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Usability Test Plan DUE: Usability- The intrinsic and extrinsic usefulness of an object and the ability to understand

its function in the most efficient manner. What is a usability test plan? - A usability test plan is a criteria to figure the measurement of empiricism form and function of an object, device, person or idea. What are the components of our usability test plan? Participants. Who are our participants? How many participants should we use? How will we select our participants? How will we contact selected participants? Will they be willing to participate? How do we locate people willing to participate? What are our participants backgrounds? How might our participants compare with the actual, future participants for the study? (Observed & Expected). Do the participants need to have specific/prior knowledge or have certain qualifications? Are participants going to be separated into different groups for testing? Make sure the participant doesn't have prior knowledge in what we are testing. - unless the test measures knowledge (what do people know versus what is considered verified/true,etc. ) Amount of sleep they have? BAC?

Test Metrics. How are we going to evaluate the participants response to the infographics? What, exactly, are we testing? How will we disseminate the test? What kinds of end results do we expect, and what do they mean? And how will we compare the participants responses with what we set out to expect? Are we going to get user feedback? Analyze the responses and come up with theories that can later be fixed. Is the research repeatable and comparable to past studies? What is the control group to compare off of? What kind of environment will the test be in? Test Logistics. Where are we testing people? What materials will we need? What method will we use to attain data (survey, interviews, etc.)? How will data be stored? Will data be continually updated (and will manpower be dedicated to this?)

Will there be several different version of test data to compare in parallel? Whats our timeline? When will the pre-test take place, when will the post-test take place? How much time will our test take? How will the two tests differ? Is the testing area comfortable for the participants? How long will the usability test take? How is the usability test going to be presented? How expensive is it to run the test? (Cost/Benefit). What demographic will our sample contain? Who will be physically running the test? Will they answer questions? Will there be food? Free pizza? I hope so. Will crosswalks be involved? Purpose/Importance We aim to measure the effectiveness of the infographics for conveying the intended message/idea. Who gets the results? Why does it matter? Does it please the user and is it effective in getting the message across? Analyze the responses to better the end product. Are we going to use the results to better the end product (infographic)? If so, what results are we going to use to improve it?

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