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ECE 440

Homework IV

Fall 2009

Print your name and netid legibly. Show all work leading to your answer clearly and neatly. Staple multiple pages. 1. A Si bar is 0.2 cm long and 200 m2 in cross-sectional area. Find the current at 300 K with 10 V applied to (a) the Si bar is doped with 1x1017 /cm3 gallium and (b) the Si bar is doped with 1x1017 /cm3 gallium and 2x1017 /cm3 arsenic. Refer to Fig. 3-23 or the mobility chart posted online.) (c) The silicon sample is grounded at x=0 and biased at +10 V at x=0.2 cm. Draw the corresponding energy band diagram for case (a). 2. How long does it take for an average electron to drift 0.2 mm donors under an electric field of 100 V/cm for: (a) pure Si and (b) Si doped with 6x1016 /cm3 donors at an electric field of 100 V/cm? Repeat if the electric field is change to 105 V/cm. Assume that the electron effective mass mn*=0.26 mo. 3. Consider a silicon sample at 300 K. Assume that the electron concentration varies linearly with distance. At x=0, the electron concentration is n(0). At x=10 m, the electron concentration is n(10m)= 5x1014 /cm3. If the electron diffusion coefficient, assumed constant, is Dn =30 cm2/sec, determine the electron concentration at x=0 for the following two diffusion current densities: (a) the diffusion current density is found to be Jndiff = + 0.9 A/cm2 and (b) Jndiff = - 0.9 A/cm2. 4. Drift and Carrier Mobility Simulation. We will use the following tool: The tool explores the Drift and Diffusion concepts we have learned in class. Please answer the following at room temperature (300K) unless otherwise stated. and Select Experiment #1: Apply Bias Only in the tool. Hint: Extract the low field mobility from the I-V Curve. a. ) Now, let us consider an intrinsic Si, Ge and GaAs slab of length 0.5um: Compare the electron mobility of the 3 materials if each sample is doped with donor concentration ND =1x1016 /cm3. Repeat for hole mobility with NA = 1x1016 /cm3. How do your results compare to the mobility values shown in appendix III. Refer to Figure 3-23 (Streetman). Explain why mobility varies with doping concentration. b. ) Let us consider an intrinsic Si slab of length 0.1um at room temperature

Dope the semiconductor with NA = 1x1014 /cm3 and Generate vd (cm/sec) vs E (V/cm) curves for holes using log-scale. Repeat for electron with ND = 1x1014 /cm3. What is the saturation velocity for each case? At what fields can we still use low-field mobility? Extract electron (n) and hole (p) mobility values from the figure generated above.