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Jurisdiction of Courts

Subscribing Petition/ Interim Relief

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Jurisdiction of Courts 1 u/s 7 & 10

JURISDICTION Original Side 2 High Court Registered Office High Court Registered Office District Court Appellant Side 3 Supreme Court Supreme Court** High Court

Under this Ordinance Winding up* Civil Case

* For the purposes of winding up, expression registered office means the place which has longest been the registered office of the company during the six months immediately preceding the presentation of the petition for winding up. ** Company ordered to be wound up has share capital not less than Rs.1 Million. Save as 4 provided in case of Company wounding up, an appeal from any order made or decision given by the Court shall lie in the same manner in which appeals lie from any order or decision of the court. An appeal thus filed shall be finally disposed of by the Court hearing the appeal within ninety days of the submission of the appeal.

Constitution of Company benches u/s 8

In each High Court there will be one or more benches, each to be known as the Company Bench 5 Constituted by the Chief Justice of the High Court to exercise the jurisdiction

Procedure of the Court u/s 9

Matters coming before court under this ordinance shall be disposed of, and the judgment 6 pronounced, not later than 90 days from the date of presentation of the petition, Hearing of the matters under this Ordinance shall not be adjourned 7 (except for sufficient cause to be recorded) for more than fourteen days at any one time or for more than thirty days in all, and The court shall follow the summary procedure 8 . In extraordinary circumstances and on grounds to be recorded, the Court shall hear the case from day to day.

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Court: The Court mans the court having jurisdiction under this Ordinance; Original Side: Side where the case is first time filed. 3 Appellate Side: Where against the order of original side appeal is filed. 4 Save as: Barring, besides, but for, excepting, lacking, leaving out, not including;

Bench: Judges Side

Judgment: Means a final judgment recorded in writing.

7 8

Adjournment: When for certain number of days case is deferred. Summary Procedure: Issues are discussed only with minimum documents