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HSUPA Networking for Digital Advertisement Terminals

Digital Media System can help advertisement operators show their advertisements everywhere through network. Media terminals can be put in airport, railway station, CBD (central business district), etc. Advertisement operators used to update advertisements by manually inserting USB storage or by cable line. These methods may have shortages, for example, USB storage may cause mass manual costs, and always delay the publish time. In traditional networking method, we may use cable. However, it always brings with high costs of construction and maintenance. Considering these practical problems in networking, cellular wireless can be a perfect choice. Cellular network, based on 2.5G/3G high speed wireless technology and universal coverage, provides users with convenient remote networking method: No manual update and maintenance needed in unattended area Reduce remote advertisement updating time and keep contents always fresh Flexible networking without considering cable construction, meanwhile reduce costs

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Different from SOHO cellular devices, for digital media networking, cellular devices must be: Industrial Grade Robust in harsh outdoor environment (wide temperature/humidity, vibration, harsh electromagnetic conditions ) Small SizedCompact design, can be easily installed with media devices Auto Network Recovery Reliable in unattended remote sites Safe Secured remote applications (support VPN, Firewall) Centralized Management Reduce cost of Engineering & Operation, and manage costs of data flow The project mentioned below was from an AD panel manufacture who wanted to provide advertisers with remote services.


In this project, the AD panel manufacture had a customer who wanted to introduce its new beverage to the whole city. Besides traditional testing activities in major streets, the customer also wanted to disperse its advertisement everywhere, for example, bus station, super market, outlets and etc. Additionally, the beverage company would change advertisement content whenever a new beverage was born. Therefore a proper way for updating advertisement was necessary. Based on the requirement of the advertiser, InHand propose its cellular solution for advertisement unit: 1. At the remote site, for example, a bus station, we used InHand IR601WH01 smart gateway to connect with AD panel by a RJ45 cable; the IR600 router was a compact designed router which we can put in the small box (20cm x 20 cm x 10 cm) in the cabinet behind the AD panel. In order to get enough signal and avoid electromagnetic shielding, we should use a 3m antenna which went through a hold we drilled on the top of the cabinet; 2. Normally, IR601WH01 did not dialup and connect to internet because this would cause traffic cost. The AD panels were set to check update once a day in the midnight, and when the request of updating AD was sent, it would trigger IR601WH01 dialup to the internet, then the AD panel could download new content which would be on show the next day, so people walking on the street or waiting for the bus would notice this amazing changes. It is no doubt that this method reduced significant labor costs for manual updating advertisement; 3. Additionally, the AD panel would also report its running status to a diagnose server in the advertisement center and the engineer could know which panel should be prepared; 4. InHand also provided its free cloud service to help the customer manage the IR601WH01, including the services of traffic manage, remote configuration/firmware upgrade. All these helped to reduce maintenance costs and networking costs. (Learn more: )

Why InHand?
InHand Networks IR601WH01 smart gateway fully met the requirements of advertisement media networking:

Compact designed for installation works, saving space for customers and can be easily installed with media devices; Secured VPNs (IPSec/PPTP/GRE/L2TP/OpenVPN) provide with high-secured tunnel for UP/DOWN data flow; Reliable link between remote field and center with link detection and self-recovery; Centralized management services via InHand Device Manager Cloud Service help customers know the flow cost and cut maintenance cost; (learn more: )


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