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Check the box next to each item that you feel should be included on your questionnaire. You will have an opportunity on the next screen to edit the text of the items you select. After checking the items, scroll to the bottom and click the "Next Page" button to continue. You can come back to this screen if you change your mind on certain items. You can check and un-check items as often as needed during the development of your survey. Employee Relations Items 1. The grievance process used at MBW Consulting is fair and equitable 2. The grievance process used at MBW Consulting is efficient and does not waste time or resources 3. I can go to My Supervisor if I have a problem 4. My Supervisor effectively resolves employee problems and labor issues 5. My Supervisor is not afraid to take disciplinary action when needed 6. Managers show fairness and respect in their interactions with employees 7. Managers work to obtain win-win resolutions 8. Managers have a mutual trust and respect for employees 9. Managers follow the grievance procedures 10. Labor and Management work together to achieve MBW Consulting vision 11. Labor and Management meet regularly to discuss important issues 12. Labor and Management are committed to working together 13. Conflicts are resolved in a positive and constructive manner 14. My questions are answered by the Human Resources department 15. Employees may be disciplined if necessary 16. Workplace issues are resolved fairly and quickly 21

Job Satisfaction Items 17. I enjoy working at MBW Consulting 18. I feel satisfied at MBW Consulting 19. I am proud to tell others I work for MBW Consulting 20. I can see how I contribute to MBW Consulting bottom line 21. I receive personal satisfaction from doing a good job 35 22. I get a sense of personal accomplishment from my work 23. I receive a lot of satisfaction from my job 24. My job is rewarding 25. I like my job 26. I like my work 27. I like what I do for a living 28. I enjoy coming to work 29. I feel satisfied in my job 30. I feel that this Employee Opinion survey will help MBW Consulting measure satisfaction of employees 31. I have good working relationships with my co-workers 32. I feel good about working in My Department Rewards/Recognition Items 33. MBW Consulting values my work 34. MBW Consulting offers rewards based on performance 37 35. I can receive a bonus if I work extra 36. I receive recognition when I do a good job 37. I receive recognition when I perform above expectations

38. I am rewarded for exceeding my goals 39. Employees are recognized for good work performance 40. My Supervisor praises me for a job well done 41. The performance incentives are meaningful 42. Performance incentives are clearly linked to standards and goals 4. Staffing Items 5. MBW Consulting has a good supply of emerging leaders 42 6. MBW Consulting has adequate help during peak work loads 7. MBW Consulting has an excellent workforce planning strategy to meet future needs 8. My Supervisor is good at determining staffing needs 9. My Supervisor is good at building a staff of creative and innovative individuals 10. My Supervisor takes time to evaluate staff and determine appropriate training 11. My Department has an adequate level of staffing 12. My Department has the right people in the right places 5. Teamwork Items MBW Consulting promotes teamwork MBW Consulting implements procedures that help us work as a team 45 We work as a team at MBW Consulting I feel confident in my team members I feel I am part of the team We work well together

Conflicts within the team are handled appropriately In my Department, we work as a team Employees work together to share ideas and resolve issues Leaders promote teamwork Leaders encourage others to work as a team Other team members will help me if I need help Team members are working toward a common goal My Department works well together We cooperate and work together to effectively achieve organizational objectives My Department has a team spirit Team members accept the uniqueness and diversity of others in the team Information is freely shared among all team members Team members take pride in their work Team members are committed to the success of the mission Team members are committed to the success of MBW Consulting Our team fosters open communication and recognizes individual contributions Our team is committed to successful completion of goals Teamwork helps to take advantage of the resources that individuals bring to MBW Consulting The organizational culture at MBW Consulting enhances teamwork 6. Vision Items MBW Consulting vision includes expectations for employees and departments MBW Consulting focus is clearly on customers and the development of innovative products MBW Consulting mission is to provide world class service, products, and customer

support MBW Consulting strives to exceed customer expectations MBW Consulting is effective in managing growth The vision of MBW Consulting is supported by managers and senior leadership I believe in MBW Consulting I support the vision of MBW Consulting Goals and objectives are integrated and aligned with MBW Consulting vision The vision statement is clear, compelling, and achievable The vision statement is understandable Management is able to align processes and structures to meet strategic objectives and vision Management is able to communicate a shared vision of MBW Consulting to all employees Labor and Management work together to achieve MBW Consulting vision The Leadership is committed to fostering a shared vision A shared vision is developed with various stakeholders

We surveyed over 15,000, largely white collar, employees nationwide from all levels of participating organizations. 20% were managers/supervisors; 91% worked full-time; average age was 33; there was an even proportion of males and females.
Related Employee Surveys

Employee Satisfaction Survey A properly designed and executed employee satisfaction survey will provide upper management with the necessary information to implement strategies to improve job satisfaction, productivity, and loyalty. View all Employee Surveys by NBRI. As part of a larger project whose goal was to create an employee-driven, survey-improvement process [our CIP process], NBRI identified six factors that influenced job satisfaction. When these six factors were high, job satisfaction was high. When the six factors were low, job satisfaction was low. These factors are similar to what we have found in other organizations.


Employee survey studies show that employees are more satisfied when they have challenging opportunities at work. This includes chances to participate in interesting projects, jobs with a satisfying degree of challenge, and opportunities for increased responsibility. Important: this is not simply promotional opportunity. As organizations have become flatter, promotions can be rare. People have found challenge through projects, team leadership, special assignments as well as promotions.

Promote from within when possible. Reward promising employees with roles on interesting projects. Divide jobs into levels of increasing leadership and responsibility.

It may be possible to create job titles that demonstrate increasing levels of expertise which are not limited by availability of positions. They simply demonstrate achievement.

When negative stress is continuously high, job satisfaction is low. Jobs are more stressful if they interfere with employees personal lives or are a continuing source of worry or concern.

Promote a balance of work and personal lives. Make sure that senior managers model this behavior. Distribute work evenly (fairly) within workteams. Review work procedures to remove unnecessary red tape or bureaucracy. Manage the number of interruptions employees have to endure while trying to do their jobs. Some organizations utilize exercise or fun breaks at work.


Data from employee satisfaction surveys has shown employees are more satisfied when their managers are good leaders. This includes motivating employees to do a good job, striving for excellence, or just taking action.

Make sure your managers are well trained. Leadership combines attitudes and behavior. It can be learned. People respond to managers that they can trust and who inspire them to achieve meaningful goals.

Work Standards

Again, our NBRI employee survey data points out that employees are more satisfied when their entire workgroup takes pride in the quality of its work.

Encourage communication between employees and customers. Quality gains importance when employees see its impact on customers. Develop meaningful measures of quality. Celebrate achievements in quality.

Trap: Be cautious of slick, packaged campaigns that are perceived as superficial and patronizing.
Fair Rewards

Employees are more satisfied when they feel they are rewarded fairly for the work they do. Consider employee responsibilities, the effort they have put forth, the work they have done well, and the demands of their jobs.

Make sure rewards are for genuine contributions to the organization. Be consistent in your reward policies. If your wages are competitive, make sure employees know this. Rewards can include a variety of benefits and perks other than money.

As an added benefit, employees who are rewarded fairly, experience less stress.
Adequate Authority

Employees are more satisfied when they have adequate freedom and authority to do their jobs.

When reasonable:

Let employees make decisions. Allow employees to have input on decisions that will affect them. Establish work goals, but let employees determine how they will achieve those goals. Later reviews may identify innovative best practices. Ask, If there were just one or two decisions that you could make, which ones would make the biggest difference in your job?

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