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The MEMBRIGHT Membrane Bioreactor

High Quality Treatment Performance Submerged Plate-type Membrane System Simplified System Minimal Routine Maintenance No Back Pulse Required No Routine Chemical Cleaning Enhanced Air Distribution Rugged Reliability

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MEMBRIGHT Submerged Membrane Bioreacter

The MEMBRIGHT Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) system is the product of extensive research and development by Brightwater FLI. It is designed to achieve high quality effluent within a small overall footprint and is engineered to be reliable and easy to maintain. The unit is configured as a submerged MBR process operating on the well proven activated sludge process, and replaces conventional final settlement with an ultra filtration membrane which effectively filters the effluent. The membrane is an extremely effective solids separation device and facilitates greatly reduced reactor volumes due to the higher mixed liquor suspended solids values at which it operates.

The Membrane Bioreator Process

The MEMBRIGHT system uses ultra-filtration membranes to separate activated sludge from treated effluent. The system runs at very high mixed liquor suspended solid values, up to 18,000 mg/l compared with typical values for conventional activated sludge plants of up to 4,500 mg/l. The nature of the activated sludge floc combined with continuous air scouring by aeration bubbles at the membrane surface, using a carefully designed aeration grid, ensures consistently high removal efficiency without fouling of membranes. Through its research, development and experience with the MEMBRIGHT process, Brightwater FLI has simplified the process design, refining the integration of the biological and physical membrane processes along with the incorporation of effluent pre-screening and an optimisation of the aeration and cleaning cycles. It is this continuous operational experience that has enabled Brightwater FLI to develop a system with rugged reliability, enhanced process security and reduced cleaning requirements. The high removal efficiency of the MEMBRIGHT system typically results in final effluent quality down to <5 mg/l BOD, <5 mg/l SS and <0.5mg/l NH3N. Performance is also more consistent than conventional activated sludge systems. Complete retention of macro colloidal material is attainable within the MEMBRIGHT reactor, including bacteria and some viruses, making MEMBRIGHT effluents of a quality suitable for direct discharge to sensitive areas and removing the need for complicated U.V. systems.

Design and Performance

The MEMBRIGHT system offers a 6 log reduction in bacteria and 4 log reduction in virus levels from domestic effluent. Reduced reactor sizes and the elimination of final clarification result in a greatly reduced footprint size. The MEMBRIGHT system has been shown to be effective across a wide range of applications.

The MEMBRIGHT Membrane Module

MEMBRIGHT membrane modules are available in two base sizes of 100m2 and 50m2 membrane area, which enables flexibility to meet all needs, and features robust membrane and plate configuration. Enhanced cassette design includes rugged stainless steel construction, with integrated air distribution main and permeate outlet, which ensures reliable operation. The integral air distribution grid ensures that crossflow conditions essential for reliable performance and scouring of the membrane surface are maintained. As a result, the typical time between routine cleans is around 12 months! MEMBRIGHT does not require back-pulsing or frequent chemical cleans. This has been proven over years of operation with reduced operator involvement.

Why opt for the MEMBRIGHT system?

Proven in operation over seven years High quality final effluent: BOD & SS < 5mg/l Nitrification to < 0.5 mg/l Total N to 5 mg/l P removal to <0.05mg/l Fully engineered solution backed by extensive process capability Simplified system Reliable operation Minimal peripheral equipment Ease of operation Reduced maintenance No back-pulse cleaning No routine cleaning chemicals used Minimal inlet screening required Remote monitoring and service packages offered

Full Size and Package Plants

MEMBRIGHT is available in a range of standard sizes from 50-600 PE on a combined sewer basis and is available in either stainless steel or GRP tank options. Brightwater FLI's process team can advise on all types of usage including segregated sewer systems and industrial applications including high strength wastes such as leachate. Systems can be located above ground or in-ground whichever is most convenient. A multiplicity of plug in screening and pumping packages can be specified depending upon individual circumstances. Add-on packages for phosphorous and/or nitrogen removal are also available. Full service and maintenance agreements are all part of our offering ensuring you have total service support at all times. For larger systems, individually designed units in steel or concrete tanks are provided. Plant are designed and built in full consultation with the customer and incorporating the customer's design standards as well as our own. There is no limit to the capacity that MEMBRIGHT can handle producing high quality final effluents for the most demanding applications. If required Brightwater can also undertake complete works design and delivery giving you a single contract responsibility.

The Company
Brightwater FLI Ltd designs, supplies and commissions plants for the treatment of sewage, industrial wastes, water and sludges. We have been established since 1990 and have always applied an innovative approach to process and engineering design and development. We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services and operate an accredited Quality Management System to the latest ISO 9001:2000 standards. We are acknowledged leaders in developing new treatment solutions, particularly high efficiency small footprint biological processes.

Our Mission Brightwater FLI and ABiC FLI aim to profitably provide innovative, reliable, and cost-effective process plant and services to meet the changing needs of water and wastewater systems operators in the UK and selected overseas markets.

Brightwater FLI have expertise in a range of process plant and services, which means that your needs can be confidently met from conception to completion in areas such as:Primary Treatment Secondary Biological Treatment Tertiary Treatment BIOBEAD BAFF BIOMAX HSAF /MBBR MEMBRIGHT MBR FILTABEAD Physical/Chemical Treatment Chemical Dosing Systems Feasibility Studies Sludge Handling and Thickening Sludge Digestion M & E Works Design and Construct Projects Systems Design Pilot Studies Process Development and Modelling Process Maintenance Planned and Emergency Maintenance Cover Total Service Support

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