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Questions to help you challenge negative thinking What real evidence is there? Am I turning a thought into a fact?

Am I jumping to conclusions? What alternatives could there be? What is the effect of thinking the way I do? Is thinking this way helpful? What are the pros and cons of thinking this way? What thinking errors am I making? Am I asking questions that dont have answers? Am I thinking all or nothing thoughts? Am I always exaggerating everything? Am I questioning my worth as a person because of one thing that has happened? Am I focussing on my weaknesses and forgetting my strengths Am I blaming myself for things that arent really my fault? Am I taking things personally? Am I expecting more of myself than I would of others? Am I only noticing the negative side of things? Am I making a mountain out of a molehill? Am I expecting a catastrophe? Am I worrying about things that I can do something about? Am I assuming that things cant change? Am I trying to predict the future?

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