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Fleet Management System

iTrack: Fleet Management Solutions

About us
Orange GPS Solutions
i:TRACK, a brand of Orange GPS Solutions Pvt Ltd, has the most reliable and respected service in Fleet Management System. With manufacturing base in Israel and development centre in Gurgaon, i:TRACK is the No 1 Vehicle Tracking Service Provider in India (according to survey by LOG India on GPS Vehicle Tracking System). i:Track has a long list of reputed customers who have been benefited with i:Track technology in reducing costs and improving efficiencies. i:Track is the only Vehicle Tracking company that has this proven record. i:Track has been awarded The Best GPS Vehicle Tracking System by NDTV. i:TRACK is effective for Bikes, Boats, Cars, Buses, Oil Tankers, Refrigerated Vans, Trucks, Dumpers, Earth Moving Equipments, Elevators and many more..

PAN India Presence

Head Office: Gurgaon Sales & Service Office: Ahmedabad Bangalore Baroda Chandigarh Chennai Gurgaon Jamshedpur Mumbai Pune Proposed Sales & Service Office: Ghaziabad Hyderabad Indore Lucknow

ICU 700 / 1000 / 1200
The most advanced units that integrates a GPS receiver, a cellular modem and an accelerometer that enable real-time vehicle fleet management and vehicle security applications which are available in 3 different feature rich models: ICU 700 - Basic Tracking / Security ICU 1000 - Tracking / Fuel reports / Vehicle driving pattern/Sensors to various back engine, door, back door, oil tankers etc. ICU 1200 - Connected with Canbus of the vehicle that allows information of onboard diagnostics like brake oil, engine oil, water level, fuel, doors, hood etc. etc.

Management Concern
iTrack Fleet Management
Real Time Location of the vehicle. Idle Time of the vehicle. Route taken by the vehicle from start point to destination. To keep a check on private jobs, trips, etc. Fuel Pilferage. Alerts on Accident, Overspeeding, Excess Stoppage etc. Alerts on opening of Back Door (Closed Vehicles), Hatches / Valves (Oil Tankers / Milk Tankers) outside predefined allocated areas. Security of the vehicle.

i:TRACK Fleet Management
Exact location of the vehicle can be viewed anytime on real time basis. Speed and mileage of the vehicle can be viewed as per GPS. Engine operating and stoppage time can be generated for defined period for last six months. Fuel Consumption and fuel theft report can be generated. Plan can be generated as per requirement with multiple options of Location (Perimeter), Input (Key / Door / Emergency), Speed (High / Low) with different permutation and combinations. Alerts can be set to predefined Mobile numbers or predefined E-mail Ids. All the reports can be scheduled to different predefined E-mail Ids

Alerts Fleet Management

Fleet Management
Alerts can be generated on Harsh Breaking / Sudden Acceleration. Alerts on Maintainence schedule set on desired mileage. Vehicle engine ON for more than 30 min and vehicle not moving, alert can be generated. Alert generated when vehicle is outside the defined perimeter with no motion (0 speed) for X minutes. Alert is generated when vehicle is inside defined perimeter and speed goes beyond X Km/hr (defined). Alert is generated if the vehicle is inside defined perimeter and drum motion in clockwise for more than X (defined) minutes. Alert on vehicle mileage less than X (defined) Km in a day.

Map Page
Real-Time Tracking - Anytime Access

Work Hours Report

Actual Working Hours of the Vehicle

Stop Hours Report

Actual Stoppage time of the Vehicle

Geofencing Report
Entering / Leaving the defined perimeter by the Vehicle

Fuel Consumption Report

Keep a check on Fuel Pilferage

Prestigious Clients

i:TRACK D-63, South City I, Gurgaon 122002 Phone : 0124 4269922 / 23 Website : E-mail :