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Waktedt Renick Municipal & Envirsnma Lawyers LLP

14 Wilson Ave



1. TheMordherebygrantstheTenentaleaseof&pre~at16WWStreetefid42

FOXStreet, Essac, ON (the pmnises)

  • 2. The term of this lease commences

on March 1,2005

Tenant continues in oc~upationof the Premiges witb

aad ends on bh 1,2010. If the the consent of the Lendlord ah

expiry of the term of the lease, the Tenant shall he deemed to be leasing the Pranks on

a month to month basis but otheMrise on the same tams as set out in the lease.

  • 3. The Tenant may use the premises for businoss we, as a law firm and related serviaes, and fa no 0th purpose.


(a) fie Tenant

to be incmd

shrrll pay the Landlord a "base rent" of $1,350.00 plus G.S.T of $94.50 ~ttnUeyrat a rate of 2.5%ofthe base renr during the term of the Iease.

The Tenant shall provide 12 post-dated cheques annually on the annivasary date in advmce to cover the term of the lease. The Tmt shall pay utilitiesattniutable to the


  • (b) The foIiowiq services and exptms are the mpomibility ofthe Landhd: building


  • (c) The following services and expenses are the responsibility of the Tenant: removal of

their sign face at 14 Wi Avenue ad r eplace wiih blank plastic, close in dootway

bretween 14 and 16 Wilson Avenue and snow removal.

  • (d) d)e Tenant &dl also pay the Laadlord as *ddi$olurl rentn, on demaad,

10% of the

total costs reasonably hd by the Landlor& inchding but not


any default of the T&

payma of rent ad regahkg law.&

underthis I-,

inol&ng trig

pssesi~of the hem.

b&ed to leaal fhs.

not limited to enforcing

  • 5. The Landlord must approve all impmvemekts in writing. The Tentint will twtore

premises to original condition that must meet with building code standards upon lease tmnidon, mlm improvements apprvved by the Landlord.

  • 6. The Landlord shall also be solely responsible for fe@

or hpm~ementsto the structure

and to the exterior of the buikikg. The br&rd

mdatakes to:

Upgrade to 42 Fox Street (completed) htahtkm of a new heating system

The Tenant agme3 to pay the amount of $5,000.00 towards the upgrade to 42 Fox Street.


be paid prim to commencement of use ofthe premises. The balance shall

be paid wiW~the next 12 montbs.

  • 7. Any services and expe~esrelev& to the use by by Tenaut of the Premises and not meatid i n this Lease are the nqomibility and enpense of the Tenam.

  • 8. The Laadlord covenants with the Teaant that so -1

as the Tenant complies with the

terms of this Lease, the Tenrtnt may occupy and m-oy the

Premises without any

intemqtions from the Landlord.

  • 9. The Landlord is not liable for any damage to the Tenant's

property nor for eay injury to

any person in or coming to or fiom the Pre4niscs,however caused, and the Tenant agrees

to indemnify the Landlord against the fbmial CO~

of any such liability.

  • 10. The Landlord may terminate this lease pemitted by law:

for any we of the foIlowing or any other cause


Vten days amass of reat or additional rent.

  • b. rhe ba&mptcy or insolveacy of the Tenant. limiting tae gm&ity

ofthis provision) any &ge,

building insurance or which consti-

a nuisance.



  • e. Substmtd damage to or desktiction of the

  • f. Any significant willful or negligent damage to the PCemises med by the Tenant or by ~ns~ttedonthePrembsbythetenaw.

  • 11. TheT~~ynot&~orsub1etthePnmiscs,inthe~oleorpart,nor~0~the Remiswtobeusedbyaayotherperson~ut~thewrirtenconrrestof~~ord, Which oansa4lt may not b~ umawnably held

  • 12. The Tcnant shell keep th: bmism in a masombIestateof nqmir and clsanline9s:and

&all notmake ~ements

or alterations to the Remises

tbe written consent of

the Landlord, wbioh comeat shen not be unnwonably witbbc1d.

  • md t*&asd~x~thatthbbdlord

may,iatheLaadlord's sole discretion,

ekst to keep my of the Tsnant's bpmnents, akmitions or Emwzs.

  • 14. Any wrmi

notice rsquiPcB or permitted Po be giWn by th tgis is isffkiently gim if

  • 15. In this Lease, words importing the singular indude the p14 and visa vrrsa, and

the ~~~~culiae

genQ include rht faninhe, and aadpoaiag the individual

Muds a @on

and visa versa. This base binds and berefits the pdes ad their

rwpective heirs, -801~,

and pedttd soSigns.1

Signed, Scaled and Delivend m the Pra#lurc of:


Wr ms Team1