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<hr< td=""></hr<> Ref # JS184587 Year of birth 1957 Current Location/Address City or Town Hyderabad State A.P.

Country INDIA Permanent/Home Location/Address City or Town Jammalamadugu State A.P. Country INDIA Languages Primary Fluency Language English Read, write and speak fluently Nationalities Nationality INDIA Experience Classification Job Years Experience Function General 2 Manager

Industry Steel

Years Experience 30+

Qualifications Highest Degree Qualifications Qualification Subject Establishment/Country Year Degree Mechanical University college of 1979 Engineering Engg., Osmania University,Hyderabad Other Qualifications, Memberships, Certification -

Computer Skills and Software Used Work Locations Are you willing to move or relocate? Yes - I will relocate internationally Availability Start Available Now Immediately? Ideal Next Job Next ideal job would be a top management assignment in any process Industry like Steel Plant , Chemical Industry , Power Plant etc., Not very particular about location but on married status basis . Required Salary & Conditions Negotiable. Employment History Total Years 32 of Work Experience: Commenced 1980

Full Time Work: Job Title: General Manager Duration From : 2008 To: Summary Started career as Management Trainee in Steel Authority of India Ltd., India and worked for 3 decades in various positions in Operations , Design and Project of Integrated Steel Plants in India and Abroad. Was a member of the group that turned around Ispat Sidex Steel Plant , Galati , Romania. Work Experience Work Experience: - 30 Years Sl. No. ORGANISATION WORKING PERIOD DESIGNATION DEPARTMENT 1 Bramhani Industries Ltd, Integrated Steel Plant. 21.02.2008 to Till date & continuing. General Manager Utilities 2 Bhushan Steel Plant Angul, Orissa 13.04.2007 to 31.01.2008 Sr. Dy. Gen. Manager Utilities 3 Mittal Steel Ispat Sidex Steel Plant,Galati, ROMANIA 10.12.2001 to 05.06.2003 Dy. Gen. Manager Energy & Utilities 4 Ispat Industries Ltd., Dolvi, Moharashtra (Near New Bombay) 02.03.1998 to 06.11.2001 Asst. Gen. Manager Blast Furnace (mech. & Utilities) 5 Usha (I) Ltd. Malvika Steel Ltd. Jagdishpur (U.P) (First Integrated Steel Plant in North India) 12.12.1996 to 27.02.1998 Asst. Gen. Manager Energy Mgmt. 6 Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd., Visakhapatnam Steel Plant 20.02.1989 to 15.06.1996 Manager and Dy. Manager Energy Mgmt. 7 Steel Authority of India Ltd., Bokaro Steel Plant 21.04.1980 to 19.02.1989 Asst.Manager, Jr.Manager and Management Trainee Energy Mgmt. Nature of Experience: -

Experience is in i) Design & Engineering and construction of water supply system, Air Separation plant, Units of Energy Management area and Environment management area. ii) Conceptualizing, designing and implementing Energy reduction programme for the total plant and reducing energy consumption and specific energy consumption of the total plant and iii) Commissioning, Establishing, Stabilizing, Operation and Maintenance of Units of Energy Management Dept., Blast Furnace Department and Utilities Department. This includes: a. Blast Furnace Gas Cleaning Plant. b. SMS Gas Recovery plant (Gas Holder, Boosters etc.) c. Gas mixing and Boosting Stations. d. Fuel Oil Storage & Distribution Stations. e. Huge pipeline Network of Blast Furnace gas, Coke Oven gas & Converter Gas, Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen, Propane, Acetylene, Comp, Air, Chilled Water, LSHS, Furnace Oil &Coal Tar Fuel, Steam, Industrial Water, DM Water, Soft Water and Drinking Water. f. Gas Safety Section and Gas & Energy Control and Technical Cell. g. Blast Furnace Department. h. Air Separation plant and Air Compressor house. i. Water Intake scheme and Raw water treatment plant & Distribution system. Equipment dealt with includes: a. Centrifugal pumps, Reciprocating Compressors, Gas Holders, Scrubbers, ESPs, Gas Washers, Adjustable Venturi Atomizers, Cyclone Mist Eliminators, Screw pumps, Basket filters, Horizontal and Vertical Column Water pumps, Large variety of Valves like Gate Valves, Gas Tight Isolators, Google Valves, Slime Valves, Atmospheric Valves, Butterfly Valves, Thermal Gate Valves, Gas Expansion Turbines etc. b. Gas Detectors, Gas Monitors, Gas Masks, Explosive Meters, Artifical Breathing Apparatus, and O2 Boosters etc. c. Main Air Compressors, Booster Air Compressors, Expansion Turbines, Vaporizers, Liquid Pumps etc; d. Water pumps, Flash mixers, Flucculators, Clarifiers etc; Responsibilities Carried Out: GENEARL MANAGER: Conceptualizing total packages of Utilities division, drawing out tender specifications for all packages, Ordering and implementing the packages. Sr. Dy. GEN. MANAGER: Project Activities of Integrated Steel Plant. DY. GEN. MANAGER: Drawing up of road map and plan of Energy Reduction activities for the total plant. Implementation of the plan and ensuring Reduction of Energy consumption. ASST. GEN. MANAGER (ISPAT) : Commissioning Blast Furnace Gas Cleaning Plant and other related areas like B.F. Gas Flare stack, pipeline network etc. Stabilizing Operation of Bf Gas Cleaning Plant and Others. Preparing additional provisions required for

commissioning of BF GCP, Gas Expansion Turbine, Pipe line network of BF Gas, O2 N2 Water, Steam, Chilled Water, Soft water, Compressed air etc. Gas Mixing Station, Waste Water Treatment Plant etc. Preparing of Commissioning documents for above items, which includes lists for operational tests, cold trail & hot trail procedures, commissioning protocols, requirement of commissioning material etc. Drawing out and implementing maintenance System. Establishing Technical Cell and Stores. Procurement of Gas Safety equipment and establishing Gas Safety Section. Preparation and implementation of operation & maintenance system. ASST. GEN. MANAGER (MALVIKA) : Organizing Energy Management Dept. Preparation of Total Energy Balance for 1st phase of plant Operation. Designing of System, Deciding Nature and Specifications of equipments to be procured (related to Energy Management). Operation and Maintenance of B.F. Gas Cleaning Plants, BF Gas & Steam Pipeline Networks. Designing & Implementing Operation Procedures & Gas Safety Rules. Preparation of Daily, Weekly & Monthly Energy Reports. Controlling Dust content in B.F. Gas. MANAGER: Establishing and Consolidating Maintenance & Gas Safety Section. Planning & carrying out capital Repairs of B.F. Gas Cleaning Plant, Gas Boosters etc. including preparation of Activity Schedule with details of Manpower Deployment & Completion period for every activity. Operation & Maintenance of Huge Network of Utilities Pipeline, Fuel Oil Pipeline. Balancing of Rotors of High Speed Gas Boosters. Planning & Procurement of Fast Moving, Slow Moving and Insurance Spares, Deciding Reordering Quantities for all spares. Preparation & strict Implementation of Annual Maintenance Budget. Organizing & Carrying out Periodical Testing of pressure Vessels and Tools & Tackles. DY. MANAGER: Preparation of Commissioning Schedule, List of Commissioning Minima and extra Facilities needed for commissioning of Blast Furnace, Coke Oven & Converter Gas Pipeline Networks, B.F. Gas Cleaning plants, Converter Gas Recovery Plants, Centrifugal Pumps, Reciprocating Compressors, Central Fuel Oil Stores etc. and commissioning of above mentioned Units. Preparation and Implementation of Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) Schedules for each and every equipment of above mentioned Units with separate job checklist for every Equipment. Carrying out breakdown Maintenance of various Equipments. Drawing out Shutdown Procedures for all Gas related Equipment. Starting & consolidating Imprest stores of the Department. Planning, Procurement, Commissioning & Maintenance of Gas Safety Equipment. Carrying out Ultra Sonic Testing of Gas Pipeline.

Preparation of Drawings of Non-Rationalized Spares. ASST. MANAGER: Worked as First Line Site Executive in Gas Mixing & Boosting Station and Technical Cell. Carried out day-to-day Operation, Maintenance and Stores jobs. JR. MANAGER: Worked as First Line Site Executive in B.F. Gas Cleaning Plants and Gas Safety Sections. MANAGEMENT TRAINEE: Under Intensive on the job training in Units of Energy Management Dept. SPECIALIZED TRAINING: Underwent Specialized Training Program on GAS Expansion Turbines at Cherepovets Steel plant, Russia for six weeks. Comments/ Hobbies/ Interests etc: