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You are going to read a magazine article about growing potatoes. Choose the most suitable heading from the list A-I for each part (1-7) of the article. There is one extra heading which you do not need to use. There is an example at the beginning (0). A. Buying your seed potatoes. B. The best of the new varieties. C. The pick of the bunch. D. Green cousins. E. Squeeze them in! F. A heavy crop. G. Fashions in food. H. A matter of opinion. I. Getting them started.

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0. H In 1829, the great writer, politician, agriculturalist and gardener William Cobbett wrote of potatoes, I never eat them myself, findings so many other things far preferable. Well, were all entitled to our personal views, and my opinion of potatoes is very much higher than Cobbetts. 1. Nowadays, potatoes are the in thing so far as health is concerned. In the 60s and 70s we were told to avoid them at all costs for fear of getting fat, but now, thank goodness, they have been re-invented by the dieticians as a source of fibre and vitamins. Sensible people, like you and me, have always eaten them because they taste so good. 2. Potatoes come in various shapes and sizes, growing at different speeds and maturing at different times in the summer. Maincrop potatoes take up a lot of room, but if your garden is small dont give them up just get an allotment. You wont regret it, especially when your envious neighbours see you returning proudly home, your wheelbarrow heaped with gleaming specimens. 3. Early potatoes are far more compact. Tastewise, theyre a different vegetable from the ones you buy in the shops, and a must for all gardens. If you havent a room for a vegetable plot, plant individual tubers in the flower border. Homgrown, fresh-dug earlies will more than reward your ingenuity. 4. If the idea of mixing potatoes and flowers sounds bizarre, you should bear in mind that potatoes make very attractive foliage plants. Theyre closely related to tomatoes, which when first introduced in Britain were thought to be poisonous and grown for decoration only. The fruits were called love apples!

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Buy tubers in the early spring, choosing the smallest you can find, and put them in a cool place to develop shoots. Plant them in March with the maincrop varieties 50 cm apart and the earlies 40 cm apart. Give them a nice warm covering of soil 10 cm is about the right depth. 6. If you want to try some of the newer varieties see my guide to the best, below. Remember, though, that they vary in vigour, depending on locality, and my comments apply to the south of England. Many of these varieties are available in garden centres, but for the most modern ones you may have to buy by mail order. Whatever you do, buy carefully; the best seed potatoes are small and obviously ready to sprout. 7.
New potato varieties Maincrop Kestrel Marfona Nadine Red Craigs Royal Sante Valor Wilja Salad Belle de Fontenay Charlotte Linzer Delikatess Pink Fir Apple Ratte Early Accent Foremost Home Guard white white white large med large heavy med med white white white white white med med med med large med low heavy med heavy red white white red white white white large large med med med med med good heavy fair heavy good good heavy Colour Size Yield

Az albbi krdsek segteni fognak, hogy sikeresen megold a fenti szvegrts feladatot. I. Nzd meg a 2-ik bekezdst.

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1. Mit is jelent az a rsz, hogy potatoes are now the 'in' thing? a krumpli ma divatos! 2. A bekezds szerint mi a klnbsg a sensible people s az other people kztt? Az, hogy az elbbiek mindig is ettek krumplit s nem dltek be az akkori divatos vlemnyeknek. II. Nzd meg a 3-ik bekezdst. Sz van egy talicsknyi csillog pldnyrl (gleaming specimen). Ezzel tulajdonkppen mit is kzl ezekrl? Azt, hogy nagyon jk, j minsgek. reward jutalom, heaped halom, sok. III. Nzd meg a 4-ik bekezdst.

1. Mit jelent az, hogy ingenuity? - tallkonysg 2. Milyen tallkonysgot emlt ebben a bekezdsben? squeezing potatoes into the flower border ltessen krumplit a virggys szlbe 3. Mirt van szksg erre a lelemnyre? Mert kicsi a hely. IV. Nzd meg az 5-ik bekezdst.

1. Melyik 2 nvny rokon? a krumpli s a paradicsom 2. Milyen rokonok vannak megnevezve a lehetsgek kztt A-I-ig? cousins 3. Milyen jelzvel illeti ket s mirt? green ezzel utal arra, hogy mindkett nvny V. Nzd meg a 6-ik bekezdst. Mit kell a krumpli gumkkal tenni mieltt eltetik ket (start)? tegyk hvs helyre, hogy kicsrzzanak. tubers = them VI. Nzd meg a 7-ik bekezdst.

1. A szerz utal ezekre a fajtkra ('these varieties'). Milyen szt hasznlt eltte a these helyett? newer jabb. 2. Ugyanebben a bekezdsben elmondja, hogy mit s hol csinljon. Mire utal? vsrlsra (buying) VII. Nzd meg a tblzatot a szveg vgn. Melyik korbbi mondat utal erre a tblzatra? Az utols bekezds els mondata. see my guide to the best. Ennek alapjn mi lehet az utols alcme?

Megoldsok: 1 G: Utal a 60-as s a 70-es vekre valamint a jelenre (60s, 70s, now)

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2 F: a kertsz jutalma a terms s a sz, hogy heaped egy nehezebb dologra utal. 3 E: Ennek a bekezdsnek az a lnyegre, hogy ltessen krumplit a virggysba (squeeze) 4 D: Az unokatestvrek (cousins) rokonok, s a rokon nvnyek n. zld unokatestvrek (green cousins) 5 I: a them a gumkra utal (tubers). 6 A: A bekezds nagy rsze a vsrlsrl szl. 7 B: A 7-ik bekezds utal erre a guide-ra.