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What Leading Mainframe Tech Execs Think

Seven Perspectives on IT
Left: Florence Hudson, IBM. Right column, from top: Alan Sloan, Macro 4; Anthony Mazzone, Innovation Data Processing; Duane Reaugh, DTS Software Inc.;
Don Jaworski, Brocade Communications Systems Inc.; John Rankin, CSI International; Bill Miller, BMC Software Inc.
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Diane Rowell
Why Florence Hudson believes in the future EXECUTIVE EDITOR
of the mainframe Evelyn Hoover
Morgon Mae Schultz
IBM Business Partner Execs Share Their ART DIRECTOR
Thoughts on IT Mike Rupert
Kelly Daugherty
Alan Sloan ■
Macro 4 Jonathan Benson
David Waters
Anthony Mazzone ■
6 C I R C U L AT I O N
Innovation Data Processing C I R C U L AT I O N M A N A G E R
Linda Holm

Duane Reaugh ■
DTS Software Inc. A S S O C I AT E P U B L I S H E R
Mari Adamson-Bray
(612) 336-9241
Don Jaworski ■
Brocade Communications Systems Inc. NORTHEAST & NORTHWEST
Kathy Ingulsrud
(612) 313-1785
John Rankin ■
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CSI International MIDWEST & EUROPE
Darryl Rowell
(612) 313-1781
Bill Miller ■
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Lisa Kilwein
(574) 988-0011
Katie Swanson
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brated as one of the most secure servers on the
The headache of growing complexity in manag-
ing multiple systems has organizations reaching
for the aspirin. The ability to manage an IT envi-
ronment from a single mainframe interface holds
allure for an increasing number of companies as
they struggle to manage growing and consolidated
technology environments.
And it’s impossible to swing a stalk of corn
without hitting an article or a television set broad-
casting the importance of going green. The IT field
isn’t immune from the expanding and voracious
thirst the world has for energy. In fact, recent stud-
ies warn that energy consumption will be the
largest expense in IT budgets in the not-too-distant
future. The good news is, today’s mainframe can
run an IT environment more cost-effectively
and efficiently than the proverbial server farm.
Like the IBM System z platform, the solution
providers featured in this special supplement work
to provide products and services to address these
and additional customer needs. Successfully deliv-
he more things change, the more they stay

ering solutions of value is a whole lot easier when
the same. What comes around goes around. you have strong partners by your side. Our publish-
What’s old is new again. And, no, I’m not ing endeavors are strengthened by our partnerships
talking about Jackie O sunglasses and gladiator with the companies and individuals featured in this
sandals. I’m referring to the mainframe. supplement, as well as by our long-standing rela-
The mainframe is hot, but for substantive rea- tionships with our readers.
sons. Today’s organizations face myriad challenges As always, we welcome your article ideas as we
that the mainframe is uniquely positioned to solve. strive to bring you content that helps you more
Server sprawl is an ongoing problem for many effectively address the business and technology
companies. The IBM* System z* platform, with its challenges we all inevitably face.

virtualization capabilities and its strong affinity for

Linux*, is a natural consolidation solution. Doug Rock, Publisher
Concerns with data security and external
employee, customer and business-partner system
access continues to grow. The mainframe is cele-

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Mainframe believer Florence

Hudson is IBM’s vice president of
marketing and strategy, System z.

2 | TechV IS I O N 2 0 0 7
Why Florence Hudson believes in the
future of the mainframe BY SHIRLEY S. SAVAGE

the Revival
n the eyes of Florence Hudson, IBM* vice president of cooling, software and people can be the largest part of

I marketing and strategy, System z*, the mainframe

holds the key to bigger and better things for cus-
tomers. Once thought of as “that big black box,” the
your investment. Consolidation and virtualization are
able to reduce a lot of those costs. When everything is
on one system, it’s easier to manage because you don’t
mainframe today is undergoing a major revival thanks need so many people. When you have it all on one sys-
to the system’s flexibility and capacity. More and more tem, you have the ability to leverage assets across many
companies are seeing the System z platform as provid- workloads. Sub-capacity LPAR-based pricing, like our
ing security and scalability that can’t be matched by the IBM business partner SAS just announced, enables your
distributed server environment. software costs to be more in line.
In Hudson, the platform has a passionate advocate For instance, we have studies that show distributed
who truly understands how the mainframe can revolu- platforms run at very low utilization levels on a single
tionize computing for IBM customers. IBM Systems machine. In contrast, a mainframe can run at 80- to
Magazine recently sat down with Hudson to find out 100-percent utilization, and you can consolidate every-
why she’s cheering mainframe on. thing. The power and cooling cost of the mainframe can
be one-twelfth that of distributed systems.
Q: What makes mainframe so special now?
A: I’ve thought that ever since the Internet came out, the Q: It sounds like the System z platform needs an Energy
System z platform is so perfect for this new world. Star designation.
People don’t understand the value of it. It’s such a hid- A: My team is working on that! Energy costs are big
den treasure. The cool thing is that clients are starting considerations. Some studies by (market-research firm)
to see the value. It’s wonderful. Usually I have to chase IDC show that by 2010 the power and cooling costs can
people to care about the System z platform; now they’re be nearly the same as the new server-hardware costs. You
running toward me. really have to look at these costs if you choose the dis-
tributed version as compared to the mainframe.
Q: What’s driving the renaissance of the mainframe? The mainframe brings value in other ways, such as
A: It really is a renaissance. As Mark Loughridge, IBM’s consolidation and virtualization, which are big trends in
CFO, has said, the System z platform really is the pre- the market. We still have a highly secure platform.
mier virtualization platform for the industry. A lot of There’s the Common Criteria Certification, which is an
customers have “server sprawl,” with servers multiplying international standard that’s been in place since 1999.
over time. The cost of power and cooling for server System z9* Business Class and Enterprise Class machines
sprawl is very high. That’s really a challenge for compa- have the Evaluation Assurance Level 5 classification,
nies. Management costs for handling these hundreds of which is the highest level. The System z platform is the
thousands of servers are high. The total costs of power, only server that has that designation. It’s a highly secure

TechV IS I O N 2 0 0 7 | 3

“There are so many people that are

seeing the value that the mainframe
gives them. It allows you to scale to
play with the big guys.”
—Florence Hudson, vice president of marketing and
strategy, System z, IBM

server for a logically partitioned environment. When that the mainframe gives them. It allows you to scale to
you do put these virtualized servers onto one system, play with the big guys. The top 25 banks in the world
you know that it’s highly secure. That’s important with run on mainframe. So when a company like Nexxar
all of the hackers out there. If companies are trying to wants to play with the big boys in a 24-7, global
collaborate between their business partners and their world, they’re where they want to be.
clients, a lot more people have access to the systems. We did a study asking the newer clients why they
They’re not closed boxes anymore. People see the bought a mainframe. These clients said it was because
opportunity of consolidation and virtualization to save of the security, the scalability and the cost-savings
cost, the most secure server platform they can get, very potential of consolidation.
high levels of scalability—you can get a System z9
Business Class machine for 26 MIPS and go all the way Q: Which technologies and applications are customers
to 18,000 MIPS on the high-end Enterprise Class asking IBM to bring to the platform?
machine. We have large companies that are consolidat- A: In the service-oriented architecture environment,
ing to the mainframe, like Nationwide, the insurance customers want to use the mainframe as a secure data-
and financial services company that spoke at serving hub. They want to consolidate their data to have
LinuxWorld last year. Nationwide is consolidating hun- the highest levels of security. They also want to use it as
dreds of servers to Linux* on the mainframe and the a message hub. So they really want it to be the
company projects saving $15 million over three years. enterprise-wide manager or an end-to-end security-level
We have new companies that are seeing the value of manager. By leveraging IBM software like Tivoli*
the scalability, the security and the potentially lower costs Federated Identity Manager*, you can manage work-
of the mainframe. We have a company called Nexxar loads, resiliency and security between the System z
Financial Group, which is a financial-services company server and the software. Multiple industries, such as telco
that consolidated x86 Intel* servers to the System z plat- and the federal government, are interested in doing this.
form and saved about 75 percent of its people cost in We also see clients that are trying to co-locate, or
managing its information technology. Hoplon locate their application-serving and data-serving
Infotainment is a gaming company—it’s a massive multi- capability in the same place. They want to do that for
user online gaming company—and is using a mainframe performance, scaling and cost reasons. As an example,
and Linux. The changes to mainframe were wonderful for Baldor Electric Company, which makes electric motors,
the company’s IT team, since it was able to keep coding consolidated its SAP application servers from distrib-
in the Linux environment it understood. The company uted platforms to the mainframe. It was already using
also gets high levels of security. As the company says, DB2* for z/OS*, so Baldor has an integrated environ-
gamers are pretty good hackers. The company has to ment. Baldor came to the mainframe environment and
maintain the gaming environment and not let anyone its IT costs as a percent of corporate revenue dropped
mess with it or get into the admin system. The company from 1.2 percent down to less than 1 percent. In con-
also uses the capacity on demand features, where you can trast, another company went from a consolidated to a
pay for performance that you need, when you need it. distributed environment and saw its IT costs rise to 2.5
There are so many people that are seeing the value continued on page 12

4 | TechV IS I O N 2 0 0 7
continued from page 4 A: To build the next generation of mainframe enthusiasts
percent of corporate revenue, according to a study. and resources, we have an IBM Academic Initiative for
We’ve also announced a simplification effort and are System z that has educated more than 30,000 students on
spending $100 million over the next few years between mainframe skills through more than 300 colleges world-
IBM Systems and Technology Group and Software wide. We also just announced a new System z ecosystem
Group to simplify the mainframe environment. The aim called “IBM Destination z," which includes ISVs, systems
is to have mainframe be even more cost-effective. integrators, resellers and academic institutions worldwide
that have System z resources to help clients get to
Q: In terms of training, since most companies have been Destination z and the great energy efficiency, virtualiza-
using a distributed environment and are now going to tion, openness, security, scalability, resiliency and avail-
mainframe, how large is the mainframe work pool? ability the mainframe delivers. (For more information on
A: Joe Clabby of Clabby Analytics contends there’s a big- Destination z, see
ger lack of database-administration skills than mainframe
skills since a lot more database administrators are needed, Q: What about the global distribution of customers? Are
especially if you need one person for every 20 servers. there regions or countries where mainframe is taking off?
With the mainframe, you can increase the number of Are you seeing growth in established regions?
MIPS installed and reduce the operating staff over time. A: The Asia-Pacific region had wonderful growth the
On the other hand, IBM is rejuvenating the entire first quarter this year. Other key areas are the emerging
mainframe workforce. IBM made a commitment markets in China and India. We just had a very success-
through the Mainframe Charter a few years ago that we ful event in India called Innovizion. We had 130 CEOs
would have the goal of educating 20,000 new people on and CIOs at this event as well as analysts and press.
mainframe by 2010. Through IBM’s academic initiative, There’s real interest in how to use mainframes to com-
we’ve already reached 27,000 new people and it’s only pete in the global markets. Latin America is a good
2007. They’re not all in the workforce yet, but we’ve market for the mainframe—the Hoplon Infotainment
started a more expansive marketing campaign around Company is based in Brazil. Our established markets in
the academic initiative to have partners and customers the Americas, Europe and Asia are realizing growth,
mentor these kids—to get involved so the kids can not and the word is getting out to all corners of the world.
only learn in class but learn in reality. Then the compa-
nies can hire them when they graduate. Kids see this Q: How does IBM capture the attention of the WinTel gener-
stuff and say, “Wow, this is so cool!” ation who might think mainframe is “so 20th century”?
What kind of feedback do you get? I know you do a lot of
Q: What mainframe technologies should customers expect work educating young women about the computing field.
from IBM in the near future and in the long term? A: What I think is most valuable for clients and for kids
A: Our specialty engines are one of the key innovations is to help them understand the real value that these
we’re bringing to the platform. They’ve been very popular systems bring. When I talk to young women about
with our clients. They’re a price-performance enhance- computing or information technology, I point out how
ment and an accelerator for some of these environments. it makes the world better for them.
We have the Internal Coupling Facility that we For instance, IBM has a highly secure and available
announced in 1997, the Integrated Facility for Linux, environment so not only can we find your mom’s
which was announced in 2001, and System z mammogram, but also make sure no one else can see it.
Application Assist Processor, called the zAAP, that we Plus, we do pattern recognition between the current one
announced in 2004 for Java* environments. IBM is and the last one to make sure your mom is OK.
delivering ongoing innovation to the market that’s help- Young kids really want to help the world. I try to
ing customers leverage new computer environments like personalize the value for the kids and for the compa-
Linux and Java integrated with the traditional and lega- nies. We try to make it very real. The kids love the
cy data and transaction systems that are running their elegance of the mainframe environment. The point is to
businesses. We’re helping customers have an improved let them feel it and touch it.
way to bring those new workloads to the mainframe. I’ve hired a summer intern from Princeton University
In 2006, we announced the z Integrated Information this year. Before he arrives, I’ve asked him to browse the
Processor, or zIIP, that’s optimized for data workloads Internet and see what IBM’s image is. Tell us what our
and works closely with DB2. We just announced zIIP competitors’ images are. And tell us what we need to do.
exploitation for Internet Protocol Security functions I’m looking to get insight. I’ve told kids that they’ll have
too, so customers are able to leverage the zIIP for the different ideas than the people here. The more different
networking environments. your ideas, the more important they are. IBM needs to
hear it. I really believe in nurturing the next generation.
Q: What is IBM doing to help clients find and leverage
resources to take advantage of the benefits of the Shirley S. Savage is a Maine-based freelance writer.
System z platform? Shirley can be reached at

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> EXECUTIVE PROFILE: ALAN SLOAN, Macro 4


Alan Sloan, COO

Macro 4
Number of years in technology: 30

What solutions/service does your

company provide?
Macro 4 is one of the world’s leading
independent suppliers of software solutions
for mainframe application fault analysis
and cross-platform application perform-
ance management.


What is the biggest challenge facing your

customers today?
It is abundantly clear to Macro 4 that, as
IT has become increasingly central to the
success of business strategy, customers
have to deliver more and more value in an
increasingly complex technical landscape,
but with ever-growing pressure on costs.

How is your company poised to address that

The era of the supplier is over. We must
align ourselves fairly and squarely with the
customer and work together to address the
business challenges by delivering highly
innovative IT productivity tools—at lower
cost—with increasing value.

How is your company poised to create

solutions that meet the growing needs of
enterprises today?
In an industry transfixed by buzz phrases
and waves of IT fashion, we are complete-
ly convinced that simplicity is king. We Alan Sloan is excited about
are building on nearly 40 years of software Macro 4’s place in the IT world.
production experience to ensure we help
organizations do their business better,
more quickly.

What is the most exciting area of IT today?

The truly exciting area of IT today is not
35 Waterview Blvd.
the technology. It is the explosion in Parsippany, N.J. 07054
using IT to add value to a business. It is
that IT is finally reaching the point where 1-800-766-6224;
it is an active business enabler, not just a (973) 402-8000
business supporter.

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EXECUTIVE PROFILE: ANTHONY MAZZONE, Innovation Data Processing <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Anthony Mazzone and
the US Team outside
Innovation World Headquarters

BACKGROUND flagship solutions faster and easier to use, as well

as introduce extremely reliable new solutions like
Anthony Mazzone, President FDRMOVE, FDRVIEWS and FDRERASE/OPEN to
Innovation Data Processing help any size organization overcome challenges
Number of years in technology: 35 and address data-protection, business-continuance,
business-resiliency and information-storage
What solutions/service does your company provide? management concerns.
Innovation provides fast, reliable, easy-to-use data
protection, business continuance and information- What new technologies are on the horizon?
storage management solutions—like FDRMOVE and Look for significant changes in disk storage
FDRVIEWS—that help customers overcome business- architecture, the physical and logical size of devices
resiliency concerns. data resides on, the means to access it and how data
itself moves about as the capacity and performance
THOUGHTS ON TECHNOLOGY of mainframe storage systems grow exponentially to
make huge amounts of data immediately and
What is the biggest challenge facing your continually available.
customers today?
Ironically, despite years of technological advances, How is your company poised to create solutions that
companies have the same problem today as when we meet the growing needs of enterprises today?
started 35 years ago: growth pushing up the time it Partnering with the storage-hardware technology
takes to back up and protect data. But now, that’s
compounded with a new sense of customer service that
providers to insure seamless integration, together
with our innovative application of new technologies,
275 Paterson Ave.
also demands near-continual, 24-7 data availability. will let our users of any size transparently meet their Little Falls, N.J. 07424
evolving business-data protection needs and busi-
How is your company poised to address that challenge? ness-continuance expectations independent of which (973) 890-7300
We leverage the newest technology to make our storage vendor’s hardware they happen to use.

6 | TechV IS I O N 2 0 0 7 TechV IS I O N 2 0 0 7 | 7

EXECUTIVE PROFILE: DUANE REAUGH, DTS Software Inc. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Duane Reaugh, Chief Technology Officer

DTS Software Inc.
Number of years in technology: Almost 40

What solutions/service does your

company provide?
Our storage management products, such as
Storage Control Center, allow installations to
simplify and centralize operations while
leveraging existing investments in hardware
and software.


What is the biggest challenge facing your

customers today?
Customers are squeezed between the need to
manage increasing amounts of storage and
the limited number and high cost of storage-
management personnel. Mergers and consoli-
dations present challenges to integrating old
and new systems and to finding sufficient
resources to manage increased workloads
without increasing costs.

How is your company poised to address that

All of our technical personnel have 20 years
or more of experience, allowing us to develop “Software and hockey
products like Storage Control Center, which is are my passions.”
a “force multiplier” that allows centralized
control over dataset allocations, monitoring of
storage conditions, space-error prevention and
exit routines.

What new technologies are on the horizon?

Large disk volumes such as the 3390-54 are
already here, and customers soon will need
even larger devices. This will require signifi-
cant changes in every aspect of the operating
systems that deals with I/O. Almost every
mainframe software vendor will be affected.

How is your company poised to create

solutions that meet the growing needs of
enterprises today?

Continued growth in the storage arena is a
given, due to the security and reliability TO LEARN MORE
advantages of the mainframe. With our 1818 Lakefield Court S.E.
strong background in storage and our unique Conyers, Ga. 30013
“rules-engine” technology, we are well posi-
tioned to help our customers address the (770) 922-2444
challenges of managing so much data.

8 | TechV IS I O N 2 0 0 7

>>>>>>>>>> EXECUTIVE PROFILE: DON JAWORSKI, Brocade Communications Systems Inc.


Don Jaworski, Vice President of

Product Development
Brocade Communications Systems Inc.
Number of years in technology: 22

What solutions/service does your company provide?

Brocade provides the industry’s leading
platforms, solutions and services for intelligently
connecting, managing and optimizing mainframe


What is the biggest challenge facing your

customers today?
Many of our customers are challenged with how to
upgrade host and storage technologies in the least
disruptive manner and how to get the most value
out of those investments. Often, they lack the tools
and information needed for effective capacity
planning and maximum performance.

How is your company poised to address that

Brocade is committed to providing industry-leading
management tools, best-practice guidelines and
professional services that help customers design,
deploy and optimize mainframe infrastructures.
Whether it be proactive capacity planning,
intelligent fault isolation or automated performance
management, we’re focused on making our
customers’ lives easier.

What new technologies are on the horizon?

Brocade continues to lead fiber connectivity
(FICON) innovation, recently delivering read/write
tape acceleration, unique disk emulation, 10 Gb/sec
Inter-switch Links and an integrated Fibre Channel
over IP routing blade for our 48000 Director, along
with a stand-alone platform (7500) for FICON cas-
cade over IP WAN. Support for 8 Gb/sec is coming.

How is your company poised to create solutions that

Brocade VP of Product meet the growing needs of enterprises today?
Development Don Jaworski In addition to our technology advancements,
Brocade offers global professional services that help
customers connect, share, protect and manage their
1745 Technology Drive
<<<<< information. Whether a customer is migrating to
FICON, consolidating datacenters, optimizing
San Jose, Calif. 95110 existing infrastructures or deploying a new remote replication solution for business continuity/disaster
(408) 333-8000 recovery, Brocade can help.

TechV IS I O N 2 0 0 7 | 9

EXECUTIVE PROFILE: JOHN RANKIN, CSI International <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


John Rankin, Founder and President

CSI International
Number of years in technology: 22

What solutions/service does your

company provide?
CSI offers a complete line of systems
management and network productivity
solutions for the mainframe.


What is the biggest challenge facing your

customers today?
Customers are challenged to articulate
and justify the need to improve their
business processes through technology.
Most customers feel overwhelmed by the
broad range of options available today
and they view many of those options as
“solutions looking for problems.”

How is your company poised to address

that challenge?
We provide the business and technical
resources to help our customers identify
and address issues that are impacting
their ability to broaden their market
reach; improve and expand services; and
reduce technical complexity without
compromising security.

What are the strongest growth areas for

your company? Why?
Data and storage management. We are
in the infancy of a new information age.
Users, who used to passively consume
print, video and audio content, now can
create their own. This content must be
mined, managed, encrypted, compressed,
transmitted, archived and secured. CSI
CSI International President and excels in these areas and customers are
CEO, John Rankin responding.

What is the most exciting area of IT today?

Call me prejudiced, but I would have to
8120 State Route 138
<<<<< say it is the mainframe. It has evolved
more than any other architecture in the
Williamsport, Ohio 43164 history of IT. When you look at the range of platform choices, applications
1-800-795-4914 and the economics of mainframes, how could one not be excited?

1 0 | TechV IS I O N 2 0 0 7

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> EXECUTIVE PROFILE: BILL MILLER, BMC Software Inc.

BMC Software Senior Vice
President and General
BACKGROUND Manager Bill Miller

Bill Miller, Senior Vice President and

General Manager, Mainframe Service
Management Business Unit
BMC Software Inc.
Number of years in technology: 27

What solutions/service does your

company provide?
BMC Software delivers the business-service
management solutions IT needs to increase
business value through better management of
technology and processes. Founded in 1980,
BMC has offices worldwide and fiscal 2006
revenues of more than $1.49 billion.


What is the biggest challenge facing your

customers today?
Our customers must provide increased value to
their companies while reducing overall IT
costs. Many achieve this by managing and
linking IT with business. The most effective
way to do that is by aligning automation to IT
process re-engineering efforts.

How is your company poised to address

that challenge?
We reduce our customers’ operational costs
and simplify their IT processes through
automation. And each time we help customers
synchronize multi-location operations or
reduce skill dependencies, they gain additional

How is your company poised to create

solutions that meet the growing needs of
enterprises today?
We’ve been solving customer infrastructure
problems for more than 25 years. We know how
to tie the modern datacenter to the business and
how to efficiently manage today’s complex dis-
tributed and mainframe IT services. The result is
reduced costs through automation and an IT
organization closely aligned with the business.

What is the most exciting area of IT today?

It’s exciting to see business services driving the
2101 City West Blvd.
direction of IT. And in the mainframe arena, IT Houston, Texas 77042
truly has come of age, because it concentrates
on meeting business needs rather than intro- (886) 483-7830
ducing new technology simply because it’s new.

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