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Aircraft System Maintenance Aids

SEEL6-2010-423258 February 2010

Aim of this leaflet

Provide guidelines to ease and improve the trouble-shooting of FCPC failures.
Fig 01

FCPC location on aircraft

842VU 841VU

A330-200/300 A340-200/300 A340-500/600

Recommendations included in this leaflet do not amend or supersede information contained in TSM.
FCPC2 (2CE2) FCPC3 (2CE3)

800VU Electronics rack FCPC1 (2CE1)

How to identify a FCPC failure?

A FCPC failure is identified by: ECAM warning F/CTL PRIM x FAULT + Maintenance message FCPCx (2CEx) with x = 1, 2 or 3.
FCPC with hardware 2K1 or 2K2

915VU Electronics rack

FCPC with hardware 2K0

ACS: Alternating Current Supply AMM: Aircraft Maintenance Manual BPS: Backup Power Supply DGO: Digital Output EFCS: Electrical Flight Control System FCPC: Flight Control Primary Computer FIFO: First Input / First Output MCDU: Multipurpose Control & Display Unit OBRM: On-Board Replaceable Module PFR: Post Flight Report PN: Part Number SEU: Single Event Upset SIL: Service Information Letter TFU: Technical Follow-Up TSD: Trouble-Shooting Data TSM: Trouble-Shooting Manual
Note: this document will not be updated on a regular basis
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In PFR, warning F/CTL PRIM x FAULT with no associated message FCPCx (2CEx) is the consequence of a reset of the FCPCx. No trouble-shooting action is required in such a case.

Flight Control Primary Computer (FCPC)


How to use this leaflet?

Step 1 As shown in figure 2, get access via the MCDU to the TSD associated to the FCPC failure. Step 2 Based on these TSD, apply trouble-shooting recommendations provided in the flowchart, figure 3.

Step 1: Access to EFCS TSD

Fig 02

Step 2: Flowchart
Fig 03
TSDF or TSDK = 30x0 or 31xy or 32x0 or 480x or 5B0x or 5Dxy or 5Exy or B0x0 or B1xy or B2x0 or C80x or DB0x or DDxy or DExy? NO TSDF or TSDK = 0141? AND Aircraft with electrical rudder? NO TSDF or TSDK = DC0x or DCx0 or 5C0x or 5Cx0? NO TSDF or TSDK = 2100? NO YES YES Are the OBRMs correctly installed within the FCPC (OBRM1 in slot 1 and OBRM2 in slot 2)? NO Replace the FCPC as per AMM 27-93-34 PB 401 (*) YES Perform TSM task 27-99-00-810-808 Fault is most probably due to a faulty BPS Refer to TFU CAUTION: To avoid damaging additional unit, do not swap or replace any FCPC before identification and replacement of the faulty BPS Perform TSM task 27-90-00-810-879 Fault is most probably due to a defect of an external component powered by one ACS of the FCPC x=1 ACS1 x=8 ACS4 x=4 ACS3 x=2 ACS2 Has the fault been triggered in cruise (TSDA = x-06)? AND Can the fault be cleared by a reset? AND Is it the first occurrence of such a fault with such TSD error codes within the last 7 days? No trouble-shooting action required Fault is most probably due to SEU or to spurious DGO FIFO full issue Refer to TFU Replace the FCPC as per AMM 27-93-34 PB 401 (*)





Re-install correctly the OBRMs

TSDF or TSDK = 01xy? NO TSDF and TSDK = 0000 or F100 or F200 or 7100 or 7200? NO

YES Decode TSDF and TSDK as per TSM task 27-90-00-810-862(-A)

YES Is TSDQ or TSDR = 8000?


Unauthorized FCPC configuration Check the PN of the three FCPCs Refer to SIL 27-150 Decode other TSD error codes as per TSM task 27-90-00-810-862(-A)


Replace the FCPC as per AMM 27-93-34 PB 401 (*)

(*) If fault persists, refer to associated TSM tasks 27-90-00-810-836/-837/-838 for further recommendations

Do not swap or replace FCPCs in case of fault related to the solenoid valves of an equipment. Short circuit on solenoid valves could damage FCPCs. When performing wiring insulation tests, make sure that related equipment (FCPCs in particular) are disconnected. Voltage used for these tests could damage the equipment. In all cases, strictly follow the associated TSM tasks.