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...Never heard of eTwinning ?

You have probably not

heard of eTwinning. It is
a European initiative to
promote cooperation
between two or more
schools from European
Welcome to the first edition of the eU-topical countries.
newsletter written for you by eTwinning teams in Nearly 50000 schools from
Iceland to Cyprus and from the Canary Islands to
schools from England, Spain, Poland and Germany.
Poland have registered. This newsletter is the results
of cooperation between teams from schools in Eng-
ISSUE 1, October 2008 land, Poland, Germany and the Canary Islands. The
best projects are awarded national prizes every year
by eTwinning offices in each country as well as in this edition: being eligible for a European Prize.

Working together on projects like this newsletter is a

• Page 1 - eTwinning Introduction great chance for project members to improve their
Page 1 - Meet the teams! foreign language knowledge and develop team
skills. Obviously they get to know the pupils working
Page 2 - Kino, Movies, Cinema- WE ALL LOVE IT!
in the different countries involved. eU-Topical is our
Page 2—Film facts
second project with the four partner schools. An
Page 2 - The US Elections earlier project was rewarded in Poland in June 2008.
Page 3 - Canary Islands Case Study We hope that the judges will like this newsletter as
Page 3 - The Global Financial Crisis much as you do. Look out for more editions in the
Page 4 - Cricket - The English pastime coming school year !

Meet the teams...

The Royal Grammar School, Heinrich-Böll-Gesamtschule,

in High Wycombe, England in Oberhausen, Germany
Founded: 1981
Founded: 1562 1390 Pupils
1392 Pupils (all boys) 113 Teachers
120 Teachers

Zespól Szkól Gimnazjum i Szkola

Podstawowa nr 13, IES MARINA
in Zawiercie, Poland CALLE
Founded: 1509 CANDELARIA,
381 Pupils Nº 1 San in
Cristóbal de la
38 Teachers Founded: 204
Laguna, Canary
islands 206 Pupils, 20 Teachers

Cinema, Kino, Kina, Cine – we all love it !

Over the past month the The English are most likely to walk GENRES
fours schools in the eTwin- out of a film before it has finished !
But what types of films do we like
ning project have conducted However, the Spanish go to the
to watch? Well the English like to
cinema most often.
a survey into our cinema laugh and for the Poles too, come-
habits. We are proud to Even though the Germans do not dies are the most popular type of
present our results go to the cinema as often as the films. Germany, however, prefer
Spanish, they have to travel the action.
shortest distance to get to their
The English are most annoyed by
local cinema.
the high prices for snacks and pre-
FOOD film adverts than anything else.

We all enjoy eating something Germans and the Poles prefer

while watching a film: When it socializing with friends and family.
comes to snacks the Spanish, love The trusting Spanish are most
their popcorn with nachos following influenced to see a film by a recom-
closely behind as Germany and mendation from a friend; alterna-
Poland’s favorite; food is all very tively, Germans put in more re-
good. search and rely on reviews.
continued on page 3

Did you know ... ??

5. Spider-man 3/Sony Pictures
1. Harry Potter And The Order
Releasing Int'l/May 4/ 33.54
Of The Phoenix/Warner Bros/
July 13/took 49.42 million pounds.

6. Ratatouille/Walt Disney
2. Pirates Of The Caribbean: At
f i lm s SMPI/October 12/ 24.71 million.
The the mos t
World's End/Walt Disney SMPI/
e May 25/took 42.23 million. 7. The Bourne Ultimatum
m ad G rea
o ney in 2007 3. Shrek The Third/Paramount
Universal Pictures Int'l/August 17/
in in
23.70 million
Pictures Int'l/June 29/ 38.62
million 8. Transformers/Paramount
Pictures Int'l/July 27/ 22.86
4. The Simpsons Movie/20th
Fox/July 27/ 38.54 million.
9. Mr Bean's Holiday/Universal
Pictures Int'l/March 30/ 22.14

Why are The US Elections so Important

John McCain und Barack Obama are Criticism of US Politics in its politics. Whoever wins the US
in the news everyday at the mo- election in November will control
American soldiers are in action all
ment. Everyone is speaking about this powerful country for the next 4
over the world. Critics accuse
the elections - even in Europe, years.
America of acting as the world po-
thousands of kilometers from the
liceman. Many Americans, how-
USA. What is so special about the
ever, think that the US has the
USA and its presidents?
right and the duty to take care of
The USA is regarded as a world law & order in the world.
leader. Firstly because it is a rich
Because of this view, the USA has
country and that alone makes it
made many friend but also many
powerful. It produces buys and
enemies, because not every coun-
sells more than any other country
try wants the USA to get involved
and has a large, powerful army.

Profile of our partners from the Canary islands’ school

MARINA CEBRIAN HIGH grants from South America, Africa with the construction of the instal-
SCHOOL IES MARINA CEBRIAN and China. lation of ramps and elevators.
is located in Taco, San Matías.
The high school was a Primary the building's architects won an
The neighbourhood is divided into
School before. The building was important Architecture prize for
Santa Cruz and La Laguna towns,
very old so it was demolished to their design.
students come from both towns.
build a new High school of Secon-
The High School was opened in
dary Education instead. There are
12 classrooms, plus 6 specialised
ones, including technology class-
rooms, drawing, music, computers
and laboratory, two sports facili-
ties: a Sports covered pavilion and
basketball courts, seminars, a staff
room, an administration, a library
and a canteen.

Apart from all the modern facili-

There are over 206 students, from
ties , the new building is the re-
the 1st to the 4th years of Secon-
moval of architectural barriers for
dary School. Their ages are from 12
the disabled, has been achieved
to 17. Some students are emi-

Joke: What is the longest word in the English language?

"Smiles". Because there is a mile between its first and last letters!

FINANCIAL CRISIS At the mo- banks aren’t working the economy

ment all the does not work. Firms and compa-
ROCKS EUROPE banks are nies cannot get money to produce
holding on to goods and they have to fire their
There has been nothing like their money workers, so that many families
it in the history of Europe. and not lend- have no income. They can’t go on
“THERE HAS ing it; even to holiday, buy a new car or even give
The governments in many
BEEN NOTHING other banks. you pocket money.
countries have spent billions
LIKE IT IN THE Banks used to To prevent this happening the state
of euro to help the banks help each
function again. HISTORY OF is trying to rescue the banks and
other but
EUROPE. “ make sure that everything func-
those days
That is more money than our tions as normal again. but we must
are over be-
politicians normally spend on cause the
hope that the banks can soon pay
schools, roads or hospitals. It the money back to the government
banks do not trust each other.
is a lot of money but most and tax payers.
That means that the banks are
people say that it is worth it.
working properly and when the

Cinema, Kino, Kina, Cine – we all love it ! Continued from page 2

Cinema in partner!
Meanwhile the English prefer going
to sporting events and and Ger-
mans and the Poles prefer social-
izing with friends and family.

(Below—the cinema in Zawiercie)


The Germans like to go to the cin-

ema with friends and the English Two films in Spanish
are mostly like to go with family, recommended by our partners in
while the Poles prefer to go with a the Canary Islands
Royal Grammar School High Wycombe, Heinrich-Böll-Gesamtschule Oberhausen , Zespól Szkól
Gimnazjum i Szkola Podstawowa nr 13,Zawiercie, IES MARINA CEBRIÁN, Canary islands

Film review of a popular Polish film

J okes
Never in this lifetime'/'Never ever'. Nigdy w życiu! (2004)
What is th
e worst o
that his w f a bullfig The film was directed by Ryszard Zatorski. The script was writ-
ife would hter?
horns. make him ten by Ilona Łepkowska and Katarzyna Grochola.
Jill: You re The main theme of the film is love.
mind me
Because I of the sea Judyta works in a magazine for women.
'm wild, u . Jack:
romantic npredicta She is 38 years old She answers for the
? Jill: No, ble and
me sick. because y questions from women and sometimes
ou make
from men, too. Judyta has got a daugh-
ter. Her name is Tosia. She is a rioted
yeast e
h jo kes: ister have t ? Becaus One day her husband- Tomasz leaves
o li s ur s k fa s
P yo a
does or bre
Why oe Polish f nd shine. y
family for his younger lover. The main
and s h ris e a told b heroine is depressed, because she be-
e w a nts to n s p lant is le is
sh rt tr a ilab
a hea rt ava s and comes alone with the growing daughter.
e e ding o n ly hea ally agree
A m a n n
a t th e
n f in a r t into
d o c tor th p. The ma sh e ep he ion, But soon her life extremely changes. She
his ee the rat
f a sh lants e ope meets a love of her life.
that o tor transp ys after th p. The
oc a k u
the d n. A few d for a chec feeling?" In our opinions this film is worth watching. We strongly recom-
a u
the m n comes in ow are yo !"
h e m a im " H A A A D mend it for the girls in other countries, although the boys will
t sh BA
r ask "Not
docto n replies enjoy this film too. Also the actors playing the characters have
The m done an extremely good job.This comedy is not so ordinary as
we could think. It tells about a 'strong' woman, who can cope
with problems in life after separation. I think that this film is one
of the best Polish romantic comedies. You must watch it!

by, Klaudia Kotlarz and Karolina Daniszewska

Cricket—England’s Summer Sport

Cricket is a bat-and-ball team sport flat piece of ground, 20 m long called ‘fielders’, and try to stop the ball to
that started in England and is now a ‘cricket pitch’. A ‘wicket’, usually prevent the batsman scoring ‘runs’,
played in many other countries. made of wood, is placed at each end and if possible to catch or get him/
of the ‘cricket pitch’ and used as a her out.
A cricket match is played between
two teams, Each time they run the length of the
usually of The ‘bowler’, from the ‘fielding’ pitch, the ‘batsman’ scores one ‘run’.
eleven team, throws a hard leather ball
‘Runs’ are also scored if the batsman
players ( photo opposite) from one end of
hits the ball to the edge of the playing
each. the ‘wicket’ towards the other (the
area. The match is won by the team
ball is ‘bowled’ at 130 km/h), which
that scores the most ‘runs’
is guarded by a ‘batsman’ from the
A cricket opposing team.
match is
In defense of the ‘wicket’, the
played on a
batsman hits the ball with a wooden
grass field.
“Cricket is bat.
In the
basically centre of Meanwhile, the other members of the
baseball on this grass ‘bowler's’ team stand in various
valium.” field is a positions around the field as