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4 t h Annual Award Presented at Alumni Induction

The 4th Annual Edith Tatel Excellence in Teaching Award is given in recognition of our founding board chair and will be presented to three second year teachers, an ECE/elementary, a middle and a high school teacher, in recognition of their outstanding achievements. Each winner will be presented with a cash prize of $500 to be used at their discretion. The winner will be selected based on the following areas:

Overall Vision for Award Recipients

Student Actions and Outcom es Academic Rigor and Achievement Student Actions: Students are engaging deeply with the content and skills needed for success in this course and beyond Student Outcomes: There are high levels of academic achievement on rigorous assessments Student Actions: students are on a mission toward a destination that matters to them Student Outcomes: There are habits / personal growth towards empowerment, resilience, inner drive to learn, character, etc. Teacher is really deliberate about empowering students and their families to advocate on behalf of their/their childs educational opportunities. This could include anything from an approach to an IEP meeting to knowing what it takes to be a competitive college applicant. Corps member is able to contribute to school environment in a way that contributes to student learning by advocating in a school, creating or fostering programs that will benefit students and teachers beyond their classrooms, and generally contribute to both the short and long-term success of students in and out of the their classrooms. This could also include exhibiting leadership in the corps, in their school community, etc.

Culture of Achievement

Teacher Actions

Student Advocacy

Corps Member Leadership

By Friday, May 25th, please email Joaquin Hernandez ( with this application form completed as well as how you/your nominee has exemplified the four key areas of Edith Tatel Excellence In Teaching Award: 1. Academic Rigor and Achievement 2. Culture of Achievement 3. Student Advocacy 4. Corps Member Leadership RECOMMENDER: NOMINEE NAME: GRADE/SUBJECT: NOMINEES PHONE #: How have you/your nominee exemplified the four key areas of this award? RECOMMENDERS EMAIL: SCHOOL: NOMINEES EMAIL:

In addition to this application, please provide:

Up to 5 pieces of supporting material as evidence of your work/your nominees work in the four key areas of this award (e.g., a student interviews video, video of sample teaching, student work, classroom photos/artifacts, etc.) Your/your nominees 2011-2012 classroom vision Your/your nominees most updated student achievement tracker