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What is the management decision problem that Shameem is likely to narrate to Raghu Narang?

The management decision problem that Shameem would narrate to Narang, is that there was apathy amongst the employees, which could arise due to various reasons lack of co-ordination amongst employees. no proper job description. no development and induction training to freshers. improper allocation of tasks. hiring an employee not on the basis of the need of the organization rather on their intellect.

Convert and formulate it into a research problem and state the objectives of tour study. Can you suggest a theoretical framework about what you propose to study? The reason for stagnation in performance and lack of co-ordination, communication, commitment amongst employees towards achieving organizational goals, despite having a competent manpower, an advanced infrastructure and a compensation higher than the industry standards. Objectives To identify the reason which lead to mismanagement of human resource in the company. To identify new strategies for the optimal utilization of resources at the Danish International.

Framework A sample of a few employees will be picked from within the organization, and the can be asked to fill a questionnaire of their problems and experience in organization. Feedback or suggestions can be taken from employees. Based on which training and development programme can be held.

Develop the working hypothesis for your study Ho : Apathy amongst employee has no significance on the productivity of an individual and in turn the organization. Ho : Improper allocation of task has no significance on the productivity on an employee. Ho : A development and training programme has no significance on the productivity of the employee.