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RM MPB SA SA SC MPB SA SC SA SC SA SA SC SA SC MPB SA SC MPA SA RM TIME SA 5:30a 6:00a Group Cycle Ellen SA 8:30a 7:30a Cardio Fusion Dawn SA 9:30a 8:30a Integrated Strength Karyn MPB 9:30a 8:30a Forever Fit* Betsy Gym 9:30a 9:30a Group Cycle Vonda SC 9:30a 9:30a Club Cardio Latin * Lara SA 10:30a 9:30a Flow Yoga * Dale SC 10:30a 10:30a Zumba Natalie SA 12:00p 10:30a Yoga* Dale SA 4:30p 12:00p Ath. Conditioning Kelly SA 5:30p 4:30p Kids in Motion Asma SC 5:30p 5:00p Core Gena 5:30p Step Curtis/Emily SA 6:30p SC 6:30p 5:30p Tabata Light Gena 5:30p Group Cycle Marianne 6:30p Zumba* Curtis 6:30p Zumba* Susan 6:30p Core Marianne 7:30p Tai Chi Workshop Bob TIME CLASS INSTRUC.

CLASS Ath. Conditioning Turbo Kick Zumba* Group Cycle Walk and Tone* Pilates* Dynamic Dance * Power Yoga 75 min Muscle Pump Muscle Pump Muscle Pump Pilates * Cardio Light * Power Yoga INSTRUC. Nick Karyn Lara Lauren Betsy Nikki Natalie Dale Gena Emily Marianne Susan Marianne Izzy RM MPB SA SA SC MPB SA SC SA SC SA SA SC SA SC MPB SA MPA TIME 6:00a 7:30a 8:30a 8:30a 9:30a 9:30a 9:30a 10:30a 10:30a 12:00p 4:30p 5:00p 5:30p 5:30p 5:30p 6:30p 6:30p

CLASS Group Cycle Cardio Fusion Integrated Strength Forever Fit* Group Cycle Zumba* Flow Yoga * Tai Chi* Gentle Yoga * Ath. Condiitoning Kids in Motion Core Step Tabata Light Group Cycle Ath. Conditioning Core INSTRUC. Kristen Diana Karyn Marian Nick Natalie Amanda King Natalie Kelly Asma Nick Curtis/Corey Nick Marianne Nat Marianne

RM TIME SA 5:30a SA 8:30a SA 9:30a MPB 9:30a Gym 9:30a SC 9:30a SA 10:30a SC 10:30a SC 12:00p SA SA SC SA SC 4:30p 5:30p 5:30p 6:30p 6:30p CLASS Ath. Conditioning Kickoxing Ballet Fusion* Group Cycle Walk and Tone* Pilates* Dynamic Dance * Power Yoga 75 min Flow Yoga Muscle Pump Muscle Pump Pilates * Club Cardio * Power Yoga INSTRUC. Nick Gena Brigitte Lauren Betsy Vonda Natalie Sonya Amanda Emily Marianne Susan Aubry Amanda RM MPB GYM SC SA TIME 6:00a 8:30a

RM Group Cycle Kristen/Ellen SA SA Tabata Brigitte MPB Forever Fit* Maureen SA Step and Pump Julie SC Core Vonda SA Group Cycle Kelly Club Cardio World* Lara Yoga 90 min Wes Tabata Gena Group Cycle Marianne CLASS INSTRUC. TIME 8:00a 8:00a 9:00a 10:00a 10:00a 11:00a

CLASS Tabata Zumba* Group Cycle Mixed Level Step Gentle Yoga* Muscle Pump INSTRUC. Nick Kristi Mary/Lauren Curtis/Emily Natalie Marianne

8:30a 9:30a SC 9:30a MPB 10:00a SA 10:30a SC 11:00a SA 12:00p MPB 5:30p

CLASS Zumba* Yoga Basics 75min Group Cycle Zumba Flow Yoga INSTRUC. Aubry Fran Kristen Aubry Fran

RM TIME SA 1:30p SC 1:30p MPB 1:30p SA 2:30p SC 3:00p

Any class with an * is appropriate for someone new to group exercise or anyone in the Coach Approach program. Any class with a is family friendly and children ages 7-12 years are welcome under the direct supervision of an adult. Individual instructors may use different music, tempos intensity, teaching styles and choreography in their class. Please take this into consideration when choosing a class. Cycle tickets for evening classes are available at the Member Services Desk at 5pm. Please hang your ticket on your bike handles and the instructor will collect at the beginning of class. Numbers on the tickets do not correspond to the bike. Need help? Please look for our Member Mentors wearing purple wrist bands if you need help with equipment or have questions. For questions or comments, please contact Group Exercise Coordinator Karyn Kattermann at or call 651-9622.
**Please Note: class spaces and sizes are currently being evaluated. We reserve the right to determine when a class has reached capacity at which time we will post a sign stating class is full. If you are not able to get into the class you came for we encourage you to participate in the other classes or activities we have available.

SA= Studio A

SC= Studio C

MPA= Multipurpose A

MPB= Multipurpose B

GYM= Basketball court

Group Exercise Class Descriptions Cardio / Dance

Zumba : A Latin inspired dance class that incorporates international and pop music creating a dynamic, exciting, and effective workout. Ballet Fusion: No Experience Required! This class incorporates challenging ballet-style movements combining cardio, strength and balance while emphasizing posture and core awareness. Class is performed barefoot. Cardio Light: A fun, low-intensity cardio workout using basic dance moves emphasizing proper form and correct body alignment used in more advanced classes. Club Cardio: A high energy, cardio intensive program, based on a popular dance fitness craze sweeping the nation! Youll have so much fun dancing you wont even know youre working out! Club Cardio World: Blending moves and music from a variety of world dance styles, you will achieve calorie burning and cardio benefits while having a great time dancing.

Core and Flexibility: A class designed to condition and strengthen abdominal and lower back muscles as well as increase individual flexibility. Muscle Pump: A strength training class that works the whole body using free weights and bars to develop muscle endurance and strength. Integrated Strength: A class that focuses on building muscle strength and endurance. Instructors will use a challenging combination of techniques and equipment in each class. Forever Fit Offered both seated and/or standing, this class focuses on cardio, strength and flexibility exercises appropriate for active older adults. Group Cycling: A group exercise class done on stationary bikes that includes a variety of cycling techniques and skills to provide a high energy cardio workout.

Kickboxing: A fun and invigorating workout designed to challenge you both mentally and physically, this class incorporates kicking, punching and combination drills increasing your stamina, coordination and strength. Turbo Kick : A high energy choreographed cardio kickboxing class that includes an anaerobic work segment designed to produce maximum results. Mixed Level Step: Whether you are new to step or an experienced stepper, this class is appropriate for all levels of step participation with fun and interesting choreography sure to challenge the mind and body.

Cardio/ Strength
Step and Pump: Choreography based step routines appropriate for all levels of steppers. This class also includes a strength segment for a cardio and strength experience. Athletic Conditioning: Intense cardio, strength, balance, and plyometric drills, along with core work designed to improve performance in athletics as well as everyday activities. Cardio Fusion: A cardio workout that can include varied intensity step, choreographed aerobics, or kickboxing followed by a muscle conditioning segment for a total body workout. Tabata : High intensity interval training is a proven training method with huge benefits and great results. With Tabata you alternate cycles of 20 seconds of maximum work with 10 seconds of rest for 16-20 minutes of working at your personal best. Tabata Light: If you are new to Tabata (see above description) this is a great place to start. You will get the benefits of Tabata type training with exercises more appropriate to first time exercisers or new to Tabata participants.

Dynamic Dance: Dynamic Dance is an eclectic blend of Martial Arts, Dance arts and healing arts bringing the mind, body, spirit, and emotions to optimum health while embracing individual expression through movement awareness practices. All fitness levels and ages welcome. Yoga: A classical Hatha Yoga practice including breathing (pranayama), relaxation, sun salutations and postures (asanas). Open to all levels. Flow Yoga: In this class, sequences of poses flow from one to the next, both standing and floor poses, to create a heat throughout the body for a more rigorous cardio experience. Some knowledge of yoga is helpful, but beginners are encouraged to attend. Gentle Yoga: A gentle yoga class for anyone looking for a relaxing practice. This class will work through the fundamentals of yoga including postures, stretching, breathing and relaxation. Power Yoga: An active yoga style that moves more quickly through yoga poses building heat, strength, and flexibility. Poses are linked together with vinyasa. Some knowledge of yoga is helpful but not necessary. Expect to sweat. Pilates: A mind body exercise evolved from the principles of Joseph Pilates. This conditioning program incorporates strengthening, and stretching exercises for a full body workout. Proper breathing techniques, core training, and flexibility are key portions of these classes. Note: Please talk to your instructor before class if you have osteopenia or osteoporosis. Tai Chi: Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese practice of moving meditation that stimulates the bodys energy flow while deepening ones innate calm. Focus on breath, mind, and body integration for health.


Kids in Motion: A 45 minute class designed to teach children ages 7-12 that exercise can be FUN! Games, drills, cardio and strength are all included Parents are not required to stay. Family FriendlyFamily friendly classes are available for children ages 7-12 who are actively participating in the class under direct adult supervision. Look for the smiley face for family friendly classes.