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ADVANTAGES OF PPR PIPES Light weight, easy and quick assembly:The low weight of the system makes it ideal

l not only for traditional installation, but also for modular installation and prefab walls. Most suitable for carrying drinking water: PP-R keeps pure water pure, a fact that has been certified by National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), USA. The PP-R system is in full compliance with the international standards on the use of plastics materials for the transportation of potable water Excellent corrosion and chemical: PP-R is absolutely resistant to internal and external corrosion and a great number of chemicals even at high temperatures of 85C to aggressive soils and fluids in the external environment. PP-R does not break down even under the harshest of water conditions. Low thermal conductivity:Suitable for Chilled water line.Since PP-R is a poor conductor of heat dispersion of the transported fluid are considerably reduced and hence there is much saving on insulation costs. High Impact Strength: PP-R has a very high impact strength, which eliminates the possibility of breakage and crack formation. Safe and watertight joints: Joints are prepared by fusion process, which is a fundamental characteristic of this system. Welding by POLYFUSION device i.e. through the fusion process, gives homogeneous, integral and long lasting, watertight joints. Resistance to scaling: Due to the unique feature of extremely smooth internal surface, there is no scaling or blockage in the pipelines, throughout the life of the piping system.This system is free from encrustation. Usable in seismic areas: Because of flexibility and resilience of the materials, PP-R Pipes is most suitable in seismic areas. Long operational durability: PP-R Pipes provides well-balanced mechanical properties and superior heat resistance and ensures a minimum 50 years of trouble free performance. Overall Economy: Along with all the stated benefits, PP-R Pipes is most cost effective plumbing system. PP-R pipes used for various plant applications. like the suitable applications of PP-R pipes are

Cooling tower process water line Hot water line Chilled water line. Compressed air line Drinking water line both in industries and housings. Chemical Industries, Food Processing Industries, Hospitals, Laboratories and Hotels.

PVC PRESSURE PIPES & FITTINGS (DIN Standard) Stronger, Resilient and Longer Lasting:This system is highly resilient, tough and durable with high tensile and impact strength. Moreover it is free from weaknesses caused by rusting, weathering and chemical action, and hence lasts for a life time. UV resistance:The PVC Pressure can be used where subject to UVradiation. All uPVC Pressure pipes and fittings are UV-stabilized and can be used for out door applications. Eco-friendly: Pvc pressure pipe system feature not only a long service life, but also excellent environmental and social compatibility. Mechanical properties:The PVC pressure pipes are relatively more flexible. They have adequate tensile strength and even burst strength to withstand the operating pressures encountered in most service conditions, within the acceptable range of temperature for the system. Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance:This system is free from corrosion and has excellent resistance to great number of chemicals like strong mineral acids, alkalis, salts as well as to a large number of organic solvents. Light weight: Being light in weight (1/8th the weight of metal piping), these pipes are easy to handle, transport and install. Simple and leak proof joints: Jointing can be done speedily with the special solvent cement supplied by the company which ensures 100% leak proof joints. Most suitable for carrying drinking water:Being non metallic this system is free from corrosion chemical action, and negative biological effects, hence absolutely safe for carrying potable water. Optimum flow rates: Mirror-smooth inside surface ensures high flow

rates and low frictional losses. This system is free from rusting, pitting and offers good resistant to scale formation. Maintenance free: Being free from rusting, pitting or scaling, and galvanic or electrolytic corrosion, Pvc pressure system is free from maintenance. Overall Economy:Due to light weight and simple joining technique, it saves cost not only on material but also on transportation and installation. Fields of applications: This system is designed for normal water application and an ideal solution for potable water distribution, plumbing and water supply in residential and industrial buildings. it can be used for uptake lines, downtake lines and loops on the terrace, water distribution mains, industrial process lines, sugar, paper and distillery industry and aggressive/corrosive fluid transportation.

uPVC PIPES & FITTINGS uPVC pipes have a number of technical advantages over the systems: It Is Not Corroded uPVC pipe do not corrode and are totally unaffected by acids, alkalies and electrolytic corrosion from any source. in this respect they out class any other pipes material including stainless steel. infact pvc is virtually unaffected by water. It Is Light In Weight Easy And Quick To Install: Pipes made from PVC are only about 1/5 the weight of an equivalent cast iron pipe and from 1/3 to the weight for an equivalent cement pipe. thus, the cost of transportation and installation is cut down enormously. It Has An Excellent Hydraulic Characteristic: uPVC pipes have extremely smooth bore due to which frictional losses are at minimum and flow rates are at the highest possible from any other pipe materials. It Is Non Flammable: uPVC pipe is self extinguishing and it does not support combustion. It Is Flexible And Resistance To Breakage:

The flexible nature of uPVC pipes means that asbestos, cement or cast iron pipes. they are not liable to beam failure and can thus more readily accommodate axial detraction due to the solid movement or due to settlement of structures to which the pipe is connected. It is Resistance to Biological Growth: Due To Smoothness of Inner Surface of uPVC Pipe, It prevents algai, bacteria and fungi formation inside the pipe. Long Life The established aging factor of the commonly used pipe are not applicable on uPVC pipe. a 100 years safe life estimated for uPVC pipe.