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Commission Junction

Introduction Commission Junction is internets first highest paid affiliate program with 3 Way Earning Opportunity, giving members every possible way to earn more and more in their spare time. Unlike other affiliate marketing programs available on internet that pays members only when there a sale is generated from members side. At commission Junction we understand your hard work and will to earn money at the earliest. Keeping this in mind we are offering 3 way earning opportunity to members. 1. Pay per Post (PPP) in PPP, you are paid for every post you do on different classified websites, blogs, forums, email marketing etc. Here you are paid just for placing the Ad Matter, Ad Link whatever we provide in the marketing material on these types of websites. 2. Pay per Click (PPC) in PPC, apart from your PPP work youll be paid for every click your posted ad gets. Whenever someone clicks the ad you posted, there will be an extra income for you apart from PPP. 3. Pay per Sale (PPS) in PPS, apart from your PPP & PPC earnings, whenever any sale is generated through that posted ad link, a big commission is added to your account. Our system tracks all your posted links, so even any visitors visits your link now, but buys the product or services after a month or year you will be credited PPS commission. How to get started? Before placing ads in free classifieds, blogs, forums etc., make your marketing kit ready so that you shouldnt waste time while placing ads. Install the Auto form

filling software on your PC; you can download the trial version at Make a daily working schedule, on which classified you should post, which blogs youve create and which forums you should pick. Split the days free time for these job works. If you have 4 hrs. of free time for this, give 2 Hrs. for classified ad posting and 1 Hr. each for blogs and forums. Marketing Material from our end Weve provided you with list of thousands of free classifieds, free blog sites, and forums to use. However its not compulsory to use website lists which we provided, you can use your own good lists of websites and even its better to just do a Google of free classifieds, free blogs, top classified websites, top blogs, top forums, home job forums likewise these are keywords for Google will give you best result in few seconds. How to post ads in free classifieds There are many free classified websites on internet and few are very popular which gives instant result when you post ads on them. For example,, etc. Just Google best free classified websites and in a matter of second you will get list of all popular websites. You can place ads on these websites and similar to this one. One more thing never after go after only one website, as it may result in banning of your IP address for frequently posting of ads. On popular and top websites place ads after every 2-3 days only. Suppose today you posted 10 Ads, post next on same website after 3 days. As there are thousands of other classified websites available, its not good to go after single site. Procedure of ad posting is very common in all sites. In 95% cases, you have to first register on site (Free Registration only), before placing ads. Once you are registered you can find options like post ad, post free ads etc. Once ad is posted

you can manage it or change it by visiting the Manage Ads section on particular site. Rules of Ad Posting First step is to create your new email address at, once created Create an auto responder for all incoming mails with below content Auto Responder Content Dear Friend, Thanks for your valued query regarding our hugely popular work at home jobs. We offer 100% legitimate home jobs with complete guarantee of payments. To know more about our home jobs, kindly use the below link to visit our website Place the Standard Link URL which you see after login in to your account. You need to follow few rules of each classified website, common rules includes like you cannot place email address or any url link in ad matter text box or text area, you cannot place phone nos. etc in text box. However you should try to place these things if alert comes remove it. You can post email address like this example, original email, you can place john attherate yahoo dot com. For website you can try like dataentryjobs dot us. They do provide separate text box for email, website links etc. Next, enter the best text for title text box you can or use the titles we provided. Title may be used to put website address but confirm it by posting, if not allowed dont repeat. Always place the standard link code, which you see in salary account section. If you wont put standard link code URL, your job work will not be tracked. Also always make sure your standard link code URL, redirects to our main site. How to create Blogs Creating blogs always increases your earnings to 500% more. Reasons blogs never expire, and it delivers regular traffic based on the blog contents. Once Google reads your blog and its content, automatic traffic is delivered to your blog and will in turn increases your revenue.

Creating and managing a blog is not a big task. There are many free blogging sites available on internet, just Google Free Blogs and you will be listed with tons of best free blogs. Just create an account there, and follow the instructions to create blog pages. You can create pages for different jobs you see on our site and give direct link to our site using your standard link code URL. You can copy the contents of particular job from our site and paste on the pages of your blogs and save it. You can create any no. of pages in your blogs. Likewise, you can go on with other blogs and do the same thing. These are one time work, but delivers regular and steady income compared to ad posting. So this is a must for you to do. Create threads and posts in forums Visit forums and register there, after that create threads for all the job works very offer on our site and do posts to other threads there. Make sure to follow forum rules which are sometimes very strict w.r.t types of forums. Normally you should visit job forums, home jobs forums, free jobs forums, data entry forums, work at home forums, online job forums like this. Just search on Google for these types of forums, make a list of them and regularly start creating threads. Some forums offer to place signature you can use it to place your standard link code URL which redirects to our site. Create account in Facebook It has been found that facebook delivers the highest no. of traffics for home jobs, work at home etc. So make sure to create your own facebook account and promote all the home jobs through it. This is the best platform to get highest earning compared to above methods. Use Twitter Twitter is one of the best auto promoter for all your products and services, regular tweet all the home jobs related links using twitter. There are many auto tweet online sites are there, wherein you have to just enter the tweets one time and create a daily schedule. After that daily these sites will tweet on your behalf. Just search Auto Tweet Sites on Google and you will be listed with

tons of auto tweet sites. There many auto tweet software (Free) available on internet which you can use.