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Dear Joe: The Democratic convention is a week away and I wanted to send you a straightforward message about the

importance of the 5th District race to our Democratic Party and the nation. If we lose this seat in November, we may very well enable the Republicans to keep the House. Does anyone really want two more years of their failed leadership? I made the decision to seek this seat 13 months ago when Congressman Chris Murphy began his run for the Senate. I spent months seeking advice from dozens of people across the 5th District. In those conversations, I heard recurring themes: people are hurting, Congress is in gridlock, and we need fresh thinking. Over the past year, my message has been clear: lets move past the wrangling and the rhetoric of machine politicians and a paralyzed Congress. Lets concentrate on job creation, affordable health care, the best education for our children, and keeping our promises to our seniors. I would be honored to have your support at the convention. This forum is a storied part of our partys nominating process. But understand this: I fully expect the nomination to be resolved through a primary. I will be on the ballot in that primary and I intend to win. I have spent the last year building the necessary infrastructure to win the primary and the general. For months I have been the only candidate out knocking on doors, and our extensive voter outreach and early fundraising success has allowed me to put the apparatus in place to hit the ground running after the convention. Moreover, my campaign is best situated for a win in November. As of today, we have more than three times the cash on hand allocated for the general election than my opponents Elizabeth Esty and Chris Donovan combined. In fact, I have raised enough general election cash to fund my entire field operation and campaign overhead starting the day after the primary through the end of the election. This is extremely

significant, because it means every dollar I raise for the general election fund going forward will go directly to getting our Democratic message out and fighting back Republican attacks. This campaign must be about who is most prepared to keep the 5th District seat in Democratic hands. Keep in mind that looming ahead, we face a daunting challenge to the Democratic Party and our nation. Its called Citizens United. This Supreme Court decision will unleash a flood of cash that our opponents will be spending to take back the 5th District, and I am the only candidate building the war chest necessary to defend against those Republican attacks. At the start of this letter, I talked about being straightforward, so let me be straight with you on this: I wont be outspent, outhustled or outworked. If you vote for me at the convention, it will send a strong message and you will have my heartfelt thanks. Come August 14th, I look forward to being chosen by the rank and file Democrats as the nominee. And I will win in November and keep this seat for our party.

Sincerely yours,

Dan #

Dan Roberti for Congress 195 Grand Street Waterbury, CT 06702 Office #: (203) 754-0850

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