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Time Allowed: 50 minutes 1. Which blood vessel carries absorbed food material directly from intestine to the liver? a) vena cava b) Hepatic artery c) Hepatic portal vein d) Hepatic vein 2. Some of the components of blood of a mammal are listed bellow a) Antibodies b) Fibrinogen c) Platelets d) Red cell e) White cells 3. Which of these components are involved in attacking bacteria and other organism which cause disease? a) 1 and 2 b) 3 and 4 c) 1 and 5 d) 3 and 5

4. Two elements needed for the production of chlorophyll are. a) Phosphorus and sulfur . c) Magnesium and iron b) Chlorine and copper d) Calcium and phosphorous

5. The diagram shows a section through an alveolus and blood capillary . What are the oxygen concentration in X,Y and Z ?

6. If a person is faced with an unexpected threat which of the following hormones is activated as a defensive response?

a) Adrenaline D) Androgens

b) Nora-adrenaline

c) Cortisone

7. The information coded on the mRNA is decoded into a) Fats b) Amino acids C) Carbohydrates D ) Protien

8. Which one of the following is false about solanum nigrum ? a) plantae b) pteropsida c) Tracheophyta d) Monocotyledonous

9. All of the following plants have a life history that includes an alternation of generations except? a) Liverwort b) Moss c) Horsetail d) spirogyra

10. Geese fly together in flocks with wonderful shapes and appearances. In a flock, all birds follow a leader. What is this behavior involved in this example? a) Imprinting b) Investigation c) Allelominetic d) Eliminative

11. A man with blood group AB marries a woman who is heterozygous for blood group B. what is the probability of their first child having blood group B? a) 0% b) 25 % c) 50% d) 100%

12. A synapse is:a) Gap b/w neurons b) chemical impulse c) part of axon d) part of neuron

13. Under secretion of parathoromone causes. a) increase in blood calcium level . b) increase in blood phosphorous level

. c) Decrease in blood calcium level . d) Decrease in blood phosphorous level

14. The diagram shows the bones of human arm. What the names of the numbered bones?

. . . .

1 a) Humerus b) Humerus c) Scapula d) Scapula

2 radius scapula Humerus radius

3 ulna radius radius ulna

15. Which of the following chemical elements must be present in the human deit to prevent thyroxin deficiency? a) Calcium b) Iodine c) Iron d) Phosphorous

16. The gland that is referred to as the master gland is a) Thyroid b) Adrenal c) Islands of Langerhans d) pituitary

17. An example of passive acquire immunity is the

a) Vaccination against small pox b) Inoculating dead germs against typhoid

c) both a and b d) inoculation of antitoxin in case of puncture wound

18. In Rhizopus sexual reproduction is a) anisogamous . c) Conjugation b) Oogamous d) Ogamous and anisogamous

19. An efficient breathing system in birds is due to a)Gills b) Air sacs c) Trachea d) Book lungs

20. Spiders may be distinguished from insects because they have a) Two antennae c) Eight legs b) Jointed legs d) Separated head, thorax and abdomen

21. The diagram shows a leaf on a plant used in photosynthesis experiment. At the start of experiment there was no starch in the leaf. The plant was placed in a bright light for several hours. Four discs were then cut from the leaf in the positions shown and tested for starch.

Which disc contained starched? a) 1 only

b) 1 and 2 only c) 2 only d) 3 and 4 only 22. In addition to calcium the mammalian skeleton stores a large amount of. a) b) c) d) Iron Nitrogen Phosphorous Sulphur

23. Pitcher plant, sundew and venus s-flytrap are alike in that they a) b) c) d) Are saprophyte Are symbiotic Trap insects Lack chlorophyll

24. Which of the following I likely result of a large scale of destruction of forests a) b) c) d) Increase in soil erosion Increase in air humidity Decrease in floods Decrease in carbon dioxide

25. The amount of lactic acid in muscles increases when they are lacking a) b) c) d) Carbon dioxide Glucose Hydrogen carbonate (ions) Oxygen

26. The pancreatic juice contains enzymes which digest a) b) c) d) Protein and carbohydrates only Proteins and fats only Fats and carbohydrates only Proteins, fats and carbohydrates

27. Which of the following is addictive drug which is sometimes injected for the relief of severe pain? a) b) c) d) Alcohol Aspirin Heroin Nicotine

28. Bacterial cells and virus particles both have a) b) c) d) A cell membrane A cell wall A slime layer Nuclear material.

29. Which region A,B,C,D and E produces enzyme responsibility on first stage protein digestion?

. 30. Uric acid is the chief waste formed by the : a) Planaria b)earthworm c) grasshopper d) man

31. Vital center for control of heart beat , breathing, constriction and dilation of blood vessels are located in the : a) Pons b) Medulla oblongata c) cerebellum d) hypothalamus

32. If a normal Rh- negative person is mistaken given Rh-positive blood ,this will stimulate the formation of a) Rh- antigens b) Rh-antibodies c) blood clots d) none of above

33. Sporophytic generation is dormant generation in life cyle of a) Ulva b) Marchantia c) Funaria d) slaginella

34. Amongst the following fungi which one is poisonous a) Agaricus b) Rhizopus c) morchella d) amanita

35. The pigment in blue green algae which distinguish them from all other algae is a) Chlorophyll-a b) Chlorophyll-b c) phycobillin d) xanthophylls

36. The milk produced initially by the mammary glands contains a special lymph like fluid is called a) Amniotic fluid b) pleural fluid c) serum d) colostrums

37. Who proposed that under certain condition of stability both allelic frequencies and genotypic ratio remain constant from generation to generation in sexually reproducing population a) Darwin and Wallace d) hardy and Weinberg b) Beadle and tatum c) hutton and lyell

38.The percentage of arthropods in animal kingdom is a) 45% b) 60% c) 75% d) 85%

39. The heart of reptile is a) three chambered d) five chambered b) four chambered c) imperfectly four chambered

40. Terpenoides are: a) Sucrose b)Glucose c) Waxes d)Fructose

41. Amino Acids in Insulin molecules are arranged in: a)One polypeptide chain c)Three polypeptide chains b)Two Polypeptide chains d)Four polypeptide chains

42. As compared to somatic cells the amount of DNA in germ line cells (sperms and ova) is almost: a)Equal b)Double c)One third d)Half

43. In protoplasm dry matter consists about: a)90% organic and 10% inorganic compounds b)70% organic and 30% inorganic compounds c)60% organic and 40% inorganic compounds d)50% organic and 50% inorganic compounds

44. DNA and histones together form a structure called a)Centromeres b)Nucleosome c)Nucleoplasm d)Centriole

45. Crossing over occurs during a)leptotene b)zygotene c)pachytene d)diplotene

46. Which of the following is not a viral disease?

a)small pox




47. In blue-green algae nitrogen fixation occurs in specialized cells called: a)Harmogonia b)Akinetes c)Heterocysts d)Zygospores

48. Which of the following is not true of organisms in the kingdom Monera ? a) b) c) d) they reproduce by mitosis no cellulose cell wall no nuclear envelop have prokaryotic cellular organization

49. Which of the following is nonliving character of virus? a) b) c) d) genetic recombination mutation reproduction crystallization

50. Which of the following diseases of plants is caused by bacterial? a) b) c) d) Rust Crowngall Smut Powdery mildew.

Prepared by: DR. KAMRAN PERVEZ

1. C 2. B 3. C 4. B 5. A 6. D 7. D 8. D 9. C 10.C 11.C 12.A 13.C 14.B 15.D 16.D 17.C 18.B 19.C 20.A 21.C 22.A 23.C 24.A 25.D 26.D 27.C 28.D 29.A 30.C 31.B 32.B 33.D 34.D 35.C 36.D 37.D 38.C 39.B 40.C 41.B 42.D 43.A 44.B 45.C 46.B 47.C 48.A 49.D 50.B