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Conditions of Service for international UNV volunteers 1.

Duration of Assignment
The duration of UNV assignments depends on the needs and funding arrangements of the host organization. They usually last between 6 and 24 months.

2. Settling-in-Grant (SIG)
The Settling-in-Grant (SIG) entitlement is intended to provide the UNV volunteer with a lump-sum grant to help in the purchase of basic household items including furniture, kitchen utensils, bed linen, curtains etc. at the time when the UNV volunteer establishes residence in the country of assignment. The whole package of SIG is calculated based on the duration of the initial contract and includes provision for temporary accommodation. It is paid at the beginning of the assignment.

3. Volunteer Living Allowance (VLA)

The Volunteer Living Allowance (VLA) is intended to meet basic living costs at the duty station and should not be considered a salary. It is paid each month. The VLA has three components: a living allowance, an accommodation allowance, and a family allowance. The total VLA ranges from US$ 1,000 to US$ 2,500, depending on the cost of living in the country of assignment and the number of dependants of the UNV volunteer. It is not negotiable.

4. Resettlement Allowance (RSA)

The Resettlement Allowance (RSA) is intended to provide the UNV volunteer, upon satisfactorily completing his/her assignment and fulfilling all personal and professional obligations, with a small cash-grant to help with resettling costs in the home country or country of recruitment. The RSA will accrue at the rate of US$ 150 per month of satisfactory service and will be paid in US dollars at the duty station upon completion of assignment.

5. Insurance
Insurance coverage for life, health and permanent disability is provided free of cost to each UNV volunteer. Dependants joining the UNV volunteer at the duty station will be covered only under the health insurance scheme.

6. International travel (at the beginning and at the end of assignment)

The UNV programme or Cooperating Organization will provide this entitlement to the UNV volunteer and recognized dependants (maximum of three) authorized to join the UNV volunteer in the country of assignment.

7. Annual Leave
The UNV volunteer is entitled to annual leave at the rate of two and half working days a month.

8. Termination of Contract
The assignment of a UNV volunteer may be terminated either by the UNV programme or the UNV volunteer by giving, in writing, the required period of notice depending on the duration of the contract. A UNV volunteer who resigns during the initial contract will not be entitled to repatriation travel.

9. Other Conditions
The UNV programme reserves the right to amend the conditions of each assignment without prejudice to the rights acquired under it. Variations in conditions may be operation or mission-specific.


Special Remarks

The above provisions are only the abridged version of the Conditions of Service for international UNV volunteers. Any divergence in the interpretation of the above from assignment specific Conditions of Service should be clarified with UNV Headquarters.

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