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Dynamic Factor of Old Lattice Girder Bridges in Sri Lankan Railway S.Sajeevan, A.Piratheepan, A.Sanjeev, D.J.Gallage, U.I.

Dissanayake Abstract: Dynamic Factor (DF) is defined as the ratio between the absolute maximum dynamic response and the absolute maximum static response, for bridges. Responses may be stress resultants such as bending moment, shear, displacement, strain etc. DF is crucial to convert the stress resultants obtained from an equivalent static analysis, carried out by the structural engineer, to the actual values develop in the bridge due to the inherent dynamic nature of the train moving at speed. Codes of Practices prescribe empirical formulae for the DF, containing parameters such as span, natural frequency of the bridge, velocity of train, track irregularities etc. In this study DF was calculated experimentally for 4 old lattice girder bridges in Sri Lanka Railway (SLR), by running a locomotive of known weight across the bridge in velocities ranging from 10 - 80 km/hr. As the first part of the study, values of DFs obtained by using 2 different parameters namely displacements and strains were compared for each bridge. The results indicate that the DFs obtained from the displacement readings indicate the highest values. Experimental results were subsequently compared with values specified in three currently used Codes of Practice namely; BS 5400: Part 2:1978: Steel, Concrete and Composite Bridges, Specification of Loads; EN 1991-2:2003: Euro Code 1: Action on Structures Part-2: Traffic Loads on Bridges and Indian Railway Standard Code of Practice for The Design of Steel or Wrought Iron Bridges Carrying Rail, Road or Pedestrian Traffic (IRS).

The IRS gives a good upper limit for DF. This formula is easy to use in bridge design as it is a function of span only. Formula from BS 5400 indicates values closer to the lower margin of experimental DFs. Euro Code shows good variation with increasing speed.

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