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Access to HE | IT | Unit 3: Spreadsheets In this test you are asked to create a spreadsheet to record profits of several music nights.

In the test you are asked to create the spreadsheet, to carry out various formatting actions, and to calculate totals and profits. Total 30 Marks 1. Open the spreadsheet application. (1 Mark) 2. Open a new spreadsheet (using default layout option). Create the following music nights spreadsheet using the cell references as indicated in the table below. No other formatting is required at this stage. Leave the cells marked formula empty. (3 Marks)

3. Format rows 1, 2, 9 and 14 to bold (1 Mark) 4. Format column A to bold (1 Mark) 5. Format the headings in row 2 to wrap inside the cell. Increase the height if necessary to show all the contents in full (1 Mark) 6. Centre align the contents of row 2 (1 Mark) 7. Calculate the total expenses for the October Pumpkin Ball. Replicate this formula for November Rainy Nights, December Christmas Ball and New Years Special (1 Mark) Calculate the total Ticket income (number tickets * ticket price) in cell B14. Replicate this formula for cells C14:E14. (1 Mark) 8. In cell B16, calculate the profit for the October Pumpkin ball (total ticket income total expenses). Replicate the formula in cells C16:E16. (1 Mark) 9. You need to work out the profit as a percentage of the costs of the event. In cell B18 enter a formula that will divide the profit by the total expenses for the October Pumpkin Ball. Replicate this formula to cells C18:E18. (1 Mark) 10. Format the cells B18:E18 to display as percentages with no decimal places. (1 Mark) 11. You consider its only worth putting on the events if they make at least 20% profit. In cell B19 enter a function that will display yes if the profit is over 20%, otherwise it should display no. (1 Mark) 12. Save your workbook as music nights. (1 Mark) 13. Create a pie chart to show the expenses for the October Pumpkin Ball. (1 Mark) 14. Give the pie chart the title October Pumpkin Ball. Format the title as bold 14 pt. (1 Mark) 15. Insert a new sheet in your workbook, call the sheet graphics. (1 Mark) 16. Copy and paste the cells A2:E10 in the new sheet. (1 Mark) 17. Copy and paste row 15. (1 Mark) 18. Create a bar chart showing the expenses for the four different nights. (1 Mark) 19. Change the colour of the plot area to white. (1 Mark)

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Change the colour of the chart area to a light shade of green. (1 Mark) Create a pie chart showing the total ticket income for the four nights. (1 Mark) Give the chart the title Total ticket income. (1 Mark) Show the value of each segment in the chart. (1 Mark) Go to cell A1. Insert a row above. (1 Mark) In the new A1 cell insert the title Music nights. (1 Mark) Merge cells A1: E1. Make the title Music Nights bold, centre aligned. Shade the cell blue. 27. Insert a header with your name. (1 Mark) 28. Your need to prepare the spreadsheets for printing. Set the page orientation to Landscape. (1 Mark) Close your workbook saving the changes you made.

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Yael Gerson | 2010