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DBQ 1920s: key terms: laissez faire, prohibition, KKK During the 1920s, what caused the tensions

ons between old and new and how were these tensions manifested 1925: Christian Fundamentalists + evolution o Scopes trial Cult of Domesticity + Flappers o Stay at home, help husbands. Obeying rules of society o Flappers are sexually freer, more liberated th 19 amendment (womens suffrage) Prohibition vs much of society o Gangsters, lawbreakers, corruption o Womens Christian temperance union Harlem Renaissance vs KKK o Black is beautiful o 1566-original: KKK = white supremacy o 1915: Griffiths Birth of a Nation: talks about how KKK saves the American society rebirth of KKK praised WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) o KKK against: Roman Catholics, Jews (anti-Semitic), Blacks o KKK controlled Oregon and Indiana Urban vs rural Roll of technology vs traditional life Nativism vs acceptance of foreigners Farmers vs industrialists Isolationism vs involvement


Regulation of business: Laissez-faire o Harding: corrupt political cabinet members- Teapot Dome o Coolidge: the business of America is business, the man who builds a factory builds a temple. Coolidge was considered the high priest, business god o Hoover: Ignored anti-trust laws 1923: Adkins V Childrens hospital: no more minimum wage for women Labor: 1920-1930 o Union membership declines 30% o Adkins V Childrens hospital, increase in child and women labor o Workers wages = not up with inflation Immigration: o NATIVISM: In progressive period some people cared about immigrants: Hull houses/Settlement houses, Upton Sinclair was worried about Lithuanians (East European country), Jacob Riis 1900-1910: peak of immigration: ppl dont like them- they didnt assimilate easily 1921: Emergency Quota Act, uses 1910 Census 1924: Immigration act, uses 1890 Census

Red Scare: Sacco and Vanzetti

- Progressives didnt like banks, tariffs, or trusts - 1922: Hardings time: Ford- McCumley tariff

4/10/12 Map Questions HW: 39-45 39. Wizard of Menlo Park is Thomas Edison, inventor of the phonograph, motion picture camera, and light bulb. His lab was called Menlo Park, which is located in Edison, New Jersey. However, there is a Menlo Park in California 40. First written constitution in English colonies = Fundamental Orders of Connecticut 41. First womens college = Young Ladies Seminary, now called Mills College 42. William McKinley. 1896 gave a speech, Cross of GoldNO FREAKIN CLUE 43. US passed personal liberty laws in the North in response to the Fugitive Slave Acts of 1793 and 1850. Personal liberty laws were designed to protect free blacks, freedmen, and fugitive slaves. Forbid the use of state jails to imprison fugitives, prevent state officials from enforcing the strict law 44. St. Augustine, Florida 45. Border States= Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri. They were the only slave states that hadnt seceded from union and joined the south. Lincolns Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 did not apply to the border states. He needed the loyalty of these states more than the freedom and rights of slavery. He only wanted to stop expansion. 1950s Television decade Blue collar to white collar workers o GI Bill made it possible for people to become white collar workers Supreme Court Justice: Earl Warren o Conservatism Republican but most liberal court in history

John Foster Dullas Brinkmanship Massive Retaliation