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Guys, the solution is REALLY simple. android.application.

acore is an internal bug formed due to wrong synchronization of the contacts with either Facebook, GMail, etc. The most commonly experienced problem is that when one opens the dialler or contacts, the phone freezes or completely hangs. The solution is pretty easy: 1) Go to settings 2) Go to Applications 3) Go to Manage Applications 4) Hit the 'All' tab located above. It will show you all the running applications/ 5) Now scroll down to contacts, open and hit 'clear data'. 6) The next option itself will be 'Contact storage'. Open and hit 'clear data' 7) WARNING: On clearing data from the 'contacts' and 'contact storage' applications, you will immediately lose all your contacts and your text messages. I suggest you backup using Titanium Backup or other applications first. 8) That's it! Problem solved!

Go offline Go to Settings > Applications > All > Google Services Framework, hit Force Stop Go back a level, go to Gmail, hit Force Stop and Clear Data Go back a level, go to Contacts, hit Force Stop and Clear Data Go back a level, go to Contacts Storage, hit Force Stop and Clear Data Repeat steps 2, 4 and 5 for good measure Reboot, just to be safe

To do a recovery for your ZiiO 7", follow the steps mentioned below: Ensure that the unit is powered off. Press the Power button while holding on the " " volume button, located at the side of the unit. Keep holding the " " button until the Recovery Mode screen appears. Once the Recovery Mode appears, use the " - " volume button to navigate down to the following options below. Press " " to select. Factory reset- All applications installed will be erased. Format Internal SD - All data in the internal memory will be erased. (available in 2.00.14 firmware version only). Clear Password - Screen lock password will be cleared. Install Firmware - Firmware will be installed from the SD card. Save the firmware apk file to the root folder of the SD card. Ensure that you only have one firmware apk file stored in the root folder of the SD card. Restart - To reboot the unit. just dun it we mine worked a treat but u will loss every thing

i: I have resolved this issue in the following steps: Remove the charger and let the unit battery run until it is low and the unit turns off. You may need to turn it on a few more times to drain the battery. Turnon the unit and it should turn since the battery is so low. Plug in the AC adapter and power on. The unit should now let you get to settingsDo this quickly because the error message may soon start to popup again. You tap the Menu button on the top corner on the screen Tapthe setting on the bottom right of the screen. Advance in the menu toprivacy and select factory data reset. [Note you will lose all your data!] Let the process finish and the unit should now boot in its original factory settings. This worked for me twice. Ron

Hold power button and the home key (first key at the bottom) looks like a little house...until you see the screen black and green letters in the right corner saying upgrading system soon as you see that let go of the power button and push the home icon button 1 more time -you'll have the optionto reboot push the third button on the bottom (looks like an arrow curved to left) push that button and the adroid will begin to reboot..all orginial data will be there.

Not trying to take credit - BUT THIS IS FOR THE FOLKS THAT CANT DO IT THRU ADB... Originally Posted by darico18 download the terminal emu. off the market then do this . (u must have busybox installed)

Download busybox from the original post and put it on the sd card. Download Terminal Emulator from the market. Open terminal emulator and type in: su mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system dd if=/sdcard/busybox of=/system/xbin/busybox chmod 4755 /system/xbin/busybox busybox cp -a /data/app/ /data/app-private busybox cp -a /data/app/ /system/sd/app busybox cp -a /data/app /system/sd/app rm -r /data/app Restart your phone manually. Open terminal emulator again. rm -r /data/app ln -s /system/sd/app /data/app rm -r /data/app-private/ Restart your phone manually once more/ Open terminal emulator one last time busybox cp -a /data/app-private /system/sd/app-private rm -r /data/app-private ln -s /system/sd/app-private /data/app-private Restart your phone one last time. then if u wanna move dalvik cache do this busybox cp -a /data/dalvik-cache /system/sd/dalvik-cache rm -r /data/dalvik-cache ln -s /system/sd/dalvik-cache /data/dalvik-cache reboot Ps: if u dont have busybox do this : go to this site look for the download and extract it to your sdcard. then open terminal emu and type this : $ dd if=/sdcard/busybox of=/system/xbin/busybox $ chmod 4755 /system/xbin/busybox after u isnTALL busybox reboot and then u can do the apps on sd one. HOPE THIS HELPS LET ME KNOW IF IT DOES *************** MOVE DALVIK CACHE I HAD 17MB FREE BEFORE --- HAD 63MB FREE AFTER THE DALVIK CACHE MOVE.. .. CACHE RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME C.R.E.A.M GET THE MONEY TMOBILE G1 YALL