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Competition ICT Integration for Active Teaching and Learning

VVOB, the Flemish Association for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance, turns 30 years in 2012. To celebrate this occasion VVOB launched the ICT integration for Active Teaching and Learning competition for teachers and trainers in all VVOB partner countries (including Belgium). Submissions will be reviewed by a country review committee composed of VVOB staff members and partners. The best 3 submissions will be rewarded. The 9 best projects are submitted to an international review committee. Where other prices can be won. Succesfull submissions will be integrated in the portal: http://

This competition is for all educators in primary and secondary education, who are in one way or the other involved in education programmes of VVOB in Kenya. Participation is more important than winning: our aim is to inspire and motivate you as a teacher to reflect on your teaching practice and to share your good practices. We also hope that we really inspire teacher trainers, because if ATL is integrated in teacher education, the multiplication effect will be considerable. Finally, we expect to talk to the educational managers, whether from the schools or from the supporting Government institutions, because their support to this competition is vital.

What is ATL?


The term active teaching and learning refers to a wide range of student-centered, context relevant and activating approaches which are rooted in a social constructivist and situated cognition view on learning. Such an approach is expected to improve the quality of education by promoting contemporary knowledge, effective professional skills, creativity, independent and critical thinking skills, problem solving capability and a high adaptability to a continuously changing environment. ICT Integration refers to the seamless integration of ICT in the teaching and learning process. It is not just about the use of a laptop, a beamer and a PowerPoint presentation for example; it is about using these tools to teach more actively.

Objectives of the ATL competition

To encourage teachers/lecturers from around the world to explore developed learning materials on ATL. To encourage teachers/lecturers from around the world to develop and to submit quality cases of ATL. To create a resource and promotion material for VVOB with exciting examples from around the world on ATL.

Submissions can be send to: ict4atlkenya Before May 31st 2012

Competition ICT Integration for Active Teaching and Learning

The focus of this competition is on teaching and learning strategies and teaching methodologies that make a difference in daily practice and on activities translating into stronger student involvement both by integrating ICT in the teaching and learning process.
* * * VVOB is the Flemish Association for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance, a non-profit organisation. By order of the Flemish and Belgian government we contribute to the improvement of quality of the education in 10 countries around the globe. Our core task is to provide technical assistance in projects and programmes in the South. This way VVOB makes a major contribution to local capacity development, a means to stimulate sustainable development and poverty reduction.

ATL Submissions: criteria and regulations

Each submission should follow the following criteria: The submission should be in English. The submission must be handed in digitally by emailing it to The submission must at least consist of the following: - A digital Lesson Plan (see lesson plan template on the website - A reflection of the lecturer on his/her teaching practice (see template on the website Since it is about ICT Integration the following documents can accompany the submission: - Digital teaching and learning aids or resources (e.g. Ppt presentations, mind maps, excel exercises, HotPot exercises, ...) - Short step-by-step description of how teaching and learning resources are used in lesson (see examples) - Submissions which include filmed and edited lesson fragments (10-20 min.) will be highly appreciated The submission must be received on or before 31 May 2012 on
A national review committee, consisting of representatives of VVOB, Ministry of Education ICT4E and NI3C will assess each submission on the above criteria and on the quality of: - The content - Teacher activities - Student activities - Integration of ICT - Classroom organization and management - Outcomes and output More info and templates:
Inspiration on: