Bad. C.J. says, David? Why David? Chris gives C.J. a small chuckle and says, As a kid I watched Bay Watch for the slow motion tit action and one day I realized David Hasselhoff was the man in the 90s. He was surrounded by all this ass, I mean high grade ass. I figured I should name my dog after an ass magnet and hopefully waves of ass would flow to me, ya know. C.J. smirks nervously with his hands in this pocket watching David the dog. C.J. says, Ha. Sounds fun. So did he tell you about the theme of the show? Chris says, Yeah. A Minstrel show with four minstrels and Id be the Jewish minstrel. C.J. says, So youre in? A young white woman walks by Chris and C.J. with a hard, sexy switch; shes dressed scantily clad. Chris has a big smile on his face as the woman says, Hey David. Helloooo Chris. Dinner later? Chris says, Naw. How bout a night cap? Woman says, Sure. Call me. Chris says, Word. Chris turns back to C.J. with a calm look on his face and says, What was you sayin? C.J. says, The show, are you interested in starring and helping me write? Chris raises his eyebrows in interests and says,

Write? You want us to help you to write the show? C.J. takes one frantic step away from David the dog and says, Yeah. I am looking for experienced skit writers since this is my first project. Since we are all working together and starring in the show. Who better to write? I am putting my trust in you guys. What do you think? David is in the midst of relieving himself. Chris picks up his dogs waste and then walks over to the trash. He walks back over to C.J and says, I dig like a shovel. C.J. says, Yea C.J. has a confused look on his face as he blurts out, What? Is that a yes? Chris never turns his head toward C.J. but he looks at him out of the corner of his eyes with a small frown on his face and says to C.J., Thats a yes, kid. Youre a bit of a tool, ya know that? C.J. smiles uncomfortably as he stands next to Chris with his hands in his pocket. Yeah. Hey, how did you and Jay get fired from NBC? Chris smirks and says, Oh yeah. That was crazy. C.J. says, What happened exactly? Chris says with a smile on his face, Jay went bananas on the president of NBC because he canceled Bosom Buddies. I was pissed but I had a threesome to attend later that night; so I wasnt that mad. Jay cursed out the president and then spit on him. C.J. interrupts by saying, He spat on him? He didnt tell me that! What?! With a smirk on his face Chris says, Yes, son, spit, like a hog spit. It landed right on his cheek; I watched that shit land in slow motion. My heart stopped and I peed a little. The president leaped over his desk like Jet Li in all

his movies and then begins to whoop Jays ass. I swear, Jay only landed one hit and that was the hit that got him off of him. The two was ready to charge each other again and I rolled a chair between them. Why a chair? asks Chris says, I didnt wanna break up that fight, that old man had a mean swing. So after the fight we were thrown out of 30 Rock, maybe banned. Who knows, do you know? C.J. franticly rubs his head as he step one step away from the dog and says, No I dont know. I really dont think so but I dont think I know.

Chris releases a huge loud laugh with a big smile on his face. C.J. is standing next to Chris looking at him with a confused look on his face. Chris is wiping tears from his eyes from the heavy laughter. He looks over at C.J. as hes still chuckling. Chris says, Im just fuckin with ya. Why would you know? Youre really funny! Are you always this socially awkward? C.J. says, Only around dogs. Chris says, David? Hes harmless. He loves everyone includin republicans. C.J. says, Every dog owner says that about their dog until the dog is nibbling on their newborns throat like a bone. I dont trust them, just cant trust dogs; theyre sneaky. Chris has an absurd what look on his face as he takes one step away from C.J. as David the dog tries to sniff C.J. again. C.J. takes one step away from David the dog. Chris says, WHAAAAAT?! Cats are freakin sneaky not dogs. C.J. says, Dogs eyes are sneaky, its all in the eyes. Their eyes are piercing but fill with fire. Chris says, Son, where are you gettin this stuff from? This sounds like something your grand pop told you as a child. C.J.s face lights up in excitement as he points at Chris in excitement with a big smile on his face. C.J. says, how did you kno Rrrrafh! David the dog barks out loud at C.J. from his rapid movement. C.J. quickly snatches his hand back as Chris pulls David the dog back in embarrassment. Chris has a dumb look on his face as

C.J. evil eyes the dog with a mean look on his face. There is a moment of awkward pause between the two men and dog. C.J. says, See. Told you, cant trust them. Chris says, Yeeaah, that was my bad. Anywhoo, what will this Minstrel show be called? A bright smile appears on C.J.s face once again as he begins to say, I am ecstatic that you asked that question. Well, the show is called Woman says, Aww, what a cute dog, sir. A young Spanish woman in her exercise gear walks up with her little cute dog towards David the dog. The two dogs begin to play as C.J. was trying to finish his sentence. Chris smiles and turns to C.J. to say, Hold that thought. Chris says to the lady, Yeah, this is my buddy David. Whats your doggie name?

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