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Academic Year2011-12

In this project we can store the all information of different products available in city bazar .It gives all information of Name of products. Price of products. Available products. List of products.

It also stored record of products. Using this project does not have to keep a record manually or in the written. Using this project we can easily operate the information of each product.


Introduction:City Bazar System is software which is helpful for shopee operators,. City Bazar System is a windows application written for 32-bit Windows operating systems which focused in the area of adding, editing and deleting the products, rate,challan. In this software we can manage the products,rates and the challans of products details. We can add a products and Rates of products, its details available products. User can also add the details of the challan in the system. There are mainly 4 modules in this software Products Information Master Maintanance Dilivery Chalan Reports

In Product Information a user can add a new product details. We can set the details of the products . Product details like the product, rate of product, available products and the product code. Master Maintainance deals with the addition of the new rate and lists of the rates. A user can add the rate and if he wants he can change it or delete that rate. The main advantage is that this module is helpful for the agents to get details of the products and the details of the product rates. He can also get the information of the number of products saled on that particular day. Product details of any product can added and this is helpful to the user in the case

of the maintainance of the products. A user can add the products and if we want to edit or delete he can done modification using the City Bazar System. This is very helpful for the customers also. Details of every products are stored in the syste

Existing System:System Analysis is a detailed study of the various operations performed by a system and their relationships within and outside of the system. Here the key question is- what all problems exist in the present system? What must be done to solve the problem? Analysis begins when a user or manager begins a study of the program using existing system System analysis can be categorized into four parts. System planning and initial investigation Information Gathering Applying analysis tools for structured analysis Feasibility study Cost/ Benefit analysis Thus it should be studied thoroughly by collecting data about the system. Then the proposed system should be analyzed thoroughly in accordance with the needs.

Proposed System:The proposed system is very useful for the users and customers. This avoids the overheads for the users. They can minimize the working stress and can keep essential documents related to the products as a softcopy. The advantage of the proposed system is the reduction in the cost of the office equipments and the transaction is done quickly. Any user can answer if any products for a particular rate,quantity and number of products saled in a particular day. Our proposed system has several advantages User friendly interface Fast access Less error More Storage Capacity Search facility Look and Feel Environment Quick transaction


Objectives:1. Provides effectiveness for the communication between supervisor & customers. 2. Clarify mission, goal, responsibility, priorities & expectations. 3. Identify & resolve performance problem. 4. Recognize quality performance

Scope of project:-

1. In this project we can store the all information of products,rates,quantity,challan. 2. It gives all information of products like. Name of products. Price of products. Available products. List of products.

Quantity of particular products.

1. In this project we implement code using c language.

It has the following characteristics.

Reduces complexity while solving problems Correctness of results is ensured Affordable in terms of H/W & other resources Easier & Cheaper for existing S/W facilities & libraries Portable i.e. can be used on different types of computers.


Hardware Requirement: 512MB Ram 80GB HDD Intel 3.0GHZ processor

Software Requirements: Front end:-

Turbo c.
Back end:-

Microsoft Access
Operating System:-

Windows XP

Conclusion:Our project is only a humble venture to satisfy the needs in a library. Several user friendly coding have also adopted. This package shall prove to be a powerful package in satisfying all the requirements of the organization. The objective of software planning is to provide a frame work that enables the manger to make reasonable estimates made within a limited time frame at the beginning of the software project and should be updated regularly as the project progresses. Last but not least it is no the work that played the ways to success..


1. Store all the information of products. 2. It also store record of products,rates of products,list of customers. 3. Low memory space required so easy save as well as modification of data. 4. Easy to handling.