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AyalaLand Inc President Cuts the Ribbon at the Grand Opening of the First AyalaLand Office in the US

Seasons Mall, Milpitas, CA April 28, 2012, By: Robert Henry

AyalaLand Inc President & CEO Antonino T. Aquino attended the opening event festivities of the very first AyalaLand office in the US, today at the Seasons Mall, which is owned by AyalaLand. Milpitas Mayor Jose Joe Esteves joined the celebration to congratulate Mr. Aquino and to present to him the Key to the City. Mr. Aquino reciprocated with a gift as well during the invitation only luncheon and press conference which followed the ribbon cutting ceremony. The luncheon was MCd by Seasons Mall Community Relations Consultant, Mr. Ben Menor who invited the press in attendance to a lively discussion with the luncheon panel who consisted of Mr. Aquino, Mayor Esteves, Former Hercules Mayor Andy Paras and his spouse Daisy, along with Real Estate Dir. of AyalaFil (US) Co, Inc and Asset Manager of the Seasons Mall, Dinna G. Bayangos. Although most members of the audience were from the local Bay Area, guests from as far away as Las Vegas were in attendance. Given the success of the Seasons Mall, the initial questions and comments AyalaLand CEO Antonino T Aquino, centered around Milpitas Mayor Jose "Joe" Esteves. the natural Photo: Robert Henry interest from audience members wanting an AyalaLand shopping mall in their own communities. The discussion continued, focusing on Mr. Aquinos assertion that the US, with its significant Filipino demographic is an important market for
Mayor Esteves, Mr. Aquino. Photo: Robert Henry

AyalaLand developments in the Philippines. This was coupled with the discussion from US attendees who agreed with the importance of continuing to develop the natural connections Filipino residents in the US have to the Philippines. It was generally agreed that the growth of business and investment opportunities (such as AyalaLands) would benefit both the Philippine residents in a growing economy, as well as residents of the currently recessionary US economy. AyalaLands strength in the residential market is based on a diversified offering of investments located throughout the Philippines, positioned at virtually every residential price point. This is a compelling reason for anyone at any income level in the US, to consider placing a portion of remittance moneys into AyalaLand residential property purchases. Such a move could be both an immediate housing benefit for relatives living in the Philippines, as well as a solid long term capital accumulation play for future retirement by US investors. The commitment to a diversified business model is a tribute to AyalaLands continuing intention to be a significant player in the creation of a rich, positive vision for the future of the Philippines. Such a vision includes world class developments in other sectors beyond housing, including the hospitality, office, and retail sectors, creating a complete lifestyle approach. The continued record breaking growth chronicled in their most recent annual report Ben Menor, Andy Paras, Daisy Paras, Antonino Aquino, Robert Henry, demonstrates the high Maria Henry, Colette Manauis, Mita del Fierro standards and expectations governing AyalaLands direction into the future. The opening celebration continued with a complete residential product presentation covering the range and depth of offerings currently available, and on

AyalaLands drawing boards for future development. Five separate residential brands were identified. AyalaLand Business Development Head, Ed Del Valle presented a rendition of the Wealth Management Seminar approach which is currently being used by AyalaLand to educate and motivate the global OFW market to consider an investment in the Philippines. The event was capped with entertainment from popular comedienne Fe de los Reyes and heart-throb crooner Sam Milby.

Fe de los Reyes.

Photo: Robert Henry

Sam Milby.

Photo: Robert Henry