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Ottawa Invisalign Providers Share News of Oral Bacteria That Produce Blood Clots

Ottawa Invisalign providers enlighten patients on oral bacteria that mimic a human protein and cause clots in the bloodstream. Ottawa, Canada, May 01, 2012 --( On March 26-29, researchers from around the world convened in Dublin for the Society for General Microbiology's spring conference. One group representing the University of Bristol and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland exhibited study results on a blood-clotting bacteria found in the mouth. Trillium Ottawa family dentistry specialists Drs. David Bartos and Mark Northcott familiarize patients with the bacteria streptococcus gordonii, a common oral inhabitant. Human mouths naturally carry bacteria, and when bacteria build on the teeth, it forms plaque. Untreated plaque eats holes in the teeth, and these holes are called cavities. But there is another threat of S. gordonii more serious than cavities. S. gordonii is dangerous because it can mimic fibrinogen, according to the researchers presenting at SGM. The protein fibrinogen is critical to blood coagulation. It is hazardous for S. gordonii to enter the human bloodstream from the mouth, since the bacteria will clot the blood. The bacteria can enter the bloodstream through gum bleeding, and once it's there, it stimulates the platelets. These platelets can develop into endocarditis, or the irritation heart valves and the heart chamber lining. Endocarditis can obstruct blood flow to the brain and heart. "Dr. Helen Petersen who is presenting the work said that better understanding of the relationship between bacteria and platelets could ultimately lead to new treatments for infective endocarditis," the Society for General Microbiology says. Her team is observing different types of oral bacteria to see if other bacteria exhibit similar behavior. Peterson also stresses the significance of a properly cleaned mouth. "What our work clearly shows is how important it is to keep your mouth healthy through regular brushing and flossing, to keep these bacteria in check," the Ottawa cosmetic dentist, Peterson says. Family dentistry providers Bartos and Northcott work hard to keep their patients happy and healthy. Trillium Dental hygienists thoroughly clean the teeth and gums, and the Trillium cosmetic dentists examine patients for potential problems. In Kanata, Invisalign patients receive straighter smiles with the convenience of removal plastic aligners. Bartos and Northcott administer dental crowns, implants, veneers and bridges to restore smiles. Learn More To learn more about Trillium Dental and Ottawa Invisalign, contact their corporate office at
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