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The Testament of Solomon, translated by F. C.

This text is an Old Testament Pseudepigraphic catalog of demons summoned by
King Solomon, and how they can be countered by invoking angels and other
magical techniques !t is one of the oldest magical texts attributed to King
Solomon, dating "irst to Third #entury $% Translation is by " # #onybeare,
Jewish Quarterly Review, October, &'(' #ompare with the translation of % #
%uling in The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, volume &, )dited by *ames +
#harlesworth, %oubleday, &(',, p (,- ff
The Testament of Solomon
0translated from the codex of the Paris 1ibrary, after
the edition of "leck, Wissensch. Reise, bd ii abth ,2
Greek title:--
& Testament of Solomon, son of %avid, who was
king in *erusalem, and mastered and controlled all
spirits of the air, on the earth, and under the earth
3y means of them also he wrought all the
transcendent works of the Temple Telling also of the
authorities they wield against men, and by what
angels these demons are brought to naught
Of the sage Solomon.
3lessed art thou, O 1ord 4od, who didst give
Solomon such authority 4lory to thee and might
unto the ages $men
5 $nd behold, when the Temple of the city of
*erusalem was being built, and the artificers were
working thereat, Ornias the demon came among
them toward sunset6 and he took away half of the
pay of the chief7deviser8s 092
little boy, as well as half
his food .&:/ +e also continued to suck the thumb of
his right hand every day $nd the child grew thin,
although he was very much loved by the king
& .%; master workman<s /
, So King Solomon called the boy one day, and
questioned him, saying; =%o ! not love thee more
than all the artisans who are working in the Temple
of 4od9 %o ! not give thee double wages and a
double supply of food9 +ow is it that day by day
and hour by hour thou growest thinner9=
> 3ut the child said to the king; =! pray thee, O king
1isten to what has befallen all that thy child hath
$fter we are all released from our work on the
Temple of 4od, after sunset, when ! lie down to rest,
one of the evil demons comes and takes away from
me one half of my pay and one half of my food Then
he also takes hold of my right hand and sucks my
thumb $nd lo, my soul is oppressed, and so my
body waxes thinner every day=
- ?ow when ! Solomon heard this, ! entered the
Temple of 4od, and prayed with all my soul, night
and day, that the demon might be delivered into my
hands, and that ! might gain authority over him
$nd it came about through my prayer that grace was
given to me from the 1ord Sabaoth by @ichael his
archangel .+e brought me/ a little ring, having a
seal consisting of an engraved stone, and said to me;
=Take, O Solomon, king, son of %avid, the gift which
the 1ord 4od has sent thee, the highest Sabaoth
Aith it thou shalt lock up all demons of the earth,
male and female6 and with their help thou shalt
build up *erusalem .3ut/ thou .must/ wear this seal
of 4od $nd this engraving of the seal of the ring
sent thee is a Pentalpha=

5 .% omits the last sentence/
: $nd ! Solomon was overBoyed, and praised and
glorified the 4od of heaven and earth $nd on the
morrow ! called the boy, and gave him the ring, and
said to him; =take this, and at the hour in which the
demon shall come unto thee, throw this ring at the
chest of the demon, and say to him; 8!n the name of
4od, King Solomon calls thee hither
8 $nd then do
thou come running to me, without having any
misgivings or fear in respect of aught thou mayest
hear on the part of the demon=
, .%; #omeC Solomon summons
D So the child took the ring, and went off6 and
behold, at the .&D/ customary hour Ornias, the fierce
demon, came like a burning fire to take the pay from
the child 3ut the child according to the instructions
received from the king, threw the ring at the chest of
the demon, and said; =King Solomon calls thee
hither= $nd then he went off at a run to the king
3ut the demon cried out aloud, saying; =#hild, why
hast thou done this to me9 Take the ring off me, and
! will render to thee the gold of the earth Only take
this off me, and forbear to lead me away to
> .%; Eemove the ring and give it
back to Solomon/
' 3ut the child said to the demon; =$s the 1ord 4od
of !srael liveth, ! will not brook thee So come hither=
$nd the child came at a run, reBoicing, to the king,
and said; =! have brought the demon, O king, as thou
didst command me, O my master $nd behold, he
stands before the gates of the court of thy palace,
crying out, and supplicating with a loud voice6
offering me the silver and gold of the earth if ! will
only bring him unto thee
- .%; would not deliver him to
( $nd when Solomon heard this, he rose up from
his throne, and went outside into the vestibule of the
court of his palace6 and there he saw the demon,
shuddering and trembling $nd he said to him;
=Aho art thou9= $nd the demon answered; =! am
called Ornias=
&F $nd Solomon said to him; =Tell me, O demon, to
what Godiacal sign thou art subBect= $nd he
answered; =To the Aater7pourer
$nd those who are
consumed with desire for the noble virgins upon
earth .there appears to be a lacuna here/, these
! strangle
3ut in case there is no disposition to
, ! am changed into three forms Ahenever
men come to be enamoured of women, !
metamorphose myself into a comely female6 and !
take hold of the men in their sleep, and play with
them $nd after a while ! again take to my wings,
and hie me to the heavenly regions ! also appear as
a lion, and ! am commanded by all the demons ! am
offspring of the archangel riel
, the power of 4od=
: .%; $quarius/
D .%; ! strangle those who reside
in $quarius because of their
passion for women whose
Godiacal sign is Hirgo/
' .%; while in a trance/
( .%; Ouriel/
&& ! Solomon, having heard the name of the
archangel, prayed and glorified 4od, the 1ord of
heaven and earth $nd ! sealed the .&'/ demon and
set him to work at stone7cutting, so that he might cut
the stones in the Temple, which, lying along the
shore, had been brought by the Sea of $rabia 3ut he,
fearful of the iron, continued and said to me; =! pray
thee, King Solomon, let me go free6 and ! will bring
you all the demons= $nd as he was not willing to be
subBect to me, ! prayed the archangel Iriel to come
and succour me6 and ! forthwith beheld the
archangel Iriel coming down to me from the
&5 $nd the angel bade the whales
of the sea come
out of the abyss $nd he cast his destiny upon the
ground, and that .destiny/ made subBect .to him/ the
great demon
$nd he commanded the great demon
and bold Ornias, to cut stones at the Temple
accordingly ! Solomon glorified the 4od of heaven
and @aker of the earth $nd he bade Ornias come
with his destiny, and gave him the seal, saying;
=$way with thee, and bring me hither the prince of
all the demons=
&F .%; sea monsters The sea
monsters are named 3ehemoth
0the male2 and 1eviathan 0the
female2 in >)Gra :;>'7-5, &)n
&& .%; he withered up their
species and cast his fate to the
&5 .% adds; and to bring to
completion the construction of the
&, So Ornias took the finger7ring, and went off to
!eel"eboul, who has kingship over the demons +e
said to him; =+itherC Solomon calls thee= 3ut
!eel"eboul, having heard, said to him; =Tell me, who
is this Solomon of whom thou speakest to me9= Then
Ornias threw the ring at the chest of !eel"eboul,
saying; =Solomon the king calls thee= 3ut !eel"eboul
cried aloud with a mighty voice, and shot out a great
burning flame of fire6 and he arose, and followed
Ornias, and came to Solomon
&> $nd when ! saw the prince of demons, ! glorified
the 1ord 4od, @aker of heaven and earth, and ! said;
=3lessed art thou, 1ord 4od $lmighty, who hast
given to Solomon thy servant wisdom, the assessor
of the wise, and hast subBected unto me all the power
of he devil=
&- $nd ! questioned him, and said; =Aho art thou9=
The demon replied; =! am 3eelGebub, the exarch of
the demons $nd all .&(/ the demons have their chief
&, .%; The demon said, =! am
3eelGeboul, the ruler of the
demons= ! demanded that
seats close to me $nd ! it is who make manifest the
apparition of each demon=
$nd he promised to
bring to me in bonds all the unclean spirits $nd !
again glorified the 4od of heaven and earth, as ! do
always give thanks to him
without interruption he sit next to
me and explain the manifestations
of the demons/
&: ! then asked of the demon if there were females
among them $nd when he told me that there were, !
said that ! desired to see them So 3eelGeboul went
off at high speed, and brought unto me Onoskelis,
that had a very pretty shape, and the skin of a fair7
hued woman6 and she tossed her head

&> .%; = fair complexion, but her
legs were those of a mule=
Onoskelis means =she who has
ass8s legs=/
&D $nd when she was come, ! said to her; =Tell me
who art thou9= 3ut she said to me; =! am called
Onoskelis, a spirit wrought .9shabtaiJSaturn9/
lurking upon the earth There is a golden cave where
! lie 3ut ! have a place that ever shifts
$t one time
! strangle men with a noose6 at another, ! creep up
from the nature to the arms .in marg; =worms=/
my most frequent dwelling7places are the precipices,
caves, ravines Oftentimes, however, do ! consort
with men in the semblance of a woman, and above
all with those of a dark skin
"or they share my star
with me6 since they it is who privily or openly
worship my star, without knowing that they harm
themselves, and but whet my appetite for further
mischief "or they wish to provide money by means
of memory 0commemoration92
, but ! supply a little
to those who worship me fairly=
&- .%; @y name is Onoskelis !
am a spirit which has been made
into a body/
&: .%; ! have a many sided
&D .%; ! pervert them from their
true natures/
&' .%; honey7colored/
&( .%; by remembering 0me2/
&' $nd ! Solomon questioned her about her birth,
and she replied; =! was born of a voice untimely, the
so7called echo of a man8s ordure
dropped in a

5F "or the demon born of an echo
we have an analogue in the
+ebrew 3ath Kol, =the daughter
of a voice= !n the 4nostic +ymn
to +ermes, edited by %ieterich,
#brasa$, p &(, we read, l &F>
5& .%; ! was generated from an
unexpected voice which is called
a voice of the echo of a black
0lead92 heaven, emitted in matter
0meaning uncertain2/
&( $nd ! said to her; =Inder what star dost thou
pass9= $nd she answered me; =Inder the star of the
full moon, for the reason that the moon travels over
most things= Then ! said to her; =$nd .5F/ what angel
55 .!nstead of =and by the angel
*oel= % reads =So ! uttered the
name of the +oly One of !srael
is it that frustrates thee9= $nd she said to me; =+e
that in thee .or =through thee=/ is reigning= $nd !
thought that she mocked me, and bade a soldier
strike her 3ut she cried aloud, and said; =! am
.subBected/ to thee, O king, by the wisdom of 4od
given to thee, and by the angel *oel=

5F So ! commanded her to spin the hemp for the
ropes used in the building of the house of 4od6 and
accordingly, when ! had sealed and bound her, she
was so overcome and brought to naught as to stand
night and day spinning the hemp
5& $nd ! at once bade another demon to be led unto
me6 and instantly there approached me the demon
, bound, and ! asked him; =Aho art
thou988 3ut he shot on me a glance of anger and rage,
and said; =$nd who art thou9Kq5uot6 $nd ! said to
him; =Thus punished as thou art, answerest thou
me9= 3ut he, with rage, said to me; =3ut how shall !
answer thee, for thou art a son of man6 whereas !
was born an angel8s seed by a daughter of man, so
that no word of our heavenly kind addressed to the
earth7born can be overweening
Aherefore also my
star is bright in heaven, and men call it, some the
, and some the dragon8s child ! keep near
unto this star So ask me not many things6 for thy
kingdom also after a little time is to be disrupted,
and thy glory is but for a season $nd short will be
thy tyranny over us6 and then we shall again have
free range over mankind, so as that they shall revere
us as if we were gods, not knowing, men that they
are, the names of the angels set over us=
5, .$smodeus also appears in
Tobit ,;', and is ultimately
derived from the #vestan demon
#eshma%daeva 0=demon of wrath=2
5> .arrogant/
5- .%; 4reat 3ear/
55 $nd ! Solomon, on hearing this, bound him more
carefully, and ordered him to be flogged with thongs
of ox7hide
, and to tell me humbly what was his
name and what his business $nd he answered me
thus; =! am called $smodeus among mortals, and my
business is to plot against the newly wedded, so that
they may not know one another $nd ! sever them
utterly by many calamities, and ! waste away the
beauty of virgin women, and estrange their hearts=
5: .%; flogged with a rod/
5, $nd ! said to him; =!s this thy only business9=
$nd he answered me; =! transport men into fits of
5D .%; ! spread 0or, & 'sting to 92
madness about women through
madness and desire, when they have wives of their
own, so that they leave them, and go off by .5&/ night
and day to others that belong to other men6 with the
result that they commit sin, and fall into murderous
the stars, and ! have often
committed a rash of murders/
5> $nd ! adBured him by the name of the 1ord
SabaLth, saying; ="ear 4od, $smodeus, and tell me
by what angel thou art frustrated= 3ut he said; =3y
Eaphael, the archangel that stands before the throne
of 4od 3ut the liver and gall of a fish put me to
flight, when smoked over ashes of the tamarisk
= !
again asked him, and said; =+ide not aught from me
"or ! am Solomon, son of %avid, King of !srael Tell
me the name of the fish which thou reverest= $nd
he answered; =!t is the 4lanos
by name, and is
found in the rivers of $ssyria6 wherefore it is that !
roam about in those parts=
5' .%; smoking on coals of
charcoal #ompare Tobit, where
Eaphael instructs him in the use
of the gall, heart, and liver for
various cures/
5( .%; =sheatfish=, a large catfish
(). ho, h* glanis./
5- $nd ! said to him; =+ast thou nothing else about
thee, $smodeus9= $nd he answered; =The power of
4od knoweth, which hath bound me with the
indissoluble bonds of yonder one8s seal, that
whatever ! have told thee is true ! pray thee, King
Solomon, condemn me not to .go into/ water= 3ut !
smiled, and said to him; =$s the 1ord 4od of my
fathers liveth, ! will lay iron on thee to wear 3ut
thou shalt also make the clay for the entire
construction of the Temple, treading it down with
thy feet= $nd ! ordered them to give him ten water7
Bars to carry water in $nd the demon groaned
terribly, and did the work ! ordered him to do $nd
this ! did, because that fierce demon $smodeus
knew even the future $nd ! Solomon glorified 4od,
who gave wisdom to me Solomon his servant $nd
the liver of the fish and its gall ! hung on the spike of
a reed
, and burned it over $smodeus because of his
being so strong, and his unbearable malice was thus
,F .%; liver and gall of the fish,
along with a branch of storax/
5: $nd ! summoned again to stand before me
3eelGeboul, the prince of demons, and ! sat him
down on a raised seat of honour, and said to him;
=Ahy art thou alone, prince of the demons9= $nd he
said to me; =3ecause ! alone am left of the angels of
heaven that came down
"or ! was first angel in the
,& .% omits =on a raised seat of
,5 .i.e. fell/
first heaven being entitled 3eelGeboul $nd now !
control all those who are bound in Tartarus 3ut ! too
have a child
, and he haunts the Eed Sea $nd on
any suitable occasion he comes up to me again,
being subBect to me6 and reveals to me what he has
done, and ! support him

,, .%; There also accompanied
me another ungodly 0angel2/
,> .%; when he is ready, he will
come in triumph/
5D ! Solomon said unto him; =3eelGeboul, what is thy
employment9= $nd he answered me; =! destroy
! ally myself with foreign tyrants $nd my
own demons ! set on
to men, in order that the latter
may believe in them and be lost $nd the chosen
servants of 4od, priests and faithful men, ! excite
unto desires for wicked sins, and evil heresies, and
lawless deeds6 and they obey me, and ! bear them on
to destruction $nd ! inspire men with envy, and
.desire for/ murder, and for wars and sodomy, and
other evil things $nd ! will destroy the world=

,- .%; ! bring destruction by
means of tyrants/
,: .%; to be worshipped/
,D .So @S P % reads simply =!
bring about Bealousies and
murders in a country, and !
instigate wars=/
5' So ! said to him; =3ring to me thy child, who is, as
thou sayest, in the Eed Sea= 3ut he said to me; =! will
not bring him to thee 3ut there shall come to me
another demon called )phippas
+im will ! bind,
and he will bring him up from the deep unto me=
$nd ! said to him; =+ow comes thy son to be in the
depth of the sea, and what is his name9 =$nd he
answered me; =$sk me not, for thou canst not learn
from me +owever, he will come to thee by any
command, and will tell thee openly=

,' .$ccording to %, )phippas is
an $rabian wind demon/
,( .% adds; So ! said to him, =Tell
me in which star you reside= =The
one called by men the )vening
5( ! said to him; =Tell me by what angel thou art
frustrated= $nd he answered; =3y the holy and
precious name of the $lmighty 4od, called by the
+ebrews by a row of numbers, of which the sum is
:>>, and among the 4reeks it is )mmanuel
$nd if
one of the Eomans adBure me by the great name of
the power )leMth, ! disappear at once=
& The text must be faulty, for the
word )mmanuel is the +ebrew
The sum :>> is got by adding
together the 4reek numbers
,F ! Solomon was astounded when ! heard this6 and
! ordered him to saw up Theban
marbles $nd when
he began to saw the marbles, the other demons cried
out with a loud voice, howling because of their king
& Ae hear of Pentelic marble in
Strabo, but the reference in the
text may be to Thebes in )gypt
,& 3ut ! Solomon questioned him, saying; =!f thou
wouldst gain a respite, discourse to me about the
things in heaven= $nd 3eelGeboul said; =+ear, O
& Perhaps the =sea7bulbs= were
the balls of hair7like texture which
the sea washes up on
king, if thou burn gum, and incense, and bulb of the
, with nard and saffron, and light seven lamps in
an earthquake
, thou wilt firmly fix thy house $nd
if, being pure
, .5,/ thou light them at dawn in the
sun alight, then wilt thou see the heavenly dragons,
how they wind themselves along and drag the
chariot of the sun=
@editerranean shores, eg in
5 Perhaps =in a row,= should be
, "or the condition here insisted
on cp %ieterich, #brasa$, p &>&,
where in an incantation
ceremonial purity is similarly
insisted on The ritual of a magic
papyrus given by %ieterich, p
&:(, is very similar to that here
prescribed in the Testament
,5 $nd ! Solomon, having heard this, rebuked him,
and said; =Silence for this present
, and continue to
saw the marbles as ! commanded thee= $nd !
Solomon praised 4od, and commanded another
demon to present himself to me $nd one came
before me who carried his face high up in the air, but
the rest of the spirit curled away like a snail $nd it
broke through the few soldiers, and raised also a
terrible dust on the ground, and carried it upwards6
and then again hurled it back to frighten us, and
asked what questions ! could ask as a rule $nd !
stood up, and spat
on the ground in that spot, and
sealed with the ring of 4od $nd forthwith the dust7
wind stopped Then ! asked him, saying; =Aho art
thou, O wind9= Then he once more shook up a dust,
and answered me; =Ahat wouldst thou have, King
Solomon9= ! answered him; =Tell me what thou art
called, and ! would fain ask thee a question 3ut so
far ! give thanks to 4od who has made me wise to
answer their evil plots=
& So 1uke xxii -&
5 "or the use of spittle to produce
a cure or other effect in a magical
way, cp @ark vii ,, and viii 5,
!n *ohn ix :, *esus, we read, =spat
on the ground, and made clay of
the spittle, and anointed the eyes
with the clay= Of this magic use
of spittle Pliny, in his +atural
,istory, gives numerous
examples !t was common in
,, 3ut .the demon/ answered me; =! am the spirit of
the ashes 0Tephras2= $nd ! said to him; =Ahat is thy
pursuit9= $nd he said; =! bring darkness on men, and
set fire to fields6 and ! bring homesteads to naught
3ut most busy am ! in summer +owever, when ! get
an opportunity, ! creep into corners of the wall, by
night and day "or ! am offspring of the great one,
and nothing less= $ccordingly ! said to him; =Inder
what star dost thou lie9= $nd he answered; =!n the
very tip of the moon8s horn, when it is found in the
south There is my star "or ! have been bidden to
& #p $cts iv D
restrain the convulsions of the hemitertian fever6 and
this is why many men pray to the hemitertian fever,
using these three names; 3ultala, Thallal, .5>/
@elchal $nd ! heal them= $nd ! said to him; =! am
Solomon6 when therefore thou wouldst do harm, by
whose aid dost thou do it9= 3ut he said to me; =3y
the angel8s, by whom also the third day8s fever is
lulled to rest= So ! questioned him, and said; =$nd
by what name
9= $nd he answered; =That of the
archangel $Gael= $nd ! summoned the archangel
$Gael, and set a seal on the demon, and commanded
him to seiGe great stones, and toss them up to the
workmen on the higher parts of the Temple $nd,
being compelled, the demon began to do what he
was bidden to do
,> $nd ! glorified 4od afresh who gave me this
authority, and ordered another demon to come
before me $nd there came seven spirits
, females,
bound and woven together, fair in appearance and
comely $nd ! Solomon, seeing them, questioned
them and said; =Aho are ye9= 3ut they, with one
accord, said with one voice
; =Ae are of the thirty7
three elements of the cosmic ruler of the darkness
$nd the first said; =! am %eception= The second said;
=! am Strife= The third; =! am Klothod, which is
battle= The fourth; =! am *ealousy= The fifth; =! am
Power= The sixth; =! am )rror= The seventh; =! am
the worst of all, and our stars are in heaven Seven
stars humble in sheen, and all together $nd we are
called as it were goddesses Ae change our place all
and together, and together we live, sometimes in
1ydia, sometimes in Olympus, sometimes in a great
& The Pleiades seem to be
referred to #p *ob xxxviii ,&, in
the Eevised Hersion; =#anst thou
bind the cluster of the Pleiades9=
They had a malign influence The
grouping of evil spirits by sevens
is common in 3abylonian and
*ewish folk7lore $s examples !
may cite the Testamentum of
Eeuben, ch 5, and the seven evil
spirits of the ?T Possibly,
however, the Seven Planets are
here in question6 though this is
unlikely, for they do not tally with
the description given
5 Eom xv : has the same phrase
"or =thirty7three= we should read
=thirty7six= elements ?ote that
later in the Testament these seven
spirits are not among the
Kosmokrators, a proof that the
document before us is a
composite one
, Paul speaks of the
Kosmokrators in )ph vi &5; =Our
wrestling is not against flesh and
blood, but against the
principalities, against the powers,
against the world7rulers of this
darkness= See !ren ,aer ! i &F
,- So ! Solomon questioned them one by one,
beginning with the first, and going down to the
seventh The first said; =! am %eception, ! deceive
and weave snares here and there ! whet and excite
heresies 3ut ! have an angel who frustrates me,
,: 1ikewise also the second said; =! am Strife, strife
of strifes ! bring timbers, stones, hangers, my
weapons on the spot 3ut ! have an angel who
frustrates me, 3aruchiachel=
,D 1ikewise also the third said; =! am called
, which is 3attle, and ! cause the well7
behaved to scatter and fall foul one of the other $nd
why do ! say so much9 ! have an angel that frustrates
me; =@armarath=
& "abricius, #od Pseudepigr HT
vol !, p &F>D, reads Klothon,
which must be iq Kludun, which
+esychius explains thus;
,' 1ikewise also the fourth said; =! cause men to
forget their sobriety and moderation ! part them and
split them into parties6 for Strife follows me hand in
hand ! rend the husband from the sharer of his bed,
and children from parents, and brothers from sisters
3ut why tell so much to my despite9 ! have an angel
that frustrates me, the great 3althial=
,( 1ikewise also the fifth said; =! am Power 3y
power ! raise up tyrants and tear down kings To all
rebels ! furnish power ! have an angel that frustrates
me, $steraLth=

& %; $steraoth #p &Kgs &&;-
>F 1ikewise also the sixth said; =! am )rror
, O King
Solomon $nd ! will make thee to err, as ! have
before made thee to err, when ! caused thee to slay
thy own brother
! will lead you into error, so as to
pry into graves
6 and & teach them that dig, and !
lead errant souls away from all piety, and many
other evil traits are mine 3ut ! have an angel that
frustrates me, Iriel=
& #p Testam of Symeon, ch ,
5 See ! Kings ii 5-
, $ reference to necromancy, of
which the obBect was to oblige the
spirit of the dead to enter oneself
>& 1ikewise also the seventh said; =! am the worst,
and ! make thee worse off than thou wast6 because !
will impose the bonds of $rtemis 3ut the locust
will set me free, for by means thereof is it fated that
thou shalt achieve my desire "or if
one were wise, he would not turn his steps toward
& This refers to the closing
incident narrated in the Testament,
the sacrificing by Solomon of five
locusts to @oloch Tatian, Orat. ad
(raecos, cap &5, speaks of $rtemis
magos She is the same as +ecate
>5 So ! Solomon, having heard and wondered,
sealed them with my ring6 and since they were so
considerable, ! bade them dig the foundations of the
Temple of 4od "or the length of it was 5-F cubits
$nd ! bade them be industrious, and with one
murmur of Boint protest they began to perform the
tasks enBoined
>, 3ut ! Solomon glorified the 1ord, and bade
another demon come before me $nd there was
brought to me a demon having all the limbs of a
man, but without a head $nd !, seeing him, said to
him; =Tell me, who art thou988 $nd he answered; =!
am a demon= So ! said to him; =Ahich9= $nd he
answered me; =! am called )nvy "or ! delight to
devour heads, being desirous to secure for myself a
head6 but ! do not eat enough, but am anxious to
have such a head as thou hast=
>> ! Solomon, on hearing this, sealed him, stretching
out my hand against his chest Ahereon the demon
leapt up, and threw himself down, and gave a groan,
saying; =Aoe is meC where am ! come to9 O traitor
Ornias, ! cannot seeC= So ! said to him; =! am
Solomon Tell me then how thou dost manage to
see= $nd he answered me; =3y means of my
feelings= ! then, Solomon, having heard his voice
come up to me, asked him how he managed to
speak $nd he answered me; =!, O King Solomon, am
wholly voice, for ! have inherited the voices of many
men "or in the case of all men who are called dumb,
! it is who smashed their heads, when they were
children and had reached their eighth day Then
when a child is crying in the night, ! become a spirit,
and glide by means of his voice !n the crossways
also ! have many services to render, and my
encounter is fraught with harm "or ! grasp in all
instant a man8s head, and with my hands, as with a
sword, ! cut it off, and put it on to myself $nd in
this way, by means of the fire which is in me,
through my neck it is swallowed up ! it is that sends
grave mutilations and incurable on men8s feet, and
inflict sores=
& This seems the sense of enodiais,
unless understood, trivialibus dis,
=to the demons of the wayside or
cross7road= +ecate was such a
goddess, and in -.&. 5: we have
mention of a daimon enodia, the
1atin Trivia $s a subst the neut
plur enodia; N blisters caused by
walking, in Theophr, Sud &-
>- $nd ! Solomon, on hearing this, said to him; =Tell
me how thou dost discharge forth the fire9 Out of
what sources dost thou emit it9= $nd the spirit said
to me; ="rom the %ay7star
"or here hath not yet
been found that .lburion, to whom men offer prayers
and kindle lights $nd his name is invoked by the
seven demons before me $nd he cherishes them=
& Or, =from the Orient=
>: 3ut ! said to him; =Tell me his name= 3ut he
answered; =! cannot tell thee "or if ! tell his name, !
render myself incurable 3ut he will come in
response to his name= $nd on hearing this, !
Solomon said to him; =Tell me then, by what angel
thou art frustrated9= $nd he answered; =3y the fiery
flash of lightning= .5D/ $nd ! bowed myself before
the 1ord 4od of !srael, and bade him remain in the
keeping of 3eelGeboul until !ax
should come
& 3ornemann conBectures =a
guardian or watcher= 3ut the
angel !ax recurs below in O ':
>D Then ! ordered another demon to come before
me, and there came into my presence a hound,
having a very large shape, and it spoke with a loud
voice, and said, =+ail, 1ord, King SolomonC= $nd !
Solomon was astounded ! said to it; Aho art thou, O
hound9= $nd it answered; =! do indeed seem to thee
to be a hound, but before thou wast, O King
Solomon, ! was a man that wrought many unholy
deeds on earth ! was surpassingly learned in letters,
and was so mighty that ! could hold the stars of
heaven back $nd many divine works did ! prepare
"or ! do harm to men who follow after our star, and
turn them to
$nd ! seiGe the frenGied men by
the larynx, and so destroy them=
& The @S has a vo$ nihili #an it
mean =her that is born of echo=
0see above, p &(, n '29
>' $nd ! Solomon said to him; =Ahat is thy name9=
$nd he answered; 88Staff= 0Eabdos2 $nd ! said to
him; =Ahat is thine employment9 $nd what results
canst thou achieve9= $nd he replied; 884ive me thy
man, and ! will lead him away into a mountainous
spot, and will show him a green stone tossed to and
fro, with which thou mayest adorn the temple of the
1ord 4od=
>( $nd ! Solomon, on hearing this, ordered my
servant to set off with him, and to take the finger7
ring bearing the seal of 4od with him $nd ! said to
him; =Ahoever shall show thee the green stone, seal
& The text seems corrupt here
him with this finger7ring $nd mark the spot with
care, and bring me the demon hither $nd the
demon showed him the green stone, and he sealed it,
and brought the demon to me $nd ! Solomon
decided to confine with my seal on my right hand
the two, the headless demon, likewise the hound,
that was so huge
6 he should be bound as well $nd !
bade the hound keep safe the fiery spirit so that
lamps as it were might by day and night cast their
light through its maw on the artisans at work
-F $nd ! Solomon took from the mine of that stone
5FF shekels for the supports of the table of incense,
which was similar in appearance $nd ! Solomon
glorified the 1ord 4od, and then closed round the
treasure of that stone $nd ! ordered afresh the
demons to cut marble for the construction of the
house of 4od $nd ! Solomon prayed to the 1ord,
and asked the hound, saying; =3y what angel .5'/ art
thou frustrated9= $nd the demon replied; =3y the
great 3rieus
& 3riareus is suggested by
3ornemann as the right reading,
but with little probability, since
3riareus would not have been
turned into an angel
-& $nd ! praised the 1ord 4od of heaven and earth,
and bade another demon come forward to me6 and
there came before me one in the form of a lion
roaring $nd he stood and answered me saying; =O
king, in the form which ! have, ! am a spirit quite
incapable of being perceived Ipon all men who lie
prostrate with sickness ! leap, coming stealthily
along6 and ! render the man weak, so that his habit
of body is enfeebled 3ut ! have also another glory, O
king ! cast out demons, and ! have legions under my
control $nd ! am capable of being received
in my
dwelling7places, along with all the demons
belonging to the legions under me= 3ut ! Solomon,
on hearing this, asked him; =Ahat is thy name9= 3ut
he answered; =1ion7bearer, Eath
in kind= $nd ! said
to him; =+ow art thou to be frustrated along with thy
legions9 Ahat angel is it that frustrates thee9= $nd
he answered; =!f ! tell thee my name, ! bind not
myself alone, but also the legions of demons under
& de)ti)os seems here to bear this
sense, as also in the fragment of a
very old commentary on the
Shepherd of +ermas in the
O$yrhynchus papyri part i, by
4renfell and +unt, &'(', p ( The
dwelling7places are the persons of
whom the spirit, good or evil,
takes possession So in the %ocetic
#cta &ohannis 0ed @E *ames2 the
#hrist says; =! have no dwelling,
and ! have dwellings6 ! have no
place, and ! have places6 ! have no
temple, and ! have temples
3ehold thyself in me who address
5 radinos, =slender tapering= is
suggested by 3ornemann as the
true reading, because a =staff=
might be such
-5 So ! said to him; =! adBure thee in the name of the
4od Sabaoth, to tell me by what name thou art
frustrated along with thy host= $nd the spirit
& The allusion is to the swine of
answered me; =The 8great among men,8 who is to
suffer many things at the hands of men, whose name
is the figure :>>, which is )mmanuel6 he it is who
has bound us, and who will then come and plunge
us from the steep
under water +e is noised abroad
in the three letters which bring him down
5 The three characters are
apparently the numbers :>>
-, $nd ! Solomon, on hearing this, glorified 4od,
and condemned his legion to carry wood from the
thicket $nd ! condemned the .5(/ lion7shaped one
himself to saw up the wood small with his teeth, for
burning in the unquenchable furnace for the Temple
of 4od
-> $nd ! worshipped the 1ord 4od of !srael, and
bade another demon come forward $nd there came
before me a dragon, three7headed, of fearful hue
$nd ! questioned him; =Aho art thou9= $nd he
answered me; =! am a caltrop7like spirit
, whose
activity in three lines 3ut ! blind children in
women8s wombs, and twirl their ears round $nd !
make them deaf
and mute $nd ! have again in my
third head means of slipping in
$nd ! smite men in
the limbless part of the body, and cause them to fall
down, and foam, and grind their teeth 3ut ! have
my own way of being frustrated, *erusalem being
signified in writing, unto the place called 8of the
= "or there is fore7appointed the angel of the
great counsel, and now he will openly dwell on the
cross +e doth frustrate me, and to him am ! subBect=
& Tribolaios The tribolos was a
three7spiked instrument, thrown
on the ground to wound horses8
5 bubP, an unknown word
, a word of doubtful sense
> ie 4olgotha The old legend
was that $dam8s skull reposed in
this spot, and that the cross was
planted upon it
-- =3ut in the place where thou sittest, O King
Solomon, standeth a column in the air, of purple
The demon called )phippas hath brought .it/ up
from the Eed Sea, from inner $rabia +e it is that
shall be shut up in a skin7bottle and brought before
thee 3ut at the entrance of the Temple, which thou
hast begun to build, O King Solomon, lies stored
much gold, which dig thou up and carry off= $nd !
Solomon sent my servant, and found it to be as the
demon told me $nd ! sealed him with my ring, and
praised the 1ord 4od=
& The meaning of the last part of
this compound is unknown
-: So ! said to him; =Ahat art thou called9= $nd the
demon said; =! am the crest of dragons= $nd ! bade
him make bricks in the Temple +e had human
-D $nd ! adored the 1ord 4od of !srael, and bade
another demon present himself $nd there came
before me a spirit in woman8s form, that had a head
without any limbs
, and her hair was dishevelled
$nd ! said to her; =Aho art thou9= 3ut she answered;
=?ay, who art thou9 $nd why dost thou want to
hear concerning me9 3ut, as thou wouldst learn, here
! stand bound before thy face 4o .,F/ then into thy
royal storehouses and wash thy hands Then sit
down afresh before thy tribunal, and ask me
questions6 and thou shalt learn, O king, who ! am=
& +ere we seem to have the
4reek head of @edusa
transformed into a demon
-' $nd ! Solomon did as she enBoined me, and
restrained myself because of the wisdom dwelling in
6 in order that ! might hear of her deeds, and
reprehend them, and manifest them to men $nd !
sat down, and said to the demon; =Ahat art thou9=
$nd she said; =! am called among men ObiGuth6 and
by night ! sleep not, but go my rounds over all the
world, and visit women in childbirth $nd divining
the hour ! take my stand
6 and if ! am lucky, !
strangle the child 3ut if not, ! retire to another place
"or ! cannot for a single night retire unsuccessful
"or ! am a fierce
spirit, of myriad names and many
shapes $nd now hither, now thither ! roam $nd to
westering parts ! go my rounds 3ut as it now is,
though thou hast sealed me round with the ring of
4od, thou hast done nothing ! am not standing
before thee, and thou wilt not be able to command
me "or ! have no work other than the destruction of
children, and the making their ears to be deaf, and
the working of evil to their eyes, and the binding
their mouths with a bond, and the ruin of their
minds, and paining of their bodies=
& The Sophia, identified by Philo
and the early "athers with the
1ogos, is supposed to have
entered into and taken possession
of Solomon as it afterwards did
with *esus
5 stamatihu, an unknown verb
, $alep/n
-( Ahen ! Solomon heard this, ! marvelled at her
appearance, for ! beheld all her body to be in
darkness 3ut her glance was altogether bright and
greeny, and her hair was tossed wildly like a
dragon8s6 and the whole of her limbs were invisible
$nd her voice was very clear as it came to me $nd !
cunningly said; =Tell me by what angel thou art
frustrated, O evil spirit9= 3y she answered me; =3y
the angel of 4od called $farLt, which is interpreted
& 3ornemann 00eitschr. 1.d. ,ist.
Theol &'>>, p ,'2 gives the tale of
figures r N &FF6 a N &6 f N -FF6 a N
&6 m N '6 l N ,F Total :>F
Eaphael, by whom ! am frustrated now and for all
time +is name, if any man know it, and write the
same on a woman in childbirth, then ! shall not be
able to enter her Of this name the number is :>F
$nd ! Solomon having heard this, and having
glorified the 1ord, ordered her hair to be bound, and
that she should be hung up in front of the Temple of
4od6 that all the children of !srael, as they passed,
might see it, and glorify the 1ord 4od of !srael, who
had given me this authority, with wisdom and
power from 4od, by means of this signet
:F $nd ! again ordered another demon to come
before me $nd the came, rolling itself along, one in
appearance like to a dragon, but having the face and
hands of a man $nd all its limbs, except the feet,
were those of a dragon6 and it had wings on its back
$nd when ! beheld it, ! was astonied, and said; =Aho
art thou, demon, and what art thou called9 $nd
whence hast thou come9 Tell me=
:& $nd the spirit answered and said; =This is the
first time ! have stood before the, O King Solomon !
am a spirit made into a god among men, but now
brought to naught by the ring and wisdom
vouchsafed to thee by 4od ?ow ! am the so7called
winged dragon
, and ! chamber
not with many
women, but only with a few that are of fair shape,
which possess the name of xuli
, of this star $nd !
pair with them in the guise of a spirit winged in
form, coitum habens per nates
$nd she on whom !
have leapt goes heavy with child, and that which is
born of her becomes eros 3ut since such offspring
cannot be carried by men, the woman in question
breaks wind Such is my role Supposed then only
that ! am satisfied, and all the other demons
molested and disturbed by thee will speak the whole
truth 3ut those composed of fire
will cause to be
burned up by fire the material of the logs which is to
be collected by them for the building in the Temple=
& pterodr2)un, a word not in the
5 .i.e. copulate/
, .%; Touxylou/
> .%; copulating 0with them2
through their buttocks/
- T3 d4 di3 pyr/s
:5 $nd as the demon said this, ! saw the spirit going
forth from his mouth, and it consumed the wood of
the frankincense7tree, and burned up all the logs
which we had placed in the Temple of 4od $nd !
Solomon saw what the spirit had done, and !
:, $nd, having glorified 4od, ! asked the dragon7
shaped demon, and said; =Tell me, by what angel art
thou frustrated9= $nd he answered; =3y the great
angel which has its seat in the second heaven, which
is called in +ebrew 3aGaGeth $nd ! Solomon,
having heard this, and having invoked his angel,
condemned him to saw up marbles for the building
of the Temple of 4od6 and ! praised 4od, and
commanded another demon to come before me
:> $nd there came before my face another spirit, as
it were a woman in the form she had 3ut on her
shoulders she had two other heads with hands $nd
! asked her, and said; =Tell me, who art thou9= $nd
she said to me; =! am )nQpsigos, who also have a
myriad names= $nd ! said her; =3y what angel art
thou frustrated9= 3ut she said to me; =Ahat seekest,
what askest thou9 ! undergo changes, like the
goddess ! am called $nd ! change again, and pass
into possession of another shape $nd be not .,5/
desirous therefore to know all that concerns me 3ut
since thou art before me for this much, hearken !
have my abode in the moon, and for that reason !
possess three forms $t times ! am magically
invoked by the wise as Kronos $t other times, in
connexion with those who bring me down, ! come
down and appear in another shape The measure of
the element
is inexplicable and indefinable, and not
to be frustrated ! then, changing into these three
forms, come down and become such as thou seest
me6 but ! am frustrated by the angel Eathanael, who
sits in the third heaven This then is why ! speak to
thee Ronder temple cannot contain me=
& mageyomMne
5 Perhaps =the place or siGe of the
heavenly body=
:- ! therefore Solomon prayed to my 4od, and !
invoked the angel of whom )nMpsigos spoke to me,
and used my seal $nd ! sealed her with a triple
chain, and 0placed2 beneath her the fastening of the
chain ! used the seal of 4od, and the spirit
prophesied to me, saying; =This is what thou, King
Solomon, doest to us 3ut after a time thy kingdom
& ! conBecture the sense which the
word must bear in this context
5 $md
, This prophecy corresponds
roughly to the one which
1actantius, &nstit. 5iv. lib iv c &',
shall be broken, and again in season this Temple
shall be riven asunder
6 and all *erusalem shall be
undone by the King of the Persians and @edes and
#haldaeans $nd the vessels of this Temple, which
thou makest, shall be put to servile uses of the gods6
and along with them all the Bars, in which thou dost
shut us up, shall be broken by the hands of men
$nd then we shall go forth in great power hither and
thither, and be disseminated all over the world $nd
we shall lead astray the inhabited world for a long
season, until the Son of 4od is stretched upon the
cross "or never before doth arise a king like unto
him, one frustrating us all, whose mother shall not
have contact with man Aho else can receive such
authority over spirits, except he, whom the first devil
will seek to tempt, but will not prevail over9 The
number of his name is :>>
, which is )mmanuel
Aherefore, O King Solomon, thy time is evil, and thy
years short and evil, and to thy servant shall thy
kingdom be given
quotes from an apocryphal 3ook
of Solomon
:: $nd ! Solomon, having heard this, glorified 4od
$nd though ! marvelled at the apology of the
demons, ! did not credit it until it came true $nd !
did not believe their words6 but when they were .,,/
realiGed, then ! understood, and at my death ! wrote
this Testament to the children of !srael, and gave it to
them, so that they might know the powers of the
demons and their shapes, and the names of their
angels, by which these angels are frustrated $nd !
glorified the 1ord 4od of !srael, and commanded the
spirits to be bound with bonds indissoluble
:D $nd having praised 4od, ! commanded another
spirit to come before me6 and there came before my
face another demon, having in front the shape of a
horse, but behind of a fish $nd he had a mighty
voice, and said to me; =O King Solomon, ! am a fierce
spirit of the sea, and ! am greedy of gold and silver !
am such a spirit as rounds itself and comes over the
expanses of the water of the sea, and ! trip up the
men who sail thereon "or ! round myself into a
, and transform myself, and then throw myself
on ships and come right in on them $nd that is my
business, and my way of getting hold of money and
& #p *ude &, That *ude here
indulges in no mere metaphor is
clear from the words which
follow, which embody the belief
detailed in the Testament o1
Solomon, p >F
5 =descent, or spiritual assault=
men "or ! take the men, and whirl them round with
myself, and hurl the men out of the sea "or ! am not
covetous of men8s bodies, but cast them up out of the
sea so far 3ut since 3eelGeboul, ruler of the spirits of
air and of those under the earth, and lord of earthly
ones, hath a Boint kingship with us in respect of the
deeds of each one of us, therefore ! went up from the
sea, to get a certain outlook
in his company
:' =3ut ! also have another character and role !
metamorphose myself into waves, and come up
from the sea $nd ! show myself to men, so that
those on earth call me Kuno.s/paston
, because !
assume the human form $nd my name is a true one
"or by my passage up into men, ! send forth a
certain nausea ! came then to take counsel with the
prince 3eelGeboul6 and he bound me and delivered
me into thy hands $nd ! am here before thee
because of this seal, and thou dost now torment me

3ehold now, in two or three days the spirit that
converseth with thee will fail, because ! shall have no
& #f Pliny, +at. ,ist 5> D>
=#ynosbaton, alii #ynospaston,
alii neurospaston vocant6 folium
habet vestigio hominis simile "ert
et uvam nigram, in cuius acino
nervum habet, unde neurospastos
dicitur= The human form
revealed itself in the footstep,
which the leaf resembled
5 basan6$eis #p @att viii :, 5(6
xiv 5>6 @ark v D
:( $nd ! said to him; =Tell me by what angel thou
art frustrated= .,>/ $nd he answered; =3y !ameth=
$nd ! glorified 4od ! commanded the spirit to be
thrown into a phial along with ten Bugs of sea7water
of two measures each
$nd ! sealed them round
above the marbles and asphalt and pitch in the
mouth of the vessel $nd having sealed it with my
ring, ! ordered it to be deposited in the Temple of
4od $nd ! ordered another spirit to come before
& #p *ohn ii :
DF $nd there came before my face another enslaved
spirit, having obscurely the form of a man, with
gleaming eyes, and bearing in his hand a blade $nd
! asked; =Aho art thou9 3ut he answered; =! am a
lascivious spirit, engendered of a giant man who
dies in the massacre in the time of the giants= ! said
to him; =Tell me what thou art employed on upon
earth, and where thou hast thy dwelling=
D& $nd he said; =@y dwelling is in fruitful places,
but my procedure is this ! seat myself beside the
men who pass along among the tombs, and in
& Eev ix >6 xiii, &:, &D
untimely season ! assume the form of the dead6 and
if ! catch any one, ! at once destroy him with my
sword 3ut if ! cannot destroy him, ! cause him to be
possessed with a demon, and to devour his own
flesh, and the hair to fall off his chin= 3ut ! said to
him; =%o thou then be in fear of the 4od of heaven
and of earth, and tell me by angel thou art
frustrated= $nd he answered; =+e destroys me who
is to become Saviour, a man whose number, if any
one shall write it on his forehead
, he will defeat me,
and in fear ! shall quickly retreat $nd, indeed, if any
one write this sign on him, ! shall be in fear= $nd !
Solomon, on hearing this, and having glorified the
1ord 4od, shut up this demon like the rest
D5 $nd ! commanded another demon to come
before me $nd there came before my face thirty7six
spirits, their heads shapeless like dogs, but in
themselves they were human in form6 with faces of
asses, faces of oxen, and faces of birds $nd !
Solomon, on hearing and seeing them, wondered,
and ! asked them and said; =Aho are you9= 3ut they,
of one accord with one voice, said
; =Ae are the
thirty7six elements, the world7rulers
of this
darkness 3ut, O King Solomon, thou wilt not wrong
us nor imprison us, nor lay command on us6 but
since the 1ord 4od has given thee authority over
every spirit, in the air, and on the earth, and under
the earth, therefore do we also present ourselves
before thee like the other spirits, from ram and bull,
from .,-/ both twin and crab, lion and virgin, scales
and scorpion, archer, goat7horned, water7pourer,
and fish
& $cts ii &
5 )osmo)ratores #p Paul, )ph vi
&56 Origen, c. -elsum, viii, -'
D, Then ! Solomon invoked the name of the 1ord
Sabaoth, and questioned each in turn as to what was
its character $nd ! bade each one come forward and
tell of its actions Then the first one came forward,
and said; =! am the first decans of the Godiacal circle,
and ! am called the ram, and with me are these two=
So ! put to them the question; =Aho are ye called9=
The first said; =!, O 1ord, am called Euax, and ! cause
the heads of men to be idle, and ! pillage their brows
3ut let me only hear the words, 8@ichael, imprison
Euax,8 and at once ! retreat=
D> $nd the second said; =! am called 3arsafael, and !
cause those who are subBect to my hour to feel the
pain of migraine !f only ! hear the words, 84abriel,
imprison 3arsafael,8 at once ! retreat=
D- The third said; =! am called $rLtosael ! do harm
to eyes, and grievously inBure them Only let me hear
the words, 8Iriel, imprison $ratosael8 0sic2, at once !
& There seems to be a lacuna here
D: The fifth said; =! am called !udal, and ! bring
about a block in the ears and deafness of hearing !f !
hear, 8Iruel !udal,8 ! at once retreat=
DD The sixth said; =! am called SphendonaQl ! cause
tumours of the parotid gland, and inflammations of
the tonsils, and tetanic recurvation
!f ! hear,
8Sabrael, imprison SphendonaQl,8 at once ! retreat88
& The 4reek medical terms which
stand in the 4reek text are found
in +ippocrates, 4alen, and #uel
D' $nd the Seventh said; =! am called SphandLr, and
! weaken the strength of the shoulders, and cause
them to tremble6 and ! paralyGe the nerves of the
hands, and ! break and bruise the bones of the neck
$nd !, ! suck out the marrow 3ut if ! hear the words,
8$raQl, imprison SphandLr,8 ! at once retreat=
D( $nd the eight said; =! am called 3elbel ! distort
the hearts and minds of men !f ! hear the words,
8$raQl, imprison 3elbel,8 ! at once retreat=
'F $nd the ninth said; =! am called KurtaQl ! send
colics in the bowels ! induce pains !f ! hear the
words, 8!aLth, imprison KurtaQl,8 ! at once retreat=
'& The tenth said; =! am called @etathiax ! cause the
reins to ache !f ! hear the words, 8$dLnaQl, imprison
@etathiax,8 ! at once retreat=
'5 The eleventh said; =! am called KatanikotaQl !
create strife .,:/ and wrongs in men8s homes, and
send on them hard temper !f any one would be at
peace in his home, let him write on seven leaves of
laurel the name of the angel that frustrates me, along
with these names; !ae, !eL, sons of SabaLth, in the
name of the great 4od let him shut up KatanikotaQl
Then let him wash the laurel7leaves in water, and
sprinkle his house with the water, from within to the
outside $nd at once ! retreat=
', The twelfth said; =! am called SaphathoraMl, and !
inspire partisanship in men, and delight in causing
them to stumble !f any one will write on paper these
names of angels, !acL, !ealL, !Lelet, SabaLth, !thoth,
3ae, and having folded it up, wear it round his neck
or against his ear, ! at once retreat and dissipate the
drunken fit=
'> The thirteenth said; =! am called 3obQl 0sic2, and !
cause nervous illness by my assaults !f ! hear the
name of the great 8$donaQl, imprison 3othothQl,8 ! at
once retreat=
'- The fourteenth said; =! am called KumeatQl, and !
inflict shivering fits and torpor !f only ! hear the
words; 8SLrLQl, imprison KumentaQl,8 ! at once
': The fifteenth said; =! am called EoQlQd ! cause
cold and frost and pain in the stomach 1et me only
hear the words; 8!ax, bide not, be not warmed, for
Solomon is fairer than eleven fathers,8 ! at .once/
'D The sixteenth said; =! am called $trax ! inflict
upon men fevers, irremediable and harmful !f you
would imprison me, chop up coriander
and smear it
on the lips, reciting the following charm; 8The fever
which is from dirt ! exorcise thee by the throne of
the most high 4od, retreat from dirt and retreat from
the creature fashioned by 4od8 $nd at once !
& Pliny, +at. ,ist xx 5F, notes the
same use of coriander; =Seminis
grana tria in tertianis devorari
iubent aliqui ante accessionem,
vel plura illini fronti= The
Testament evidently belongs to
Pliny8s age
'' The seventeenth said; =! am called !eropaQl On
the stomach of men ! sit, and cause convulsions in
the bath and in the road6 and wherever ! be found, or
find a man, ! throw him down 3ut if any one will
say to the afflicted into their ear these names, three
times over, into the right ear; 8!udariGQ, SabunQ,
%enLQ,8 ! at once retreat=
'( The eighteenth said; =! am called 3uldumQch !
separate wife from husband and bring about a
grudge between them !f any one write down the
names of thy sires, Solomon, on paper and place it in
the ante7chamber of his house, ! retreat thence $nd
the legend written shall be as follows; 8The 4od of
$bram, and the 4od of !saac, and the 4od of *acob
commands thee 77 retire from this house in peace8
$nd ! at once retire=
(F The nineteenth said; =! am called ?aLth, and !
take my seat on the knees of men !f any one write on
paper; 8PhnunoboQol, depart ?athath, and touch
thou not the neck,8 ! at once retreat=
(& The twentieth said; =! am called @arderL ! send
on men incurable fever !f any one write on the leaf
of a book; 8SphQnQr, Eafael, retire, drag me not about,
flay me not,8 and tie it round his neck, ! at once
(5 The twenty7first said; =! am called $lath, and !
cause coughing and hard7breathing in children !f
any one write on paper; 8EorQx, do thou pursue
$lath,8 and fasten it round his neck, ! at once
& There must here be a lacuna in
the text
(, The twenty7third said; =! am called ?efthada !
cause the reins to ache, and ! bring about dysury !f
any one write on a plate of tin the words; 8!athLth,
IruQl, ?ephthada,8 and fasten it round the loins, ! at
once retreat=
(> The twenty7fourth said; =! am called $kton !
cause ribs and lumbic muscles to ache !f one
engrave on copper material, taken from a ship which
has missed its anchorage, this; 8@armaraLth,
SabaLth, pursue $kton,8 and fasten it round the loin,
! at once retreat=
(- The twenty7fifth said; =! am called $natreth, and !
rend burnings and fevers into the entrails 3ut if !
hear; 8$rara, #harara,8 instantly do ! retreat=
(: The twenty7sixth said; =! am called )nenuth !
steal away men8s minds, and change their hearts,
and make a man toothless 092 !f one write; 8$llaGoLl,
pursue )nenuth,8 and tie the paper round him, ! at
once retreat=
(D The twenty7seventh said; =! am called PhQth !
make men consumptive and cause hemorrhagia ,!f
one exorcise me in wine, sweet7smelling and
unmixed by the eleventh aeon
, and say; 8! exorcise
thee by the eleventh aeon to stop, ! demand, PhQth
0$xiLphQth2,8 then give it to the patient to drink, and
! at once retreat=
& $ 4nostic reference *ust above
=eleven fathers= were mentioned
(' The twenty7eighth said; =! am called +arpax, and
! send sleeplessness on men !f one write
8KokphnQdismos,8 and bind it round the temples, ! at
once retire=
(( The twenty7ninth said; =! am called $nostQr !
engender uterine mania and pains in the bladder !f
one powder into pure oil three seeds of laurel and
smear it on, saying; 8! exorcise thee, $nostQr Stop by
@armaraL,8 at once ! retreat=
&FF The thirtieth said; =! am called $lleborith !f in
eating .,'/ fish one has swallowed a bone, then he
must take a bone from the fish and cough, and at
once ! retreat=
&F& The thirty7first said; =! am called +ephesimireth,
and cause lingering disease !f you throw salt,
rubbed in the hand, into oil and smear it on the
patient, saying; 8Seraphim, #herubim, help meC8 ! at
once retire=
&F5 The thirty7second said; =! am called !chthion !
paralyGe muscles and contuse them !f ! hear
8$donaQth, helpC8 ! at once retire=
&F, The thirty7third said; =! am called $gchoniLn !
lie among swaddling7clothes and in the precipice
$nd if any one write on fig7leaves 81ycurgos,8 taking
& botryd/n, for which 3ornemann
conBectures boystro1yd/n There is a
parallel in a magic papyrus edited
by %ieterich 0#bra$as, p &'-2
away one letter at a time, and write it, reversing the
letters, ! retire at once 81ycurgos, ycurgos, kurgos,
yrgos, gos, os
&F> The thirty7fourth said; =! am called $utothith !
cause grudges and fighting Therefore ! am
frustrated by $lpha and Omega, if written down=
&F- The thirty7fifth said; =! am called Phthenoth !
cast evil eye on every man Therefore, the eye much7
suffering, if it be drawn frustrates me=
&F: The thirty7sixth said; =! am called 3ianakith !
have a grudge against the body ! lay waste houses, !
cause flesh to decay, and all else that is similar !f a
man write on the front7door of his house; 8@QltL,
$rdu, $naath,8 ! flee from that place=
&FD $nd ! Solomon, when ! heard this, glorified the
4od of heaven and earth $nd ! commanded them to
fetch water in the Temple of 4od $nd ! furthermore
prayed to the 1ord 4od to cause the demons
without, that hamper humanity, to be bound and
made to approach the Temple of 4od Some of these
demons ! condemned to do the heavy work of the
construction of the Temple of 4od Others ! shut up
in prisons Others ! ordered to wrestle with fire in
0the making of2 gold and silver, sitting down by lead
and spoon $nd to make ready places for the other
demons in which they should be confined
&F' $nd ! Solomon had much quiet in all the earth,
and spent my life in profound peace, honoured by
all men and by all under heaven $nd ! built the
entire Temple of the 1ord 4od $nd my kingdom
was prosperous, and my army was with me $nd for
the rest the city of *erusalem had repose, reBoicing
and delighted .,(/ $nd all the kings of the earth
came to me from the ends of the earth to behold the
Temple which ! builded to the 1ord 4od $nd
having heard of the wisdom given to me, they did
homage to me in the Temple, bringing gold and
silver and precious stones, many and divers, and
bronGe, and iron, and lead, and cedar logs $nd
woods decay not they brought me, for the
equipment of the Temple of 4od
&F( $nd among them also the queen of the South,
being a witch, came in great concern and bowed low
before me to the earth $nd having heard my
wisdom, she glorified the 4od of !srael, and she
made formal trial of all my wisdom, of all love in
which ! instructed her, according to the wisdom
imparted to me $nd all the sons of !srael glorified
&&F $nd behold, in those days one of the workmen,
of ripe old age, threw himself down before me, and
said; =King Solomon, pity me, because ! am old= So !
bade him stand up, and said; =Tell me, old man, all
you will= $nd he answered; =! beseech you king, !
have an only7born son, and he insults and beats me
openly, and plucks out the hair of my head, and
threatens me with a painful death Therefore !
beseech you avenge me
&&& $nd ! Solomon, on hearing this, felt
compunction as ! looked at his old age6 and ! bade
the child be brought to me $nd when he was
brought ! questioned him whether it were true $nd
the youth said; =! was not so filled with madness as
to strike my father with my hand 3e kind to me, O
king "or ! have not dared to commit such impiety,
poor wretch that ! am= 3ut ! Solomon on hearing
this from the youth, exhorted the old man to reflect
on the matter, and accept his son8s apology
+owever, he would not, but said he would rather let
him die $nd as the old man would not yield, ! was
about to pronounce sentence on the youth, when !
saw Ornias the demon laughing ! was very angry at
the demon8s laughing in my presence6 and ! ordered
my men to remove the other parties, and bring
forward Ornias before my tribunal $nd when he
was brought before me, ! said to him; =$ccursed one,
why didst thou look at me and laugh9= $nd the
demon answered; =Prithee, king, it was not because
of thee ! laughed, but because of this ill7starred old
man and the wretched youth, his son "or after three
days his son will die untimely6 and lo, the old man
desires to foully make away with him=
&&5 3ut ! Solomon, having heard this, said to the
demon; =!s that true that thou speakest9= $nd he
answered; =!t is true6 O king= $nd !, on hearing that,
bade them remove the demon, and that they should
again bring before me the old man with his son !
bade them
make friends with one another again,
and ! supplied them with food $nd then ! told the
old man after three days to bring his son again to me
here6 =and,= said !, =! will attend to him= $nd they
saluted me, and went their way
&&, $nd when they were gone ! ordered Ornias to
be brought forward, and said to him; =Tell me how
you know this6= and he answered; =Ae demons
ascend into the firmament of heaven, and fly about
among the stars $nd we hear the sentences which
go forth upon the souls of men, and forthwith we
come, and whether by force of influence, or by fire,
or by sword, or by some accident, we veil our act of
destruction6 and if a man does not die by some
untimely disaster or by violence, then we demons
transform ourselves in such a way as to appear to
men and be worshipped in our human nature=
&&> ! therefore, having heard this, glorified the 1ord
4od, and again ! questioned the demon, saying; =Tell
me how ye can ascend into heaven, being demons,
and amidst the stars and holy angels intermingle=
$nd he answered; =*ust as things are fulfilled in
heaven, so also on earth 0are fulfilled2 the types
all of them "or there are principalities, authorities,
, and we demons fly about in the air6
and we hear the voices of the heavenly beings, and
survey all the powers $nd as having no ground
0basis2 on which to alight and rest, we lose strength
and fall off like leaves from trees $nd men seeing us
imagine that the stars are falling from heaven 3ut it
is not really so, O king6 but we fall because of our
& #p +eb viii -
5 #p Eom viii ,'
, 1uke x &'; =! beheld Satan as
lightning fall from heaven= *une
weakness, and because we have nowhere anything
to lay hold of6 and so we fall down like lightnings
the depth of night and suddenly $nd we set cities in
flames and fire the fields "or the stars have firm
foundations in the heavens like the sun and the
&&- $nd ! Solomon, having heard this, ordered the
demon to be guarded for five days $nd after the
five days ! recalled the old man, and was about to
question him 3ut he came to me in grief and with
black face $nd ! said to him; =Tell me, old man,
where is thy son9 $nd what means this garb9= $nd
he answered; =1o, ! am become childless, and sit by
my son8s grave in despair "or it is already two days
that he is dead= 3ut ! Solomon, on hearing that, and
knowing that the demon Ornias had told me the
truth, glorified the 4od of !srael
&&: $nd the queen of the South saw all this, and
marvelled, .>&/ glorifying the 4od of !srael6 and she
beheld the Temple of the 1ord being builded $nd
she gave a siklos
of gold and one hundred myriads
of silver and choice bronGe, and she went into the
Temple $nd 0she beheld2 the altar of incense and
the braGen supports of this altar, and the gems of the
lamps flashing forth of different colours, and of the
lamp7stand of stone, and of emerald, and hyacinth,
and sapphire6 and she beheld the vessels of gold, and
silver, and bronGe, and wood, and the folds of skins
dyed red with madder $nd she saw the bases of the
pillars of the Temple of the 1ord $ll were of one
apart from the demons whom ! condemned
to labour $nd there was peace in the circle of my
kingdom and over all the earth
& $ shekel Philo has the form
s6)los, i >:' s6glos is the usual
spelling in the 1TT
5 There seems to be here a lacuna
in the @S
&&D $nd it came to pass, which ! was in my
kingdom, the King of the $rabians, $dares, sent me
a letter, and the writing of the letter was written as
follows; 77
=To King Solomon, all hailC 1o, we have
heard, and it hath been heard unto all
the ends of the earth, concerning the
wisdom vouchsafed in thee, and that
thou art a man merciful from the 1ord
$nd understanding hath been granted
thee over all the spirits of the air, and
on earth, and under the earth ?ow,
forasmuch as there is present in the
land of $rabia a spirit of the following
kind; at early dawn there begins to
blow a certain wind until the third
hour $nd its blast is harsh and
terrible, and it slays man and beast
$nd no spirit can live upon earth
against this demon ! pray thee then,
forasmuch as the spirit is a wind,
contrive something according to the
wisdom given in thee by the 1ord thy
4od, and deign to send a man able to
capture it $nd behold, King Solomon,
! and my people and all my land will
serve thee unto death $nd all $rabia
shall be at peace with thee, if thou wilt
perform this act of righteousness for
us Aherefore we pray thee, contemn
not our humble prayer, and suffer not
to be utterly brought to naught the
eparchy subordinated to thy authority
3ecause we are suppliants, both ! and
my people and all my land "arewell to
my 1ord $ll healthC=
&&' $nd ! Solomon read this epistle6 and ! folded it
up and gave it to my people, and said to them; =$fter
seven days shalt thou remind me of this epistle $nd
*erusalem was built, and the Temple was being
completed $nd there was a stone
, the end stone .>5/
of the corner lying there, great, chosen out, one
which ! desired lay in the head of the corner of the
completion of the Temple $nd all the workmen, and
all the demons helping them came to the same place
to bring up the stone and lay it on the pinnacle of the
holy Temple, and were not strong enough to stir it,
and lay it upon the corner allotted to it "or that
stone was exceedingly great and useful for the
corner of the Temple=
& #p ! Pet ii :, D, who combines
in the same way Ps cxviii 55 and
!sa xxviii &: #p @att xxi >5,
@ark xii, &F, 1uke xx, &D
&&( $nd after seven days, being reminded of the
epistle of $dares, King of $rabia, ! called my servant
and said to him; =Order thy camel and take for
thyself a leather flask, and take also this seal $nd go
away into $rabia to the place in which the evil spirit
blows6 and there take the flask, and the signet7ring in
front of the mouth of the flask, and 0hold them2
towards the blast of the spirit $nd when the flask is
blown out, thou wilt understand that the demon is
0in it2 Then hastily tie up the mouth of to flask, and
seal it securely with the seal7ring, and lay it carefully
on the camel and bring it me hither $nd if on the
way it offer thee gold or silver or treasure in return
for letting it go, see that thou be not persuaded 3ut
arrange without using oath to release it $nd then if
it point out to the places where are gold or silver,
mark the places and seal them with this seal $nd
bring the demon to me $nd now depart, and fare
thee well=
&5F Then the youth did as was bidden him $nd he
ordered his camel, and laid on it a flask, and set off
into $rabia $nd the men of that region would not
believe that he would be able to catch the evil spirit
$nd when it was dawn, the servant stood before the
spirit8s blast, and laid the flask on the ground, and
the finger7ring on the mouth of the flask $nd the
demon blew through the middle of the finger7ring
into the mouth of the flask, and going in blew out
the flask 3ut the man promptly stood up to it and
drew tight with his hand the mouth of the flask, in
the name of the 1ord 4od of SabaLth $nd the
demon remained within the flask $nd after that the
youth remained in that land three days to make trial
$nd the spirit no longer blew against that city $nd
all the $rabs knew that he had safely shut in the
&5& Then the youth fastened the flask on the camel,
and the $rabs sent him forth on his way with much
honour and precious gifts, praising and magnifying
the 4od of !srael 3ut the youth brought in the bag
and laid it in the middle of the Temple $nd on the
next day, ! King Solomon, went into the Temple of
4od and sat in deep distress about the stone of the
end of the corner $nd when .>,/ ! entered the
Temple, the flask stood up and walked around some
seven steps and then fell on its mouth and did
homage to me $nd ! marvelled that even along with
the bottle the demon still had power and could walk
about6 and ! commanded it to stand up $nd the
flask stood up, and stood on its feet all blown out
$nd ! questioned him, saying; =Tell me, who art
thou9= $nd the spirit within said; =! am the demon
called )phippas, that is in $rabia= $nd ! said to
him; =!s this thy name9= $nd he answered; =Res6
wheresoever ! will, ! alight and set fire and do to
&55 $nd ! said to him; =3y what angel art thou
frustrated9= $nd he answered; =3y the only7ruling
4od, that hath authority over me even to be heard
+e that is to be born of a virgin and crucified by the
*ews on a cross Ahom the angels and archangels
worship +e doth frustrate me, and enfeeble me of
my great strength, which has been given me by my
father the devil= $nd ! said to him; =Ahat canst thou
do988 $nd he answered; 88! am able to remove
mountains, to overthrow the oaths of kings ! wither
trees and make their leaves to fall off= $nd ! said to
him; =#anst thou raise this stone, and lay it for the
beginning of this corner which exists in the fair plan
of the Temple
988 $nd he said; =?ot only raise this, O
king6 but also, with the help of the demon who
presides over the Eed Sea, ! will bring up the pillar
of air
, and will stand it where thou wilt in
& #p the faith which removes
5 3ornemann suggests that the
gate of the Temple called
3eautiful 0$cts iii 5, &F2 is
referred to
, ! conBecture the sense
&5, Saying this, ! laid stress on him, and the flask
became as if depleted of air $nd ! placed it under
the stone, and 0the spirit2 girded himself up, and
lifted it up top of the flask $nd the flask went up the
steps, carrying the stone, and laid it down at the end
of the entrance of the Temple $nd ! Solomon,
beholding the stone raised aloft and placed on a
foundation, said; =Truly the Scripture is fulfilled,
which says; 8The stone which the builders reBected on
trial, that same is become the head of the corner8 "or
this it is not mine to grant, but 4od8s, that the demon
should be strong enough to lift up so great a stone
and deposit it in the place ! wished=
&5> $nd )phippas led the demon of the Eed Sea
with the column $nd they both took the column
and raised it aloft from the earth $nd ! outwitted
these two spirits, so that they could not shake the
entire earth in a moment of time $nd then ! sealed
round with my .>>/ ring on this side and that, and
said; =Aatch= $nd the spirits have remained
upholding it until this day, for proof of the wisdom
vouchsafed to me $nd there the pillar was hanging
of enormous siGe, in mid air, supported by the
winds $nd thus the spirits appeared underneath,
like air, supporting it $nd if one looks fixedly, the
pillar is a little oblique, being supported by the
spirits6 and it is so to day
&5- $nd ! Solomon questioned the other spirit
which came up with the pillar from the depth of the
Eed Sea $nd ! said to him; =Aho art thou, and what
calls thee9 $nd what is thy business9 "or ! hear
many things about thee88 $nd the demon answered;
=!, O King Solomon, am called $beGithibod ! am a
descendant of the archangel Once as ! sat in the first
heaven, of which the name is $meleouth 77 ! then am
a fierce spirit and winged, and with a single wing,
plotting against every spirit under heaven ! was
present when @oses went in before Pharaoh, king of
)gypt, and ! hardened his heart ! am he whom
!annes and !ambres invoked homing
with @oses in
)gypt ! am he who fought against @oses
wonders with signs=
& o6)oy$7menoi in the @S, a vo$
nihili !f we had the apocryph of
!annes and !ambres we might
understand the reference
5 5 Tim iii '
&5: ! said therefore to him; =+ow wast thou found
in the Eed Sea9= $nd he answered; =!n the exodus of
the sons of !srael ! hardened the heart of Pharaoh
$nd ! excited his heart and that of his ministers $nd
! caused them to pursue after the children of !srael
$nd Pharaoh followed with 0me2 and all the
)gyptians Then ! was present there, and we
followed together $nd we all came up upon the Eed
Sea $nd it came to pass when the children of !srael
had crossed over, the water returned and hid all the
host of the )gyptians and all their might $nd !
remained in the sea, being kept under this pillar 3ut
when )phippas came, being sent by thee, shut up in
the vessel of a flask, he fetched me up to thee=
&5D !, therefore, Solomon, having heard this,
glorified 4od and adBured the demons not to disobey
me, but to remain supporting the pillar $nd they
both sware, saying; =The 1ord thy 4od liveth, we
will not let go this pillar until the world8s end 3ut on
whatever day this stone fall, then shall be the end of
the world
& This legend of the heavy
cornerstone and of the spirits
supporting a column in the
Temple reappears in the 4eorgian
$cts of ?ouna in the fourth
century There it is a huge
wooden column that is lifted by
spirit7agency, when the king and
workmen had failed to move it
into place The spirits support it in
the air before letting it sink into its
place These $cts will shortly
appear in an )nglish translation
by @iss Aardrop in the
forthcoming number of the Studie
!iblica, #larendon Press, &'('
&5' $nd ! Solomon glorified 4od, and adorned the
Temple of the 1ord with all fair7seeming $nd ! was
glad in spirit in my kingdom, and there was peace in
my days $nd ! took wives of my own from every
land, who were numberless $nd ! marched against
the *ebusaeans, and there ! saw *ebusaean, daughter
of a man; and fell violently in love with her, and
desired to take her to wife along with my other
wives $nd ! said to their priests; =4ive me the
Sonmanites 0ie Shunammite2 to wife
= 3ut the
priests of @oloch said to me; =!f thou lovest this
maiden, go in and worship our gods, the great god
Eaphan and the god called @oloch= ! therefore was
in fear of the glory of 4od, and did not follow to
worship $nd ! said to them; =! will not worship a
strange god Ahat is this proposal, that ye compel
me to do so much9= 3ut they said; =
by our
& Song of Sol vi &5
5 uthe8s 0sic2 stands in the @S6
perhaps ta9s thea9s should be read
&5( $nd when ! answered that ! would on no
account worship strange gods, they told the maiden
not to sleep with me until ! complied and sacrificed
to the gods ! then was moved, but crafty )ros
& "em So Eom xi >
brought and laid by her for me five grasshoppers,
saying; =Take these grasshoppers, and crush them
together in the name of the god @oloch6 and then
will ! sleep with you= $nd this ! actually did $nd at
once the Spirit of 4od departed from me, and !
became weak as well as foolish in my words $nd
after that ! was obliged by her to build a temple of
idols to 3aal
, and to Eapha, and to @oloch, and to
the other idols
&,F ! then, wretch that ! am, followed her advice,
and the glory of 4od quite departed from me6 and
my spirit was darkened, and ! became the sport of
idols and demons Aherefore ! wrote out this
Testament, that ye who get possession of it may pity,
and attend to the last things
, and not to the first So
that ye may find grace for ever and ever $men
& #p Eev ii &(
The 4reater Keys of Solomon
:-lavicula Salomonis;
edited by S 1iddell @ac4regor @athers
This digital edition by *oseph + Peterson,
#opyright U &((( $ll rights reserved
Figure . The mysti!al figure of Solomon, from "ans. #$%.
&ntrodu!tion by 'ose(h ). *eterson.
The <ey o1 Solomon is the most famous and important of all 4rimoires, or
handbooks of @agic $s $) Aaite has stated 0!-=, pg -'2 =$t the head of all,
and, within certain limits, the inspiration and the source of all, stands the <ey o1
Solomon @r @athers8 presentation of the <ey o1 Solomon, which is still in print,
though the work of an uncritical hand, must be held to remove the necessity for
entering into a detailed account of the contents of that curious work The <ey o1
Solomon can scarcely be Budged accurately in the light of its )nglish version, for
the translator, preternaturally regarding it as a highly honourable memorial of
lawful magic, has excised as much as possible the 4oVtic portions, on the ground
that they are interpolations, which is of course arbitrary=
@r Aaite8s harsh criticism is hardly Bustified !n fact, @athers excised very little
$ctually, three of the four significant excisions are operations dealing with love
magic 0#olorno, chapters &&7&,; The experiment of 1ove, and how it should be
performed6 The experiment or operation of the $pple6 Of the operation of love
by her dreams, and how one must practice it The fourth excision is chapter &>;
Operations and experiments regarding hate and destruction of enemies2
!t is true that the @athers edition would not be considered critical by modern
standards of scholarship 0but Aaite8s editions of various esoteric texts leave far
more to be desired than @athers82 )specially wanting are a proper critical
apparatus, an analysis of the relation between manuscripts, and better utiliGation
of the 1atin and !talian manuscripts ?evertheless, this edition has stood the test
of time
Of course, none of the manuscripts used by @athers qualify as =ancient= or even
=medieval=6 the oldest is probably &:th century There are however precedents
going back further, on which see Eichard 4reenfield8s Traditions o1 !elie1 in >ate
!y"antine 5emonology
@athers8 translation is almost entirely dependant on "rench #olorno manuscript
exemplars dating &'th century These are represented by the Kings 5'', +arley
,('&, and Sloane ,F(& manuscripts Of these Kings 5'' is the easiest to read
$braham #olorno, a *ewish engineer of @antua 0fl &-D'7&-('2 translated it from
the !talian
!n addition, @athers made significant use of 1ansdowne &5F5, even though he
pronounces it =more concise in style= !ts title page reads; =1)S HE$!S
#1$H!#I1)S %I EO! S$1O@O? P$E $E@$%)1= The wording in 1ans
&5F5 often coincides exactly with the #olorno manuscripts, which convinces me
that it was based mainly on a #olorno ancestor +owever the frequent deviations
and elisions suggest to me that the editor was trying to make a more concise and
readable edition, which of course makes its authority less reliable 1ans &5F5
displays simple mistakes in some of the 1atin passages
$lso heavily used by @athers was >.S ?@R&T#!>.S ->#?&->.S 5.
S#>O=O+, Traduites de lA,ebreu$ en langue >atine Par le Rabin #!O(+#0#R
01ansdowne @SS &5F,2 !ts inclusion by @athers is puGGling because it is utterly
different in content from the other manuscripts 0aside from a few of the pentacles
at the end of the manuscript2 and really should stand alone as a separate text
Sloane &,FD is in !talian, and has much material not found in other manuscripts
Some of the material however can be found in the other !talian manuscript
bound with $d &F':5, referred to as =Secorbeni= Sl &,FD only has thirteen
pentacles, and much of the lettering in them is in Eoman letters instead of the
+ebrew found in most other manuscripts
"or more details on the individual manuscripts, see the 3ritish 1ibrary
@anuscript catalogue $lso, see =#(&- #+5 .BP.R&=.+T#> S-&.+-. by
1ynn Thorndike, #hapter T1!T; Solomon and the $rs ?otoria
Since @athers8 edition was published, many more manuscripts have been
uncovered, including several )nglish manuscripts 0such as The <ey o1 <nowledge2,
three +ebrew manuscripts 0including one published by 4ollancG, &(&>2, and a
fifteenth7century 4reek manuscript 0+arl --(:2 which may be the prototype of
the entire genre
! have omitted @athers8 diagrams from this e7text, since they are available in a
low cost paperback edition from Aeiser ! have however, supplied some
examples from various manuscripts which were not taken from @athers8 edition
The pentacles are perhaps the biggest puGGle on the textual tradition of -lavicula
Salomonis Infortunately @athers does nothing to elucidate or even acknowledge
the puGGle 4ollancG8 +ebrew manuscript shows nine pentacles in a section titled
=#oncerning the sanctity of the nine Kandariri 0talismans2, 0revealed unto King
Solomon2= 0>'a7>(a2 Perhaps these are the nine mentioned in the text where the
spirits are conBured =by the nine medals or pentacles which we have among our
symbols= These nine do not appear in the Oriental manuscript There is a series
of 5> pentacles in the 4reek manuscript6 they are reminiscent of those in
4ollancG, but by no means identical Some of the pentacles found in the
manuscripts used by @athers are also reminiscent of the 4reek and +ebrew
ones, but many are clearly late inventions based on $grippa, #rchido$es, and
other sources @athers seems to have narrowed those in his edition to exclude
most of these clearly later ones To give some sense of the state of these pentacles
! have included many examples in my editions of 1ans &5F5 and 1ans &5F,
! cannot begin to convey my contempt for 1A de 1aurence and his bootleg
edition of this work, which he retitled The (reater <ey o1 Solomon 0#hicago, &(&>2
3esides taking credit for @athers8 work, he has made many alterations to the
texts in order to promote his mail7order business $s an example, he altered the
spell in chapter ( by inserting =after burning one7half teaspoonful of Temple
&ncense= +e even inserted ordering information directly into the text Particularly
ironic is his (reat !oo) o1 =agical #rt, ,indoo =agic C &ndian Occultism 0&(&-2
which is a rip7off 0again without acknowledgement2 of "rances 3arrett8s The
=agus, or -elestial &ntelligencer 0&'F&2, which in turn is a rip7off of $grippa8s
Occult PhilosophyC
Preface 0by editor2
Preliminary discourse
!ntroduction from $dd @SS &F':5
!ntroduction from 1ansdowne @SS &5F,
Table &; Planetary hours
Table 5; @agical ?ames of the +ours and $ngels
Table ,; $rchangels, $ngels, @etals, %ays, and #olors for each Planet
& #oncerning the divine love which ought to precede the acquisition of
this knowledge
5 Of the days, hours, and virtues of the planets
, #oncerning the arts6 construction of the circle
> The confession
- Prayer and conBurations
: Stronger and more potent conBuration
D $n extremely powerful conBuration
' #oncerning the pentacles
( )xperiment concerning things stolen
&F )xperiment of invisibility
&& To hinder a sportsman from killing any game
&5 +ow to make the magic garters
&, +ow to make the magic carpet proper for interrogating intelligences
&> +ow to render thyself master of a treasure possessed by the spirits
&- )xperiment of seeking favour and love
&: Operations of mockery, invisibility, and deceit
&D )xtraordinary experiments and operations
&' #oncerning the holy pentacles or medals
Pentacles of Saturn
Pentacles of *upiter
Pentacles of @ars
Pentacles of the Sun
Pentacles of Henus
Pentacles of @ercury
Pentacles of the @oon
+OO, #
Prefatory note
& $t Ahat +our after the Preparation of $ll Things ?ecessary, Ae Should
3ring the )xercise of the $rt to Perfection
5 !n Ahat @anner the @aster of the $rt Should Keep, Eule, $nd 4overn
, +ow the #ompanions or %isciples of the @aster of the $rt Ought to
Eegulate and 4overn Themselves
> #oncerning the "asting, #are, and Things to be Observed
- #oncerning the 3aths, and +ow They $re To 3e $rranged
: Of The 4arments $nd Shoes Of The $rt
D Of Places Aherein Ae @ay #onveniently )xecute The )xperiments
$nd Operations Of The $rt
' Of The Knife, Sword, Sickle, Poniard, %agger, 1ance, Aand, Staff, and
Other !nstruments Of @agical $rt
( Of The "ormation Of The #ircle
&F #oncerning !ncense, Suffumigations, Perfumes, Odours, and Similar
Things Ahich $re Ised !n @agical $rts
&& Of The Aater, and of the +yssop
&5 Of the 1ight, and of the "ire
&, #oncerning The Precepts Of The $rt
&> Of The Pen, !nk, $nd #olours
&- Of The Pen Of The Swallow $nd Of The #row
&: Of The 3lood Of The 3at, Pigeon, $nd Other $nimals
&D Of Hirgin Parchment, or Hirgin Paper, $nd +ow !t Should 3e
&' Of Aax $nd Hirgin )arth
&( #oncerning The ?eedle $nd Other !ron !nstruments
5F #oncerning The Silken #loth
5& #oncerning #haracters, $nd The #onsecration Of The @agical 3ook
55 #oncerning Sacrifices To The Spirits, $nd +ow They Should 3e @ade
"ragment from )liphaG 1evi
Wabalistic invocation of Solomon from )liphaG 1evi
!n presenting this celebrated magical work to the student of occult
science some few prefatory remarks are necessary
The Key of Solomon, save for a curtailed and incomplete copy
published in "rance in the seventeenth century, has never yet been
printed, but has for centuries remained in @anuscript form
inaccessible to all but the few fortunate scholars to whom the inmost
recesses of the great libraries were open ! therefore consider that ! am
highly honored in being the individual to whose lot it has fallen to
usher it into the light of day
The fountain7head and storehouse of Wabalistical @agic, and the
origin of much of the #eremonial @agic of mediXval times, the 8Key8
has been ever valued by occult writers as a work of the highest
authority6 and notably in our own day )liphaG 1Mvi has taken it for
the model on which his celebrated 85ogme et Rituel de la ,aute =agie8
was based !t must be evident to the initiated reader of 1Mvi, that the
Key of Solomon was his text book of study, and at the end of this
volume ! give a fragment of an ancient +ebrew manuscript of the 8Key
of Solomon,8 translated and published in the 8Philosophie Occulte,8 as
well as an !nvocation called the 8Wabalistical !nvocation of Solomon,8
which bears close analogy to one in the "irst 3ook, being constructed
in the same manner on the scheme of the Sephiroth
The history of the +ebrew original of the 8Key of Solomon,8 is given in
the !ntroductions, but there is every reason to suppose that this has
been entirely lost, and #hristian, the pupil of 1Mvi, says as much in his
8+istoire de la @agie8
! see no reason to doubt the tradition which assigns the authorship of
the 8Key8 to King Solomon, for among others *osephus, the *ewish
historian, especially mentions the magical works attributed to that
monarch6 this is confirmed by many )astern traditions, and his
magical skill is frequently mentioned in the $rabian ?ights
There are, however, two works on 3lack @agic, the 8(rimorium
?erum,8 and the 8-lavicola di Salomone ridolta,8 which have been
attributed to Solomon, and which have been in some cases especially
mixed up with the present work6 but which have nothing really to do
therewith6 they are full of evil magic, and ! cannot caution the
practical student too strongly against them
There is also another work called 81emegeton or the 1esser Key of
Solomon the King,8 which is full of seals of various Spirits, and is not
the same as the present book, though extremely valuable in its own
!n editing this volume ! have omitted one or two experiments
partaking largely of 3lack @agic, and which had evidently been
derived from the two 4oetic works mentioned above6 ! must further
caution the practical worker against the use of blood6 the prayer, the
pentacle, and the perfumes, rightly used, are sufficient6 and the former
verges dangerously on the evil path 1et him who, in spite of the
warnings of this volume, determines to work evil, be assured that evil
will recoil on himself and that he will be struck by the reflex current
This work is edited from several ancient @SS in the 3ritish @useum
which all differ from each other in various points, some giving what is
omitted by the others, but all unfortunately agreeing in one thing,
which is the execrable mangling of the +ebrew words through the
ignorance of the transcribers 3ut it is in the Pentacles that the +ebrew
is worse, the letters being so vilely scribbled as to he actually
undecipherable in some instances, and it has been part of my work for
several years to correct and reinstate the proper +ebrew and @agical
characters in the Pentacles The student may therefore safely rely on
their being now as nearly correct in their present reproduction as it is
possible for them to be ! have therefore, wherever ! could, corrected
the +ebrew of the @agical ?ames in the #onBurations and Pentacles6
and in the few instances where it was not possible to do so, ! have put
them in the most usual form6 carefully collating throughout one @S
with another The #hapters are a little differently classed in the
various @SS, in some instances the matter contained in them being
transposed, Kc ! have added notes wherever necessary
The @SS from which this work is edited are; 77 $dd @SS, &F,':56
Sloane @SS, &,FD and ,F(&6 +arleian @SS, ,('&6 King8s @SS, 5''6
and 1ansdowne @SS, &5F5 and &5F,6 seven codices in all
Of all these &F,':5 $dd @SS is the oldest, its date being about the
end of the sixteenth century
6 ,('& +arleian is probably about the
middle of the seventeenth century
6 the others of rather later date
& The 3ritish
catalogue entry
lists this as
&Dth century
5 +arley ,('&
is probably
century 7*+P
$dd @SS &F,':5 is written in contracted 1atin, and is hard to read
but it contains #hapters which are omitted in the others and also an
important !ntroduction !t is more concise in its wording !ts title is
short, being simply 8The Key of Solomon, translated from the +ebrew
language into the 1atin8 $n exact copy of the signature of the writer
of this @S is given in "igure (,
The Pentacles are very badly drawn
, @anuscript
title reads
#lavicula, ex
+ebrXo in
traducta= The
appears to read
$braham8 !t is
bound with an
second copy in
!talian titled
#lavicola dal
Ee Salomone=
Figure /%, from .d. $01#, fol. 0$2.
,('& +arleian @SS6 5'' King8s @SS6 and ,F(& Sloane @SS, are
similar, and contain the same matter and nearly the same wording6
but the latter @S has many errors of transcription They are all in
"rench The #onBurations and wording of these are much fuller than
in &F,':5 $dd @SS and &5F5 1ansdowne @SS The title is 8The Key of
Solomon King of the +ebrews, translated from the +ebrew 1anguage
into !talian by $braham #olorno, by the order of his most Serene
+ighness of @antua6 and recently put into "rench The Pentacles are
much better drawn, are in coloured inks, and in the case of ,F(&
Sloane @SS, gold and silver are employed
&,FD Sloane @SS is in !talian6 its Title is 81a #lavicola di Salomone
Eedotta et epilogata nella nostra materna lingua del dottissimo 4io
Peccatrix8 !t is full of 3lack @agic, and is a Bumble of the Key of
Solomon proper, and the two 3lack @agic books before mentioned
The Pentacles are badly drawn !t, however, gives part of the
!ntroduction to &F,':5 $dd @SS, and is the only other @S which
does, save the beginning of another !talian version which is bound up
with the former @S, and bears the title 8Secorbenei8
&5F5 1ansdowne @SS is 8The True Keys of King Solomon, by
$rmadel8 !t is beautifully written, with painted initial letters, and the
Pentacles are carefully drawn in coloured inks !t is more concise in
style, but omits several #hapters $t the end are some short extracts
from the (rimorium ?erum with the Seals of evil spirits, which, as they
do not belong to the 8Key of Solomon8 proper, ! have not given "or the
evident classification of the 8Key8 is in two books and no more

> This
material is
titled >ivre
0=3ook ,=2 and
>ivre Quatrieme
0=3ook >=2
&5F, 1ansdowne @SS is 8The Heritable Keys of Solomon translated
from the +ebrew into the 1atin language by the Eabbin $bognaGar
09$ben )Gra28 !t is in "rench, exquisitely written in printing letters,
and the Pentacles are carefully drawn in coloured inks Though
containing similar matter to the others, the arrangement is utterly
different6 being all in one book, and not even divided into chapters
The antiquity of the Planetary Sigils is shown by the fact that, among
the 4nostic Talismans in the 3ritish @useum, there is a ring of copper
with the sigils of Henus, which are exactly the same as those given by
the mediXval writers on @agic
Ahere Psalms are referred to ! have in all instances given the )nglish
and not the +ebrew numbering of them
!n some places ! have substituted the word $SOT+ for 8$lpha and
Omega,8 e.g., on the blade of the Knife with the 3lack +ilt, Digure :5 !
may remark that the @agical Sword may, in many cases, be used
instead of the Knife
!n conclusion ! will only mention, for the benefit of non7+ebraists, that
+ebrew is written from right to left, and that from the consonantal
nature of the +ebrew $lphabet, it will require fewer letters than in
)nglish to express the same word
! take this opportunity of expressing my obligations to %r Aynn
Aestcott for the valuable assistance he has given me in the
reconstruction of the +ebrew Pentacles
S 1!%%)11 @$#4E)4OE @$T+)ES
1ondon, October, &'''
*-E"&3&N.-4 5&SCO6-SE
Drom >ansdowne =SS. EFGH, AThe ?eritable -lavicles o1
Solomon, translated 1rom the ,ebrew into the >atin language
by the Rabbi #bogna"ar.A

5 ! fancy this must be a
corruption of 8$ben )Gra8
)very one knoweth in the present day that from time
immemorial Solomon possessed knowledge inspired by
the wise teachings of an angel, to which he appeared so
submissive and obedient, that in addition to the gift of
wisdom, which he demanded, he obtained with
profusion all the other virtues6 which happened in order
that knowledge worthy of eternal preservation might
not be buried with his body 3eing, so to speak, near his
end, he left to his son Eoboam a Testament which
should contain all 0the Aisdom2 he had possessed prior
to his death The Eabbins, who were careful to cultivate
0the same knowledge2 after him, called this Testament
the #lavicle or Key of Solomon, which they caused to be
engraved on 0pieces of2 the bark of trees, while the
Pentacles were inscribed in +ebrew letters on plates of
copper, so that they might be carefully preserved in the
Temple which that wise king had caused to be built
This Testament was in ancient time translated from the
+ebrew into the 1atin language by Eabbi $bognaGar,
who transported it with him into the town of $rles in
Provence, where by a notable piece of good fortune the
ancient +ebrew #lavicle, that is to say, this precious
translation of it, fell into the hands of the $rchbishop of
$rles, after the destruction of the *ews in that city6 who,
from the 1atin, translated it into the vulgar tongue, in
the same terms which here follow, without having either
changed or augmented the original translation from the
Drom #dd. =SS. EGIJF, AThe <ey o1 Solomon, translated into
>atin 1rom the ,ebrew idiom.A
Treasure up, O my son EoboamC the wisdom of my
words, seeing that !, Solomon, have received it from the
Then answered Eoboam, and said; +ow have ! deserved
to follow the example of my father Solomon in such
things, who hath been found worthy to receive the
knowledge of all living things through 0the teaching of2
an $ngel of 4od9
$nd Solomon said; +ear, O my son, and receive my
sayings, and learn the wonders of 4od "or, on a certain
night, when ! laid me down to sleep, ! called upon that
most holy ?ame of 4od, !$+, and prayed for the
!neffable Aisdom, and when ! was beginning to close
mine eyes, the $ngel of the 1ord, even +omadiel,
appeared unto me, spake many things courteously unto
me, and said; 1isten O SolomonC thy prayer before the
@ost +igh is not in vain, and since thou hast asked
neither for long life, nor for much riches, nor for the
souls of thine enemies, but hast asked for thyself
wisdom to perform Bustice Thus saith the 1ord;
$ccording to thy word have ! given unto thee a wise
and understanding heart, so that before thee was none
like unto thee, nor ever shall arise
$nd when ! comprehended the speech which was made
unto me, ! understood that in me was the knowledge of
all creatures, both things which are in the heavens and
things which are beneath the heavens6 and ! saw that all
the writings and wisdom of this present age were vain
and futile, and that no man was perfect $nd !
composed a certain work wherein ! rehearsed the secret
of secrets, in which ! have preserved them hidden, and !
have also therein concealed all secrets whatsoever of
magical arts of any masters6 any secret or experiments,
namely, of these sciences which is in any way worth
being accomplished $lso ! have written them in this
Key, so that like as a key openeth a treasure7house, so
this 0Key2 alone may open the knowledge and
understanding of magical arts and sciences
Therefore, O my sonC thou mayest see every experiment
of mine or of others, and let everything be properly
prepared for them, as thou shalt see properly set down
by me, both day and hour, and all things necessary6 for
without this there will be but falsehood and vanity in
this my work6 wherein are hidden all secrets and
mysteries which can be performed6 and that which is
0set down2 concerning a single divination or a single
experiment, that same ! think concerning all things
which are in the Iniverse, and which have been, and
which shall be in future time
Therefore, O my son Eoboam, ! command thee by the
blessing which thou expectest from thy father, that thou
shall make an !vory #asket, and therein place, keep, and
hide this my Key6 and when ! shall have passed away
unto my fathers, ! entreat thee to place the same in my
Sepulchre beside me, lest at another time it might fall
into the hands of the wicked $nd as Solomon
commanded, so was it done
$nd when, therefore 0men2 had waited for a long time,
there came unto the Sepulchre certain 3abylonian
Philosophers6 and when they had assembled they at
once took counsel together that a certain number of men
should renew the Sepulchre in his 0Solomon8s2 honour6
and when the Sepulchre was dug out and repaired the
!vory #asket was discovered, and therein was the Key
of Secrets, which they took with Boyful mind, and when
they had opened it none among them could understand
it on account of the obscurity of the words and their
occult arrangement, and the hidden character of the
sense and knowledge, for they were not worthy to
possess this treasure
Then, therefore, arose one among them, more worthy
0than the others2, both in the sight of the gods, and by
reason of his age, who was called !ohM 4revis
, and said
unto the others; Inless we shall come and ask the
interpretation from the 1ord, with tears and entreaties,
we shall never arrive at the knowledge of it
, ! think this is correct, but
the name is very indistinctly
written in the @S, which is
difficult to decipher !n
another copy of the #lavicle it
is written !roe 4recis, but !
think this is an error 7S1@
!n Sloane @s ,'>D it is clearly
rendered as =Ptolomeus the
4recian= 7*+P
Therefore, when each of them had retired to his bed,
!ohM indeed falling upon his face on the earth, began to
weep, and striking his breast, and said;
Ahat have ! deserved 0above others2, seeing that so
many men can neither understand nor interpret this
knowledge, even though there were no secret thing in
nature which the 1ord hath hidden from meC Aherefore
are these words so obscure9 Aherefore am ! so
$nd then on his bended knees, stretching his hands to
heaven, he said;
O 4od, the #reator of all, Thou Aho knowest all things,
Aho gavest so great Aisdom unto Solomon the Son of
%avid the King6 grant unto me, ! beseech Thee, O +oly
Omnipotent and !neffable "ather, to receive the virtue of
that wisdom, so that ! may become worthy by Thine aid
to attain unto the understanding of this Key Of Secrets
> 8@ihi8 in @S, but probably
a slip for 8unto him,8 8ei8
%o thou remember if the secrets of Solomon appear
hidden and obscure unto thee, that the 1ord hath
wished it, so that such wisdom may not fall into the
hands of wicked men6 wherefore do thou promise unto
me, that thou art not willing that so great wisdom
should ever come to any living creature, and that which
thou revealest unto any let them know that they must
keep it unto themselves, otherwise the secrets are
profaned and no effect can follow9
$nd !ohM answered; ! promise unto thee that to none
will ! reveal 0them2, save to the honour of the 1ord, and
with much discipline, unto penitent, secret, and faithful
Then answered the $ngel; 4o and read the Key, and its
words which were obscure throughout shall be manifest
unto thee
$nd after this the $ngel ascended into +eaven in a
"lame of "ire
Then !ohM was glad, and labouring with a clear mind,
understood that which the $ngel of the 1ord had said,
and he saw that the Key of Solomon was changed, so
that it appeared quite clear unto him plainly in all parts
$nd !ohM understood that this Aork might fall into the
hands of the ignorant, and he said; ! conBure him into
whose hands this secret may come, by the Power of the
#reator, and +is Aisdom, that in all things he may,
desire, intend and perform, that this Treasure may come
unto no unworthy 0person2, nor may he manifest it unto
any who is unwise, nor unto one who feareth not 4od
3ecause if he act otherwise, ! pray 4od that he may
never be worthy to attain unto the desired effect
$nd so he deposited the Key, which Solomon
preserved, in the !vory #asket 3ut the Aords of the Key
are as follows, divided into two books, and shown in
From Lansdowne MSS. 1203, "The Veritable Clavicles o
Solomon," translated rom the !ebrew into the Latin
b" the #abbi $bo%na&ar.
O my Son EoboamC seeing that of all Sciences there is
none more useful than the knowledge of #elestial
@ovements, ! have thought it my duty, being at the
point of death, to leave thee an inheritance more
precious than all the riches which ! have enBoyed $nd
in order that thou mayest understand how ! have
arrived at this degree 0of wisdom2, it is necessary to tell
thee that one day, when ! was meditating upon the
power of the Supreme 3eing, the $ngel of the 4reat 4od
appeared before me as ! was saying, O how wonderful
are the works of 4odC ! suddenly beheld, at the end of a
thickly7shaded vista of trees, a 1ight in the form of a
blaGing Star, which said unto me with a voice of
thunder; Solomon, Solomon, be not dismayed6 the 1ord
is willing to satisfy thy desire by giving thee knowledge
of whatsoever thing is most pleasant unto thee ! order
thee to ask of +im whatsoever thou desirest
Ahereupon, recovering from my surprise, ! answered
unto the $ngel, that according to the Aill of the 1ord, !
only desired the 4ift of Aisdom, and by the 4race of
4od ! obtained in addition the enBoyment of all the
#elestial treasures and the knowledge of all natural
!t is by this means, my Son, that ! possess all the virtues
and riches of which thou now seest me in the
enBoyment, and in order that thou mayest be willing to
be attentive to all which ! am about to relate to thee, and
that thou mayest retain with care all that ! am about to
tell thee, ! assure thee that the 4races of the 4reat 4od
will be familiar unto thee, and that the #elestial and
Terrestrial #reatures will be obedient unto thee, and a
science which only works by the strength and power of
natural things, and by the pure $ngels which govern
them Of which latter ! will give thee the names in order,
their exercises and particular employments to which
they are destined, together with the days over which
they particularly preside, in order that thou mayest
arrive at the accomplishment of all, which thou wilt find
in this my Testament !n all which ! promise thee
success, provided that all thy works only tend unto the
honour of 4od, Aho hath given me the power to rule,
not only over Terrestrial but also over #elestial things,
that is to say, over the $ngels, of whom ! am able to
dispose according to my will, and to obtain from them
very considerable services
"irstly !t is necessary for thee to understand that 4od,
having made all things, in order that they may be
submitted unto +im, hath wished to bring +is works to
perfection, by making one which participates of the
%ivine and of the Terrestrial, that is to say, @an6 whose
body is gross and terrestrial, while his soul is spiritual
and celestial, unto whom +e hath made subBect the
whole earth and its inhabitants, and hath given unto
+im means by which +e may render the $ngels
familiar, as ! call those #elestial creatures who are
destined; some to regulate the motion of the Stars,
others to inhabit the )lements, others to aid and direct
men, and others again to sing continually the praises of
the 1ord Thou mayest then, by the use of their seals and
characters, render them familiar unto thee, provided
that thou abusest not this privilege by demanding from
them things which are contrary to their nature6 for
accursed be he who will take the ?ame of 4od in vain,
and who will employ for evil purposes the knowledge
and good wherewith +e hath enriched us
! command thee, my Son, to carefully engrave in thy
memory all that ! say unto thee, in order that it may
never leave thee !f thou dost not intend to use for a
good purpose the secrets which ! here teach thee, !
command thee rather to cast this Testament into the fire,
than to abuse the power thou wilt have of constraining
the Spirits, for ! warn thee that the beneficent $ngels,
wearied and fatigued by thine illicit demands, would to
thy sorrow execute the commands of 4od, as well as to
that of all such who, with evil intent, would abuse those
secrets which +e hath given and revealed unto me
Think not, however, O my Son, that it would not be
permitted thee to profit by the good fortune and
happiness which the %ivine Spirits can bring thee6 on
the contrary, it gives them great pleasure to render
service to @an for whom many of these Spirits have
great liking and affinity, 4od having destined them for
the preservation and guidance of those Terrestrial things
which are submitted to the power of @an
There are different kinds of Spirits, according to the
things over which they preside6 some of them govern
the )mpyrean +eaven, others the Primum @obile,
others the "irst and Second #rystalline, others the Starry
+eaven6 there are also Spirits of the +eaven of Saturn,
which ! call Saturnites6 there are *ovial, @artial, Solar,
Henerean, @ercurial, and 1unar Spirits6 there are also
0Spirits2 in the )lements as well as in the +eavens, there
are some in the "iery Eegion, others in the $ir, others in
the Aater, and others upon the )arth, which can all
render service to that man who learns their nature, and
knows how to attract them
"urthermore, ! wish to make thee understand that 4od
hath destined to each one of us a Spirit, which watches
over us and takes care of our preservation6 these are
called 4enii, who are elementary like us, and who are
more ready to render service to those whose
temperament is conformed to the )lement which these
4enii inhabit6 for example, shouldest thou be of a fiery
temperament, that is to say sanguine, thy genius would
be fiery and submitted to the )mpire of 3aVl 3esides
this, there are special times reserved for the invocation
of these Spirits, in the days and hours when they have
power and absolute empire !t is for this reason that
thou wilt see in the following tables to what Planet and
to what $ngel each %ay and +our is submitted,
together with the #olours which belong unto them, the
@etals, +erbs, Plants, $quatic, $Vrial, and Terrestrial
$nimals, and !ncense, which are proper to each of them,
as also in what quarter of the Iniverse they ask to be
invoked ?either are omitted, the #onBurations, Seals,
#haracters, and %ivine 1etters, which belong to them,
by means of which we receive the power to sympathise
with these Spirits
T.+"E OF T)E *".NET.-4 )O6-S.
Sunday. 3onday. Tuesday. 7ednesday.
Thursday. Friday. Saturday.
@erc *up Hen Sat ' & Sun @oon @ars
@oon @ars @er *up ( 5 Hen Sat Sun
Sat Sun @oon @ars &F , @er *up Hen
*up Hen Sat Sun && > @oon @ars @er
@ars @er *up Hen &5 - Sat Sun @oon
Sun @oon @ars @er & : *up Hen Sat
Hen Sat Sun @oon 5 D @ars @er *up
@erc *up Hen Sat , ' Sun @oon @ars
@oon @ars @er *up > ( Hen Sat Sun
Sat Sun @oon @ars - &F @er *up Hen
*up Hen Sat Sun : && @oon @ars @er
@ars @er *up Hen D &5 Sat Sun @oon
Sun @oon @ars @er ' & *up Hen Sat
Hen Sat Sun @oon ( 5 @ars @er *up
@erc *up Hen Sat &F , Sun @oon @ars
@oon @ars @er *up && > Hen Sat Sun
Sat Sun @oon @ars &5 - @er *up Hen
*up Hen Sat Sun & : @oon @ars @er
@ars @er *up Hen 5 D Sat Sun @oon
Sun @oon @ars @er , ' *up Hen Sat
Hen Sat Sun @oon > ( @ars @er *up
@erc *up Hen Sat - &F Sun @oon @ars
@oon @ars @er *up : && Hen Sat Sun
Sat Sun @oon @ars D &5 @er *up Hen
Table o1 the =agical +ames o1 the ,ours, and o1 the #ngels who rule them, commencing
at the 1irst hour a1ter =idnight o1 each day, and ending at the ensuing =idnight
)ours. Sunday. 3onday. Tuesday. 7ednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday.
& Rayn Eaphael Sachiel $nael #assael @ichael 4abriel Samael
5 Ranor

4abriel Samael Eaphael Sachiel $nael #assiel @ichael
, ?asnia

#assiel @ichael 4abriel Samael Eaphael Sachiel $nael
> Salla Sachiel $nael #assiel @ichael 4abriel Samael Eaphael

Samael Eaphael Sachiel $nael #assiel @ichael 4abriel


@ichael 4abriel Samael Eaphael Sachiel $nael #assiel

D Ourer

$nael #assiel @ichael 4abriel Samael Eaphael Sachiel
' ThainM

Eaphael Sachiel $nael #assael @ichael 4abriel Samael
( ?eron

4abriel Samael Eaphael Sachiel $nael #assiel @ichael
&F Rayon

#assiel @ichael 4abriel Samael Eaphael Sachiel $nael
&& $bai

Sachiel $nael #assiel @ichael 4abriel Samael Eaphael

Samael Eaphael Sachiel $nael #assiel @ichael 4abriel
& 3eron

@ichael 4abriel Samael Eaphael Sachiel $nael #assiel

5 3arol $nael #assiel @ichael 4abriel Samael Eaphael Sachiel
, Thanu

Eaphael Sachiel $nael #assael @ichael 4abriel Samael
> $thor

4abriel Samael Eaphael Sachiel $nael #assiel @ichael

#assiel @ichael 4abriel Samael Eaphael Sachiel $nael

: Eana Sachiel $nael #assiel @ichael 4abriel Samael Eaphael
D ?etos

Samael Eaphael Sachiel $nael #assiel @ichael 4abriel

' Tafrac

@ichael 4abriel Samael Eaphael Sachiel $nael #assiel

( Sassur

$nael #assiel @ichael 4abriel Samael Eaphael Sachiel
&F $gla

Eaphael Sachiel $nael #assael @ichael 4abriel Samael
4abriel Samael Eaphael Sachiel $nael #assiel @ichael
&5 Salam

#assiel @ichael 4abriel Samael Eaphael Sachiel $nael
Table o1 the #rchangels, #ngels, =etals, 5ays o1 the Wee), and -olours attributed to
each Planet.
5ays. Saturday. Thursday. Tuesday. Sunday. Driday. Wednesday. =onday.
$rchangel TGaphqiel TGadiqel Khaniael Eaphael +aniel @ichael 4abriel
$ngel #assiel Sachiel Samael @ichael $nael Eaphael 4abriel
Planet Saturn *upiter @ars Sun Henus @ercury @oon
@etal 1ead Tin !ron 4old #opper @ercury Silver
#olour 3lack 3lue Eed Rellow 4reen
Purple or
@ixed #olours
NOTE +4 E5&TO-
These Tables have been collated and compared with various examples of both
@S and printed They are to be used thus; 77 Supposing the student wishes to
discover the properties of the hour from &5 to & o8clock pm on a Tuesday, let
him look in the 8Table of the Planetary +ours,8 and having found the hour
marked & in the column headed 8+ours from @idnight to @idnight,8 he will see
in the column headed 8+ours from Sunset to Sunset,8 on the same line the figure
', showing it to be the eighth hour of the day6 and in the column headed
Tuesday, the name @ars, showing that it is under the dominion of the planet
@ars On consulting the 8Table of the @agical ?ames of the +ours,8 etc, he will
find under the number &, the name 3eron, and in the column 8Tuesday,8 the name
of the angel Samael over against it on the same line, showing that the ruler of the
hour is the $ngel Samael, and that its @agical ?ame is 3eron "urther, on
referring to the third Table he will see that Tuesday is under the rule of the
planet @ars, whose $rchangel is Khamael, $ngel Samael, @etal !ron, and
#olour Eed Similarly it will be found that the hour from &F to && pm on
Saturday is the sixth hour of the night, under the dominion of the Sun, that its
@agical ?ame is #Yerra, and that the $ngel @ichael rules it6 while Saturday
itself is under the dominion of the $rchangel TGaphqiel, of the $ngel #assiel, of
the Planet Saturn, and that the @etal 1ead and the #olour 3lack are applicable to
The ensuing Text is taken from the following @SS, collated and compared with
each other
Sloane @SS &,FD6 Sloane @SS ,F(&6 +arleian @SS ,('&6 $dd @SS &F':56
King8s @SS 5''6 1ansdowne @SS &5F5
)xtracts have also been made from 1ansdowne @SS &5F,, which differs
considerably from the others in general arrangement, though containing very
similar matter
!n cases where the @SS varied from each other ! have taken the version which
seemed most likely to be correct, in some cases mentioning the variant readings
in footnotes ! have also, wherever it was possible to do so, corrected the +ebrew
names in the !ncantations, for these were in some cases so marred as to be hardly
recognisable6 eg 0enard, written for T"abaoth, etc
+OO, &
C).*TE- &
CONCE-N&NG T)E 5&8&NE "O8E 7)&C) O6G)T
TO *-ECE5E T)E .C96&S&T&ON OF T)&S
Solomon, the Son of %avid, King of !srael, hath said that
the beginning of our Key is to fear 4od, to adore +im, to
honour +im with contrition of heart, to invoke +im
all matters which we wish to undertake, and to operate
with very great devotion, for thus 4od will lead us in
the right way Ahen, therefore, thou shalt wish to
acquire the knowledge of @agical $rts and Sciences, it
is necessary to have prepared the order of hours and of
days, and of the position of the @oon, without the
operation of which thou canst effect nothing6 but if thou
observest them with diligence thou mayest easily and
thoroughly arrive at the effect and end which thou
desirest to attain
- &5F5 1ansdowne @SS
omits the concluding part of
this sentence
+OO, &
C).*TE- &&
OF T)E 5.4S, .N5 )O6-S, .N5 OF T)E
8&-T6ES OF T)E *".NETS.
thou wishest to make any experiment
or operation, thou must first prepare,
beforehand, all the requisites which thou wilt
find described in the following #hapters;
observing the days, the hours and the other
effects of the #onstellations which may be
found in this #hapter
: This first paragraph is omitted in &,FD
Sloane @SS, and in &F':5 $dd @SS
!t is, therefore, advisable to know that the
hours of the day and of the night together, are
twenty7four in number, and that each hour is
governed by one of the Seven Planets in
regular order, commencing at the highest and
descending to the lowest The order of the
Planets is as follows; Sh3Th$!, Shabbathai,
Saturn6 beneath Saturn is TG%W, TGedeq,
*upiter6 beneath *upiter is @$%!@, @adim,
@ars6 beneath @ars is Sh@Sh, Shemesh, the
Sun6 beneath the Sun is ?H4+, ?ogah, Henus6
beneath Henus is KHK3, Kokav, @ercury6 and
beneath @ercury is 13?+, 1evanah, the
@oon, which is the lowest of all the Planets
!t must, therefore, be understood that the
Planets have their dominion over the day
which approacheth nearest unto the name
which is given and attributed unto them 77 viG,
over Saturday, Saturn6 Thursday, *upiter6
Tuesday, @ars6
Sunday, the Sun6 "riday,
Henus6 Aednesday, @ercury6 and @onday,
the @oon
Z The concluding part of this sentence if
from 1ans &5F5 K 5'' ends the sentence
with =et ainsi des autres= 0and similarly
for the others2 7*+P
The rule of the Planets over each hour begins
from the dawn at the rising of the Sun on the
day which take its name from such Planet, and
Z K 5'' omits the rest of this sentence
the Planet which follows it in order, succeeds
to the rule over the next hour Thus 0on
Saturday2 Saturn rules the first hour, *upiter
the Second, @ars the third, the Sun the fourth,
Henus the fifth, @ercury the sixth, the @oon
the seventh, and Saturn returns in the rule
over the eighth, and the others in their turn,
the Planets always keeping the same relative
?ote that each experiment or magical
operation should be performed under the
Planet, and usually in the hour, which refers to
the same "or example; 77
!n the %ays and +ours of Saturn thou canst
perform experiments to summon the Souls
from +ades, but only of those who have died a
natural death Similarly on these days and
hours thou canst operate to bring either good
or bad fortune to buildings6 to have familiar
Spirits attend thee in sleep6 to cause good or ill
success in business, possessions, goods, seeds,
fruits, and similar things, in order to acquire
learning6 to bring destruction and to give
death, and to sow hatred and discord
The %ays and hours of *upiter are proper for
obtaining honours, acquiring riches6
contracting friendships, preserving health6 and
arriving at all that thou canst desire
!n the %ays and +ours of @ars thou canst
make experiments regarding Aar6 to arrive at
military honour6 to acquire courage6 to
overthrow enemies6 and further to cause ruin,
slaughter, cruelty, discord6 to wound and to
give death
The %ays and +ours of the Sun are very good
for perfecting experiments regarding temporal
wealth, hope, gain, fortune, divination, the
favour of princes, to dissolve hostile feeling,
and to make friends
The %ays and +ours of Henus are good for
forming friendships6 for kindness and love6 for
Boyous and pleasant undertakings, and for
The %ays and +ours of @ercury are good to
operate for eloquence and intelligence6
promptitude in business6 science and
divination6 wonders6 apparitions6 and answers
regarding the future Thou canst also operate
under this Planet for thefts6 writings6 deceit6
and merchandise
The %ays and +ours of the @oon are good for
embassies6 voyages6 envoys6 messages6
navigation6 reconciliation6 love6 and the
acquisition of merchandise by water

D @uch of these foregoing instructions is
omitted in the &F':5 $dd @SS, but
given in a different way in the ensuing
Thou shouldest take care punctually to
observe all the instructions contained in this
chapter, if thou desirest to succeed, seeing that
the truth of @agical Science dependeth
The hours of Saturn, of @ars, and of the @oon
are alike good for communicating and
speaking with Spirits6 as those of @ercury are
for recovering thefts by the means of Spirits
The hours of @ars serve for summoning Souls
from +ades,
especially of those slain in battle
' !n the "rench 8des )nfers,8 in the 1atin
8!nferis8 7S1@ K 5'' omits the rest of
this sentence 7*+P
The +ours of the Sun, of *upiter, and of Henus,
are adapted for preparing any operations
whatsoever of love, of kindness, and of
invisibility, as is hereafter more fully shown, to
which must be added other things of a similar
nature which are contained in our work
The +ours of Saturn and @ars and also the
days on which the @oon is conBunct
them, or when she receives their opposition or
quartile aspect, are excellent for making
experiments of hatred, enmity, quarrel, and
( #onBunction means being in the same
degree of the Sodiac6 opposition is being
&'F degrees, and quartile (F degrees
apart from each other
discord and other operations of the same kind
which are given later on in this work
The +ours of @ercury are good for
undertaking experiments relating to games,
raillery, Bests, sports, and the like

Z K 5'' adds; =et de choses qui paraissent
admirables, observant premierement tout
ce que nous dirons d8une telle matiere
dans les chapitres ici bas= 0and things
which appear admirable, first observing
all that we will say on the matter in the
chapters below2 7*+P
The +ours of the Sun, of *upiter, and of Henus,
particularly on the days which they rule, are
good for all extraordinary, uncommon, and
unknown operations
The +ours of the @oon are proper for making
trial of experiments relating to recovery of
stolen property, for obtaining nocturnal
visions, for summoning Spirits in sleep, and
for preparing anything relating to Aater
The +ours of Henus are furthermore useful for
lots, poisons, all things of the nature of Henus,
for preparing powders provocative of
madness6 and the like things

Z 1ans &5F5 inserts the tables of the
hours of the day and night at this point
@S pp D7' 7*+P
3ut in order to thoroughly effect the
operations of this $rt, thou shouldest perform
them not only on the +ours but on the %ays of
the Planets as well, because then the
experiment will always succeed better,
provided thou observest the rules laid down
later on, for if thou omittest one single
condition thou wilt never arrive at the
accomplishment of the $rt
"or those matters then which appertain unto
the @oon, such as the !nvocation of Spirit, the
Aorks of ?ecromancy, and the recovery of
stolen property, it is necessary that the @oon
should be in a Terrestrial Sign, viG; 77 Taurus,
Hirgo, or #apricorn
"or love, grace, and invisibility, the @oon
should be in a "iery Sign, viG; 77 $ries, 1eo, or
"or hatred, discord, and destruction, the @oon
should be in a Aatery Sign, viG; 77 #ancer,
Scorpio, or Pisces
Z 1ans &5F5 has this paragraph and the
preceding one Bumbled 7 *+P
"or experiments of a peculiar nature, which
cannot be classed under any certain head, the
@oon should be in an $iry Sign, viG; 77
4emini, 1ibra, or $quarius
3ut if these things seem unto thee difficult to
accomplish, it will suffice thee merely to notice
the @oon after her combustion, or conBunction
with the Sun, especially Bust when she
his beams and appeareth visible "or then it is
good to make all experiments for the
construction and operation of any matter That
is why the time from the ?ew unto the "ull
@oon is proper for performing any of the
experiments of which we have spoken above
3ut in her decrease or wane it is good for Aar,
%isturbance, and %iscord 1ikewise the period
when she is almost deprived of light, is proper
for experiments of invisibility, and of %eath
&F i.e. ?ew @oon
3ut observe inviolably that thou commence
nothing while the @oon is in conBunction with
the Sun, seeing that this is extremely
unfortunate, and that thou wilt then be able to
effect nothing6 but the @oon quitting his
beams and increasing in 1ight, thou canst
perform all that thou desirest, observing
nevertheless the directions in this #hapter
"urthermore, if thou wishest to converse with
Spirits it should be especially on the day of
@ercury and in his hour, and let the @oon he
in an $iry Sign,
as well as the Sun
&& !n $dd @SS &F':56 8or in an )arthy
Sign, as hath been before said8
thou then unto a secret place, where no
one may be able to see thee or to hinder thee,
before the completion of the experiment,
whether thou shouldest wish to work by day
or by night 3ut if thou shouldest wish to work
by night, perfect thy work on the succeeding
&5 The following paragraphs to the end
of this #hapter are only found in the
1atin version, $dd @SS &F':5
night6 if by day, seeing that the day beginneth
with the rising of the Sun 0perfect thy work on2
the succeeding day 3ut the +our of !nception
is the +our of @ercury
Herily, since no experiments for converse with
Spirits can be done without a #ircle being
prepared, whatsoever experiments therefore
thou wishest to undertake for conversing with
Spirits, therein thou must learn to construct a
certain particular #ircle6 that being done
surround that #ircle with the #ircle of $rt for
better caution and efficacy
+OO, &
C).*TE- &&&
!f thou wishest to succeed, it is necessary
to make the following )xperiments and
$rts in the appropriate %ays and +ours,
with the requisite solemnities and
ceremonies contained and laid down in
the following #hapters
)xperiments, then, are of two kinds6 the
first is to make trial of what, as ! have said,
can be easily performed without a #ircle,
and in this case it is not necessary to
observe anything but what thou wilt find
in the proper #hapters The second can in
no way be brought to perfection without
the #ircle6 and in order to accomplish this
perfectly it is necessary to take note of all
the preparations which the @aster of the
$rt and his %isciples must undertake
before constructing
the #ircle
&, Sloane @SS ,F(& says, 83efore
they come to the #ircle8 7S1@
1ans &5F5 reads =avant de faire le
cercle= 0before making the circle2
Kings 5'' also reads =vienne au
#ercle= 0come to the circle2 7 *+P
3efore commencing operations both the
@aster and his %isciple6 must abstain with
great and thorough continence during the
space of nine days from sensual pleasures
and from vain and foolish conversation6 as
plainly appeareth in the Second 3ook,
#hapter > Six of these nine days having
expired, he must recite frequently the
Prayer and #onfession as will be told him6
and on the Seventh %ay, the @aster being
alone, let him enter into a secret place, let
him take off his clothes, and bathe himself
from head to foot in consecrated and
exorcised water, saying devoutly and
humbly the prayer, 8O 1ord $donai,8 etc,
as it is written in the Second 3ook, #hapter
The Prayer being finished, let the @aster
quit the water, and put upon his flesh
raiment of white linen clean and unsoiled6
and then let him go with his %isciples unto
a secret place and command them to strip
themselves naked6 and they having taken
off their clothes, let him take exorcised
water and pour it upon their heads so that
it flows down to their feet and bathes them
completely6 and while pouring this water
upon them let the @aster say;77 83e ye
regenerate, renewed, washed, and pure,8
etc, as in 3ook !!, #hapter ,
being done, the %isciples must
clothe themselves, putting upon their
flesh, like their @aster, raiment of white
linen clean and unsoiled6 and the three last
days the @aster and his %isciples should
fast, observing the solemnities and prayers
marked in 3ook !!, #hapter 5
&> This paragraph is omitted in
1ansdowne @SS &5F5
?ote that the three last days should be
calm weather, without wind, and without
clouds rushing hither and thither over the
face of the sky On the last day let the
@aster go with his %isciples unto a secret
fountain of running water, or unto a
flowing stream, and there let each of them
taking off his clothes, wash himself with
due solemnity, as is rehearsed in 3ook !!
$nd when they are clean and pure, let
each put upon him garments of white
linen, pure, and clean, using the prayers
and ceremonies described in 3ook !! $fter
which let the @aster alone say the
confession The which being finished, the
@aster in sign of penitence will Kiss
%isciples on the forehead, and each of
them will Kiss the other $fterwards let
the @aster extend his hands over the
&- ?ote the 8holy kiss8 in the ?ew
Testament 84reet ye one another
with a holy kiss8
%isciples, and in sign of absolution
absolve and bless them 6 which being done
he will distribute to each of his disciple the
!nstruments necessary for @agical $rt,
which he is to carry into the #ircle
The "irst %isciple will bear the #enser, the
Perfumes and the Spices6 the Second
%isciple will bear the 3ook, Papers, Pens,
!nk, and any stinking or impure materials6
the Third will carry the Knife and the
Sickle of @agical $rt, the 1antern, and the
#andles6 the "ourth, the Psalms, and the
rest of the !nstruments6 the fifth, the
#rucible or #hafing7dish, and the #harcoal
or "uel6 but it is necessary for the @aster
himself to carry in his hand the Staff, and
the Aand or Eod The things necessary
being thus disposed, the @aster will go
with his %isciples unto the assigned place,
where they have proposed to construct the
#ircle for the @agical $rts and
experiments6 repeating on the way the
prayers and orations which thou wilt find
in 3ook !!
Ahen the @aster shall have arrived at the
place appointed, together with his
%isciples, he having lighted the flame of
the fire, and having exorcised it afresh as is
laid down in the Second 3ook, shall light
the #andle and place it in the 1antern,
which one of the %isciples is to hold ever
in his hand to light the @aster at his work
?ow the @aster of the $rt, every time that
he shall have occasion for some particular
purpose to speak with the Spirits, must
endeavor to form certain #ircles which
shall differ somewhat, and shall have
some particular reference to the particular
experiment under consideration ?ow, in
order to succeed in forming such a #ircle
concerning @agical $rt, for the greater
assurance and efficacy thou shalt construct
it in the following manner; 77
Take thou the Knife, the Sickle, or the
Sword of @agical $rt consecrated after the
manner and order which we shall deliver
unto thee in the Second 3ook Aith this
Knife or with the Sickle of $rt thou shalt
describe, beyond the inner #ircle which
thou shalt have already formed, a second
#ircle, encompassing the other at the
distance of one foot therefrom and having
the same centre
Aithin this space of a
foot in breadth between the first and the
second circumferential
line, thou shalt
trace towards the "our Wuarters of the
the Sacred and Henerable Symbols
of the holy 1etter Tau
$nd between the
first and the second #ircle,
which thou
shalt thyself have drawn with the
!nstrument of @agical $rt, thou shalt
make four hexagonal pentacles,
between these thou shalt write four
terrible and tremendous ?ames of 4od,
&: i.e. two #ircles enclosed between
three circumferential lines
&D i.e. within the first #ircle
&' i.e. the four #ardinal points of the
&( The letter Tau represents the
#ross, and in &F':5 $dd @SS in the
drawing of the #ircle, the +ebrew
letter is replaced by the #ross6 !n
&,FD Sloane @SS by the T or Tau7
5F i.e. in the Outer #ircle, bounded
by the second and third
circumferential lines
5& &F':5 $dd @SS is the only copy
which uses the word he$agonal, but
the others show four hexagrams in
the drawing6 in the drawing,
however, &F':5 gives the hexagrams
formed by various differing
interlacements of two triangles, as
shown in "igure 5
:Figure #. 3agi! !ir!le from manus!ri(t .d. $01#, fol ;r.<
:Cir!le from ,ings #00, (g #.<
.?ote the interlacements mentioned by @athers @athers gives
the names in +ebrew characters6 these are also given in $d
&F':5 but in considerably corrupted form 0see below2
The words in the middle, =Orien= 0)ast2, =@erid= 0South2
=Occid= 0Aest2, and =Septen= 0?orth2 indicate the orientation
of the circle relative to the compass ?ote also the misspelling
=Tetagramaton= for =Tetragrammaton= 7*+P/
3etween the )ast and the South the Supreme ?ame !+H+,
3etween the South and the Aest the )ssential Tetragrammatic ?ame
$+!+, )heieh677
3etween the Aest and the ?orth the ?ame of Power $1!H?, )lion677
$nd between the ?orth and the )ast the 4reat ?ame $1+, )loah677

Z This wording follows $d, &F':5 0see below2 The wording in
Kings 5'' 0and similarly 1ans &5F52 is much simpler; =between
)ast and South Tetragrammaton6 between the South and Aest
)heye6 between Aest and ?orth )leyon, and between ?orth
and )ast )loha 7*+P
:The )ebre= lettering (er .d. $01#, fol %r.<
Ahich ?ames are of supreme importance in the list of the Sephiroth,
their Sovereign )quivalents
55 The Sephiroth are the ten Wabalistical )manations of the
%eity The Sovereign )quivalents are the %ivine ?ames
referred thereto See my <abbalah nveiled.
"urthermore, thou shalt circumscribe about these
#ircles two Squares, the $ngles of which shall be
turned towards the "our Wuarters of the )arth6
and the space between the 1ines of the Outer and
!nner Square shall be half7a7foot The extreme
$ngles of the Outer Square shall be made the
#entres of four #ircles, the measure or diameter of
which shall be one foot $ll these are to be drawn
with the Knife or consecrated !nstrument of $rt
$nd within these "our #ircles thou must write
these four ?ames of 4od the @ost +oly One, in
this order;77
the )ast, $1, )l6
$t the Aest, !+, Rah6
5, The @SS vary as to the point whereat
each ?ame is to be placed, but ! think the
above will be found to answer 7S1@
$d &F':5 gives these names in corrupted
Eoman and +ebrew characters, but they
$t the South, $41$, $gla6
$nd at the ?orth $%?!, $dona[
correspond to )astN)1, AestN!ah,
SouthN$41$, ?orthN$donay
Kings 5'' reads, =\ l8orient )l, \ 18occident
$gla, au @idi !ah, au Septentrion $donay=
0at the )ast )1, at the Aest $gla, at the
South !ah, at the ?orth $donay2, but the
drawing corresponds with $d, &F':5 0see
figure 5 from Kings 5'' above2
1ans &5F5 text and drawing agree with =\
18Orient $gla, au @idi, $donay, \
18Occident, )l, au Septentrion $h= 0at the
)ast $gla, at the South $donay, at the Aest
)l, at the ?orth $h2 The circles in Sl &,FD
and $d ,::D> are quite different 7*+P
3etween the two Squares the ?ame
Tetragrammaton is to be written in the same way
as is shown in the plate 0See Digure 52
Ahile constructing the #ircle, the @aster should recite the
following Psalms;77 Psalm ii6 Psalm liv6 Psalm cxiii6 Psalm
lxvii6 Psalm xlvii6 Psalm lxviii
Or he may as well recite them before tracing the #ircle
The which being finished, and the fumigations being
performed, as is described in the chapter on "umigations in
the Second 3ook, the @aster should reassemble his
%isciples, encourage them, reassure them, fortify them, and
conduct them into the parts of the #ircle of $rt, where he
must place them in the four quarters of the earth, encourage
them, and exhort them to fear nothing, and to keep in the
places assigned to them $lso, the %isciple who is placed
towards the )ast should have a pen, ink, paper, silk, and
white cotton, all clean and suitable for the work
"urthermore, each of the #ompanions should have a new
Sword drawn in his hand 0besides the consecrated @agical
Sword of $rt2, and he should keep his hand resting upon the
hilt thereof, and he should on no pretext quit the place
assigned to him, nor move therefrom
$fter this the @aster should quit the #ircle, light the fuel in
the earthen pots, and place upon them the #ensers, in the
"our Wuarters of the )arth6 and he should have in his hand
the consecrated taper of wax, and he should light it and
place it in a hidden and secret place prepared for it 1et him
after this re7enter and close the #ircle
The @aster should afresh exhort his %isciples, and explain
to them all that they have to do and to observe6 the which
commands they should promise and vow to execute
1et the @aster then repeat this Prayer; 77
Ahen we enter herein with all humility, let
4od the $lmighty One enter into this #ircle,
by the entrance of an eternal happiness, of a
%ivine prosperity, of a perfect Boy, of an
abundant charity, and of an eternal
salutation 1et all the demons fly from this
place, especially those who are opposed unto
this work, and let the $ngels of Peace assist
and protect this #ircle, from which let
discord and strife fly and depart @agnify
and extend upon us, O 1ord, Thy most +oly
?ame, and bless our conversation and our
assembly Sanctify, O 1ord our 4od, our
humble entry herein, Thou the 3lessed and
+oly One of the )ternal $gesC $men
$fter this, let the @aster say upon his knees, as follows;
O 1ord 4od, $ll Powerful and $ll @erciful,
Thou Aho desirest not the death of a sinner,
but rather that he may turn from his
wickedness and live6 give and grant unto us
thy grace, by blessing and consecrating this
earth and this circle, which is here marked
out with the most powerful and holy ?ames
of 4od $nd thee, ! conBure, O )arth, by the
@ost +oly ?ame of $S+)E )+)!)+
entering within this #ircle, composed and
made with mine hand $nd may 4od, even
$%O?$!, bless this place with all the virtues
of +eaven, so that no obscene or unclean
spirit may have the power to enter into this
#ircle, or to annoy any person who is
therein6 though the 1ord 4od $%O?$!,
Aho liveth eternally unto the $ges of the
$ges $men
! beseech Thee, O 1ord 4od, the $ll
Powerful and the $ll @erciful, that Thou
wilt deign to bless this #ircle, and all this
place, and all those who are therein, and that
Thou wilt grant unto us, who serve Thee,
and rehearse nothing but the wonders of
Thy law, a good $ngel for our 4uardian6
remove from us every adverse power6
preserve us from evil and from trouble6
grant, O 1ord, that we may rest in this place
in all safety, through Thee, O 1ord, Aho
livest and reignest unto the $ges of the
$ges $men
1et the @aster now arise and place upon his head a #rown
made of paper 0or any other appropriate substance2, on the
which there must be written 0with the #olours and other
necessary things which we shall describe hereafter2, these
four ?ames $41$, $41$!, $41$T$, $41$T$! The
which ?ames are to be placed in the front, behind, and on
either side of the head
"urthermore, the @aster ought to have with him in the
#ircle, those Pentacles or @edals which are necessary to his
purpose, which are described hereinafter, and which should
be constructed according to the rules given in the #hapter
on Pentacles They should be described on virgin paper with
a pen6 and ink, blood, or colours, prepared according to the
manner which we shall hereafter show in the #hapters on
these subBects !t will be sufficient to take only those
Pentacles which are actually required, they should be sewed
to the front of the linen robe, on the chest, with the
consecrated needle of the $rt, and with a thread which has
been woven by a young girl
$fter this, let the @aster turn himself towards the )astern
Wuarter 0unless directed to the contrary, or unless he should
be wishing to call Spirits which belong to another quarter of
the Iniverse2, and pronounce with a loud voice the
#onBuration contained in this #hapter $nd if the Spirits be
disobedient and do not then make their appearance, he must
arise and take the exorcised Knife of $rt wherewith he hath
constructed the #ircle, and raise it towards the sky as if he
wished to beat or strike the $ir, and conBure the Spirits 1et
him then lay his right hand and the Knife upon the Pentacles
or @edals, constructed of, and described upon virgin paper,
which are fastened to or sewn upon his breast, and let him
repeat the following #onBuration upon his knees;77
O 1ord, hear my prayer, and let my cry come
unto Thee O 1ord 4od $lmighty, who has
reigned before the beginning of the $ges,
and Aho by Thine !nfinite Aisdom, hast
created the heavens, the earth, and the sea,
and all that in them is, all that is visible, and
all that is invisible by a single word6 ! praise
Thee, ! bless Thee, ! adore Thee, ! glorify
Thee, and ! pray Thee now at the present
time to be merciful unto me, a miserable
sinner, for ! am the work of Thine hands
Save me, and direct me by Thy +oly ?ame,
Thou to Ahom nothing is difficult, nothing
is impossible6 and deliver me from the night
of mine ignorance, and enable me to go forth
therefrom )nlighten me with a spark of
Thine !nfinite Aisdom Take away from my
senses the desire of covetousness, and the
iniquity of mine idle words 4ive unto me,
Thy servant, a wise understanding,
penetrating and subtle heart, to acquire and
comprehend all Sciences and $rts6 give unto
me capacity to hear, and strength of memory
to retain them, so that ! may be able to
accomplish my desires, and understand and
learn all difficult and desirable Sciences6 and
also that ! may be able to comprehend the
hidden secrets of the +oly Aritings 4ive me
the virtue to conceive them, so that ! may be
able to bring forth and pronounce my words
with patience and humility, for the
instruction of others, as Thou hast ordered
O 4od,
the "ather, $ll Powerful and $ll
@erciful, Aho hast created all things, Aho
knowest and conceivest them universally,
and to Ahom nothing is hidden, nothing is
impossible6 ! entreat Thy 4race for me and
for Thy servants, because Thou seest and
knowest well that we perform not this work
to tempt Thy Strength and Thy Power as if in
doubt thereof, but rather that we may know
and understand the truth of all hidden
things ! beseech Thee to have the kindness
to be favorable unto us6 by Thy Splendour,
Thy @agnificence, and Thy +oliness, and by
Thy +oly, Terrible, and !neffable ?ame !$+,
at which the whole world doth tremble, and
by the "ear with which all creatures obey
Thee 4rant, O 1ord, that we may become
responsive unto Thy 4race, so that through
it we may have a full confidence in and
knowledge of Thee, and that the Spirits may
discover themselves here in our presence,
and that those which are gentle and
peaceable may come unto us, so that they
may be obedient unto Thy commands,
through Thee, O @ost +oly $%O?$!,
Ahose Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom,
and Ahose )mpire endureth unto the $ges
of the $ges $men
$fter having said all these words devoutly, let the
@aster arise, and place his hands upon the
Pentacles, and let one of the #ompanions hold the
3ook open before the @aster, who, raising his eyes
to heaven, and turning unto the "our Wuarters of
the Iniverse, shall say;77
O 1ord, be Thou unto me a Tower of
Strength against the appearance and assault
of the )vil Spirits
$fter this, turning towards the "our Wuarters of the
Iniverse, he shall say the following words;77
These be the Symbols and the ?ames of the
#reator, which can bring Terror and "ear
unto you Obey me then, by the power of
these +oly ?ames, and by these @ysterious
Symbols of the Secret of Secrets
The which being said and done, thou shalt see
them draw near and approach from all parts 3ut
if they be hindered, detained, or occupied in some
way, and so that they cannot come, or if they are
unwilling to come, then, the Suffumigations and
#ensings being performed anew, and 0the
%isciples2 having anew, by especial order, touched
their Swords, and the @aster having encouraged
his %isciples, he shall reform the #ircle with the
Knife of $rt, and, raising the said Knife towards
the Sky, he shall as it were strike the air therewith
$fter this he shall lay his hand upon the Pentacles,
and having bent his knees before the @ost +igh,
he shall repeat with humility the following
#onfession6 the which his %isciples shall also do,
and they shall recite it in a low and humble voice,
so that they can scarcely be heard

5> So as not to interfere with the direction
of the Aill7currents of the @aster
+OO, &
C).*TE- &8
O 1OE% of +eaven and of
)arth, before Thee do !
confess my sins, and lament
them, cast down and
humbled in thy presence
"or ! have sinned before
Thee by pride, avarice, and
boundless desire of honours
and riches6 by idleness,
gluttony, greed, debauchery,
and drunkenness6 because !
have offended Thee by all
kinds of sins of the flesh,
adulteries, and pollutions,
which ! have committed
myself, and consented that
others should commit6 by
sacrilege, thefts, rapine,
violation, and homicide6 by
the evil use ! have made of
my possessions, by my
prodigality, by the sins
which ! have committed
against +ope and #harity,
by my evil advice, flatteries,
bribes, and the ill
distribution which ! have
made of the goods of which !
have been possessed6 by
repulsing and maltreating
the poor, in the distribution
which ! have made of the
goods committed to my
charge, by afflicting those
over whom ! have been set
in authority, by not visiting
the prisoners, by depriving
the dead of burial, by not
receiving the poor, by
neither feeding the hungry
nor giving drink to the
thirsty, by never keeping the
Sabbath and the other feasts,
by not living chastely and
piously on those days, by
the easy consent which !
have given to those who
incited me to evil deeds, by
inBuring instead of aiding
those who demanded help
from me, by refusing to give
ear unto the cry of the poor,
by not respecting the aged,
by not keeping my word, by
disobedience to my parents,
by ingratitude towards those
from whom ! have received
kindness, by indulgence in
sensual pleasures, by
irreverent behaviour in the
Temple of 4od, by unseemly
gestures thereat, by entering
therein without reverence,
by vain and unprofitable
discourse when there, by
despising the sacred vessels
of the temple, by turning the
holy #eremonies into
ridicule, by touching and
eating the sacred bread with
impure lips and with
profane hands, and by the
neglect of my prayers and
! detest also the crimes
which ! have committed by
evil thoughts, vain and
impure meditations, false
suspicions, and rash
Budgments6 by the evil
consent which ! have readily
given unto the advice of the
wicked, by lust of impure
and sensual pleasures6 by
my idle words, my lies, and
my deceit6 by my false vows
in various ways6 and by my
continual slander and
! detest also the crimes
which ! have committed
within6 the treachery and
discord which ! have incited6
my curiosity, greed, false
speaking, violence,
malediction, murmurs,
blasphemies, vain words,
insults, dissimulations6 my
sins against 4od by the
transgression of the ten
commandments, by neglect
of my duties and
obligations, and by want of
love towards 4od and
towards my neighbour
"urthermore ! hate the sins
which ! have committed in
all my senses, by sight, by
hearing, by taste, by smell,
and by touch, in every way
that human weakness can
offend the #reator6 by my
carnal thoughts, deeds, and
!n which ! humbly confess
that ! have sinned, and
recognise myself as being in
the sight of 4od the most
criminal of all men
! accuse myself before Thee,
O 4od, and ! adore Thee
with all humility O ye, +oly
$ngels, and ye, #hildren of
4od, in your presence !
publish my sins, so that
mine )nemy may have no
advantage over me, and may
not be able to reproach me at
the last day6 that he may not
be able to say that ! have
concealed my sins, and that !
be not then accused in the
presence of the 1ord6 but, on
the contrary, that on my
account there may be Boy in
+eaven, as over the Bust who
have confessed their sins in
thy presence
O @ost @ighty and $ll
Powerful "ather, grant
through Thine unbounded
@ercy that ! may both see
and know all the Spirits
which ! invoke, so that by
their means ! may see my
will and desire
accomplished, by The
Sovereign grandeur, and by
Thine !neffable and )ternal
4lory, Thou Aho art and
Aho wilt be for ever the
Pure and !neffable "ather of
The #onfession having been finished with great
humility, and with the inward feeling of the
heart, the @aster will recite the following
O 1ord $ll Powerful, )ternal
4od and "ather of all
#reatures, shed upon me the
%ivine !nfluence of Thy
@ercy, for ! am Thy
#reature ! beseech Thee to
defend me from mine
)nemies, and to confirm in
me true and steadfast faith
O 1ord, ! commit my 3ody
and my Soul unto Thee,
seeing ! put my trust in none
beside Thee6 it is on Thee
alone that ! rely6 O 1ord my
4od aid me6 O 1ord hear me
in the day and hour wherein
! shall invoke Thee ! pray
Thee by Thy @ercy not to
put me in oblivion, nor to
remove me from Thee O
1ord be Thou my succor,
Thou Aho art the 4od of my
salvation O 1ord make me a
new heart according unto
Thy loving Kindness These,
O 1ord, are the gifts which !
await from Thee, O my 4od
and my @aster, Thou Aho
livest and reignest unto the
$ges of the $ges $men
O 1ord 4od the $ll
Powerful One, Aho hast
formed unto Thyself great
and !neffable Aisdom, and
#o7eternal with Thyself
before the countless $ges6
Thou Aho in the 3irth of
Time hast created the
+eavens, and the )arth, the
Sea, and things that they
contain6 Thou Aho hast
vivified all things by the
3reath of Thy @outh, !
praise Thee, ! bless Thee, !
adore Thee, and ! glorify
Thee 3e Thou propitious
unto me who am but a
miserable sinner, and
despise me not6 save me and
succor me, even me the
work of Thine hands !
conBure and entreat Thee by
Thy +oly ?ame to banish
from my Spirit the darkness
of !gnorance, and to
enlighten me with the "ire of
thy Aisdom6 take away
from me all evil desires, and
let not my speech be as that
of the foolish O Thou, 4od
the 1iving One, Ahose
4lory, +onour, and
Kingdom shall extend unto
the $ges of the $ges $men
+OO, &
C).*TE- 8
*-.4E-S .N5 CON'6-.T&ONS
O 1OE% 4od, +oly "ather,
$lmighty and @erciful One,
Aho hast created all things,
Aho knowest all things and
can do all things, from
Ahom nothing is hidden, to
Ahom nothing is
impossible6 Thou who
knowest that we perform
not these ceremonies to
tempt Thy power, but that
we may penetrate into the
knowledge of hidden things6
we pray Thee by Thy Sacred
@ercy to cause and to
permit, that we may arrive
at this understanding of
secret things, of whatever
nature they may be, by
Thine aid, O @ost +oly
$%O?$!, Ahose Kingdom
and Power shall have no end
unto the $ges of the $ges
The Prayer being finished, let the )xorcist lay
his hand upon the Pentacles, while one of the
%isciples shall hold open before him the 3ook
wherein are written the prayers and
conBurations proper for conquering, subduing,
and reproving the Spirits Then the @aster,
turning towards each Wuarter of the )arth, and
raising his eyes to +eaven, shall say;
O 1ord, be Thou unto me a
strong tower of refuge, from
the sight and assaults of the
)vil Spirits
$fter which let him turn again towards the
"our Wuarters of the )arth, and towards each
let him utter the following words;
3ehold the Symbols and
?ames of the #reator, which
give unto ye forever Terror
and "ear Obey then, by the
virtue of these +oly ?ames,
and by these @ysteries of
$fter this he shall see the Spirits come from
every side 3ut in case they are occupied in
some other place, or that they cannot come, or
that they are unwilling to come; then let him
commence afresh to invoke them after the
following manner, and let the )xorcist be
assured that even were they bound with chains
of iron, and with fire, they could not refrain
from coming to accomplish his will
T)E CON'6-.T&ON.
5- There is an !nvocation bearing the
title of 8The Wabalistical !nvocation of
Solomon,8 given by )liphas 1Mvi, which
differs in many points from the one
given above, though resembling it in
some particulars 1Mvi8s is more
evidently constructed on the plan
indicated in the 8Siphra %tGenioutha,8 c
!!!6 $nnotation ] -, sub ] ', (6 while the
one above more follows that laid down,
ibid ] -, sub ] , ! see no reason to
suppose that 1Mvi8s is unauthentic !t
will be noted by the Wabalistical reader,
that the above #onBuration rehearses the
%ivine ?ames attached to the Ten
O ye Spirits, ye ! conBure by
the Power, Aisdom, and
Hirtue of the Spirit of 4od,
by the uncreate %ivine
Knowledge, by the vast
@ercy of 4od, by the
Strength of 4od, by the
4reatness of 4od, by the
Inity of 4od6 and by the
+oly ?ame of 4od )+)!)+,
which is the root, trunk,
source, and origin of all the
other %ivine ?ames, whence
they all draw their life and
their virtue, which $dam
having invoked, he acquired
the knowledge of all created
! conBure ye by the
!ndivisible ?ame !O%,
which marketh and
expresseth the Simplicity
and the Inity of the ?ature
5: !n the "rench, 8merita d^Mchapper8
%ivine, which $bel having
invoked, he deserved
escape from the hands of
#ain his brother
! conBure ye by the ?ame
)1O+!@,Z which expresseth
and signifieth the 4randeur
of so lofty a @aBesty, that
?oah having pronounced it,
saved himself, and protected
himself with his whole
household from the Aaters
of the %eluge
Z @anuscripts 0eg Kings 5'', 1ans &5F52
read =*ehovah )lohym= 7*+P
! conBure ye by the ?ame of
4od )1 Strong and
Aonderful, which denoteth
the @ercy and 4oodness of
+is @aBesty %ivine, which
$braham having invoked,
he was found worthy to
come forth from the Ir of
the #haldeans
! conBure ye by the most
powerful ?ame of )1O+!@
4!3OE, which showeth forth
the Strength of 4od, of a
4od $ll Powerful, Aho
punisheth the crimes of the
wicked, Aho seeketh out
and chastiseth the iniquities
of the fathers upon the
children unto the third and
fourth generation6 which
!saac having invoked, he
was found worthy to escape
from the Sword of $braham
his father
! conBure ye and ! exorcise ye
by the most holy ?ame of
)1O$+ H$7%$$T+,
which *acob invoked when
in great trouble, and was
found worthy to bear the
?ame of !srael, which
signifieth Hanquisher of
4od6 and he was delivered
from the fury of )sau his
Z The manuscripts 0eg Kings 5'', 1ans
&5F52 read, =)loha Hangadat= 7*+P
! conBure ye by the most
potent ?ame of )1
$%O?$! TS$3$OT+,
which is the 4od of $rmies,
ruling in the +eavens, which
*oseph invoked and was
found worthy to escape from
the hands of his 3rethren
5D @ore usually the ?ame
T)TE$4E$@@$TO? TS$3$OT+ is
attributed to the Seventh Sephiroth
! conBure ye by the most
potent ?ame of )1O+!@
expresseth piety, mercy,
splendour, and knowledge
of 4od, which @oses
invoked, and he was found
worthy to deliver the People
!srael from )gypt, and from
the servitude of Pharaoh
Z Kings 5''; =)lohym Sevaod=6 1ans
&5F5; =)lhoim Senard= 7*+P
! conBure ye by the most
potent ?ame of S+$%%$!,
which signifieth doing good
unto all6 which @oses
invoked, and having struck
the Sea, it divided into two
parts in the midst, on the
Z @SS 0eg Kings 5'', 1ans &5F52 read
=Saday= 7*+P
5' 3oth this ?ame and 8Shaddai8 are
attributed to the ?inth Sephira, and &
have therefore put the two invocations
in the same paragraph 7S1@
!nstead of =)1 #+$!= Kings 5'' reads
right hand and on the left !
conBure ye by the most holy
?ame of )1
#+$!, which
is that of the 1iving 4od,
through the virtue of which
alliance with us, and
redemption for us have been
made6 which @oses invoked
and all the waters returned
to their prior state and
enveloped the )gyptians, so
that not one of them escaped
to carry the news into the
1and of @iGraim
=)lohym=6 1ans &5F5 reads )lhoim=
1astly, ! conBure ye all, ye
rebellious Spirits, by the
most holy ?ame of 4od
$%O?$! @)1)K+, which
*oshua invoked, and stayed
the course of the Sun in his
presence, through the virtue
of @ethratton,
its principal
!mage6 and by the troops of
$ngels who cease not to cry
day and night, W$%OS#+,
S$%OS#+, W$%OS#+,
$%O?$! )1O+!@
TS$3$OT+ 0that is, +oly,
+oly, +oly, 1ord 4od of
+osts, +eaven and )arth are
full of Thy 4lory26 and by
the Ten $ngels who preside
over the Ten Sephiroth, by
whom 4od communicateth
and extendeth +is influence
over lower things, which are
K)T+)E, #+OK@$+,
3!?$+, 4)%I1$+,
5( The $rchangel, who is called also the
Prince of #ountenances 7S1@
Kings 5'' and 1ans &5F5 read @itraton
4)3IE$+, T!P+)E)T+,
?)TS$#+, +O%, R)SO%,
$?% @$1KIT+
! conBure ye anew, O Spirits,
by all the ?ames of 4od,
and by all +is marvellous
work6 by the heavens6 by the
earth6 by the sea6 by the
depth of the $byss, and by
that firmament which the
very Spirit of 4od hath
moved6 by the sun and by
the stars6 by the waters and
by the seas, and all which
they contain6 by the winds,
the whirlwinds, and the
tempests6 by the virtue of all
herbs, plants, and stones6 by
all which is in the heavens,
upon the earth, and in all the
$bysses of the Shades
! conBure ye anew, and !
powerfully urge ye, O
%emons, in whatsoever part
of the world ye may be, so
that ye shall be unable to
remain m air, fire, water,
earth, or in any part of the
universe, or in any pleasant
place which may attract ye6
but that ye come promptly
to accomplish our desire,
and all things that we
demand from your
! conBure ye anew by the two
Tables of the 1aw, by the
five books of @oses, by the
Seven 3urning 1amps on the
#andlestick of 4old before
the face of the Throne of the
@aBesty of 4od, and by the
+oly of +olies wherein the
KO+)? +$74$%I1 was
alone permitted to enter,
that is to say, the +igh7
! conBure ye by +im Aho
hath made the heavens and
the earth, and who hath
measured those heavens in
the hollow of +is hand, and
enclosed the earth with three
of +is fingers, Aho is seated
upon the Kerubim and upon
the Seraphim6 and by the
Kerubim, which is called the
Kerub, which 4od
constituted and placed to
guard the Tree of 1ife,
armed with a flaming
sword, after that @an had
been driven out of Paradise
! conBure ye anew, $postates
from 4od, by +im Aho
alone hath performed great
wonders6 by the +eavenly
*erusalem6 and by the @ost
+oly ?ame of 4od in "our
1etters, and by +im Aho
enlighteneth all things and
shineth upon all things by
Z Kings 5''; =)heyetsser )heye=6 1ans
&5F5; =#heye, $ssereye= 7*+P
his Henerable and !neffable
?ame, )+)!)+ $S+)E
that ye come
immediately to execute our
desire, whatever it may be
! conBure ye, and ! command
ye absolutely, O %emons, in
whatsoever part of the
Iniverse ye may be, by the
virtue of all these +oly
?ames;77 $%O?$!,
+O$, )1, )1O+$,
)1O+!?I, )1O+!@,
)+)!)+, @$EO?, K$P+I,
)S#+, !??O?, $H)?,
$41$, +$SOE, )@)T+,
R$!!, $E$E!T+$, ROH$,
+$7K$3!E, @)SS!$#+,
!O?$+, @$17K$, )E)1,
KISI, @$TSP$TS, )1
S+$%%$!6 and by all the
+oly names of 4od which
have been written with
blood in the sign of an
eternal alliance
,F ! have made these ?ames as correct
as possible6 as in all the original @SS
the +ebrew is much mutilated These
names are some of them ordinary titles
of 4od6 others @agical and Wabalistical
names compounded from the initials of
sentences, etc6 and others permutations
of other names 7S1@
Kings 5''; =$donay, !ah, +u, )l, )loha,
?gelionu, )lohym, )heye, @aron,
#aphu, !ssu, !nmum, )ven, $gla, )Gor,
)moed, !eya, $rarita, !ova, +acavo,
@essiah, !omas, @alchM, )rel, )scusa,
@aspar, )l, Sada_=6 1ans &5F5;
=$donay, *au, +usset, )loha, ?ghelion,
?u, )lohim, )heye, @aron, #aphu, !ssu,
!mmum, )veu, $gla, )Gor, et par les
?oms de %ieu Mcrits avce .sic/ du sang
en signe d<$lliance qui sont )moad,
*ahia, $varita, *ova, +acavo, @essiah,
*oma, @alche, )ret, )lloGa, @alpaG K
Saday= 7*+P
! conBure ye anew by these
other names of 4od, @ost
+oly and unknown, by the
virtue of which ?ames ye
tremble every day;77
P$T$#)1, $1#+))4+)1,
$WI$#+$!, +O@OE!O?,
)+)!)+, $33$TO?,
#+)HO?, #)3O?,
ORSEOR@$S, #+$!,
)+)!)+, $13$@$#+!,
OET$4I, ?$1),
,& ! give these ?ames as they stand,
they do not all appear to be +ebrew6
some of them suggest the style of the
barbarous names in the 4raeco7)gyptian
@agical Papyri 7S1@
Kings 5''; =3aruc, 3acurabon, Patacel,
$lcheeghel, $quaca_, +omorion, )y,
$bbaton, #hevon, #ebon, OyGoymas,
#ay, )eM, $lbamachi, Ortagu, ?ale,
+elech, !eGe=6 1ans &5F5; =3aGur,
3arabon, Patacel, )theogeliel, $gnaci,
+omorion, )u, $bbaton, )thenon,
#ehon, Oy, Semas, #ay, #ec,
$bbamalhi, Ortagiel, ?alche, SecheGGe=
$3)1)#+ 0or +)1)#+2,
R)S) 0or S)#+)SS)26 that
ye come quickly and
without any delay into our
presence from every quarter
and every climate of the
world wherein ye may be, to
execute all that we shall
command ye in the 4reat
?ame of 4od
+OO, &
C).*TE- 8&
!f they then immediately appear, it is well6 if not, let the
@aster uncover the consecrated Pentacles which he
should have made to constrain and command the Spirits,
and which he should wear fastened round his neck,
holding the @edals 0or Pentacles2 in his left hand, and
the consecrated Knife in his right6 and encouraging his
#ompanions, he shall say with a loud voice;77
+ere be the Symbols of Secret things,
the standards, the ensigns, and the
banners, of 4od the #onqueror6 and
the arms of the $lmighty One, to
compel the $erial Potencies !
command ye absolutely by their
power and virtue that ye come near
unto us, into our presence, from
whatsoever part of the world ye may
be in, and that ye delay not to obey
us in all things wherein we shall
command ye by the virtue of 4od the
@ighty One #ome ye promptly, and
delay not to appear, and answer us
with humility
!f they appear at this time, show them the Pentacles, and
receive them with kindness, gentleness, and courtesy6
reason and speak with them, question them, and ask
from them all things which thou hast proposed to
3ut if, on the contrary, they do not yet make their
appearance, holding the consecrated Knife in the right
hand, and the Pentacles being uncovered by the removal
of their consecrated covering, strike and beat the air with
the Knife as if wishing to commence a combat, comfort
and exhort thy #ompanions, and then in a loud and
stern voice repeat the following #onBuration;77
,5 This #onBuration is
almost identical with one
given in the 81emegeton,8 or
1esser Key, a different work,
also attributed to Solomon
+ere again ! conBure ye and most
urgently command ye6 ! force,
constrain, and exhort ye to the
utmost, by the most mighty and
powerful ?ame of 4od )1, strong
and wonderful, and by 4od the *ust
and Ipright, ! exorcise ye and
command ye that ye in no way delay,
but that ye come immediately and
upon the instant hither before us,
without noise, deformity, or
hideousness, but with all manner of
gentleness and mildness
! exorcise ye anew, and powerfully
conBure ye, commanding ye with
strength and violence by +im Aho
spake and it was done6 and by all
these names; )1 S+$%%$!,
)1O+!@, )1O+!, TS$3$OT+,
)1!@, $S+)E )+)!)+, R$+,
T)TE$4E$@@$TO?, S+$%%$!,
which signify 4od the +igh and
$lmighty, the 4od of !srael, through
Ahom undertaking all our
operations we shall prosper in all the
works of our hands, seeing that the
1ord is now, always, and for ever
with us, in our heart and in our lips6
and by +is +oly ?ames, and by the
virtue of the Sovereign 4od, we shall
accomplish all our work
#ome ye at once without any
hideousness or deformity before us,
come ye without monstrous
appearance, in a gracious form or
figure #ome ye, for we exorcise ye
with the utmost vehemence by the
?ame of !$+ and O?, which $dam
spake and heard6 by the ?ame )1,
which ?oah heard, and saved
himself with all his family from the
%eluge6 by the ?ame !O%, which
?oah heard, and knew 4od the
$lmighty One6 by the ?ame $41$
which *acob heard, and saw the
1adder which touched +eaven, and
the $ngels who ascended and
descended upon it, whence he called
that place the +ouse of 4od and the
4ate of +eaven6 and by the ?ame
)1O+!@, and in the ?ame
)1O+!@, which @oses named,
invoked, and heard in +oreb the
@ount of 4od, and he was found
,, Some @SS add, 8et furent
,> Some @SS substitute, 8les
hommes furent reduits en
cendre, comme aussi les
boeufs, betail, et troupeaux
des )gyptiens8
,- This is often written
P$T+TI@O? in similar
#onBurations, but the @SS
before me agree in giving
this form
worthy to hear +im speak from the
3urning 3ush6 and by the ?ame $!?
SOP+, which $aron heard, and was
at once made eloquent, wise, and
learned6 and by the ?ame
TS$3$OT+, which @oses named
and invoked, and all the ponds and
rivers were covered with blood
throughout the land of )gypt6
by the name !O%, which @oses
named and invoked, and striking
upon the dust of the earth both men
and beasts were struck with
and by the ?ame, and in
the ?ame PE!@)I@$TO?, which
@oses named and invoked, and
there fell a great and severe hail
throughout all the land of )gypt,
destroying the vines, the trees, and
the woods which were in that
country6 and by the ?ame !$P+$E,
which @oses heard and invoked,
and immediately a great pestilence
began to appear through all the land
of )gypt, striking and slaying the
asses, the oxen, and the sheep of the
)gyptians, so that they all died6 and
by the ?ame $3$%%O? which
@oses invoked and sprinkled the
dust towards heaven, and
immediately there fell so great rain
upon the men, cattle, and flocks, that
they all died throughout the land of
)gypt6 and by the ?ame )1!O?
which @oses invoked, and there fell
so great hail as had never been seen
from the beginning of the world unto
that time, so that all men, and herds,
and everything that was in the fields
perished and died throughout all the
land of )gypt $nd by the ?ame
$%O?$!, which @oses having
invoked, there came so great a
quantity of locusts which appeared
in the land of )gypt, that they
devoured and swallowed up all that
the hail had spared6 and by the
?ame of P$T+)O?,
which having
invoked, there arose so thick, so
awful, and so terrible darkness
throughout the land of )gypt, during
the space of three days and three
nights, that almost all who were left
alive died6 and by the ?ame R)SO%,
and in the ?ame R)SO%, which
@oses invoked, and at midnight all
the first7born, both of men and of
animals, died6 and by the ?ame of
R)S+!@O?, which @oses named
and invoked, and the Eed Sea
divided itself and separated in two6
and by the name +)S!O?, which
@oses invoked, and all the army of
Pharaoh was drowned in the waters6
and by the ?ame $?$3O?$, which
@oses having heard upon @ount
Sinai, he was found worthy to
receive and obtain the tables of stone
written with the finger of 4od the
#reator6 and by the ?ame
)ER4!O?, which *oshua having
invoked when he fought against the
@oabites, he defeated them and
gained the victory6 and by the ?ame
+O$, and in the ?ame +O$, which
%avid invoked, and he was delivered
from the hand of 4oliath6 and by the
name RO%, which Solomon having
named and invoked, he was found
worthy to ask for and obtain in sleep
the !neffable Aisdom of 4od6 and by
the ?ame R!$!, which Solomon
having named and invoked, he was
found worthy to have power over all
the %emons, Potencies, Powers, and
Hirtues of the $ir
3y these, then, and by all the other
?ames of 4od $lmighty, +oly,
1iving, and True, we powerfully
command ye, ye who by your own
sin have been cast down from the
)mpyreal +eaven, and from before
+is Throne6 by +im who hath cast ye
down unto the most profound of the
$bysses of +ell, we command ye
boldly and resolutely6 and by that
terrible %ay of the Sovereign
*udgment of 4od, on which all the
dry bones in the earth will arise to
hear and listen unto the Aord of 4od
with their body, and will present
themselves before the face of 4od
$lmighty6 and by that 1ast "ire
which shall consume all things6 by
the 0#rystal2 Sea which is known
unto us, which is before the "ace of
4od6 by the indicible and ineffable
virtue, force, and power of the
#reator +imself, by +is $lmighty
power, and by the 1ight and "lame
which emanate from +is
#ountenance, and which are before
+is "ace6 by the $ngelical Powers
which are in the +eavens, and by the
most great Aisdom of $lmighty
4od6 by the Seal of %avid, by the
Eing and Seal of Solomon, which
was revealed unto him by the @ost
+igh and Sovereign #reator6 and by
the ?ine @edals or Pentacles, which
we have among our Symbols, which
proceed and come from +eaven, and
are among the @ysteries of @ysteries
or Secrets of Secrets, which you can
also behold in my hand, consecrated
and exorcised with the due and
requisite #eremonies 3y these, then,
and by all the Secrets which the
$lmighty encloseth in the Treasures
of the Sovereign and +ighest
Aisdom, by +is +and, and by +is
marvellous power6 ! conBure, force,
and exorcise ye that ye come without
delay to perform in our presence that
which we shall command ye
! conBure ye anew by that most +oly
?ame which the whole Iniverse
fears, respects, and reveres, which is
written by these letters and
characters, !O%, +), H$I, +)6 and
by the last and terrible Budgment6 by
the Seat of 3$1%$#+!$6
and by
this +oly ?ame, R!$!, which @oses
invoked, and there followed that
great *udgment of 4od, when
%athan and $biram were swallowed
up in the centre of the earth
Otherwise, if ye contravene and
resist us by your disobedience unto
the virtue and power of this ?ame
R!$!, we curse ye even unto the
%epth of the 4reat $byss, into the
,: Sometimes, but as ! think
erroneously, written 3as7
dathea ! imagine the word to
mean 81ord of 1ife8
which we shall cast, hurl, and bind
ye, if ye show yourselves rebellious
against the Secret of Secrets, and
against the @ystery of @ysteries
$@)?, $@)? "!$T, "!$T
This #onBuration thou shalt say and perform, turning
thyself unto the )ast, and if they appear not, thou shalt
repeat it unto the Spirits, turning unto the South, the
Aest, and the ?orth, in succession, when thou wilt have
repeated it four times $nd if they appear not even then,
thou shalt make the Sign of T$I
upon the foreheads of
thy companions, and thou shalt say;77
,D Or the #ross
3ehold anew the Symbol and the
?ame of a Sovereign and
#onquering 4od, through which all
the Iniverse fears, trembles, and
shudders, and through the most
mysterious words of the Secret
@ysteries and by their Hirtue,
Strength, and Power
! conBure ye anew, ! constrain and
command ye with the utmost
vehemence and power, by that most
potent and powerful ?ame of 4od,
)1, strong and wonderful, by +im
who spake and it was done6 and by
the ?ame !$+, which @oses heard,
and spoke with 4od6 and by the
?ame $41$, which *oseph invoked,
and was delivered out of the hands
of his brethren6 and by the ?ame
H$I, which $braham heard, and
knew 4od the $lmighty One6 and by
the ?ame of "our 1etters,
T)TE$4E$@@$TO?, which
*oshua named and invoked, and he
was rendered worthy and found
,' $lso written ,ipeton6 and
! believe sometimes replaced
by #napheneton, or
,( This word is given
variously in the @SS, as
Oneypheon, Onayepheton, and
5onecepheron, etc
>F Or .lia
>& Ahat is said here refers
symbolically to the rooting
out of the )vil Spirits, and
Shells, from the Iniverse by
King @essiach, which is
spoken of in the Wabalah
The Wabalah sometimes
expresses the )vil Spirits by
the words animals, or beasts,
and creeping things
deserving to lead the $rmy of !srael
into the Promised 1and6 and by the
?ame $?$3O?$, by which 4od
formed @an and the whole Iniverse6
and by the ?ame $EP+)TO?,
in the ?ame $EP+)TO?, by which
the $ngels who are destined to that
end will summon the Iniverse, in
visible body and form, and will
assemble 0all people2 together by the
sound of the Trumpet at that terrible
and awful %ay of *udgment, when
the memory of the wicked and
ungodly shall perish6 and by the
?ame $%O?$!, by which 4od will
Budge all human flesh, at Ahose
voice all men, both good and evil,
will rise again, and all men and
$ngels will assemble in the air before
the 1ord, Aho will Budge and
condemn the wicked6 and by the
?ame O?)!P+)TO?,
by which
4od will summon the dead, and
raise them up again unto life6 and by
the ?ame )1O+!@, and in the ?ame
)1O+!@, by which 4od will disturb
and excite tempests throughout all
the seas, so that they will cast out the
fish therefrom, and in one day the
third part of men about the sea and
the rivers shall die6 and by the ?ame
and in the ?ame )1O+!,
by which 4od will dry up the sea
and the rivers, so that men can go on
foot through their channels6 and by
the ?ame O?, and in the ?ame O?,
by which 4od shall restore and
replace the sea, the rivers, the
>5 The oldest @SS gives the
above form, in the others it is
changed into &aphat, Taphat,
and even Japhet. !t is
probably a corruption of
#chad Inity
>, This is also the name of
the $ngel of Henus
>> So written in the oldest
@S, the others give it as
0edeesia, 0edee"ia, and
>- @eaning 8emanating from
4od8 !t is corrupted into
Sephosiel, etc, in the @SS
>: &aha, in &F':5 $dd @SS
>D @eaning Spirit of !ah
streams, and the brooks, in their
previous state6 and by the ?ame
and in the ?ame
@)SS!$#+, by which 4od will
make all animals combat together, so
that they shall die in a single day6
and by the ?ame $E!)1, by which
4od shall destroy in a single day all
buildings, so that there shall not be
left one stone upon another6 and by
the ?ame !$+T,
by which 4od will
cast one stone upon another, so that
all people and nations will fly from
the sea7shore, and will say unto them
cover us and hide us6 and by the
?ame )@$?I)1, by which 4od
will perform wonders, and the
winged creatures and birds of the air
shall contend with one another6 and
by the ?ame $?$)1,
and in the
?ame $?$)1, by which 4od will
cast down the mountains and fill up
the valleys, so that the surface of the
earth shall be level in all parts6 and
by the ?ame S)%)E)S$,
and in
the ?ame S)%)E)S$, by which
4od will cause the Sun and @oon to
be darkened, and the Stars of heaven
to fall6 and by the ?ame
by which 4od will
come to Iniversal *udgment, like a
Prince newly crowned entering in
triumph into his capital city, girded
with a Gone of gold, and preceded by
$ngels, and at +is aspect all climes
and parts of the Iniverse shall be
troubled and astonished, and a fire
shall go forth before +im, and flames
and storm shall surround +im6 and
by the ?ame T$I,
by which 4od
brought the %eluge, and the waters
prevailed above the mountains, and
fifteen cubits above their summits6
and by the ?ame EI$#+!$+,
which 4od having purged the $ges,
+e will make +is +oly spirit to
descend upon the Iniverse, and will
cast ye, ye rebellious Spirits, and
unclean beings, into the %epths of
the 1ake of the $byss, in misery,
filth, and mire, and will place ye in
impure and foul dungeons bound
with eternal chains of fire
3y these ?ames then, and by all the
other +oly ?ames of 4od before
Ahom no man can stand and live,
and which ?ames the armies of the
%emons fear, tremble at, and
shudder6 we conBure ye, we potently
exorcise and command ye, conBuring
ye in addition by the terrible and
tremendous P$T+S
of 4O% and by
+is +oly habitation wherein +e
reigneth and commandeth unto the
eternal $ges $men
>' That is, the hidden and
occult grades and links of
emanation in the Sephiroth
The later @SS have put, by
mistake, voi$ for voies, the
oldest 1atin @S gives
3y the virtue of all those aforesaid,
we command ye that ye remain not
in any place wherein ye are, but to
come hither promptly without delay
to do that which we shall enBoin ye
3ut if ye be still contumacious, we,
by the $uthority of a Sovereign and
Potent 4od, deprive ye of all quality,
condition, degree, and place which
ye now enBoy, and precipitate ye into
and relegate ye unto the Kingdom of
"ire and of Sulphur, to be there
eternally tormented #ome ye then
from all parts of the earth,
wheresoever ye may be, and behold
the Symbols and ?ames of that
Triumphant Sovereign Ahom all
creatures obey, otherwise we shall
bind ye and conduct ye in spite of
yourselves, into our presence bound
with chains of fire, because those
effects which proceed and issue from
our Science and operation, are ardent
with a fire which shall consume and
burn ye eternally, for by these the
whole Iniverse trembleth, the earth
is moved, the stones thereof rush
together, all creatures obey, and the
rebellious Spirits are tormented by
the power of the Sovereign #reator
Then it is certain that they will come, even if they be
bound with chains of fire, unless prevented by affairs of
the very greatest importance, but in this latter case they
will send ambassadors and messengers by whom thou
shalt easily and surely learn what occupies the Spirits
and what they are about 3ut if they appear not yet in
answer to the above #onBuration, and are still
disobedient, then let the @aster of the $rt or )xorciser
arise and exhort his #ompanions to be of good cheer and
not to despair of the ultimate success of the operation6 let
him strike the air with the #onsecrated Knife towards
the "our Wuarters of the Iniverse6 and then let him kneel
in the midst of the #ircle, and the #ompanions also in
their several places, and let them say consecutively with
him in a low voice, turning in the direction of the )ast,
the following;
.55-ESS TO T)E .NGE"S.
! conBure and pray ye, O ye $ngels of
4od, and ye #elestial Spirits, to come
unto mine aid6 come and behold the
Signs of +eaven, and be my witness
before the Sovereign 1ord, of the
disobedience of these evil and fallen
Spirits who were at one time your
This being done, let the @aster arise, and constrain and
force them by a stronger conBuration, in manner
+OO, &
C).*TE- 8&&
.N E>T-E3E"4 *O7E-F6" CON'6-.T&ON
3ehold us again prepared to conBure ye
by the ?ames and Symbols of 4od,
wherewith we are fortified, and by the
virtue of the +ighest One Ae command
ye and potently ordain ye by the most
strong and powerful ?ames of 4od, Aho
is worthy of all praise, admiration, honor,
glory, generation, and fear, that ye delay
not longer, but that ye appear before us
without any tumult or disturbance, but,
on the contrary, with great respect and
courtesy, in a beautiful and human form
!f they then appear, let them see the Pentacles, and say;
Obey ye, Obey ye, behold the Symbols
and ?ames of the #reator6 be ye gentle
and peaceable, and obey in all things that
we shall command ye
They will then immediately talk with thee, as a friend
speaketh unto a friend $sk of them all that thou desirest,
with constancy, firmness, and assurance, and they will obey
3ut if they appear not yet, let not the @aster on that account
lose his courage, for there is nothing in the world stronger and
of greater force to overawe the Spirits than constancy 1et
him, however, re7examine and reform the #ircle, and let him
take up a little dust of the earth, which he shall cast towards
the "our Wuarters of the Iniverse6 and having placed his
Knife upon the ground, let him say on his knees, turning
towards the direction of the ?orth;
!n the ?ame of $%O?$! )1O+!@
TS$3$OT+ S+$%%$!, 1ord 4od of
$rmies $lmighty, may we successfully
perform the works of our hands and may
the 1ord he present with us in our heart
and in our lips
These words having been said kneeling upon the earth, let the
@aster shortly after arise and open his arms wide as if
wishing to embrace the air, and say;
3y the +oly ?ames of 4od written in this
3ook, and by the other +oly and !neffable
?ames which are written in the 3ook of
1ife, we conBure ye to come unto us
promptly and without any delay,
wherefore tarry not, but appear in a
beautiful and agreeable form and figure,
by these +oly ?ames; $%O?$!,
TS$3$OT+, )1, )1O+!, )1O+!@,
S+$%%$!6 and by )+)!)+, RO% +)
H$I +), which is the 4reat ?ame of
4od T)TE$4E$@@$TO? written with
"our 1etters, $?$P+O%!T!O?, and
!neffable6 by the 4od of those Hirtues and
Potencies, Aho dwelt in the +eavens,
Aho rideth upon the Kerubim, Aho
moveth upon the Aings of the Aind, +e
Ahose Power is in +eaven and in )arth,
Aho spake and it was done, Aho
commanded and the whole Iniverse was
created6 and by the +oly ?ames and in
the +oly ?ames, !$+, !$+, !$+,
$%O?$! TS$3$OT+6 and by all the
?ames of 4od, the 1iving, and the True, !
reiterate the #onBuration, and ! conBure ye
afresh ye )vil and rebellious Spirits,
abiding in the $bysses of %arkness
! conBure, ! address, and ! exorcise ye, that
ye may approach unto and come before
the Throne of 4od, the 1iving and the
True, and before the Tribunal of the
*udgment of +is @aBesty, and before the
+oly $ngels of 4od to hear the sentence
of your condemnation
#ome ye then by the ?ame and in the
?ame of S+$%%$!, which is that of 4od
$lmighty, strong, powerful, admirable,
exalted, pure, clean, glorified, virtuous,
great, Bust, terrible, and holy6 and by the
?ame and in the ?ame of )1, !$+, !$+,
!$+, Aho hath formed and created the
world by the 3reath of +is @outh, Aho
supporteth it by +is Power, Aho ruleth
and governeth it by +is Aisdom, and
Aho hath cast ye for your pride into the
1and of %arkness and into the Shadow of
Therefore, by the ?ame of the 1iving
4od, Aho hath formed the heavens
above, and hath laid the foundations of
the earth beneath, we command ye that,
immediately and without any delay, ye
come unto us from all places, valleys,
mountains, hills, field, seas, rivers,
fountains, ponds, brooks, caverns,
grottos, cities, towns, villages, markets,
fairs, habitations, baths, courtyards,
gardens, vineyards, plantations,
reservoirs, cisterns, and from every
corner of the terrestrial earth where ye
may happen to be in your assemblies, so
that ye may execute and accomplish our
demands with all mildness and courtesy6
by that !neffable ?ame which @oses
heard and invoked, which he received
from 4od from the midst of the 3urning
3ush, we conBure ye to obey our
commands, and to come unto us
promptly with all gentleness of manner
$gain we command ye with vehemence,
and we exorcise ye with constancy, that
ye and all your comrades come unto us in
an agreeable and gracious manner like
the breeGe, to accomplish successively our
various commands and desires #ome ye,
then, by the virtue of these ?ames by the
which we exorcise ye6 $?$!, `#++$%,
TE$?S!?, )@)T+, #+$!$, !O?$,
PEO"$, T!T$#+), 3)? $?!, 3E!$+,
T+)!T6 all which names are written in
+eaven in the characters of @alachim,
that is to say, the tongue of the $ngels
>( The @ystic
$lphabet known as the
8Ariting of @alachim8
is formed from the
positions of the Stars in
the heavens, by
drawing imaginary
lines from one star to
another so as to obtain
the shapes of the
characters of this
Ae then, by the Bust Budgment of 4od, by
the !neffable and $dmirable Hirtue of
4od, Bust, living, and true, we call ye with
power, we force and exorcise ye by and in
the admirable ?ame which was written
on the Tables of Stone which 4od gave
upon @ount Sinai6 and by and in the
wonderful ?ame which $aron the +igh
Priest bare written upon his breast, by
which also 4od created the Aorld, the
which name is $T!?)TO?6 and by the
1iving 4od Aho is One throughout the
$ges, whose dwelling is in the !neffable
1ight, Ahose ?ame is Aisdom, and
Ahose Spirit is 1ife, before Ahom goeth
forth "ire and "lame, Aho hath from that
"ire formed the firmament, the Stars and
the Sun6 and Aho with that "ire will burn
ye all for ever, as also all who shall
contravene the Aords of +is Aill
#ome ye, then, without delay, without
noise, and without rage, before us,
without any deformity or hideousness, to
execute all our will6 come ye from all
places wherein ye are, from all
mountains, valleys, streams, rivers,
brooks, ponds, places, baths, synagogues6
for 4od, strong and powerful, will chase
ye and constrain ye, being glorious over
all things6 +e will compel ye, both ye and
the Prince of %arkness #ome ye, come
ye, $ngels of %arkness6 come hither
before this #ircle without fear, terror, or
deformity, to execute our commands, and
be ye ready both to achieve and to
complete all that we shall command ye
#ome ye, then, by the #rown of the #hief
of your )mperors, and by the Sceptres of
your power, and of S!%, the 4reat
%emon, your @aster6 by the ?ames and
in the ?ames of the +oly $ngels who
have been created to be above you, long
before the constitution of the world6 and
by the ?ames of the two Princes of the
Iniverse, whose ?ames are, !O?!)1 and
S)"O?!)16 by the rod of @oses, by the
staff of *acob6 by the ring and seal of
%avid, wherein are written the ?ames of
Sovereign 4od6 and by the ?ames of the
$ngels by which Solomon has linked and
bound ye6 and by the sacred bonds by
which $?$)1 hath environed and hath
conquered the Spirit6 and by the ?ame of
-F Ahich 1etters !
have, with much care,
corrected, for in the
@SS the letters are
Bumbled together in
hopeless confusion,
Seym is written for
Shin, Ees for !eth, etc
The ?ame is #b, !en,
?e%Ruach, ,a%Qadesch,
"ather, Son, and +oly
Spirit There are two
other ?ames of Twelve
1etters frequently
employed, +W%HSh
3EHK +H$, +oly and
3lessed be +e6 and
$%?! +@1K ?$@?,
The 1ord, the faithful
King6 besides other
the $ngel who ruleth potently over the
rest, and by the praise of all creatures
who cry incessantly unto 4od, Aho
spake, and immediately all things, even
the $ges, were made and formed6 and by
the ?ame +$7W$%OS#+ 3)E$K+$,
which signifies the +oly and 3lessed One6
and by the Ten #hoirs of the +oly
$ngels, #+$!OT+ +$7W$%)S+,
$IP+$?!@, $E$1!@, #+$S+@$1!@,
S)E$P+!@, @$1$#+!@, )1O+!@,
3)?! )1O+!@, K)EI3!@, and !S+!@6
and by, and in the Sacred name of Twelve
1etters of which each letter is the ?ame of
an $ngel, and the letters of the ?ame are
3)T+, 3)T+, ?I?, H$I,
E)S+, H$I, #+)T+, +), WOP+,
%$1)T+, S+!?
3y these ?ames therefore, and by all the
other +oly ?ames, we conBure ye and we
exorcise ye6 by the $ngel S)#+!)16 by
the $ngel %I#+!)16 by the $ngel
%O?$#+!)16 and by the 4reat $ngel
@)T$TEO?, Aho is the Prince of the
$ngels, and introduceth the Souls before
the "ace of 4od6 and by the $ngel
S$?4$E!)1, by whom the portals of
+eaven are guarded6 and by the $ngel
K)EI3, who was made the 4uardian of
the Terrestrial Paradise, with a Sword of
"lame, after the expulsion of $dam our
forefather6 and by the $ngel @!#+$)1
by whom ye were hurled down from the
+eight of the T+EO?) into the %epth of
the 1ake and of the $byss, the same
?ame meaning, 8Aho is like 4od upon
)arth68 and by the $ngel $?!)16 and by
the $ngel OP+!)16 and by the $ngel
3)%$1!)16 wherefore, by these and by
all the other +oly ?ames of the $ngels,
we powerfully conBure and exorcise ye,
that ye come from all parts of the world
immediately, and without any delay, to
perform our will and demands, obeying
us quickly and courteously, and that ye
come by the ?ame and in the ?ame of
$1)P+, %$1)T+, ?I?, !O%, for we
exorcise ye anew by the application of
these 1etters, by whose power burning
fire is quenched, and the whole Iniverse
Ae constrain ye yet again by the Seal of
the Sun which is the Aord of 4od6 and by
the Seal of the @oon and of the Stars we
bind ye6 and by the other $nimals and
#reatures which are in +eaven, by whose
wings +eaven cleanseth itself, we force
and attract ye imperiously to execute our
will without failure $nd we conBure,
oblige, and terribly exorcise ye, that ye
draw near unto us without delay and
without fear, as far as is possible unto ye,
here before this #ircle, as supplicants
gently and with discretion, to accomplish
our will in all and through all !f ye come
promptly and voluntarily, ye shall inhale
our perfumes, and our suffumigations of
pleasant odour, which will be both
agreeable and delightful unto ye
"urthermore ye will see the Symbol of
your #reator, and the ?ames of his +oly
$ngels, and we shall afterwards dismiss
ye, and send ye hence with thanks 3ut if,
on the contrary, ye come not quickly, and
ye show yourselves self7opinionated,
rebellious, and contumacious, we shall
conBure ye again, and exorcise ye
ceaselessly, and will repeat all the
aforesaid words and +oly ?ames of 4od
and of the +oly $ngels6 by the which
?ames we shall harass you, and if that be
not sufficient we will add thereunto yet
greater and more powerful ones, and we
will thereunto again add other ?ames
which ye have not yet heard from us,
which are those of an $lmighty 4od, and
which will make ye tremble and quake
with fear, both ye and your princes6 by
the which ?ames we conBure both you
and them also, and we shall not desist
from our work until the accomplishment
of our will 3ut if perchance ye yet shall
harden yourselves, and show yourselves
self7opinionated, disobedient, rebellious,
refractory, and contumacious, and if ye
yet resist our powerful conBurations, we
shall pronounce against you this warrant
of arrest in the ?ame of 4od $lmighty,
and this definite sentence that ye shall fall
into dangerous disease and leprosy, and
that in sign of the %ivine Hengeance ye
shall all perish by a terrifying and
horrible death, and that a fire shall
consume and devour you on every side,
and utterly crush you6 and that by the
Power of 4od, a flame shall go forth from
+is @outh which shall burn ye up and
reduce ye unto nothing in +ell
Aherefore delay ye not to come, for we
shall not cease from these powerful
conBurations until ye shall be obliged to
appear against your will
Thus then, therefore, we anew conBure
and exorcise ye by and in the +oly ?ame
of O?, which is interpreted and called
4od6 by the ?ame and in the ?ame of
)+)!)+, which is the true ?ame of 4od,
8! am +e Aho is86 by and in the !neffable
?ame of "our 1etters RO% +) H$I +),
the Knowledge and understanding of
which is hidden even from the $ngels6 by
the ?ame and in the ?ame of )1, which
signifieth and denoteth the powerful and
consuming fire which issueth from +is
#ountenance, and which shall be your
ruin and destruction6 and by the 1ight of
the $ngels which is kindled and taken
ineffably from that flame of %ivine
3y these then, and by other most +oly
?ames which we pronounce against you
from the bottom of our hearts, do we
force and constrain ye, if ye be yet
rebellious and disobedient Ae conBure ye
powerfully and strongly exorcise ye, that
ye come unto us with Boy and quickness,
without fraud or deceit, in truth and not
in error
#ome ye then, come ye, behold the Signs
and the ?ames of your #reator, behold
the +oly Pentacles by the virtue of which
the )arth is moved, the trees thereof and
the $bysses tremble #ome ye6 come ye6
come ye
These things being thus done and performed, ye shall see the
Spirits come from all sides in great haste with their Princes
and Superiors6 the Spirits of the "irst Order, like Soldiers,
armed with spears, shields, and corslets6 those of the Second
Order like 3arons, Princes, %ukes, #aptains, and 4enerals of
$rmies "or the Third and last Order their King will appear,
before whom go many players on instruments of music,
accompanied by beautiful and melodious voices which sing in
Then the )xorcist, or @aster of the $rt, at the arrival of the
King, whom he shall see crowned with a %iadem, should
uncover the +oly Pentacles and @edals which he weareth
upon his breast covered with a cloth of silk or of fine twined
linen, and show them unto him, saying;77
3ehold the Signs and +oly ?ames by and
before whose power every knee should
bow, of all that is in +eaven, upon )arth,
or in +ell +umble ye yourselves,
therefore, under the @ighty hand of 4od
Then will the King bow the knee before thee, and will say,
8Ahat dost thou wish, and wherefore hast thou caused us to
come hither from the !nfernal $bodes98
Then shall the )xorcist, or @aster of @agical $rt, with an
assured air and a grave and imperious voice, order and
command him to be tranquil, to keep the rest of his attendants
peaceable, and to impose silence upon them
1et him, also, renew his fumigations, and offer large
quantities of !ncense, which he should at once place upon the
fire, in order to appease the Spirits as he hath promised them
+e should then cover the Pentacles, and he will see wonderful
things, which it is impossible to relate, touching worldly
matters and all sciences
This being finished, let the @aster uncover the Pentacles, and
demand all that he shall wish from the King of the Spirits, and
if there are one or two Spirits only, it will be the same6 and
having obtained all his desire, he shall thus license them to
!n the ?ame of $%O?$!, the )ternal and
)verlasting One, let each of you return
unto his place6 be there peace between us
and you, and be ye ready to come when
ye are called
$fter this he should recite the first chapter of 4enesis,
8!erashith !ara .lohim, !n the beginning, etc8
This being done, let them all in order quit the #ircle, one after
the other, the @aster first "urthermore let them bathe their
faces with the exorcised water, as will be hereafter told, and
then let them take their ordinary raiment and go about their
Take notice and observe carefully that this last conBuration is
of so great importance and efficacy, that even if the Spirits
were bound with chains of iron and fire, or shut up in some
strong place, or retained by an oath, they could not even then
delay to come 3ut supposing that they were being conBured
in some other place or part of the Iniverse by some other
)xorcist or @aster of the $rt, by the same conBuration6 the
@aster should add to his conBuration that they should at least
send him some @essengers, or some individual to declare
unto him where they are, how employed, and the reason why
they cannot come and obey him
3ut if 0which is almost impossible2 they be even yet self7
opinionated and disobedient, and unwilling to obey6 in this
case their names should be written on virgin paper, which he
should soil and fill with mud, dust, or clay Then he shall
kindle a fire with dry rue, upon which he shall put powdered
assafoetida, and other things of evil odour6 after which let him
put the aforesaid names, written on parchment or virgin
paper, upon the fire, saying;77
T)E CON'6-.T&ON OF T)E F&-E.
! conBure thee, O #reature of "ire, by +im
who removeth the )arth, and maketh it
tremble, that thou burn and torment these
Spirits, so that they may feel it intensely,
and that they may be burned eternally by
This being said, thou shalt cast the aforesaid paper into the
fire, saying;77
T)E C6-SE.
3e ye accursed, damned, and eternally
reproved6 and be ye tormented with
perpetual pain, so that ye may find no
repose by night nor by day, nor for a
single moment or time, if ye obey not
immediately the command of +im Aho
maketh the Iniverse to tremble6 by these
?ames, and in virtue of these ?ames, the
which being named and invoked all
creatures obey and tremble with fear and
terror, these ?ames which can turn aside
lightning and thunder6 and which will
utterly make you to perish, destroy, and
banish you These ?ames then are $leph,
3eth, 4imel, %aleth, +e, Hau, Sayin,
#heth, Teth, Rod, Kaph, 1amed, @em,
?un, Samekh, $yin, Pe, TGaddi, Woph,
Eesh, Shin, Tau

-& Ahich are the
?ames of the 1etters of
the +ebrew $lphabet,
to each of which a
special mystic meaning
and power is attached,
besides its ordinary
3y these secret ?ames, therefore, and by
these signs which are full of @ysteries,
we curse ye, and in virtue of the power of
the Three Principles, $leph,
@em, Shin,
we deprive ye of all office and dignity
which ye may have enBoyed up till now6
and by their virtue and power we
relegate you unto a lake of sulphur and of
flame, and unto the deepest depths of the
-5 The 1iteral Symbols
of $ir, Aater, and "ire6
which are called by the
Sepher Ket"irah the
Three @other 1etters
$byss, that ye may burn therein eternally
for ever
Then will they assuredly come without any delay, and in
great haste, crying; 8O Our 1ord and Prince, deliver us out of
this suffering8
$ll this time thou shouldest have near thee ready an exorcised
pen, paper, and ink, as will be described hereinafter Arite
their ?ames afresh, and kindle fresh fire, whereon thou shalt
put gum benBamin, olybdanum, and storax to make therewith
a fumigation6 with these odours thou shalt afresh, perfume
the aforesaid paper with the ?ames6 but thou shouldest have
these names ready prepared beforehand Then show them the
+oly Pentacles, and ask of them what thou wilt, and thou
shalt obtain it6 and having gained thy purpose, send away the
Spirits, saying;77
T)E "&CENSE TO 5E*.-T.
3y the virtue of these Pentacles, and
because ye have been obedient, and have
obeyed the commandments of the
#reator, feel and inhale this grateful
odour, and afterwards depart ye unto
your abodes and retreats6 be there peace
between us and you6 be ye ever ready to
come when ye shall be cited and called6
and may the blessing of 4od, as far as ye
are capable of receiving it, be upon you,
provided ye be obedient and prompt to
come unto us without solemn rites and
observances on our part
Thou shouldest further make a 3ook of virgin paper, and
therein write the foregoing conBurations, and constrain the
%emons to swear upon the same 3ook that they will come
whenever they be called, and present themselves before thee,
whenever thou shalt wish to consult them $fterwards thou
canst cover this 3ook with sacred Sigils on a plate of silver,
and therein write or engrave the +oly Pentacles Thou mayest
open this 3ook either on Sundays or on Thursdays, rather at
night than by day, and the Spirits will come
Eegarding the expression 8night,8 understand the night
following, and not the night preceding the aforesaid days
$nd remember that by day 0the %emons2 are ashamed, for
they are $nimals of %arkness
+OO, &
C).*TE- 8&&&
$s we have already made mention of the Pentacles, it is
necessary that thou shouldest understand that the whole
Science and understanding of our Key dependeth upon the
operation, Knowledge, and use of Pentacles
+e then who shall wish to perform any operation by the
means of the @edals, or Pentacles, and therein to render
himself expert, must observe what hath been hereinbefore
ordained 1et him then, O my Son Eoboam, know and
understand that in the aforesaid Pentacles he shall find those
!neffable and @ost +oly ?ames which were written by the
finger of 4od in the Tablets of @oses6 and which !, Solomon,
have received through the @inistry of an $ngel by %ivine
Eevelation These then have ! collected together, arranged,
consecrated, and kept, for the benefit of the human race, and
the preservation of 3ody and of Soul
The Pentacles should then be made in the days and hours of
@ercury, when the @oon is in an aerial
or terrestrial sign6
she should also be in her increase, and in equal number of
days with the Sun
-, i.e. in 4emini,
1ibra, $quarius,
Taurus, Hirgo, or
!t is necessary to have a #hamber or #abinet specially set
apart and newly cleaned, wherein thou canst remain without
interruption, the which having entered with thy #ompanions,
thou shalt incense and perfume it with the odours and
perfumes of the $rt The sky should be clear and serene !t is
necessary that thou shouldest have one or more pieces of
virgin paper prepared and arranged ready, as we shall tell
you more fully later on, in its place
Thou shalt commence the writing or construction of the
Pentacles in the hour aforesaid $mong other things, thou
shalt chiefly use these colours; 4old, #innabar or Hermilion
Eed, and celestial or brilliant $Gure 3lue "urthermore, thou
shalt make these @edals or Pentacles with exorcised pen and
colours, as we shall hereafter show thee Ahensoever thou
constructest them, if thou canst complete them in the hour
wherein thou didst begin them, it is better +owever, if it be
absolutely necessary to interrupt the work, thou shouldest
await the proper day and hour before re7commencing it
The Pentacles being finished and completed, take a cloth of
very fine silk, as we shall hereafter ordain thee, in the which
thou shalt wrap the Pentacles $fter which thou shalt take a
large Hessel of )arth filled with #harcoal, upon the which
there must be put frankincense, mastic, and aloes, all having
been previously conBured and exorcised as shall hereafter be
told thee Thou must also be thyself pure, clean, and washed,
as thou shalt find given in the proper place "urthermore,
thou shouldest have the Sickle or Knife of @agical $rt, with
the which thou shalt make a #ircle, and trace within it an
inner circle, and in the space between the two thou shalt write
the ?ames of 4od,
which thou shalt think fit and proper !t
is necessary after this that thou shouldest have within the
#ircle a vessel of earth with burning coals and odoriferous
perfumes thereon6 with the which thou shalt fumigate the
aforesaid Pentacles6 and, having turned thy face towards the
)ast, thou shalt hold the said Pentacles over the smoke of the
!ncense, and shalt repeat devoutly the following Psalms of
%avid my "ather; Psalms viii, xxi, xxvii, xxix, xxxii, li,
lxxii, cxxxiv

-> Preferably those
having some reference
to the work in hand
-- ! have given the
number of the Psalms
according to the
.nglish, not the ,ebrew
0"or a convenient form of #ircle which may be used for
preparing !nstruments and other things of the same kind, as
well as for consecrating the Pentacles, see Digure ,2
.The figure shows the
sacred name $g_el in
the )ast 0labelled
=Orient= in the
manuscript2, Sabaot in
the south 0=@erid=2,
*eova in the Aest
0=Occid=2, and $donay
in the ?orth
0=Septent=2 @athers
gives the names in
+ebrew characters
Figure %, from .d. $01#, fol. 0r.
$fter this thou shalt repeat the following Oration;77
T)E O-.T&ON.
O $%O?$! most powerful, )1 most
strong, $41$ most holy, O? most
righteous, the $1)P+
and the T$I, the
3eginning and the )nd6 Thou Aho hast
established all things in Thy Aisdom6
Thou Aho has chosen $braham Thy
-: The Wabalistic
word $SOT+ may be
substituted for 8the
$leph and the Tau8
faithful servant, and hast promised that
in his seed shall all nations of the earth be
blessed, which seed Thou hast multiplied
as the Stars of +eaven6 Thou Aho hast
appeared unto Thy servant @oses in
flame in the midst of the 3urning 3ush,
and hast made him walk with dry feet
through the Eed Sea6 Thou Aho gavest
the 1aw to him upon @ount Sinai6 Thou
Aho hast granted unto Solomon Thy
Servant these Pentacles by Thy great
@ercy, for the preservation of Soul and of
3ody6 we most humbly implore and
supplicate Thy +oly @aBesty, that these
Pentacles may be consecrated by Thy
power, and prepared in such manner that
they may obtain virtue and strength
against all Spirits, through Thee, O @ost
+oly $%O?$!, Ahose Kingdom,
)mpire, and principality, remaineth and
endureth without end
These words being said, thou shalt perfume the Pentacles
with the same sweet scents and perfumes, and afterwards
having wrapped them in a piece of prepared silk cloth, thou
shalt put them in a place fit and clean, which thou mayest
open whenever it shall please thee, and close it again, at thy
pleasure and according unto thy will Ae will hereafter show
thee the method and manner of preparing the aforesaid place,
of perfuming it with scents and sweet odours, and of
sprinkling it with the Aater and Aater7Sprinkler of @agical
$rt6 for all these things contain many good properties, and
innumerable virtues, as experience will easily teach thee
Ae have already said sufficient regarding the Solemn
#onBuration of Spirits
Ae have also spoken enough in our present Key, regarding
the manner in which it is necessary to attract the Spirits so as
to make them speak ?ow, by %ivine aid, ! will teach thee
how to perform certain experiments with success
O my Son Eoboam, that all the %ivine Sigils,
#haracters, and ?ames 0which are the most precious and
excellent things in ?ature, whether Terrestrial or #elestial2,
should be written by thee each separately, when thou art in a
state of grace and purity, upon Hirgin parchment, with
ordinary ink, in the beginning of the month
of $ugust before
sunrise, raising thine eyes unto heaven, and turning towards
the east Thou shalt preserve them to suspend from thy neck,
whichever thou wilt, on the day and hour wherein thou wast
born, after which thou shalt take heed to name every day ten
times, the ?ame which is hung from thy neck, turning
towards the )ast, and thou mayest be assured that no
enchantment or any other danger shall have power to harm
-D "rom here to the
end of the #hapter is
only given in
1ansdowne @SS &5F,
-' i.e. Ahen the Sun is
in the Sign 1eo
"urthermore thou shalt vanquish all adversities, and shalt be
cherished and loved by the $ngels and Spirits, provided that
thou hast made their characters and that thou hast them upon
thee6 ! assure thee that this is the true way to succeed with
ease in all thine operations, for being fortified with a %ivine
?ame, and the 1etters, #haracters, and Sigils, applicable unto
the operation, thou shalt discover with what supernatural
exactitude and very great promptitude, both Terrestrial and
#elestial things will be obedient unto thee 3ut all this will
only be true, when accompanied by the Pentacles which
hereinafter follow, seeing that the Seals, #haracters, and
%ivine ?ames, serve only to fortify the work, to preserve
from unforeseen accidents, and to attract the familiarity of the
$ngels and Spirits6 which is one reason, my Son, that before
making any experiment, ! order thee to read and re7read my
Testament, not once only but many times, so that being
perfectly instructed in the several #eremonies thou mayest in
no way fail, and that thus what shall have previously
appeared to thee difficult and lengthy, may become in process
of time easy and of very great use
! am about to endow thee with many secrets, which ! charge
thee never to employ for an evil purpose, for $##IES)% 3)
+) A+O T$K)T+ T+) ?$@) O" $1@!4+TR 4O% !?
H$!?6 but thou mayest without any other ceremonies make
use of them, provided that, as ! have already said, thou hast
only the 4lory of )ternal 4od for thine obBect Thus, after
having taught thee all the #eremonies which concern the
manner of performing the Operations, ! am at length
determined to make thee a partaker in the secrets of which !
have particular knowledge, unknown to this day unto the
generality of men6 but, nevertheless, only on the condition
that thou attemptest not the ruin and destruction of thy
neighbour, for his blood will cry for vengeance unto 4od, and
in the end thou and thine shall feel the Bust wrath of an
offended %eity +owever, 4od not having forbidden honest
and lawful pleasures, thou mayest perform boldly the
Operations which follow, it being always especially necessary
to distinguish between the good and the evil, so as to choose
the former and avoid the latter, which is why ! command thee
to be attentive to all that is contained in this my Testament
+OO, &
C).*TE- &>
STO"EN, .N5 )O7 &T S)O6"5 +E *E-FO-3E5
@y beloved Son, if thou findest any Theft, thou shalt do
as is hereinafter ordained, and with the help of 4od thou
shalt find that which hath been taken away
!f the hours and days be not otherwise ordained in this
operation, thou must refer to what hath already been
said 3ut before commencing any operation whatsoever
for the recovery of things stolen, after having made all
necessary preparations, thou shalt say the following
T)E O-.T&ON.
$donai )lohim $sher +a7
Shamain He7+a7$retG, etc
-( This is simply the
+ebrew of the prayer which
follows6 but in the @S
#odices it is so mutilated as
to be worthless
Thou, O 1ord, Aho hast made both
+eaven and )arth, and hast
measured them in the hollow of Thy
hand6 Thou Aho art seated upon the
Kerubim and the Seraphim, in the
high places, whereunto human
understanding cannot penetrate6
Thou Aho hast created all things by
Thine agency, in Ahose Presence are
the 1iving #reatures, of which four
are marvellously volatile, which have
six wings, and who incessantly cry
aloud; 8W$%OS#+, W$%OS#+,
W$%OS#+, $%O?$! )1O+!@
TS$3$OT+, +eaven and )arth are
full of Thy 4lory86 O 1ord 4od, Thou
Aho hast expelled $dam from the
Terrestrial Paradise, and Aho hast
placed the Kerubim to guard the
Tree of 1ife, Thou art the 1ord Aho
alone doest wonders6 show forth !
pray Thee Thy 4reat @ercy, by the
+oly #ity of *erusalem, by Thy
wonderful ?ame of four letters
which are RO%, +), H$I, +), and
by Thy +oly and $dmirable ?ame,
give unto me the power and virtue to
enable me to accomplish this
experiment, and to come unto the
desired end of this operation6
through Thee Aho art 1ife, and unto
Ahom 1ife belongeth unto the
eternal ages $men
$fter this perfume and cense the place with good scents
and sweet odours This aforesaid place should be pure,
clean, safe from interruption or disturbance, and proper
to the work, as we shall hereafter show Then sprinkle
the aforesaid place with consecrated Aater, as is laid
down in the #hapter concerning #ircles
The Operation being in such wise prepared, thou shalt
rehearse the #onBuration necessary for this experiment,
at the end of which Thou shalt say as follows;77
O $lmighty "ather and 1ord, Aho
regardest the +eavens, the )arth,
and the $byss, mercifully grant unto
me by Thy +oly ?ame written with
four letters, RO%, +), H$I, +), that
by this exorcism ! may obtain virtue,
Thou Aho art !$+, !$+, !$+, grant
that by Thy power these Spirits may
discover that which we require and
which we hope to find, and may they
show and declare unto us the
persons who have committed the
theft, and where they are to be
! conBure ye anew, ye Spirits above
named, by all the aforesaid ?ames,
through which all things created
tremble, that ye show openly unto
me 0or unto this child here present
with us
2 those things which we
:F $ child employed as a
clairvoyant in the operation6
as is still the custom in some
places in the )ast
These things being accomplished they will make thee to
see plainly that which thou seekest Take note that the
)xorcist, or @aster of the $rt, should be such as is
ordained in the #hapter concerning the )xorcist and his
#ompanions6 and if in this experiment it should be
necessary to write down characters or ?ames, thou shalt
do that which it is necessary to observe regarding the
pen, ink, and paper, as is duly prescribed in the chapters
concerning them
"or if thou dost not regard these things, thou wilt neither
accomplish that which thou desirest, nor arrive at thy
desired end
)O7 TO ,NO7 7)O ).S CO33&TTE5 .
:& The rest of this #hapter is
from &5F, 1ansdowne @SS
Take a Sieve and suspend it by a piece of cord
wherewith a man has been hung, which should be
fastened round the circumference of the rim Aithin the
rim write with blood in the four divisions thereof the
characters given in Digure >
this take a basin of brass perfectly clean which thou shalt
fill with water from a fountain, and having pronounced
these words;
%!)S @!)S R)S7#+)T 3)?) %O?)
")T %O??!@$ @)T)@$IS,
make the sieve spin round with thy left hand, and at the
same time turn with thy right hand the water in the
basin in a contrary direction, by stirring it with a twig of
green laurel Ahen the water becometh still and the
sieve no longer whirls, gaGe fixedly into the water, and
thou shalt see the form of him who hath committed the
theft6 and in order that thou mayest the more easily
recogniGe him, thou shalt mark him in some part of his
face with the @agical Sword of $rt6 for that sign which
thou shalt have cut therewith in the water, shall be really
found thereafter upon his own person
T)E 3.NNE- OF C.6S&NG T)E S&E8E TO T6-N,
T).T T)O6 3.4EST ,NO7 7)O ).S
:5 This is the ancient
divination by the sieve and
shears, and from St Peter
and St Paul being mentioned
in it, has evidently
undergone a mediXval
Take a Sieve and stick into the outside of the rim the
open points of a pair of scissors, and having rested the
rings of the said opened scissors on the thumb7nails of
two persons, let one of them say the following Prayer;77
%!)S @!)S R)S7#+)T 3)?) %O?)
")T %O??!@$ @)T)@$IS6 O
1ord, Aho liberatedst the holy
Susanna from a false accusation of
crime6 O 1ord, Aho liberatedst the
holy Thekla6 O 1ord, Aho rescuedst
the holy %aniel from the den of lions,
and the Three #hildren from the
burning fiery furnace, free the
innocent and reveal the guilty
$fter this let him or her pronounce aloud the names and
surnames of all the persons living in the house where the
theft hast been committed, who may be suspected of
having stolen the things in question, saying;77
83y Saint Peter and Saint Paul, such a
person hath not done this thing8
$nd let the other reply;77
83y Saint Peter and Saint Paul, he 0or
she2 hath not done it8
1et this be repeated thrice for each person named and
suspected, and it is certain that on naming the person
who hath committed the theft or done the crime, the
sieve will turn of itself without its being able to stop it,
and by this thou shalt know the evil doer
+OO, &
C).*TE- >
OF T)E E>*E-&3ENT OF &N8&S&+&"&T4, .N5 )O7
&T S)O6"5 +E *E-FO-3E5
!f thou wishest to perform the )xperiment of !nvisibility,
thou shalt follow the instructions for the same !f it be
necessary to observe the day and the hour, thou shalt do
as is said in their #hapters 3ut if thou needest not
observe the day and the hour as marked in the #hapter
thereon, thou shalt do as taught in the #hapter which
precedeth it !f in the course of the experiment it be
necessary to write anything, it should be done as is
described in the #hapters pertaining thereto, with the
proper pen, paper, and ink, or blood 3ut if the matter is
to be accomplished by invocation, before thy
conBurations, thou shalt say devoutly in thine heart;77
S#)$3O1)S, $E3$EO?, )1O+!,
)1!@!4!T+, +)E)?O3I1#I1),
@)T+), 3$1IT+, T!@$R$1,
H!11$WI!)1, T)H)?!, R)H!),
")E)T), 3$#I+$3$, 4IH$E!?6
through +im by Ahom ye have
empire and power over men, ye
must accomplish this work so that !
may go and remain invisible
$nd if it be necessary in this operation to trace a #ircle,
thou shalt do as is ordained in the #hapter concerning
#ircles6 and if it be necessary to write characters, etc,
thou shalt follow the instructions given in the respective
This operation being thus prepared, if there be an
especial #onBuration to perform, thou shalt repeat it in
the proper manner6 if not, thou shalt say the general
#onBuration, at the end of which thou shalt add the
following words;77
O thou $1@!E$S, @aster of
!nvisibility, with thy @inisters
#+)EOS, @$!TOE, T$?4)%)@,
TE$?S!%!@, SIH$?TOS,
$3)1$!S, 3OE)%, 3)1$@!T+,
#$STI@!, %$3I)16 ! conBure ye by
+im Aho maketh )arth and +eaven
to tremble, Aho is seated upon the
Throne of +is @aBesty, that this
operation may be perfectly
accomplished according to my will,
so that at whatsoever time it may
please me, ! may be able to be
! conBure thee anew, O $1@!E$S,
#hief of !nvisibility, both thee and
thy @inisters, by +im through
Ahom all things have their being,
and by S$TIE!)1, +$E#+!)1,
%$?!)1, 3)?!)1, $SS!@O?)@,
that thou immediately comest thither
with all thy @inisters, and achievest
this operation, as thou knowest it
ought to be accomplished, and that
by the same operation thou render
me invisible, so that none may be
able to see me
!n order then to accomplish this aforesaid operation,
thou must prepare all things necessary with requisite
care and diligence, and put them in practice with all the
general and particular ceremonies laid down for these
experiments6 and with all the conditions contained in our
first and second 3ooks Thou shalt also in the same
operations duly repeat the appropriate #onBurations,
with all the solemnities marked in the respective
#hapters Thus shalt thou accomplish the experiment
surely and without hindrance, and thus shalt thou find it
3ut, on the contrary, if thou lettest any of these things
escape thee, or if thou despiseth them, never shalt thou
be able to arrive at thy proposed end6 as, for example, we
enter not easily into a fenced city over its walls but
through its gates
TO -EN5E- ONESE"F &N8&S&+"E.
:, The rest of this #hapter is
from &5F, 1ansdowne @SS
@ake a small image of yellow wax, in the form of a man,
in the month *anuary and in the day and hour of Saturn,
and at that time write with a needle above the crown of
its head and upon its skull which thou shalt have
adroitly raised, the character following 0See Digure -2
$fter which thou shalt replace the skull in proper
position Thou shalt then write upon a small strip of the
skin of a frog or toad which thou shalt have killed, the
following words and characters 0See Digure :2
hels, hels, hels,
Thou shalt then go and suspend the said figure by one of
thy hairs from the vault of a cavern at the hour of
midnight, and perfuming it with the proper incense thou
shalt say;77
@)T$TEO?, @)1)K+, 3)EOT+,
?OT+, H)?!33)T+, @$#+, and
all ye, ! conBure thee O "igure of wax,
by the 1iving 4od, that by the virtue
of these #haracters and words, thou
render me invisible, wherever ! may
bear thee with me $men
$nd after having censed it anew, thou shalt bury it in the
same place in a small deal box, and every time that thou
wishest to pass or enter into any place without being
seen, thou shalt say these words, bearing the aforesaid
figure in thy left pocket;77
#ome unto me and never quit me whithersoever ! shall
$fterwards thou shalt take it carefully back unto the
before7mentioned place and cover it with earth until
thou shalt need it again
+OO, &
C).*TE- >&
TO )&N5E- . S*O-TS3.N F-O3 ,&""&NG .N4
:> This #hapter is taken
from &5F, 1ansdowne @SS
Take a stick of green elder, from the two ends of which
thou shalt clean out the pith !n each end place a strip of
parchment of hare7skin, having written thereon with the
blood of a black hen the following character and word
0See Digure D2
+aving made two of these slips, place one in each end of
the stick and close the apertures up with pith, afterwards
on a "riday in the month of "ebruary thou shalt fumigate
the aforesaid stick with suitable incense thrice in the air,
and having taken it thence thou shalt bury it in the earth
under an elder7tree $fterwards thou shalt expose it in
the pathway by which the sportsman will pass, and once
he has passed by it, he need not hope to kill any game
during that day !f thou shalt wish a second time to lay a
spell upon him in like manner, thou needest but to
expose the stick again in his path6 but take care to bury it
again in the earth under an elder tree, so as to be able to
take it from thence each time that thou shalt have need of
it6 and to take it up each time as soon as the Sportsman
shall have passed
+OO, &
C).*TE- >&&
TO 3.,E T)E 3.G&C G.-TE-S
:- This #hapter is also taken
from &5F, 1ansdowne @SS
Take enough of the skin of a stag to make two hollow
tubular 4arters, but before stitching them up thou shalt
write on the side of the skin which was next the flesh the
words and characters shown in Digure ', with the blood
of a hare killed on the 5-th of *une, and having filled the
said 4arters with green mugwort gathered also on the
5-th of *une before sunrise, thou shalt put in the two
ends of each the eye of the fish called barbel6 and when
thou shalt wish to use them thou shalt get up before
sunrise and wash them in a brook of running water, and
place them one on each leg above the knee
$fter this thou shalt take a short rod of holm7oak cut on
the same 5-th of *une, turn in the direction thou wishest
to go, write upon the ground the name of the place, and
commencing thy Bourney thou wilt find it accomplished
in a few days and without fatigue Ahen thou wishest to
stop thou hast only to say $@)#+ and beat the air with
the aforesaid wand, and incontinently thou shalt be on
firm ground
+OO, &
C).*TE- >&&&
TO 3.,E T)E 3.G&C C.-*ET *-O*E-
.S TO O+T.&N .N .NS7E- -EG.-5&NG
7).TSOE8E- 3.TTE- ONE 3.4 7&S) TO
:: This #hapter is also taken
from &5F, 1ansdowne @SS
@ake a #arpet of white and new wool, and when the
@oon shall be at her full, in the Sign of #apricorn and in
the hour of the Sun, thou shalt go into the country away
from any habitation of man, in a place free from all
impurity, and shalt spread out thy #arpet so that one of
its points shall be towards the east, and another towards
the west, and having made a #ircle without it and
enclosing it, thou shalt remain within upon the point
towards the east, and holding thy wand in the air for
every operation, thou shalt call upon @!#+$)1,
towards the north upon E$P+$)1, towards the west
upon 4$3E!)1, and towards the south upon @IE!)1
$fter this thou shalt return unto the point of the )ast and
devoutly invoke the 4reat ?ame $41$, and take this
point of the #arpet in thy left hand6 turning then
towards the ?orth thou shalt do the same, and so
continuing to the other points of the #arpet, thou shalt
raise them so that they touch not the ground, and
holding them up thus, and turning anew towards the
)ast thou shalt say with great veneration the following
:D ! have usually found
@ichael attributed to the
South6 Eaphael to the )ast6
4abriel to the Aest6 and
$uriel to the ?orth 1ikewise
! think the operator should
turn following the course of
the Sun, and not contrariwise
as in the text
$41$, $41$, $41$, $41$6 O
4od $lmighty Aho art the 1ife of
the Iniverse and Aho rulest over the
four divisions of its vast form by the
strength and virtue of the "our
1etters of Thy +oly ?ame
Tetragrammaton, RO%, +), H$I,
+), bless in Thy ?ame this covering
which ! hold as Thou hast blessed the
@antle of )liBah in the hands of
)lisha, so that being covered by Thy
Aings, nothing may be able to inBure
me, even as it is said;77 8+e shall hide
thee under +is Aings and beneath
+is feathers shall thou trust, +is
truth shall be thy shield and buckler8
$fter this thou shalt fold it up, saying these words
E)#$3IST!E$, #$3IST!E$,
3IST!E$, T!E$ E$, $6
and shall keep it carefully to serve thee at need
Ahen thou shalt be desirous to make thine
interrogations, choose the night of full or of new moon,
and from midnight until daybreak Thou shalt transport
thyself unto the appointed spot if it be for the purpose of
discovering a treasure6 if not, any place will serve
provided it be clean and pure +aving had the
precaution on the preceding evening to write upon a slip
of virgin parchment coloured aGure7blue, with a pen
made from the feather of a dove, this #haracter and
?ame 0see Digure (26
taking thy carpet, thou shalt cover thy head and body
therewith, and taking the censer, with new fire therein,
thou shalt place it in or upon the proper place, and cast
thereon some incense Then shalt thou prostrate thyself
upon the ground, with thy face towards the earth, before
the incense beginneth to fume, keeping the fire of the
same beneath the carpet, holding thy wand upright,
against which to rest thy chin6 thou shalt hold with thy
right hand the aforesaid strip of parchment against thy
forehead, and thou shalt say the following words;77
H)4$1), +$@!#$T$, I@S$,
T)E$T$, R)+, %$+, @$,
3$T$SOT$, I?, +OE$+,
O 4od the Hast One
send unto me the !nspiration of Thy
1ight, make me to discover the secret
thing which ! ask of Thee,
whatsoever such or such a thing may
be, make me to search it out by the
aid of Thy holy @inisters E$S!)1,
TS$P+?!)1, @$T@O?!)16 1o,
Thou hast desired truth in the young,
and in the hidden thing shalt Thou
make me known wisdom
E)#$3IST!E$, #$3IST!E$,
3IST!E$, T!E$, E$, $,
K$EK$+!T$, K$+!T$, +!T$, T$
:' These are probably
corrupted +ebrew words
derived from the prayer
$nd thou shalt hear distinctly the answer which thou
shalt have sought
+OO, &
C).*TE- >&8
TO -EN5E- T)4SE"F 3.STE- OF .
T-E.S6-E *OSSESSE5 +4 T)E S*&-&TS
:( This is also taken from
&5F, 1ansdowne @SS
The )arth being inhabited, as ! have before said unto
thee, by a great number of #elestial 3eings and Spirits,
who by their subtilty and prevision know the places
wherein treasures are hidden, and seeing that it often
happeneth that those men who undertake a search for
these said treasures are molested and sometimes put to
death by the aforesaid Spirits, which are called 4nomes6
which, however, is not done through the $varice of these
said 4nomes, a Spirit being incapable of possessing
anything, having no material senses wherewith to bring
it into use, but because these Spirits, who are enemies of
the passions, are equally so of $varice, unto which men
are so much inclined6 and foreseeing the evil ends for
which these treasures will be employed have some
interest and aim in maintaining the earth in its condition
of price and value, seeing that they are its inhabitants,
and when they slightly disturb the workers in such kind
of treasures, it is a warning which they give them to
cease from the work, and if it happen that the greedy
importunity of the aforesaid workers oblige them to
continue, notwithstanding the aforesaid warnings, the
Spirits, irritated by their despising the same, frequently
put the workmen to death 3ut know, O my Son, that
from the time that thou shalt have the good fortune to be
familiar with such kinds of Spirits, and that thou shalt be
able by means of what ! have taught thee to make them
submit unto thine orders, they will be happy to give
thee, and to make thee partaker in that which they
uselessly possess, provided that thine obBect and end
shall be to make a good use thereof
T)E 3.NNE- OF *E-FO-3&NG T)E O*E-.T&ON.
On a Sunday before sunrise, between the &Fth of *uly
and the 5Fth of $ugust, when the moon is in the Sign of
the 1ion, thou shalt go unto the place where thou shalt
know either by interrogation of the !ntelligences, or
otherwise, that there is a treasure6 there thou shalt
describe a #ircle of sufficient siGe with the Sword of
@agic $rt wherein to open up the earth, as the nature of
the ground will allow6 thrice during the day shalt thou
cense it with the incense proper for the day, after which
being clothed in the raiment proper for the Operation
thou shalt suspend in some way by a machine
immediately above the opening a lamp, whose oil should
be mingled with the fat of a man who has died in the
month of *uly, and the wick being made from the cloth
wherein he has been buried +aving kindled this with
fresh fire, thou shalt fortify the workmen with a girdle of
the skin of a goat newly slain, whereon shall be written
with the blood of the dead man from whom thou shalt
have taken the fat these words and characters 0see Digure
and thou shalt set them to work in safety, warning them
not to be at all disturbed at the Spectres which they will
see, but to work away boldly !n case they cannot finish
the work in a single day, every time they shall have to
leave it thou shalt cause them to put a covering of wood
over the opening, and above the covering about six
inches of earth6 and thus shalt thou continue unto the
end, being all the time present in the raiment of the $rt,
and with the @agic Sword, during the operation $fter
which thou shalt repeat this prayer;77
$%O?$!, )1O+!@, )1, )+)!)+
$S+)E )+)!)+, Prince of Princes,
)xistence of )xistences, have mercy
upon me, and cast Thine eyes upon
Thy Servant 0?2, who invokes Thee
most devoutedly, and supplicates
Thee by Thy +oly and tremendous
?ame Tetragrammaton to be
propitious, and to order Thine
$ngels and Spirits to come and take
up their abode in this place6 O ye
$ngels and Spirits of the Stars, O all
ye $ngels and )lementary Spirits, O
all ye Spirits present before the "ace
of 4od, ! the @inister and faithful
Servant of the @ost +igh conBure ye,
let 4od himself, the )xistence of
)xistences, conBure ye to come and be
present at this Operation, !, the
Servant of 4od, most humbly entreat
ye $men
+aving then caused the workmen to fill in the hole, thou
shalt license the Spirits to depart, thanking them for the
favour they have shown unto thee, and saying;77
T)E "&CENSE TO 5E*.-T.
O ye good and happy Spirits, we
thank ye for the benefits which we
have Bust received from your liberal
bounty6 depart ye in peace to govern
the )lement which 4od hath
destined for your habitation $men
+OO, &
C).*TE- >8
OF T)E E>*E-&3ENT OF SEE,&NG F.8O6- .N5
DF This #hapter is taken
from &F':5 $dd @SS
!f thou wishest to perform the )xperiment of seeking
favour and love, observe in what manner the )xperiment
is to be carried out, and if it be dependent upon the day
and the hour, perform it in the day and the hour
required, as thou wilt find it in the #hapter concerning
the hours6 and if the )xperiment be one that requireth
writing, thou shalt write as it is said in the #hapter
concerning the same6 and if it be with penal bonds, pacts,
and fumigations, then thou shalt cense with a fit perfume
as is said in the chapter concerning suffumigations6 and
if it be necessary to sprinkle it with water and hyssop,
then let it be as in the #hapter concerning the same6
similarly if such )xperiment require characters, names,
or the like, let such names be written as the #hapter
concerning the writing of characters, and place the same
in a clean place as hath been said Then thou shalt repeat
over it the following Oration;77
T)E O-.T&ON.
O $%O?$!, most +oly, @ost
Eighteous, and most $lmighty 4od,
Aho hast made all things through
Thy @ercy and Eighteousness
wherewith Thou art filled, grant unto
us that we may be found worthy that
this )xperiment may be found
consecrated and perfect, so that the
1ight may issue from Thy @ost +oly
Seat, O $%O?$!, which may obtain
for us favor and love $men
This being said, thou shalt place it in clean silk, and bury
it for a day and a night at the Bunction of four cross7
roads6 and whensoever thou wishest to obtain any grace
or favor from any, take it, having first properly
consecrated it according to the rule and place it in thy
right hand, and seek thou what thou wilt it shall not be
denied thee 3ut if thou doest not the )xperiment
carefully and rightly, assuredly thou shalt not succeed in
any manner
"or obtaining grace and love write down the following
$E)PO, T)?)T, OP)E$,
EOT$S, !$+, !$+, !$+, )?$@,
!$+, !$+, !$+, K)T+)E,
#+OK@$+, 3!?$+, 4)%I1$+,
4)3IE$+, T!P+)E)T+,
?)TS$#+, +O%, R)SO%,
@$1KIT+, $3E$+$@, !S$$#,
*$#O3, S+$%E$#+, @)S+$#+,
$3)%?)4O, be ye all present in my
aid and for whatsoever ! shall desire
to obtain
D& This !ncantation is also
given in &,FD Sloane @SS,
page D:
Ahich words being properly written as above, thou shalt
also find thy desire brought to pass
+OO, &
C).*TE- >8&
O*E-.T&ONS OF 3OC,E-4, &N8&S&+&"&T4,
.N5 5ECE&T S)O6"5 +E *-E*.-E5
D5 This #hapter is given in
&F':5 $dd @SS ,('&
+arleian @SS, 5'' King8s
@SS, ,F(& Sloane @SS, and
&,FD Sloane @SS, but is
wanting in &5F5 1ansdowne
@SS, as are all the #hapters
of the "irst 3ook after #hap
)xperiments relating to tricks, mockeries, and deceits,
may be performed in many ways Ahen thou shalt wish
to practice these experiments with regard to any person,
thou shalt observe the day and the hour as we have
already said Should it be necessary to write #haracters
or Aords, it should be done upon virgin paper, as we
shall show farther on $s for the ink, if it be not specially
ordained in this operation, it is advisable to use the
blood of a bat with the pen and the needle of art 3ut
before describing or writing the #haracters or ?ames, all
the necessary rules should be observed as given in the
proper #hapters, and having carefully followed out all
these, thou shalt pronounce with a loud voice the
following words;77
$3$#, $1%$1, !$T, +I%$#,
4IT+$#, 4IT+OE, 4O@)+,
come hither all ye who love the times
and places wherein all kinds of
mockeries and deceits are practiced
$nd ye who make things disappear
and who render them invisible, come
hither to deceive all those who
regard these things, so that they may
be deceived, and that they may seem
to see that which they see not and
hear that which they hear not, so that
their senses may be deceived, and
that they may behold that which is
not true
#ome ye then hither and remain, and
consecrate this enchantment, seeing
that 4od the $lmighty 1ord hath
destined ye for such
Ahen this )xperiment is completed in this manner in the
hour and time which we have shown and taught, also
the foregoing words $3$#, $1%$1, etc, should be
written with the pen as hereinafter ordained6 but if the
)xperiment be performed in a different way, yet shalt
thou always say the aforesaid words, and they should be
repeated as before given
!f thou practicest these things in this manner correctly,
thou shalt arrive at the effect of thine operations and
experiments by the which thou mayest easily deceive the
+OO, &
C).*TE- >8&&
)O7 E>T-.O-5&N.-4 E>*E-&3ENTS .N5
O*E-.T&ONS S)O6"5 +E *-E*.-E5
Ae have spoken in the preceding #hapters of common
experiments and operations, which it is more usual to
practice and put in operation, and therein thou mayest
easily see that we have told thee sufficient for their
perfection !n this #hapter we treat of extraordinary and
unusual experiments, which can also be done in many
?one the less should those who wish to put in practice
the like experiments and operations observe the days
and hours as is laid down in the proper #hapters, and
should be provided with virgin paper and other
necessary things +aving prepared a similar experiment
thou shalt say;77
O 4od, Aho hast created all things,
and hast given unto us discernment
to understand the good and the evil6
through thy +oly ?ame, and
through these +oly ?ames;77 !O%,
!$+, H$I, %$1)T+, H$I,
TS$3$OT+, S!O, $@$TOE,
#E)$TOE, do Thou, O 1ord, grant
that this experiment may become
true and veritable in my hands
through Thy +oly Seal, O $%O?$!,
Ahose reign and empire remaineth
eternally and unto the $ges of the
$ges $men
This being done, thou shalt perform the experiment,
observing its hour, and thou shalt perfume and incense
as is laid down in the proper #hapter6 sprinkling with
exorcised water, and performing all the ceremonies and
solemnities as we shall instruct thee in the Second 3ook
of our Key
+OO, &
C).*TE- >8&&&
The @edals or Pentacles, which we make for the purpose of striking
terror into the Spirits and reducing them to obedience, have besides
this wonderful and excellent virtue !f thou invokest the Spirits by
virtue of these Pentacles, they will obey thee without repugnance, and
having considered them they will be struck with astonishment, and
will fear them, and thou shalt see them so surprised by fear and terror,
that none of them will be sufficiently bold to wish to oppose thy will
They are also of great virtue and efficacy against all perils of )arth, of
$ir, of Aater, and of "ire, against poison which hath been drunk,
against all kinds of infirmities and necessities, against binding,
sortilege, and sorcery, against all terror and fear, and wheresoever
thou shalt find thyself, if armed with them, thou shalt be in safety all
the days of thy life
Through them do we acquire grace and good7will from man and
woman, fire is extinguished, water is stayed, and all #reatures fear at
the sight of the ?ames which are therein, and obey through that fear
These Pentacles are usually made of the metal the most suitable to the
nature of the Planet6 and then there is no occasion to observe the rule
of particular colours They should be engraved with the instrument of
$rt in the days and hours proper to the Planet
Saturn ruleth over 1ead6 *upiter over Tin6 @ars over !ron6 the Sun over
4old6 Henus over #opper6 @ercury over the mixture of @etals6 and
the @oon over Silver
They may also be made with exorcised virgin paper, writing thereon
with the colours adopted for each Planet, referring to the rules already
laid down in the proper #hapters, and according to the Planet with
which the Pentacle is in sympathy
Aherefore unto Saturn the colour of 3lack is appropriated6 *upiter
ruleth over #elestial 3lue6 @ars over Eed6 the Sun over 4old, or the
colour of Rellow or #itron 6 Henus over 4reen; @ercury over @ixed
#olours6 the @oon over Silver, or the colour of $rgentine )arth
The @atter of which the Pentacle is constructed should be Hirgin,
never having been used for any other purpose6 or if it be metal it
should be purified by fire
$s regards the siGe of the Pentacles it is arbitrary, so long as they are
made according to the rules, and with the requisite solemnities as hath
been ordained
virtues of the +oly Pentacles are no less advantageous unto thee
than the knowledge of the secrets which ! have already given unto
thee6 and thou shouldst take particular care if thou makest them upon
D, This and the
four following
paragraphs are
from &5F,
virgin parchment to use the proper colours6 and if thou engravest
them upon metal, to do so in the manner taught thee6 and so shalt thou
have the satisfaction of seeing them produce the promised effect 3ut
seeing that this Science is not a Science of argument and open
reasoning, but that, on the contrary, it is entirely mysterious and
occult, we should not argue and deliberate over these matters, and it is
sufficient to believe firmly to enable us to bring into operation that
which hath already been taught
1ansdowne @SS
Ahen thou shalt construct these Pentacles and #haracters, it is
necessary never to forget the !ncense, nor to employ anything beyond
that of which mention is made
!t is necessary, above all things, to be attentive to the operation, and
never to forget or omit those things which contribute to the success
which the Pentacles and )xperiments promise, having ever in thy
mind no other intention than the 4lory of 4od, the accomplishment of
thy desires, and loving7kindness towards thy neighbor
"urthermore, my beloved Son, ! order thee not to bury this Science, but
to make thy friends partakers in the same, subBect however to the strict
command never to profane the things which are %ivine, for if thou
doest this, far from rendering thee a friend of the Spirits, it will but be
the means of bringing thee unto destruction
3ut never must thou lavish these things among the ignorant, for that
would be as blameable as to cast precious gems before swine6 on the
contrary, from one Sage the secret knowledge should pass unto
another Sage, for in this manner shall the Treasure of Treasures never
descend into oblivion
and revere the @ost +oly ?ames of 4od which are found in
these Pentacles and #haracters, for without this never shalt thou be
able to come to the end of any enterprise, nor to accomplish the
@ystery of @ysteries
D> The rest of the
#hapter is from
&5F5 1ansdowne
@SS, except the
last sentence
$bove all things, remember that to perform any of these operations
thou must be pure in body and mind, and without blemish, and omit
not any of the preparations
This Key, full of @ysteries, hath been revealed unto me by an $ngel
$ccursed be he who undertaketh our $rt without having the qualities
requisite to thoroughly understand our Key, accursed be he who
invoketh the ?ame of 4od in vain, for such an one prepareth for
himself the punishments which await the unbelievers, for 4od shall
abandon them and relegate them unto the depths of +ell amongst the
impure Spirits
"or 4od is great and !mmutable, +e hath been for ever, and +e shall
remain even unto the end of the $ges
$##IES)% 3) +) A+O T$K)T+ T+) ?$@) O" 4O% !? H$!?C
$##IES)% 3) +) A+O IS)T+ T+!S K?OA1)%4) I?TO $?
)H!1 )?%, 3) +) $##IES)% !? T+!S AOE1% $?% !? T+)
AOE1% TO #O@) $@)? 3) +) $##IES)% !? T+) ?$@)
A+!#+ +) +$T+ 31$SP+)@)%C
)E-E FO""O7 T)E )O"4 *ENT.C"ES, E>*-ESSE5 &N T)E&-
*-O*E- F&G6-ES .N5 C).-.CTE-S, TOGET)E- 7&T)
T)E&- ES*EC&." 8&-T6ESA FO- T)E 6SE OF T)E 3.STE- OF
0&2 Seven Pentacles consecrated to Saturn N 3lack
052 Seven Pentacles consecrated to *upiter N 3lue
0,2 Seven Pentacles consecrated to @ar N Eed
0>2 Seven Pentacles consecrated to the Sun N Rellow
0-2 "ive Pentacles consecrated to Henus N 4reen
0:2 "ive Pentacles consecrated to @ercury N @ixed #olours
0D2 Six Pentacles consecrated to the @oon N Silver
:3ysti!al Figure of Solomon from "ans. #$#, fol. #<
.ditorAs +ote on
Digure & 77 The
@ystical "igure of
Solomon77 This is
only given in the
two @SS,
1ansdowne &5F5
and &5F, !t was
given by 1Mvi in
:3ysti!al Figure of Solomon from "ans. #$%<
his 8%ogme et
Eituel de la +aute
@agie,8 and by
Tycho 3rahM in his
@agicum,8 but in
each instance
without the
+ebrew words and
letters, probably
because these were
so mangled by
transcribers as to
be unrecogniGable
$fter much labor
and study of the
figure, ! believe the
words in the body
of the symbol to be
intended for the
Ten Sephiroth
arranged in the
form of the Tree of
1ife, with the
?ame of Solomon
to the right and to
the left6 while the
characters are
intended for the
twenty7two letters
of the +ebrew
$lphabet ! have,
therefore, thus
restored them This
"igure forms in
each instance the
frontispiece of the
@S referred to
"igure &&77 The "irst Pentacle of Saturn77 This Pentacle is of great
value and utility for striking terror into the Spirits Aherefore, upon its
being shown to them they submit, and kneeling upon the earth before
it, they obey
.ditorAs +ote77 The
+ebrew 1etters
within the square
are the four great
?ames of 4od
which are written
with four letters;77
!+H+, Rod, +e,
Hau, +e6 $%?!,
$donai6 !!$!, Riai
0this ?ame has the
same ?umerical
value in +ebrew as
the ?ame )12 6 and
$+!+, )heieh The
Figure , from "ans. #$#, (g. #.
+ebrew versicle
which surrounds it
is from Psalm lxxii
(6 8The )thiopians
shall kneel before
+im, +is enemies
shall lick the dust8
7S1@ The
manuscripts do not
number the
pentacles, and only
the 1ans mss
assign most of
them to planets
The verse in $d
&F':5, K 5'' et al
is in 1atin 0PsD&;(2
=#oram illo
$ethiopes et
inimici eius terram
lingent= 7*+P
"igure &577 The Second Pentacle of Saturn77 This Pentacle is of great
value against adversaries6 and of especial use in repressing the pride of
the Spirits
Figure #, from "ans. #$#, (g. #.
.ditorAs note77 This
is the celebrated
S $ T O E
$ E ) P O
T ) ? ) T
O P ) E $
E O T $ S
the most perfect
existing form of
double acrostic, as
far as the
arrangement of the
letters is
concerned6 it is
mentioned in the
records of
mediXval @agic6
and, save to very
few, its derivation
from the present
Pentacle has been
unknown !t will
be seen at a glance
that it is a square
of five, giving
twenty7five letters,
which, added to
the unity, gives
twenty7six, the
numerical value of
!+H+ The
+ebrew versicle
surrounding it is
taken from Psalm
lxxii ', 8+is
dominion shall be
also from the one
sea to the other,
and from the flood
unto the world8s
end8 This passage
consists also of
exactly twenty7five
letters, and its total
numerical value
0considering the
final letters with
numbers2, added
to that of the ?ame
)lohim, is exactly
equal to the total
numerical value of
the twenty7five
letters in the
Square 7S1@
This is the thirtieth
pentacle in $d
&F':5, and the
third in Sl &,FD
Herse reads =et
dominabitur a
mari usque ad
mare et a flumine
usque ad terminos
orbis terrarum= !n
Sl &,FD the
etc are all written
in Eoman letters
"igure &,77 The Third Pentacle of Saturn77 This should be made
.ditorAs +ote77 The
within the @agical #ircle, and it is good for use at night when thou
invokest the Spirits of the nature of Saturn
Figure %, from "ans. #$#, (g. ##.
characters at the
ends of the rays of
the @ystic Aheel
are @agical
#haracters of
Surrounding it are
the ?ames of the
$ngels;77 Omeliel,
$rauchiah, and
$naGachia, written
in +ebrew 7S1@
This is the third
pentacle in $d
&F':5 7*+P
"igure &>77 The "ourth Pentacle of Saturn77 This Pentacle serveth
principally for executing all the experiments and operations of ruin,
destruction, and death $nd when it is made in full perfection, it
serveth also for those Spirits which bring news, when thou invokest
them from the side of the South
.ditorAs +ote77 The
+ebrew words
around the sides of
the triangle are
from %eut vi >;77
8+ear, O !srael,
!+H+ $1+!?H is
!+H+ $#h%8 The
versicle is from
Psalm cix &';77 8$s
he clothed himself
with cursing like as
with a garment, so
let it come into his
bowels like water,
and like oil into his
bones8 !n the
center of the
Pentacle is the
mystic letter Rod
This is the second
pentacle in $d
&F':5 The verse
reads, =induit
sicut vestimentum
et intravit sicut
aqua in interiora
eius et sicut oleum
in ossibus eius=
The same verse is
found on the tenth
pentacle in Sl
&,FD, but the
drawing is quite
different 7*+P
Figure ;, from "ans. #$#, (g. ##.
Figure ;, from .d. $01#, fol 0#r.
"igure &-77 The "ifth Pentacle of Saturn77 This Pentacle defendeth
those who invoke the Spirits of Saturn during the night6 and chaseth
away the Spirits which guard treasures
Figure ?, from "ans. #$#, (g. #%.
Figure ?, from ,ings #00, fol. @%r.
.ditorAs +ote77 The
+ebrew letters in
the angles of the
#ross are those of
the ?ame !+H+
Those in the angles
of the Square form
$1H+, )loah
Eound the four
sides of the Square
are the ?ames of
the $ngels;77
Eoelhaiphar, and
?oaphiel The
versicle is;77 8$
4reat 4od, a
@ighty, and a
Terrible8 77 %eut x
&D 7S1@
This is the twenty7
eighth pentacle in
$d &F':5 The
verse reads,
=Terribilis "ortis
Potens %eus= 7*+P
"igure &:77 The Sixth Pentacle of Saturn77 $round this Pentacle is
each ?ame symboliGed as it should be The person against whom thou
.ditorAs +ote77 !t is
formed from
shalt pronounce it shall be obsessed by %emons
Figure 1, from "ans. #$#, (g. #%.
Figure 1, from ,ings #00, fol. @%2.
#haracters of
Saturn $round it
is written in
+ebrew; 8Set thou
a wicked one to be
ruler over him, and
let Satan stand at
his right hand8
This is the twenty7
ninth pentacle in
$d &F':5 The
verse is from
Psalm &F':
according to the
numbering 7*+P
"igure &D77 The Seventh and 1ast Pentacle of Saturn77 This Pentacle is
fit for exciting earthquakes, seeing that the power of each order of
$ngels herein invoked is sufficient to make the whole Iniverse
.ditorAs +ote77
Aithin the
Pentacle are the
?ames of the ?ine
Orders of $ngels,
Figure @, from "ans. #$#, (g. #;.
those of six of them
in ordinary
#haracters, and the
remainder in the
letters which are
known as 8The
Passing of the
Eiver8 These ?ine
Orders are;77 &
#+$!OT+ +$7
W$%)S#+, +oly
1iving #reatures6
5 $IP+$?!@,
Aheels6 ,
$E$1!@, Thrones6
3rilliant Ones6 -
S)E$P+!@, "iery
Ones6 :
@)1$K!@, Kings6
D )1O+!@, 4ods6
' 3)?! )1O+!@,
Sons of the )lohim6
( K)EI3!@,
Kerubim The
versicle is from
Psalm xviii D;77
8Then the earth
shook and
trembled, the
foundations of the
hills also moved
and were shaken,
because +e was
wroth8 7S1@
This is the thirty7
first pentacle in
$d &F':5 Herse
reads, =commota
est et contremuit
terra et
conturbata sunt et
commota sunt
quoniam iratus est
eis= 7*+P
"igure &'77 The "irst Pentacle of *upiter77 This serveth to invoke the
Spirits of *upiter, and especially those whose ?ames are written
around the Pentacle, among whom Parasiel is the 1ord and @aster of
Treasures, and teacheth how to become possessor of places wherein
they are
Figure 0, from "ans. #$#, (g. #;.
.ditorAs +ote77 This
Pentacle is
composed of
#haracters of
*upiter $round it
are the ?ames of
the $ngels;77
TGedeqiah, and
Parasiel, written in
+ebrew 7S1@
This is the fifth
pentacle in $d
&F':5 7*+P
"igure &(77 The Second Pentacle of *upiter77 This is proper for
acquiring glory, honors, dignities, riches, and all kinds of good,
together with great tranquillity of mind6 also to discover Treasures and
chase away the Spirits who preside over them !t should be written
upon virgin paper or parchment, with the pen of the swallow and the
blood of the screech7owl
.ditorAs +ote77 !n
the center of the
+exagram are the
letters of the ?ame
$+!+, )heieh6 in
the upper and
lower angles of the
same, those of the
?ame $3, the
"ather6 in the
remaining angles
those of the ?ame
!+H+ ! believe the
letters outside the
+exagram in the
re7entering angles
to be intended for
those of the first
two words of the
Figure /, from "ans. #$#, (g. #?.
versicle, which is
taken from Psalm
cxii ,;77 8Aealth
and Eiches are in
his house, and his
endureth for ever8
This is the fourth
pentacle in $d
&F':5 The verse is
from Hulgate,
Ps&&&;,; gloria et
divitiae in domo
eius et iustitia eius
manet in saeculum
saeculi 7*+P
"igure 5F77 The Third Pentacle of *upiter7This defendeth and
protecteth those who invoke and cause the Spirits to come Ahen they
appear show unto them this Pentacle and immediately they will obey
Figure #$, from "ans. #$#, (g. #?.
.ditorAs +ote77 !n
the upper left hand
corner is the
@agical Seal of
*upiter with the
letters of the ?ame
!+H+ !n the
others are the Seal
of the !ntelligence
of *upiter, and the
?ames $donai and
!+H+ 77 $round it
is the versicle from
Psalm cxxv &;77 8$
Song of degrees
They that trust in
!+H+ shall be as
@ount Sion, which
cannot be
removed, but
abideth for ever8
This is the twenty7
sixth pentacle in
$d &F':5, but the
sixth in Sl &,FD
The verse reads,
=qui confidunt in
%omino sicut
mons Sion non
commovebitur in
aeternum qui
habitat in
+ierusalem= 7*+P
"igure 5&77 The "ourth Pentacle of *upiter77 !t serveth to acquire riches
and honor, and to possess much wealth !ts $ngel is 3ariel !t should
be engraved upon silver in the day and hour of *upiter when he is in
the Sign #ancer
Figure #, from "ans. #$#, (g. #1.
.ditorAs +ote77
$bove the @agical
Sigil is the ?ame
!+, !ah 3elow it
are the ?ames of
the $ngels $doniel
and 3ariel, the
letters of the latter
being arranged
about a square of
$round is the
versicle from
Psalm cxii ,;77
8Aealth and Eiches
are in his house,
and his
endureth for ever8
This is the twenty7
seventh pentacle in
$d &F':5, and the
eighth in Sl &,FD
The verse reads,
=gloria et divitiae
in domo eius et
iustitia eius manet
in saeculum
saeculi= 7*+P
"igure 5577 The "ifth Pentacle of *upiter7This hath great power !t
serveth for assured visions *acob being armed with this Pentacle
beheld the ladder which reached unto heaven
.ditorAs +ote77 The
+ebrew letters
within the Pentacle
are taken from the
five last words of
the versicle which
surrounds it, each
of which contains
five letters These
are, then,
recombined so as
to form certain
@ystical ?ames
The versicle is
Figure ##, from "ans. #$#, (g. #1.
taken from )Gekiel
i &;77 8$s ! was
among the captives
by the river of
#hebar, the
heavens were
opened, and ! saw
visions of )lohim8
!n my opinion the
versicle should
only consist of the
five last words
thereof, when the
anachronism of
*acob using a
Pentacle with a
sentence from
)Gekiel will not
longer exist 7S1@
This is the sixth
pentacle in $d
&F':5 7*+P
"igure 5,77 The Sixth Pentacle of *upiter77 !t serveth for protection
against all earthly dangers, by regarding it each day devoutedly, and
repeating the versicle which surroundeth it 8Thus shalt thou never
Figure #%, from "ans. #$#, (g. #@.
.ditorAs +ote77 The
four ?ames in the
$rms of the #ross
are;77 Seraph,
Kerub, $riel, and
Tharsis6 the four
rulers of the
)lements The
versicle is from
Psalm xxii &:, &D;77
8They pierced my
hands and my feet,
! may tell all my
bones8 7S1@
This is the seventh
pentacle in $d
&F':5 7*+P
"igure 5>77 The Seventh and last Pentacle of *upiter77 !t hath great
.ditorAs +ote77
power against poverty, if thou considerest it with devotion, repeating
the versicle !t serveth furthermore to drive away those Spirits who
guard treasures, and to discover the same
Figure #;, from "ans. #$#, (g. #@.
#haracters of
*upiter with the
verse;77 81ifting up
the poor out of the
mire, and raising
the needy from the
dunghill, that he
may set him with
princes, even with
the princes of his
people8 77 Psalm
cxiii D 7S1@
This is the twenty7
fifth pentacle in
$d &F':5, in
which the verse is
missing 7*+P
"igure 5-77 The "irst Pentacle of @ars77 !t is proper for invoking
Spirits of the ?ature of @ars, especially those which are written in the
.ditorAs +ote77
#haracters of
@ars, and the
?ames of the four
)schiel, and
!thuriel written in
+ebrew around
the Pentacle 7S1@
This is the twenty7
fourth pentacle in
$d &F':5 7*+P
Figure #?, from "ans. #$#, (g. #0.
"igure 5:77 The Second Pentacle of @ars77 This Pentacle serveth with
great success against all kinds of diseases, if it be applied unto the
afflicted part
.ditorAs +ote77 The
letter +M, in the
angles of the
+exagram Aithin
the same the
?ames !+H+,
Reheshuah 0the
mystic +ebrew
?ame for *oshua
or *esus, formed of
the ordinary !+H+
with the letter Sh
placed therein as
emblematical of
the Spirit2, and
)lohim $round it
is the sentence,
*ohn i >;77 8!n +im
was life, and the
life was the light of
man8 This may be
adduced as an
argument of the
greater antiquity of
the first few
mystical verses of
the 4ospel of St
*ohn 7S1@
Figure #1, from )arl. %/0, fol. @@2.
This pentacle is in
+arl ,('&, but is
not found in $d
&F':5, Sl ,F(&,
1ans &5F5, or
Kings 5'' Herse
reads =!n ipso vita
erat et vita erat lux
hominum= 7*+P
"igure 5D;77 The Third Pentacle of @ars77 !t is of great value for
exciting war, wrath, discord, and hostility6 also for resisting enemies,
and striking terror into rebellious Spirits6 the ?ames of 4od the $ll
Powerful are therein expressly marked
.ditorAs +ote77 The
1etters of the
?ames )loah and
Shadda[ !n the
#entre is the great
letter Hau, the
signature of the
$round is the
versicle from
Psalm lxxvii &,;77
8Aho is so great a
4od as our
)lohim98 7S1@
This is the tenth
pentacle in $d
&F':5 Herse is
actually from &
Sam 5;5; =non est
fortis sicut %eus
noster= 7*+P
Figure #@, from "ans. #$#, (g. #0.
"igure 5'77 The "ourth Pentacle of @ars77 !t is of great virtue and
power in war, wherefore without doubt it will give thee victory
Figure #0, from "ans. #$#, (g. #/.
.ditorAs +ote77 !n
the #enter is the
great ?ame $gla6
right and left, the
letters of the ?ame
!+H+6 above and
below, )l Eound it
is the versicle from
Psalm cx -;77 8The
1ord at thy right
hand shall wound
even Kings in the
day of +is Arath8
This is the eleventh
pentacle in $d
&F':5, and the fifth
in Sl &,FD !n Sl
&,FD the $41$ in
the center is
written in Eoman
letters The verse
reads =%ominus a
dextris tuis
confregit in die irae
suae reges mundi=
"igure 5(77 The "ifth Pentacle of @ars77 Arite thou this Pentacle upon
.ditorAs +ote77
$round the figure
virgin parchment or paper, because it is terrible unto the %emons, and
at its sight and aspect they will obey thee, for they cannot resist its
Figure #/, from "ans. #$#, (g. #/.
Figure #/, from )arl. %/0, fol. @/r.
of the Scorpion is
the word +H1 The
versicle is from
Psalm xci &,77
8Thou shalt go
upon the lion and
adder, the young
lion and the
dragon shalt thou
tread under thy
feet8 7S1@
This is the eighth
pentacle in $d
&F':5 The verse
reads, =Super
aspidem et
ambulabis et6
leonem et
@athers8 and most
of the manuscripts
show a scorpion in
the middle
#ompare 1ans
&5F5, pg &>&b
"igure ,F77 The Sixth Pentacle of @ars77 !t hath so great virtue that
being armed therewith, if thou art attacked by any one, thou shalt
neither be inBured nor wounded when thou fightest with him, and his
own weapons shall turn against him
.ditorAs +ote77
$round the eight
points of the radii
of the Pentacle are
the words 8)lohim
qeber, )lohim hath
Figure %$, from "ans. #$#, (g. %$.
covered 0or
protected2,8 written
in the Secret
$lphabet of
@alachim, or the
writing of the
$ngels The
versicle is from
Psalm xxxvii &-;77
8Their sword shall
enter into their
own heart, and
their bow shall be
This is the ninth
pentacle in $d
&F':5 The verse in
1atin reads
=gladius eorum
intret in corda
ipsorum et arcus
confringatur= 7*+P
"igure ,&77 The Seventh and 1ast Pentacle of @ars77 Arite thou this
upon virgin parchment or paper with the blood of a bat, in the day and
hour of @ars6 and uncover it within the #ircle, invoking the %emons
whose ?ames are therein written6 and thou shalt immediately see hail
and tempest
.ditorAs +ote77 !n
the center of the
Pentacle are the
%ivine ?ames, )l
and Riai, which
have the same
numerical value
when written in
+ebrew The
1etters in +ebrew,
and in the Secret
$lphabet called the
#elestial, compose
the ?ames of
Spirits Eound the
Pentacle is;77 8+e
gave them hail for
rain, and flaming
fire in their land
+e smote their
vines also, and
their fig7trees8 77
Psalm cv ,5, ,,
This corresponds
with the twenty7
Figure %, from "ans. #$#, (g. %$.
third pentacle in
$d &F':5, but the
drawing is much
simpler The verse
reads, =Posuit
pluvias eorum
grandinem ignem
conburentem in
terra ipsorum
destruxit vineas
eorum= 7*+P
T)E S6N.
"igure ,577 The "irst Pentacle of the Sun77 The #ountenance of
Shadda[ the $lmighty, at Ahose aspect all creatures obey, and the
$ngelic Spirits do reverence on bended knees
.ditorAs +ote77 This
singular Pentacle
contains the head
of the great $ngel
@ethraton or
@etatron, the vice7
gerent and
representative of
Shadda[, who is
called the Prince of
#ountenances, and
the right7hand
masculine #herub
of the $rk, as
Sandalphon is the
left and feminine
On either side is
the ?ame 8)l
Shadda[8 $round
is written in
1atin;77 83ehold +is
face and form by
Ahom all things
were made, and
Ahom all
creatures obey8
Figure %#, from Sl. %$@, fol. 12.
This is the twenty7
second pentacle in
$d &F':5, and the
eleventh in Sl
&,FD The verse
reads, =)cce faciem
eius facta sunt et
cui omnes
creaturae= !n 1ans
&5F5 this pentacle
is attributed to
@ars 7*+P
"igure ,,77 The Second Pentacle of the Sun77 This Pentacle, and the
preceding and following, belong to the nature of the Sun They serve
to repress the pride and arrogance of the Solar Spirits, which are
altogether proud and arrogant by their nature
.ditorAs +ote77
@ystical characters
of the Sun and the
?ames of the
Eekhodiah, and
@alkhiel 7S1@
This is the
twentieth pentacle
in $d &F':5 7*+P
Figure %%, from "ans. #$#, (g. %.
"igure ,>77 The Third Pentacle of the Sun77 This serveth in addition
0to the effects of the two preceding2 to acquire Kingdom and )mpire,
to inflict loss, and to acquire renown and glory, especially through the
?ame of 4od, Tetragrammaton, which therein is twelve times
Figure %;, from "ans. #$#, (g. %#.
.ditorAs +ote77 The
?ame !+H+,
twelve times
repeated6 and a
versicle somewhat
similar to %aniel
iv ,>;77 8@y
Kingdom is an
Kingdom, and my
endureth from age
to age8 7S1@
This is the twenty7
first pentacle in
$d &F':5 Herse
reads =Eegnum
meum regnum
saeculorum K
generatio mea in
generatione K
0compare with
Ps&>>&,; =regnum
tuum regnum
saeculorum et
dominatio tua in
omni generatione2
"igure ,-77 The "ourth Pentacle of the Sun77 This serveth to enable
thee to see the Spirits when they appear invisible unto those who
invoke them6 because, when thou hast uncovered it, they will
immediately appear visible
Figure %?, from "ans. #$#, (g. %#.
.ditorAs +ote77 The
?ames !+H+,
$donai, are
written in the
center in +ebrew6
and round the
radii in the
mystical characters
of the 8Passing of
the Eiver8 The
versicle is from
Psalm xiii ,,
>;7781ighten mine
eyes that ! sleep
not in death, lest
mine enemy say, !
have prevailed
against him8 7S1@
This is the fifteenth
pentacle in $d
&F':5, and the
twelfth in Sl &,FD
Psalm &5;>7-;
0Zinlumina2 oculos
meos ne umquam
obdormiam in
mortem 0-2
nequando dicat
inimicus meus
praevalui adversus
eum 7*+P
"igure ,:77 The "ifth Pentacle of the Sun77 !t serveth to invoke those
Spirits who can transport thee from one place unto another, over a
long distance and in short time
.ditorAs +ote77
#haracters in the
8Passing of the
Eiver8 $lphabet,
forming Spirit8s
?ames The
Hersicle is from
Psalm xci &&, &5;77
8+e shall give +is
$ngels charge over
thee, to keep thee
in all thy ways
They shall bear
thee up in their
hands8 7S1@
Figure %1, from Sl. %$/, fol. 1#r.
This is the twelfth
pentacle in $d
&F':5 The verse
reads =angelis suis
mandabit de te ut
custodiant te in
omnibus viis tuis
in manibus
portabunt te=
"igures ,: and ,D
in @athers, which
he calls The "ifth
and Sixth Pentacles
of the Sun, are not
found in 1ans
&5F5, but do occur
in $d &F':5, Kings
5'', and Sl ,F(&
"igure ,D77 The Sixth Pentacle of the Sun77 !t serveth excellently for
the operation of invisibility, when correctly made
Figure %@, from Sl. %$/, fol. 1#2.
.ditorAs +ote77 !n
the center is the
@ystical letter
Rod, in the
#elestial $lphabet
The three letters in
the 8Passing of the
Eiver8 writing, in
the $ngles of the
triangle, form the
great ?ame
Shadda[ The
words in the same
characters round
its three sides are,
in my opinion,
from 4enesis i &;77
8!n the beginning
the )lohim
created,8 etc6 but
the characters are
sadly mangled in
the @SS The
versicle is from
Psalms lxix 5,,
and cxxxv &:;77
81et their eyes be
darkened that they
see not6 and make
their loins
continually to
shake They have
eyes and see not8
This is the
sixteenth pentacle
in $d &F':5 Herse
=obscurentur oculi
eorum ne videant
et dorsum eorum
semper incurva=
0Ps:';5>2 =oculos
habent et non
0Ps&,>;&:2 7*+P
"igure ,'77 The Seventh and 1ast Pentacle of the Sun77 !f any be by
chance imprisoned or detained in fetters of iron, at the presence of this
Pentacle, which should be engraved in 4old on the day and hour of
the Sun, he will be immediately delivered and set at liberty
Figure %0, from "ans. #$#, (g. %%.
.ditorAs +ote77 On
the $rms of the
#ross are written
the ?ames of
#hasan, $ngel of
$ir6 $rel, $ngel of
"ire6 Phorlakh,
$ngel of )arth6
and Taliahad,
$ngel of Aater
3etween the four
$rms of the #ross
are written the
names of the "our
Eulers of the
)lements; $riel,
Seraph, Tharshis,
and #herub The
versicle is from
Psalm cxvi &:,
&D;77 8Thou hast
broken my bonds
in sunder ! will
offer unto thee the
sacrifice of
thanksgiving, and
will call upon the
?ame of !+H+8
This is the
pentacle in $d
&F':5 Herse reads
=disrupisti vincula
mea tibi sacrificabo
hostiam laudis et
in nomine %omini
invocabo= 7*+P
"igure ,(77 The "irst Pentacle of Henus77 This and those following
serve to control the Spirits of Henus, and especially those herein
Figure %/, from Sl. %$/, fol. 1%2.
.ditorAs +ote77
#haracters of
Henus, and the
?ames of the
$ngels ?ogahiel,
$cheliah, Socodiah
0or Socohiah2 and
?angariel 7S1@
This is the
fourteenth pentacle
in $d &F':5 7*+P
"igure >F77 The Second Pentacle of Henus77 These Pentacles are also
proper for obtaining grace and honor, and for all things which belong
unto Henus, and for accomplishing all thy desires herein
.ditorAs +ote77 The
letters round and
within the
Pentagram form
the ?ames of
Spirits of Henus
The versicle is
from #anticles viii
:;77 8Place me as a
signet upon thine
heart, as a signet
upon thine arm,
for love is strong as
death8 7S1@
This is the
Figure ;$, from Sl. %$/, fol. 1;r.
pentacle in $d
&F':5, where it is
drawn without any
verse !n Sl &,FD it
is the first pentacle,
and it has Eoman
letters in the
middle rather than
+ebrew The verse
reads, =Pone me ut
signaculum super
cor tuum ut
signaculum super
brachium tuum
quia fortis est ut
mors dilectio=
"igure >&77 The Third Pentacle of Henus77 This, if it be only shown
unto any person, serveth to attract love !ts $ngel @onachiel should be
invoked in the day and hour of Henus, at one o8clock or at eight
Figure ;, from Sl. %$/, fol. 1;2.
.ditorAs +ote77 The
following ?ames
are written within
the "igure;77
!+H+, $donai,
Euach, $chides,
@onachiel, and
%egaliel The
versicle is from
4enesis i 5';77
8$nd the )lohim
blessed them, and
the )lohim said
unto them, 3e ye
fruitful, and
multiply, and
replenish the earth,
and subdue it8
This is the
ninteenth pentacle
in $d &F':5 Herse
reads =dixit eloim
crescite et
multiplicamini et
replete terram et
subicite eam=
which is adapted
from 4en &;5';
=benedixitque illis
%eus et ait crescite
et multiplicamini
et replete terram et
subicite eam= !n Sl
&,FD it is the
seventh pentacle,
and the verse
reads, =dixit %eus
crescite et
replete terram et
subycite eam=
"igure >577 The "ourth Pentacle of Henus77 !t is of great power, since
it compels the Spirits of Henus to obey, and to force on the instant any
person thou wishest to come unto thee
Figure ;#, from "ans. #$#, (g. %?.
.ditorAs +ote77 $t
the four $ngles of
the "igure are the
four letters of the
?ame !+H+ The
other letters form
the ?ames of
Spirits of Henus,
e.g;77 Schii, )li,
$yib, etc The
versicle is from
4enesis ii 5,, 5>;77
8This is bone of my
bones, and flesh of
my flesh $nd they
two were one
flesh8 7S1@
This corresponds
with the thirteenth
pentacle in $d
&F':5, but the
drawing looks
different than the
manuscripts The
verse reads =+oc
est enim os de
ossibus et caro de
carne mea= 7*+P
"igure >,77 The "ifth and 1ast Pentacle of Henus77 Ahen it is only
showed unto any person soever, it inciteth and exciteth wonderfully
unto love
.ditorAs +ote77
$round the central
Square are the
?ames )lohim, )l
4ebil, and two
Figure ;%, from Sl. %$/, fol. 1?2.
other ?ames
which ! cannot
decipher, and
have, therefore,
given them as they
stand The
characters are
those of the
8Passing of the
Eiver8 The
versicle is from
Psalm xxii &>;77
8@y heart is like
wax, it is melted in
the midst of my
bowels8 7S1@
?one of the rest of
the pentacles occur
in $d &F':5 7*+P
"igure >>77 The "irst Pentacle of @ercury77 !t serveth to invoke the
Spirits who are under the "irmament
Figure ;;, from Sl. %$/, fol. 11r.
.ditorAs +ote77
1etters forming the
?ames of the
Spirits Rekahel and
"igure >-77 The Second Pentacle of @ercury77 The Spirits herein
written serve to bring to effect and to grant things which are contrary
.ditorAs +ote77 The
1etters form the
unto the order of ?ature6 and which are not contained under any other
head They easily give answer, but they can with difficulty be seen
Figure ;?, from Sl. %$/, fol. 112.
?ames of 3ael and
other Spirits
"igure >:77 The Third Pentacle of @ercury77 This and the following
serve to invoke the Spirits subBect unto @ercury6 and especially those
who are written in this Pentacle
.ditorAs +ote77
#haracters of
@ercury, and the
?ames of the
$ngels; Kokaviel,
Savaniah, and
Figure ;1, from ,ings #00, fol. 00r.
"igure >D77 The "ourth Pentacle of @ercury77 This is further proper to
acquire the understanding and Knowledge of all things created, and to
seek out and penetrate into hidden things6 and to command those
Spirits which are called $llatori to perform embassies They obey very
.ditorAs +ote77 !n
the center is the
?ame of 4od, )l
The +ebrew letters
inscribed about the
dodecagram make
the sentence,
8!+H+, fix Thou
the Holatile, and let
there be unto the
void restriction8
The versicle is;77
8Aisdom and
virtue are in his
house, and the
Knowledge of all
things remaineth
with him for ever8
Figure ;@, from Sl. %$/, fol. 1@2.
"igure >'77 The "ifth and 1ast Pentacle of @ercury77 This
commandeth the Spirits of @ercury, and serveth to open doors in
whatever way they may be closed, and nothing it may encounter can
resist it
Figure ;0, from Sl. %$/, fol. 10r.
.ditorAs +ote77
Aithin the
Pentacle are the
?ames )l $b, and
!+H+ The versicle
is from Psalm xxiv
D;77 81ift up your
heads, O ye gates,
and be ye lift up ye
everlasting doors,
and the King of
4lory shall come
"igure >(77 The "irst Pentacle of the @oon77 This and the following
serve to call forth and invoke the Spirits of the @oon6 and it further
serveth to open doors, in whatever way they may be fastened
Figure ;/, from Sl. %$/, fol. 102.
.ditorAs +ote77 The
Pentacle is a
species of
representation of a
door or gate !n the
centre is written
the ?ame !+H$
On the right hand
are the ?ames
!+H, !+H+, $1,
and !++ On the
left hand are the
?ames of the
$ngels; Schioel,
Haol, Rashiel, and
Hehiel The
versicle above the
?ames on either
side, is from Psalm
cvii &:;77 8+e hath
broken the 4ates of
brass, and smitten
the bars of iron in
"igure -F77 The Second Pentacle of the @oon77 This serveth against all
perils and dangers by water, and if it should chance that the Spirits of
the @oon should excite and cause great rain and exceeding tempests
about the #ircle, in order to astonish and terrify thee6 on showing unto
them this Pentacle, it will all speedily cease
.ditorAs +ote77 $
hand pointing to
the ?ame )l, and
to that of the $ngel
$bariel The
versicle is from
Psalm lvi &&;77 8!n
)lohim have ! put
my trust, ! will not
fear, what can man
do unto me98
Figure ?$, from Sl. %$/, fol. 1/r.
"igure -&77 The Third Pentacle of the @oon77 This being duly borne
with thee when upon a Bourney, if it be properly made, serveth against
all attacks by night, and against every kind of danger and peril by
Figure ?, from Sl. %$/, fol. 1/2.
.ditorAs +ote77 The
?ames $ub and
Hevaphel The
versicle is from
Psalm xl &,;77 83e
pleased O !+H+ to
deliver me, O
!+H+ make haste
to help me8
"igure -577 The "ourth Pentacle of the @oon77 This defendeth thee
from all evil sources, and from all inBury unto soul or body !ts $ngel,
.ditorAs +ote77 The
%ivine ?ame
Sophiel, giveth the knowledge of the virtue of all herbs and stones6 and
unto whomsoever shall name him, he will procure the knowledge of
Figure ?#, from Sl. %$/, fol. @$r.
)heieh $sher
)heieh, and the
?ames of the
$ngels Rahel and
Sophiel The
versicle is;77 81et
them be
confounded who
persecute me, and
let me not be
confounded6 let
them fear, and not
"igure -,77 The "ifth Pentacle of the @oon77 !t serveth to have
answers in sleep !ts $ngel !achadiel serveth unto destruction and loss,
as well as unto the destruction of enemies Thou mayest also call upon
him by $bdon and %alM against all Phantoms of the night, and to
summon the souls of the departed from +ades
.ditorAs +ote77 The
%ivine ?ames
!+H+ and )lohim,
a mystical
character of the
@oon, and the
?ames of the
$ngels !achadiel
and $Garel The
versicle is from
Psalm lxviii &;77
81et 4od arise, and
let +is enemies be
scattered6 let them
also who hate +im
flee before +im8
This pentacle is the
second in Sl &,FD
The verse reads
0Zexsurgat2 %eus et
dissipentur inimici
eius et fugiant qui
Figure ?%, from Sl. %$/, fol. @$2.
oderunt eum a
facie eius= 7*+P
"igure ->77 The Sixth and 1ast Pentacle of the @oon77 This is
wonderfully good, and serveth excellently to excite and cause heavy
rains, if it be engraved upon a plate of silver6 and if it be placed under
water, as long as it remaineth there, there will he rain !t should be
engraved, drawn or written in the day and hour of the @oon
.ditorAs +ote77 The
Pentacle is
composed of
mystical characters
of the @oon,
surrounded by a
versicle from
4enesis vii &&,
&5;77 8$ll the
fountains of the
great deep were
broken up and
the rain was upon
the earth8 7S1@
This is the ninth
pentacle in Sl
&,FD The verse
reads, =die
.mensis/ rupti sunt
omnes fontes
abyssi magnae et
cataractae caeli
apertae sunt= 7*+P
Figure ?;, from ,ings #00.
.This is the end of the +oly Pentacles, in all which ! have, to the best of
my power, restored the +ebrew letters and mystical characters
correctly ! have further given nearly every versicle in pointed
+ebrew, instead of in the 1atin6 so that the Occult student might not
be inconvenienced by having to search out the same in a +ebrew 3ible
The restoration of the +ebrew letters in the body of the Pentacles has
been a work of immense difficulty, and has extended over several
:*enta!les from the )ebre= ,ey of Solomon B3afteah Shelomoh, Or. ;@?/, fol,
:*enta!les from the Greek 'e" o Solomon B)arl. ??/1C<
+OO, &&
edited by S. "iddell 3a!Gregor 3athers
"or this edition ! have added a considerable number of footnotes, denoted by
=7*+P= To avoid confusion ! have added =7S1@= in some places to denote
@athers8 original footnotes ! have omitted @athers8 drawings from this e7text,
since they are available in a low cost paperback edition from Aeiser

& This Prefatory
?ote is only found
in ,('& +arleian
@SS, ,F(& Sloane
@SS, and 5''
King8s @SS
This Aork of Solomon is divided into two books !n the "irst thou
mayest see and know how to avoid errors in )xperiments,
Operations, and in the Spirits themselves !n the second thou art
taught in what manner @agical $rts may be reduced to the proposed
obBect and end
!t is for this reason that thou shouldst take great heed and care that
this Key of Secrets fall not into the hands of the foolish, the stupid,
and the ignorant "or he who is the possessor hereof, and who
availeth himself hereof according to the ordinances herein contained,
will not only be able to reduce the @agical $rts herein unto their
proposed end, but will, even if he findeth certain errors herein, be
able to correct them
$ny $rt or Operation of this kind will not be able to attain its end,
unless the @aster of the $rt or )xorcist, shall have this Aork
completely in his power, that is to say, unless he thoroughly
understand it, for without this he will never attain the effect of any
"or this reason ! earnestly pray and conBure the person into whose
hands this Key of Secrets may fall, neither to communicate it, nor to
make any one a partaker in this knowledge, if he be not faithful, nor
capable of keeping a secret, nor expert in the $rts $nd ! most
humbly entreat the possessor of this, by the !neffable ?ame of 4od in
four 1etters, RO%, +), H$I, +), and by the ?ame $%O?$!, and by
all the other @ost +igh and +oly ?ames of 4od, that he values this
work as dearly as his own soul, and that he makes no foolish or
ignorant man a partaker therein
+OO, &&
C).*TE- &
.T 7).T )O6- .FTE- T)E *-E*.-.T&ON OF ."" T)&NGS
NECESS.-4, 7E S)O6"5 +-&NG T)E E>E-C&SE OF T)E .-T
The %ays and +ours have already been treated of, in general, in the
"irst 3ook !t is now necessary to notice in particular at what hour
accomplishment and perfection should be given to the $rts, all things
necessary having been previously prepared
Should it then happen that thou hast undertaken any secret operation
for conversing with or conBuring Spirits, in which the day and the
hour are not marked, thou shalt put it in execution on the days and
hours of @ercury, at the sixteenth or twenty7third hour, but it will be
still better at the eighth, which is the third
of the same night, which is
called and means before the morning, for then thou shalt be able to
put in practice all the $rts and Operations which should be
performed, according as it shall please thee by day or by night,
provided that they have been prepared at the hours suitable to them,
as hath been already said 3ut when neither hour nor time of
operation or invocation is specified, it is then much better to perform
these experiments at night, seeing that it is more easy to the Spirits to
appear in the peaceful silence of night than during the day $nd thou
shouldst inviolably observe, that wishing to invoke the Spirits, either
by day or by night, it is necessary that it should be done in a place
hidden, removed, secret, convenient, and proper for such $rt, where
no man frequenteth or inhabiteth, as we shall relate more fully in its
5 !n &F':5 $dd @SS it says
8the second8
!f then thou shouldst operate touching anything which hath been
stolen, in whatever way it be performed and whatever way it may
have been prepared, it is necessary to practice it on the days and
hours of the @oon, being if possible in her increase, and from the first
unto the eighth hour of the day
3ut if it be by night, then it should be at the fifth or at the third hour6
but it is better by day than by the night, for the light Bustifieth them,
and maketh them much more fit for publication 3ut if the Operations
be regarding !nvisibility, they should be put in practice at the first,
second, and third hours of @ars by day 3ut if by night, until the
third hour !f they be Operations of seeking love, grace, or favor, they
should be performed until the eighth hour of the same day,
commencing with the first hour of the Sun6 and from the first hour of
Henus unto the first hour of the same day of Henus
$s for Operations of destruction and desolation, we should practice
and put them into execution on the day of Saturn at the first hour, or
rather at the eighth or fifteenth of the day6 and from the first until the
eighth hour of the night
)xperiments of games, raillery, deceit, illusion, and invisibility, ought
to be done at the first hour of Henus, and at the eighth hour of the
day6 but by night at the third and at the seventh
$t all times of practicing and putting into execution @agical $rts, the
@oon should be increasing in light, and in an equal number of
degrees with the Sun6 and it is much better from the first quarter to
the Opposition, and the @oon should be in a fiery Sign, and notably
in that of the Eam or of the 1ion
Therefore, to execute these )xperiments in any manner whatsoever, it
should be done when the @oon is clear, and when she is increasing in
!n order to put in execution those of !nvisibility after everything is
properly prepared, the @oon should be in the Sign of the "ishes, in
the hours proper and fitting, and she should be increasing in light
"or experiments of seeking love and favor, in whatever way it may be
desired, they will succeed, provided that they have been prepared at
the proper hours and that the @oon be increasing in light and in the
Sign of the Twins
So exact a preparation of days and hours is not necessary for those
who are adepts in the $rt, but it is extremely necessary for
apprentices and beginners, seeing that those who have been little or
not at all instructed herein, and who only begin to apply themselves
to this $rt, do not have as much faith in the experiments as those who
are adepts therein, and who have practiced them 3ut as regards
beginners, they should always have the days and hours well disposed
and appropriate unto the $rt $nd the Aise should only observe the
precepts of the $rt which are necessary, and in observing the other
solemnities necessary they will operate with a perfect assurance
!t is, nevertheless, necessary to take care that when thou shalt have
prepared any experiment thyself for the days and hours ordained,
that it should be performed in clear, serene, mild, and pleasant
weather, without any great tempest or agitation of the air, which
should not be troubled by winds "or when thou shalt have conBured
any Spirits in any art or experiment, they will not come when the $ir
is troubled or agitated by winds, seeing that Spirits have neither flesh
nor bones, and are created of different substances
Some are created from Aater
Others from Aind, unto which they are like
Some from )arth
Some from #louds
Others from Solar Hapors
Others from the keenness and strength of "ire6 and when they are
invoked or summoned, they come always with great noise, and with
the terrible nature of fire
Ahen the Spirits which are created of Aater are invoked, they come
with great rains, thunder, hail, lightning, thunder7bolts, and the like
Ahen the Spirits which are created of #louds are invoked, they come
with great deformity, in a horrible form, to strike fear into the
!nvocator, and with an exceeding great noise
which are formed from wind appear like thereunto and with
exceeding swift motion, and whensoever those which are created
from 3eauty
appear, they will show themselves in a fair and
agreeable form6 moreover, whensoever thou shalt call the Spirits
created from $ir, they will come with a kind of gentle breeGe
, This paragraph is only
found in &F':5 $dd @SS
> The ?ame of the Sixth
Wabalistical Sephira or
)manation, from the %eity,
which is called Tiphereth, or
Ahen the Spirits which are created from the Hapours of the Sun are
invoked, they come under a very beautiful and excellent form, but
filled with pride, vanity, and conceit They are clever, whence it
comes that these last are all specified by Solomon in his book of
ornament, or of beauty They show great ostentation and vainglory in
their dress, and they reBoice in many ornaments6 the boast of
possessing mundane beauty, and all sorts of ornaments and
decorations Thou shalt only invoke them in serene, mild, and
pleasant weather
The Spirits
which are created of "ire reside in the east, those created
of Aind in the south
- ! have usually found it said
exactly vice%versL
?ote then that it will be much better to perform the experiments or
operations in the direction of the east, putting everything necessary in
practice towards that point
3ut for all other operations or extraordinary experiments, and for those of
love, they will be much more efficacious directed towards the north
Take heed further, that every time that thou performest any experiment, to
reduce it unto perfection with the requisite solemnities, thou shalt
recommence the former experiment if interrupted therein, without the
preparation of hours or other solemnities
!f by chance it should happen that having performed an experiment with
due observance of days, hours, and requisite solemnities, thou shalt find it
unsuccessful, it must be in some manner false, ill7arranged and defective,
and thou must assuredly have failed in some matter6 for if thou doest ill in
one single point, these experiments or these $rts will not be verified
Thus upon this #hapter dependeth this whole Key of $rts, )xperiments,
and Operations, and although every solemnity be rightly observed, no
experiment will be verified, unless thou canst penetrate the meaning of
this #hapter
+OO, &&
C).*TE- &&
&N 7).T 3.NNE- T)E 3.STE- OF T)E .-T S)O6"5 ,EE*,
-6"E, .N5 GO8E-N )&3SE"F.
+e who wisheth to apply himself unto so great and so difficult a Science
should have his mind free from all business, and from all extraneous ideas
of whatever nature they may be
+e should then thoroughly examine the $rt or Operation which he should
undertake, and write it regularly out on paper, particularly set aside for
that purpose, with the appropriate conBurations and exorcisms !f there be
anything to mark or write down, it should be performed in the manner
specified regarding the paper, ink, and pen +e should also observe at
what day and at what hour this )xperiment should be undertaken, and
what things are necessary to prepare for it, what should be added, and
what can be dispensed with
The which matters being prepared, it is necessary for thee to search out
and arrange some fitting place wherein the @agical $rt and its
)xperiments can be put in practice $ll these things being thus arranged
and disposed, let the @aster of the $rt go into a proper and fitting place6
or into his #abinet or Secret #hamber if it be convenient for the purpose,
and he can there dispose and set in order the whole operation6 or he can
use any other convenient secret place for the purpose, provided that no
one knoweth where it is, and that no man can see him when there
$fter this he must strip himself entirely naked, and let him have a bath
ready prepared, wherein is water exorcised, after the manner which we
shall describe, so that he may bathe and purify himself therein from the
crown of his head unto the sole of his foot, saying;77
O 1ord $%O?$!, Aho hast formed
me Thine unworthy servant in
Thine !mage and resemblance of
vile and of abBect earth6 deign to
bless and to sanctify this Aater, so
that it may be for the health and
purification of my soul, and of my
body, so that no foolishness or
deceitfulness may therein in any
way have place
O @ost Powerful and !neffable
4od, Aho madest Thy people pass
dryshod through the Eed Sea when
they came up out of the 1and of
)gypt, grant unto me grace that !
may be purified and regenerated
from all my past sins by this Aater,
that so no uncleanness may appear
upon me in Thy Presence
$fter this thou shalt entirely immerse thyself in the Aater, and thou shalt
dry thyself with a towel of clean white linen, and then thou shalt put upon
thy flesh the garments of pure white linen whereof we shall speak
+ereafter, for three days at least, thou shalt abstain from all idle, vain, and
impure reasonings, and from every kind of impurity and sin, as will be
shown in the #hapter of fast and of vigil )ach day shalt thou recite the
following prayer, at least once in the morning, twice about noon, thrice in
the afternoon, four times in the evening, and five times before lying down
to sleep6 this shalt thou do on the three ensuing days;77
T)E *-.4E-.
+)E$#+!O, $S$#, $S$#EO,
3)%E!@I1$)1, T!1$T+,
$E$3O?$S, !)E$+1)@,
!%)O%O#, $E#+$ES)1,
SOP+!)1, 31$IT)1, 3$E$#$T$,
)%O?!)1, )1O+!@, )@$4EO,
$3E$4$T)+, S$@O)1,
4)3IE$+)1, #$%$TO, )E$,
)1O+!, $#+S$+, )3@!S+$,
!@$#+)%)1, %$?!)1, %$@$,
)1$@OS, !S$#+)1, 3$)1,
S)4O?, 4)@O?, %)@$S
O 1ord 4od, Aho art seated upon
the +eavens, and Aho regardest
the $bysses beneath, grant unto me
Thy 4race ! beseech Thee, so that
what ! conceive in my mind ! may
accomplish in my work, through
Thee, O 4od, the Sovereign Euler of
all, Aho livest and reignest unto the
$ges of the $ges $men
These three days having passed, thou must have all things in readiness, as
hath been said, and after this a day appointed and set apart !t will be
necessary for thee to wait for the hour in which thou shouldst commence
the Operation6 but when once it shall be commenced at this hour, thou
shalt be able to continue it unto the end, seeing that it deriveth its force
and virtue from its beginning, which extendeth to and spreadeth over the
succeeding hours, so that the @aster of the $rt will be enabled to complete
his work so as to arrive at the desired result
+OO, &&
C).*TE- &&&
)O7 T)E CO3*.N&ONS O- 5&SC&*"ES OF T)E 3.STE- OF T)E
.-T O6G)T TO -EG6".TE .N5 GO8E-N T)E3SE"8ES.
Ahen the @aster of the $rt wisheth to put in practice any Operation or
)xperiment, especially one of importance, he should first consider of what
#ompanions he should avail himself This is the reason why in every
Operation whose )xperience should be carried out in the #ircle, it is well
to have three #ompanions $nd if he cannot have #ompanions, he should
at least have with him a faithful and attached dog 3ut if it be absolutely
necessary for him to have #ompanions, these #ompanions should be
obligated and bound by oath to do all that the @aster shall order or
prescribe them, and they should study, observe, and carefully retain, and
be attentive unto all which they shall hear "or those who shall act
otherwise shall suffer and endure many pains and labors, and run into
many dangers, which the Spirits will cause and procure for them, and for
this cause sometimes they shall even die
The %isciples then, being well and thoroughly instructed, and fortified
with a wise and understanding heart, the @aster shall take exorcised
Aater, and he shall enter with his %isciples into a secret place purified and
clean, where he must strip them entirely naked6 after this, let him pour
exorcised water upon their heads, which he should cause to flow from the
crown of their head unto the sole of their foot, so as to bathe them entirely
therewith6 and while bathing them thus, he should say;77
3e ye regenerate, cleansed, and
purified, in the ?ame of the
!neffable, 4reat, and )ternal 4od,
from all your iniquities, and may
the virtue of the @ost +igh descend
upon you and abide with you
always, so that ye may have the
power and strength to accomplish
the desires of your heart $men
$fter this let the %isciples robe themselves as the @aster hath done, and
fast like him for three days, repeating the same prayer6 let them act like
him, and in the work let them implicitly follow and obey him in all things
3ut if the @aster of the $rt wisheth to have a dog for his #ompanion, he
must bathe him thoroughly with the exorcised water in the same manner
as the %isciples, and let him perfume him with the odours and incense of
$rt, and let him repeat the following #onBuration over him;77
! conBure thee, O thou #reature,
being a %og, by +im Aho hath
created thee, ! bathe and ! perfume
thee in the ?ame of the @ost +igh,
@ost Powerful, and )ternal 4od, so
that thou mayest be my true
#ompanion in this operation, and
that thou mayest be also my faithful
friend in whatsoever Operation !
may hereafter perform
3ut if he wisheth to have for his companion a little boy or girl, which will
be still better, he must ordain them as he hath ordained the dog6 and he
must pare and cut the nails of their hands and of their feet, saying;77
! conBure thee, O thou #reature,
being a young girl 0or boy2, by the
@ost +igh 4od, the "ather of all
#reatures, by the "ather $%O?$!
)1O+!@, and by the "ather
)1!O?, that thou shalt have neither
will nor power to hide from me
anything, nor yet to keep back from
me the truth in all which ! shall
demand of thee, and that thou be
obedient and faithful unto me
1et him purify, cleanse, and wash this young child anew, with the Aater
of $rt, saying;77
3e thou regenerate, cleansed, and
purified, so that the Spirits may
neither harm thee nor abide in thee
Then perfume the child with odours as above
Ahen the #ompanions shall be thus ordained and disposed, the @aster
shalt be able to operate in surety together with them, every time that it
shall please him6 and he shall perform his operation happily, and shall
attain his end
3ut for the safety both of soul and of body, the @aster and the
#ompanions should have the Pentacles before their breasts, consecrated,
and covered with a silken veil, and perfumed with the proper
fumigations 3y the which being assured and encouraged, they may enter
into the matter without fear or terror, and they shall be exempt and free
from all perils and dangers, provided that they obey the commands of the
@aster and do all that he ordain them !f they shall act thus, all things shall
go according unto their desires
$ll being thus arranged, the @aster should take heed that +is %isciples
are perfectly instructed in those things which they have to perform
These #ompanions or %isciples should be three in number, without
including the @aster They may also be of the number of five, of seven, or
of nine6 but so that they ever implicitly obey the orders of their @aster6 for
thus only shall all things come to a successful issue
+OO, &&
C).*TE- &8
A+)? the @aster of the $rt shall wish to perform his operations, having
previously arranged all things which it is necessary to observe and
practise6 from the first day of the )xperiment, it is absolutely necessary to
ordain and to prescribe care and observation, to abstain from all things
unlawful, and from every kind of impiety, impurity, wickedness, or
immodesty, as well of body as of soul6 as, for example, eating and
drinking superabundantly, and all sorts of vain words, buffooneries,
slanders, calumnies, and other useless discourse6 but instead to do good
deeds, speak honestly, keep a strict decency in all things, never lose sight
of modesty in walking, in conversation, in eating and drinking, and in all
things6 the which should be principally done and observed for nine days,
before the commencement of the Operation The %isciples should do the
same, and should equally put in practice all things necessary to be
observed, if they wish to make use of all these operations and
3ut before the commencement of the work, it is absolutely necessary that
the @aster with his %isciples repeat the following #onBuration once in the
morning, and twice in the evening;77
T)E CON'6-.T&ON.
O 1ord 4od $lmighty, be
propitious unto me a miserable
sinner, for ! am not worthy to raise
mine eyes unto heaven, because of
the iniquity of my sins and the
multitude of my faults O pitying
and merciful "ather, who wouldest
not the death of a sinner but rather
that he should turn from his
wickedness and live, O 4od have
mercy upon me and pardon all my
sins6 for ! unworthy entreat Thee, O
"ather of all #reatures, Thou Aho
art full of mercy and of compassion,
by Thy great goodness, that Thou
deign to grant unto me power to see
and know these Spirits which !
desire to behold and to invoke to
appear before me and to accomplish
my will Through Thee Aho art
#onqueror, and Aho art 3lessed
unto the $ges of the $ges $men
O 1ord 4od the "ather )ternal,
Aho art seated upon the Kerubim
and the Seraphim, Aho lookest
upon )arth and upon Sea6 unto
Thee do ! raise my hands and
implore thine aid alone, Thou Aho
alone art the accomplishment of
good works, Thou Aho givest rest
unto those who labour, Aho
humblest the proud, Aho art the
$uthor of 1ife and the %estroyer of
%eath6 Thou art our rest, Thou art
the Protector of those who invoke
Thee6 protect, guard, and defend
me in this matter, and in this
enterprise which ! propose to carry
out, O Thou Aho livest, reignest,
and abidest unto the )ternal $ges
%uring the three last days before the commencement of this action, thou
shalt content thyself with only eating fasting diet, and that only once in the
day6 and it will be better still if thou only partakest of bread and water
Thou shalt also abstain from every impure thing6 reciting the prayer above
written $nd on the last day, when thou shalt wish to commence the
Operation, thou shalt remain all day without eating, and later on thou
shalt go into a secret place, where thou shalt confess all thy sins unto 4od
with a contrite heart The %isciples also, together with the @aster, shall
recite the same #onfession with a low but distinct voice, as hath been
already said in the "irst 3ook
This having been done thrice with a devout, pure, and contrite heart, in a
place withdrawn from men, cleansed, and pure, where thou canst not be
seen, taking the water and the hyssop, thou shalt say;77
Purify me, O 1ord, with hyssop,
and ! shall be pure6
: Ps-F;(; =asparges me
hysopo et mundabor
lavabis me et super
wash me and ! shall be whiter than

nivem dealbabor= This
appears in the Ordinary
of the Tridentine @ass,
as well as virtually all
grimoires including
+eptameron 7*+P
$fter this, bathe thyself with the exorcised water, and clothe thyself again
with the consecrated garment which thou hast taken off6 cense thyself, and
surround thyself with odours, as will be told farther on, when we speak of
perfumes and suffumigations
The which being done, thou shalt go unto the ordained place with thy
#ompanions, and all things being prepared, thou shalt make the #ircle, as
hath been already said, with all other necessary ceremonies6 then shalt
thou commence to invoke the Spirits by the )xorcisms6 thou shalt also
repeat anew the foregoing #onfession as hath been already said in the
"irst 3ook $fter which, in sign of amendment and of repentance, each
shall mutually kiss the other
@ark well, that up to this point, the %isciples should do the same things as
the @aster
1et the @aster now give his commands unto his %isciples, and pursue the
course of the )xperiment, and work with all diligence to bring it unto
+OO, &&
C).*TE- 8
CONCE-N&NG T)E +.T)S, .N5 )O7 T)E4 .-E TO +E
The 3ath is necessary for all @agical and ?ecromantic $rts6 wherefore, if
thou wishest to perform any experiment or operation, having arranged all
things necessary thereunto according to the proper days and hours, thou
shalt go unto a river or running stream, or thou shalt have warm water
ready in some large vessel or tub in thy secret cabinet, and while disrobing
thyself of thy raiment thou shalt repeat the following Psalms;77 Psalms xiv
or liii6 xxvii6 liv 6 lxxxi 6 cv
$nd when the @aster shall be entirely disrobed let him enter into the
water or into the 3ath, and let him say;77
T)E E>O-C&S3 OF T)E 7.TE-.
! exorcise thee, O #reature of Aater,
by +im Aho hath created thee and
gathered thee together into one
place so that the dry land appeared,
that thou uncover all the deceits of
the )nemy, and that thou cast out
from thee all the impurities and
uncleannesses of the Spirits of the
Aorld of Phantasm, so they may
harm me not, through the virtue of
4od almighty who liveth and
reigneth unto the $ges of the $ges
Then shalt thou begin to wash thyself thoroughly in the 3ath, saying;77
@)ET$1!$, @IS$1!$,
%OP+$1!$, O?)@$1!$,
S!T$?S)!$, 4O1%$P+$!E$,
%)%I1S$!E$ 4+)H!$1$!E$,
4+)@!?$!E$, 4)4EOP+)!E$,
#)%$+!, 4!1T+$E, 4O%!)3,
)SO!!1, @IS!1, 4E$SS!1,
T$@)?, PI)E!, 4O%I,
+IS?OT+, $ST$#+OT+,
TS$3$OT+, $%O?$!, $41$,
O?, )1, T)TE$4E$@@$TO?,
S+)@$, $E)S!O?,
$?$P+$T)TO?, S)4!1$TO?,
$ll the which ?ames thou shalt repeat twice or thrice, until thou art
completely washed and clean, and when thou art perfectly pure thou shalt
quit the 3ath, and sprinkle thyself with exorcised water, in the manner
described later on, and thou shalt say;77
Purge me, O 1ord, with hyssop, and
! shall be clean6 wash me, and ! shall
be whiter than snow
Ahilst again clothing thyself, thou shalt recite the following Psalms;77
Psalms cii6 li6 iv6 xxx6 cxix, =em., v (D6 cxiv6 cxxvi, cxxxix $fter which
thou shalt recite the following prayer;77
)1 Strong and Aonderful, ! bless
Thee, ! adore Thee, ! glorify Thee, !
invoke Thee, ! render Thee thanks
from this 3ath, so that this Aater
may be able to cast from me all
impurity and concupiscence of
heart, through Thee, O +oly
$%O?$!6 and may ! accomplish all
things through Thee Aho livest and
reignest unto the $ges of the $ges
$fter this take the Salt and bless it in this manner;77
The 3lessing of the "ather $lmighty
be upon this #reature of Salt, and
let all malignity and hindrance be
cast forth hencefrom, and let all
good enter herein, for without Thee
man cannot live, wherefore ! bless
thee and invoke thee, that thou
mayest aid me
Then thou shalt recite over the Salt, Psalm ciii
Then taking the grains of the exorcised Salt thou shalt cast them into the
aforesaid 3ath6 and thou shalt again disrobe thyself, pronouncing the
following words;77
!@$?)1, $E?$@O?, !@$TO,
@)@)O?, E)#T$#O?,
@IO3O!!, P$1T)11O?,
%)#$!O?, R$@)?TO?, R$EO?,
T$TO?O?, H$P+OEO?,
4$E%O?, )T!STO?, S$4H)EO?,
@O@)ETO?, S$E@)S!TO?,
T!1)!O?, T!T@!O?
$fter this thou shalt enter a second time into the 3ath and recite Psalms
civ and lxxxi
Then thou shalt quit the 3ath and clothe thyself as before in linen
garments clean and white, and over them thou shalt put the garments, of
which we shall speak in the proper #hapter, and thus clothed thou shalt
go to finish thy work
The %isciples should wash themselves in like manner, and with like
+OO, &&
C).*TE- 8&
The exterior habiliments which the @aster of the $rt should wear ought to
be of linen, as well as those which he weareth beneath them6 and if he hath
the means they should be of Silk !f they be of linen the thread of which
they are made should have been spun by a young maiden
The characters shown in Digure -- should be embroidered on the breast
with the needle of $rt in red silk
The shoes should also be Ahite, upon the which the characters in Digure -:
should be traced in the same way
Figures ?? and ?1, from .d. $01#, fol. ;2.
The shoes or boots should be made of white leather, on the which should
be marked the Signs and #haracters of $rt These shoes should be made
during the days of fast and abstinence, namely, during the nine days set
apart before the beginning of the Operation, during which the necessary
instruments also should be prepared, polished, brightened, and cleaned
3esides this, the @aster of the $rt should have a #rown made of virgin
paper, upon the which should be written these four ?ames;77 RO%, +),
H$I, +), in front6 $%O?$! behind6 )1 on the right6 and )1O+!@ on the
left 0See Digure -D2
These names should be written with the ink and pen
of the $rt, whereof we shall speak in the proper #hapter The %isciples
should also each have a #rown of virgin paper whereon these %ivine
symbols should be marked in scarlet 0See Digure -'2
D $d &F':5 reads,
=inscribe these four
names; $dona_, *eova, !l,
4abor= 7*+P
Figure ?@.
Figure ?0, from .d. $01#, fol. ?r.
' The correct reading should be Mpen)ni1eM. The >atin and &talian manuscripts attest this as artavus, and
Drench manuscripts as artave. This is described by 5u -ange as a small )ni1e used 1or sharpening the pens
o1 scribes :pen)ni1e;. :M-ultellus acuendis calamis scriptorii,M (all. (lossarium =ediae et &n1imae
>atinitatis, !and &, (ra"%#ustria, ENOP, p. PEG.; <ings FII reads M>A#rtave ou Daucille se 1ait de la m*me
1aQon, comme aussi le Stilet, le Poignard, et la petite >anceM i.e. MThe artave or sic)le is made in the same
way, as is also the stilet, the dagger, and the small lanceM, not Mscimitar #+5 sic)le #R. madeM etc. o1
=athers. The >atin manuscript #d. EGIJF shows the MarctavusM as loo)ing somewhat li)e a scimitar, and
does not show a separate sic)le. The &talian 0ecorbeni manuscript :#d. EGIJF, 1ol. EJPv; has a drawing that
loo)s more li)e a sic)le, labelled M#rtauo.M So too does the &talian manuscript in the !odleian :=ich. FRJ;.
Sl. EHGR :1ol. FGv; has a similar sic)le%li)e drawing labelled M#rctauo.M Sl. HIPR :not used by =athers;
shows a scimitar%loo)ing implement labelled MartanusM or Marthany.M &t is apparent that there is only one
implement intended here, not two separate implements. (ardner evidently adopted the reading MathameM
1rom modern Drench manuscripts which read MarthaneM or Marthame,M probably via (rillot de (ivryAs
Witchcra1t, =agic and #lchemy :ENHE; %J,P
The Staff 0see Digure :'2 should be of elderwood, or cane, or rosewood6 and the
Aand 0Digure :(2 of haGel or nut tree, in all cases the wood being virgin, that is of
one year8s growth only They should each be cut from the tree at a single stroke,
on the day of @ercury, at sunrise The characters shown should be written or
engraved thereon in the day and hour of @ercury
& ! believe these
characters are
nothing more
than corrupted
versions of the
=$41$ b H? b
!+H+= found in
Scot8s magical
texts have
n b $donay b
$gla b #raton=
on the wand The
staff and wand
absent from the
list of
instruments in
the +ebrew Key
of Solomon as
well as $d
,::D> 7*+P
Figure 10, from .d. $01#, fol. ##2.
Figure 10, from +odleian "ibrary 3S. 3i!hael #@1.
Figure 10, from .d. $01#, fol. 1;2 Bfrom De!orbeni manus!ri(tC.
Figures 10 and 1/, the staff and =and, from Sloane 3S. %$@, fol. #r.
Figures 10 and 1/, the staff and =and, from "ans. 3S. #$#, (g. @1.
Sa!red names on the =and a!!ording to Trithemius B2ia Fran!is +arrett, The
Figure @$. )ebre= !hara!ters for the s=ord.
Figure @$. )ebre= !hara!ters for the s=ord, from .d. $01#, fol. #%2. .d.
$01# is one of the fe= to (reser2e the )ebre= forms of the !hara!ters, albeit
in barely re!ogniEable forms.
This being finished thou shalt wrap it also in silk like all the other !nstruments,
being duly purified and consecrated by the #eremonies requisite for the
perfection of all @agical $rts and Operations
other Swords should be made for the use of the %isciples
: The
description of
these three
Swords for the
disciples is only
given in &,FD
Sloane @SS
7S1@ They
actually are also
shown in the
manuscript 0$d
&F':5, fol &:>v2
The first one should have on the pommel the ?ame #$E%!)1 or 4$3E!)1 0see
Digure D&26 on the 1amen of the 4uard, E)4!O? 0Digure D526 on the 3lade,
P$?OE$!@ +)$@)S!?
0Digure D,2
D The drawing
in Sl &,FD
actually reads

Figure @.
Figure @#.
Figure @%.
Figures @-@%. The first s=ord, from Sl. %$@, fol #r.
@athers gives
the lettering in
characters, which
does not have a
precedent in the
manuscripts See
also the drawing
above of the four
swords in the
They are labelled
, 5
, ,
terGoNthird2 The
drawing in Sec
reads =#ariel,
?amesia= 0or
while the text
0&:>v2 reads
Panoraym b
+eamesin= 7*+P
The Second should have on the pommel the ?ame $IE!)1 0Digure D>26 on the
1amen of the 4uard, S$E!O? :Digure D-26 on the 3lade, 4$@OE!?
0Digure D:2
' The drawing
in Sl &,FD
actually reads
=Hriel, Saric,
4amerin b
%ebalin= Sec
text reads =Iriel,
Saryon, 1amena
b 1abalia= while
the drawing
reads =Iriel,
Sarion, 1amein b
%abalia= 7*+P
Figure @;.
Figure @?.
Figure @1.
Figures @;-@1. The se!ond s=ord, from Sl. %$@, fol. #r.
The third should have on the pommel the ?ame %$@!)1 or E$P+$)1 0Digure
DD26 on the 1amen of the 4uard, R)@)TO? 0Digure D'26 on the 3lade, 1$@)%!?
0Digure D(2
( The drawings
of the ,rd and
>th swords are
mislabelled in Sl
&,FD fol 5&r and
5&v #ompare
with Secorboni
above That
labelled =Spada
should be the
master8s sword
0compare with
figure DF above2
That labelled
=Spada >=
should be the
third sword The
latter drawing
actually reads
=%amiel, !meton,
Samelin b
)radin= The text
in Secorboni fol
&:>r reads
Samedaim b
Figure @@.
Figure @0.
Figure @/.
Figures @@-@/. The thirdFfourth s=ord, from Sl. %$@, fol
)radin= while the
drawing reads
Samedaim b
)radin= ?one of
the exemplars is
written in
characters 7*+P
The 3urin
0Digure 'F2 or 4raver is useful for engraving or incising characters !n
the day and hour either of @ars or of Henus thou shalt engrave thereon the
characters shown, and having sprinkled and censed it thou shalt repeat over it the
following Prayer;77
&F "rom here to
the end of the
#hapter is from
&5F, 1ansdowne
$SOP+!)1, $SOP+!)1, $SOP+!)1,
P)?T$4E$@@$TO? $T+$?$TOS,
)+)!)+ $S+)E )+)!)+, W$%OS#+,
W$%OS#+, W$%OS#+6 O 4od )ternal,
and my "ather, bless this !nstrument
prepared in Thine honour, so that it may
only serve for a good use and end, for Thy
4lory $men
+aving again perfumed, thou shalt put it aside for use The ?eedle may be
consecrated in the same way
Figure 0$, the burin and its figures, from "ans., #$%, (g. #@ and
+OO, &&
C).*TE- &>


&& This #hapter
is only given in
&F':5 $dd @SS
$dd &F':5, fol
&5-r The word
translates as
=Sickle or
Scimitar= is
=arctanus= or
=arctavus= This
chapter also
occurs in Sl
,'>D, fol -Fv7-&r,
and Sloane 5,',,
fol &5-r 7*+P
+aving chosen a place for preparing and constructing the #ircle, and all things
necessary being prepared for the perfection of the Operations, take thou the Sickle
or Scimitar of $rt and stick it into the centre of the place where the #ircle is to be
made6 then take a cord of nine feet in length, fasten one end thereof unto the
Sickle and with the other end trace out the circumference of the #ircle, which may
be marked either with the Sword or with the Knife with the 3lack hilt Then
within the #ircle mark out four regions, namely, towards the )ast, Aest, South,
and ?orth, wherein place Symbols6 and beyond the limits of this #ircle describe
with the #onsecrated Knife or Sword another #ircle, but leaving an open space
therein towards the ?orth whereby thou mayest enter and depart beyond the
#ircle of $rt 3eyond this again thou shalt describe another #ircle at a foot
distance with the aforesaid !nstrument, yet ever leaving therein an open space for
entrance and egress corresponding to the open space already left in the other
3eyond this again make another #ircle at another foot distance, and beyond these
two #ircles, which are beyond the #ircle of $rt yet upon the same #entre, thou
shalt describe Pentagrams with the Symbols and ?ames of the #reator therein so
that they may surround the #ircle already described Aithout these #ircles shalt
thou circumscribe a Square, and beyond that another Square, so that the $ngles
of the former may touch the centres of the sides of the latter, and that the $ngles
of the latter may stretch towards the four quarters of the Iniverse, )ast, Aest,
?orth, and South6 and at the four $ngles of each square, and touching them, thou
shalt describe lesser #ircles wherein let there be placed standing censers with
lighted charcoal and sweet odours
These things being done, let the @agus of $rt
assemble his %isciples, exhort,
confirm, and cheer them, lead them into the #ircle of $rt and station them therein
towards the "our Wuarters of the Iniverse, exhort them to fear nothing, and to
abide in their assigned places "urthermore let each of the #ompanions have a
Sword besides the Sword of the $rt, which he must hold naked in his hand Then
let the @agus quit the #ircle, and Kindle the #ensers, and place thereon exorcised
!ncense, as is said in the #hapter of "umigations6 and let him have the #ensers in
his hand and kindle it, and then place it in the part prepared 1et him now enter
within the #ircle and carefully close the openings left in the same, and let him
again warn his %isciples, and take the Trumpet of $rt prepared as is said in the
#hapter concerning the same, and let him incense the #ircle towards the "our
Wuarters of the Iniverse
&5 8@aghus8 in
@S not
$fter this let the @agus commence his !ncantations, having placed the Sickle,
Sword, or other !mplement of $rt upright in the ground at his feet +aving
sounded the trumpet as before taught let him invoke the Spirits, and if need he
conBure them, as is said in the "irst 3ook, and having attained his desired effect,
let him license them to depart
+ere followeth the "orm of the #ircle 0see Digure '&2, wherein whosoever entereth
he shall be at safety as within a fortified #astle, and nothing shall be able to harm
+OO, &&
C).*TE- >
O5O6-S, .N5 S&3&".- T)&NGS 7)&C) .-E 6SE5 &N
3.G&C." .-TS
There are many kinds of !ncense, Suffumigations, and Perfumes, which
are made for and offered unto the Spirits6 those which are of sweet odour
are for the good, those which are of evil savour are for the evil
"or perfumes of good odour, take thou incense, aloes, nutmeg, gum
benBamin, musk, and other fragrant spices, over which thou shalt say;77
O 4od of $braham, 4od of !saac,
4od of *acob, deign to bless these
odoriferous spices so that they may
receive strength, virtue, and power
to attract the 4ood Spirits, and to
banish and cause to retire all hostile
Phantoms Through Thee, O @ost
+oly $%O?$!, Aho livest and
reignest unto the $ges of the $ges
! exorcise thee, O Spirit impure and
unclean, thou who art a hostile
Phantom, in the ?ame of 4od, that
thou quit this Perfume, thou and all
thy deceits, that it may be
consecrated and sanctified in the
name of 4od $lmighty @ay the
+oly Spirit of 4od grant protection
and virtue unto those who use
these Perfumes6 and may the
hostile and evil Spirit and Phantom
never be able to enter therein,
through the !neffable ?ame of 4od
$lmighty $men
O 1ord, deign to bless and to
sanctify this #reature of Perfume so
that it may be a remedy unto
mankind for the health of body and
of soul, through the !nvocation of
Thy +oly ?ame @ay all #reatures
who receive the odour of this
incense and of these spices receive
health of body and of soul, through
+im Aho hath formed the $ges
$fter this thou shalt sprinkle the various Spices with the Aater of the $rt,
and thou shalt place them aside in a piece of silk as in other cases, or in a
box destined for the purpose, so that thou mayest have them ready
prepared for use when necessary
Ahen thou wishest to use the incense, thou shalt kindle a fire of fresh
charcoal, in earthen vessels newly glaGed within and without, and thou
shalt kindle fire fresh with flint and steel, and the fire being lighted thou
shalt say over it as follows, before putting the Spices thereon;77
T)E E>O-C&S3 OF T)E F&-E.
! exorcise thee, O #reature of "ire,
by +im through Ahom all things
have been made, so that every kind
of Phantasm may retire from thee,
and be unable to harm or deceive in
any way, through the !nvocation of
the @ost +igh #reator of all
3less, O 1ord $ll Powerful, and $ll
@erciful, this #reature of "ire, so
that being blessed by Thee, it may
be for the honour and glory of Thy
@ost +oly ?ame, so that it may
work no hindrance or evil unto
those who use it Through Thee, O
)ternal and $lmighty 1ord, and
through Thy @ost +oly ?ame
This being done, thou shalt put the Spices upon the "ire, and make what
perfumes and suffumigations thou requirest
Over "umigations of evil odour thou shalt say;77
$%O?$!, 1$S$!, %$1@$!,
$!@$, )1O+!, O +oly "ather,
grant unto us succour, favour, and
grace, by the !nvocation of thy
+oly ?ame, so that these things
may serve us for aid in all that we
wish to perform therewith, that all
deceit may quit them, and that they
may be blessed and sanctified
through Thy ?ame $men
+OO, &&
C).*TE- >&
OF T)E 7.TE-, .N5 OF T)E )4SSO*
!f it he necessary to sprinkle with water anything required in the $rt it
should be done with a Sprinkler
Prepare a #enser in the day and hour of @ercury, with the odoriferous
Spices of the $rt $fter this thou shalt take a vessel of brass, of lead
varnished within and without, or of earth, which thou shalt fill with most
clear spring water, and thou shalt have salt and say these words over the
TS$3$OT+, @)SS!$#+,
)@$?I)1, )1O+!@ 4!3OE,
RO% +) H$I +)6 O 4od, Aho art
the Truth and the 1ife, deign to
bless and sanctify this #reature of
Salt, to serve unto us for help,
protection, and assistance in this
$rt, experiment and operation, and
may it be a succor unto us
$fter this cast the salt into the vessel wherein is the Aater, and say the
following Psalms; cii6 liv6 vi6 lxvii
Thou shalt then make unto thyself a Sprinkler of vervain, fennel,
lavender, sage, valerian, mint, garden7basil, rosemary, and hyssop,
gathered in the day and hour of @ercury, the moon being in her increase
3ind together these herbs with a thread spun by a young maiden, and
engrave upon the handle on the one side the characters shown in Digure
'5, and on the other side those given in Digure ',
Figures 0# and 0%, from .d. $01#, fol. %#2.
$fter this thou mayest use the Aater, using the Sprinkler whenever it is
necessary6 and know that wheresoever thou shalt sprinkle this Aater, it
will chase away all Phantoms, and they shall be unable to hinder or annoy
any Aith this same Aater thou shalt make all the preparations of the $rt
+OO, &&
C).*TE- >&&
OF T)E "&G)T, .N5 OF T)E F&-E.
!t hath been ever the custom among all nations to use fire and light in
sacred things "or this reason the @aster of the $rt should also employ
them in sacred rites, and besides those for reading the #onBurations by,
and for the incense, in all operations 1ights are necessary in the #ircle
"or this reason he should make candles of virgin wax in the day and hour
of @ercury6 the wicks should have been made by a young girl6 and the
#andles should be made when the moon is in her increase, of the weight
of half a pound each, and on them thou shalt engrave these characters
with the %agger, or the 3urin of $rt 0See Digure '>2
Figure 0;, from .d. $01#, fol. %%2.
$fter this thou shalt repeat over the #andles, Psalms cli6 ciii6 cvii,
and shalt say;77
O 1ord 4od, Aho governest all things by
Thine $lmighty Power, give unto me, a poor
sinner, understanding and knowledge to do
only that which is agreeable unto Thee6
grant unto me to fear, adore, love, praise,
and give thanks unto Thee with true and
sincere faith and perfect charity 4rant, O
1ord, before ! die, and descend into the
realms beneath, and before the fiery flame
shall devour me, that Thy 4race may not
leave me, O 1ord of my Soul $men
$fter this thou shalt add;77
! exorcise thee, O #reature of wax, by +im
Aho alone hath created all things by +is
Aord, and by the virtue of +im Aho is pure
truth, that thou cast out from thee every
Phantasm, Perversion, and %eceit of the
)nemy, and may the Hirtue and Power of
4od enter into thee, so that thou mayest give
us light, and chase far from us all fear or
$fter this thou shalt sprinkle them with the Aater of the $rt, and
incense them with the usual perfumes
$nd when thou shalt wish to kindle them thou shalt say;77
! exorcise thee, O #reature of "ire, in the
?ame of the Sovereign and )ternal 1ord, by
+is !neffable ?ame, which is RO%, +),
H$I, +)6 by the ?ame !$+6 and by the
?ame of Power )16 that thou mayest
enlighten the heart of all the Spirits which
we shall call unto this #ircle, so that they
may appear before us without fraud and
deceit through +im Aho hath created all
Then thou shalt take a square 1antern, with panes of #rystal glass,
and thou shalt fit therein the #andle lighted, to read by, to form the
#ircle, or any other purpose for which thou shalt require it
+OO, &&
C).*TE- >&&&
&, This
#hapter is
only given in
&F':5 $dd
@SS 7S1@
!t also occurs
in Sl,'>D,
fol -:r7-:v
+e who hath attained the rank or degree of )xorcist, which we are
usually accustomed to call @agus or @aster according to grade,
whensoever he desireth to undertake any operation, for the nine
days immediately preceding the commencement of the work,
should put aside from him all uncleanness, and prepare himself in
secret during these days, and prepare all the things necessary, and
in the space of these days all these should be made, consecrated,
and exorcised
The which being duly completed, let him go on the day and hour
of the commencement of the work, unto the place set apart for the
same, as hath been said, in the place concerning the formation of
the #ircle 1et him instruct his %isciples on no cause whatsoever to
move from their assigned places $nd the @agus should exhort
them with a bold and confident voice as follows;77
"ear ye not, my beloved #ompanions, seeing
that we draw near unto the desired end6
therefore, all things being rightly done and
the #onBurations and )xorcisms diligently
performed, ye shall behold Kings of Kings,
and )mperors of )mperors, and other Kings,
Princes, and @aBesties with them, and a
great crowd of followers, together with all
sorts of musical instruments, yet nothing
should either the @agus or his %isciples
$nd then let the @agus say;77
! exhort you by these +oly ?ames of 4od,
)1O+!@, $%O?$!, $41$, that none of
you now presume to move or cross over
from your appointed stations
This being said, let the @agus and his %isciples uncover the +oly
Pentacles and show them towards each quarter, and they being
shown in each place, there shall be noises and rushings
Then shall the )mperor of 0the Spirits2 say unto you;77
"rom the time of the 4reat $ddus until now, there hath not been
an )xorciser who could behold my person, and unless those
which ye have showed unto us hath been made, ye would
not now have seen me 3ut seeing that ye have powerfully called
us, as ! believe, by the rites derived from Solomon, and which but
few of your comrades, or )xorcisers, possess, also they compel us
against our will, and ! therefore say unto thee that we wish to be
obedient in all matters
&> The
Then shall the @agus place the petitions of himself and his
companions, which should be written down clearly on virgin card,
or paper, beyond the #ircle towards the King or Prince of the
Spirits, and he will receive it and take counsel with his #hiefs
$fter this he will return the #ard, saying;77 That which thou
desirest is accomplished, be thy will performed, and all thy
demands fulfilled
+OO, &&
C).*TE- >&8
OF T)E *EN, &N,, .N5 CO"O6-S.
$ll things employed for writing, etc, in this $rt, should be
prepared in the following manner
Thou shalt take a male gosling, from which thou shalt pluck the
third feather of the right wing, and in plucking it thou shalt say;77
$%E$!, +$+1!!, T$@$!!, T!1O?$S,
$T+$@$S, S!$?OE, $%O?$!, banish
from this pen all deceit and error, so that it
may be of virtue and efficacy to write all that
! desire $men
$fter this thou shalt sharpen it with the penknife of the $rt,
perfume it, sprinkle it, and place it aside in a silken cloth
Thou shalt have an !nkstand made of earth or any convenient
matter, and in the day and hour of @ercury thou shalt engrave
thereon with the 3urin of $rt these ?ames;77 Rod, +e, Hau, +e,
@etatron, !ah !ah !ah, Wadosch, )lohim TGabaoth 0see Digure '-2
and in putting the ink therein thou shalt say;77
Figure 0?.
give these
names in
only 7*+P
! exorcise thee, O #reature of !nk, by
$?$!E)TO?, by S!@I1$TOE, and by the
?ame $%O?$!, and by the ?ame of +im
through Ahom all things were made, that
thou be unto me an aid and succor in all
things which ! wish to perform by thine aid
$s it sometimes happeneth that it is necessary to write with some
noble colour, it is well to have a new and clean box wherein to
keep them The principal colours will be Rellow or 4old, Eed,
#elestial or $Gure 3lue, 4reen, and 3rown6 and any other colours
that may be requisite Thou shalt exorcise, perfume, and sprinkle
them in the usual manner
+OO, &&
C).*TE- >8
OF T)E *EN OF T)E S7.""O7 .N5 OF T)E C-O7.
Take the feather of a Swallow or of a #row, and before plucking it
thou shalt say;77
@ay +oly @!#+$)1 the $rchangel of 4od,
and @!%$)1 and @!E$)1, the #hiefs and
#aptains of the #elestial $rmy, be my aid in
the operation ! am about to perform, so that
! may write herewith all things which are
necessary, and that all the experiments
which ! commence herewith may through
you and through your names be perfected
by the power of the @ost +igh #reator
$fter this thou shalt point and complete the pen with the Knife of
the $rt, and with the pen and ink of the art thou shalt write upon
its side the ?ame, $?$!E)TO? 0see Digure ':2, and thou shalt say
over it the following Psalms; cxxxiii6 cxvii
Figure 01.
give this
name in
only 7*+P
+OO, &&
C).*TE- >8&
OF T)E +"OO5 OF T)E +.T, *&GEON, .N5 OT)E-
Take a living 3at and exorcise it thus;77
T)E E>O-C&S3 OF T)E +.T.
#$@!$#+, )O@!$+), )@!$1, @$#3$1,
)@O!!, S$S)$?, @$!P+!$T, S$#E$T+,
T)?%$#, HI1$@$+!6 by these @ost +oly
?ames, and the other ?ames of $ngels
which are written in the 3ook
! conBure thee O 3at 0or
whatever animal it may be2 that thou assist
me in this operation, by 4od the True, 4od
the +oly, the 4od Aho hath created thee,
and by $dam, Aho hath imposed thy true
name upon thee and upon all other
animated beings
&- The
8Sepher +a7
or 83ook of
$fter this, take the ?eedle or other convenient !nstrument of $rt,
as will be said later on, and pierce the bat in the vein which is in
the right wing6 and collect the blood in a small vessel over the
which thou shalt say;77
$lmighty $%O?$!, $E$T+EO?, $S+$!,
)1O+!@, )1O+!, )1!O?, $S+)E )+)!)+,
S+$%%$!, O 4od the 1ord, immaculate,
immutable, )@$?I)1, @)SS!$#+, RO%,
+), H$I, +), be my aid, so that this blood
may have power and efficacy in all wherein
! shall wish, and in all that ! shall demand
Perfume it and keep it for use
The blood of other winged animals may be taken in the same
manner, with the proper solemnities
+ote by .ditor77 ! cannot too strongly impress on the readers
of this volume that the use of blood is more or less
connected with 3lack @agic6 and that it should be avoided
as much as possible
+OO, &&
C).*TE- >8&&
OF 8&-G&N *.-C)3ENT, O- 8&-G&N *.*E-, .N5 )O7 &T
S)O6"5 +E *-E*.-E5
Hirgin paper, or card, is that which is new, pure, clean, and
exorcised, never having served for any other purpose
Hirgin parchment is necessary in many @agical Operations, and
should be properly prepared and consecrated There are two kinds,
one called Hirgin, the other Inborn Hirgin parchment is that
which is taken from an $nimal which hath not attained the age of
generation, whether it be ram, or kid, or other animal
Inborn parchment is taken from an animal which hath been taken
before its time from the uterus of its mother
Take whichsoever of these two classes of animals thou pleasest,
provided only that it be male, and in the day and hour of @ercury6
and take it to a secret place where no man may see thee at work
Thou shalt have a marsh7reed cut at a single stroke with a new
knife, and thou shalt strip from it the leaves, repeating this
T)E CON'6-.T&ON OF T)E -EE5.
! conBure thee by the #reator of all things,
and by the King of $ngels, Ahose ?ame is
)1 S+$%%$!, that thou receivest strength
and virtue to flay this animal and to
construct the parchment whereon ! may
write the +oly ?ames of 4od, and that it
may acquire so great virtue that all which !
shall write or do may obtain its effect,
through +im who liveth unto the )ternal
$ges $men
3efore cutting the Eeed recite Psalm lxxii
$fter this, with the Knife of the $rt, thou shalt fashion the Eeed
into the shape of a Knife, and upon it thou shalt write these ?ames;
$41$, $%O?$!, )1O+! 0see Digure 'D2, through Ahom be the
work of this Knife accomplished Then thou shalt say;77
Figure 0@.
give these
names in
only 7*+P
O 4od, Aho drewest @oses, Thy well
beloved and Thine elect, from among the
Eeeds on the marshy banks of the ?ile, and
from the Aaters, he being yet but a child,
grant unto me through Thy great mercy and
compassion that this Eeed may receive
Power and Hirtue to effect that which !
desire through Thy +oly ?ame and the
?ames of Thy +oly $ngels $men
This being done, thou shalt commence with this Knife to flay the
$nimal, whether it be Hirgin or Inborn, saying;77
SO+$E, S!O, T$1@$d, $%O?$!,
S+$%%$!, T)TE$4E$@@$TO?, and ye
+oly $ngels of 4od6 be present, and grant
power and virtue unto this parchment, and
may it be consecrated by you, so that all
things which ! shall write thereon shall
obtain their effect $men
The $nimal being flayed, take Salt, and say thus over it;77
4od of 4ods, and 1ord of 1ords, Aho hast
created all things from ?egative )xistence,
deign to bless and sanctify this Salt, so that
in placing it upon this parchment which !
wish to make, it may have such virtue that
whatsoever ! may write on it hereafter may
attain its desired end $men
$fterwards rub the said parchment with the exorcised salt, and
leave it in the Sun, to imbibe this salt for the space of an entire day
Then take a large earthen vessel glaGed within and without, round
the outside of which thou shalt write the characters in Digure ''
Figure 00, from .d. $01#, fol. ;%2.
$fter this thou shalt put powdered lime into the vessel, saying;77
OEO!!, S$EO?, S$!?O?, S)H$EO?,
S$+!P+!1, )1!O?, be ye present and bless
this work so that it may attain the desired
effect, through the King of the +eavens, and
the 4od of the $ngels $men
Take then exorcised Aater and pour it upon the said lime, and
place the skin therein for three days, after which thou shalt take it
thence, and scrape therefrom the lime and flesh adhering, with the
Knife of Eeed
$fter this thou shalt cut, with a single stroke, a Aand of +aGel,
long enough for thee to form a #ircle therewith6 take also a cord
spun by a young maiden, and small stones or pebbles from a
brook, pronouncing these words;77
O 4od $donai, holy and Powerful "ather,
put virtue into these stones, that they may
serve to stretch this parchment, and to chase
therefrom all fraud, and may it obtain virtue
by Thine $lmighty Power
$fter this, having stretched the said parchment upon the #ircle and
bound it with the cord and stones, thou shalt say;77
$41$, RO%, +), H$I, +), !$+,
)@$?I)1, bless and preserve this
parchment, so that no Phantasm may enter
1et it dry thus for three days in a dark and shady place, then cut
the cord with the Knife of $rt, and detach the Parchment from the
#ircle, saying;77
$?TOE, $?#OE, TIE1OS, 3)O%O?OS,
P+$!$E, $P+$E#$E, be present for a
guard unto this Parchment
Then perfume it, and keep it in silk ready for use
?o woman, if her flowers be upon her, should be permitted to see
this parchment6 otherwise it will lose its virtue +e who maketh it
should be pure, clean, and prepared
3ut if the preparation of the aforesaid parchment seemeth too
tedious, thou mayest make it in the following manner, but it is not
so good
Take any Parchment, and exorcise it6 prepare a censer with
perfumes6 write upon the parchment the characters in Digure '(,
hold it over the !ncense, and say;77
3e ye present to aid me, and may my
operation be accomplished through you6
S$S$!!, S$1@$!!, %$1@$!!, $%O?$!,
$?$P+$T)TO?, #)%E!O?, #E!PO?,
PE!O?, $?$!E)TO?, )1!O?,
O#T!?O@O?, S)H$?!O?, $1$S$!O?,
S!%)O?, $41$, O?, RO% +) H$I +),
$ETOE, %!?OTOE, +oly $ngels of 4od6 be
present and infuse virtue into this
Parchment, so that it may obtain such power
through you that all ?ames or #haracters
thereon written may receive due power, and
that all deceit and hindrance may depart
therefrom, through 4od the 1ord merciful
and gracious, Aho liveth and reigneth
through all the $ges $men
Figure 0/, from .d. $01#, fol. ;?2.
Then shalt thou recite over the parchment Psalms lxxii6 cxvii6 and
cxxiv6 and the 8!enedicite Omnia Opera.A
i.e., The Song
of the Three
5aniel ,;-Dff
Then say;77
! conBure thee, O Parchment, by all the +oly
?ames, that thou obtainest efficacy and
strength, and becomest exorcised and
consecrated, so that none of the things which
may he written upon thee shall be effaced
from the 3ook of Truth $men
Then sprinkle it, and keep it as before said
The #auls of newly7born children, duly consecrated, may also he
used instead of virgin parchment $lso paper, satin, silk, and the
like substances, may be employed in operations of less importance
if duly exorcised and consecrated
+OO, &&
C).*TE- >8&&&
OF 7.> .N5 8&-G&N E.-T)
Aax and Hirgin )arth are also employed in many @agical
Operations, whether to make !mages, or #andles, or other things6
therefore they should never have been put to any other use The
)arth should be dug up with thine own hands, and reduced to a
paste, without touching it with any instrument whatever, so that it
be not defiled thereby
The Aax should be taken from bees which have only made it for
the first time, and it should never have been employed for any
other purpose6 and when thou shalt wish it to avail thyself of the
one or the other, thou shalt before commencing the work repeat the
following conBuration;77
)TT$3OE, +)T$3OE, S!TT$#!3OE,
$%O?$!, O?SO, SO@)?, @)?OE,
$S@O%$1, $S#O3$!, #O@$TOS,
)E!O?$S, PEO"$S, $1KO@$S,
#O?$@$S, P$PI)?%OS, OS!$?%OS,
)SP!$#)?T, %$@?$T+, )+)E)S,
4O1$%)S, T)1$?T)S, #OP+!, S$%)S, ye
$ngels of 4od be present, for ! invoke ye in
my work, so that through you it may find
virtue and accomplishment $men
$fter this repeat Psalms cxxxi6 xv6 cii6 viii6 lxxxiv6 lxviii6 lxxii6
cxxxiii6 cxiii6 cxxvi6 xlvi6 xlvii6 xxii6 li6 cxxx6 cxxxix6 xlix6 cx6
liii6 and say;77
! exorcise thee, O #reature of Aax 0or of
)arth2, that through the +oly ?ame of 4od
and +is +oly $ngels thou receive blessing,
so that thou mayest be sanctified and
blessed, and obtain the virtue which we
desire, through the @ost +oly ?ame of
$%O?$! $men
Sprinkle the wax and put it aside for use6 but take note that the
)arth which should be dug up with thy hands should be prepared
every time thou hast need thereof
+OO, &&
C).*TE- >&>
There are several steel instruments necessary in various
Operations, as a ?eedle to prick or to sew6 a 3urin, or instrument
wherewith to engrave, etc
Thou shalt make such instruments in the day and hour of *upiter,
and when it is finished thou shalt say;77
! conBure thee, O !nstrument of Steel, by 4od
the "ather $lmighty, by the Hirtue of the
+eavens, of the Stars, and of the $ngels who
preside over them6 by the virtue of stones,
herbs, and animals6 by the virtue of hail,
snow, and wind6 that thou receivest such
virtue that thou mayest obtain without
deceit the end which ! desire in all things
where ! shall use thee6 through 4od the
#reator of the $ges, and )mperor of the
$ngels $men
$fterwards repeat Psalms iii6 ix6 xxxi6 xlii6 lx6 li6 cxxx
Perfume it with the perfumes of the $rt, and sprinkle it with
exorcised water, wrap it in silk and say;77
%$?!, SI@)#+, $4$1@$TIEO%,
4$%!)1, P$?!, #$?)1O$S, @)EO%,
4$@!%O!, 3$1%O!, @)TE$TOE, $ngels
most holy, be present for a guard unto this
+OO, &&
C).*TE- >>
Ahen any !nstrument of the $rt is properly consecrated, it should
be wrapped in silk and put away, as we have said
Take, then, silk of any colour except black or grey, whereon write
the words and #haracters in Digure (F
Figure /$, from .d. $01#, fol. ?;2.
Perfume it with incense of good odour, sprinkle it, and recite
Psalms lxxxii6 lxxii6 cxxxiv6 lxiv
$fter this thou shalt put it aside for seven days with sweet spices6
and thou shalt use this silk to wrap all the instruments of the $rt
+OO, &&
C).*TE- >>&
OF T)E 3.G&C." +OO,
Ahensoever in any Operation it is necessary to write #haracters,
and thou fearest that thou wilt fail, do this; Arite at the beginning
the ?ame )+)!)+ $S+)E )+)!)+ 0Digure (&2, and at the end the
name $!? SOP+ 0Digure (526 between these ?ames write what
thou wishest, and if thou hast anything especial to do bear the said
written ?ames upon the wrapper in silk, and thou shalt say over
Figure /.
Figure /#.
give these
names in
only 7*+P
@ost Aise and @ost +igh #reator of all
things, ! pray Thee for Thy grace and mercy
that Thou mayest grant such virtue and
power unto these +oly ?ames, that Thou
mayest keep these characters from all deceit
and error, through Thee, O @ost +oly
$%O?$! $men
$fter having repeated this thou shalt write the requisite
#haracters, and thou shalt not fail, but shall attain thy desired end
&: The rest
of this
#hapter is
from &5F,
@ake a small 3ook containing the Prayers for all the Operations,
the ?ames of the $ngels in the form of 1itanies, their Seals and
#haracters6 the which being done thou shalt consecrate the same
unto 4od and unto the pure Spirits in the manner following;77
Thou shalt set in the destined place a small table covered with a
white cloth, whereon thou shalt lay the 3ook opened at the 4reat
Pentacle which should be drawn on the first leaf of the said 3ook6
and having kindled a lamp which should be suspended above the
center of the table, thou shalt surround the said table with a white
curtain6 clothe thyself in the proper vestments, and holding the
3ook open, repeat upon thy knees the following prayer with great
0"or the Prayer beginning 8$donai )lohim,8 etc, see 3ook !,
#hapter T!H, where it is given in full2
$fter which thou shalt incense it with the incense proper to the
Planet and the day, and thou shalt replace the 3ook on the
aforesaid Table, taking heed that the fire of the lamp be kept up
continually during the operation, and keeping the curtains closed
Eepeat the same ceremony for seven days, beginning with
Saturday, and perfuming the 3ook each day with the !ncense
proper to the Planet ruling the day and hour, and taking heed that
the lamp shall burn both day and night6 after the which thou shalt
shut up the 3ook in a small drawer under the table, made expressly
for it, until thou shalt have occasion to use it6 and every time that
thou wishest to use it, clothe thyself with thy vestments, kindle the
lamp, and repeat upon thy knees the aforesaid prayer, 8$donai
)lohim8 etc
!t is necessary also, in the #onsecration of the 3ook, to summon all
the $ngels whose ?ames are written therein in the form of
1itanies, the which thou shalt do with devotion6 and even if the
$ngels and Spirits appear not in the #onsecration of the 3ook, be
not thou astonished thereat, seeing that they are of a pure nature,
and consequently have much difficulty in familiarising themselves
with men who are inconstant and impure, but the #eremonies and
#haracters being correctly carried out devoutedly and with
perseverance, they will be constrained to come, and it will at length
happen that at thy first invocation thou wilt be able to see and
communicate with them 3ut ! advise thee to undertake nothing
unclean or impure, for then thy importunity, far from attracting
them, will only serve to chase them from thee6 and it will be
thereafter exceedingly difficult for thee to attract them for use for
pure ends
+OO, &&
C).*TE- >>&&
T)E4 S)O6"5 +E 3.5E
!n many operations it is necessary to make some sort of sacrifice
unto the %emons, and in various ways Sometimes white animals
are sacrificed to the good Spirits and black to the evil Such
sacrifices consist of the blood and sometimes of the flesh
They who sacrifice animals, of whatsoever kind they be, should
select those which are virgin, as being more agreeable unto the
Spirits, and rendering them more obedient
Ahen blood is to be sacrificed it should be drawn also from virgin
quadrupeds or birds, but before offering the oblation, say;77
@ay this Sacrifice which we find it proper to
offer unto ye, noble and lofty 3eings, be
agreeable and pleasing unto your desires6 be
ye ready to obey us, and ye shall receive
greater ones
Then perfume and sprinkle it according to the rules of $rt
Ahen it is necessary, with all the proper #eremonies, to make
Sacrifices of fire, they should be made of wood which hath some
quality referring especially unto the Spirits invoked6 as Buniper, or
pine, unto the Spirits of Saturn6 box, or oak, unto those of *upiter6
cornel, or cedar, unto those of @ars6 laurel unto those of the Sun6
myrtle unto those of Henus6 haGel unto those of @ercury6 and
willow unto those of the @oon
3ut when we make sacrifices of food and drink, everything
necessary should be prepared without the circle, and the meats
should be covered with some fine clean cloth, and have also a clean
white cloth spread beneath them6 with new bread and good and
sparkling wine, but in all things those which refer to the nature of
the Planet $nimals, such as fowls or pigeons, should be roasted
)specially shouldst thou have a vessel of clear and pure fountain
water, and before thou enterest into the #ircle, thou shalt summon
the Spirits by their proper ?ames, or at least those chief among
them, saying;77
!n whatsoever place ye may be, ye Spirits,
who are invited to this feast, come ye and be
ready to receive our offerings, presents, and
sacrifices, and ye shall have hereafter yet
more agreeable oblations
Perfume the viands with sweet incense, and sprinkle them with
exorcised water6 then commence to conBure the Spirits until they
shall come
This is the manner of making sacrifices in all arts and operations
wherein it is necessary, and acting thus, the Spirits will be prompt
to serve thee
+ere endeth our Key, the which if thou thoroughly instillest into
thy memory, thou shalt be able, if it pleaseth thee, even to fly with
the wings of the wind 3ut if thou takest little heed hereof, and
despiseth this 3ook, never shalt thou attain unto the desired end in
any @agical experiment or operation whatsoever
"or in this 3ook is comprised all science of @agical $rt, and it
should be strictly kept by thee $nd hereunto is the end of our Key,
in the ?ame of 4od the righteous, the merciful, and the eternal,
Aho liveth and reigneth throughout the $ges $men
TE$?S1$T)% "EO@ T+) +)3E)A 3R
)1!P+$S 1eH!6 and given in his APhilosophie
Occulte,A Serie &&., Page EHJ.
! will now give unto thee the Key of the Kingdom
of the Spirits
This Key is the same as that of the @ysterious
?umbers of RetGirah

& The 8Sepher
RetGirah,8 or 83ook of
"ormation,8 one of
the most ancient
3ooks of the
The Spirits are governed by the natural and
universal +ierarchy of things
Three command Three through the medium of
There are the Spirits of $bove, those of 3elow,
and those of the #entre6 then if thou investest the
Sacred 1adder, if thou descendest instead of
ascending, thou wilt discover the #ounter7
+ierarchy of the Shells, or of the %ead Spirits
Know thou only that the Principalities of +eaven,
the Hirtues, and the Powers, are not Persons, but
They are the %egrees of the Sacred 1adder upon
which the Spirits ascend and descend
@ichael, 4abriel, Eaphael, and the others, are not
?ames but Titles
The "irst of the ?umbers is the Inity
The "irst of the %ivine #onceptions called the
Sephiroth is Kether or the #rown
The "irst #ategory of the Spirits is that of #haioth
+a7Wadesh or the !ntelligences of the %ivine
Tetragram, whose 1etters are symboliGed by the
@ysterious $nimals in the Prophecy of )Gekiel
Their empire is that of unity and synthesis They
correspond to the !ntelligence
They have for adversaries the Thamiel or %ouble7
+eaded Ones, the %emons of revolt and of
anarchy, whose two #hiefs ever at Aar with each
other, are Satan and =oloch.
The Second ?umber is two6 the Second Sephira is
#hokmah or Aisdom
The Spirits of Aisdom are the $uphanim, a ?ame
which signifieth the Aheels, because all acts in
+eaven like immense Aheels spangled with Stars
Their )mpire is that of +armony They
correspond to the Eeason
They have for $dversaries the -haigidel, or the
Shells which attach themselves to @aterial and
1ying $ppearances Their #hief, or rather their
4uide, for )vil Spirits obey no one, is !eel"ebub,
whose ?ame signifieth the 4od of "lies, because
"lies haunt putrefying corpses
The third ?umber is three The third Sephira is
3inah or Inderstanding
The Spirits of 3inah are $ralim, or the Strong
Their empire is the creation of ideas6 they
correspond to activity and energy of thought
They have for adversaries the Satariel, or
concealers, the %emons of absurdity, of
intellectual inertia, and of @ystery The #hief of
the Satariel is >uci1uge, called falsely and by anti7
phrase >uci1er 0as the )umenides, who are the
"uries, are called in 4reek the 4racious Ones2
The fourth ?umber is four The fourth Sephira is
4edulah or #hesed, @agnificence or @ercy
The Spirits of 4edulah are the #haschmalim, or
the 1ucid Ones Their empire is that of
beneficence6 they correspond to the imagination
They have for adversaries the (amchicoth or the
%isturbers of Souls The #hief or 4uide of these
%emons is #shtaroth or #starte, the impure Henus
of the Syrians, whom they represent with the head
of an ass or of a bull, and the breasts of a woman
The fifth ?umber is five The fifth Sephira is
4eburah or *ustice
The Spirits of 4eburah are the Seraphim, or the
Spirits burning with Geal Their empire is that of
the chastisement of crimes They correspond to
the faculty of comparing and of choosing
They have for adversaries the (olab or
incendiaries, 4enii of wrath and sedition, whose
#hief is #smodeus, whom they also call Samael the
The sixth ?umber is six The sixth Sephira is
Tiphereth the Supreme 3eauty
The Spirits of Tiphereth are the @alachim, or the
Kings Their empire is that of the Iniversal
+armony They correspond to the Budgment
They have for adversaries the Tagaririm, or
%isputers, whose #hief is !elphegor.
The seventh ?umber is seven The seventh
Sephira is ?etGach, or Hictory
The Spirits of ?etGach is the )lohim or the 4ods,
that is to say the representatives of 4od Their
empire is that of progress and of life6 they
correspond to the Sensorium or to sensibility
They have for adversaries the ,arab%Serapel, or the
Eavens of %eath, whose #hief is 3aal
The eighth ?umber is eight The eighth Sephira is
+od or eternal order
The Spirits of +od are the 3eni7)lohim or Sons of
the 4ods Their empire is that of order6 they
correspond to the inner sense
They have for adversaries the Samael or Bugglers,
whose #hief is #dramelech.
The ninth ?umber is nine The ninth Sephira is
Resod, or the fundamental principle
The Spirits of Resod are the #herubim or $ngels,
those powers which fecundate the earth, and
which are represented in +ebrew symbolism
under the form of bulls Their empire is that of
fecundity They correspond to true ideas
They have for adversaries the (amaliel or obscene,
whose Wueen is >ilith, the %emon of
The tenth ?umber is ten The tenth Sephira is
@alkuth, or the kingdom of forms
The Spirits of @alkuth are the !schim, or the virile
ones6 they are the souls of the Saints whose #hief
is @oses 01et us not forget that it is Solomon who
speaks 7)liphaG 1Mvi2
They have for adversaries the wicked ones who
obey +ahema, the %emon of !mpurity
The wicked are symboliGed by the five accursed
nations whom *oshua was to destroy
*oshua, or *ehoshua the Saviour, is a symbol of the
+is ?ame is composed of the letters of the %ivine
Tetragram changed into the Pentagram by the
addition of the 1etter Schin 0see Digure (>2
)ach letter of this Pentagram represents a power
of good attacked by the five accursed nations
"or the real history of the people of 4od is the
allegorical legend of +umanity
The five accursed nations are;77
& The $malekites or $ggressors6
5 The 4eburim or Hiolent Ones6
, The Eaphaim or #owards6
> The ?ephilim or Holuptuous Ones6
- The $nakim or $narchists
The $narchists are vanquished by the Rod, which
is the Sceptre of the "ather
The Hiolent are vanquished by the +M8, which is
the 4entleness of the @other
The #owards are vanquished by the Hau, which is
the Sword of @ichael, and 4eneration by travail
and pain
The Holuptuous are vanquished by the second
+M, which is the painful bringing forth of the
1astly, the $ggressors are vanquished by the
Schin, which is the "ire of the 1ord and the
equilibrating 1aw of Bustice
The Princes of the Perverse Spirits are the "alse
4ods whom they adore
+ell has then no other government than that fatal
law which punishes perversity and corrects error,
for the false 4ods only exist in the false opinion of
their adorers
3aal, 3elphegor, @oloch, $dramelech, have been
the idols of the Syrians6 idols without soul, idols
now destroyed, and of whom the ?ame alone
The True 4od hath vanquished all the %emons as
Truth triumphs over )rror That is past in the
opinions of men, and the Aars of @ichael against
Satan are the symbols of movement, and of the
progress of Spirits
The %evil is ever a 4od of refusal
$ccredited idolatries are religions in their time
Superannuated idolatries are Superstitions and
The Pantheon of Phantoms, which are then in
vogue, is the +eaven of the !gnorant
The Eeceptacle of Phantoms, whom "olly even
wisheth for no longer, is the +ell
3ut all this existeth only in the !magination of the
"or the Aise, +eaven is the Supreme Eeason, and
+ell is "olly
3ut !t must be understood that we here employ
the word +eaven in the @ystical sense which we
give it in opposing to it the word +ell
!n order to evoke Phantoms it is sufficient to
intoxicate oneself or to render oneself mad6 for
Phantoms are ever the companions of
drunkenness and of vertigo
The Phosphorus of the imagination, abandoned to
all the caprices of over7excited and diseased
nerves, fills itself with @onsters and absurd
Ae can also arrive at hallucination by mingling
together wakefulness and sleep by the graduated
use of narcotics6 but such actions are crimes
against nature
Aisdom chaseth away Phantoms, and enables us
to communicate with the Superior Spirits by the
contemplation of the 1aws of ?ature and the
study of the +oly ?umbers
0+ere King Solomon addresseth himself to his
son, Eoboam2;77
%o thou, O my son Eoboam, remember, that the
"ear of $donai is only the beginning of Aisdom
Keep and preserve those who have not
Inderstanding in the "ear of $donai, which will
give and will preserve unto thee my crown
3ut learn to triumph thyself over "ear by
Aisdom, and the Spirits will descend from
+eaven to serve thee
!, Solomon, thy father, King of !srael and of
Palmyra, ! have sought out and obtained in my lot
the +oly #hokmah, which is the Aisdom of
$nd ! have become King of the Spirits as well of
+eaven as of )arth, @aster of the %wellers of the
$ir, and of the 1iving Souls of the Sea, because !
was in possession of the Key of the +idden 4ates
of 1ight
! have done great things by the virtue of the
Schema +amphorasch, and by the Thirty7two
Paths of RetGirah
?umber, weight, and measure determine the form
of things6 the substance is one, and 4od createth it
+appy is he who comprehendeth the 1etters and
the ?umbers
The 1etters are from the ?umbers, and the
?umbers from the !deas, and the !deas from the
"orces, and the "orces from the )lohim The
Synthesis of the )lohim is the Schema
The Schema is one, its columns are two, its power
is three, its form is four, its reflection giveth eight,
which multiplied by three giveth unto thee the
twenty7four Thrones of Aisdom
Ipon each Throne reposeth a #rown with three
Eays, each Eay beareth a ?ame, each ?ame is an
$bsolute !dea There are Seventy7two ?ames
upon the Twenty7four #rowns of the Schema
Thou shalt write these ?ames upon Thirty7six
Talismans, two upon each Talisman, one on each
Thou shalt divide these Talismans into four series
of nine each, according to the number of the
1etters of the Schema
Ipon the first Series thou shalt engrave the 1etter
Rod, symboliGed by the "lowering Eod of $aron
Ipon the second the 1etter +M, symboliGed by the
#up of *oseph
Ipon the third the 1etter Hau, symboliGed by the
Sword of %avid my father
$nd upon the fourth the +M final, symboliGed by
the Shekel of 4old
These thirty7six Talismans will be a 3ook which
will contain all the Secrets of ?ature $nd by their
diverse combinations thou shalt make the 4enii
and $ngels speak
T)E 9.+."&ST&C." &N8OC.T&ON OF
(iven by .lipha" >Svi in ARituel de la ,aute =agie,A
-hapter $iii.
Powers of the Kingdom, be beneath my left foot,
and within my right hand
4lory and )ternity touch my shoulders, and guide
me !n the Paths of Hictory
@ercy and *ustice be ye the )quilibrium and
splendor of my life
Inderstanding and Aisdom give unto me the
Spirits of @alkuth conduct me between the two
columns whereon is supported the whole edifice
of the Temple
$ngels of ?etGach and of +od strengthen me
upon the #ubical Stone of Resod
O 4)%I1$+)1C O 4)3IE$+)1C O
3!?$+)1, be Thou my 1oveC
EI$#+ #+OK@$+)1, be Thou my 1ightC
3e that which Thou art, and that which Thou
willest to be, O K)T+)E!)1C
&shim, assist me in the ?ame of S+$%%$!
-herubim, be my strength in the ?ame of
!eni .lohim, be ye my brethren in the ?ame of the
Son, and by the virtues of TS$3$OT+
.lohim, fight for me in the ?ame of
=alachim, protect me in the ?ame of RO% +)
H$I +)
Seraphim, purify my love in the ?ame of )1O$+
-haschmalini, enlighten me with the splendors of
)1O+!, and of S#+)#+!?$+
#ralim, act ye6 #uphanim, revolve and shine
-haioth ,a%Qadosch, cry aloud, speak, roar, and
groan6 Wadosch, Wadosch, Wadosch, S+$%%$!,
$%O?$!, RO% #+$H$+, )+)!)+ $S+)E
+alelu7RahC +alelu7RahC +alelu7Rah $men
T)E EN5.
.Plate TH The @ystical $lphabets/
The ,ey of ,no=ledge BCla2i!ula
Transcribed from 3ritish 1ibrary, $dditional manuscript ,::D>
)dited by *oseph + Peterson, #opyright U &((D $ll rights reserved !f you find
the documents in these archives of value, please do not copy except for
individual private use 0=fair use=2
The present text is a sixteenth century )nglish translation of the <ey o1 Solomon,
the most famous of 4rimoires, or handbooks of magic
!n producing his &''( edition of the <ey o1 Solomon, three manuscripts escaped
S1 @athers8 attention, or he chose to neglect them They are Sloane ,:>-, ,'>D,
and $dditional @s ,:,:D> $ll three are in )nglish !t is not clear to me why he
did not mention them, but they do not in fact seem to have been used by him, as
the wordings and layout are quite different @athers8 translation seems to be
mainly from the #olorno class of manuscripts written in "rench
The following is a complete transcription of the )nglish Key of Solomon from
$dd ,::D>, with alternate readings from Sl ,:>- The $dd manuscript dates to
mid7 to late7&:th century $dd ,::D> also appears to be in the same hand as that
found in the beginning of Sloane ,'-> Sl ,:>- is dated &Dth century .&/, and
seems to be based solely on the earlier manuscript The drawings included here
are based on those in the Sloane manuscript, as they are more legible, and were
copied very closely from the older manuscript
The catalog entry reads as follows;
,::D> #O11)#T!O?S relating to @agic and Aitchcraft from the papers
of various &:th and &Dth century astrologers, finally put together
probably in the library of *ohn Somers, 1ord Somers 0v catalogue
in +arl @S D&(&, f &-' b2 The table of contents on f , is in
the same hand as Somers8 catalogue $rtt &7> belonged early in
the &Dth cent to 4abriel +arvey, the poet and friend of Spenser,
who has annotated them throughout 0compare the hand with
$dd @S ,5>(>2 $rt &F and probably some other articles were
collected by )lias $shmole 1ater owners are noticed below
& =+ere begynneth the booke of Kynge Solomon called the Kay
of Knowledge,= to which +arvey adds =#lavicula Salomonis
)xtat 1atine; et legi= !n two books There are many treatises
with similiar titles, but this does not agree with the #lavicula
edited by S1@ @athers 01ondon, &''(2, nor with the treatise
known as 1emegeton The first rubric is =Orysons to be sayde
when you coniure,= and the last =+ere follow the the manner howe
to make the Pentacle= !n a late &:th cent hand f -
#ontrary to what the catalog entry states, nearly all of this text does in fact
closely parallel @athers8 edition, although the wording is simpler in the present
+OO, +OO, #
,ey of
,ey of
#h & ?ot found #h & #h &
#h 5 #h >7D #h 5 #h 5
#h , ?ot found #h , #h ,
#h > #h ' #h > #h >
#h - ?ot found #h -7: #h -
#h : #h ( #h D #h :
#h D #h &F #h ' #h '
#h ' Omitted Z #h ( #h (
#h ( Omitted Z #h &F7&& #h &&
#h &F #h &- #h &5 #h &5
#h && Omitted Z #h &, #h &>
#h &5 #h &: #h &> #h &:
#h &, #h &D #h &- #h &D
#h &: #h &'
#h &D #h &(
#h &' #h &F
#h &( #h 5F
#h 5F755 ?ot found
Z Omitted by @athers, but found in @athers8 primary sources
Eegarding the third early )nglish translation, Sloane @S ,'>D, although it has
many parallels with the two )nglish manuscripts represented in the present text,
it does not seem to be directly related Eather, it appears to be an independent
translation, probably from the !talian or 1atin !t is not included in the present
! have taken the liberty of moving the table of contents for book 5 to the
beginning of this transcript for convenience ! have also moderniGed the spelling
somewhat for readability The companion #% includes a version with the
original spelling
.& #f -atalog to the Sloane =anuscripts in the !ritish =useum, )dward * 1 Scott,
1ondon, &(F>, p >D,/
The table of the first book.
% Cha(ters.
1. Ahat orations and prayers ought to be said before you work
2. Of the confession before you work
3. Of your conBuration, with a malediction thereunto belonging
4. Of pentacles, and how they ought to be made
5. Of the way how to work
GG. EH(eriments
6. "or things that be stolen
7. "or to be invisible
8. "or love, how they ought to be prepared
9. "or to make a woman dream of thee
10. Of experiments of favor and friendship
11. Of experiments for hatred and malice
12. "or to fain a thinge to be true, which indeed is false
13. Of extraordinary experiments, and how they are prepared
. table of !ha(ters =hi!h are !ontained in this se!ond book.
1. !n what hour experiments ought to be wrought
2. +ow the conBurer must behave himself
3. +ow his fellows must behave them
4. Of fasting and watch
5. Of baths and how they must be made
6. The blessing of the salt/
7. Of apparrel, and all thereto belonging
8. Of the knife belonging to the art
9. +ow the circle must be made, and how you must enter into it
10. Of water and hyssop, how they are made
11. Of hyssop
12. Of fire and lights
13. Of pen and ink
14. Of the blood of a bat
15. Of virgin parchment
16. +ow you must work with wax
17. Of a needle wherewith thou must work
18. Of odors, and sweet perfumes
19. Of cloth, wherein you must lay up your instruments
20. Of the work of images
21. Of the hours to work in
22. Of the colors of the planets
.-v is blank/
Orations to be said =hen you !onIure. :Cha(. <
1ord *esus #hrist, the loving son of 4od, which dost illuminate the hearts of all
men in the world, lighten the darkness of my heart, and kindle the fire of thy
most holy love in me 4ive me true faith, perfect charity, and virtue, whereby !
may learn to fear and love thee and keep thy commandments in all things6 that
when the last day shall come, the angel of god may peaceably take me, and
deliver me from the power of the devil, that ! may enBoy everlasting rest amidst
the company of the holy saints, and sit on thy right 4rant this, thou son of the
living 4od for thy holy name8s sake $men
. !onfession to be said before you =ork. :Ca(. #<
! confess to thee, 1ord 4od, the "ather of +eaven and )arth, and to the good and
most benign 'esus Christ together with the )oly Ghost, before thy holy angels,
and before the true maBesty of thy cross, that ! was conceived in sin, and from my
baptism continued therein ! confess furthermore that ! have sinned in pride, in
anger, in glottony, and in whatsoever man8s frailty may sin, ! have sinned
Therefore ! pray you all the saints, in whose sight all these things ! have
confessed, that you witness with me in the day of Budgment, against the devil,
and so ! being clean and confessed of all my sins, let me appear before thee 0O
@ost +igh2 righteous, and grant thy grace to me by thine ineffable clemency,
that ! may see and know all the spirits which ! would have, and accomplish my
will and desire $men
:Of your !onIuration, =ith a maledi!tion thereunto belonging. Cha(.
1ord 4od almighty father which didst make all things, which knowest all things,
for nothing is hid nor impossible to thee, give me grace to know and understand
the virtue of all prenities 092, which art hid by thy most holy mercy and hyttye
092, by that thy ineffable, worshipful and fearful name )ya!h, by the which all
the worlde shall tremble, and by whose fear, all creatures do obey 4rant me also
that the secret of the secrets of all the spirits may be opened before me, gently
obeying me, and my commandments, through the most holy .donay, whose
kingdom endureth forever $men
Ahen these are done, let the conBurer arise, and put both his hands laid after the
fashion of a cross, upon the pentacle, and let one of his companions always hold
the book open before him6 and let him look into the air, into the four parts of the
world; afterwards looking upon the book, let him say as followeth;
1ord my 4od, be thou to me a tower of defense against the face of
all evil spirits
$fterwards, let him turn himself first to the )ast, next into the South, then into
the Aest, and ?orth, and in every part say;
3ehold the signs and names of that conquerer, by whom you are
daily feared, and fear, obey me therefore by these most secrets of all
Straight way after, let him begin to conBure those spirits, as that art doth
command, which then he hath in hand, which done they will appear quickly !f
not, then call them as followeth and know that if they were bound in iron they
wyll come, or send a messenger
! conBure you such Spirits 0naming them2, by the "ather, the Son, and
the +oly 4host, and by him which shall come to Budge the world,
both the quick and dead, by fire6 and by the nativity and baptism,
by the death and rising again of #hrist, by the coming of the +oly
4host our comforter, by holy @ary, the mother of our 1ord *esus
#hrist, by her virginity, by the seven gifts of the +oly 4host, by the
nativity of Saint *ohn the 3aptist
! conBure you by the twenty Seniors, by the nine orders and degrees
of angels, archangels, thrones, dominations, principates, potestates,
cherubin, and seraphin, by all the virtues of the heavens, by the
four beasts of 4od having eyes both behind and before, and by the
twelve $postles
! conBure you also by all martyrs, Saint Stephen and all the rest, by
all confessors, as Saint Silvester and all the rest, by all holy hermits,
abbots, monks, and by all the holy prophets, by all holy virgins and
widows, and by all saints whose solemnity is celebrated before the
sight of #hrist throughout all the world6 by whose desents and
prayers the divine maBesty, be our aids and help in all our works,
and by all thinges which agree together in kind
! conBure you by 4od, that was born of the virgin @ary, which
suffered of the *ews, which was hanged on the cross6 which was
dead and buried, which shall come again to Budge both the quick
and the dead, by fire
! conBure you spirits by all the patriarches, prophets, $postles,
evangelists, martyrs, confessors, virgins, and widows, and by
*erusalem, the holy city of 4od, and by +eaven and )arth, and all
that therein is, and by all other virtues, and by the elements of the
world, and by Saint Peter, apostle of Eome, and by the crown of
thorns that was worn on 4od8s head, and by the garments for the
whichf *ews .sic/ caste lots, and by all things that can be said or
thought of our most mighty #reator, and by the holy Trinity, and
by all the holy court and company of +eaven, and by him that in
the beginning made all things of naught, and by him that for the
health of mankind came down into the )arth, and was born of the
virgin @ary, which suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified,
dead, and buried, and descended into hell, the day he arose again
from death, and ascended into heaven, and sitteth on the right
hand of 4od, from whence he shall come to Budge both the quick
and the dead, and the world by fire $nd by the +oly 4host the
#omforter, which did proceed from the "ather and the Son, in
likeness of a dove when #hrist was baptiGed in the flood of *ordan,
and came upon him and his $postles, the 4ospel of 4od with
divers tongues, and by the three 4od7heads, and the unity to be
worshipped, and by the company of those saints which cease
neither day nor night, but still cry with a loud voice, saying; holy,
holy, holy, art thou 1ord 4od of Sabaoth, +eaven and )arth, are
full of the maBesty of thy glory6 +osannah, in the highest6 3lessed is
he that cometh in the name of the 1ord; +osannah in the highest
$nd by the &FF and >> company of martyrs, which speaking to the
world, suffered most grevious martyrdom
! coniure you spirits by the thunder shining of fire, and lightning of
4od etc, by the seven golden candlesticks shining before the altar
of 4od, and by all the miracles which .have/ been done by saints
and angels, and by all the precepts which are instituted for
#hristian faith, and by all the company of saints which follow the
seven steps of the undefiled lamb, and by all the saints which 4od
chose unto him, before the foundation of the world was laid, and
by their merits, which please 4od right well
! conBure you spirits in what place of the world soever ye be, by the
annunciation of #hrist, by the baptism of #hrist, by the
circumcision of #hrist, by the transfiguration of #hrist upon the
mount Tabor, by the cross of #hrist, by the passion of #hrist, by the
cry of #hrist, and by his voice, saying; hely, hely, 1amaGabathany;
by the death of #hrist, by his hands which were pierced through
with naile6 by his wounds and blood6 by the body of #hrist, by the
sepulcher of #hrist, and by the bread which he brake and gave to
his disciples saying; =This is my body of the ?ew Testament, which
shall be shed for man in forgiveness of sins;=6 and by his glorious
ascension, and by all wonderful works of 4od
! conBure you spirits, by the virtues of all herbs, stones, and grass,
and by all things which meekly obey the commandment of 4od;
$lso, ! conBure you spirits by these ineffable names of 4od6 $sahac,
Eadrematas, "allcas 092, $nbonas, $nborac, 3era, 3olem, yaelem,
1adodoc, $cathel, #oplice, Piham, Sanca, harucara, $donay,
3arucaea, Oboi, )magro, !esu 4od, 4od which madest +eaven and
)arth, also which sittest upon cherubin, and seraphin, and by the
wonderful name, Tetragrammaton, which is )uan, !othe, and by
the holy and ineffable name, $ne, Eethon, grant to all these spirits
to obey my will and my commandments
! conBure you spirits, in what place of the world, soever you be, that
you tarry no longer in the air, nor in the earth, nor any other place,
but that you appear here immediately before us, to do our will and
pleasure $nd ! command you that straight way you come before
us, to fulfill that whatsoever we shall commande you
This done they will come doubtless, but if perchance they do not, let the master
lighten his voice and say;
=3ehold, here be the signs and names, the secret of all secrets, who
dare be so bold as to gainsay them, and resist the names of the
mighty conquerer, who ruleth the whole world #ome therefore
here before us, whersoever you be, and see these most secret of all
secrets #ome and receive the pleasant smell of sweet odours, and
gently to make us answer=
!f then they appear, show them the pentacles
3ut if they will not, let the master 0beating the air about him on every side2 hiss
with his voice, and his companions praying, let him say with a clear voice;
3ehold, ! conBure you, ! call you, ! exorciGe you, by the mighty,
great, and strong name, +el ! conBure you, and command you by
the wonderful 3erlayne, holy great and Bust, that you tarry not, but
come without any noise, and without any deformity
! conBure you, and with power command you, by him which
speaketh, and it is holy, and by all his names !n the name $donay,
$loe, $lnon, Sabaoth, Saday, $lso, ! command you by this book,
and by all the powers thereof, that you come to us, not deformed
but in a very fair shape Ae conBure you with power, by the names
Rr, and Hr, which $dam heard and spake6 or by the name 4yn,
which ?oah heard and spoke, with theight 092 family after the
flood $nd by the name R, et ?, et T, which $braham heard, and
knew $lmighty 4od6 $nd by the name *oth, which *acob heard of
the angel speaking with him, and was delivered from the hands of
his brother )sau6 $nd by the name, hely, $ne, heye, which @oses
heard in the hill of 4od, horeb; and obtained to speak with 4od,
and hear 4od +imself speak in a flame of fire6 $nd by the name
)laye which @oses named, and all the dust of the )arth was
stricken, and gnats were made amongst the men, the oxen, and
cattle of the )gyptians, which did destroy them and their corn6 and
by the name $rphicerie which @oses named, and sent all kinds of
flies into )gypt, to destroy there fruit6 and in the name, Phaicon,
which @oses named, and there was made darkeness three days
and three nights in )gypt and all were almost dead for fear6 and by
the name $rymon, and in the name $rymon, which @oses named
at midnight, and all the first born in )gypt died $nd by the name
4emaron, and in the name 4emaron, which @oses named and the
Eed Sea was divided, and he delivered the children of !srael out of
captivity $nd by the name Symagogion, which )lias named, and
the +eaven did give rain, and the )arth brought forth fruit $nd by
the name $thanatos, which *eremiah named before the captivity of
*erusalem $nd by the name, $1P+$ K O@)4$, which %aniel
named, and by that destroyed 3el, and slew the %ragon $nd by
the name )manuel, which the three children Sidrac, @idrac, and
$bednago sung in the hot oven of fire, and were not hurt 3y these
names and by all other names of the almighty, only, and true 4od,
by whom you were thrown down out of the high throne into the
place of banishment6 we conBure you, and command you, by him
which speaketh and it is done6 to whom all creatures do obey $nd
by the $ngelic potestates of heaven, and by the great providence of
$lmighty 4od, and by the seal of Kinge Solomon, which he
received of that $lmighty #ome therefore presently before us, to
fulfill our desire
! conBure you by that most holy name *oth, +ebay, which is written
in +ebrew letters, and by the holy name, Primeumaton, which
@oses named, and the bottom of +ell swallowed up, Tathon, and
$byran6 unless you do as we command you, we curse you by the
virtue of that same name Primeumaton, even into the bottom of
+ell, and we will send you to that farthest part thereof, if you will
rebel against us and withstand these our holy words So be it, so be
it, so be it, $men
!f as yet they do not appear, let the conBurer make the sign of the cross upon his
forehead, and say;
$gain ! conBure you, you spirits, in what place soever you be, that
you come to see the consecrated signs and names of the most
mighty Triumpher, and we charge you by his unity to obey us $nd
by him we will compel you, against your will, for all things be true,
which have proceeded out of this work $nd there shall proceed
fire which shall burn you continually $nd they be the words by
the which all the world doth tremble, stones are rolled back, the
water doth not flow, nor the fire burn
Then if they were tied with chains of iron, they will straight ways come, or else
send their messengers !f they do not, then let the master arise strongly and
comfort his fellows, and turning himself to the four parts of the world, let him
beat the air $fterwards, let him kneel towards the )ast, and his fellows with
him, and say with an humble voice;
Ahere be you spirits which were once angels of the nine orders9
#ome and see the heavenly signs, and the ineffable names of our
#reator, and the names of the angels, whose fellows you were once
Ae conBure you again and again, and command you by the
triumphant, mighty, and strong name of 4od +el, which is
wonderful, glorified, and virtuous, and terrible6 we conBure you,
and command you, that without any delay and without all
deformity you come and appear before us
!f yet they be disobedient and will not come, then let the master reform all his
circles, and make a cross in the air with the aforesaid knife, and making a hissing
in the four parts of the world, let him kneel towards the ?orth, and say;
!n the name of $donay, $loyn, Sabaoth, Saday, which is >ord (od,
,igh (od, and #lmighty <ing, we beseech thee that we may bring to
pass our desire, and that we may prosper upon all the works of our
hands $nd the 1ord in this hour, and in all the rest, be in our
mouths, and our hearts
$fterwards, let him arise, stretching his arms as though he would embrace the
air, and say;
$gain we conBure you, and exorcise you, by these letters herein
expressed, by whose virtue and power fire is extinguished, and all
things are made in remembrance of them, and they call truly upon
their #reator, and praise him, which according to the truth are
these; Heriton, $dyreon, 3iraretro, 4yariton, 4yamerion, #elamia,
#heamagi, Eechnaya, )apmegia, $deryan, @alchia, @ana, 4ana,
Eoachia, laba, #osia, 3oalia, %orenia, #anco, 4algala, 3ache, 3aya,
$manua, #athia, 3achuaya, 4eredia, ?yera, Penthohahia,
$rathana, Eedosta, #alchia, Semeforab, $nare, ?eron, *oosar, by
the virtue of these we exorcise and conBure you, and by the most
blessed 4od, and by his impery, and everlasting glory6 and by the
holy name of the holy faith $donay, )loe, which is to say, 1ord
4od of Sabaoth "urthermore, we conBure you, and we bind you, by
the seal of the Sun, the @oon, and the stars, and know that unless
you come without any deformity you shall have no rest by day nor
by night, wheresoever you be, and you shall be condemned into the
flame of fire and of sulphur6 we will burn you and your figures for
ever and ever $lso that you depart not till you shall be licensed
"urthermore, we conBure you, by this name 3el, and in this name !a,
!a, !a, which is (od, and in this name, Hau, Hau, Hau, which is, & am
that & am6 finally, we conBure you, by all the divine power of 4od,
that you presently come before us in comely wise
Ahen this is done, you shall see them come, and their lords as great men are
wont, and when they shall see the master, they obey him in all points
$fterwards, when thou hast done all thou wilt, command everyone to return
peaceably into his place, and say;
Peace be between you and me
$fter this, let the conBurer say Saint *ohn8s 4ospel, and the twelve articles of the
#reed, and go out of the circle, and let them wash their faces with holy water
Observe here that no spirit dare tarry away, and if some chance to tarry, write
their names in paper, and cover it with earth, and kindle a new fire, and put
brimstone upon it, and say as followeth;
! conBure thee, fire, by him of whom all the world is sustained, that
thou burn these spirits after that sorte, that they may feel it
Then caste the paper into the fire and say;
#ursed and blasphemed be you for ever, let there be no rest to you
any hour, any day, or any night, because you have not obeyed the
words, which were spoken of the mighty maker of all things, which
names are these; $metegeton, !o, $hac, Pater, Semiphoras, $lleluia,
$leph, 3eth, 4ymel, %aleth, he, .Hau,/ sayn, #leth .#heth/, Teth,
*od, #aph, 1amed, @em, .?un,/ Samech, $in, Pe, Tsade, #oph,
.Eesh,/ Sin, Tau,
Ae curse you and deprive you of all your power, and strength, by
the virtue of these names, sending you to be burned everlastingly
in fire and brimstone, world without end
Ahich done, they will come
Then write their names again, and make a fumigation over them, and they shall
be delivered6 and ask what thou wilt6 and thou shalt obtain it, and then licence
them as before is said !n this oath thou mayst consecrate a book, or any other
thing that thou wilt
)ere follo=eth ho= and after =hat sort (enta!les must be made,
=herein all the s!ien!e of the 'e" o 'nowled%e de(endeth. Cha(. ;.
These pentacles must be made on the day of @ercury, and in his hour, the moon
being in an airy sign, and in the increase of the moon
To make these thou must have an house or chamber, where there dwelleth
nobody but thyself6 this house or chamber thou shalt perfume, as shall be
appointed in the chapter of perfumes and odours6 and sprinkle it with such
water as shall be prescribed in that chapter 1ook also that the weather be fair,
and the air clear6 and that thou have sufficient virgin parchment
This being in readiness, begin to write thy pentacle in the above7named hour, in
a very fair colour, being conBured as shall be said in the chapter of pen and ink
$nd with that same pen being adBured, make an end of your writing the same
hour6 let the rest be finished when it may
$fterward, take a fine cloth of silk, as shall be shewed in their chapters, wherein
you shall hold the pentacles6 you must have also an earthen pan full of colour
and frankincence of the male kind, mingled with the wood aloes .Nlignum aloes/,
consecrated as shall be said in the chapters of perfumes; be thou also clean as
shall be said in that chapter "urthermore, you must have a knife ready in goose
blood, which was made on the day of @ercury, in the increase of the moon6
whereupon has been said three masses with their gospels6 and smoked with the
aforesaid perfumes6 with which knife you must make hyssop, as appeareth in the
chapter of hyssop and water $ll this being ready, draw a circle with this knife
before the pot of earth, and over this pot and the circle hold the pentacles, and
perfume them6 and say devoutly thess Psalmes following; %omine %eus meus in
te speraui, #Xli enarrant, %ominus illuminatio mea, %eus %eus meus respice in
me, 3eati quorum remissX sunt iniquitates, @iserere mei %eus, $fferte %omino,
%eus iudicium tuum, )cce nunc benedicite %omini, %eus in nomine tuo,
Ahich said, say this prayer following;
O most holy $donay, and most mighty, which art $1P+$ K
O@)4$, which madest all things with great wisdom, which didst
choose $braham to be thy first faithful servant, and didst multiply
his name above the stars of heaven6 which also didst appear to
@oses thy servant like a flame of fire in the midst of the bush, and
didst reveal thy holy name )licasserephe, unto him6 which madest
the people go over sea dry footed6 which gavest to Solomon, King
%avid8s son, wisdom and knowledge above all other men, and
didst vouchsafe to reveal these present pentacles unto him !
humbly beseech thee that in thy virtue they may be consecrated
and prepared as they ought to be 1et them obtain the virtue, which
they ought, by the most holy $donay, whose kingdom endureth
world without end $men
Say this three days continuing $fter cause three masses to be said over the
pentacles, two whereof being of the +oly 4host, and the third of Our 1ady,
which done lay them up in silk, as before is said
)ere follo=eth the =ay to =ork, =hi!h is the !hiefest !ha(ter of all.
Cha(. ?.
3efore you begin your work you must have a knife, made as is before said,
wherewith the handle of the sprinkler must be cut
$fter this, you must observe that you have a day and hour meet .suitable/ for
your work6 also the pentacles must be made as is aforesaid6 and in the midst of
them, let there be made the maBesty of 4od, with his angels, even as he shall in
the last day Budge the world6 and about his maBesty write his wonderful names,
and the names of his angels 1et the rest of the pentacles be ordered as is
appointed in the former chapter
$nd whensoever thou intendest to work, have these pentacles about thee !n this
chapter all this science dependeth "urthermore, if thou wilt understand that
chapter that followeth, as concerning the operation of images, in that thou shalt
perceive both the beginning and end of this science6 and by that, thou shalt bring
thy matter always to good effect
(ro furto.
)ere follo=eth, ho= eH(eriments for things that are stolen ought to
be =rought. Cha(. 1.
)xperiments to find out theft, either are prepared by conBuring of spirits, or by
writing figures and letters, or by some other means !n every such experiment
requisite it is that you have the day and hour fit for such experiments6 which are
appointed before in the chapter of days and hours The day and hour being
ready, do as your experiment appointeth you 3ut first say this prayer following;
$lahac, "alie, $nbonas, Hntibolem, ladodoc, hel, Plamny, 3arucaca,
$donay, )loe, )magro, 3arach, Simamel, @el, #adathera, +uhuna,
@atheam, %anyd, Hama, 3oel, +emon, Segen, Temas O merciful
"ather, *esus, 4od, which madest +eaven and )arth, which didst
make the twenty7four beasts which cry continually =+oly, holy,
holy, art thou, 1ord 4od of Sabaoth=, 1ord 4od, which putest
$dam in paradise, to keep the tree of life, thou O 1ord art he which
doest marvaylous things, O 1ord 4od by thy holy city *erusalem,
and by thy wonderful name Tetragrammaton, which is .uan, Joth,
?au, give me power, virtue and strength to bring this experiment to
pass ! beseech thee $lmighty "ather and 1ord, which didst create
all things of naught, which gavest unto men their names, and to
stones and herbs their virtue and power ! beseech thee 0O holy
"ather2 for thy only son8s sake, our 1ord *esus #hrist, which liveth
and reigneth world without end, that thou wilt grant me to know
the virtue of this experiment So be it $men
$fterwards, perfume the place with such perfumes as shall be appointed in that
chapter Sprinkle it also with water, and if it be necessary to make a circle, let
such a one be made as is appointed, as touching the same !f any other
ceremonies be required in this experiment, do them Ahen all these be finished,
say thy conBuration, which thy art doth teach thee, and in the end thereof say;
Pater noster, Eerax, Terson, Syletin, ! adBure you by this holy name
*oth, +e, Hau, which is written with twelve letters that by this
present exorciser we may see the truth6 Ja, Ja, Ja, Ka, Kah, cause
these spirits to show us our desire ! conBure you aforenamed
spirits, by all that is aforesaid, and by him to whom all creatures do
obey, that immediately you show us the thing that we require, or
else him that took it away
!f to do this experiment, it be requisite to write letters and figures, they are to be
written as is prescribed in the second book6 note that by whatsoever means,
experiments for theft are made or done, requisite it is that there be other
experiments besides this, as we above said
)o= eH(eriments to be in2isible must be (re(ared. Cha(. @.
!f thou wilt have an experiment to be invisible, if it be required to write thy
experiment, then write it all in virgin parchment, and with pen and ink, as shall
be appointed in the chapter of pen and ink !f furthermore a conBuration be
required, then before your conBuration say privily as followeth;
Stabbon, $sen, 4abellum, saneney, ?oty, )nobal, labonerem,
3alametem, 3alnon, Tygumel, @illegaly, !uneneis, +earma,
+amorache, yesa, Saya, Senoy, +enen, 3arucatha, $cararas,
Taracub, 3ucarat, #aramB, by the mercy which you bear towards
mankind, make me to be invisible
$fterwards, make your invocations, and if you must make a circle, make such a
one as is appointed in the chapter of making a circle !f you must write any
figures and letters, write such as are prescribed in the chapter, as touching
circles, notes, or figures !f you must write with any blood, use such as is also
hereafter appointed
Ahen this is prepared, if you must use any conBuration in the end of it, say as
O thou Penerason, the master of invisibility, with thy ministers;
Themos, @arath, @oragrie, 3ries, #liomeclis, 1igemenes, $bden,
Priubusit, Tenganden, Tebdyn, 3erit, )cbacrh, #hrysiamur, Olithel,
! conBure thee Penerason, and these thy ministers, by him through
whom all things in the world do tremble and quake, by +eaven
and )arth, by cherubin and seraphin, by him that worked such a
miracle upon the virgin @ary, that this my experiment may be
brought to pass, and that ! may be invisible, in what hour or time
soever ! will $lso ! conBure you ministers, by Stubbaten,
?ageharen, $sey, )lmugit, 4abellio, Semene, that you come, and
bring to pass this my work
Thus doing, thou shalt have thy purpose !f thou wilt work any other ways, ever
see that all things be in readiness requisite, and say upon thy experiment this
former conBuration 3ut first, say privily the verse, Stalbon, @echarum, $sen, and
likewise to the end
Eroti! eH(eriments.
)o= and by =hat means eH(eriments of lo2e ought to be =rought, as
=ell in getting her =hom thou desirest, as in tou!hing her in her
slee(, or talking =ith her. Cha(. 0.
!f thou wilt perpare any such experiment, requisite it is to have regard to the day
and hour, and if your experiment must be wrought by wax or any such like
thing, for wax let your image be made of such wax as is hereafter appointed
$nd when your wax is ready, say as followeth;
Henus, ester, $stropolyn, $smo, @ercurius, *upiter, Saturnus, Sege,
Sus, Hne, ?ensa, Eecle, Sether, Teres, Terse, 3eret, Teser, #rest,
)rces, ?ilobolas, $trop, $toro, lino, Poruta, 1epotarmon,
Sompolocar, PeralotorBes, ?oto, Solpiar, Eaytroploson, yoson,
Omas, Samo, @oas, Saom, @osa, @aso, yrsicas, %raco, %raontius,
$ra, $rel, $trax, 3elcar, $ray, @uenec, !emar, #amna, 3eri, )nna,
$gama, Eima, 3eberuna, Sinra, Saem, @yny, 4enycal, Okalioth,
%icurcals, #ogaoth, ThaBr, Tempter, Thon, %reamer6 ! conBure you
all ministers of love by him which can destroy you and make you
again, and by all +is names which do daily bind you, that you
consecrate this wax as it ought to be $nd in the name of the most
holy "ather, $lmighty $donay, whose kingdom lasteth forever and
ever, world without end, that thou make this wax to have the effect
which ! desire it to have, and by the holy faith $donay, and by his
fear, which shall exhort you to bring my will to pass
Ahen this is done, make thine image of wax as it ought to be made !f it so be
that thou must write anything upon thine image, write it with a needle or a pen,
as in their places are appointed !f furthermore it be required that thou perfume
thy image, perfume it with such perfumes as are expressed in their chapters6 yet
if it be needful also of any other thing to be done upon it, or conBuration, then let
the conBuration be done according to the experiment Ahich once said, let there
be made perfumes as are appointed, and hold thy image over the perfume and
say as followeth;
O thou orient king )ggye which reignest and rulest in the )ast, and
thou Paymon, most mighty king which hast dominion over the
Aest, and thou great king $maymon, which reignest in the South,
and thou triumphant king )gyn, which hast rule over the ?orth6 !
most heartily call upon you, by him which only spake and it was
done, which with his word made all things6 and by his holy names,
whereat all the world doth tremble, and is written in twelve letters,
which are *oth, )th, +e, Hau6 and by the nine heavens and their
powers, and by the names and signs of our creator, that thou
consecrate and confirm this presente image as it ought, by that holy
name8s sake, $donay, whose kingdom hath no end
Ahich done, thou mayst repeat the conBuration of thy experiment $nd if thou
obtain thy purpose it is well6 but if not, put thy image under thy bed8s head $nd
in a short time thou shalt see her whom thou desirest come to accomplish thy
)ere follo=eth another =ay =hereby it is brought to (ass that she
shall dream of thee. Cha(. /.
This experiment is ineffable, and seemeth almost a wonder6 for this, before thou
begin thy conBuration, look into the air, being in thy chamber, and say with a
humble heart as followeth;
$gla, *oth, )th, +e, Hau, *a, *a, *a, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ra, Ra, ly, )lyce, ysi,
$gay, ?eon, *oagat6 O 1ord +oly "ather, which didst make all
things, and knowest the hearts of all persons, ! beseech thee, by thy
most holy above7named names, that thou illuminate the heart and
mind of ? that she may love me as ! do her, and that she may be
always ready to do my will and pleasure $nd furthermore, give
strength and power to this experiment, that by thee 0O "ather2 and
by those spirits, and the virtue of these words, that all things may
be brought to a good end
$fterwards, do thy art, with all things requisite in the chapters to the same, and
it shall have good effect +oc de amore pseudo Salomon; sed ecce 092
#onsecrationes 092 amorem apud Picatricem o 092 -ui 092
Of eH(eriments of fa2or and friendshi(. Cha(. $.
!f in this experiment, thou must write with anything, thou shalt write with such
as are appointed in the chapters of pen and ink $fterwards, let it be perfumed
with such perfumes as are hereafter appointed also, and sprinkle it with the
water, as is appointed in that chapter !f furthermore it be required to write any
signs, letters, or figures, or any other names, let them be written as is said
hereafter, as concerning how letters ought to be written $nd put it in a cloth of
silk, being such a one as hereafter shall be prescribed, and then say as followeth;
O most holy $donay, which art almighty and most gentle, which
art also $1P+$ K O@)4$, ! beseech thee of thy infinite mercy
and pity, whereof thou aboundest, which did say, and it shall be
given thee, ! ask of thee therefore by thy almighty power that this
experiment may be consecrated, and give unto it by thy holy virtue
that power which ! desire
Ahich done, lay it a night and a day unto the altar cloth $fterwards, if thou
wouldst have the favor of any man, hold these letters in thy hand, and he shall
deny thee nothing Ahatsoever letters you write, or whatsoever conBuration you
say to obtain favor, in the end thereof ever say or write these verses following;
Sater, $repo, Tenet, .Opera,/ Eotas, *oth, )th, +e, Hau, Rach, Ra, *a,
*a, *a, $nereneton6 you holy names fulfill my desire 4asper,
3althasar, @elchior, $brahh, !saac, *acob, @ysach, $bdenago,
@arke, @athew, 1uke, *uke, 4eon, fyson, Tigris, )uphrates6 be ye
all present to help me, that ! may obtain grace and favor at whose
hands soever ! shall ask it, by our 1ord *esus #hrist which liveth
and reigneth with the "ather and the +oly 4host, world without
end $men
)o= eH(eriments for hatred are (re(ared, that any may be made
deadly enemies. Cha(. .
)xperiments of hatred are done divers ways !f thou wilt work by any image or
any such like thing, make your image, and perfume it with such perfumes as are
prescribed $nd if so be any thing must be written upon the image, write it with
a needle, as shall be hereafter appointed in the chapter concerning a needle,
afterwards say as followeth upon the image;
$rator, lapidator, temptator, sommator, subuersor, agnator,
siccator, sudator, #ombustor, Pungitor, %uctor, #omestor,
%euorator, Seductor, ! do beseech you ministers of hatred, and
destroyers of friendship, ! beseech you ! say that this present image
may be so consecrated that it may engender hatred betwixt
whosoever ! would
Ahich done, lay the image in the censer all night, and then work with it in the
hour fit for that purpose, if thou must work otherwise, as by letters or other
means, then in the end thereof write these above7said names, $rator, lapidator,
temptator, etc $lso if thou would make discord between two that love well, then
say before them 0all things being ready2;
Ahere is this sower of discord, with the rest of the above written
names ! coniure you, and will you by him which made you, and by
him which ordained you to this office, in which also you reBoice6 !
pray you and desire you that this may be prepared, that they which
eat or touch this may utterly be set at variance
$fterwards, give it unto them at your hour appointed +ereafter if thou wilt
work by any other means, write the aforesaid names, $rator, lapidator,
temptator, etc and it shall be
.n eH(eriment to fain a thing to be :true< =hi!h indeed is false,
=hereby many men be de!ei2ed as in (laying, or in sho=ing any
other thing. Cha(. #.
"or such an experiment, once being found, you must write it in paper as shall be
hereafter appointed $lso you must write with blood as shall be likewise
declared with what blood, and what pen !f it requires that you should work this
by writing, letters, or names, work as your chapters appoint you This done, say
with a lowly .sic/ voice as followeth;
$bac, $bdac, !stac, #astac, $dach, #astas, #alsac 092, lusor,
Triumphator, %erisor, !ncantator, be you here present at my work,
and confirm it so as ! desire, and make it so appear that they that
see it be deprived of their sight, and may see false things instead of
#ome ye therefore to consecrate and to enchant it, by *esus of
?aGareth, which hath enBoined you to that office
Ahich done, you may work The aforenamed names $bac, $ldac, etc are to be
written in the end of your work, and if you work any other way, ever observe
that those words be said in the end
)ere follo=eth a =ay to bring to (ass any eHtraordinary eH(eriment.
Cha(. %.
Ahen thou wilt bring to pass anything, write thine experiment in paper and pen
as hereafter is said !f it be for good, howsoever it be done, say this prayer
following $nd if you must write anything, write it in the end thereof
O 4od which hast made all things by thy holy name which is
written in seventy letters, and every letter betokeneth one of thy
holy names, which are here written; 1ascos, h, h, h, !he, Eipan, !ba,
$bgis, 1us, 3aff, Plas, hapa, !ob, !oaGacam, OreGeym, #ororator,
grant ! pray thee that this present experiment may be fully brought
to pass according to my desire
$lso, let this 4ospel following be written or said over it;
!n those days, *esus was led into the wilderness of the spirit to be
tempted of the devill, and after he had fasted forty days he was an
hungered, and the devil the temptor, coming unto him, said; =!f
thou be the Son of 4od, command that these stones may be made
bread= *esus answering said; =!t is written, that man liveth not only
with bread, but with every word which cometh out of the mouth of
4od Then the devil led him into the holy city, and set him upon
the pinnacle of the church, and said unto him; =!f thou be the Son of
4od, cast down thyself headlong, for it is written that he hath given
his angels commandment over thee, and they shall take thee up in
their hands, lest thou should be hurt= *esus said unto him; =$gain
it is written, 8Thou shalt not tempt the 1ord thy 4od8 $gain the
devil took him up into a very high hill, and showed him all the
kingdoms of the world, and their glory6 and said; =$ll these ! will
give thee if thou wilt fall down before me and worship me= Then
*esus said; =$void, Satan, for it is written that thou shalt worship
the 1ord thy 4od, and him only shalt thou serve= Then the devil
left him, and his angels came and ministered unto him
Ahich done, thou shalt work according to thy hours !n other experiments which
rather are evil than good, write or else say this verse following;
?asue, ?ouda, San, #ysa, +aspasan, #anica, #oures, 3usil, ?ifron,
#yrabnos, ?ostracal, yurtaryn, $rbon, $rfusa6 which are powers of
all evil, come and help me that by you my work may be
consecrated, and obtain that virtue which it ought, by the holy
$donay, by whose fear you are compelled to obey us
$fterwards, perfume the letters or verse, and sprinkle them with water "inally,
take heed lest those whom thou callest deceive thee, which to avoid, behave
thyself as this book prescribeth
Thus endeth the first book of
the 'e" o 'nowled%e
of Solomon.

)ere beginneth the
Se!ond +ook of the
,ey of ,no=ledge
of Solomon.
)ere follo=eth in =hat hour eH(eriments ought to be done.
!f you have any art ready prepared to speak with spirits, you must work in the
first hour of @ercury, and his day .Aednesday/ in the morning $nd thus you
may finish all arts ?ote that the time be pleasant, the air fair and clear, when
thou workest
& The fair and beautiful spirits are in the ?orth
5 The fiery spirits remain in the )ast
, They which are created of the water remain in the Aest
> They which came of the wind are in the South
?ote also, that if thou hast once brought to pass one experiment, thou maist
work the same again without observing of the hour, or any other solemnity
)ere follo=eth ho= the !onIurer ought to beha2e himself. Cha(. #.
"irst let him write it wholly in one piece of paper $fter let him mark what things
are requisite to that purpose6 let hym choose a place meet .suitable/ for that
purpose, and let him have a bath ready, as shall be appointed in the chapter of
baths6 and let him say this prayer following;
O 1ord *esus #hrist, which hast made me 0most wretched sinner2 to
thine own likeness6 vouchsafe ! besech thee, to bless and sanctify
this water that it may be mundefyed 092 to the health of my body
and my soul O almighty and ineffable father, which didst grant
unto *ohn 3aptist to baptise thine only begotten son *esus #hrist,
grant ! beseech thee, that this water may be my baptism, that ! may
be cleansed from all my sins which ! have confessed, through our
1ord *esus #hrist, world without end, $men
Ahen this is done, let him wash all his body, and put on a white linen cloth, and
abstain at the least three days from all filthiness and unhonest talk, and every
day say this that followeth, videlicet, once in the morning about the third hour,
again about the ninth houer, again about the evening about the forth hour, and
also when thou goest to bed, and thus do three days space
$bra, $sac, $sach, Eadrimilas, filac, $nebenas, 3ira, 3ontes,
$caGal, Saphite, Phanti, harucacha, $donay, )magro, $braxio,
$chedit, 3arachi, @elycanat .or @elycomat/, $mystra, hugyma,
@achia, %aniel, %ama, Prachil, heil, +emon, Segem, 4emas, *esus
4od, grant me that ! may endue that thing which ! go about, and by
thee, O holy $donay, ! may bring them to pass, by our 1ord *esus
#hrist, which liveth and reigneth world without end $men
1et this be done three days together, if it may be, the air being very clear, and at
your day you may safely work
)o= his fello=s must beha2e themsel2es. Cha(. %.
!n experiments where circles be made, it is requisite that the conBurer have
fellows with him whom he must instruct in all things Ahen they are sufficiently
taught, let the master and they together enter into the chamber, and let those his
companions put off their vesture, and let the master pour water upon their
heads, saying;
3e you renewed and baptised and cleansed from all your sins, in
the name of the "ather, and of the Son, and of the +oly 4host, and
the power of the most highest come down upon you
This done, let them put on the clothing again, all this must be done three days
before any work begin $fter this let there be made a new bath, and let them say
for three days8 space, the aforesaid prayer, and let them follow the master in all
Of fasting and =at!h. Cha(. ;.
!f you be willing to work, it is required that you abstain from all things unlawful,
as from swearing, from glottony, and all other naughty deeds6 which is required
for the space of nine days before thy working $nd let everyone say for that
space, this prayer following;
O 1ord 4od $lmighty, be merciful unto me, which am not worthy
to lift up mine eyes unto thee, my sins are so great, but thou 0O
4od,2 art merciful, which for one word didst lead the thief with
thee into paradise +ave mercy upon me 0O 1ord,2 and forgive me
all my sins 4rant me 0most gentle "ather2 that ! may bring to pass
my desire, by the most holy triumphator, which art blessed world
without end $men
The three days before thou beginneth thy work, thou and thy fellows sayst daily
the confession which is expressed in the beginning of the "irst 3ook, and the
second chapter
Of baths, ho= they must be made. Cha(. ?.
Thou must go to a well or river, and before thou goest to it, say these Psalms
followynge; %ominus illuminatio mea6 %ixit insipiens in corde suo6 %ixi
custodiam6 Saluum me fac6 #antemus %omino6 #onfitemini %omino quoniam6
3onis6 Wuicunque vult saluus esse6
Ahich said, go into it, and say;
! exorcise thee water, by him which set thee in thy place, that thou
drive out of me all uncleaness, through our 1ord *esus #hrist
$fterwards, let him wash himself, and say;
@arbalia, 4egeon, falia, *esse, Pharia, 4ech, $cjch, 4edich, *ail,
%ayl, @usayl, !oyl, Tranchil, Pusil, 4odif, $gnet, Trisif, Sabaoth,
$donay, $gla, )nel, Tetragrammaton, #edrc, $gne, fero,
Stimulaton, Prenanaton
$nd when he is washed, let him go out of the water and sprinkle himself with
the water hereafter appointed, saying;
$sperges me %omine etc
$fter, put on thy clothing, and in putting it on, say the D Psalms, and that which
followeth, and, #um inuocarem exaudiuit #onfitebor tibi %omine quoniam
dilexi, !n exitu !srael de `gipto, %omine probasti me6 $nd this prayer which
O most holy $donay, and most mighty +el, ! desire you by the
most mighty and stronge name of our 1ord, )l, ! worship thee, !
glorify thee, and bless thee ! call upon thee, that this bath may be
salvation unto me, and that ! may have my desire by thee, 0O most
holy $donay, which liveth and reigneth world without end $men
The blessing of the salt. Cha(. 1.
$fterwards, take salt and bless it after this sort;
! bless thee in the name of the "ather, the Son, and the +oly 4host
$men The blessing of 4od the $lmighty father be upon thee, and
all goodness enter into thee, wherefor ! bless thee and sanctify thee,
that thou help at this present
$nd thus done saye; 3enedicite omnia opera %omini %omino,
$fterwards, take the sweet odours consecrated, and throw them into the bath,
holding them in thy hand, and go again into the bath, and wash thee, and being
in the bath say;
$mane, @emeto, !nGaron, %oltibon, $magnc, lameton, #aron,
Sutron, 4ardon, ?on, @ameraon, Tameratc, fabron, Sanc,
?aGmon, Stilon, funeon,
This said, say this Psalm, 3enedicite omnia opera %omini, and wash thee saying,
&n the name o1 the Dather, and o1 the Son, and o1 the ,oly (host. #men.
Ahich done, go out of the bath, and put on clean linen clothing, as shall be said
of clothing, and let his fellows do after the same sort
)ere follo=eth of a((arrell and shoes. Cha(. @.
!t is necessary that the conBurer put on linen cloth, wherupon the pentacles must
be sewn with such a needle as shall be appointed hereafter in the same chapter
They must also have hosen above there own upon the which these figures
following must be written;
They must have shoes also upon, the which these same figures must be written,
with such pen and ink as shall be prescribed in their chapters Their shoes must
be of white leather $lso, let the master have a garland upon his head of virgin
parchment, about the which shall be written in capital letters these four names;
$4$$6 $4$R6 $41$T+$6 $41$OT+6 with ink and pen as shall be hereafter
in their chapters declared, also each of his companions must have a crown or
garland in whose compass these figures following must be written;
$nd before they put on this apparrel, let them say these Psalms following;
%omine %eus noster, %omine quis habitabit %omine exaudi orationem mean,
#um tribularer, %omine non est exaltatum cor meum, supra flumina, nisi
%ominus, laudate %ominum omnes gentes6 %eus miseriat
These being said, let him perfume all his apparrell, and sprinkle them with
water Then let the master put on his apparrell saying;
$ntor, $nator, et $nabis, Theodomas, !anitor, by the deserts of the holy angels, !
will put on the vesture of health, that ! may bring to pass my desire, by thee 0O
holy $donay2, whose kingdom hath no end
The shoes and vestments must be of linen6 if you can get such as the priest
weareth, it is best
)ere follo=eth of the knife reJuired in this art, and ho= it must be
made. Cha(. 0.
$ knife is required in this art, therefore make it be made with a handle of iron
which is pure, and let it be tempered in goose blood in the day of @ercury
.Aednesday/, in the increase of the @oon $fter it be finished, cause ten masses
to be said over it, and write upon the handle thereof with the needle aforesaid
these signs which follow;
Then perfume it as hereafter is appointed, and note that the circle be made with
such a knife, this day lay it up in silken cloths until thou wilt work, and cut
nothing with this knife, but only all things belonging to this art
$ll other instruments of iron whatsoever they be, let them be made on the day,
and hour of @ercury, and write upon them these signs following;
The form and sha(e of the knife, =ith =ords and !hara!ters.
$lso, see to the swords wherewithall you will work, that they be clean, and write
upon them as followeth; lamec, Theah, $niles, Theophilos, %ef, 3eth ladomay,
)l, *a, *ah, )manuel, Saday, )mnanal, sum qui sum, $gla, $1P+$ K O@)4$
Arite this with the ink aforesaid, and smoke them with the odours, and say this
! conBure thee by the names, $braham, $braho, Tetragrammaton,
which is to say, $glane, that thou hurt me not in work ! conBure
thee by pure, Stimulaton, and by these unspeakable names of
$lmighty 4od, which are; )gyrion, Osystron, )nona, $ula, by
$syn and by @analo, )manuel, Sabaoth, $donay, primus,
nouissimus, vnigenitus, Hia, Hita, @anus, hono, primogenitus,
finis, Sapientia, virtus, a #aput, verbum, gloria, splendor, lux, Sol,
!mago, @ors, *anua, Petra, 1apis, $ngulus, Sponsus, pastor,
propheta, Sacerdos, $thanatos, Rsyon, Pantacraton, *esus,
+alleluia6 by these names, and all other names6 ! conBure you, that
you have no power to hurt me
Ahich done, let him keep it as before is said
3esides this there must be made another knife in the day and hour of @ercury,
tempered with the Buice of pimpernel, and the bloode of a goose, upon the which
you shall cause three masses to be said $lso, you must perfume it and sprinkle it
with water as is aforesaid, with which knife, all thinges necessary must be cut
?ote also that before any of these things be consecrated, that they be virgins, that
is, such as were never used in work or labour
)ere follo=eth ho= !ir!les must be made, and ho= you must enter
into them. Cha(ter /.
Rour circles must be made with the afore7named knife, wherefore when you will
work, stick the knife in the midst of the place, and measure none feet on both
sides from the knife, but remember to leave a space open, whereby you may go
in and out $ foot behind the circle make another circle, betwixt the two greater
circles, make the pentacles with the names of our #reator, as in the next leaf shall
be showed !n the circumference of the greater circle make crosses $lso, a foot
behind this latter circle, make a Wuadrangle, in the top of every corner make a
cyrcle, one to set the pot of coals in, and in another let there stick a sword, a foot
space from the pot $ll which being done, let the @aster bring in his companions
by the gate of the circle, and let one of his fellows standing towards the )ast,
have pen and ink in his hand, and each of the others a naked sword 1et them
take heed they move not the pot Things being thus ordered, let the master go
forth to kindle the fire, and caste therein the perfumes, and light him a great
candle, exorciGed as shall be said hereafter, which he shall put in a lantern $nd
then let him shut the gate of the circle $fter this, let him perfume himself, and
his fellows, and the place with water $ll which done, the master standing in the
midst of the circle, his knife being stuck at his feet, let him begin his conBurations
towards the )ast
The manner to make !ir!les shall be sho=ed on the other side of this same
)o= to make the !ir!le =ith his (enta!le, hereafter follo=eth:
The right =ay to make the !ir!le, hereafter follo=eth:
)ere follo=eth of =ater and hysso(. Cha(ter $.
The water which is mentioned so often must be exorciGed after this sort; Ipon
the day of @ercury, and his hour, take a censer with exorciGed perfumes and
salt, and fill the pot full of clear water6 and first hallow the salt, saying;
Sabaoth, @essias, Tetragrammaton, )manuel, #edron, fortis, *anua,
Turris fortitudinis, vouchsafe to sanctify this salt
Ahich said, throw it into the water, and say over it the seven Psalms, and this
prayer following;
Thou art my 4od and my rest, thou art my true and right way
+elp, most +oly "ather, even as ! trust in thee O 4od which art the
4od of $braham, the 4od of !saac, and the 4od of *acob, ! beseech
thee, O 1ord $lmighty, by the invocations and deserts of thy saints;
vouchsafe to bless and sanctify this water, that upon whomsoever it
be cast, he may receive health both of body and soul $men
)ere follo=eth of hysso(. Cha(ter .
The water being ready, make a sprinkler of vervain, valerian, fennel, sage,
marBoram, and basil, and let all be put upon a haGel wand $nd know that in the
day of @ercury, in the morning, in the increase of the @oon, it must be cut, at
one cut, with the above7named knife $nd in that hour let the herbs be gathered
Ahich being made, cause three masses to be said over them Ahich done, say the
4ospel of Saint *ohn over them $fterward, upon the haGel wand, wherewith
thou diddest make thy sprinklee, write these characters following with the
needle aforesaid;
)ere follo=eth of fire and lights. Ca(ut. #.
Thy light to work by must be .made/ upon @ercury, and his hour, thy candle
must be made in this sort; Take silken thread made and spun of a virgin, whereof
make the wick, and with that make a candle of wax, which came out of a new
hive, which is called virgin wax, let the candle contain half a pound of wax, and
write upon it with the needle aforesaid, these characters following;
$fterwards, say these Psalms followynge; 3enedicite omnia opera6 3enedic
anima mea %omino 0Ps&F,26 1audate %ominum omnes gentes 0Ps&&:26 Te %eum
laudamus .found in the 1atin mass/ $nd this which followeth;
O 1ord 4od, give me virtue, that only ! may trust in thee !n the
name of the "ather, the Son, and the +oly 4host, $men
! exorcise thee wax, by him which speaketh, and it is done, that
thou drive all terror from us $men
Ahich done, sprinkle it with water, and perfume it, and light it, and say over it;
! exorcise thee fire, in the name of the "ather, the Son, and the +oly
4host, and by the first name of our 1ord 4od O?, and by the
second word, when he said, =1et their be made light=, by this name,
Rou, $donay, Salua, 4la, @anemente, that thou light the spirits
which will appear here $men
Then take a lantern wherein this candle must be put, and write about it these
names following; Tetragrammaton, Sabaoth, $donay, Tetel, lademas $nd light
the candle, and put it in it, and read by the light thereof
)ere follo=eth of (en and ink
Cha(ter %.
Take a gander alive, and pull out a feather out of the wing, and say;
$rbon, ?arbon, ?ason, Tamaray, 1yonar, $rmynar, 3ludamar,
drive out of this quill all deceit, that truth only may abide in it
Then make a pen thereof with the consecrated knife, and perfume it, and then lay
it up as is aforesaid
Of ink.
Take a box or horn, in which you must put your liquor, and about the same
vessel, write with the needle this following; *oth, Teth, )th, vau, $nosbias, *a, *a,
*a, $nereneton, $nabona, Sabaoth Then put into it new ink, and say as
! exorciGe thee, ink, by the name of $naton, and by the power .of/
Stimulaton, and by his name that can do all things, that thou be my
help in this my work
Of the blood of a bat, ho= you must =ork by it. Cha(. ;.
Take a live bat, and exorciGe her after this sort;
#amac, 1amath, Omac, #achac, @arbac, 4lyac, !amachar, Halmath,
! adBure thee, bat, by the "ather, the Son, and the +oly 4host, and
by all the words that are spoken of him, that thou serve us O thou
angel $donay, )loyt, and thou angel $donel, be you my aid and
help, that ! may accomplish my desire
$fterwards, take the needle and prick her under the right wing, and take her
blood, and say;
O $lmighty $donay, $raton, Ossul, +eloy, +eloe, +elion,
)ssercon, sadon, %eus, %eus, !nfinitus, *esus, #hristus6 be my
helper, that this blood may have power in these my doings
)ere follo=eth of 2irgin (a(er or (ar!hment, !alled Membrana.
Cha(ter ?.
Take a piece of parchment off the breast or the nanyll 092, of any beast8s skin
which is called @embrana 1et it be consecrated after this fashion, but first
smoke it with your perfumes, and in smoking it, say; %omine %eus noster,
%omine exaudi, .%eus/ %eus meus respice, %omine quis habitabit, Wuam dilecta
.Ps('', Ps &F& or &5(, Ps5&, Ps&>, Ps',/ $fterwards say this conBuration
following trice;
@alec, *ydomos, Theophilos6 O 4od $lmighty "ather which
madest all things with thy great wisdom, which didst choose
$braham to be thy first elect person, whose seed thou multiplied as
the stars6 which didst appear to @oses, in the midst of the bush like
a flame fire, and revealed thy holy name unto him, which is;
)yphy, and )sser, $sserephe, which gavest to Solomon above all
other creatures, ! humbly beseech thy maBesty, that through thy
virtue and power this may be consecrated, as it ought to be, by
thee, O $lmighty $donay, whose kingdom lasteth forever $men
$fterwards, sprinkle it with water, and cause three masses to be said over it
)o= you must =ork =ith =aH.
Cha(ter 1.
!n many arts, wax and earth are used, whereof images are made !f you must use
wax, see that it be virgin wax, and that it be not corrupt Hirgin wax is made of
bees which never confederated together, and it is sold at the apothecaries Ahen
thou wilt work with it, say over it;
! will exorciGe, $donyon, @eryon, 5( $smetalB, #osjmas, $ljones,
#oncimas, Oriados, $lmay, #aphay, )quant, Hernant, Othios,
lyonides, Trophylidos6 be you present to help me, for you ! call
upon in my work, which ! begin by you, and shall be ended
through you
This done, say these Psalms following; %omine non est exaltatum, %omine quis
habitabit, %omine exaudi, %omine %eus noster, Wuam dilicta, )xurgat %eus,
%eus %eorum, %eus in nomine tuo, %eus iudicium, )cce quam bonum, !n exitu
!srael, !n convertendo, %eus %eus meus, %eus meus respice, 3eati quorum,
@iserere mei %eus, %e profundis, %omine probasti6 $fter this, cause three
masses to be said over this wax Then smoke it with the perfumes, saying;
! conBure, and warn thee wax, by the $lmighty "ather which made
all things of nothing, that thou by thy holy name, givest strength
unto this wax, that it may be sanctified, which liveth and reigneth
world without end $men
)ere follo=eth of a needle, =here=ith thou must =ork. Cha(ter @.
!t is needful in some experiment to have a needle, or such like, wherefore thou
shalt cause a needle to be made, of steel or iron, in the day and hour of *upiter
.Thursday/, which shall not be finished until the next day and hour of Henus
Ahich finished, take it in some privie .i.e. private/ place, and say over it;
! conBure thee, needle by the "ather, the Son, and the +oly 4host,
and by all conBurations which can be made, and by all virtue of
stones, herbs, and words, and by him which in the last day, shall
come to Budge, the quick, the dead, and all the world by fire, that
thou through the same #reator, receive virtue and strength, and
that ! may always choose thy aid and help, whensoever ! will
$fterwards say these Psalms over it; %omine quid multiplicasti, %omine %eus
meus in te sperauj, #onfitebor tibi %omine in toto corde meo, !n %omino
confido, #onserua me %omine, %iligam te, #eli enarrant 0Ps &'2, %ominus regit
me, )xpectans expectaui, Wuemadmodum desiderat, %eus reppulisti, nos 0Ps-(2
Ahich being said, cause three masses to be said over it, and perfume it, and
sprinkle it with the exorciGed water, and then lay it up, and in laying it up, say
upon it as followeth;
3aruchata, lamec, %almone, @adaldac, 4edodia, @arco, 3adalna,
4eoderia, #onolaria, @ararya, 4eordia, 1alia, @igia, $molsiam,
3onefariam, $medain, #amedon, #edorion, Oubyon, @yson,
$rtion, )fraton, 4eon, 4esson, 3esso, $gla, 4ly, $glatha $glathot,
$gladian, @eriones6 most gentle and good angels, be you keepers
of this instrument, that it may help me, and that ! may bring all
things to pass
)ere follo=eth of odours and (erfumes, ho= they ought to be made.
Cha(. 0.
!n the works of this art, divers odours are required Odours are made with
frankincense incense, with lignum aloes, with myrrh, or any other things that
have a sweet smell6 upon which before they come to the fire, you must say;
O 4od which art the 4od of $braham, the 4od of !saac, and the
4od of *acob, bless ! beseech thee these things here present, that
there strength and power may be amplified, and drive from us all
phantasies, through *esus #hrist our 1ord $men
)ere follo=eth the !ha(ter =herein is de!lared =hat !loth you must
use to (ut in your things ne!essary for your eH(eriment. Cha(. /.
Ahen all things be consecrated, and thou hast occasion to work, take a clean
linen cloth, or rather of silk !n this cloth write these characters which follow,
with the aforesaid pen and ink
$nd write these names following; $donay, $nostias, $nerexeton, $gla,
$thanatos, $gios, $mor, $nanator, $nilis, Theodomos, $gne, *eton, #edron,
1amec, #efol, faras, #os, Tetragrammaton Then sprinkle it and perfume it6
which done, let these Psalms be said over it; %ge %eus noster, Te decet hymnas
%eus, 3enedicite omnia opera6 1audate %ominum de #elis, )cce quam bonum
$fter this let nine masses be said ouer it $nd therein put all thy instruments
Of the =ork of images.
Cha(. #$.
:+ote penitissim4;
1et none marvail at this chapter, for in it briefly is contained all the knowledge of
this book6 it is impossible to bring any experiment to pass, except all the chapters
of this book be Boined together Aherefore let him diligently peruse this present
book etc
.ut totum: aut nihil.
Of the hours to =ork in.
Cha(. #
Ahosoever desirest to know any experiment, and bring it to pass, he ought to
consider the hours and days meet .suitable/ for that purpose #hoose thee
therefore the day of @ercury, .Aednesday/ in the increase of the @oon6 and
cause all thy instruments to be wrought, and made in that same day $nd so
likewise the next day of @ercury, until all be prepared, requisite for your art
Then all things being in readiness, mark again the due hour6 and then begin to
work when thou wilt
Ahen all thinges needfull are prepared and laid up in the cloth above7said, make
nine masses be said over it Ahich being done, thou mayst safely work without
fear6 neither shalt thou need to observe any solemnity after in thy experiments
3ut look when thou hast finished thy work, that thou lay up all things in thy
cloth aforesaid
)ere follo=eth of the !olors of the (lanets. Cha(. ##.
Of Saturn is black, and is made of the hair of a goat burned
Of *upiter is green, and is made of a noble green
Of @ars, is of vermillion or of saffron
Of Henus, is of $Gure or of any colour like to violet
Of Sol, is saffron, or of green
Of @ercury, is of the yolks of eggs
Of 1una, is of white lead
The manner and =ay
ho= to make thy (enta!le
shall be sho=ed
on the other side,
neHt follo=ing.
)ere follo=eth the manner
ho= to make the *enta!le.
Final !ha(ter
and instru!tion.
.sec man/ $ut singula vnguem; aut omnia nihil si, c 5F l 5 03aconis ars
)ere endeth the book of Solomon
the =ise, !alled The 'e" o 'nowled%e.
Detailing the cereonial art o! coan"ing #$irit# %oth goo" an" e&il
Edited by Joseph H. Peterson,
Kasson, ! 55944
ar%h 27, 1999
&opyri'ht ( 1999
!otes to introd.%tion
Pre/a%e /ro, Har+. 6483.
1he.r'ia 0oetia
$rs Pa.+ina
$rs $+,ade+
$rs !otoria
- *o.+d +i)e to than) the 2ritish .se., /or a++o*in' ,e to st.dy the ,an.s%ripts
/irsthand, and /or their he+p in %opyin' the ,an.s%ripts onto ,i%ro/i+,.
1he 3e,e'eton is a pop.+ar handboo) o/ sor%ery )no*n /ro, the 17th %ent.ry 415 in
,ore or +ess the sa,e /or, as - *i++ present it. ost o/ the ,ateria+ ho*e6er is /o.nd in
6aryin' /or,s in ear+ier ,an.s%ripts, and so,e o/ the ,ateria+ dates ba%) as ear+y as the
14th %ent.ry or ear+ier 425. 7e'ina+d #%ot, in his +ists o/ ,a'i%a+ te8ts 435, ,entions $rs
Pa.+ina, $rs $+,ade+, and $rs !otoria in the sa,e breath. He a+so in%+.des a te8t %+ose+y
re+ated to the 0oetia 445. #o the b.+) o/ the ,ateria+s *ere possib+y %o++e%ted to'ether by
1he na,e Lemegeton is probab+y nai6e+y in6ented o/ the %o,pi+er9s i'noran%e o/
3atin. He or she *as no /a,i+iar *ith the Clavicula Salomonis (Key of Solomon)
and *anted to tit+e this *or) the :3itt+e Key o/ #o+o,on;: this be%a,e :3e,e'eton
&+a6i%.+a #a+o,onis.:
1he ,a<or te8ts .sed /or this edition ha6e been a++ /ro, the 2ritish 3ibrary an.s%ript
%o++e%tion. 1hey Har+. 6483, and #+oane ss. 2731, 3825, and 3648. Har+. 6483 is
probab+y the +atest, and %ontains ,.%h additiona+ ,ateria+. -t is dated 1712=3. #+oane
2731 is i,portant it has itse+/ been %o,pi+ed /ro, ,.+tip+e 6ersions >in%+.din'
#+oane 3648?. 1his te8t is .n/ort.nate+y in%o,p+ete, and o,its a++ o/ boo) 5. -t is dated
Jan.ary 18, 1687. #+oane 3825 is a ,ore %o,p+ete and interna++y %onsistent te8t. -t is a+so
interestin' in that it %ontains a shorter 6ersion o/ 1he !otary $rt to *hi%h has been added
the re,ainin' portions as /o.nd in 7obert 1.rner9s trans+ation.
- ha6e /o++o*ed #+oane 3825 /or this edition e8%ept /or the Ars Notoria. @or the +atter the
,an.s%ripts are %+ear+y dependent on 7obert 1.rner9s trans+ation; - ha6e there/ore .sed
his 1657 edition as the pri,ary so.r%e. Aariants /ro, other ,an.s%ripts are noted in
sB.are bra%)ets 45. $+so in sB.are bra%)ets are the /o+io n.,bers /ro, #+. 3825. - ha6e
resisted the te,ptation to ,odernise the +an'.a'e.
1he parts o/ the 3e,e'eton are as /o++o*sC
1he /irst boo), Goetia, %orresponds %+ose+y *ith the %ata+o' o/ de,ons p.b+ished by John
Dier >or Johann Dier.s? as,onar%hia dae,on., in his 1563 De Praestigiis
Daemonum. -n Dier9s te8t there are no de,oni% sea+s, and the de,ons are in6o)ed by a
si,p+e %on<.ration, not the e+aborate rit.a+ /o.nd in the Lemegeton.
The)rgia Goetia
1his te8t has %+ose para++e+s *ith boo) one o/ 1rithe,i.s9 #te'ano'raphia. $+tho.'h the
ab.ndant spirit sea+s are not /o.nd in 1rithe,i.s, those /e* that %an be /o.nd ,at%h
e8a%t+y. @or e8a,p+e, these /o.r sea+s are /o.nd in Steg. -. %hapter 8i, dea+in' *ith "sie+
and his s.bordinatesC
&o,pare these *ith the /o++o*in' sea+s /o.nd in the Lemegeton in the se%tion dea+in'
*ith the e+e6enth spirit, "sie+, and his s.bordinates >$dan, $nsoe+, a'ni and $barie+?C
-t sho.+d be noted that 1rithe,i.s9 %on<.rations are a%t.a++y his e8a,p+es o/ hidden
*ritin' >9ste'ano'raphy9?, and do not %orrespond *ith the %on<.rations /o.nd in Theugia
Goetia. Steganographia *as *ritten in 1500, b.t *as not p.b+ished .nti+ 1608. -t *as,
ho*e6er, *ide+y %ir%.+ated in ,an.s%ript /or,.
Ar# *a)lina
1he spirits in Part 1 o/ this boo) %oin%ide e8a%t+y *ith those /o.nd in 1rithe,i.s9
Steganographia !oo" #. $%%ordin' to 1horndi)e 455, the :1he Pa.+ine art,: *as
p.rported to ha6e been dis%o6ered by the $post+e Pa.+ a/ter he had been snat%hed .p to
the third hea6en, and de+i6ered by hi, at &orinth. 7obert 1.rner ,entions a si8teenth=
%ent.ry ,an.s%ript in the 2ib+iothEB.e !ationa+e 465. $+tho.'h this te8t is based on
ear+ier 6ersions, repeated ,ention o/ the year 1641 and '.ns, sho*s a +ate reda%tion. 1he
:tab+e o/ pra%ti%e: has si,i+arities *ith Fee9s :ho+y tab+e:. -n the /or,er the se6en sea+s
ha6e the %hara%ters o/ the se6en p+anets, *hi%h a+so o%%.r in the :a'i%a+ &a+endar:
>p.b+ished 1620, b.t *ith possib+e %onne%tions *ith 1rithe,i.s.?
1he des%riptions o/ the sea+s /or ea%h si'n o/ the Godia% are e6ident+y abstra%ted /ro,
Para%e+s.s, The Secon$ Treatise of Celestial %e$icines, %/. Archi$o&es of %agic
trans+ated by 7obert 1.rner, 1656, pp. 136 //.
Ar# Ala"el
-n 1608, 1rithe,i.s ,entioned a +on' +ist o/ boo)s on ,a'i%, in%+.din' the boo)
:Alma$el attrib.ted to Kin' #o+o,on: 475 $rs $+,ade+ is a+so /o.nd in the Hebre*
,an.s%ript o/ the Key of Solomon, ed. 0o++an%H, Sepher %afteah Shelomoh, 1914, /o+
20b. 1.rner ,entions a /i/teenth=%ent.ry ,an.s%ript in @+oren%e. 485
Ar# Notoria
1he Ars Notoria is a edie6a+ 0ri,oire o/ the 9#o+o,oni% &y%+e9. any 3atin
,an.s%ripts are e8tant, the o+dest are dated thirteenth %ent.ry, and possib+y ear+ier. 3i)e
Li'er (uratus >a+so thirteenth %ent.ry?, the te8t %enters aro.nd an e6en o+der %o++e%tion o/
orations or prayers *hi%h are interspersed *ith ,a'i%a+ *ords. 1he orations in Ars
Notoria and those in Li'er (uratus are %+ose+y re+ated, and s.''est to ,e a %o,,on ora+
tradition. 1he orations in both *or)s are said to ha6e ,ysti%a+ properties *hi%h %an
i,part %o,,.nion *ith 0od and instant )no*+ed'e o/ di6ine and h.,an arts and
I+der ,an.s%ripts o/ the $rs !otoria %ontain e8B.isite dra*in's, the :/i'.res: ,entioned
in the te8t. 495 1heir o,ission adds 'reat+y to the %on/.sion o/ the te8t.
!ot a++ ,an.s%ripts o/ the Lemegeton the Ars Notoria, their %ontents +istin' on+y
/o.r boo)s. 1hose that do are entire+y dependant on 7obert 1.rner9s 1657 edition, *hi%h
is e6ident+y his o*n trans+ation /ro, the 3atin.
1. 1he date 1641 in the te8t, and ,ay indi%ate that its present /or, dates to then.
2. 1o this period has been dated an i,portant te8t o/ the #o+o,oni%, Li'er (uratus, or The
S)orn !oo" of *onorius, *hi%h has i,portant %onne%tions *ith o.r present *or).
3. Discoverie of +itchcraft, 1584, 2oo) 16, %hap. 31 and %hap. 42.
4. ,p- cit- %hapter 2 %onsists o/ a trans+ation o/ J. Dier9s Pseu$omonarchia Daemonum. #ee be+o*.
5. %agic an$ .&perimental Science , %hapter 8+i8, 1923, pp. 279 //.
6. 2! 7170$. #ee 7obert 1.rner, .li/a'ethan %agic, 1989. pp. 140=1.
7. #ee -. P. &o.+iano, .ros an$ %agic in the 0enaissance, &hi%a'o, 1987, p. 167.
8. -bid. @+oren%e --=iii=24.
9. @or e8a,p+es o/ the i++.strations and an e8%e++ent dis%.ssion o/ the Ars Notoria, see the arti%+e by
i%hae+ &a,i++e in &+aire @an'er, Con1uring Spirits Te&ts an$ Tra$itions of %e$ieval 0itual
%agic, Pennsy+6ania #tate "ni6ersity Press, 1998, pp. 110 //.
.*re!ace !ro Harl/ 01234
41he si8th #heet o/ Fr. 7.dd
Li%er alor) S$irit))
#e) Goetia
1his 2oo) %ontains a++ the na,es, orders, and o//i%es o/ a++ the spirits #a+o,on e6er
%on6ersed *ith. 1he sea+s and %hara%ters be+on'in' to ea%h spirit, and the ,anner o/
%a++in' the, /orth to 6isib+e appearan%e.
#o,e o/ these spirits are in Eno%h9s 1ab+es *hi%h - ha6e e8p+ained, b.t o,itted their sea+s
and %hara%ters, ho* they ,ay be )no*n; b.t in this boo) they are at +ar'e set /orth.
The "e!inition o! Magic
a'i% is the hi'hest ,ost abso+.te and di6ine )no*+ed'e o/ nat.ra+ phi+osophy ad6an%ed
in its *or)s and *onder/.+ operations by a ri'ht .nderstandin' o/ the in*ard and o%%.+t
6ert.e o/ thin's, so that tr.e a'ents bein' app+ied to proper patients, stran'e and
ad,irab+e e//e%ts *i++ thereby be prod.%ed; *hen%e ,a'i%ians are pro/o.nd and di+i'ent
sear%hers into, they o/ their s)i++ )no* ho* to anti%ipate an e//e%t *hi%h
to the 6.+'ar sha++ see, a ,ira%+e.
Iri'en saith that the ,a'i%a+ art doth not %ontain anythin' s.bsistin', b.t a+tho.'h it
sho.+d yet that ,.st not be e6i+ or s.b<e%t to %onte,pt or s%orn; and doth distin'.ish the
nat.ra+ ,a'i% /ro, that *hi%h is diabo+i%a+.
1yane.s on+y e8er%ised the nat.ra+ ,a'i% by *hi%h he per/orned *onder/.+ thin's.
Phi+o Hebre.s saith that tr.e ,a'i% by *hi%h *e %o,e to the se%ret *or)s o/ is so
/ar /ro, bein' %onte,ptib+e that the 'reatest ,onar%hs and )in's ha6e st.died it. !ay
a,on'st the Persians none ,i'ht rei'n .n+ess he *as s)i++/.++ in this 'reat art.
1his nob+e s%ien%e o/ten de'enerates, and /ro, nat.ra+ be%o,es diabo+i%a+, /ro, tr.e
phi+osophy t.rns to ni'ro,an%y, *hi%h is *ho++y to be %har'ed .ppon its /o++o*ers *ho,
ab.sin' or not bein' %apab+e o/ that hi'h and ,ysti%a+ )no*+ed'e do i,,ediate+y
hear)en to the te,ptations o/ #athan, and are ,is+ed by hi, into the st.dy o/ the b+a%)
art. Hen%e it is that ,a'i% +ies .nder dis'ra%e and they *ho see) a/ter it are 6.+'ar+y
estee,ed sor%erers. $nd the /raternity o/ the 7osi%r.%ians tho.'ht it not /it to sty+e
the,se+6es ,a'i%ians, b.t phi+osophers. 1hay are not i'norant e,piri%s1 b.t +earned and
e8perien%ed physi%ians *hose re,edies are not on+y +a*/.+ b.t di6ine.5
1he +itt+e Key o/ #a+o,on the Kin' *hi%h %ontaineth a++ the na,es, orders and o//i%es o/
a++ the spirits that e6er he hadd any %on6erse *ith, *ith the sea+es or &hara%ters
be+on'ein' to Ea%h spirit, and the ,anner o/ %a++in' the, /orth to 46isib+e5 appearan%e, in
5 Parts, %a++ed 2oo)s 6iH = = = = =C
1he /irst part, is a 2oo) o/ e6i++ spirits, %a++ed 0oetia, she*in' ho* he bo.nd .p
those spirits and .sed the, in se6era++ thin's, *herby he obtained 'reat /a,e.
1he se%ond part is a 2oo)e o/ 4aeria+5 spirits, part+y 'ood and part+y e6i++, *
%a++ed 1he.r'ia 0oetia bein' a++ spirits o/ the ayre.
1he 1hird part is 4a boo)5 o/ spirits 'o6ernin' y
P+anetary ho.res, and *
be+on' to e6ery de'ree o/ the si'nes and p+anets in y
si'nes, and is %a++ed $rs
1he /o.rth part o/ this 2oo)e is %a++ed $rs $+,ade+ #o+o,onis 4si%5, %ontaynin'
20 %hei/e spirits *
'o6erne the /o.r $+tit.des or the 360 de'rees o/ the *or+d J
si'nes 4Hodia%5 J%.
1hese t*oo +ast orders o/ spirits is o/ 'ood, and are %a++ed the tr.e 1he.r'ia, and it
is to be so.'ht a//ter by di6ine see)in' J%.
1he /i/th part is a 2oo)e o/ orations and prayers that *ise #a+o,on .sed .pon the
a+ter in the 1e,p+e *hi%h is %a++ed Artem Novam 4si%. >Ars Nova?5 1he *
re6ea+ed to #a+o,on by the ho+y an'e+ o/ 0od %a++ed i%hae+, and he a+so
re%ie6ed 4si%5 ,any bree/ !otes *ritten by the /in'ar o/ 0od *
*as de+i6ered to
hi, by y
said $n'e++, *ith 1h.nder %+aps, *itho.t *
!otes #a+o,on hadd ne6er
obtained to his 'reat )no*+ed'e, /or by the, in short ti,e he )ne* a++ arts and
sien%es both 'ood and badd *hi%h /ro, these !otes 4this boo)5 is 4a+so5 %a++ed
Ar# Notoria.
-n this 2oo)e is %ontained the *ho+e art o/ #a+o,on a+tho.'h there be ,any other
2oo)es that is said to be his yet none is to be %o,pared *ith this, /or this
%ontaineth the, a++, a+tho.'h 410065 they be tit+ed *ith se6era++ other na,es, as
the 2oo)e He+isoe *
is the 6ery sa,e as this +ast 4boo)5 is, *
%a++ed, Artem
Novam 2 Ars Notaria J%..
1hese 2oo)es *ere /irst /o.nd in the &ha+dean J hebre* ton'.es at,, by a
Je*ish 7abbi, J by hi, p.t into the 'ree)e 3an'.a'e, J /ro, then%e into y
3atine, as it
is said J%.
O! The Arte Goetia
4I/ the se6enty=t*o in/erna+ spirits e6o)ed and %onstrained by Kin' #a+o,on5
1he /irst prin%ipa++ spirit is a )in' r.+in' in y
East, %a++ed 6ael. he ,a)eth ,en 'oe
-n6isib+e, he r.+eth o6er 66 3e'ions o/ -n/erio.r spirits, he appeareth in di6ers shapes,
so,eti,es +i)e a &att, so,eti,es +i)e a 1oad, so,eti,es +i)e a ,an, J so,eti,es in a++
these /or,es at on%e. he spea)eth 6ery hors+y.
1his is his &hara%ter *
is to be *orne as a 3a,en be/ore hi, *ho %a++eth hi, /orth, or
e+se he *i++ not doe yo. ho,a'e.
1he se%ond spirit is a F.)e %a++ed Agare#, he is .nder y
po*er o/ y
East and %o,eth .p
in the /or, o/ a /air I+d ,an ridin' .pon a &ro%odi++, 6ery ,i+d+y, %arryin' a 'osha*)e
on his /ist. he ,a)eth the, r.nne that stand sti++, and /et%heth ba%) y
r.nna*ayes. he %an
tea%h a++ 3an'.a'es or 1on'.es present+y, he hath the po*er a+so to destroy di'nities,
both s.pernat.ra++ J 1e,pora++; J EarthB.a)es. he *as o/ the order o/; he
hath .nder his 'o6ern,ent 31 3e'ions J%C J this is 4his5 sea+e or &hara%ter *
is to be
*orne as 4a5 3a,en.
4Kin' $'ares >se%. ,an.?5
1he 1hird spirit is a ,i'hty prin%e, bein' o/ y
sa,e ! as $'ares, he is %a++ed
Va##ago, 1his spirit is o/ a 'ood, J his o//i%e is to de%+are thin's past and to %o,e;
and to dis%o6er a++ thin's hidden or +ost J%C he 'o6erneth 26 3e'ions o/ spirits. 1his is
his sea+.
4101 r5
1he 4
spirit is %a++ed Gaigin, a 'reat arB.ise, he appereth in y
/or,e o/ a +it+e horse
or asse and then into h.,ane shape he p.tteth hi,se+/ at y
reB.est o/ y
aster and
spea)eth *
a horse 6oi%e; he tea%hes a++ 3ibera++ sien%es, and 'i6eth and a%%o.nt o/ y
dead so.+es o/ the, that dye in sin. J he r.+eth o6er 30 3e'ions o/ -n/eriors J%. 1his is
his sea+, *
is to be *orne by the a'i%ian *hen he -n6o%ateth.
1he 5
spirit is %a++ed Mar%a# == he is a 'reat presedent, and appeareth at /irst in y
o/ a 'reat 3yonC b.t a/ter*ards p.tteth on h.,ane shape at y
7eB.est o/ y
aster he
$ns*areth tr.+y o/ 1hin's hidden or se%reet, he %a.seth deseases and %.reth the, a'aine
J 'i6eth 'reat *isdo,e J )no*+ed'e in ,e%hani%a++ arts, J %han'eth ,en into other
shapes he 'o6erneth 36 3e'ions o/ spirits. his sea+ is this.
1he 6
spirit is Vale!ar == he is a i'hty F.)e, J appeareth in y
/or, o/ a 3ion *
,ans head 3o*rin', he is a 'ood /e,i+iar, b.t te,pteth those he is /e,i+iar *ith to stea+e,
he 'o6erneth 10 3e'ions o/ spirets, this is his sea+ to *earne %onstant+y i/ yo. ha.e his
/a,i+iarity. E+se not.
1he 7
spirit is Aon. he is a 'reat in po*er J ,ost stron', he at /irst appereth
+i)e a *o+/ *ith a serpents tai+e, 6o,itin' o.t o/ his /+ea,es o/ /ire, b.t at y
%o,,and o/ y
a'i%ian he p.tteth on y
shape o/ a ,an, *ith do's 1eeth beset in a head
+i)e a 7a6en, or in a 7a6ens Head, hee te++eth 4o/5 a++ thin's past J to %o,e, and
pro%.reth +o6e, and re%on%i+eth %ontro6ersies bet*een /reinds J /oes, 415 J 'o6erneth 40
3e'ions o/ spirits, his sea+ is th.s, *
is to be *orne as a//oresaid.
41. Har+. 6483 adds, :He a+so brin'eth to pass, that so.+s *hi%h are dro*ned in the sea
sha++ ta)e .p airy bodies J e6ident+y appear J ans*er to interro'ations at the reB.est o/
the e8or%ist.:5
1he 8
spirit is %a++ed 6ar%ato# he is a 'reat d.)e J appeareth *hen y
is in , *ith
/o.r !ob+e )in's and their %o,panions in 'reat troops, he 'i6eth y
.nderstandin' o/ y
sin'in' o/ 2irds, and y
6oi%e o/ other &reat.res and y
4s.%h as5 bar)in' o/ do's J%, he
brea)eth hidden treas.res open, that ha6e been 3aid by y
En%hant,ent o/ a'i%ians, J
4he *as5 o/ y
order o/, 4o/5 *hi%h so,e part beareth r.+e sti++ J% he )no*eth a++
thin's past and to %o,eC and re%onsi+eth /riends J those that are in po*er, he r.+eth o6er
30 3e'ions o/ spirits, his sea+ o/ obedien%e is this. *
*ere be/ore yo. J%.
1he 9
spirit in order is *aion; a 'reat )in', J 6ery Ibedient to 3.%i/er, he appeareth
in y
/or,e o/ a ,an, sittin' one a dro,edary, *
a &ro*ne ,ost '+orio.s on his head.
1hree 41here5 'oeth be/ore hi, a host o/ spirits +i)e ,en *ith 1r.,pets and *e++
so.ndin' &y,ba++s, and a++ other sorts o/ ,.si%a++ -nstr.,ents J%. he hath a 'reat 6oi%e,
and roareth at his /irst %o,,in', and his spee%h 46oi%e5 is s.%h as y
a'i%ian %annot
*e++ .nderstand, .n+ess he %o,pe++eth hi,. 1his spirit %an tea%h a++ arts and sien%es, and
other se%ret 1hin's; he %an dis%o6er *
Earth is, and *
ho+deth it .p in y
*aters, J *
*ind is or *here it is, or any other 1hin' y
desire to )no*, he 'i6eth di'nity and
%on/ir,eth y
sa,e, he bindeth or ,a)eth a ,an s.b<e%t to y
a'i%ian i/ he desireth it he
'i6eth 'ood /a,i+iars, and s.%h as %an tea%h a++ arts, he is to be obser6ed to*ards y
!orth *est, he is o/ y
order o/ do,inions and hath 200 3e'ions o/ spirits .nder hi,, one
part o/ the, is o/ y
order o/ $n'e++s J y
other o/ Potestates 4Potentates5, -/ y
%a++ this
spirit Pai,on a+one y
,.st ,a)e hi, so,e o//erin' to hi, J there *i++ attend hi, 2
)in's %a++ed 6e%al J A%ala, J other spirits o/ y
order o/ Potestates 4Potentates5 in his
host are 25 3e'ions a++ those spirits *
are s.b<e%t to hi,, are not a++*ayes *
hi, .n+esse y
a'i%ian %o,pe++eth the,, 1his is his &hara%ter.
1he 10
spirit is 6)er, a 'reat president and appereth in that is his shape *hen y
there, he tea%heth Phy+osophy 4both5 ora++ J !at.ra++, J y
3o'i%a++ arts, J y
o/ a++ hearbes J p+ants, J hea+eth a++ diste,pers in an, J 'i6eth >/a,i+iars? 'ood
/a,i+iars, he 'o6erneth o6er 50 3e'ions o/ spirits and this is his sea+e o/ obedian%e *
yo. ,.st *eare *hen yo. %a++ hi, to apperan%e. 4/i'.re 10.5
1he 11
spirit is a 'reat J stron' d.)e %a++ed G)#oin 40.sion5, he appeareth +i)e a
Kenophi+.s he te++eth o/ a++ thin's past, present J to %o,eC he she*eth y
,eanin' o/ a++
B.estions yo. %an as), he re%on%i+eth /riends and 'i6eth hono.r and di'nity to any, and
r.+eth o6er 40 3e'ions o/ #pirits. his sea+ is this, *
*eare as a/oresaid J%. 4/i'.re 11.5
1he 12
spirit is Sitri, he is a 'reat prin%e J appeareth at /irst *ith a 3eopards /a%e, and
*in's as a 'ri//in. 2.t a/ter*ards at y
%o,,and o/ y
e8or%ist, he p.tteth on a h.,ane
shape 6ery 2ea.ti/.++, -n/+a,in' en *ith *o,ens 3o6e, and *o,en *ith ,ens +o6e,
and %a.seth the, to she* the,se+6es !a)ed, i/ he 4it5 be desired, J%. he 'o6erneth 60
3e'ions o/ spirits, and his sea+ to be *orne is this. 4/i'.re 12.5
1he 13 spirit is %a++ed 6eleth, he is a ,i'hty )in' and terrab+e, riddin' on a pa+e horse *
1r.,pets and a++ other )inds o/ .si%a++ -nstr.,ents p+ayin' be/ore hi,, he is 6ery
/.rio.s at his /irst apperan%e 1hat is *hi+est y
E8or%ist a++ay his &o.ra'e, /or to doe that,
he ,.st ho+d a haHe+ sti%) in his hand, stre%hed /orth to*ards y
e J East B.arters
,a)in' a 1rian'+e *itho.t y
&ir%+e, %o,,andin' hi, into it by y
6ert.e o/ y
2onds J
%haines o/ spirits herea/ter /o++o*in', J i/ he doe not %o,e into y
by yo.r 1hreats,
rehearse y
2o.nds J %haines be/ore hi,, and then he *i++ yei+d obedian%e and %o,e into
it and do *hat he is %o,,anded by y
Eor%ist 4E8or%ist5, yet he ,.st re%ei6e hi,
%o.rteo.s+y, he is a 'reat )in' J doe ho,a'e to hi,, as the )in's and prin%es
doe that attend hi,, and yo. ,.st 4a+so5 ha6e a++*ayes a si+6er 7in' on the ,idd+e /in'er
o/ the +e/t hand, he+d a'ainst yo.r /a%e as they do /or $,ai,on, 1his )in' 2e+eth %a.seth
a++ y
+o6e that possib+e ,ay be, both o/ en and *o,en ti++ y
aster Eor%ist 4E8or%ist5
hath had his ,ind /.++/i++ed J%. he is o/ the order o/ Po*ers and 'o6erneth 85 3e'ions o/
410265 spirits, his !ob+e sea+ is this *
is to be *orne be/ore yo. in the 1i,e o/ *or)in'.
4/i'.re 13.5
1he 14
spirit is %a++ed Lera,e >or 3era<e? 4*ritten intra +inea5. he is a arB.iHe 'reat in
po*er she*in' hi, se+/e in y
+i)eness o/ an ar%her, %+add in 'reen %arrin' 4%arryin'5 a
2o* and B.i6er, he %a.seth a++ 'reat 2att+es J %ontests, J %a.seth y
*o.nds to p.tri/ie
that are 4,ade5 *
arro*s by ar%hers this be+on'eth to he 'o6erneth 30 3e'ions o/
spirits, J his sea+e o/ obedian%e is this. 4/i'.re 14.5
1he 15
spirit is %a++ed Eligor 4E+i'os5, a 'reat d.)e, he appeareth in 4the5 /or, o/ a
'ood+y )ni'ht %arrin' a +an%e an Ensi'ne J a serpent, he dis%o6ereth hidden 1hin's J
)no*eth thin's to %o,e, J o/ *arres and ho* the so.+ders *i++ J sha++ ,eet, he %a.seth
the +o6e o/ 3ords and 'reat persons, and 'o6erneth 60 3e'ions o/ spirits, his sea+ is this,
*ear or e+se he *i++ not appear nor obey yo. J%. 4/i'.re 15.5
1he 16
spirit is %a++ed 7e$ar, he is a 'reat d.)e J appeareth in red appare++ J ar,ed
+i)e a so.+dier, his o//i%e is to *o,en to +o6e en and to brin' the, to'ather in
+o6e he a+so ,a)eth the, barren, and 'o6erneth 4o6er5 26 3e'ions o/ -n/erio.r spirits, his
sea+ is this, *
he obeyeth *hen he seeth it. 4/i'.re 16.5
1he 17
spirit is %a++ed 6oti# a 'reat president and an Ear+e; he appeareth at y
she* in y
/or, o/ an .'+y 6iper 1hen at y
%o,,and o/ y
a'i%ian he p.tteth on
h.,ane shape, *ith 'reat teeth, 1*o horns, %arrin' a sharp bri'ht s*ord in his hand, he
te++eth o/ a++ 1hin's past and to %o,e and re%on%i+eth /riends and /oes, he 'o6erneth 60
3e'ions o/ spirits his sea+ is this, that he obeyeth *hen he seeth it. 4/i'.re 17.5
1he 18
spirit is %a++ed 6athin, he is a ,i'hty 4and5 stron' d.)e J appeareth +i)e a
stron' ,an *
1ai+e o/ a serpent, sittin' on a pai+e horse he )no*eth the
6ert.e o/ hearbes J pre%io.s stones, J %an transport ,en s.dden+y /ro, one &o.ntry
into an other, he r.+eth o6er 30 3e'ions o/ spirits his sea+ is th.s to be ,ade and to be
*orne be/ore yo.. 4/i'.re 18.5
1he 19
spirit is %a++ed Saleo#, he is a 'reat and ,i'hty d.)e, J appeareth in 4the5 /or,
o/ a 'a++ant so.+dier, riddin' on a &ro%odi+e, *
a d.)es %ro*ne on his head pea%eab+y he
%a.seth y
+o6e o/ *o,en to ,en J ,en to *o,en, he 'o6erneth 30 3e'ions o/ spirits
his sea+ is this, *
,.st be *orne be/ore yo.. 4/i'.re 19.5
1he 20
spirit is %a++ed *)r#on a 'reat )in'; he appeareth %o,,on+y +i)e a ,an *
3yons /a%e, %arrin' a %r.e+ 6iper in his hand, and riddin' on a 2ear 'oein' be/ore hi,
4are5 ,any 1r.,pets so.ndin'; he )no*eth hidden thin's and %an dis%o6er 1reas.res J
te++ a++ 1hin's present past and to %o,e; he %an ta)e a 2ody either h.,ane or aiery, and
ans*areth 1r.+y o/ a++ Earth+y 1hin's, both se%reet J de6ine, J o/ y
&reation o/ y
*or+d, he brin'eth /orth 'ood /a,i+iars, J .nder his 'o6ern,ent 4po*er5 are 22 3e'ions
o/ spirits, part+y o/ y
order o/ J part+y o/ y
order o/ 1hrones, J his ,ar) or sea+
is this, *
he o*eth obedian%e to J 4*hi%h5 ,.st be *orne by y
E8or%ist in 4the5 1i,e
o/ a%%tion. 4/i'.re 20.5
1he 21 spirit is %a++ed Mora8 he is a 'reat Ear+e and a president, he appeareth +i)e a 'reat
2.++ *
a ,ans /a%e; his o//i%e isC to ,a)e ,en 6ery )no*+in' 4si%5 in $strono,y, and a++
other 3ibera++ sien%es; he %an 'i6e 'ood /a,i+iars and 46ery5 *ise, *
)no* y
o/ hearbes J pre%io.s stones he 'o6erneth 36 4305 3e'ions o/ spirits, J his sea+ is to be
,ade 1h.s and *orne 4as a/oresaid5. 4/i'.re 21.5
1he 22
spirit is %a++ed I$o# ==, he is an Ear+r and a ,i'hty prin%e, and appeareth in y
/or,e o/ an an'e+, *
a 3ions head 'ooses /eet J a haires 1ai+e, he )no*eth 1hin's past
and to %o,e; he ,a)eth en *itty and bo+d, and 'o6erneth 36 3e'ions o/ spirits, his sea+
or &hare%ter is 1his, *
,.st be *orne as a 3a,en be/ore yo.. 4/i'.re 22.5
1he 23
spirit is %a++ed Ai, a 'reatt d.)e and stron', he appeareth in y
/or,e o/ a 6ery
handso,e ,an in 2ody, 4b.t5 *
3 heads, 1he /irst +i)e a serpent y
se%ond +i)e a ,an *
2 starrs in his /orehead, 1he 1hird 4head5 is +i) 4si%5 a &att; he rideeth on a 6iper, %arrin' a
/ire brand in his hand b.rnin', *hereth 4*here*ith5 he sets &itties &ast+es J 'reat p+a%es
on /ire he ,a)eth one *itty 4in5 a++ ,anner o/ *ayes, and 'i6eth tr.e ans*ares to pri6y
,atters, he 'o6erneth 26 3e'ions o/ -n/erna++ spirits; his sea+ is th.s to be ,ade, and
*orne as a 3a,en be/ore yo.. 4/i'.re 23.5
1he 24
spirit is %a++ed Na%eri)#, he is a ,ost 6a++iant arB.iH, J appeareth in y
o/ a 2+a%) &ro*, /+.tterin' abo.t the &ir%+e, J *hen he spea)eth it is *ith a hoarse
6oi%e; he ,a)eth ,en %.nnin' in a++ arts J sien%es, b.t espe%ia++y in y
art 4o/5 7hetori%;
he restoreth +ost di'nity and, J 'o6erneth 19 3e'ions o/ spirits his sea+ is this,
,.st be *orne. 4/i'.re 24.5
1he 25
spirit is %a++ed Gla#,a La%ola#, he is a i'hty president J she*eth hi, se+/e in
/or,e o/ a do' *
*in's +i)e a 'ri//in; he tea%heth a++ arts in an -nstant, and is an
a.thor o/ 2+ood shed J ans+a.'hter, he te++eth a++ 1hin's past J to %o,e, i/ desired, J
%a.seth +o6e o/ /riends and /oes; he %an ,a)e a an 'oe -n6isib+e, J he hath .nder his
r.+e 36 3e'ions o/ spirits, his sea+ is this, y
*eare 4,.st be *orn5 as a 3a,in. 4/i'.re
1he 26
spirit is %a++ed 6)ne 4or 2i,e5, he is a stron', 'reat J ,i'hty d.)e, J appeareth
in y
/or,e o/ a Fra'on *
three heads, one +i)e a do', 1he other +i)e a 'ri//in; 1he 3
+i)e a ,an, he spea)eth *
a hi'h J %o,e+y 6oi%e, he %han'eth y
p+a%es o/ y
dead, J
%a.seth those spirits that are .nder hi,, to 'ather to'ether .pon their sep.+%heres, he
'i6eth 7i%hes to a ,an J ,a)eth hi, *ise J e+oB.ent, he 'i6eth tr.e $ns*ards to y
de,ands, J 'o6erneth 30 3e'ions o/ spirits, his sea+ is this *
he o*neth 4o*eth5
obedien%e to. /irst 4/i'.re 26 a.5 J !ota he hath another sea+ or &hara%ter *
is ,ade
1h.s. y
,ay .se *
*i++, b.t y
/irst is best as #a+o,on saith. 4/i'.re 26 b.5
1he 27
spirit is %a++ed Rono&e, he appeareth in y
/or,e o/ a onster, he tea%heth y
o/ 7hetori%) 6ery *e++, and 'i6eth 'ood ser6ants )no*+ed'e o/ 1on'.es, / o/
/riends J /oes; he is a arB.iH J a 'reat Ear+e, and there obeieth hi, 4he %o,,andeth5
19 3e'ions o/ spirits his sea+ is this. 4/i'.re 27.5
1he 28
spirit in order as sa+o,on bo.nd the,, is na,ed 6erith. he is a i'hty 'reat and
terrab+e d.)e, he hath t*o other !a,es 'i6en to hi, by ,en o/ +atter 1i,es, 6iHC 6eal J
6ol!r,, he appeareth +i)e a so.+dier *
red %+othin', riddin' on a red horse J 4ha6in'5 a
&ro*n o/ 0o+d .pon his head he 'i6eth 1r.e ans*ards o/ thin's 4%on%ernin' the5 past
present J to %o,e; yo. 4,.st5 .se a 7in' as is be/ore spo)en o/ 4*ith5 2e+eth in %a++in'
hi, /orth; he %an t.rne a++ ,etta+s into 0o+d, he %an 'i6e di'nity J 4%an5 %on/ir, the, to
en, he spea)eth *
a 6ery %+ear J s.bti++ 6oi%e, he is a 'reat 3yer and not to be 1r.sted
,.%h he 'o6erneth o6er 26 3e'ions o/ spirits his sea+ is this *hi%h ,.st be *orne as 4a5
+a,in. 4/i'.re 28.5
1he 29
spirit in order is !a,ed A#taroth, he is a i'hty J stron' d.)e, J appeareth in
4the5 /or,e o/ an .nbea.ti/.++ an'e+, riddin' on an -n/erna++ +i)e dra'on, and %arrin' in
his ri'ht hand a 6iper >yo. ,.st not +ett hi, %o,e to neare y
+east he doe y
da,a'e by
his stin)in' 2reath. 1here/ore y
E8or%ist ,.st ho+d y
a'i%a++ 7in' nere to his /a%e and
*i++ de/end hi, he 'i6eth tr.e ans*ares o/ thin's present past J to %o,e J %an
dis%o6er a++ se%reets; he *i++ de%+are *i++in'+y ho* y
spirits /e++, i/ desired, J y
o/ his o*n /a++. He %an ,a)e ,en *o.nder/.++ )no*in' in a++ 3ibera++ sien%es; he r.+eth
40 3e'ions o/ spirits, his sea+ is as this 4sho*n5, *
*eare as a 3a,en be/ore y
, or e+se
he *
not obey yo.. 4/i'.re 29.5
1he 30
spirit is %a++ed Forne)#, he is a ,i'hty 'reat arB.iH, J appeareth in y
o/ a 'reat sea onster, he 1ea%heth J ,a)eth ,en *o.nder/.++ )no*in' in y
art o/
7hetori% he %a.seth ,en to ha6e a 'ood !a,e, and to ha6e y
.nderstandin' o/ 1on'.es;
he ,a)eth ,en to be be+o6ed o/ their /oes as *e++ as they be by their @riends; J he
'o6erneth 29 3e'ions o/ spirits, part+y o/ y
order o/ 1hrones and part+y o/ an'e+s, his
sea+ is this to be ,ade and *orne as a/oresaid J. 4/i'.re 30.5
1he 31 spirit in order, 4as #a+o,on saith,5 is na,ed Fora#, he is a ,i'hty 'reat president
J appeareth in y
/or, o/ a stron' ,an, in h.,ane shape he %an 'i6e y
.nderstandin' to
,en ho* they ,ay )no* y
e o/ a++ hearbs J pre%io.s stones, J 4he5 tea%heth the,
art 4o/5 3o'i%) J Ethi%)s in $++ their partes i/ desired, he ,a)eth ,en -n6isib+e, *itty,
E+oB.ent J to +i6e 3on'; he 4%an5 dis%o6er 1reas.res and re%o6er 1hin's +ost, J he r.+eth
o6er 29 3e'ions o/ spirits, his sea+e or &hara%ter is th.s to be ,ade J *orne as a 3a,en.
4/i'.re 31.5
1he 32
spirit in order is %a++ed A#o"a,. he is a 'reat )in', stron' J po*er/.++, he
appeareth *
3 heads, *hereo/ y
/irst is +i)e a 2.++ 1he se%ond +i)e a an, 1he third +i)e
a 7a,, 4he appeareth a+so5 *
a serpents 1ai+e, 2e+%hin' or 6o,ittin' .p /+a,es o/ /ire
o.t o/ his , his /eet are *ebed +i)e a 0oose, he sitteth on an -n/erna++ dra'on %arrin'
a 3a.n%e and a /+a'' in his hands, he is y
/irst J %hi/iest .nder y
po*er o/ Aa,on,
J 'oeth be/ore a++ othersC *hen the 4105r5 E8or%ist hath a ,ind to %a++ hi,, +ett it be
abroad, and +ett hi, stand on his /eet a++ y
1i,e o/ a%tion, *
his %ap o/ 4o//5, /or i/ it be
on, $,ay,on *i++ de%ei6e hi, and a++ his doein' to be be*rayed, 2.t as soone as
E8orist 4E8or%ist5 seeth $s,oday in y
shape a/oresaid, he sha++ %a++ hi, by his !a,e,
sayin', thou art Asmo$ay J he *i++ not deny it; J by J by he *i++ bo* do*n to y
'ro.nd J% he 'i6eth y
7in' o/ he tea%heth y
art o/ $rith,iti%, 'eo,itry,
$strono,y and a++ 4other5 handi%ra/ts abso+.te+y; he 'i6eth /.++ J 1r.e ans*ares to y
de,ands, he ,a)eth a ,an -n6isib+e, he sho*eth y
p+a%e *here 1reas.res +ayeth, and
'.ardeth it i/ it be a,on' y
3e'ion o/ $,ay,on, he 'o6erneth 72 3e'ions o/ -n/erio.r
spirits, his sea+ is th.s to be ,ade and *orne as a 3a,en be/ore 4thee5 on yo.r 2reast.
4/i'.re 32.5
1he 33
spirit is Gaa$. he is a 'reat president J a ,i'hty Prin%e, he appeareth *hen y

is in so,e o/ y
#o.thern #i'nes, in a h.,ane shape, 'oein' be/ore 4 'reat J ,i'hty
)in's, as i/ he *as a '.ide to %ond.%t the, a+on' in their *ay. his o//i%e is to ,a)e ,en
)no*in' in Phy+osophy and a++ y
3ibera++ sien%es; he %an +o6e or hatred, and ,a)e
,en -nsensib+e he %an 1ea%h y
ho* to %onse%rate those 1hin's that be+on' to y
do,inion o/ $,ay,on his )in' J %an di+e6er 4de+i6er5 /a,i+iers o.t o/ the %.stody o/
other a'i%ians; and 4he a+so5 ans*areth 1r.+y and per/e%t+y o/ 1hin's past present and
to %o,e, J %an %arry and re%arry 4thin's5 ,ost speedi+y /ro, one )in'do,e to another, at
*i++ and o/ 4the5 E8or%ist, he r.+eth o6er 66 L 3e'ions o/ spirits he *as o/ y
order o/ potestates 4potentates5; his sea+ is th.s to be ,ade J *orne as a 3a,en J%.
4/i'.re 33.5
1he 34
spirit is %a++ed F)rt)r 4@.r/.r5, he is a 'reat J ,i'hty Ear+e, appearin' in y
/or,e o/ an hart *
a /irey 4/iery5 1ai+e; he ne6er spea)et 4spea)eth5, e8%ept he be
%o,pe++ed or bro.'ht .p *
in a 1rian'+e, bein' %o,pe++ed therein, he *i++ ta)e .pon
hi,se+/e y
/or,e o/ an an'e+ bein' bidden; he spea)eth *ith a hoarse 6oi%e, J *i++ 4%an5
*i++in'+y ,a)e +o6e bet*een ,an J *i/e he %an raise 1h.nder, 3i'htnin's, 2+asts and
'reat 1e,pest.o.s stor,es J% he 'i6eth tr.e ans*ares both o/ se%reet and de6ine 1hin's
410565 i/ %o,,anded, and r.+eth o6er 26 3e'ions o/ spirits, his sea+ is this *hi%h is to be
4,ade J5 *orne as a 3a,in J%. 4/i'.re 34.5
1he 35 spirit is %a++ed Marcho#ia#, he is a 'reat and ,i'hty arB.iH apperin' at /irst in
4the5 /or,e o/ a *o+/e; ha6in' 'ri//ins *in's, and a serpents 1ai+e, 6o,itin' .p /ire o.t o/
his , 2.t a/ter*ards at y
%o,,and o/ y
E8or%ist, he p.tteth on y
shape o/ a ,an,
and is a stron' /i'hter he 'i6eth tr.e ans*ares to a++ B.estions, J is 6ery /aith/.++ to y
E8or%ist in doein' his 2.isness 4si%5, he *as o/ y
order o/ do,inations he 'o6erneth 30
3e'ions o/ spirits, he 1o+d his %hie/e aster *
#a+o,on, that a/ter 1200 yeares he
hadd hopes to ret.rne to y
1hrone JC his sea+ is th.s, to be ,ade, J *orne as a 3a,in
J%. 4/i'.re 35.5
1he 36
spirit is %a++ed Stola#, he is a 'reat and po*er/.++ Prin%e, appearin' in y
shape o/
a !i'ht 7a6en at /irst be/ore y
E8or%ist, b.t a/ter*ards he ta)eth the i,a'e o/ a ,an J%;
he tea%heth the $rt o/ $strono,y, J the 4si%5 o/ hearbs J pre%io.s stones, he
'o6erneth 26 +e'ions o/ spirits his sea+ is th.s to be ,ade J *orne as a 3a,in. 4/i'.re
1he 37
spirit is %a++ed *hoeni8 he his 4is5 a 'reat arB.iH J appeareth +i)e y
4/or, o/
the5 2ird Phoeni8 ha6in' a &hi+ds 6oi%e, he sin'eth ,any s*eet notes be/ore y
he ,.st not re'ard, b.t by J by he ,.st bidd hi, 4to5 p.t on a h.,ane shape, 1hen
he *i++ spea) er6e++o.s+y o/ a++ *o.nder/.++ sien%es; he his a 'ood J e8%e++ent Poet, J
*i++ be *i++in' to doe y
7eB.est he hath hopes to ret.rne to y
1hrone a//ter 1200
yeares ,ore, as he said to #a+o,on, he 'o6erneth 20 3e'ions o/ spirits, his sea+ is 1h.s to
be ,ade, J *orne J%. 4/i'.re 37.5
1he 38
spirit is %a++ed Hal$ha# he is a 'reat Ear+e and appeareth in y
/or,e o/ a sto%)
do6e, and spea)eth *
a hoarse 6oy%e; his o//i%e is to b.i+d .p 1o*ers J to /.rnish the,
a,,.nition and *eapons, and to send ,en o/ *arre to p+a%es appointed; he r.+eth 26
3e'ions o/ spirits; his sea+ is 1h.s to be ,ade, J *orne as a 3a,en J. 4/i'.re 38.5
1he 39
spirit in order is %a++ed Mal$ha#, he appeareth at /irst in y
/or,e +i)e a &ro*,
2.t a//ter*ardes *i++ p.t on a h.,ane shape at y
reB.est o/ y
E8or%ist J spea)e *
hoarse 6oy%e; he is a ,i'hty president and po*er/.++ he %an 2.i+d J hi'h 1o*ers
J he %an brin' B.i%)+y arti/i%ers to'ather /ro, a++ p+a%es o/ y
*or+d; he %an destroy y
4thy5 Ene,ies desires or tho.'hts, and *
4a++ that5 they ha6e done; he 'i6eth 'ood
/a,i+iars, J i/ y
,a)e any sa%ri/i%es to hi,, he *i++ re%ei6e it )ind+y and *i++in'+y, 2.t
he *i++ de%ei6e hi, y
doth it; he 'o6erneth 40 3e'ions o/ spirits; his sea+ is 1h.s to be
,ade and *orne as a 3a,en J. 4/i'.re 39.5
1he 40
spirit is %a++ed Ra), he is an Ear+e, J appeareth at /irst in y
/or,e o/ a &ro*
b.t a//ter*ards, at y
%o,,and o/ y
E8or%ist he p.tteth on h.,ane shape his o//i%e is to
stea+e 1reas.res o.t o/ )in's, and to %arry it *here he is %o,,anded, J to destroy
&itties, and y
di'nities o/ ,en; J to te++ a++ 1hin's past, J *
is, J *
*i++ be; J to
3o6e bet*een /riends J /oes; he *
o/ y
order o/ 1hrones, and 'o6erneth o6er 30
3e'ions o/ spirits his sea+ is 1h.s, *hi%h ,a)e and *eare as a 3a,in be/ore yo.. 4/i'.re
1he 41 spirit in order is %a++ed Focalor he is a 'reat d.)e J stron', J appeareth in y
/or,e o/ a an *ith 'ri//ins *in's; his o//i%e is, to )i++ ,en, and to dro*n the, in y
*aters, and to o6er thro* ships o/ *arre, /or he hath po*er o6er both *inds and seas, b.t
he *i++ not h.rt any ,an or 1hin', i/ he be %o,,anded to y
%ontrary by y
E8or%ist; he
hath hopes to ret.rne to y
1hrone a/ter 1000 yeares; he 'o6erneth 3 3e'ions o/ spirits,
his sea+ is this *
,.st be *orne as a 3a,in. 4/i'.re 41.5
1he 42
spirit is !a,ed Ve$ar he is a 'reat J stron' d.)e, J appeareth +i)e a air,aid,
his o//i%e is to '.ide y
*aters, J ships 3adden *
ar,o.r thereon he *i++ at y
4*i++ o/
the5 E8or%ist y
seas to be ro.'h and stor,y, and to appeare /.++ o/ ships he %a.seth
,en to dye in 3 dayes *
p.tri/yin' their sores and *o.nds, J %a.sin' *or,es in the,
410665 to bred J% he 'o6erneth 29 3e'ions o/ spirits, his sea+ is 1h.s to be ,ade and
*orne as a 3a,in J%. 4/i'.re 42.5
1he 43
spirit in order as #a+o,on %o,,anded the, into y
2raHen 6ese+ is %a++ed
Sa%nach he is a i'hty 'reat arB.iH, J stron' appearin' in y
/or,e o/ an ar,ed
so.+dier *
a 3yons head, riddin' on a pa+e horse, his o//i%e is to b.i+d hi'h
1o*ers, &aste+es and &itties, and to /.rnish the, *
ar,o.r, J to a//+i%t ,en se6era++
dayes *
*o.nds J rotten sores /.++ o/ *or,es; he 'i6eth 'ood /a,i+iars at y
o/ y
E8or%ist he %o,,andeth 50 3e'ions o/ spirits, his sea+ is 1h.s to be ,ade, and
*orne as a 3a,in J%. 4/i'.re 43.5
1he 44
spirit in order is na,ed Sha8, he is a 'reat arB.iHe J appeareth in y
/or,e o/
a sto%) do6e, spea)in' *
a hoarse J s.bti++ 6oy%e. his o//i%e is to ta)e a*ay y
hearin' J .nderstandin' o/ any ,an or *o,an at y
%o,,and o/ y
E8or%ist, J to stea+
,oney o.t o/ )in's J %arry it a'aine in 1200 yeares, i/ %o,,anded, he *
horses or any 1hin' at y
7eB.est o/ y
E8or%ist, b.t he ,.st be %o,,anded into a
1rian'+e /irst or e+se he *i++ de%ei6e hi,, J te++ yo. ,any +yes, he %an dis%o6er a++
1hin's that are hidden J not )ept by *i%)ed spirits, he 'i6eth 'ood /a,i+iars so,eti,es,
he 'o6erneth 30 3e'ions o/ spirits his sea+ is th.s to be ,ade, and *orne as a 3a,in J%.
4/i'.re 44.5
1he 45 spirit is %a++ed Vine, he is a 'reat )in' J an Ear+e, J appeareth in y
/or,e o/ a
3yon riddin' on a 2+a%) horse *
a 6iper in his hand his o//i%e is to dis%o6er 1hin's
hidden, *it%hes, and 1hin's present past J to %o,e. he, at y
%o,,and o/ y
E8or%ist, *
b.i+d 1o*ers, 1hro* do*n 'reat stone *a++s, ,a)e *aters ro.'h *
stor,es J%, he
'o6erneth 35 3e'ions o/ spirits, his sea+ is this, *
,a)e and *ear as a 3a,in J%..
4/i'.re 45.5
1he 46
spirit is %a++ed 6i!ron#, he is an Ear+e and appeareth in y
/or,e o/ a onster at
/irst b.t a/ter a *hi+e at y
%o,,and o/ y
E8or%ist he p.tteth on y
shape o/ a ,an, his
o//i%e is to ,a)e one )no*in' in $stro+o'y J 'eo,itry J other arts J sien%es, J
1ea%heth y
e o/ a++ hearbs, pre%io.s stones J *oodes, he %han'eth y
dead 2odyes
J p.tteth 1he, into one another 4anothers95 p+a%es, J +i'hteth %ande+es see,in'+y .pon
'ra6es o/ y
dead he hath .nder his %o,,and 6 3e'ions o/ spirits, his sea+ is this, *
he *
o*ne and s.b,it .nto J%. 4/i'.re 46.5
1he 47
spirit is %a++ed V)al. he is a 'reat J ,i'hty stron' d.)e, he appeareth in y
o/ a ,i'hty dro,edary at /irst, b.t a/ter a *hi+e he p.tteth on h.,ane shape, and
spea)eth in y
E'yptian 1on'.e, b.t not per/e%t+y; his o//i%e is to y
+o6e o/
*o,en, and to te++ 1hin's past, present and to %o,e, and a+so to /riendship
bet*eene /riends J /oes, he *as o/ the order o/ Potentates; he 'o6erneth 37 3e'ions o/
spirits; his sea+ is 1h.s to be ,ade and *orne as a 3a,in be/ore yo. J%. 4/i'.re 47.5
1he 48
spirit is %a++ed Haagenti, he is a 'reat president appearin' in the /or,e o/ a
,i'hty 2.++ *
'ri//ins *in's at /irst, 2.t a/ter*ardes at y
%o,,and o/ the E8or%ist, he
p.tteth on h.,ane shape J% his o//i%e is to ,a)e ,en *ise and to -nstr.%t the, in di6ers
1hin's J to 1rans,.te a++ ,etta+es into 'o+d, J %han'e *ine into *ater, J *ater 410765
into *ine; he %o,,andeth 33 3e'ions o/ spirits; his sea+ is 1h.s ,ade, J to be *orne as
a 3a,in J%. 4/i'.re 48.5
1he 49
spirit is na,ed *rocel, he appeareth in y
/or,e o/ an an'e+, he is a 'reat J
stron' d.)e, spea)in' so,thin' ,ysti%a++y o/ hidden 1hin's; he 1ea%heth y
art o/
'eo,etry J y
3ibera++ sien%es, he at y
%o,,and o/ y
E8or%ist, *i++ ,a)e 'reat !oises,
+i)e y
r.nnin' o/ 'reat *aters, a++tho.'h there be none he *ar,eth *aters and
diste,pereth 4dis%o6ereth5 2athes J% he *as o/ y
order o/ potestates 4potentates5 >as he
de%+ared to #a+o,on? be/ore his /a++, he 'o6erneth 48 3e'ions o/ spirits, his &hara%ter or
ar)e is 1h.s to be ,ade, J *orne as a 3a,in be/ore yo.. 4/i'.re 49.5
1he 50
spirit in order is %a++ed F)rca#, he is a )ni'ht J appeareth in y
/or,e and
si, o/ a %r.e+ o+d ,an *
a +on' 2eard and a hairy head, sittin' on a pa+e horse, *
a sharpe *eapon in his hand; his o//i%e is to tea%h y
art o/
Phy+osophy, astrono,y, 7hetori%+, +o'i%), &hyro,an%y J Pyro,an%y in a++ their partes
per/e%t+y, he hath .nder his po*er 20 3e'ions o/ spirits, his sea+ or ar) is this *
J *eare as a 3a,in. 4/i'.re 50.5
1he 51 spirit in order is 6ala, he is a 1errab+e, 'reat J po*er/.++ )in', appearin' *
heads, 1he /irst is +i)e a 2.++s, 1he se%ond +i)e a ans, J y
1hird +i)e a 7a,s head he
hath a serpents 1ai+e, J Eyes /+a,in'; ridin' .pon a /.rio.s 2eare, %arryin' a 'osha*)e
on his /ist, he spea)eth *
a hoarse 6oy%e, 'i6in' 1r.e ans*ares o/ 1hin's past present J
to %o,e, he ,a)eth ,en to 'oe in6isib+e J *
he 'o6erneth 40 3e'ions o/ spirits his
sea+ is 1h.s 4to be5 ade, J to be *orne as a 3a,in J%. 4/i'.re 51.5
1he 52
spirit 4in order5 is %a++ed Alloce# == he is a 'reat J ,i'hty stron' d.)e, appearin'
in y
/or,e o/ a so.+dier riddin' on a 'reat horse; his /a%e is +i)e a 3yons, 6ery redd,
ha6in' Eyes /+a,in', his spee%h is hoarse J 6erry 2i''; his o//i%e is to tea%h y
art o/
$strono,y, J a++ y
3ibera++ sien%es, he 2rin'eth 'ood /a,i+iars J r.+eth 36 3e'ions o/
spirits, his sea+ is 1h.s ,ade, J 4is5 to be *orne, J%. 4/i'.re 52.5
1he 53
spirit is %a++ed Cai, he is a 'reat president J appeareth in y
/or,e o/ a 2ird
%a++ed a at /irst, b.t a/ter a *hi+e he p.tteth on y
shape o/ a ,an %arrin' in his
hand a sharp s*ord; he see,eth to ans*are in 2.rnin' ashes, he is a 'ood disp.ter, his
o//i%e is to 'i6e ,en y
.nderstandin' o/ a++ 2irds, +o*ein' o/ 2.++o%)s, 2ar)in' o/ do''s
J other &reat.res, and a+so y
!oise o/ *aters, and 4he5 'i6eth 6ery tr.e ans*ares o/
1hin's to %o,e; he *as o/ y
order o/ an'e+s, J no* 7.+eth 30 3e'ions o/ -n/erna++
spirits; his sea+ is 1his, *
*ear as a 3a,in. 4/i'.re 53.5
1he 54
spirit in order is %a++ed M)r)r, he is a 'reat d.)e J an Ear+e, J appeareth -n
/or,e o/ a so.+dier riddin' on a 'ri//in *ith a d.)es &ro*n on his head, there 'oeth
be/ore hi, t*o o/ his inisters, *
'reat 1r.,pets so.ndin', his o//i%e is to tea%h
Phy+osophy per/e%t+y, J to %onstraine so.+es dis%esed 4de%eased5 to %o,e be/ore y
E8or%ist to ans*are those thin's y
he sha++ as)e the,, i/ he desireth, he *as part+y o/ y
order o/ 1hrones J part+y 4o/ the order5 o/ an'e+s, J 4he5 7.+eth no* 30 3e'ions o/
spirits, his sea+ is this, *
is to be *orne as a 3a,in J%. 4/i'.re 54.5
1he 55
spirit is %a++ed Oro%a#, he is a ,i'hty 'reat prin%e, appearin' at /irst +i)e a
horse, 2.t a/ter*ards at y
%o,,and o/ y
E8or%ist he p.tteth on y
-,a'e o/ a ,an, his
o//i%e is to dis%o6er, a++ 1hin's past, present J to %o,e and to 'i6e di'nities J p+a%es J
/a6o.r o/ /riends J /oes, he 'i6eth tr.e ans*ares o/ di6inity J o/ y
&reation o/ y
*or+d, he is /aith/.++ to y
E8or%ist J *
not s.//er hi, to be 1e,pted by any 410865
spirit he 'o6erneth 20 3e'ions o/ spirits, his sea+ is this, *
,.st be ,ade J *orne as a
3a,in J%. 4/i'.re 55.5
1he 56 spirit is %a++ed Geor,, he is a stron' and po*er/.++ d.)e appearin' in 1he /or,e
o/ a 2ea.ti/.++ *o,an, *
a F.t%hes 4F.%hess5 &ro*nett 1yed abo.t her ,idd+e, riddin'
on a 'reat &a,e++, his o//i%e is to te++ o/ a++ 1hin's past present J to %o,e, and o/ hidden and *
it +ayeth in, J pro%.reth y
+o6e o/ *o,en, both yo.n' J o+d, he
'o6erneth 26 3e'ions o/ spirits, his sea+ is 1h.s ,ade, J *orne as a 3a,in be/ore y
E8or%ist in 4the5 1i,e o/ *or)in'. 4/i'.re 56.5
1he 57 spirit is %a++ed O#e, he is a 'reat president J appeareth +i)e a 3eopard at /irst, 2.t
a/ter a +itt+e 1i,e he p.tteth on y
shape o/ a ,an, his o//i%e is to ,a)e one %.nnin' in y
3ebera++ 4+ibera+5 sien%es J to 'i6e 1r.e ans*ares o/ de6ine J se%reet 1hin's, and to
%han'e a ,an in 4to5 any shape that y
E8or%ist desireth so that he that is so %han'ed *i++
not thin%) any other 1hin' b.t that he is that & or 1hin', he is &han'ed into, he
'o6erneth 3 3e'ions o/ spirits, his sea+ is 1his, *
*ear as a 3a,in. 4/i'.re 57.5
1he 58
spirit is %a++ed 4na,ed5 A,, he is a 'reat president, J appeareth at /irst in y
/or,e o/ a /+a,in' /ire, 2.t a/ter a *hi+e he p.tteth on y
shape o/ a ,an, J%C his o//i%e
is to ,a)e one *o.ndero.s 4*onder/.++y5 )no*in' in $stro+o'y J a++ y
4+ibera+5 sien%es; he 'i6eth 'ood /a,i+iars J %an be*ray 1reas.res, *
are )ept by
spirits; he 'o6erneth 36 3e'ions o/ spirits, 4J5 his sea+ is 1his, *
*ear as a 3a,in J%.
4/i'.re 58.5
1he 59 spirit is na,ed Oria#, he is a 'reat arB.iH and appeareth in y
/or,e o/ a 3yon,
ridin' on a ,i'hty horse, *
a serpents 1ai+e, ho+din' in his ri'ht hand 2 'reat serpents
hissin', his o//i%e is to 1ea%h y
e o/ y
starres and to )no* y
ansions o/ y
p+anets, and ho* to .nderstand their, a+so he 1rans/or,eth ,en J 'i6eth
di'nities and p+a%es 4pre+a%ies5, and %on/ir,ations, J y
/a6o.r o/ /riends J /oes, he
'o6erneth 30 3e'ions o/ spirits, his sea+ is 1his, to be ,ade J *orne J%. 4/i'.re 59.5
1he 60
spirit is %a++ed Va$)la, he is a 'reat ,i'hty J stron' d.)e, appearin' in y
o/ a 3yon, *
'ri//ins *in's; his o//i%e is to ,a)e ,en )no*in' in a++ handi%ra/t
pro//e%sions a+so in Phy+osophy J other sien%es J% he 'o6erneth 36 3e'ions o/ spirits,
his sea+ or &hara%ter is 1h.s ,ade, and is to be *orneas a 3a,in J%. 4/i'.re 60.5
1he 61 spirit is %a++ed 7agan, he is a 'reat )in' J president, and appeareth at /irst in y
/or,e o/ a 2.++ *
'ri//ins *in's, 2.t a/ter*ardss he p.tteth on h.,ane shape, he
,a)eth ,en *itty, and %an t.rne *ine into *ater J 2+ood into *ine, and a+so *ater into
*ine he %an t.rne a++ ,etta+s into &orne 4%oin5 o/ that do,inion y
,ett+es are o/ J %an
,a)e /oo++s *ise he 'o6erneth 33 3e'ions o/ spirits; his sea+ is 1h.s ,ade J *
as a
3a,in. 4/i'.re 61.5
1he 62
spirit is %a++ed Valac, he is a ,i'hty 'reat president J appeareth +i)e a 2oy *
an'e+s *in's, riddin' on a 2 headed Fra'on; his o//i%e is to 'i6e 1r.e ans*ares o/ hidden
1reas.res, and to te++ *here serpents ,ay be seene, *
he *i++ brin' J di+e6er 4de+i6er,
dis%o6er5 to y
E8or%ist *itho.t any /or%e or stren'eth, he 'o6erneth 30 3e'ions o/
spirits, his sea+ is 1his *
,.st be ,ade J *orne as a 3a,in J%. 4/i'.re 62.5
1he 63 spirit is %a++ed An"ra#, he is a 'reat arB.iH appearin' in y
/or,e o/ an an'e++
a head +i)e a 2+a%) ni'ht 7a6en, riddin' .pon a stron' b+a%) *oo+/, *
a sharpe
bri'ht s*ord /+o.rishin' in his hand, his o//i%e is to so* dis%ords, i/ y
E8or%ist hath not
%are he *i++ )i++ hi, and his /e++o*s, he 'o6erneth 30 3e'ions o/ spirits his sea+ is 1h.s to
be 4,ade, and5 *orne as a 3a,in be/ore 4thee5 on yo.r 2reast. 4/i'.re 63.5
1he 64
spirit is na,ed Fla)ro#, he is a 'reat d.)e, and appeareth at /irst +i)e a ,i'hty
1errab+e and stron' 3eopard b.t a/ter*ards at y
%o,,and o/ y
E8or%ist he p.tteth on y
shape o/ a ,an *
/iery Eyes and a 1errab+e &o.ntenan%e; he 'i6eth 1r.e ans*ares o/ a++
1hin's past present J to %o,e, b.t .n+ess he be %o,,anded into a 4the5 1rian'+e, he *i++
3ye in a++ those thin's and de%ei6e or be'.i+e y
E8or%ist in other 1hin's or 2.isness
4si%5, he *i++ '+ad+y ta+)e o/ di6inity, and o/ y
&reation o/ y
*or+d, and o/ his and a++
other spirits /a++ 4/a++s5, he destroyeth and b.rneth those 1hat are y
E8or%ist 4E8or%ist9s5
eni,ies i/ he 7eB.esteth it, and *i++ not s.//er hi, to be 1e,pted by any spirit or
other*ise; he 'o6erneth 36 3e'ions o/ spirits, his sea+ is 1h.s to be ,ade, J *
as a
3a,ine J%. 4/i'.re 64.5
1he 65 spirit is %a++ed An"real$h)#, he is a i'hty 'reat arB.iH appearin' at /irst in y
/or,e o/ 4a5 Pea%o%), *
'reat !oises b.t a/ter*ards he p.tteth on h.,ane shape, he %an
tea%h per/e%t+y 'eo,itry, J a++ 1hin's be+on'in' to ,eas.rin', 4J5 a+so $strono,y, he
,a)eth ,en 6ery s.bti+e and %.nnin' therin, he %an 1rans/or,e a an into y
+i)ness o/ a
2ird J he 'o6erneth 30 3e'ions o/ spirits his sea+ is 1his, *
is to be *orne as a 3a,in
J%. 4/i'.re 65.5
1he 66
spirit is %a++ed Cieie# he is a ,i'hty 'reat arB.iH stron' J po*er/.++
appearin' +i)e a 6a+iant so.+dier, ridin' on a 'ood+y 2+a%) horse; he r.+eth o6er a++ spirits
in y
part o/ $/ri%a, his o//i%e is to 1ea%h per/e%t+y 'ra,,ar 7hetori% 4J5 +o'i%) and to
dis%o6er 1reas.res J 1hin's +ost or hidden, he %an ,a)e a ,an see,e +i)e a so.+dier o/
his o*n +i)eness, he 'o6erneth 20 3e'ions o/ %hee/e 4%hie/5 spirits, b.t ,ore -n/erior
4than5 hi,se+/ his sea+ is 1h.s ,ade, J *orne as a 3a,in J%. 4/i'.re 66.5
1he 67
spirit in order is %a++ed A")#cia#, he is a stron' J 'reat d.)e appearin' at /irst
+i)e an "ni%orne, 2.t a/ter*ards at y
7eB.est o/ y
E8or%ist he standeth 4110r5 be/ore
hi, in h.,ane shape %a.sin' 1r.,pets and a++ ,anner o/ .si%a++ -nstr.,ent to be
heard 2.t not seene a+so 4%a.sin'5 1rees to bend and -n%+ine a%%ordin' to y
4E8or%ist9s5 *i++; he 'i6eth E8%e++ent /a,i+iars J r.+eth 29 3e'ions o/ spirits his sea+ is
1h.s /or,ed and is to be *
as a 3a,in J%. 4/i'.re 67.5
1he 68
spirit is %a++ed 6elial, he is a ,i'hty )in' and po*er/.++; he *as &reated ne8t
a/ter 3.%i/er, J is o/ his order; he appeareth in y
/or,e o/ a 2ea.ti/.+ an'e+ sittin' in a
&harriot o/ /ire, spea)in' *
a %o,+y 6oi%e, de%+arin' that he /e++ /irst J a,on'st y
*orthier J *iser sort *
*ent be/ore i%hae+ J other hea6en+y an'e+s; his o//i%e is to
distrib.te pre/er,ents o/ senatorships, and to /a6o.r o/ /riends J /oes, he 'i6eth
E8%e++ent /a,i+iars J 'o6erneth 80 3e'ions o/ spirits. !ote this )in) 4M )in'5 2e+ia+ ,.st
ha6e o//erin's sa%ra/i%es J 'i/ts presented to hi,, by y
E8or%ist or e+se he *
not 'i6e
1r.e ans*ares to his de,ands; 2.t then he 1arryeth 4*i++ tarry5 not one ho.r in y
e8%ept 4.n+ess5 he be %onstrained by de6ine po*er J his sea+ is 1h.s *
is to be *orne
as a 3a,in, be/ore y
E8or%ist J%. 4/i'.re 68.5
1he 69 spirit is %a++ed Decara%ia, he appeareth in y
/or,e o/ a starre in y
Penta%+e at
/irst, b.t a/ter*ards at y
%o,,and o/ y
E8or%ist, he p.tteth on y
-,a'e o/ a ,an, his
o//i%e is to dis%o6er y
e o/ hearbs and pre%io.s stones; and to ,a)e y
si, o/
a++ 2irds to /+y be/ore y
E8or%ist, J to 1arry *
hi,, sin'in' and Frin)in' as !at.ra++
2irds doe, he 'o6erneth 30 3e'ions o/ spirits, bein' hi,se+/e a 'reat arB.iH, his sea+ is
1h.s to be ,ade, and *orne as a 3a,in be/ore y
E8or%ist J. 4/i'.re 69.5
1he 70
spirit in order is %a++ed Seere, he is a i'hty Prin%e and po*er/.++ .nder
$,ay,on, )in' o/ y
East he appeareth in y
/or,e o/ a 2ea.ti/.++ an, ridin' on a
stron' horse *
*in'sC his o//i%e is to 'oe J %o,e, and to brin' a++ 1hin's to pass on a
s.dden J to %arry J re%arry any 1hin' *here 1ho. *i+t ha6e it, or ha6e it /ro, /or he
%an pass o6er y
*ho+e *or+d in y
1*in%)+in' o/ an Eye, he ,a)eth a 1r.e re+ation o/ a++
sorts o/ 1he/t and o/ 411065 1reas.res hidd, and o/ a++ other thin's, he is -ndi//erent 'ood
!, *i++in' to do any thin' y
E8or%ist desireth; he 'o6erneth 26 3e'ions o/ spirits,
his ar) or sea+ is 1h.s ,ade, and is to be *orne as a 3a,in J%. 4/i'.re 70.5
1he 71 spirit is %a++ed Dantalion, he is a 'reat J i'hty d.)e appearin' in y
/or,e o/ a
an *
,any /a%es, a++ +i)e ,en J *o,en, J a 2oo)e in his ri'ht hand; his o//i%e is to
1ea%h a++ arts and sien%es to anyone, and to de%+are y
se%reet &o.n%e++es o/ anyone, /or
he )no*eth y
1ho.'hts o/ a++ ,en and *o,en, and %an %han'e the, at his *i++, he %an +o6e and she* >by 6ision? y
tr.e si, o/ anyone +ett the, be in *
p+a%e or
part o/ y
*or+d they *i++, he 'o6erneth 36 3e'ions o/ spirits his sea+ is 1his, *
is to be
*orne as a 3a,in. 4/i'.re 71.5
1he 72
spirit in order is %a++ed An"roali)# he is a 'reat and i'hty Ear+e appearin' in
/or, o/ a an, ho+din' a serpent in his hand, his o//i%e is to brin' a thee/e J 'oods y
are sto+en, 2a%); and to dis%o6er a++ *i%)edness, and .nderstand dea+in's, J to p.nish
1hei6es 4thie6es5 J other *i%)ed peop+e, J to dis%o6er that is hidd, J%, he
r.+eth 36 3e'ions o/ spirits his sea+ is 1his, *
,a)e J *ear as a 3a,in in ti,e o/
a%%tion J%. 4/i'.re 72.5
1hese be the se6enty t*o i'hty )in's or Prin%es *
Kin' #a+o,on %o,,anded into a
6esa++ 46esse+5 o/ 2rasse *
their 3e'ions, o/ *ho,e 6elial 6ileth 42e+eth5 A#o"a, 9
Gaa$ *ear the &hee/est, J it is s.pposed it *as /or their pride, /or #a+o,on ne6er
de%+ared *hy he th.s bo.nd the,; J *hen he hadd bo.nd the, .p J sea+ed y
6ese+, he
by y
de6ine po*er %ast 1he, a++ into a deep +a)e or ho+e in 2abi+on 42aby+on5, J the
2abi+ononians 4M 2aby+onians5 *o.nderin' to see s.%h a thin' there, they *ent *ho+y
into y
+a)e to bra)e 4brea)5 y
6ese+ open, s.spe%tin' to /ind a 'reat; b.t *hen
they hadd bro)en it open o.t /+e* a++ y
%hee/e spirits -,,ediate+y, and their 3e'ions
/o++o*ed the,, and they *ere restored a'aine to their /or,er p+a%es; 2.t on+y 2e+ia+ *ho
entered 4111r5 -nto a %ertaine -,a'e, and there 'a6e ans*ares to those *ho,e 4*ho5 did
o//er sa%ri/i%e .nto hi, as y
2abi+onians did; /or they o//ered sa%ra/i%es, J *orshiped
that -,a'e as a 0od J%..
1ho. art to obser6e /irst y
oones a'e /or y
*or)in'. 1he best dayes are *hen
4,oon5 is 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 dayes o+d, as #a+o,on sayeth, and no other
dayes are pro/itab+e J%.
1he sea+s o/ those 72 )in's are to be ,ade in etta++s, 1he %hee/est Kin' in ,
arB.isses in , F.)es in . Pre+ates in , )ni'hts in , J Presidents in ,
J Ear+es in J eB.a++y a+i)e J
1. 0o+d, si+6er, %opper, tin, +ead,
,er%.ry, %opper N si+6er
respe%ti6e+y. !oti%eab+y absent is
ars >Oiron?. =Ed.
1hese 72 )in's are .nder the po*er o/ Aa,on: Cor#on: 7iiniar: 9 Goa$
40aap5 *
are )in's r.+in' in y
4 B.arters East, Dest, !orth, J, and are
not to be %a++ed /orth e8%ept it be .pon 'reat o%%asions 2.t -n6o)ed J
%o,,anded to send s.%h J s.%h spirit as are 4is5 .nder their r.+e and po*er, as
is she*ed in y
/o++o*in' -n6o%ations, or 4rather5 %on<.rations J%.
1he %hi/e 4%hie/5 )in's ,ay be bo.nd /ro, 9 to 12 o/ y
&+o%) at noone J /ro,
3 455 ti++ s.nset. arB.iHes ,ay be bo.nd /ro, 3 o/ y
&+o%) in y
a/ter !oon
ti++ nine at ni'ht and /ro, 9 at n
4ni'ht5 ti++ s.nrisin'.
F.)es ,ay be bo.nd /ro, s.nrisin' ti++ !oonday in %+ear *eather.
Pre+ates ,ay be bo.nd in any ho.r o/ the day.
Kni'hts ,ay be bo.nd /ro, y
da*nin' o/ y
day ti++ s.nrisin' or /ro, /o.r o/
&+o%) ti++ s.nset.
Presidents ,ay be bo.nd in any ho.r o/ y
day, E8%ept 1*i+i'ht, at !i'ht, or 4i/5
the )in' *ho,e he is .nder, be a+so -n6o%ated J%.
&o.nts or Ear+es ,ay be bo.nd in any ho.r o/ the day so 4i/5 it be in *oods or
any other p+a%e *here en resort !ot, or *here !o !oise is J%.
41116 is b+an)5
41he %ir%+e o/ #a+o,on is to be ,ade nine /eet a%ross, J the di6ine na,es are to
be *ritten aro.nd it, /ro, Ehe,e to Le&anah.5 $ /i'.re o/ the &ir%+e+ 4&ir%+e5
o/ #o+o,on 4#a+o,on5, that he ,ade /or to preser6e hi,se+/e /ro, 1he ,a+i%e
o/ those e6i++ #pirits J%.
-n the athersP&ro*+ey edition the
+etters aro.nd the peri,eter o/ the
%ir%+e are trans%ribed into Hebre*
+etters. :-n En'+ish +etters they r.n
th.s, ... N Ehyeh Kether etatron
&haioth Ha=Qadesh 7ashith Ha=
0a+'a+i, #.P. >/or 9#phere o/ the
Pri,., obi+e9? N -ah &ho),ah
7atHie+ $.phani, as+oth #.#.@.
>/or 9#phere o/ the @i8ed #tars,9 or
#.G. /or 9#phere o/ the Godia%9? N
-eho6ah E+ohi, 2inah
$ra+i, #habbathai #. >/or 9#phere9?
o/ #at.rn N E+ &hesed
&has%h,a+i, 1HedeB #. J.piter N
E+ohi, 0ibor 0eb.rah Ka,ae+
#eraphi, adi, #. o/ ars N
-eho6ah E+oah Aa=FaJa.+,;th
1iphereth 7aphaR+ a+a)i,
#he,esh #. o/ the #.n N -eho6ah
1Habaoth !etHa%h Hanie+ E+ohi,
!o'ah #. o/ Aen.s. N E+ohi,
1Habaoth Hod i%haR+ 2eni E+ohi,
Ko)a6 #. o/ er%.ry N #haddaS E+
&hai -esod 0abrie+ &,
3e6anah #. o/ the oon N.:
1his is based on $'rippa9s s%a+e o/
41his is the /or,e o/5 1he 1rian'+e that #a+o,on %o,,anded the disobedient
spirits into; it is to be ,ade t*o /oot 4/eet5 o/ 4o.t5 /ro, the &ir%+e and 3 /oot
4/eet5 o6er 4a%ross5.
!ote this is to be p+a%ed .pon 4to*ards5 that &oast 4B.arter5 4that5 the spirit
be+on'eth 4to5 J%. Ibser6e the ,oon in *or)in', J%.
Soloon# #e8angle" .he8agonal4 !!ig)re
1his /i'.re is to be ,ade on par%h,ent ,ade o/ a %a+/es #)in and *orne at the
#)irtt o/ y
*hite 6est,ent, and %o6ered *
a +ennen 4+inen5 %+oath to y
is to be she*ed to the spirits *hen they are appeared that they ,ay be
%o,pe++ed to be obedient and ta)e a h.,ane shape J%.
&o,pare *ith 6ersion /o.nd in de
The *entagonall !!ig)re o! Soloon
1his /i'.re is to be ,ade in or and *orne .pon the brest *ith the sea+ o/
the spirit on one 4the other5 side o/ itt. it is /or to preser6e 4the E8or%ist5 /ro,
dan'er, and a++so to %o,,and by J%.
.The Ring o! Saloon4
1his 7in' is to be he+d be/ore the /a%e o/ the E8or%ist to preser6e hi, /ro, 1he
stin)in' /.,es o/ spirits J%.
The Secret Seal o! Saloon/
by *hi%h he bo.nd and sea+ed .p the a/orsaid spirits *ith their +e'ions in 4into5
a 2raHen Aese+ J%.
1his se%reet sea+ is to be ,ade by one that is %+eane both -n*ard and o.t*ard,
and hath not de/i+ed hi,se+/ by any *o,an in the spa%e o/ a onth; b.t hath
*ith /astin' and prayers to 0od desired pardon o/ a++ his sins, J%C -tt is to be
,ade on a 1.esday or #at.rday ni'ht at 12 425 o/ the &+o%), *ritten *ith the
2+ood o/ a 2+a%) &o%) *hi%h ne6er trode hen, on 6ir'ins par%h,ent, !ote, on
those ni'hts the ,.st be en%reasin' in , *hen it 4is5 so ,ade, /.,e it *ith
$++.,, 7aisins o/ the #.n, dates, &edar J +i'n., $+oes, by this sea+ #a+o,on
%o,pe++ed the a/oresaide spirits into a 2rass 6esse+, and sea+ed it .p *ith the
sa,e, he by it 'ained the +o6e o/ a++ anner o/ persons, and o6er%a,e in 2att+e,
/or neither *eapon /ire nor *ater %o.+d h.rt hi,.
The !!ore o! the %ra##e &e##el that Saloon #h)t Tho#e #$irit# In/
1he 4se%ret5 sea+ a/oresaid *as ,ade in 2rasse, to %o6er 1his 6esse+ *ith
at y
1op J%.
-n Hebre* +etters ,ay be
trans%ribed asC >/rontC? :$#h7
$H-HC 027i$3C -K$3C
H$!-$3C: >ba%)C? :$7$7-1h$C
&h#h3-C $3C 1HFQ-$3C:
athers 'i6es the /o++o*in' 6ariant
/o.nd 9in so,e &odi%esC9
:$7$7-1h$C 7@$3C K$3C
1HFQ-$3C: and :1H@Q-$3:
1he other ,ateria++s is 4are5 a s%eptre or s*ord; a ,iter or %ap, a +on' *hite
7obe o/ 3innen, *ith shoes and other &+othes /or y
p.rpose a+so a 'ird+e o/
3yons s)in 3 -n%hes broad, *ith a++ the na,es abo.t it as is abo.t the .tter,ost
ro.nd 4part o/ the5 &ir%+e, J a+so per/.,es and a %ha/in 4%ha/in'5 dish o/
&har%o+es )ind+ed to p.t the /.,es into; to s,o)e or per/.,e y
e p+a%e
appointed /or a%tion. a+so annoyntin' oy+es to anoynt y
1e,p+es J Eyes *
; J
/air *ater to *ash y
se+6es in. J in so doein' y
are to say as da6id said >6iH?
1ho. sha+t p.r'e ,e *
Hysop o
3ord, J - sha++ be %+eane; 1ho. sha+t
*ash ,e J - sha++ be *hiter than
1his te8t /ro, Psa+, 50.9 is .sed in
the ass as *e++ as 6irt.a++y e6ery
sno* J%.
J at y
0ar,ents p.ttin' on, yo. ,.st sayC
by y
/i'.rati6e ystery o/ these ho+y
6est.res or 6est,ents, - *i++ %+oath
,e *ith y
ar,o.r o/ #a+6ation in y
stren'th o/ y
hi'hest, Ancor Aacor
Ai"e# Theo"onia# Anitor, 1hat
,y desired End ,ay be E/e%ted
1hro.'h y
stren'th 4o/5 A"ona, 1o
*ho,e y
praise and '+ory *
/ore6er J e6er be+on'. $,en.
1his oration a+so *ide+y in
,a'i%a+ te8ts. 1he 6ersion in the
Hepta,eron is a+,ost identi%a+, and
indeed the 6ersion in Goetia ,ay
ha6e been based dire%t+y /ro, de
$bano. &o,pare a+so *ith the
6ersion in Li'er 3uratus *onorii and
that in Ars Notoria.
$/ter y
ha6e so done, ,a)e prayers to 0od a%%ordin' to yo.r *or)e, as
#a+o,on hath %o,,anded. 1he /or,es that #a+o,on .sed /or any perti%.+ar art
is she*ed in y
part o/ this 2oo) *
is %a++ed Arte No&a 4Ars Nova5 J%.
The Con;)ration !or to call !orth an, o! the !or#ai" #$irit#
- -n6o%ate and %on<.re yo. spirit !.
J bein' *
po*er ar,ed /ro, y
s.prea,e a<esty, - thro.'h+y
4thoro.'h+y5 %o,,and yo. by
alanen#i# 42era+anensis5,
6al"achien#i#: *a)achi< J
A$ologi<=Se"e# and y
po*er/.++ prin%es Genio Liachi"i
,inisters o/ y
1artarean seat, &hee/e
prin%es o/ o/ 4si%5 y
seat o/
A$ologia, in y
!inth 7e'ion; -
e8or%ise J po*er/.++y %o,,and yo.
spirit !, in and by hi, that said y
*ord, J it *as done, and by a++ y
ho+y and ,ost '+orio.s !a,es o/ y
,ost ho+y and tr.e 0od, and by these
his ,ost ho+y !a,es A"onai
4$donay5, El: Elohi: Elohe:
7e%eoth 4Gebaoth5, Elion 4E+yon5,
&o,pare *eptameronC
2E7$3$!E!#-#, 2a+da%hiensis,
Pa.,a%hia, and $po+o'ia #edes, by
the ,ost ,i'hty )in's and po*ers,
and the ,ost po*er/.+ prin%es,
'enii, 3ia%hidT, ,inisters o/ the
1artarean seat, %hie/ prin%e o/ the
seat o/ $po+o'ia, in the ninth +e'ion,
- in6o)e yo., and by in6o%atin',
%on<.re yo.; and bein' ar,ed *ith
po*er /ro, the s.pre,e a<esty, -
stron'+y %o,,and yo., by Hi, *ho
spo)e and it *as done, and to *ho,
a++ %reat.res are obedient; and by
this ine//ab+e na,e, 1etra'ra,,aton
Jeho6ah, *hi%h bein' heard the
e+e,ents are o6erthro*n, the air is
sha)en, the sea r.nneth ba%), the
/ire is B.en%hed, the earth tre,b+es,
and a++ the host o/ the %e+estia+s, and
terrestria+s, and in/erna+s do tre,b+e
to'ether, and are tro.b+ed and
%on/o.ndedC *here/ore, /orth*ith
and *itho.t de+ay, do yo. %o,e
/ro, a++ parts o/ the *or+d, and
,a)e rationa+ ans*ers .nto a++
thin's - sha++ as) o/ yo.; and %o,e
ye pea%eab+y, 6isib+y and a//ab+y
no*, *itho.t de+ay, ,ani/estin'
*hat *e desire, bein' %on<.red by
the na,e o/ the +i6in' and tr.e 0od,
He+ioren, and /.+/i+ o.r %o,,ands,
and persist .nto the end, and
a%%ordin' to o.r intentions, 6isib+y
E#cerchie >
: +ah:
Tetragraaton Sa"a, 1hat yo.
appear and she* y
here .nto ,e be/ore this &ir%+e, in a
/air and h.,ane shape, *itho.t any
de/or,ity or .'+y she* and *itho.t
de+ay, doe y
%o,e, /ro, a++ parts o/
*or+d to ,a)e J ,a)e 4si%5
rationa++ ans*ares .nto a++ 1hin's *
- sha++ as) o/ yo.; and %o,e yee
pea%eb+y, 6isib+y and a/ab+y *itho.t
de+ay, ,ani/estin' *
- desire, bein'
%on<.red by y
!a,e 4!a,es5 o/ y
Eterna++ +i6ein' and tr.e 0od
Helioren - %on<.re yo. by y
espe%ia++ and tr.e !a,e o/ yo.r 0od
that y
o*e obedian%e .nto and by y
!a,e o/ y
)in', *
beareth r.+e
o6er yo., 1hat /orth*ith yo. %o,e
*itho.t 1arrin' 4tarryin'5, and /.++/i++
,y desires, and %o,,and, and
persist .nto y
End, J a%%ordin' to
,y -ntentions and - %on<.re y
by hi,
*ho,e a++ &reat.res are obediant
4.nto5 and by this ine//eb+e na,e
Tetragraaton +eho&ah 4Jeho6a5,
bein' heard, y
E+e,ents are
o6erthro*n; 1he aire is sha)en, 1he
sea r.nneth ba%), 1he /ire is
B.en%hed, 1he Earth 1re,b+eth and
a++ y
hosts o/ &e+estia++s, 1errestia++s
4terrestria+s5 J -n/erna++s doe
1re,b+e, and are tro.b+ed and
%on/o.nded to'ather. that 4%o,e5 yo.
6isib+y and a//eb+y, spea) .nto ,e
*ith a &+ear 6oi%e -nte++i'ib+e, and
*itho.t any a,bi'.ity, 1here/ore
%o,e ye in the !a,e A"ona,
7e%eoth 4Gebaoth5; A"ona,
4$donay5, Aiorent, %o, %o, *hy
and a//ab+y spea)in' .nto .s *ith a
%+ear 6oi%e, inte++i'ib+e, and *itho.t
any a,bi'.ity.
stay 4tarryieth5 yo.V hastenC A"ona,
Sa"a,, the Kin'e o/ )in's
%o,,andeth yo.C
#ay this as o/ten as yo. p+ease. $nd i/ they %o, not then say as //o++o*eth.
.The Secon" Con;)ration4
- -n6o%ate, %on<.re and %o,,and yo.
spirit !, to appear and she* y
6isib+y to ,e, be/ore this &ir%+e, in
/air and %o,+y shape, *itho.t any
de/or,ity or 1ort.osity, by y
J in y
na,e Y 9 U *
$da, heard
J spoa)e, J by the na,e +oth *
Ja%ob heard /ro, y
an'e+ *rest+in'
*ith hi,, and *as de+i6ered /ro, y
hands o/ Esa. his 2rother; and by y
na,e o/ 0od Agla, *
3ot heard and
*as sa6ed *ith his /a,i+y; and by y
na,e Ana$he8aton 411465 *
4$aron5 heard and spea) 4spa)e5 and
be%a,e *ise, J by the na,es
Schee#=Aathia *hi%h Josh.a
%a++ed .pon and y
s.n stood sti++, and
by y
na,e Ean)el *
&hi+dren #edra%h esa%h 4asa%h5
and $bedne'o, s.n' in y
,idst o/ y
/iery /.rna%e, and *ere de+i6ered; and
by the na,e Al$ha 9 Oega *hi%h
Fanie+ na,ed J Festroyed the 2e++
42e+5 J y
Fra'on; J by the na,e
7e%aoth *hi%h oses na,ed J a++
the 7i6ers J *aters in the +and o/
W'ypt *are t.rnd into b+ood J by
the na,e E#cerchie Ori#ton, *
oses na,ed J a++ the 7i6ers
2ro.'ht /orth /ro''s, J they *ent
into y
e o/ y
Fistroyin' a++ thin's; J by the na,e
Elion *
oses %a++ed .pon J there
*as 'reat hai+e, s.%h as ne6er *as
&o,pare *eptameronC :- ad<.re and
%a++ yo. a++ /orth, by the seat o/
A"ona,, and by Hagio#: O Theo#:
I#c,ro#: Athanato#? *araclet)#:
Al$ha 9 Oega: and by these three
se%ret na,esC Agla: On:
Tetragraaton, that yo. at on%e
/.+/i++ *hat - desire.:
4seen5 sen%e the &reation o/ the *or+d
to that Fay; J by the na,e A"ona,
oses na,ed $nd there %a,e .p 1hr.eo.t a++ the +and o/ E'ypt
and a++ that the Hai++ at +e/t;
and by the na,e Hagio#, and by the
sea+ 4Xseat5 o/ A"ona, and by
Otheo#: I#c,ro#: Athenato#?
*araclet)# and by these ho++y and
sa%red na,es Agla: On:
Tetragraaton and by the
dread/.++ J.d'e,ent o/ 'od; and by
the .n%ertaine sea o/ '+assC *hi%h is
be/ore the /a%e o/ the di6ine a<esty,
*ho is ,i'hty and ,ost po*er/.+.
$nd by the /o.r beasts be/ore the
throne, ha6ein' Eyes be/ore and
behind, and by the //ire ro.nd abo.t
the thro*ne, and by the ho++y an'e++s
o/ hea6en; and by the i'hty
Disdo, o/ 'od, J by the sea+ o/
6al"achia, and by this na,e
*rie)aton *hi%h oses na,ed
and the Earth opened and s*a++o*ed
.p &hora, Fathan J $bira,, 4-
%o,,and5 1hat yo. ,a)e tr.e and
/aith/.++ ans*ers, to a++ ,y de,ands,
and to per/or,e a++ ,y desiers, so
/arr as in o//i%e yo. are %apap+e
4%apab+e5 to per/or,e there/ore %o,e
ye pae%ab+e 4pea%eab+y5, 6issib+e and
a//ab+e no* *itho.t de+ay, to
,ani/est *hat - desire spea)in' *ith
a per/e%t and %+ear 6oy%e, -nte++i'ib+e
.nto ,y .nderstandin' J%.
i/ 4so,eho*5 they do not %o,e at the rehearsin' o/ these 2 //ore'oein'
&on<.rations >b.t *itho.t they 4nor,a++y5 *i++? say one 4on5 as
//o++o*eth, it bein' a %onstraint.
.The Con#traint4
- %on<.re the 4thee5 spirit N/ by a++ the
,ost '+orio.s and E//a%i.s
4e//i%a%io.s5 na,es o/ the ,ost 'reat
and -n%o,prehensib+e 3ord 'od o/
Host 4Hosts5, that yo. %o,est B.i%)+y
*itho.t de+ay //ro, a++ parts and
p+a%es o/ the *or+dC 4*here6er tho.
,ayest be,5 to ,a)e ratione++ ans*ers
to ,y de,ands and that 6isib+e and
a//ab+y spea)ein' *ith a 6oi%e
-nte++e'ib+e to ,y .nderstandin' as
a/oresaid, - %on<.re and %onstrain yo.
spirit !., by a++ a/oresaid and by these
se6en na,es by *
*ise #a+o,on
bo.nd thee and thy /e++o*s in a
6esse+ o/ 2rass. A"ona,: *rerai
Tetragraaton? Ane$he8eton
4$naphe8eton5, Ine##en!atall:
*athat)on: 9 Iteon/ 1hat yo.
appeare hear be/ore this &ir%+e, to
/.++/i++ ,y *i++ in a++ thin's, that sha++
see,e 'ood .nto ,e and i/ yo. be
disobedient and re/.se to %o,e - *i++
in the po*er and by the po*er o/ the
na,e o/ y
s.prea, and E6er+i6in'
'od, Dho %reated both yo. and ,e
and a++ the *ho+e *or+d in si8 days
and *hat is %ontained in it E,e=
Sara,, and by the po*er 4115r5 o/ his
na,e *rie)aton; *hi%h
%o,,andeth the *ho+e hoste o/
hea6en, %.rse yo. and depri6e yo.,
/ro, a++ yo.r o//i%e, Joy J p+a%e, and
binde yo. in the debth 4depth5 o/ y
2otto,+ess pit 1here to re,aine .nto
the day o/ the +ast J.d'e,ent, and -
*i++ bind yo. into Eterna++ /ire J into
the +a)e o/ /ire and 2ri,stone, .n+ess
yo. %o,e /orth*ith and appeare
heere be/ore this &ir%+e to doe ,y
*i++ in a++ thin's. 1here/ore %o,
4tho.M5 in and by these ho++y na,es
A"ona,: 7e%eoth 4Gebaoth5,
A"ona,: Aiore? %o,e yee,
A"ona, %o,,andeth yo..
-/ yo. %o,e so /arr, and he yet doth not appeare yo. ,ay be he is sent to
so,e other p+a%e by his )in', and %annot %o,e and i/ it be so -n6o%ate the )in'
as /o++o*eth to send hi,, 2.t i/ he doth not %o,e sti++, 1hen yo. ,ay be he
is bo.nd in %hains in he++C and he is not in the &.stody o/ his )in'C #o i/ yo.
ha6e a desier to %a++ hi, //ro, then%e, yo. ,.st rehearse the spirits &haine J%.
For to In&ocate the Kinge #a, a# !!ollo(eth =
I yo. 'reat ,i'hty and Po*er/.++
)in'e Aa,on, *ho beareth r.+e
by the po*er o/ thy s.prea,e 'od El
o6er a++ spirits both s.perior and
-n/erio.r o/ the -n/erna+ order in the
Fo,inion o/ the Earth 4East5, -
in6o%ate and %o,,and yo. by the
espe%ia+ and tr.est na,e o/ yo.r 'od
and by 'od that yo. *orship and
obey, and by the sea+ o/ y
J by the ,ost ,i'hty J po*er/.++
na,e o/ 'od +eho&ah
Tetragraaton, *ho %ast yo.
o.'ht 4o.t5 o/ hea6en *ith a++ other
o/ the -n/erna++ spirits and by a++ y
,ost po*er/.++ and 'reat na,es o/
'od *ho %reated hea6en, Earth J
he++, and a++ thin's %ontained in the,,
and by their po*er and 6ert.e, J by
na,e *rie)aton *ho
%o,,andeth the *ho+e host o/
hea6en, that yo., en/or%e J
%o,pe++ !. to %o,e .nto ,e hear
be/ore this &ir%+e in a /air J %o,e+y
/or,e, *itho.t doein' any har,e to
,e or any other &, and to
ans*ere tr.e+y J /aith/.++ to a++ ,y
7eB.ests, 1hat - ,ay a%%o,p+ish ,y
*i++ and desiers, in )no*in' or
obtainin' any ,atter or thin' *
o//i%e yo. )no* is proper /or hi, to
per/or,e or to a%%o,p+ish, thre*
4thro.'h5 the po*er o/ 'od El *ho
%reateth and disposeth o/ a++ thin's
both %e+estia++, ayera++ 4aeria+5,
1errestia++ 4terrestria+5 and -n/erna++.
$/ter yo. ha6e -n6o%ated the )in' in this ,anner t*ise or thri%e o6er, then
%on<.re y
spirit yo. *o.+d ha6e %a++d /orth by the a/orsaid %on<.rations
rehearsin' the, se6era++ ti,es to'ether, and he *i++ %o,e *itho.t i/ not
at y
/irst or se%ond ti,e rehearsin'. 2.t i/ he doth not %o,e, add the spirits
&haine to the end o/ y
a//orsaid &on<.ration and he *i++ be /or%ed to %o,e
e6en i/ he be 2o.nd in %hainsC /or the %haines *i++ brea) o/ 4o//5 /ro, hi, and
he *i++ be at +iberty J%.
The generall C)r#e: calle" the #$irit# Chaine again#t all #$irit# that
I tho. *i%)ed and disobedient spirit, tho. hast rebe++ed and not
obeyed nor re'arded ,y *ords *hi%h
- ha6e rehearsed 1hey bein' a++ ,ost
'+orio.s and -n%o,prehensib+e na,es
o/ y
tr.e 'od a)er and %reator o/
yo. and ,e and a++ the *or+d, - by the
po*er o/ those na,es *
is ab+e to resist doe %.rse yo. into the
debts 4M depths5 o/ y
2otto,+ess Pitt,
1here to re,aine .nti++ y
day o/
doo, in %haines o/ /ire and
2ri,stone .nB.en%hab+e, .n+ess yo.
dost /orth*ith appear be/ore this
%ir%+e in 1his 1rian'+e 1o doe ,y
*i++; 1here/ore %o,e pa%eab+y
4pea%eab+y5 and B.iet+y 4B.i%)+y5 in
J by these na,es == A"onai
4$donay5, 7e%aoth: A"ona,:
Aiora; %o,e %o,e *hy stay yo.,
A"ona, %o,andeth yo..
Dhen yo. ha6e read so /arr and he doth not %o,e, 1hen *rite his na,e and sea+
in 4on5 6ir'ins par%h 4par%h,ent5 and p.t it into a b+a%) 2o8 *ith 2ri,stone
aB.a/ateda 4assa/oetida5 and s.%h thin's that ha6e a stin%)in' stron' s,e++ and
bind the 2o8 ro.nd *ith a *ire and han' it on y
s*ords point and ho+d it o6er
the /ire o/ &har%o+es, and say to the /ire /irst 4as /o++o*eth5 >it bein' p+a%ed
to*ard that B.arter the spirit is to %o,e?
.The Con;)ration o! the !ire4
- %on<.re thee yo. 4I5 /ire by hi,
that ,ade thee and a++ other 'ood
%reat.res in the *or+d that yo.
1or,ent 2.rne and %ons.,e this
spirit !. e6er+astin'+y. - %onde,
4%onde,n5 thee tho. spirit !. into
/ire e6er+astin', tho. art
disobedient and obeyd not the
%o,,and, nor )ept the pre%epts o/
the +ord thy 'od, neither *i+t tho.
appeare to ,e nor obey ,e nor ,y
in6o%ations, ha6ein' thereby %a++ed
yo. /orth, 4-5 *ho a, the ser6ant o/
,ost hi'h and -,peria++ 3ord, 'od
o/ hosts +eho&ah, and di'ni/ied and
/orti/ied by his &e+estia++ po*er and
Per,ission, !either %o,est tho. to
ans*er to these ,y Proposa++s hear
,ade .nto yo., /or *
a6erseness and %onte,pt yo. are
'i+ty 4'.i+ty5 o/ 'rand disobedien%e
and 7ebe++ion, and there/ore - sha++
e8%o,,.ni%ate yo. and destroy thy
na,e and sea+ *
- ha6e hear
en%+osed in this b+a%) 2o8, and sha++
b.rne thee in i,,orta++ /ire and b.ry
thee in -,,orta++ ob+i6ion, .n+ess
tho. -,,ediate+y %o,est J appearest
6isib+y, a//ab+y, /rend+y, J %.rteo.s+y
hear .nto ,e be/ore this &ir%+e in this
1rian'+e, in a /aire and %o,+y /or,e
and in no *ise terrib+e, h.rt/.++ or
/ri'ht/.++ to ,e or any other %reat.res
*hate6er .pon the /a%e o/ the Earth
and ,a)e ratione+ $ns*ers to ,y
reB.ests and per/or,e a++ ,y desiers
in a++ thin's that - sha++ ,a)e .nto
yo. J%.
-/ he %o,eth not yet, say as /o++o*ethC
.The c)r#e4
!o* o tho. spirit !. sin%e tho. art
sti++ pertona+i.s 4perni%io.s5 and
disobedient and *i++ not appeare .nto
,e to ans*er to s.%h thin's as -
sho.+de ha6e desiered o/ yo. or
*o.+d ha6e been satis/ied in J%, -
doe in the na,e and by the po*er and
di'nity o/ the o,nipotent -,,orta++
3ord 'od o/ host +eho&ah
Tetragraaton, 1he on+y %reator
o/ hea6en Earth and he++ and a++ that
in the, is *ho is the ,ar6e++io.s
disposser o/ a++ thin's both 6isib+e
and -n6isib+e &.rse yo. and depri6e
yo. /ro, a++ yo.r o//i%es Joy and
p+a%e and do bind the 4thee5 in the
debtts 4depths5 o/ y
2otto,+ess Pitt,
1here to re,aine .nti++ the day o/ the
+ast J.d'e,ent; - say into the +a)e o/
@ire J 2ri,stone *hi%h is prepared
/or a++ rebe++io.s disobedient
obstinate J pertina%io.s 4perni%io.s5
spirits, +et a++ the 4116r5 Ho+y
%o,pany o/ hea6en %.rse thee, 1he
, and starrs, the +i'ht and a++ y
hoste o/ hea6en &.rse thee, - %.rse
thee into the /ire .nB.en%hab+e, J
tor,ents .nspea)ab+e, and as thy
na,e and sea+ is %ontained in this
bo8, %hained and bo.nd .p and sha+
be %hoa%)ed in J
stin%)in' s.bstan%e and b.rnt in this
,ateria+ /ire, so - in the na,e
+eho&ah, and by the po*er and
di'nity o/ these three na,es
Tetragraaton: Ana$he8eton: 9
*rie)aton, %ast thee, o tho.
disobediant spirit !. into that +a)e o/
/ire *hi%h is prepared /or thee
da,ned and %.rsed spirits and there
to re,ain .nti++ the day o/ doo,e and
ne6er ,ore to be re,e,bered o/
be/ore the /a%e o/ 'od *
sha++ %o,e
to J.d'e the B.i%) and the dead and
the *or+d by /ire.
Here the E8or%ist ,.st p.t the bo8 into the /ire and by and by he *i++ %o,e. 2.t
as soone as he is %o,e B.i%)+y B.en%h the /ire that the 2o8 is in and ,a)e a
s*eet per/.,e and 'i6e hi, a )ind entertain,ent she*in' hi, the penta%+e that
is at y
botto, o/ y
e %o6ered *ith +innen %+oath, sayin'.
.The a""re## )nto the #$irit )$on hi# coing4
2eho+d yo.r %on%+.sion 4%on/.sion5
i/ yo. be disobedient. 2eho+d the
Penta%+e o/ #a+o,on *hi%h - ha6e
bro.'ht heare be/ore thy presen%eC
2eho+d the person o/ the E8or%ist
*ho is %a++ed Octinoo#, in the
,idst o/ the E8or%is,, *ho is ar,ed
by 'od J *itho.t /ear, *ho potent+y
in6o%ateth yo. and %a++ed yo. to
appeare, 1here/ore ,a)e rationa++
&o,pare *eptameronC
2eho+d yo.r
%on%+.sion i/ yo.
re/.se to be
... and the /o++o*in', *hi%h a%t.a++y ear+ier in *eptameronC
2eho+d the
penta%+e o/
#o+o,on, *hi%h -
ha6e bro.'ht into
yo.r presen%e;
ans*ers to ,y de,ands and be
obedient to ,e yo.r ,aster in the
na,e o/ y
3ord 6athat r.shin' .pon
A%rac A%eor %o,in' .pon A%erer.
beho+d the person
o/ the e8or%ist in
the ,idd+e o/ the
e8or%is,, *ho is
ar,ed by 0od,
*itho.t /ear, and
*e++ pro6ided,
*ho potent+y
in6o%ateth and
%a++eth yo. by
e8or%isin'; %o,e,
there/ore, *ith
speed, by the
6irt.e o/ these
na,es; $ye
#araye, $ye
#araye; de/er not
to %o,e, by the
eterna+ na,es o/
the +i6in' and tr.e
0od, E+oy,
$r%hi,a, 7ab.r,
and by the
penta%+e o/
#o+o,on here
present, *hi%h
po*er/.++y rei'ns
o6er yo.; and by
the 6irt.e o/ the
%e+estia+ spirits,
yo.r +ords; and by
the person o/ the
e8or%ist, in the
,idd+e o/ the
e8or%is,C bein'
%on<.red, ,a)e
haste and %o,e,
and yie+d
obedien%e to yo.r
,aster, *ho is
%a++ed I%tino,os.
1hen they or he *i++ be obedient and bid yo. as) *hat yo. *i++ /or they are
s.b<e%ted by 'od to /.++/i++ yo.r desiers and de,ands, and *hen they or he are
appeared and she*ed the,se+6es h.,b+e and ,ee), 1hen yo. are to say 4as
.The (elcoe )nto the #$irit4
De+%o, 4tho.5 4spirit !. or5 spirits or
,ost nob+e )in' or )in's - say yo.
are *e+%o,e .nto ,e - %a++ed
yo. thro.'h hi, *ho %reated both
hea6en J Earth J He++ and a++ that is
&o,pare *eptameronC
De+%o,e spirits,
or ,ost nob+e
prin%es, -
ha6e %a++ed yo.
thro.'h Hi, to
%ontained therein and yo. ha6e
obeyed a++so by the sa,e po*er that -
%a++ed yo. /orth 4by5 - binde yo. that
yo. re,aine a//ab+y and 6issib+y hear
be/ore this %ir%+e >or be/ore this %ir%+e
in this ,? so %onstant and so +on' as -
ha6e o%%asion /or yo. and not to
depart *itho.t ,y 4+i%en%e5
.nti++ yo. ha6e /aith/.++y and tr.e+y
per/or,ed ,y *i++ *itho.t any
/a++a%ity 4/a+sity5 J%.
*ho, e6ery )nee
doth bo*, both o/
thin's in hea6en,
and thin's in
earth, and thin's
.nder the earth; in
*hose hands are
a++ the )in'do,s
o/ )in's, neither is
there any ab+e to
%ontradi%t his
Dhere/ore, - bind
yo., that yo.
re,ain a//ab+e and
6isib+e be/ore this
%ir%+e, so +on' and
so %onstant;
neither sha++ yo.
depart *itho.t ,y
+i%en%e, .nti+ yo.
ha6e tr.+y and
*itho.t any
/a++a%y per/or,ed
,y *i++, by 6irt.e
o/ his po*er *ho
hath set the sea
her bo.nds,
beyond *hi%h it
%annot pass, nor
'o beyond the +a*
o/ his pro6iden%e,
6iH. o/ the ost
Hi'h 0od, 3ord,
and Kin', *ho
hath %reated a++
thin's. $,en.
The licence to "e$art
I 1ho. spirit !. tho. hast
6ery di++i'ent+y ans*ered ,y
de,ands and *as ready and *i++in'
to %o,e at ,y /irst %a++ - doe hear
+i%en%e thee to depart .nto thy proper
p+a%e *itho.t doein' any -n<.ry or
dan'er to any ,an or beast depart -
say and be e6er reddy to %o,e at ,y
%a++ bein' d.+y E8or%ised and
%on<.red by y
sa%red rites o/
a'i%)e. - %har'e thee to *ithdra*
pea%eb+y and B.iet1y, and the pea%e
o/ 0od be e6er %ontin.ed bet*een ,e
and the 4thee5. $,en.
$/ter yo. ha6e 'i6en the spirit +i%en%e 4to depart5 yo. are not to 'o o.t o/ y
&ir%+e ti++ they be 'one and yo. ha6e ,ade prayers .nto 'od //or the 'reat
b+essin' he hath besto*ed .pon yo. in 'rantin' yo. yo.r desiers and de+i6erin'
yo. /ro, the ,a+i%e o/ the Ene,y the de6i++.
!ota 4!ote5 yo. ,ay %o,,and these spirits into the 2raHen 6esse++ as yo. doe
into the 1rian'+e sayin' 1hat yo. /orth*ith appeare be/ore this &ir%+e in this
6esse++ o/ 2rasse in a /aire and %o,e+y shape J% as is she*ed be/ore in the
/or'oin' &on<.rations J%.
The En" o! the Fir#t *art (hich i# calle" Goetia
Here %eginneth the #econ" *art calle"
the Art The)rgia Goetia
o! Kinge Saloon
-n this /o++o*in' 1reatise yo. ha6e 31 na,es o/ %hei/e spirits *ith se6era++ o/ the
,inisterin' spirits *hi%h are .nder the, *ith their sea+s and %hara%ters *hi%h are to be
*orne as a +a,in on yo.r breasts; /or *itho.t that the #pirit that has appeared *i++ not
obey yo., to do yo.r *i++ J%.
1he o//i%es o/ these spirits is a++ one, /or *hat one %an doe the other 4others5 %an doe the
sa,e. 1hey %an she* and dis%o6er a++ thin's that is hidd and done in the *or+dC and %an
/et%h and %arry or doe any thin'e that is to be done or is %ontained in any o/ the /o.r
E+e,ents @ier, ayre, Earth and *ater J% a++so 4they %an dis%o6er5 the se%rets o/ )in's or
any other person or persons +et it be in *hat )inde it *i++.
1hese spirits 4bein' aeria+5 are by 'ood and e6i++ 1hat is, one part is 'ood, and the
other part E6i++. 1hey are 'o6erned by their prin%es, and ea%h prin%e hath his p+a%e o/
abode in the points o/ the %o,pass == as is she*ed in the /o++o*in' /i'.re; 1here/ore
*hen yo. ha6e a desire to %a++ any o/ the )in's or any o/ their #er6ants, yo. are to dire%t
yo.rse+/e to that point o/ the %o,pass the Kin'e hath his ,ansion or p+ease 4p+a%e5 o/
abode, and yo. %annot *e++ erre in yo.r operations.
!oteC e6ery prin%e is to obser6e his %on<.ration, yet a++ 4are5 o/ one /or,e, e8%ept the
na,e and p+a%e o/ the spirit 4bein' 6aried5, /or in that they ,.st %han'e and di//er a++so
the sea+ o/ the spirits is to be %han'ed a%%ordin'+y.
as /or the 'ar,ents and other ,ateria++ thin's they are 4the sa,e as5 spo)en o/ in the
2oo)e 0oetia.
4117r is b+an)5
1he /or, o/ the /i'.re *hi%h dis%o6ereth the order o/ the 31 )in's or prin%es *
ser6ant ,inisters /or *hen the )in' is /o.nd his s.b<e%ts are Easy to be /o.nd o.t J%.
Yo. ,ay per%ei6e by this /i'.re that 20 o/ these )in's ha6e their /irst ,antions
4,ansions5 and %ontin.e in one p+a%e, and that y
other 11 are ,o6eab+e 4,obi+e5 J are
so,eti,es in one p+a%e so,eti,e in another, and in so,e other ti,es 4they are5 to'ether
,ore or +essC there/ore its no ,atter *hi%h *ay yo. stand *ith yo.r /a%e, *hen yo. ha6e
a desier to %a++ any o/ the, /orth or their ser6ants.
.The Art The)rgia Goetia- O! the thirt,=one aerial #$irit# e&o'e" an"
con#traine" %, King Soloon/4
Carne#iell 4&arnesie+5 is the ,ost 'reat and &hee/e E,poror 7.+in' in 1he East *ho
hath, 1000 'reat F.)es and a 100 +esser F.)es .nder hi,, besides 50000000000000 o/
,inisterin' spirits *hi%h is ,ore -n/erior then the F.)es, *hereo/ 4*here/ore5 *e sha++
,a)e no ,ention 4o/ these5, b.t on+y 12, o/ the &hee/e F.)es and their sea+s,
they are s.//i%ient /or pra%tise.
&arnesie+ his #ea+. 4/i'.re 81.5
his d.)es.
yreHyn, Irni%h, Gabrie+, 2.%a/as, 2enoha,, $ri/ie+, &.,erie+, Aadrie+, $r,any,
&aprie+, 2edary, 3aphor.
4/i'.res 82=93.5
!ote, &arnesie+, *hen he appears, day or ni'ht, 4there5 attends hi, 60000000 000000
F.)es 4spirits5 b.t *hen yo. %a++ any o/ these F.)es there ne6er attend abo6e 300 and
so,eti,es not abo6e 10 J%.
The Con)ration .Con;)ration4 o! Carne#iel a# !ollo(eth
Dee &on<.re thee I tho. ,i'hty J potent Prin%e &arnesie+ *ho is the E,pero.r J
%hei/e &o,ander, r.+in' as Kin' in the do,inion o/ the East *ho beares r.+e by the
po*er o/ the s.prea,e 0od El, o6er a++ #pirits J%.
41he %on<.ration is added at the botto, o/ the pa'e by a se%ond hand.5
Ca#$iel is the 0reat and &hee/e E,peror 7.+in' in the *ho hath 200 'reat F.)es
and 400 +esser F.)es .nder hi,, besides 1000200000000 ,inisterin' spirits, *hi%h are
,.%h -n/erio.r J%. *hereo/ *ee >#a+o,on saith? sha++ ,a)e noe ,ention, b.t on+y o/ 12
o/ the &hee/e F.)es and their sea+es, /or they are s.//i%ient /or pra%tise.
&aspie+ his #ea+. 4/i'.re 94.5
12 o/ his d.)es.
"rsie+, &harie+, aras, @e,o+, 2.dari,, &a,ory, 3ar,o+, $ridie+, 0erie+, $,bri, &a,or,
4/i'.res 95=106.5
1hese 12 F.)es ha6e 2660 .nder 4+esser5 F.)es a pee%e 4ea%h5 to attend the,, *hereo/
so,e o/ the, %o,es a+on' *ith hi, *hen he is -n6o%ated 4in6o)ed5, b.t they are 6ery
#t.borne and &h.r+ish J%.
The Con;)ration o! Ca#$iel
Dee &on<.re thee I tho. i'hty and Potent Prin%e &aspie+ J%.
Aena"iel is the 0reat E,peror o/ the *est, *ho hath 300 'reat F.)es, and 500 +esser
F.)es, besides 40000030000100000 other ,inisterin' spirits ,ore -n/erio.r to attend
hi,, *heo/ 4*hereo/5 *e sha++ not ,a)e any ,ention b.t on+y o/ 12, o/ the %hee/e F.)es
and their sea+es *hi%h is s.//i%ient /or pra%ti%e.
$,enadie+ his #ea+. 4/i'.re 107.5
12 o/ his d.)es.
Aadros, &a,ie+, 3.Hie+, .sirie+, 7apsie+, 3a,ae+, Goenie+, &.ri/as, $+,esie+, &odrie+,
2a+s.r, !adro%.
4/i'.res 108=119.5
!ote $,enadie+ ,ay be %a++ed at any ho.r o/ the day or ni'ht, b.t his d.)es >*ho hath
3880 ser6ants a pei%e to attend the,? $re to be %a++ed in &ertaine ho.res, as Aadros he
,ay be %a++ed in the 2 /irst ho.res o/ the day, &a,ie+ in the se%ond 2 ho.res o/ the day
and so 4on5 s.%%essi6e+y ti++ yo. %o,e to !adro% *ho is to be %a++ed in y
2 +ast ho.res o/
the ni'ht, $nd then be'in a'aine at Aadros J%. 1he sa,e 7.+e is to be obser6ed in %a++in'
the F.)es be+on'in' to Fe,orie+ the E,peror o/ the !orth.
The Con;)ration
Dee &on<.re the 4thee5 I tho. ,i'hty J potent Prin%e $,enadie+ *ho is the E,pero.r
J %hei/e Kin' r.+in' in the do,inion o/ the Dest J%.
41he %on<.ration is added at the botto, o/ the pa'e by a se%ond hand.5
Deoriel is the 0reat and i'hty E,peror o/ the !orth, *ho hath 400 'reat F.)es and
600 +esser F.)es *ith 70000080000900000 4700,000,800,000,900,0005 ser6ants .nder
his &o,,and to attend hi,, *hereo/ *e sha++ ,a)e ,ention b.t o/ 12 o/ the %hee/e
F.)es and their sea+es, *hi%h *i++ be s.//i%ient /or pra%ti%e.
Fe,orie+ his #ea+. 4/i'.re 120.5
12 o/ his d.)es.
$rnibie+, &abari,, enador, 2.risie+, Forie+, ador, &arne+ >&arno+?,, edar,
&h.riba+, Fabrinos, &ha,ie+ >&ha,io+? 4#+.2731C &ho,ie+5.
4/i'.res 121=132.5
!ote, Ea%h o/ those F.)es hath 1140 #er6ants *hoe attends 4to attend5 the, as need
7eB.ireth /or *hen that F.)e yee %a++ /or ha6e 4hast %a++ed /orth hath5 ,ore to doe then
ordenary, he hath the ,ore #er6ants to attend hi,.
the Con;)ration o! Deoriel
Dee &on<.re thee I tho. J%.
*aer#iel is the @irst and &hee/e spirit in the East, .nder &arnesie+, *ho hath 1000
spirits .nder hi, *hi%h are to be %a++ed in the day ti,e, b.t *ith 'reat %are /or they are
6ery 3o/ty and st.borne *hereo/ *e sha++ ,a)e ,ention b.t o/ a 11 as /o++o*eth.
Pa,ersie+ his #ea+. 4/i'.re 133.5
4His d.)es.5
$noyr, adrie+, Ebra, #otheano, $br.+'es, Ir,en., -t.+es, 7ab+ion, Ha,orphie+,
-trasbie+, !adre+.
4/i'.res 134=144.5
!ote 1hese #pirits are by ! E6i++, and 6erry /a+se, 4and5 not to be tr.sted in se%rett
thin's b.t is 4are5 E8%e++ent in dri6in' a*ay spirits o/ Far)ness /ro, any p+a%e, or
that is ha.nted J%.
To call Forth *aer#iel: or an, o! the#e hi# #er&ant#: the .pper,ost 4.tter,ost5
pri6ate or se%rett and ,ost Pi%itt U
7o,e in the, or in so,e &ertaine -s+and *ood
or 0ro6e or the ,ost o%%.+t and hidden p+a%e 4re,o6ed5 /ro, a++ %o,,ers and 'oers, that
noe one %han% by, ,ay >i/ possib+e? happen that *ay >4into yo.r5 &ha,ber or *hat soe6er
p+a%e e+se, yo. $%t y
&on%erns in? obser6e that it be 6ery $yery these spirits that
is in this 412065 part are a++ o/ the $yer,
yo. ,ay %a++ these spirits into a &rysta++ stone or 0+ass 7e%epta%+e, 4this5 bein' an
$n%ient J .s.a++ *ay o/ 7e%ei6ein' J bindin' o/ spirits, 1his &rista++ stone ,.st be /o.r
-n%hes Fia,eter sett on a 1ab+e o/ $rt ,ade as /o++o*eth 4a%%ordin' to the /o++o*in'
/i'.re5 *
is tr.+y %a++ed the se%rett 1ab+e o/ #a+o,on, J ha6in' the sea+e o/ the spirit on
yo.r 2reast, and the 0ird+e abo.t yo.r *ast 4*aist5 and yo. %annot erre, the /or,e o/ the
1ab+e is 1h.s, as this present /i'.re doth here represent J she*, beho+d the 4thee5 the
*hen yo. ha6e th.s prepared *hat is to be prepared, 7hearse the %on<.ration /o++o*in'
se6era++ ti,es that is *hi+st the spirit %o,e, /or *itho.t do.t he *i++ %o,e, note the sa,e
,ethod is to be .sed in a++ the /o++o*in' part o/ this 2oo)e as is here o/ Pa,ersie+ and his
ser6ants. $+so the sa,e in %a++in' the )in' and his ser6ants J%.
The Con;)ration o! *aer#iel
De &on<.re thee I Pa,ersie+, a &hee/e #pirit. 7.+in' in the East, J%.
1he #e%ond #piritt in order .nder the E,peror o/ the East is %a++ed *a"iel, he 7.+eth in
the East and by as Kin', and 'o6erneth 10000 spirits by day and 20000, by ni'ht,
besides se6era++ 1ho.sands .nder the,, 1hey are a++ 'ood by and ,ay be tr.sted.
#a+o,on sayeth that these spirits ha6e noe po*er o/ the, se+6es b.t 4on+y5 *hat is 'i6en
.nto the, by their prin%e Padie+. 1here/ore he hath ,ade noe ,ention o/ any o/ their
na,es i/ any o/ the, is %a++ed they %annot appear *itho.t the 3ea6e o/ their
prin%e as others %an doe J% yo. ,.st .se the sa,e ,ethod in %a++in' this prin%e Padie+,
as is de%+ared be/ore o/ Pa,ersia+ the sea+e o/ Padie+, is this.
Padie+ his #ea+e.
4/i'.re 146.5
The Coni)ration
Dee &on<.re thee o tho. i'hty and Potent Prin%e Padie+, *ho r.+es as a %hei/e Prin%e or
)in' in the do,inion o/ the East J by, De -n6o%ate &a,and J %o,pe++ yo., by
the espe%ia++ na,e o/ yo
0od J%.
1he 1hird #pirit p+a%ed and 7an)ed -n order .nder the &hee/e i'hty 'reat and potent
Kin' o/ the East is %a++ed Ca)el *ho 7e'neth 7.+eth and 'o6erneth as Kin' in the East part o/ the *or+d J hath ,any J se6era++ spirits .nder his 0o6er,ent J
%o,,and *hereo/ *ee sha++ on+y ,a)e ,ention b.t o/ 10 that appertaineth J be+on'eth
to the day J 10 to y
ni'ht. $nd Ea%h o/ these ha6e 10, ser6ants to attend on the, U
e8%ept &a,ye+, #it'ara, $si,e+, &a+y,, Fobie+ and eras, /or they ha6e 100 a pei%e to
attend the,, b.t 1edie+, orie+ J 1.'aros, they ha6e none at a++, 1hey appear a++ in $
6erry 2ea.ti/.++ /or,e,J 6erry &o.rteo.s+y, $nd in y
ni'ht as *e++ as in y
day J% 1hey
are as /o++o*eth *
their #ea+es.
&a,.e+ his #ea+. 4/i'.re 147.5
10 o/ his #er6ants be+on'
to y
day J *i++ appeare in the ni'ht.
Irpe,ie+, I,ye+, &a,ye+, 2.die+, E+%ar, &it'ara, Parie+, &arie+, !erie+, Fanie+.
4/i'.res 148=157.5
1en o/ his ser6ants be+on'in' to the !i'ht J *i++ app
in the day.
$si,ie+, &a+i,, Fobie+, !odar, Phanie+, eras, $He,o, 1edie+, orie+, 1.'aros.
4/i'.res 158=167.5
The Con;)ration o! Ca)el:
Dee & the I tho. J%C &a,.e+ *ho r.+es J%. in the East part o/ the Dor+d,
De -n6o%ate J%.
1he @o.rth #pirit in order is %a++ed A#eliel he 'o6erneth as Kin' .nder &arnesie+, in the and by East he hath 10 %hee/e spirits be+on'in' to y
day, and 20 to the ni'ht, .nder
*ho,e are 30 prin%ipa++ spirits, and .nder those as ,any, *hereo/ *ee sha++ ,a)e
,ention, b.t o/, 8 o/ y
%hee/e presidents be+on'in' to the day, $nd as ,any be+on'in' to
the ni'ht, $nd e6ery one hath 20 ser6ants at his %o,,and, they are a++ 6ery %o.rtio.s and
3o6in', and bea.ti/.++ to beho+d J% 1hey are as /o++o*eth *ith their sea+es.
$se+ie+ his #ea+e. 4/i'.re 168.5
8 o/ his #er6ants be+on'in' to the day.
arie+, &haras, Parnie+, $ratie+, &.bie+, $nie+, $sahe+, $rean.
4/i'.res 169=176.5
8 o/ his #er6ants be+on'in' to the !i'ht.
$sphie+, &.rie+, &ha,os, Idie+, e+as, #arie+, Ithie+, 2o/ar.
4/i'.res 177=184.5
The Coni)ration o! A#eliel a# !ollo(eth/
Dee &on<.re thee I tho. i'hty J potent prin%e $se+ie+, *ho r.+es as a %hei/ prin%e or
Kin' .nder &arnesie+, in the J by East, J%.
1he /i/t 4/i/th5 spirit in order is %a++ed 6ariel; he is the /irst and %hee/e spirit .nder
&aspie+, 1he E,pero.r o/ the 4He r.+eth5 as )in' 4o/ the #o.th5 .nder &aspie+, and
hath 10 F.)es /or the dayC $nd 20 /or the ni'ht to attend hi, to doe his *i++, the *hi%h is
a++ 6ery 'ood, and *i++in' to obey the E8or%ist, *hereo/ *ee sha++ ,a)e ,ention b.t o/ 8
that be+on's to the day, and as ,any /or the ni'ht, *ith their sea+s /or they are s.//i%ient
/or pra%ti%e, !ote E6ery one o/ these F.)es hath 20 ser6ants apie%e to attend hi, *hen
he is %a++ed, E8%eptin' the 4.r +ast that be+on's to the ni'ht, /or they ha6e none, 1hey are
as /o++o*eth *ith their #ea+es.
2ar,ie+ his #ea+e. 4/i'.re 185.5
8 o/ his ser6ient d.)es be+on'in' to the day.
#o%has, 1i'ara, &hansi, Kerie+, $%teras, 2arbi+, &arpie+, ansi.
4/i'.res 186=193.5
8 o/ his #er6ants U
be+on'in' to the !i'ht.
2arbis, ar'.ns, &anie+, $%reba, areaiHa 4#+.2731C or%aHa5, 2aaba, 0abio, $stib.
4/i'.res 194=201.5
The Coni)ration o! 6ariel a# !ollo(eth
Dee & thee I tho. ,i'hty J potent Prin%e 2ar,ie+, *ho r.+es as a %hei/e Prin%e
or Kin' in the .nder &aspie+, J%C
1he si8 spirit in order, b.t the se%ond .nder the E,pero.r o/ the is %a++ed Ge"iel;
*ho 7.+eth as a )in'e in the J by Dest *ho hath 20 %hee/e spirits to ser6e hi, in
the day, J as ,any /or the ni'ht, and they ha6e ,any ser6ants at their %o,,ands
*hereo/ *ee sha++ ,a)e ,ention, b.t o/ 8 o/ the %hee/e spirits that be+on'e to the day,
$nd as ,any o/ those be+on'e to the ni'htC *ho hath 20 ser6ants apie%e to attend the,
*hen they are %a++ed /orth to appearan%e, they are 6ery *i++in', +o6in' and %o.rteo.s to
doe yo.r *i++, J% *hose na,es J sea+s is as /o++o*ethC
0edie+ his #ea+e. 4/i'.re 202.5
1he 8 d.)es be+on'in' to the day that is .nder 0edia+ 4si%5.
&o+ie+, !aras, #abas, $ssaba, #arie+, 7an%ie+, ashe+, 2arie+.
4/i'.res 203=210.5
1he 8 d.)es be+on'in' to the ni'ht.
7e%ie+, #adie+, $'ra, $nae+, $roan, &ire%as, $'+as, Arie+.
4/i'.res 211=218.5
The Coni)ration o! Ge"ial .#ic4 a# !ol-
Dee - %on<.re thee I tho. ,i'hty J potent prin%e 0edie+, *ho r.+eth as Kin' in the J by Dest, De -n6o)e %onstraine %o,and J%.
1he se6enth spirit in order, b.t the third .nder the 'reat E,pero.r o/ the is %a++ed
A#,riel, he is a ,i'hty )in'e, 7.+in' in the Dest part o/ the *or+d and hath 20
'reat F.)es to attend hi,, in the day ti,e, and as ,any /or the ni'hts, *ho hath .nder
the, se6era++ ser6ants to attend the, J% here *ee sha++ ,a)e ,ention 4b.t5 o/ 8 o/ the
%hee/e F.)es that be+on's .nto the day, $nd as ,any that be+on' to the ni'ht,
they are s.//i%ient /or pra%ti%eC $nd the /irst 4 that be+on's .nto the dayC $nd the /irst 4
that be+on's to the ni'ht hath 40 ser6ants apie%e to attend the,C $nd the +ast 4 o/ the day,
4ha6e5 20, and the +ast 4 o/ y
!i'ht 4ha6e5 10 apie%eC they are a++ 'ood J *i++in'
to obey, 4!ote5 those that is o/ the day, is to be %a++ed then 4in the day5, $nd those o/ the
ni'ht in the ni'htC J% these be their na,es J #ea+es that /o++o*ethC
$syrie+ his #ea+e. 4/i'.re 219.5
1he 8 d.)es y
be+on's to y
day .nder $syrie+.
$stor, &ar'a, 2.nie+, 7abas, $r%isat, $arie+, &.sie+, a+'.e+.
4/i'.res 220=227.5
1he 8 /or the ni'ht.
$,ie+, &.srie+, aroth, I,ie+, 2.dar, $spie+, @ase.a, Ha,as.
4/i'.res 228=235.5
The Con;)ration
Dee &on<.re thee J%C *ho r.+es as a %hei/e )in' in the Dest J%.
1he ei'hth spirit in order 2.t the /o.rth .nder the E,pero.r o/ the is %a++ed
Ma#eriel, Dho 7.++eth as )in' in the Fo,inion o/ y
Dest, and by, and hath a
'reat n.,ber o/ prin%es J ser6ants .nder hi,, to attend hi,, *hereo/ *e sha++ ,a)e
,ention o/ 12 o/ the %hee/e 4F.)es5 thatt attend hi, in the day ti,e, and 12 that attend
hi, to doe his *i++ in the ni'ht ti,e, *hi%h is s.//i%ient /or pra%ti%e, they are a++ 'ood by J *i++in'+y *i++ doe yo.r *i++ in a++ thin'sC those that is /or the day, is to be %a++ed
in the day, $nd those /or the ni'ht in the ni'ht, they ha6e e6ery one 30 ser6ants apie%e to
attend the, J their na,es and sea+es is as /o++o*eth.
aserie+ his #ea+e. 4/i'.re 236.5
1he 12 that be+on's to the day .nder aserie+.
ah.e, 7orie+, Ear6ie+, Gerie+, $tnie+, Aess.r, $Hi,e+, &hasor, Patie+, $ss.e+, $+ie+,
4/i'.res 237=248.5
1hese 12 /o++o*in' be+on' to the !i'ht.
$ra%h, aras, !o'.ie+, #ae,ie+, $,oyr, 2a%hie+, 2aros, E+ie+, Earos, 7abie+, $trie+,
4/i'.res 249=260.5
The Coni)rat-
Dee & thee J%C aserie+ *ho r.+es as %hei/e Prin%e or Kin' in the do,inion o/
Dest J by J%.
1he ninth spirit in order, b.t the /irst .nder the E,pero.r o/ the Dest is %a++ed Malgara#
== he 7.++eth as )in' in the Fo,inion o/ the Dest, and hath 30 F.)es .nder hi, to attend
hi,, in the day, and as ,any /or the ni'ht, and se6era+ .nder the, a'aine; *hereo/ *ee
sha++ ,a)e ,ention o/ 12 F.)es that be+on's to the day, and as ,any as be+on's to the
ni'ht, $nd e6ery one o/ the, hath 30 ser6ants to attend on the, E8%eptin' Mi#iel:
6ar!a#: A#$ar: 9 Deila#, /or the 4they5 ha.e b.t 20 and Aroi# 9 6a#iel, they ha6e b.t
10C J%. 1hey are a++ 6ery %o.rteo.s and *i++ appear *i++in'+y to d.e yo.r *i++, they
$ppear 2 J 2 at a ti,e *
their ser6ants, 1hey th
are /or the day is to be %a++ed in the day
and those /or the ni'ht in the ni'ht. 1heir !a,es and sea+s is as /o++o*ethC
a+'aras his #ea+e. 4/i'.re 261.5
1he 12 d.)es that be+on'es to the day.
&ar,ie+, e+ie+, 2orasy, $'or, &asie+, 7abie+, &abie+, "die+, Irie+, isie+, 2ar/as, $rois.
4/i'.res 262=273.5
12 d.)es /or the ni'ht.
$ro%, Fodie+, &.bi, 3ibie+, 7abo%, $spie+ &aron, Ga,or, $,ie+, $spar, Fei+as, 2asie+.
4/i'.res 274=285.5
The Coni)ration 9c/
Dee & thee J%C a+'aras *ho r.+eth J%C in y
Dest J%.
1he tenth spirit in order, 2.t the se%ond .nder the E,pero.r o/ the Dest is %a++ed
Dorochiel, *ho is a ,i'hty prin%e bearin' 7.+e in the Dest, and by !orth, and hath 40
F.)es to attend 4on5 hi, in the day ti,e, and as ,any /or the ni'ht, *ith an -nn.,erab+e
%o,pany o/ ser6ants spirits, *hereo/ *ee sha++ ,a)e ,ention o/ 24 &hee/e d.)es that
be+on's to the day, and as ,any /or the ni'ht, *ith their sea+es as /o++o*eth. !ote the 12
/irst that be+on'e to the day, and y
12 /irst that be+on's to the ni'ht hath 40 ser6ants
apie%e to attend on the,C $nd the 12 +ast o/ both the day, and o/ the ni'ht hath 400 apie%e
to $ttend on the, *hen they appeare, J% $++so those o/ the day is to be %a++ed in the day
and those o/ the ni'ht in the ni'htC Ibser6e the p+anetary ,otion in %a++in', /or y
2 /irst
that be+on's to the day are to be %a++ed in y
/irst p+anetary ho.r o/ y
dayC and the 2 ne8t
in y
se%ond p+anetary ho.r o/ the day, and soe s.%%essi6e+y on ti++ yo. ha6e 'one B.ite
thre* y
day and ni'ht, ti++ yo. %o,e to the 2 /irst a'aine J%. 1hey are a++ o/ a 'ood and *i++ *i++in'+y obey J%. 1heir na,es and sea+es is as /o++o*ethC
Foro%hie+. 4/i'.re 286.5
the 24 d.)es be+on'
to y
day, 12 be/ore noone.
a'ae+, $rtino, E/ie+, anie+PE/ie+, #.rie+Panie+, &arsie+P#.rie+, &arsie+, @abie+, &arba,
era%h, $+thor, I,ie+.
4/i'.res 287=298.5
Heere /o++o*eth the 12 d.)es, a/ternoone.
0.die+, $sphor, E,.e+, #orie+, &abron, Fi6ie+ $brie+, Fanae+, 3o,or, &asae+, 2.sie+,
4/i'.res 299=310.5
1he 24 F.)es that be+on' to the ni'ht .nder Foro%hie+ J%. 1hese 12 be/ore i'htni'ht
!ahie+, I/isie+ >V?, 2.+is, o,e+, Farbori, Panie+, &.rsas, $+ie+, $roHie+, &.syne,
Aranie+, Pe+.sar.
4/i'.res 311=322.5
1hese 12 a/ter ,idni'ht.
Pa/ie+, 0arie+, #orie+, aHie+, @.tie+, &ayros, !arsia+, oHie+, $bae+, eroth, &adrie+,
4/i'.res 323=334.5
The Coni)ration o! Dorochiel a# !ollo(eth
Dee & thee I tho. ,i'hty J%C dorothie+, *ho r.+eth as Kin' in the Dest J by
!orth, *ee -n6o%ate J%C
1he e+e6enth spirit in order, 2.t the third .nder the E,pero.r $,enadie+ is %a++ed U#iel,
*ho is a ,i'hty prin%e 7.+ein' as )in' in the !orth Dest. he hath 40 Fy.rna++ 4di.rna+5,
and 40 no%t.rna++ F.)es to attend on hi, in the day and the ni'ht, *hereo/ *ee sha++
,a)e ,ention o/ 14 that be+on's to y
day and as ,any /or y
ni'ht *hi%h is s.//i%ient /or
pra%ti%e, the /irst 8 that be+on's to the day hath 40 ser6ants a pie%e $nd the other 6 hath
30. $nd the /irst 8 that be+on's to y
ni'ht hath /orty #er6ants a pie%e to attend on the,,
$nd the ne8t 4 F.)es 20 ser6ants, $nd the +ast 2 4o/ the ni'ht5 hath 10 a pie%e, and they
are 6ery obedient and doth *i++in'+y appeare *hen they are %a++ed, they ha6e ,ore po*er
to hide or dis%o6er 1rea.s.res 4treas.res5 then any other spirits >saith #a+o,on? that is
%ontained in this 2oo)e, and *hen yo. hide, or *o.+d not ha6e anythin' ta)en a*ay that
is hidden, ,a)e these /o.r sea+s 4/ro, ri'ht
to +e/tC the sea+s o/C $dan, $nsoe+, a'ni and $barie+5 in 6ir'ins par%h,ent and +ay the,
*ith y
1reas.ry, *here the 1reas.ry +yeth and it *i++ ne6er be /o.nd nor ta)en a*ay. 1he
na,es and sea+s o/ these spirits is as @o++o*eth.
U#iel hi# Seale/
1he 14 d.)es y
be+on' to the day.
$barie+, $,eta, $rnen, Herne, #ae/er, Potie+, #ae/arn, a'ni, $,andie+, 2ars., 0arnas.,
Hissa,, @abarie+, "sinie+.
1he 14 d.)es that be+on' to the !i'ht.
$nsoe+, 0odie+, 2ar/os, 2.r/a, $dan, #addie+, #odie+, Issidie+, Pathier, arae, $s.rie+,
$+,oe+, 3as Pharon, Ethie+.
The Con;)ration o! U#iel a# !ol-
Dee &on<.re thee I tho. ,i'hty J%C "sie+ *ho r.+eth as %hei/ Prin%e or Kin' .nder
$,enadie+ in the !orth Dest J%.
4126r is b+an)5
1he t*e+/th spirit in order, 2.t the /o.rth .nder the E,pero.r o/ the Dest is %a++ed
Ca%ariel; 4#+2731 addsC *ho is a ,i'hty prin%e 7.+in' in the *est J by !orth5 he hath
50 F.)es to attend on hi, in y
day and as ,any in the ni'ht, .nder *ho, are ,any
ser6ants to attend on the,, *hereo/ *ee sha++ ,a)e ,ention b.t o/ 10 o/ the %hee/e
F.)es that be+on's to the day, $nd as ,any /or the ni'ht, J e6ery o/ the, hath 50
ser6ants to 'i6e attendan%e *hen their ,asters is -n6o%ated, J%. !ote 1hose F.)es that
be+on's to the day is 6ery 'ood and *i++in' to obey their aster, and is U
to be %a++ed in
the day ti,e, $nd they o/ the ni'ht is U
by E6i++ J Fisobedient, and *i++ de%ei6e
yo. i/ 1hey %an J% they are to be %a++ed in the ni'htC 1he na,es and sea+es o/ the, a++
are as /o++o*ethC
&abarie+ his #ea+eC 4/i'.re 365.5
1he 10 y
be+on's to y
#ati/ie+, Pari.s, 0odie+, 1aros, $sorie+, Eti,ie+, &+yssan, E+ite+, $nie+, &.pha+.
4/i'.res 366=375.5
1he 10 d.)es /or the !i'ht.
ador, Penie+, &.'ie+, 1ha+b.s, Iti,, 3adie+, orias, Pandor, &aH.+, F.bie+.
4/i'.res 376=385.5
The Coni)ration o! Ca%ariel a# !ollo(eth/
De &on<.re thee I tho. ,i'hty J potent Prin%e &abarie+ J%C *ho r.+eth as )in' in the
!orth J by Dest J%.
1he 13
#pirit in order 2.t the /irst .nder Fe,orie+C the E,pero.r o/ the north is %a++ed
Ra,#iel, he r.+eth as Kin' in the north, J hath /i/ty
d.)es /or the day, and as ,any /or
the ni'ht to attend hi,, J they ha6e ,any ser6ants .nder the, a'aine == /or to doe there
*i++ J%. *here o/ these *e sha++ ,a)e ,ention o/ 16 %hei/e d.)es that be+on' to the day, they are by 'ood J *i++in' to obey, J b.t 4on+y5 14 that be+on' to the
ni'ht, they are by e6i++ J st.bborne J disobedient, J *i++ not obey
*i++in'+y = a++ those d.)es that be+on' to the day ha6e 50 ser6ants a pee%e, e8%epin' the
3ast, /or they ha6e b.t 30 a pee%e J the 8 /irst that be+on'e to the ni'ht ha6e 40
sar6ants 4si%5 a pee%e e8%eptin' the 4 ne8t /o++o*in' /or they ha6e b.t 20 a pee%e, J the
+ast 2 ha6e b.t 10 a pee%e, there na,es J sea+es are as /o++o*eth 6i8t =
7aysae+ his sea+e. 4/i'.re 386.5
1he 16 d.)es that be+on' to y
2a%iar, 1hoa%,, #adar, 1erath, $stae+, 7a,i%a,, $r,ena, $+bhad.r,
&hanaei, @.rsie+, 2etasie+, e+%ha, 1haras, Arie+.
4/i'.res 387=402.5
1he 14 d.)es that be+on' ni'ht.
1harie+, Paras, $ray+, &.+,ar, 3aHaba, $+easi, #eba%h, Q.ibda, 2e+say, orae+, #ara%h,
$repa%h, 3a,as, 1h.r%a+.
4/i'.res 403=416.5
The Coni)ration o! Ra,#ael a# !ol-
Dee & thee J%.
1he 14
spirit in order, 2.t the se%ond .nder the E,pero.r o/ the !orth is %a++ed S,iel.
*ho r.+eth as Kin' in the !orth J by Easte *ho hath 10 d.)es to attend hi, in the day J
a 1000 /or the ni'ht J e6ery one o/ these ha6e a %ertaine n.,ber o/ sar6ants; *hereo/ *e
sha++ ,a)e ,ention o/ the 10 that be+on' to the day, J 10 o/ those that be+on' to the ni'ht
J those o/ the day are 6ery 'ood J not disobedient, as are those o/ the ni'ht /or they are
st.bborne J *i++ not appeare *i1+in'+y J% a++soe those o/ the day ha6e 720 sar6ants
a,on'st the, to doe there *i++, J the rest o/ the ni'ht ha6e 790 ser6ants to attend on
the, as o%%asion sar6eth, the na,es o/ these 20 are as /o++o*eth, *ith theire sea+es J
n.,ber o/ sar6ants J
#y,ie+ his #ea+e. 4/i'.re 417.5
1he 10 d.)es that be+on' to y
$s,ie+ 60, &hr.bas 100, Aas+os 40, a+'ron 20, 7o,ie+ 80, 3arae+ 60, $%ho+ 60, 2onye+
90, Fa'ie+ 100, .sor 110.
4/i'.res 418=427.5
the 10 d.)es that be+on' to the ni'ht.
a/r.s 70, $pie+ 30, &.rie+ 40, o+ae+ 10, $ra/os 50, arian. 100, !arHae+ 210, .rahe
30, 7i%he+ 120, !a+ae+ 130.
4/i'.res 428=437.5
1he /i6eteenth 4si%5 spirit in order, 2.t the third .nder the E,pero.r o/ the !orth is %a++ed
Ara"iel, *ho r.++eth as )in' in the !orth East part, and ha.e ,any d.)es .nder hi,
besides other ser6ants, *hereo/ *e sha++ ,a)e ,ention o/ 15 o/ the %hee/e F.)es *ho
ha6e 1260 ser6ants to attend hi, 4on ea%h o/ the,5. these d.)es are to be %a++ed in y
and ni'ht di6idin' y
sa,e into 15 parts be'innin' at s.n risin' *ith y
/irst spirit and so
on ti++ yo. %o,e to y
+ast spirit and +ast di6ision o/ the ni'ht, these spirits are 'ood by and *i++in' to doe yo.r *i++ in a++ thin's. 1hese be there na,es and sea+s J%.
$r,adie+ his #ea+e. 4/i'.re 438.5
@i/teene o/ his d.)es.
!assar, Parabie+, 3arie+, &a+6arnia, Irarie+, $+/erie+, Iryn, #a,ie+, $s,aie+, JasHie+,
Pandie+, &arasiba, $sbibie+, a/ayr, Ie,ie+.
4/i'.res 439=453.5
The Con;)ration
- %on<.re thee o tho. ,i'hty and potent prin%e $r,adie+ J%.
1he 16
spirit in order, 2.t the /o.rth .nder the E,pero.r o/ the !orth is %a++ed
6ar)cha# == *ho r.++eth as 4a5 )in' in the East and by !orth and hath ,any F.)es and
other se6era+ spirits to attend hi, *hereo/ *e sha++ ,a)e ,ention o/ 15 o/ the %hee/e
F.)es that be+on' to the day and ni'ht *ho ha6e 7040 ser6ants to attend on the,C they
are a++ by 'ood and are *i++in' to obey 4yo.,5 J%. yo. are to %a++ these spirits in
the sa,e ,anner as -she*ed 4si%5 in y
/ore'oin' E8peri,ent 4e8a,p+e5 o/ $r,adie+ and
his F.)esC 6iH
di6idin' y
day and ni'ht into 15 parts and J%. the na,es and sea+es o/
these as /o++o*eth ==
2ar.%has his #ea+e. 4/i'.re 454.5
@i/teene o/ his d.)es.
Q.itta, #arae+, e+%hon, &a6ayr, $bo%, &artae+, Janie+, Pharo+, 2ao8as, 0erie+, onae+,
&, 3a,ae+, &artae+, Fe%arie+.
4/i'.res 455=469.5
The Con;)ration o! 6arach)#
- %on<.re 1hee o tho. ,i'hty and potent prin%e 2ara%h.s J%.
.Here !ollo(eth the (an"ering ")'e#4
-n this p+a%e *e are to 'i.e yo. the .nderstandin' o/ a 11 o/ a ,i'hty and potent prin%es
*ith their ser6ants *
*ander .p and do*n in y
$ire and ne6er %ontin.e in one p+a%e,
*hereo/ one o/ the &hee/e and /irst 4o/ the *anderin' spirits5 is %a++ed Gara"iel415, *ho
hath 18150 ser6ants to attend hi,, /or he hath no F.)es nor prin%es. 1here/ore he is to be
-n6o%ated a+one, b.t *hen he is %a++ed there %o,eth a 'reat n.,ber 4,any5 o/ his
ser6ants *ith hi,, b.t ,ore or +ess a%%ordin' to 4*ith5 the ho*re o/ y
day and ho.r or
ni'ht he is %a++ed in, /or in 4the5 2 /irst o/ the day a%%ordin' to y
p+anatary ,otion,
and the t*o se%ond ho.r 4si%5 o/ the ni'ht there %o,eth 470 o/ his ser6ants *ith hi, and
in the 2 se%ond o/ y
Fay. and y
2 third o/ y
ni'ht there %o,eth 590 o/ his
ser6ants *ith hi, and in y
2 third o/ the day and y
2 /o.rth o/ y
ni'ht there
%o,eth 930 o/ his ser6ants *ith hi, and in y
2 /o.rth o/ y
day and y
2 /i/th
o/ y
ni'ht there %o,eth 1560 o/ his ser6ants J% and in y
2 /i/th o/ y
day and the
2 o/ y
ni'ht there %o,eth 13710 o/ his ser6ants and the 6
2 or +ast 2 o/ y
day there %o,eth 930 and -n the 2 /irst ho.res o/ y
ni'ht there %o,eth 1560 o/ his
ser6ants J%. they are a++ indi//erent 'ood by and *i++ obey in a++ thin's *i++in'+y
1he ,an.s%ript has 0eradie+ here, b.t 0aradie+ be+o*.
1he #ea+ o/ 0aradie+. 4/i'.re 470.5
The Con;)ration o! Gara"iel
- %on<.re thee o tho. ,i'hty and potent prin%e 0aradie+ *ho *andereth hear and there in
the $ire *ith thy ser6ants - %on<.re the 0aradie+ that tho. /orth *ith appeareth *ith thy
attendan%e in this /irst ho.r o/ y
Fay here be/ore ,e in this &rysta++ stone or here be/ore
this &ir%+e J%.
1he ne8t o/ these *andrin' prin%es is %a++ed 6)riel, *ho hath ,any F.)es J other
ser6ants *hi%h doe attend on hi, to doo his *i++ they are a++ by e6i++ and are hated
by a++ other spirits. 1hey they 4si%5 appeare 7.'ish 4ro'.ish5 and in the /or, o/ a serpent
*ith a 6ir'ins head and spea) *ith a ,ans 6oi%eC 1hey are to be %a++ed in the ni'ht, they hate the day and in the p+anetary ho.res, *hereo/ *ee sha++ ,ention 12 o/
the %hee/e F.)es that ans*ereth to the 12 p+anetary ho.res o/ the ni'ht *ho 4ea%h5 ha6e
880 ser6ants to attend on the, in the ni'ht a,on'st the, their na,es and sea+es are as
/o++o*eth *ith the na,e o/ 2.rie+.
2.rie+ his #ea+e. 4/i'.re 471.5
1he 12 d.)es are as /o++o*eth.
erosie+, $+,adie+, &.prie+, #ar6ie+, &asbrie+, !edrie+, 2./ie+, @.tie+, Fr.sie+, &arnie+,
Fr.bie+, !astros.
4/i'.res 472=483.5
The Con;)ration
- %on<.re 1hee o tho. ,i'hty and potent prin%e 2.rie+ *ho *andereth here and therre in
the $ire *ith the 4thy5 F.)es and other thy #er6ient #pirits - %on<.re thee 2.rie+ that tho.
/ore *ith appeare *ith thy attendan%e in the /irst ho.r o/ y
ni'ht, here be/ore ,e in this
%rysta++ stone >or here be/ore this &ir%+e? in a /air and %o,+y shape to doe ,y *i++ in a++
thin's that - sha++ desier o/ yo. J%C
1he third o/ these *anderin' spirits or prin%es is %a++ed H,"riel, *ho hath 100 'reat
F.)es besides 200 +esser F.)es and ser6ants *itho.t n.,ber .nder hi,, *hereo/ *e
sha++ ,ention 12 o/ the &hee/e F.)es *hi%h hath 1320 ser6ants to attend the,C 1hey are
to be %a++ed in y
Fay as *e++ as in y
ni'ht a%%ordin' to the p+anetary ,otion. 1he /irst
be'inneth *ith the /irst ho.r o/ y
day or ni'ht and so s.%%es/.++y 4s.%%essi6e+y5 on ti++
yo. %o,e to the +ast, they 4a+so5 appeare in the /or,e o/ a serpent, *ith a 6ir'ins head
and /a%eC yet they are 6ery %o.rteo.s and *i++in' to obey, they de+i'ht ,ost in or abo.t
*aters and a++ ,oist 'ro.nds. 1here na,es and #ea+es are as /o++o*ethC
Hydrie+ his #ea+e. 4/i'.re 484.5
1he 12 d.)es are as /o++o*eth.
orto+ie+, &ha,orie+, Pe+arie+, .s.Hie+, 3a,enie+, 2ar%hie+, #a,ie+, F.sirie+, &a,ie+,
$rbie+, 3.%ie+, &harie+.
4/i'.res 485=496.5
The Con;)ration
- %on<.re 1hee o tho. ,i'hty and Potent prin%e Hydrie+. J% % % %
4/i'.re 497. >dood+e?5
1he /o.rth U
in order
o/ these *anderin' prin%es in order is %a++ed *irichiel, He hath no
prin%es nor F.)es .nder hi, 2.t )ni'htsC *hereo/ *e sha++ ,ention 8 o/ the, 1hey
bein' s.//i%ient /or pra%ti%e *ho ha6e 2000 ser6ants .nder the,, 1hey are to be %a++ed
a%%ordin' to y
p+anetary ,otion. 1hey are a++ 'ood by, and *i++ doe yo.r *i++
*i++in'+y. 1heire !a,es and #ea+es are as /o++o*eth.
Piri%hie+ his #ea+e. 4/i'.re 498.5
his ei'ht Kni'hts.
Fa,arsie+, &ardie+, $+,asor, !e,arie+, enarie+, Fe,edie+, H.rsie+, &.prisie+.
4/i'.res 499=506.5
The Con;)ration
- %on<.re 1hee I tho. ,i'hty and potent prin%e Piri%hie+; *ho *andreth J%.
1he 5
*anderin' prin%e is %a++ed Eoniel, *ho hath a h.ndred prin%es and %hee/
F.)es, besides 20 .nder 4+esser5 F.)es and a , o/ ser6ants to attend hi, *hereo/
*ee sha++ ,ention 12 o/ the %hee/ Prin%es or F.)es == *ho ha6e 1320 F.)es J other
-n/erio.r #er6ants to attend the, 1hey are a++ by 'ood and *i++in' to obeyC it is
said they -nhabit ,ost in the *oodsC they are to be %a++ed in the day as *e++ as in the
!i'ht, and a%%ordin' to y
P+anetary order. 1heir na,es and sea+es are as /o++o*eth,
E,onie+ his #ea+e. 4/i'.re 507.5
His 12 d.)es are as /o++o*eth.
Er,onie+, Edrie+, &arnodie+, Phan.e+, Fra,ie+, Pandie+, Aasene+, !asinie+, &r.hie+,
$r,esie+, Iaspenie+, .sinie+.
4/i'.res 508=519.5
The Con;)ration
- %on<.re 1hee o 1ho. ,i'hty and Potent Prin%e E,onie+C *ho *andereth J%.
1he si8th o/ these *andrin' prin%es is %a++ed Ico#iel, Dho hath a 100 F.)es J 300
%o,panions besides other ser6ants *hi%h are ,ore -n/erio.r *hereo/ *e ha6e ta)en 15 o/
&hee/e F.)es /or Pra%ti%e they bein' s.//i%ient, J%. they ha.e 2200 ser6ants to attend
the,. 1hey are a++ o/ a 'ood and *i++ doe *hat they are %o,,anded. 1hey appeare
,ost %o,,on+y in 1he 4they5 de+i'ht ,ost therein. 1hey are to be %a++ed
in the 24 ho.res o/ the day and ni'htC 1hat is to de6ide the 24 ho.res into /i6eteen parts
a%%ordin' to the n.,ber o/ the spirits, be'inin' *ith the /irst at #.nrise and *ith the +ast
at #.n risein' ne8t day J%. 1heir na,es and #ea+es are as /o++o*eth.
-%osie+ his #ea+e. 4/i'.re 520.5
His 15 d.)es are as /o++o*eth.
a%harie+, Pis%hie+, 1hanatie+, Gosie+, $'apie+, 3arphie+, $,edie+, &a,brie+, !athrie+,
Ga%harie+, $thesie+, &.,arie+, .ne/ie+, Heresie+, "rbanie+.
4/i'.res 521=535.5
The Con;)ration
- %on<.re 1hee I tho. ,i'hty and Potent Prin%e -%osie+, J%.
1he 7
o/ these is %a++ed Sole&iel, *ho hath .nder his %o,,and 200 F.)es, and 200
&o,panions *ho %han'e e6ery year their p+a%es, 1hey ha6e ,any ser6ants to attend
the, 1hey are a++ 'ood and 6ery obedient J%. here *e sha++ ,ention 12 o/ the &hee/e
F.)es *hereo/ the /irst 6 are F.)es one year, and the other 6 the ne8t /o++o*in' and so
r.++in' in order to ser6e there prin%e. 1hey ha6e .nder the, 1840 ser6ants to attend on
the, they are to be %a++ed in the day as *e++ as in the ni'htC a%%ordin' to the p+anetary or ,otion. 1heir na,es and sea+es are as /o++o*eth.
#o+e6ie+ his #ea+e. 4/i'.re 536.5
his 12 d.)es.
-na%hie+, Pra8ee+, ora%ha, $+,odar, !adr.sie+, &ob.sie+, $,rie+, $8osie+, &haroe+,
Prasie+, .rsie+, Penador.
4/i'.res 537=548.5
The Con;)ration
- %on<.re 1hee I tho. ,i'hty and Potent Prin%e #o+e6ie+ *ho *andereth J%.
1he ei'hth o/ those *anderin' prin%es is %a++ed Mena"iel, *ho hath 20 F.)es J 100
%o,panions and ,any other ser6ants. 1hey bein' a++ o/ a 'ood and 6ery obedient.
here *ee ha6e ,entioned 6 o/ the %hee/e F.)es and 6 o/ y
.nder 4+esser5 F.)es or
%o,panions, they ha.e 390 ser6ants to attend the,C !ote yo. ,.st %a++ these a%%ordin'
to y
p+anetary ,otion 4*ith5 a F.)e in y
/irst ho.r and a %o,panion in the ne8t 4ho.r5
and so s.%%es/.++y 4s.%essi6e+y5 on thro.'h a++ the ho.res o/ y
day or ni'ht. *hose
na,es and sea+es are as /o++o*ethC
enadie+ his sea+e. 4/i'.re 549.5
his 12 d.)es.
1he 6 %hei/e d.)es.
3ar,o+, Frasie+, &+a,or, 2enodie+, &harsie+, #a,ye+.
4/i'.res 550=555.5
1he 6 .nder d.)es.
2ar%hie+, $,asie+, 2ar.%h, !edrie+, &.rasin, 1harson.
4/i'.res 556=561.5
The Con;)ration
- %on<.re thee I tho. ,i'hty and potent Prin%e enadie+. *ho *andC
1he 9
spirit in order that *andereth is %a++ed Macariel, *ho hath F.)es besides a 6ery
,any other -n/erio.r #er6ants to attend on hi,, *hereo/ *ee sha++ ,ention 12 o/ the
&hee/e F.)es *ho ha6e 400 ser6ants to attend the,. 1hey are a++ 'ood by J
obedient to doe y
*i++ o/ y
E8or%ist. 1hey appeare in di6ers /or,es b.t ,ost %o,,on+y
in y
/or,e o/ a dra'on *ith 6ir'ins headsC 1hese F.)es are to be %a++ed in the day as
*e++ as ni'ht a%%ordin' to y
p+anetary order. 1heir na,es and sea+es are as /o++o*eth.
a%arie+ his #ea+e. 4/i'.re 562.5
his 12 d.)es.
&+anie+, Fr.sie+, $ndros, &haroe+, $s,adie+, 7o,ye+, ast.e+, Aarpie+, 0re,ie+, 1h.rie+,
2r./ie+, 3e,oda%.
4/i'.res 563=574.5
The Con;)ration
- %on<.re 1hee I tho. ,i'hty and potent prin%e a%arie+ >*ho *andereth J%.
1he 10
spirit in order that *andereth or 'reat prin%e is %a++ed Uriel, *ho hath 10 %hee/
F.)es and 100 .nder 4+esser5 F.)es *ith ,any ser6ants to attend hi,. 1hey are by E6i++ and *i++ not obey *i++in'+y and are 6ery /a+se in their doin's. 1hey appear in
the /or, o/ a serpent *ith a 6ir'ins head and a /a%eC *hereo/ *e sha++ ,ention b.t y
%hee/e F.)es *ho ha.e 650 &o,panions J ser6ants to attend the, J% 1here na,es and
sea+es are as /o++o*eth ==
"rie+ his #ea+e. 4/i'.re 575.5
His 10 F.)esC
&habri, Frabros, !ar,ie+, @ras,ie+, 2ry,ie+, Fra'on, &.r,as, Frapios, Her,on,
4/i'.res 576=585.5
The Con;)ration
- %on<.re thee I 1ho. ,i'hty and potent prin%e "rie+. *ho *andereth J%.
1he 11
and +ast prin%e o/ this *anderin' order is %a++ed 6i"iel *ho hath .nder his
%o,,and 20 F.)es and 200 other F.)es *
are ,ore -n/erio.r, besides 6ery ,any
ser6ants to attend hi,. 1hese F.)es %han'e e6ery year their o//i%e and p+a%e. 1hey are a++
'ood and *i++in' to obey the E8or%ist in a++ thin's J% 1hey appeare 6ery 2ea.ti/.++ and
in a h.,ane shape *hereo/ *ee sha++ ,ention 10 o/ y
&hee/e F.)es *ho ha6e 2400
ser6ants to attend the,, their !a,es and #ea+es areC
2idie+ his #ea+e. 4/i'.re 586.5
his 10 'reat d.)es.
.dire+, &r.%han, 2ra,sie+, $r,onie+, 3a,enie+, $ndr.%hie+, erasie+, &harobie+,
Parsi/ie+, &hre,oas.
4/i'.res 587=596.5
The Con;)ration to the (an"ring *rince#
- %on<.re 1hZ o 1ho. ,i'hty and potent prin%e 2idie+, *ho *andereth hear and there in
the aire *ith thy F.)es and other o/ thy #er6ants spirits, - %on<.re 1hee 2idie+ that tho.
/orth*ith %o,e and appeare *ith attendan%e in this /irst ho.r o/ y
day here be/ore ,e in
this &rista++ stone >or here be/ore this &ir%+e? in a /air and %o,+y shape to do ,y *i++ in
a++ thin's that - sha++ desier o/ yo. J%. X
The Con;)ration to the $rince# that Go&ern the $oint# o! the co$a##-
- %on<.re thee o tho. ,i'hty and potent prin%e !. *ho r.+eth as a %hee/e prin%e or )in' in
the do,inion o/ the East >or J%? - %on<.re thee ! that tho. /ort*ith appeareth *ith 1hy
attendan%e in this /irst ho.r o/ y
day here be/ore ,e in this %rista++ stone >or hear be/ore
this &ir%+e in a /air and %o,e+y shape to doe ,y *i++ in a++ thin's that - sha++ desier o/ yo.
J% X
To the D)'e# that (an"er
- %on<.re thee I tho. ,i'hty and potent d.)e !. *ho *andereth hear and there 4in the
aire5 *ith thy Prin%e !. and others o/ his J% 1hy ser6ants in y
$ire. - %on<.re 1hee !.
that tho. /or*ith 4/orth*ith5 appeareth J%.
To the D)'e# that go&erneth the *oint o! the Co$a##e (ith their *rince/
- %on<.re 1hee I tho. ,i'hty and Potent F.)e !. *ho r.+eth .nder thy prin%e or )in' !.
in the do,inion o/ the East >or J%? - %on<.re thee !. that tho. /orth*ith appeareth ,
a++one >or *ith 4thy5 ser6ants? 4o/ the air5 in this /irst >or se%ond? o/ the day, here
be/ore ,e in this %rista+ stone >or here be/ore this %ir%+e? in a /air and %o,e+y shape, to
doe ,y *i++ in a++ thin's that - sha++ desire or reB.est o/ yo. X. - %on<.re and po*er/.++y
%o,,and o/ yo. !. 2y hi, *ho said the *ord and it *as doneC and by a++ the ho+y and
po*er/.++ na,es o/ 'od and by the na,e o/ the on+y %reator o/ hea6en, Earth, and he++
and *hat is %ontained in the, A"ona,: El: Elohi: Elohe: Elion: E#cerchie 4Es%herie5,
7e%aoth: +ah: Tetragraaton: Sa"a,. 1he on1y +ord 'od o/ the hosts, 1hat yo.
/orth*ith appearth .nto ,e here in this &rista++ stone >or here be/ore this %ir%+e? in a /air
and %o,e+y h.,ane shapeC *itho.t doein' any har,e to ,e or any other that
'od +eho&ah %reated or ,ade; 2.t %o,e ye pea%ib+y, 6issib+y and a//ab+y, no* *itho.t
de+ay ,ani/estin' *hat - desiere, bein' %on<.red by the na,e o/ y
Eterna++ 3i6ein' and
tr.e 'odC Helioren: Tetragraaton: Ane$he8eton. and /.+/i++ ,y %o,,ands and
persist .nto the end; - %on<.re %o,,and and %onstraine yo. spirit !. by Al$ha an"
Oega. 2y the na,e *rie)aton, *hi%h %o,,andeth the *ho+e host o/ hea6en and
by a++ those na,es *hi%h oses na,ed *hen he by the po*er o/ those na,es bro.'ht
'reat p+a'.es .pon Pharao 4Pharoah5, and a++ the peop+e o/ W'ypt. 7e%aoth: E#cerchie:
Ori#ton: Elion: A"ona,: *rie)aton and by the na,e o/ Schee#/ Aathia/ *ith
4*hi%h5 Josh.a %a++ed .pon and the s.n stayed his %o.rse, and by the na,e o/ Hagio#,
and by the Seal o! A"ona, 4135r5 and by Agla: On: Tetragraaton. 1o *ho,e a++
%reat.res are obedient and by the dread/.++ J.d'e,ent o/ the hi'h 'od and by the ho++y
an'e++s o/ hea6en and by the ,i'hty *isdo,e o/ the 'reat 'od o/ hosts 1hat yo. %o,e
/ro, a++ Parts o/ y
*or+d and ,a)e rationa+ ans*ers .nto a++ thin's - sha++ as)e thee U
, and %o,e yo. pea%eab+e 6issib+e and a//ab+e spea)in' .nto ,e *ith a 6oy%e
-nte++i'ib+e and to ,y .nderstandin' 1here/ore %o,e, %o,e yee in the na,e o/ A"ona,:
7e%aoth: A"ona,: Aiora, &o,e, *hy stay yo., hasten. A"ona,: Sa"a, the )in' o/
)in's %o,,andeth yo..
Dhen he is appeared she* hi, his sea+, and the Penta%+e o/ #a+o,on, sayin' 4as
.The A""re## )nto the S$irit )$on hi# coing4
beho+d the Penta%+e o/ #a+o,on *hi%h - ha6e bro.'ht be/ore yo.r presen%e J% as is
she*ed in the /irst 2oo)e 0oRtia. at the +atter end o/ the %on<.rationsC a++so *hen yo.
ha.e had y
desier o/ the #piritsC +i%en%e the, to depart as is she*ed there J%.
An" #o en"# the #econ" 6oo' calle" The)rgia Goetia
Note 1he abo6e *ritten %on<.rations doe one+y di//er in the /irst part as is she*ed there
.nti++ yo. %o,e to these ,ar)ers and X 2.t /ro, then%e /or*ard they are to be a++
one and y
Nota: *heresoe6er in this 2oo)e 1he.r'ia 0oetia in so,e parts o/ the #ea+es - ha.e .sed
these /ine stro)es PPPPPPP. 1hat part o/ the sea+ is to be a++ b+a%) *hi%h - did not doe
this paper is to %o.rse and thine J%.
Here 6eginneth the 3
*art .o! the Leegeton:4 calle"
The Art *a)line o! King Saloon
1his 4boo)5 is di6ided into t*o parts, the /irst %ontainin' 4dea+in' *ith5 the $n'e++s o/ the o/ the day and ni'htC 1he se%ond part 4*ith5 the $n'e++s o/ y
si'ns o/ the Godia% as
herea/ter /o++o*eth J%.
1he ! o/ these 24 4/o.r and t*enty5 $n'e++s o/ the day and ni'ht %han'eth e6ery
dayC and their o//i%es is to doe a++ thin's that are attrib.ted to the 7 p+anetts. 2.t that
%han'eth e6ery day a+soC as /or e8a,p+e yo. ,ay see in the /o++o*in' 1reatise 1hat
#a,.e+ 1he $n'e++ r.++eth the /irst o/ the day be'inni' 4si%5 at #.nn 7isin', s.pose
it be on a ,.nday in the /irst ho.r o/ y
>that is attrib.ted to the ? 1hat yo. %a++
#a,.e+ or any o/ his F.)es; 1here o//i%es in that is to doe 413565 doe a++ thin's
that are attrib.tted to the . 2.t i/ yo. %a++ hi, or any o/ his #er6ient F.)es on 1.esday
ornin' at #.nn 7isein'C bein' the /irst ho.r o/ the dayC 1heir o//i%es are to doe a++
thin's that are attrib.ted to . and so the +i)e is to be obser6ed in the /irst o/ e6ery
dayC and the +i)e is to be obser6ed o/ the $n'e++s and their ser6ants that 7.+e any o/ the
other ho.rsC either in the day or ni'htC a++so a'aine there is an obser6ation to be obser6ed
in ,a)ein' the #ea+es o/ these 24 $n'e++s a%%ordin' to the ti,e o/ the years Fay and
ho.r that yo. %a++ the $n'e++s or his ser6ants in to doe yo.r yo.r 4si%5 *i++C 2.t yo.
%annot ,ise 4,iss5 therein i/ yo. doe *e++ obser6e the E8a,p+e 1hat is +aid do*n in the
/o++o*in' *or)eC 1hey bein' a++ /itted /or the 10
day o/ ar%h 2ein' one 4on5 a
*ednesday in the year 1641 a%%ordin' to the o+d a%%o.nt 415 J% and as /or to )no* *hat
is attrib.ted to the p+anetts, - doe re/err yo. to the boo)s o/ $stro+o'y *hereo/ +ar'e
6o+.,es ha6e been *ritten. J% % % % %.
41. i-e- .sin' the J.+ian %a+endar. 1he 0re'orian %a+endar *as adopted thro.'ho.t E.rope
in 1582, b.t not in En'+and .nti+ 1752. any do%.,ents o/ the ti,e %arry both dates, or
as in this %ase, spe%i/ied *hi%h %a+endar they *ere /o++o*in'.5
.Concerning the chee!e #$irit# o! the ho)r#: an" their #er&ant# an" #eal#/4
O! the !ir#t ho)re o! an, Da,/
1he /irst o/ any Fay is r.+ed by an 4the5 an'e+ %a++ed Sa)el, *ho hath .nder his
%o,,and ,any F.)es and ser6antsC *hero/ *he sha++ ,ention 8 o/ the %hee/e F.)es
*hi%h is s.//i%ient /or pra%ti%eC *ho ha6e 444 ser6ants 4apie%e5 to attend the,. 1heire
!a,es are as @o++o*ethC Aeniel: Char$on: Daro#iel: Mona#iel: 6r)iel: Ne#toriel:
Chrea#: Mere#,n/ !o* /or to /itt or ,a)e a sea+ /or any o/ these 8 F.)es or the %hee/e
prin%e #a,.e+ doe as /o++o*eth == /irst *rite the &hara%ter o/ y
+ord o/ the as%endent
se%ond+y the a/ter*ards the 7est o/ the p+anets, and a/ter then the %hara%ters o/ y
that as%endeth on the 12 in that ho.r that is she*ed in this si'i++ *hi%h is /itted /or
the 10
Fay o/ ar%h in the year 1641 bein' on a *ednesday in the /irst J% %C
1his sea+ bein' th.s ,ade +ay it on the 1ab+e o/ pra%ti%e, 3ay yo.r hand on it and say 1he
&on<.ration that is *ritten at the +atter end o/ this /irst part /or it ser6eth /or a++ one+y the
na,es are to be %han'ed a%%oedin' to the ti,e yo. *or) in J%.
The Ta%le o! *ractice
!ota +ay the sea+ on the 1ab+e or that o/ the tab+e that is notted *
that %hare%ter 4si%5 as
+ord o/ the as%endent is o/, as is +ord o/ the as%endent in the abo6e said sea+ there/ore it
is to be +aid .pon the %hara%ters o/ in the tab+e o/ pra%ti%eC J%C doo the +i)e *ith a++
other sea+es J% % %.
1he per/.,es are to be ,ade o/ s.%h thin's as are attrib.ted to the sa,e p+anetts J % % %.
1he se%ond ho.r o/ the day is %a++ed Ce&or,, 1he $n'e++ that 'o6erneth that ho.r is
%a++d Anael, *ho hath 20 4705 %hee/e F.)es and 100 +esser F.)es to attend hi, *hereo/
*e sha++ ,entione 9C 2.t the thre /irst ar o/ y
%hee/e 4'reater5, and the othe55r 6 o/ the
.nder 4+esser5 F.)es. 1hey ha.e 330 4o/ their o*n5 #er6ants 4apie%e5 to attend the,.
1hose 9 4in order5 are as /o++o*eth 6iH
C Menarcho#: Archiel: Char"iel: Or$hiel:
C)r#iel: Elo,: @)o#iel: EraAiel: Gran,el/ *hen yo. ha.e a desier to *or)e in the
se%ond ho.r o/ *ednesday on the 10
day o/ ,ar%h ,a)e a sea+ as /o++o*eth on any %+ean
paper or par%h,ent *rittin' /irst the %hara%ters o/ y
3ord o/ the as%endent == 1hen the
7est o/ the P+anetts, and the si'ne o/ y
th as yoi. ,ay see in this /o++o*in' si'i++
and *hen it is ,ade +ay it .pon the part o/ y
tab+e as is noted *ith the sa,e %harre%ter as
the +ord o/ the as%endent is. Ibser6e this sa,e r.+e in a++ the /o++o*in' part o/ this /irst
part and yo. %an not Eare J% 1hen say the %on<.ration as is *ritten at y
+atter end J% % %
4/i'.re 599.5
1he 3
ho.r o/ any day is %a++ed Dan#or. and the $n'e++ that r.++eth that ho.r is %a++ed
VeB)aniel. *ho hath 20 %hee/e F.)es and 200 +esser F.)es, and a 'reat ,any other
ser6ants to attend hi,, *hereo/ *ee sha++ ,ention 4 o/ the %hee/e F.)es and ei'ht o/ the
+esser 4F.)es5 *ho hath 1760 ser6ants to attend the, there na,es are as /o++o*eth 6iH
A#iel: *er#iel: M)r#iel: 7oe#iel? an" Drelech: Sa"iniel: *arniel: Coa"iel:
Gear,: 5antiel: Ser&iel: F)riel/ 1hese bein' s.//i%ient /or pra%ti%e. a)e a sea+
s.tabb+e to the day ho.r and year as this is /or the ti,e be/ore ,entioned and yo. %annot
Erre, then say the &on<.ration.
4/i'.re 600.5
1he 4
ho.r o/ any day is %a++ed Elech,, and the $n'e++ thereo/ is %a++ed Vathiel,
*ho hath 10 %hee/e F.)es and 100 .nder 4+esser5 F.)es, besides ,any ser6ants *hereo/
*ee sha++ ,ention 5 o/ the %hee/e and 10 o/ the .nder 4+esser5 F.)es; *ho ha6e 1550
ser6ants to attend the,. 1heir na,es are as /o++o*ethC 6iH Ar,el: Larich: Mar!iel:
Or,el: 7ar"iel: Ear!iel: *eriel: @)eriel: Str)%iel: Di&iel: +eriel: Th)ro#:
Vane#iel: 7a#&iel: Heriel/ 1hese bein' s.//i%ient /or pra%ti%e. ,a)e a sea+ s.itab+e to
this ho.r as is be/ore dire%ted and yo. %an not erreC the /or, it *i++ be as this is heare /or
the ti,e a/orsaide J% *hen it is ,adeC doe as be/ore dire%tedC and say 1he %on<.rationC [
[ [ [ [
4/i'.re 601.5
1he 5
ho.r o/ e6ery day is %a++ed Fealech, and the an'e+ thereo/ is %a++ed Sa#B)iel. he
hath 10 F.)es %hee/e, and 100 +esser F.)es and 6ery ,any ser6ants *hereo/ *ee sha++
,ention 5 o/ the %hee/e F.)es and 10 o/ y
the +esser 4F.)es5 *ho ha6e 5550 ser6ants to
attend 4on5 the, *hose na,es are as /o++o*eth, 6iH
C Daiel: Araniel: Maroch:
Sara$hiel: *)ti#iel? +aeriel: F)tiniel: Raeriel: Ai#iel: Uraniel: Oerach:
Laero#: 7achiel: F)#tiel: Caiel: 1hese bein' s.//i%ient /or U
pra%ti%eC then ,a)e a
sea+ s.etab+e /or the ti,e as - here 'i.e yo. an E8a,p+e U
/or the day be/ore spo)en o/
in the year 1641 and *hen yo. ha.e ,ade it +ay it .pon the 1ab+e as yo. *as be/ore
she*ed and say the %on<.rationC [ [ [ [ [
4/i'.re 602.5
1he 6
th o/ the day is %a++ed Gena$heri, and the $n'e++ r.++in' that is %a++ed
Saniel, *ho hath 10 %hee/e F.)es and 100 +esser F.)es besides ,any other -n/erio.r
ser6ants *hereo/ *ee sha++ ,ention 5 o/ the %hee/e and 10 o/ the +esser 4F.)es5 *ho
ha6e 5550 ser6ants to attend the,C *hose na,es are as /o++o*eth 6iH
C Arne%iel:
Char)ch: Me")#iel: Nathiel: *eiel: Ga,el: +enotriel: Saeon: Tra#iel: 5a,on:
Ne"a%or: *eron: 6ra#iel: Cao#iel: E&a"ar/ 1hey bein' s.//i%ient /or pra%ti%e in this o/ the day. 1hen ,a)e a sea+ to the ti,e o/ the day year and ho.r as here is
,ade one /or the ti,e a/oresaid 1hen +ay it on the 1ab+e as yo. *as be/ore dire%ted and
yo. %annot erre. 1hen say the %on<.ration J% % % % % % %
4/i'.re 603.5
1he 7
th o/ the day is %a++ed Haar,, and the $n'e++ that 'o6erneth the sa,e is
%a++ed 6arB)iel, *ho hath 10 %hee/e d.)es and a 100 .nder 4+esser5 F.)es besides
ser6ants *hi%h are 6ery ,any *hereo/ *ee sha++ ,ention 5 o/ the %hee/e F.)es and 10 o/
the +esser *ho ha6e 600 ser6ants *hi%h attend the, in this ho.rC *hose na,es are as
/o++o*eth 6iHC A%ra#iel: Faro#: Ne#torii: Man)el: Sagiel: Hariel: Na#tr)#: Vara,:
T)la#: Cro#iel: *a#riel: Vene#iel: E&ar,: Dr)!iel: Katho#/ 1hey bein' s.//i%ient /or
pra%ti%e in this J%. 1hen ,a)e a sea+ here - 'i.e yo. an E8a,p+e 1hen +ay on the
1ab+e as yo. *as dire%ted be/ore J ha6ein' a++ thin's in readines say the %on<.ration, J%
% % % %
4/i'.re 604.5
1he 8
ho.r o/ e6ery day is %a++ed +a!an,, and the an'e++ 4that5 'o6erneth the sa,e is
%a++ed O#a"iel, *ho hath a 100 4105 %hee/e F.)es and 100 +esser F.)es besides 6ery
,any other ser6ants *hereo/ *ee sha++ ,ention 5 o/ the %hee/e F.)es and 10 o/ the
+esser *ho ha6e 1100 ser6ants to attend the, == 1hey bein' s.//i%ient /or Pra%ti%eC 1here
na,es are as /o++o*eth 6iH
C Sar!iel: Aal,: Chroel: Me#ial: Lantrhot#: Dearot:
+ano!iel: Lar!)t,: Veael: Thri%iel: Mariel: Rea#,n: Theoriel: Fraion: Eriel/
J%. 1hen ,a)e a sea+ /or this 8
th as os she*ed by this sea+ *hi%h is ,ade /or an
e8a,p+e = then +ay it on the tab+eC and say the %on<.ration /o++o*in' J% % % % %
4/i'.re 605.5
1he 9
ho.r o/ e6ery day is %a++ed Karron, and the $n'e++ r.++in' it is %a++ed @)a%riel
*ho hath ,any F.)es, 66 o/ y
'reater and +esser orderC besides ,any other ser6antsC
*hi%h are ,ore -n/erio.r *hereo/ 10 o/ the 'reater and 100 o/ the +esser F.)es ha6e
192980 ser6ants in 10 orders to obey and ser6e the, *hereo/ *e sha++ ,ention the na,es
o/ /i6e 'reat 4'reater5 F.)es and 10 4o/ the5 +esser F.)es *ho ha6e 650 %hee/e ser6ants
to attend on the, in this they bein' s.//i%ient /or pra%ti%eC 1hese be their na,esC
C A#troniel: Char,: *aor,: Da,el: Na"riel: Krano#: Mena#: 6ra#iel:
Ne!ar,: 7o,iel: Tr)%a#: 5eriel: Lae#on: 7a#nor: +ane"iel/ and *hen yo. ha.e
a desier to ,a)e an e8peri,ent in this ,a)e a sea+ as yo. *as to.'ht be/ore the
/or,e o/ this is /or an e8a,p+e and *hen it is ,ade +ay it on the 1ab+e as yo. *as
dire%ted be/ore 1hen say the &on<.rationC J% % % % %
4/i'.re 606.5
1he 10
ho.r o/ e6ery Fay is %a++ed Laarhon and the an'e++ r.++in' it is %a++ed Oriel
*ho hath ,any F.)es and ser6ants di6ided into 10 orders *hi%h %ontain 5600 spirits
*hereo/ *ee sha++ ,ention 5 o/ the %hee/ F.)es J 10 o/ the ne8t +esser F.)es *ho hath
1100 ser6ants to attend on the,. 1hey bein' s.//i%ient /or pra%ti%e. 1heir na,es are as
/o++o*eth 6iH
Aro#,: Dra%iel: *enal,: Me#riel: Chore%: Le)r: Ora#: Charn,:
7aA,or: Na&eron: 5antro#: 6a#ilon 42asi+ion5, Naeron: Kranoti: Al!rael/ and *hen
yo. ha6e a desier to pra%ti%e in this ,a)e a sea+ to the ti,eC as this hear is
,ade /or the 10
ho.r on *ednesday the 10
o/ ,ar%h in the year 1641 it bein' /or an
e8a,b+e 4si%5 and *hen it is ,ade +ay it on the 1ab+e o/ pra%ti%eC and say the %on<.ration
J% % % % %
4/i'.re 607.5
1he 11
ho.r in e6ery day is %a++ed Manelo,, and the an'e+ 'o6ernin' that ho.r is
%a++ed 6ariel, *ho hath ,any F.)es and ser6ants *hi%h are di6ided into 10 parts *hi%h
%ontain y
n.,ber o/ 5600 *hereo/ *ee sha++ ,ention 5 o/ the F.)es o/ the /irst order
and 10 +esser F.)es o/ the se%ond order, *ho ha6e 1100 ser6ants to attend the,, 1hey
bein' s.//i%ient /or pra%ti%e. 1heir na,es are as /o++o*eth 6iH
C AlariAel 4$+,ariHie+5,
*ra#iniel: Cha"ro#: T)riel: Laiel: Mena!iel 4enasie+5, Dea#or: Oar,: Hela#:
7eoel: Ala#: *eran: Coial: Tea#: Lani!iel/ and *hen yo. *o.+d pra%ti%e ,a)e
a sea+ to y
ti,e o/ the dayC as - she* yo. here by an E8a,p+eC and *hen it is
,ade +ay it on the 1ab+e o/ pra%ti%eC and say the &on<.ration J% % % % %
4/i'.re 608.5
1he 12 ho.r o/ e6ery day is %a++ed NahalonC and the $n'e++ 'o6ernin' that ho.r is %a++ed
6eratiel, *ho hath ,any F.)es and other ser6ants *hi%h are di6ided into 12 de'rees the
*hi%h %ontaine the n.,ber o/ 3700 spirits in a++ *hereo/ *ee sha++ ,ention 5 the %hee/e
F.)es and 10 o/ the +esser F.)esC *ho ha6e 1100 ser6ants to attend the,, they bein'
s.//i%ient /or pra%ti%e. 1heir na,es are as /o++o*ethC 6iH
C Caaron 4&a,aro,5,
A#tro!iel: *enatiel: Dearac 4Fe,arae5, Faara#: *laiel: Nera#tiel: Fiar#on:
@)iri8: Saeron: E"riel: Choriel: Roiel: Feno#iel: Harar,/ and *hen yo. ha6e a
desier to *or)e in this ho.r ,a)e a sea+ to the ti,e as - ha6e here /or the sa,e
ho.r 2.t the 10
o/ ,ar%h in y
year 1641. *hen yo. ha6e th.s ,ade it +ay it on the 1ab+e
o/ pra%ti%e and +ay yo.r hand on it. and say the %on<.ration J% % % % %
4/i'.re 609.5
1he /irst ho.r o/ e6ery ni'ht is %a++ed Oalharien, and the $n'e++ r.+in' it is %a++ed
Sa%rathan *ho hath 1540 F.)es and other ser6antsC *hi%h are di6ided into 10 orders or
parts, *hereo/ *ee sha++ ,ention 5 o/ the %hee/e F.)es and 10 o/ the +esser F.)esC
*hi%h are ne8t to the 5 /irstC 1hey bein' s.//i%ient /or pra%ti%e in this 1heir na,es
are as /o++o*eth 6iHC Doara# 4Fo,oras5, Aeran,: *enole#: Mar"iel: Na#t)l:
Rae#iel: Oe"riel: Frane"ac: Chra#iel: Dora#on: Ha,Ao,: Ealon: T)rtiel:
@)enol: R,aliel/ 1hey ha6e 2000 ser6ants to attend the, and *hen yo. *o.+d *or)e
in this ,a)e a sea+ to the ti,e as this is /or an E8a,p+e 1hen +ay the sea+ on
the 1ab+e o/ pra%ti%eC and yo. %annot erreC sayin' the %on<.ration J% % % % %
4/i'.re 610.5
1he 2
ho.r o/ the U
ni'ht is %a++ed *aneA)r, and the $n'e++ r.++in' it is %a++ed Tart,#.
*ho hath 101550 to attend hi, they bein' di6ided into 12 de'rees or orders *hereo/ *ee
sha++ ,ention 6 o/ the %hee/e F.)es o/ the /irst order J 12 o/ the ne8tC 1hey bein'
s.//i%ient /or pra%ti%eC 1heir na,es are as /o++o*eth 6iH Alo"ar: Faoriel: Ne"roA:
OreA,n: Cha%riA: *ra8iel: *eraA: VaeroA: Ear,el 4E,atye+5, FroeA,n:
RaaAiel: GranoA,n: Ga%rinoA: Merco$h: Taeriel: Venoiel: +enaAiel: 5e,Ain.
1hese ha6e 1320 ser6ants to attend the, in this ho.r to doe their *i++ and *hen yo. *i++
*or)e in this ho.r ,a)e a #ea+ to 4si%5 /or the ti,e as - ha6e here 'i6en an
E8a,p+e /or the ti,e abo.e ,entioned then +ay it on y
tab+eC and say the %on<.ration, J%
% % % %
4/i'.re 611.5
1he 3
ho.r o/ the ni'ht is %a++ed @)a%rion, and the an'e+ 'o6ernin' it is %a++ed
SerB)anich *ho hath 101550 ser6ient F.)es and ser6ants to attend hi,C 1he *hi%h are
di6ided into 12 Fe'rees o/ orders *hereo/ *ee sha++ ,ention 6 F.)es o/ the /irst order
and 12 o/ the se%ondC 1hey bein' s.//i%ient /or pra%ti%e. *hose na,es are as /o++o*eth
6iH Menar,: Chr)#iel: *enargo#: Ariel: DeanoA: Ne#toroA: E&an)el: SaroA,n:
Ha,lon: @)a%riel: Th)r,tA: Fron,Aon: Vano#,r: Learon: Alono,A: +anoth,el:
MelrotA: 5anth,oAo"- 1hese ha6e 1320 ser6ants to attend the, and *hen yo. *i++ ,a)e
any e8peri,ent in this ,a)e a #ea+ to the ti,e as - ha6e here e8e,p+i/yed
/or the ti,e a/oresaid 1hen +ay it on the 1ab+e o/ pra%ti%e and say the %on<.ration, J% % %
% %
4/i'.re 612.5
1he 4
ho.r o/ the ni'ht is %a++ed Raer#,, and the an'e++ that 'o6erns it is %a++ed
+e!i#cha == *ho hath 101550 F.)es and other ser6ants, *hi%h are di6ided into 12 orders
or de'rees to attend hi,, *hereo/ *e sha++ ,ention 6 o/ the %hee/e F.)esC and 12 o/
those that are o/ the se%ond order, they bein' s.//i%ient /or Pra%ti%eC 1heir na,es are as
/o++o*ethC 6iH
Aro#iel: Ne"r)an: Mane,loA: Orael: *hor#iel: RieA,n: Ra,Aiel:
GeeAin: Freiel: Haa,A: +a$)riel: +a#$hiel: Lae"iel: A"roAiel: 7o"iel: 6raiel:
CoreAiel: Enatriel/ 1hose ha6e 7260 ser6ants to attend the, and i/ yo. ha.e a desier to
operate in this ho.reC ,a)e a sea+ /or the ti,e yo. ha6e one here /or this ho*re
/or the ti,e abo.esaid it bein' /or an E8a,p+e 1hen +ay the sea+ .pon the 1ab+e o/
Pra%ti%e and say the %on<.ration, J% % % % %
4/i'.re 613.5
1he 5
th o/ the ni'ht is %a++ed Sana,!ar, and the U
an'e+ is %a++ed A%a#"arhon. he
hath 101550 F.)es and other ser6ants at his %o,,andC 1hey bein' di6ided into 12
de'rees o/ orders *hereo/ *ee sha++ ,ention 12 o/ the F.)es be+on'in' to the /irst order
and as ,any o/ the se%ond order, 1hey bein' s.//i%ient /or pra%ti%e /or this ho.rC 1here
na,es are as /o++o*eth 6iH
C Meniel: Chara%,: A$$iniel: DeinatA: Nechor,:
Haeriel: V)lcaniel: Saelon: Gear,: Vane#cor: Saer,: 5antro$,: Her$hatA:
Chr,a#: *atroA,n: Naeton: 6ara# 42ar,os5, *latiel: Ne#Ao,: @)e#"or:
CareaA: Uariel: Kral,: Ha%alon/ *ho ha6e 3200 ser6ants to attend the, and i/
yo. ,a)e any E8peri,ent -n this ho.r, ,a)e a sea+ to the ti,e as this sea+ is s.ted
/or the ti,e a/oresaid bein' y
o/ ar%h 1641 it bein' /or an e8a,p+e. 1hen +ay it on
the 1ab+e o/ pra%ti%e and doe as yo. *here dire%ted be/ore J say the %on<.ration, J% % %
% %
4/i'.re 614.5
1he 6
ho.r o/ e6ery ni'ht is %a++ed ThaaAaron, and the an'e++ 'o6ernin' it is %a++ed
7aaAenach, *ho hath 101550 F.)es and other ser6ants at his %o,,and to attend hi,,
they bein' di6ided in 12 parts and 4or5 orders; *hereo/ *ee sha++ ,ention 12 o/ the
%hee/est F.)es in the /irst order and 6 o/ the se%ond order they bein' s.//i%ient /or
pra%ti%e in this ho.r. 1heir na,es are as /o++o*ethC 6iH
C AonaA,: Menoriel: *reno#ti8:
Nae"or: Chera#iel: DraaA: T)%eriel: H)aAiel: LanoAiel LaerotAo": 5er$hiel:
7eAiel: *aon: Dracon: GeatAo": Enariel: R)"e!or: Saron: *ho ha6e 2400
ser6ants to attend on the, J i/ yo. ,a)e any e8peri,ent in this ho.r ,a)e a sea+ /itt /or
the ti,e as this is /or 1he 1i,e be/ore spo)en o/ 1hen +ay it on the 1ab+e and say the
%on<.ration, J% % % % %
4/i'.re 615.5
1he 7
th o/ e6ery 4the5 ni'ht is %a++ed Vena,"or, and its an'e++ is %a++ed Men"rion,
*ho hath 101550 d.)es J other ser6ants to attend hi,. 1hey bein' di6ided into 12
orders, *hereo/ *e sha++ ,ention 12 o/ the /irst %hee/e d.)es and 6 o/ y
ne8t +esser sort
1hey bein' s.//i%ient /or pra%ti%e == 1heir na,es are as /o++o*ethC 6iH
C Aiel: Choriel:
Genar,tA: *an"roA: Mene#iel: Saeriel: Ventariel: 7achariel: D)%raA: Marchiel:
+ona"riel: *eoniel: Ra,Aiel: Tar,tA: Ana$ion: +on,el: Fraoth: Machag, *ho
ha6e 1860 ser6ants to attend the, J *hen yo. ,a)e any E8peri,ent ,a)e a sea+
to the ti,e as yo. ha6e hear an E8a,p+e. 1hen +ay it on y
1ab+eC and say the %on<.ration,
J% % % % %
4/i'.re 616.5
!ota - s.pose this sea+ to be *ron' and that it ,.st be as the /o++o*in'
sea+ o/ the 8
1he 8
ho.r o/ e6ery ni'ht is %a++ed 5,ali, and the an'e++ r.++in' it is %a++ed
Narcoriel, *ho hath 101550 F.)es J other ser6ient spirits to attend hi,, they bein'
di6ided into 12 de'rees or orders, *hereo/ *e sha++ ,ention 12 o/ the /irst order and 6 o/
the ne8t order, 1hey bein' s.//i%ient to pra%ti%e in this ho.r. 1heir na,es are as /o++o*eth
Ca%iel 4&a,brie+5, Ne"ar,: A#trocon: Mari!iel: DraoA,n: L)#ti!ion:
Ael#on: LeoAar: 5erni!iel: Kanor#iel: 6)!anotA: +ae"roA: 5anoriA: +a#trion:
TheaA: Ho%rai,: 7,eloA: Ga#iel- *ho ha6e 30200 4362005 ser6ants to attend
the, and *hen yo. ,a)e any E8peri,ent in this ,a)e a sea+ to the ti,e as
yo. ha6e here in E8a,p+e /or the ti,e a/oresaid. 1hen +ay it on the 1ab+e and say the
%on<.ration, J% % % % %
4/i'.re 617.5
1he 9
ho.r o/ the ni'ht is %a++ed 7e#char and the an'e++ r.++in' it is %a++ed *a,el. he
hath 101550 d.)es J other ser6ants to attend hi, *ho are di6ided into 12 parts or orders,
*hereo/ *ee sha++ ,ention 18 o/ the %hee/e F.)es *hose na,es are as /o++o*ethC 6iH
Deaor: Naeal: A"ra$an: Cherel: Fena"ro#: Vea#iel: Coar, 4&a,ary5, Matiel:
7enoroA: 6ran"iel: E&an"iel: Taeriel: 6e!ranA,: +achoroA: 5anthir: Ara$,:
Dr)cha#: Sar"iel/ Dho ha6e 1320 ser6ants to $ttend the, and *hen yo. ,a)e any
E8peri,ent in this ho.r ,a)e a sea+ to the ti,e as yo. ha6e hear and 4si%5
e8a,p+e /or the ti,e a/oresaid. 1hen +ay it on the tab+e and +ay yo.r hands on itC and say
the %on<.ration, J% % % % %
4/i'.re 618.5
1he 10
ho.r o/ the ni'ht is %a++ed Malcho, and the an'e++ 'o6ernin' it is %a++ed
Ia##)ari, *ho hath a 100 %hee/e d.)es and a 100 +esser d.)es besides ,any other
ser6ants, *hereo/ *ee sha++ ,ention 6 that is three o/ the /irst order and 3 o/ the se%ond
order *ho ha6e 1620 ser6ants. 1here na,es are as /o++o*ethC 6iH
La$heriel: EarAiel:
Naero,A: Chaera,: HaAaniel: Uraniel/ and *hen yo. operate in this ,a)e a
sea+ to the ti,e as this is /or ti,e in the ,onth o/ ar%h 1641. then +ay it on the
1ab+e $nd say the %on<.ration, J% % % % %
4/i'.re 619.5
1he 11
ho.r o/ y
ni'ht is %a++ed Aalacho, and the an'e++ 'o6ernin' it is %a++ed
Dar"ariel, *ho hath ,any ser6ants and d.)es *hereo/ *e sha++ ,ention 14 o/ the %hee/e
d.)es and 7 o/ y
+esser F.)es *ho ha6e 420 ser6ants to attend the,C 1hey are a++ 'ood
and obey 'ods +a*es. 1heir na,es are as /o++o*ethC 6iH
C Car"iel: *eron: Ariel:
Na#toriel: Ca#iroA: Daeriel: F)raiel: Ma!riel: HariaA: Daar: Alach)c:
Eeriel: Na&eroA: Ala$har: Nera#: Dr)cha#: Caran: Ela,A: +atroAiel: Laer#,:
Haar,tAo"/ and *hen yo. ha.e a desere to ,a)e an E8peri,entC ,a)e a #ea+
/or the ti,e as this is /or the ti,e in the ,onth o/ ar%h 1641. 1hen +ay it on the 1ab+e
and say the %on<.ration, J% % % % %
4/i'.re 620.5
1he 12 ho.r o/ the ni'ht is %a++ed 5e$han, and the an'e++ 'o6ernin' it is %a++ed
Saran"iel, *ho hath ,any d.)es and ser6ants *hereo/ *ee sha++ ,ention 14 o/ y
and 'ood F.)es o/ the /irst order and 7 o/ those o/ y
se%ond orderC *ho ha6e 420
ser6ants to attend on the,. 1heir na,es are as /o++o*ethC 6iH
A"oniel: Daa#iel:
A%riel: Meriel: Denar,A: Earion: Ka%riel: Marach,: Cha%rion: Ne#toriel:
7achriel: Na&eriel: Daer,: Naael: Har"iel: Ne!ria#: IranotAo": Gerthiel:
Droiel: La"rotAo": Melana#/ and *hen yo. ha.e a desier to ,a)e any E8peri,ent in
this ho.r ,a)e a si'i++ to the ti,e as this is hear /or the sa,e ho.r /or the 10
ar%h in the year 1641 and *hen it is so ,ade +ay it on the 1ab+e o/ pra%ti%e and +ay yo.r
hand on it and say this %on<.ration /o++o*in'C
4/i'.re 621.5
The Con;)ration a# !ollo(eth-
I tho. ,i'hty 'reat and potent $n'e++ #a,ae+ *ho r.+eth in the /irst ho.r o/ y
day == -
the ser6ant o/ the ,ost hi'h 'odC doe %on<.re and entreat thee in the na,e o/ y
o,nipotent and -,,orta++ 3ord 'od o/ hostsC +eho&ah C Tetragraaton, and by the
na,e o/ that 'od that yo. are obedient to and by y
head o/ y
hierar%hy and by the sea+ or
,ar)e that yo. are )no*n in po*er by and by the 7 $n'e+s that stand be/ore the 1hrone
o/ 'od and by the 7 p+anetts and their sea+s and %hara%ters and by the an'e+ that r.++eth
1he si'ne o/ y
12 *
no* as%ends in this +ast U
ho.r that yo. *o.+d be
'ra%io.s+y p+eased to 'ird .p and 'ather thy U
se+/e to'ether J by de6ine per,ission to
,o6e and %o,e /ro, a++ parts o/ the *or+d, *heresoe6er yo. be and she* thy U
6isib+y and p+ain+y in this &rista++ stone to the si'ht o/ ,y Eyes spea)in' *ith a 6oi%e
-nte++i'ib+e and to ,y .nderstandin' and that yo. *o.+d be /a6orab+y p+eased 1hat - ,ay
ha6e /a,i++iar /rindship 4/riendship5 and %onstant so%ity 4so%iety5 both no* and at a++
ti,es *hen - sha++ %a++ thee /orth to 6isib+e appearan%e to -n/or,e and dire%t ,e in a++
thin's that - sha++ see, 'ood and +a*/.+ .nto the &reator and 1heeC o tho. 'reat and
po*er/.++ an'e+e #a,ae+. - in6o%ate, ad<.re, %o,,and J ,ost po*er/.++y %a++ yo. /orth
/ro, yo.r orders and p+a%e o/ 7esiden%e to 6isib+e appirition 4appearan%e5 in and thro.'h
these 'reat and ,i'hty -n%o,prehensib+e si'na+s and di6ine na,es o/ the 'reat 'od *ho
*as and is and e6er sha++ be A"ona,: 7e%aoth: A"ona, Aiora: Hagio#: Agla: On:
Tetragraaton and by and in the na,e *rie)aton, *hi%h %o,,andeth the *ho+e
host o/ hea6en *hose po*er and 6ert.e is ,ost E//e%t.a+ /or the %a++in' yo. /orth 4and
orderin' o/ the %reation5 and %o,,andeth yo. to 1rans,itt yo.r 7ayes 6issib+e and
per/e%t+y into 4.nto5 ,y si'htC and yo.r 6oi%e to ,y Ears, in and thre* this &rista++ stoneC
1hat - ,ay p+ain+y see yo. and per/e%t+y hear yo. spea) .nto ,e. 1here/ore ,o6e yee, o
1ho. ,i'hty and b+essed an'e++ #a,ae+C and in this potent na,e o/ the 'reat 'od
+eho&ahC and by the -,peria++ di'nity 1hereo/ 4141r5 des%end and she* yo.r se+/ 6issib+e
and per/e%t+y in a p+easant and %o,e+y /or, be/ore ,e in this &rista++ stoneC to the si'ht
o/ ,y Eyes spea)in' *ith a 6oy%e -nte++i'ib+e and to ,y apprehensionC she*in',
de%+arin' J a%%o,p+ishin' a++ ,y desires that - sha++ as)e or 7eB.est o/ yo. both herein
and in *hatsoe6er 1r.ths or thin's e+se that is and +a*/.++ be/ore the presen%e o/
$+,i'hty 'odC the 'i6er o/ a++ 'ood 'i/tsC .nto *ho,e - be'' that he *o.+d be 'ra%io.s+y
p+ased 4p+eased5 to besto* .pon ,eC I tho. ser6ant o/ ,er%y #a,ae+, be tho. there/ore
.nto ,e /riend+yC and doe /or ,e as /or the ser6ant o/ the hi'hest 4,ost hi'h5 'odC so /arr
as 'od sha++ 'i6en yo. po*er in o//i%e to per/or,eC *here.nto - ,o6e yo. in Po*er and
presen%e to appear that - ,ay sin' *ith his ho+y an'e++s Oa$$a=la=an: Hallel);ah,
2.t be/ore yo. %a++ any o/ the prin%es or the F.)esC yo. are to -n6o%ate his %hee/e
'o6ernin' $n'e++ that 'o6erneth the ho.r o/ the day or o/ the ni'ht, as /o++o*sC
The In&ocation a# !ollo(eth-
I 1ho. ,i'hty and potent an'e++ #a,ae+, *ho is by the de%ree o/ the ,ost hi'h )in' o/
'+ory 7.+er and 'o6erno.r o/ the /irst ho.r o/ the day - the ser6ant o/ the hi'hest doe
desier and entreat yo. by these 3 'reat and ,i'hty na,es o/ 'odC Agla: .On4:
Tetragraaton and by the po*er and 6ert.e 1hereo/ to assist and he+p ,e in ,y
a//airsC and by yo.r po*er and a.thority, to send and to %o,e and appear to ,e a++
or any o/ these an'e++s that - sha++ %a++ by na,eC that are residin' .nder yo.r 'o6ern,ent,
to -nstr.%t, he+p, aid and assist ,e, in a++ s.%h ,atters and 1hin's a%%ordin' to their
o//i%e, as - sha++ desier and reB.est o/ the, >or hi,? and that they ,ay doe /or ,e as /or
the ser6ant o/ y
hi'hest %reator.
Then 6eginn to In&ocate the a# !ollo(eth-
I tho. ,i'hty and potent an'e+ Aeniel, *ho r.++eth by di6ine per,ission .nder 1he
'reat and potent an'e++ Saael, *ho is the 'reat and potent an'e+ r.++in' this /irst ho.r o/
the dayC - the ser6ant o/ the ,ost hi'h 'od doe %on<.re and entreat thee -n the na,e o/ the
,ost o,nipotent and -,,orta++ +ord 'od o/ hosts +eho&ah X
!ote /ro, this si'n XC to %ontin.e the %ontents o/ y
abo6e *ritten %on<.ration, J%.
and *hen any spirit is %o,e bidd hi, *e++%o,eC 1hen as)e yo.r desier, and *hen yo.
ha6e done, dis,iss hi, a%%ordin' to yo.r orders o/ diss,ission. J% % % % %
9 #o en"eth the !ir#t $art o! the Art *a)line: 9c
The #econ" $art o! the Art *a)line/
Dhi%h %ontaineth the ysti%a++ na,es o/ the $n'e++s o/ y
si'nes in 'enera+, and a++so the
na,es o/ the $n'e++s o/ e6ery de'ree and y
si'nes in 'enera+ *ho are %a++ed the an'e++s
o/ ,enC in so,e one o/ those si'ns and de'rees, e6ery ,an is born .nder.
1here/ore he that )no*eth the ,o,ent o/ his 2irth he ,ay )no* the an'e+ that 'o6erneth
hi, 4by the /o++o*in' art5C and thereby he ,ay obtaine to a++ arts and s%ien%es, yea to a++
*isdo,e and )no*+ed'e that any ,orta++ ,an %an desier in this *or+dC 2.t note thisC
1hose an'e++s that are attrib.ted to the /ire ha6e ,ore )no*+ed'e therin than any otherC
#o those that be+on' to the $ire ha6e ,ore )no*+ed'e therin 4in aeria+ ,atters5 than any
other 4order o/ spirit5C and those o/ y
*ater ha6e ,ore )no*+ed'e therin then any otherC
and a++so those o/ the Earth ha6e ,ore )no*+ed'e therein then any otherC and to )no* *
be+on' to the /ire, ayre, Earth, or *aterC obser6e the o/ the si'nes and yo. %annot
erreC /or those that are attrib.ted to C are o/ the sa,e, 4na,e+y /ire,5 and so the
+i)e in the rest. 2.t i/ any P+anett is in that de'ree that as%endsC 1hen that an'e++ is o/ the o/ the si'ne and P+anett both, J%. Ibser6e this /o++o*in' ,ethod and yo. %annot
b.t obtaine yo.r desiere J%.
1he P+anets
1he si'nes
$ries 1a.r.s 0e,ini &an%er 3eo Air'o 3ibra #%orpio #a'ittari.s &apri%orn.s $B.ari.s Pis%es
1he ! o/ the si'nes
@ire Earth $yer *ayter @ire Earth $yer *ayter @ire Earth $yer *ayter
1he $n'e+s
$ie+ 1.a+ 0ie+ &ae+ I+ 6oi+ Jae+ Jose+ #.ia<ase+ &as.<o<ah $.si.+ Pasi+
4#oso+5 4&as.i<ah5 4$ns.i+5 4Pasie+5
1hese 12 na,es are attrib.ted by 12 si'nes o/ the Godia%C o/ these 4those5 that
doe not )no* the 6ery 4i.e. e8a%t5 de%ree 4de'ree5 o/ their nati6ityC so that they ,ay ,a)e
.se o/ these i/ he )no* b.t the si'ne that as%ends, J%. 1he na,es o/ the other an'e++s
*hi%h are attrib.ted to E6ery de'ree are as /o++o*ethC
1 2 3 4 5
Aries Biael Gesiel Hael Vaniel Zaciel
Taurus Latiel Hujael Sachiel Gneliel Panae1
Gemini Latiel Nagael Sachael Gnaliel Paniel
Cancer Sachiel Metiel Asel Sachiel Mihel
Leo Mechie1 Satiel Ajel Mechiel Sahel
Virgo Celiel Senael Nasael Sangiel Gnaphiel
Libra Ibajah Chaiel Sahael Naviel Saziel
Scorpio eliel !eniel Cesiel Lengael Naphael
Sagittarius aliel !aniel Casiel Langael Naphael
Capricornus Chushel e"ael !aajah Cashiel La"ajah
Aquarius Cha"iel esael !aajeh Ca"iel Lashiel
Pisces Lachiel Neliel Sanael Gnasiel Pangael
6 7 ! 1"
Aries Cegnel !aphael Itael Ca#iel La$iel
Taurus !ezisiel %ingael &aphiel ezael Gna#iel
Gemini zisiel %ingael &aphiel Gnetiel Ba#iel
Cancer Aniel Sasael Magnael Aphiel Se$sael
Leo Aniel Masiel Sengael Aphiel Metziel
Virgo Pa$ziel za#iel %$iel &athiel angiel
Libra Gnachiel Patiel $ajael %achiel Baliel
Scorpio Satziel Gna#iel Pe$iel zethiel &engliel
Sagittarius Satziel Gna#iel Pe$iel zangiel !ebiel
Capricornus Naajah Sasajah Gna"iel Paajah Izashiel
Aquarius Naajah Sa"iel Gnashiel Paajah Iza"iel
Pisces zapheal %phiel &atziel a$ajah Gnathiel
11 12 13 14 15
Aries Natheel Sagnel Gabiel Pegiel Ga'iel
Taurus Be$iel Gethiel (agnel Vabiel Zegiel
Gemini Ge$iel (athiel Hegnel Vabiel Zagiel
Cancer Ma#ael A$iel Sethiel Magnael Abiel
Leo Se#iel A$iel Gnethiel Sagiel Abiel
Virgo Gnasiel Bagiel Ge'iel (ahiel Hevael
Libra a"ael Gna"iel Bangiel Gepheel (atziel
Scorpio &ebiel agiel Gna'iel Bevael Geziel
Sagittarius &egael e'iel Gnaheel Bevael Geziel
Capricornus %"iel &iajah ashiel Gna"iel Baajah
Aquarius %shiel &aajah a"iel Gnashiel Baajah
Pisces Bengiel Gebiel (agiel Ha'iel Vahajah
16 17 1 1! 2"
Aries %heel Leviel Hezael Geciel Betiel
Taurus Cha'iel ahiel !aviel Chazael Bachiel
Gemini Cha'iel ahiel !aviel Chazael Bachiel
Cancer Sagel Ma'iel Athiel Savael Maziel
Leo Magiel Sa'iel Athiel Muviel Saviel
Virgo Vaziel Zachiel Chetiel iiel !echiel
Libra He#iel Va$iel Zethiel Chengiel ibiel
Scorpio# (achiel Hephiel Vagael Zac#iel Chabiel
Capricornus# Gashiel (ashiel Haajah Vashiel Za"iel
Pisces Zavael Chazael achael !atael Cajaiel
21 22 23 24 25
Giel (achael Habiel Vagel Za'iel
Getiel (ajiel Hachael Vabiel Zagiel
Achiel Setiel Maiel Achael Sabiel
Achiel Metiel Siel Achael Mabiel
Cabiel Bagiel Ge'iel (ahiel H)viel
!agiel Ce'iel Behel Gevael (aziel
agiel !a'iel Cahael Baviel Gezael
Chael ashiel !ashiel Ciajah Beshael
Bachiel Gabiel (agiel He'iel Vahejah
26 27 2 2! 3"
Chahel avael !ezel Cechiel Hetiel
Cha'iel ahiel !avael Chaziel Sachael
Magiel A'iel Sahiel Meviel Aziel
Sagiel A'iel Mahiel Savael Aziel
Vaziel Zachiel Chetivel ajael !achiel
Hec#iel Vatiel Zajel Chechiel ehiel
(achael Hatiel Vajael Zachiel Chasiel
Ga"ael (aael Heshael Va"iel Zaajah
Zavael Chazael achiel !atael Cajael
!ote, the /o++o*in' /or,.+ae are 'i6en in apotha%ary sy,bo+s *hi%h ha6e
the /o++o*in' ,eanin'C
O 1 o.n%e O 28.35 'ra,s
O 1 dra, O 3.54 'ra,s O 1P8 oH
O 'o+d
O tin
O si+6er
O %opper
O iron
O +ead
O ,er%.ry
:7o,an n.,era+s >+o*er %ase? are a+*ays .sed /o++o*in' a sy,bo+ to
desi'nate the n.,ber o/ .nits read, b.t i/ the abbre6iation is .sed, $rabi%
n.,era+s are .sed and pre%eed the abbre6iation; /or e8a,p+e 3i6 or 4dr.
@or +ess that one .nit, \ ,ay be desi'nated by :ss: /o++o*in' the sy,bo+,
b.t other /ra%tions ,.st be desi'nated by $rabi% n.,era+ /ra%tions.:
4%erc" 3n$e& an$ .ncyclope$ia of Chemicals an$ Drugs er%) J &o.,
-n%., !e* Jersey, 10
Edition, 1983, p. -#&=71.5
The#e are the DE Seale# (
are attri%)te" to the Signe# 9 Angell#
4/i'.res 622=623.5
a)e this sea+ o/ sss ii ss and ,e+t the, to'ether *hen the entereth the /irst
Fe'ree o/ . 1hen on , the bein' in 9 or 10 de'rees o/ , and ,a)e it and /inish it
J% % % % %.
4/i'.res 624=625.5
a)e this sea+ o/ i i ss ii and ,e+t the, to'ether in the 6ery point the
entereth , and so /inish itt J% % % % %.
4/i'.res 626=627.5
a)e this sea+ o/ i i and ,e+t the, to'ether *hen the entereth , and ,a)e a
+a,in thereo/ *hen is in or J% % % % %.
4/i'.res 628=629.5
a)e this sea+ o/ *hen the s.n entereth in the ho.r o/ 4onday at 6, 13, or 20,5 she 4the oon5 en%reasin' and in a 'ood aspe%t J% % %.
4/i'.res 630=631.5
a)e this sea+ o/ *hen he 4the #.n5 entereth , then a/ter *hen is in en'ra6e the
/irst /i'.re, and the other side, *hen the is in , it ,.st not %o,e into the /ire any
,ore, b.t on%e, that is, *hen it is ,e+ted J% % % % % %.
4/i'.res 632=633.5
a)e this sea+ o/ ii sss ii ss and ,e+t the, on day *hen the
entereth , then a/ter*ards, *hen is *e++ aspe%ted, on his day 4Dednesday5 en'ra6e
the *ords and &hara%ters as yo. see in the /i'.re J% % % % % % % % % %.
4/i'.res 634=635.5
a)e this sea+ o/ ,e+ted po*ered 4po.red5 J ,ade *hen entreth .
4/i'.res 636=637.5
a)e this sea+ o/ and in this day and ho.r 41.esday at 6, 13, or 20 ho.rs5, *hen
entereth , and in that ho.r en'ra6e the /orepart o/ it, and a/ter*ards, *hen entereth
, en'ra6e the other.
4/i'.res 638=639.5
a)e this sea+ o/ in the ho.r that entereth , and en'ra6e it in the ho.r o/
41h.rsday at 6, 13, or 20 ho.rs5. 1his sea+ is to be h.n' in a si+6er 7in'. [ [ [ [ [ [ [
4/i'.res 640=641.5
a)e this sea+ o/ , and a 7in' o/ to han' it in, and *hen entereth , and en'ra6e it
*hen is *e++ aspe%ted and in his day and 4#at.rday at 6, 13, 20
4/i'.res 642=643.5
a)e this sea+ o/ ss ii i and ,e+t the, *hen entereth , and en'ra6e the,
as yo. see in the /i'.re *hen is in y
th J%.
4/i'.res 644=645.5
a)e this sea+ *hen entereth , o/ o/ ea%h ii, o/ ss, and +et the, be
,e+ted and en'ra6en both in that ho.r o/ his in%rease, J%.
#o *hen yo. )no* the $n'e++ that 'o6erneth the si'n, J de'ree o/ yo.r nati6ity, and
ha6ein' the sea+ redy prepared that is s.etab+e to the si'n and d'ree 4de'ree5 as is she*ed
be/ore, then yo. are ne8t to .nderstand *hat order he is o/ and .nder *hat prin%e as is
she*ed herea/ter in the //o++o*in' part.
@irst those 'enii that are attibr.ted 4attrib.ted5 to , , J are o/ the @iery re'ion, and
are 'o6erned by Michael, 1he 'reat $n'e++ *ho is one o/ the 'reat ,essen'ers o/ 'od,
*hi%h is to*ards the; there/ore those 'eniis are to be obser6ed in the /irst ho.r on a
#.nday and at the ei'hth, a++so at three and ten at ni'ht dire%tin' yo.rse+/e to*ards that
B.arter. they appear in 7oya+ 7obes ho+din' s%epters in their hands, o/t 7ydin' on a 3ion
or a &o%). their robes are o/ a red and sa//ron %o++or and ,ost %o,,on+y the 4they5
ass.,e the sheap o/ a %ro*ned B.een, 6ery bea.ti/.++ to beho+d J%.
#e%ond+y those 'eniis that are attrib.ted to , , J , are o/ the Earthy 4terrestria+5
7e'ion and 'o6erned by Uriel, *ho hath three prin%es to attend hi, 6iH, Ca##iel:
Sachiel: 9 A##aiel. 1here/ore the 'eniis that are attrib.ted to hi, and those si'ns are to
be obser6ed in the Dest, 1hey appear +i)e Kin's ha6in' 'reen and si+6er 7obes, or +i)e
+itt+e %hi+dren or *o,en de+i'htin' in h.ntin' J%. 41hey are to be obser6ed on5
#at.rdays. at the /irst and ei'hth o/ the day and at ni'ht at the third and tenth,
Yo. are *ith pri6a%y to obtaine yo.r desiers, dire%tin' yo.rse+/e to*ards the Dest J% ==.
1hird+y those 'eniis that are attrib.ted to , , J , are o/ the aeiry 4aeria+5 re'ion,
*hose so6erei'n prin%e is %a++ed Ra$hael; *ho hath .nder hi, 2 prin%es, *
are %a++ed
Miel J Sera$hiel. 1here/ore those 'enii *
are attrib.ted to hi, and those si'ns are to
be obser6ed to*ards the east, on a *ednesday, the /irst and ei'hth o/ the day and at
ni'ht the third J tenth they appear +i)e )in's or bea.ti/.+ yo.n' ,en %+oathed in
7obes o/ di6ers, 2.t ,ost %o,,on+y +i)e *o,en 1rans%endent+y handso,e; by
reason o/ their ad,irab+e *hiteness and 2ea.ty J%.
@o.rth+y J +ast+y 1hose 'enii that are attrib.ted to , , J are o/ the *atry 4*atery5
re'ion, and are 'o6erned by Ga%riel, *ho hath .nder hi, 3 ,i'hty prin%es, 6iH
Ma"iel: 9 Mael. 1here/ore those 'enii *hi%h are attrib.ted to these si'nes that are
'o6erned by 'abrie+, and are to be obser6ed on a ,.nday to*ards the north at the /irst J
ho.res o/ the day, and at ni'ht at the 3
J 10
ho.res; they appear +i)e )in's ha6ein'
'reen and si+6er 7obes or +i)e +itt+e &hi+dren or *o,en de+i'htin' in h.ntin' J%.
#o in the ne8t p+a%e *ee are to %onsider U
the season o/ the year a%%ordin' to the
%onste++ations o/ the %e+estia+ 2odies, other*ise *ee sha++ +ose a++ o.r +abo.r, /or i/ the
'eni.s be o/ Jynea+ Hierar%hy, its in 6aine to obser6e hi, in any other season b.t *hen
the s.n entereth those si'ns *hi%h are o/ his, that is , , J C
#o i/ it be a 'eniis 4'eni.s5 o/ the Earth he is to be obser6ed *hen entereth , , and
, and so the +i)e in the rest.
Ir other*ise th.s 4$nother r.+e that ,ay be obser6ed instead is this5C those 'eniis that
are o/ the order o/ the /ire, are to be obser6ed in y
s.,,er B.arter J those o/ the earthy
in $.t.,e 4a.t.,n5, and those o/ the ayr 4air5 in the sprin', and those o/ y
*ater in the
*inter B.arter == J%.
1heir o//i%es are to a++ thin's that are and not a'ainst the +a*s o/ the 'reat 'od
+eho&ah 2.t *hat is /or o.r 'ood and *hat sha++ %on%erne the prote%tion o/ o.r +i/e, o.r
bein'e J *e++ bein' J doein' 'ood to J ob+id'in' 4ob+i'in'5 o.r nei', J%.
!o* he that desireth to see his 'eni.s, o.'ht to prepare hi,se+/e a%%ordin'+y. !o* i/ his
'eni.s be o/ the /ire his de,ands ,.st be the %onse%ration U
o/ his 2ody or person
that he re%ei6es no h.rt //ro, or by any /ire ar,es '.ns or the +i)e and ha6ein' a sea+, ready prepared, he is to *eare it *hen he hath a desier to see his 'eni.s, 1hat he
,ay %on/er,e it to hi, J /or the ti,e to %o,e he ,ay not /ai+ o/ his assistan%e and
prote%tion at any ti,e or o%%asion J%.
2.t i/ his 'eni.s be ayeria++ 4aeria+5 he re%on%i+eth ,ens nat.res -n%reaseth +o6e and
a//e%tion bet*een the, %a.seth the deser6ed /a6o.r o/ )in's and prin%es J se%ret+y
pro,oteth ,arria'esC J 1here/ore he that hath s.%h a 'eni.s be/ore he obser6eth hi,
sho.+d prepare a sea+ s.itab+e to his order that he ,ay ha6e it %on/er,ed by hi, in the
day and ho.r o/ obser6ation, *here o/ he sha++ see *onder/.++ J stran'e E//e%ts and so
the +i)e o/ y
other 2 hierar%hiesC
and *hen the ti,e is %o,e that yo. *o.+d see y
'eni.s 1.rne y
/a%e to*ards that B.arter
the si'ne is, and that *ith prayers to 'odC they bein' %o,posed to yo.r /an%y, b.t
to y
,atter in hand and there tho. sha+t /ind hi,; and ha6ein' /o.nd hi, and sin%ere+y
a%)no*+ed'ed hi, doe yo.r d.ty. 1hen *i++ he, as bein' 2eni'ne J so%iab+e -++.,inate
yo.r ,inde, ta)ein' a*ay a++ that is J dar)e in the ,e,ory and ,a)e thee
)no*in' in a++ s%ien%es sa%red J di6ine in an instant J% ==
4Here /o++o*eth5 a /or, o/ prayer *
o.'ht to be said .pon that %ost 4%oast5 or B.arter
*here the 'eni.s is se6era+ ti,es, it bein' an E8or%is,e to %a++ the 'eni.s into the
%hrista++ 4%rysta+5 stone that is to stand .pon the 1ab+e o/ pra%ti%e be/ore she*ed, it bein'
%o6ered *ith a *hite +innen 4+inen5 %+oth. !ote this prayer ,ay be a+tered to the ,ind o/
the *or)er, /or it is here set /or 4to ser6e as5 an E8a,p+e J% % %.
.The Con;)ration o! the Hol, G)ar"ian Angel4
I tho. 'reat and b+essed !. ,y an'e++ '.ardian 6o.%hsa/e to des%end /ro, thy ho+y
,ansion *hi%h is &e+estia+, *ith thy ho+y -n/+.en%e and presen%e, into this %rista++ stone,
that - ,ay beho+d thy '+ory; and en<oy thy so%iety, aide and assistan%e, both no* and /or
e6er herea/ter. I tho. *ho art hi'er 4hi'her5 than the /ort+y 4/o.rth5 hea6en, and )no*eth
the se%rets o/ Elanel. 1ho. that rideth .pon the *in's o/ y
*inds and art ,i'hty and
potent in thy &e+estia+ and s.per+.nary ,otion, do tho. des%end and be present - pray
thee; and - h.,b+y desiere and entreat thee. 1hat i/ e6er - ha6e ,erited 1hy so%ity
4so%iety5 or i/ any o/ ,y a%tions and -ntentions be rea+ and J san%ti/ied be/ore thee
brin' thy e8terna+ presen%e hither, and %on6erse *ith ,e one o/ thy s.b,issi6e p.pi+s,
2y and in y
na,e o/ 4the5 'reat 'od +eho&ah, *here.nto the *ho+e B.ire 4%hoir5 o/
hea6en sin'eth %ontin.a+yC I appa +a ,an Ha++e+.<ah. $,en.
Dhen yo. ha6e said this o6er se6era+ ti,es yo. *i++ at +ast see stran'e si'hts and pasa'es
4passa'es5 in the stone and at +ast yo. *i++ see yo.r 'eni.sC 1hen 'i6e hi, a )ind
entertaine,ent as yo. *as 4*ere5 be/ore dire%ted de%+arin' to hi, yo.r ,inde and *hat
yo. *o.+d ha6e hi, doe, J% %.
So En"eth the #econ" *art o! the
Art *a)line
Le##er Ke, o! Soloon- 6oo' 1- Ar# Ala"el
1his di'ita+ edition by Joseph H. Peterson, &opyri'ht ( 1999. $++ ri'hts reser6ed.
E"itorF# Note- &o,pare this *ith the 6ersion /o.nd in #epher a/teah #he+o,oh.
The Ala"el: !ro GollancA: Sepher Maphteah Shelomoh: DGD1: !ol EH%/
!ote the dra*in' at the botto, sho*in' ho* the %and+es are to be %onstr.%ted *ith /eet
to s.pport the $+,ade+.
I*ict)re o! the Ala"elI: !ro Or/ MS/ 030H-
4#+.3825, /o+. 14565
Here %eginneth the !o)rth $art o! thi# 6oo'e (hich i# calle"
Saloon# Ala"el Art
2y this 7.+e 4art5 #a+o,on obtained 'reat *isdo, /ro, the %hee/e $n'e++s that 'o6erne
the 4 $+tit.des o/ the *or+d /or yo. ,.st obser6e 4that5 there be 4 $+tit.des, representin'
the 4 %orners o/ the *or+d, East, Dest, !orth and 1he *hi%h are di6ided into 12
parts, that is, e6ery part or $ into 3, and the $n'e++s o/ e6ery o/ these a+tit.des ha6e
their parti%.+ars and po*ers, as sha++ be she*ed in this /o++o*in' ,atter J% % %.
.The Ma'ing o! the Ala"el4
a)e the $+,ade+ o/ *hite *a8, b.t to the 4as *i++ be
sho*n5; it is to be /o.r sB.ares 4sB.are5, and si8 -n%hes 4o6er5 e6ery *ay; and in e6ery
%orner a ho+e and *rite bet*i8t e6ery ho+e *ith a ne* pen, 1hese *ords or na,es o/ 'od,
/o++o*in', b.t this is to be done in the day and ho.r o/ #o+. Drite .pon the /irst part
to*ards the East, A"onai: Heloi: *ine, and .pon the se%ond to*ards the, Helion:
Heloi: Heli, and .pon the *est partC +o": Ho": Agla- and .pon the /o.rth part *hi%h is
the north *rite these na,esC Tetragraaton: Sha"ai: +ah, and bet*i8t the /irst and
the other B.arters ,a)e 1he Penta%+e o/ #a+o,on th.s , and bet*i8t the /irst and
4the5 other B.arters *rite this *ord, Ana%ona and in the ,id+e o/ the $+,ade+ ,a)e a si8
an'+ed /i'.re and in the ,iddest o// it a 1rian'+e *herin ,.st be *ritten these na,es o/
'od, Hel: Helion: A"oni 4$donai5, $nd this +ast na,e ro.nd in the 6 $n'+ed /i'.re, 4as
*e++,5 as yo. ,ay see in this /i'.re, here ,ade it bein' //or an e8a,p+e J%.
$nd o/ the sa,e *a8 there ,.st be ,ade /o.r &and+es, and they ,.st be o/ the sa,e
%o++o.r as the $+,ade+ is o/. yo. ,.st di6ide the *a8 into three parts, one part /or to
,a)e the $+,ade+ o/, and the other 2 parts /or to ,a)e the %and+es o/, and +et there %o,e
/orth /ro, e6ery one o/ the, a /oot ,ade o/ y
sa,e *a8, /or to s.porte y
$+,ade+ *ith;
1his bein' doneC in the ne8t p+a%e yo. are to ,a)e a sea+ o/ 'o+d or si+6er, b.t 0o+d
is best *herein ,.st be en'ra6en these three na,esC Helion: Hell);on: A"onai; J% %.
!ota 1he /irst $ is %a++ed &hora Irientis or the East $ and to ,a)e any
e8peri,ent in this &hora, it is to be done in the day and o/ the #.nC and the po*er
and o//i%e o/ those $n'e++s is to ,a)e a++ thin's / J en%rease, both $ni,a+s J
6e'etab+es, in %reation J 'eneration; ad6an%in' the 2irth o/ 4the5 %hi+dren J ,a)ein'
barren *o,en /, J%. 1heir na,es are those. 6iH
, Aliiel: Ga%riel: 6orachiel:
Le%e# 9 Helli#on;
!oteC yo. ,.st not pray /or any $n'e++s b.t those that be+on' to the sa,e $, yo.
ha6e a desier to %a++ /orth. and *hen yo. operate, set the /o.r %and+es .pon 4 %and+e
sti%)s, b.t be %are/.++ yo. doe not +i'ht the, be/ore yo. be'in to operate, then +ay the
$+,ade+ bet*een the /o.r %and+es .pon the *a8en /eet that %o,eth /ro, the %and+es and
+ay the 'o+den sea+ .pon the $+,ade+, and and 4si%5 41hen5 ha6ein' the -n6o%ation redy
*ritten on 6ir'ins Par%h,entC 3i'ht the &and+es and read the -n6o%ation as is set do*n at
the +atter end o/ this part J% %.
$nd *hen he appeareth, he appeareth in the /or, o/ an $n'e++ %arryin' in his hand a /an
or /+a'', ha6in' the o/ a *hite %ross .pon it, his body is *rapped ro.nd abo.t
*ith a /air %+o.d, and his /a%e 6ery /air and bri'ht, and a &ro*n o/ 7ose /+o*ers 4is5 .pon
his headC he des%ends /irst .pon the s.pers%ription o/ y
$+,ade+ as i/ it *ere a ist or
@o''. 1hen ,.st the e8or%ist ha6e in readyness a 6esse++ o/ Earth o/ y
sa,e %o++o.r o/
4that5 the $+,ade+ is o/, and the other o/ his /, it bein' in the /or, o/ a 2asin, and
p.t therein a /e* hot ashes or %oa+es b.t not too ,.%h +est it sho.+d ,e+t the *a8 o/ y
$+,ade+, J p.t therein 3 +itt+e 'rains o/ asti%)e in po*der, so that it /.,eth and the
s,e++ ,ay 'oe .p*ards thre* the ho+es o/ the $+,ade+ *hen it is .nder it, and as soon as
the an'e++ s,e++s it he be'inneth to spea)e *ith a +o* 6oi%e as)in' *hat yo.r desier is
and *hy yo. ha6e %a++ed the prin%es and 'o6erners o/ his $ then yo. ,.st $ns*er
hi,, sayin',
- desire that a++ ,y reB.ests ,ay be 'ranted, and *hat - pray /or ,ay be
a%%o,p+ished, /or yo.r o//i%e ,a)eth appeare and de%+areth that s.%h is to
be /.++/i+d by yo. i/ it p+eases 'od, J%,
addin' /.rther the parti%.+ars o/ yo.r 7eB.ests prayin' *ith sin%erity 4and5 U
*hat is +a*/.++ and and that yo. sha++ indeed obtain /ro, hi,C
2.t i/ he doth not appear present+y, yo. ,.st then ta)e the 'o+den sea+, $nd ,a)e *ith it
three or /o.r ,ar)s .pon the %and+es, by *hi%h ,eans the an'e++ *i++ present+y appeare as
a/oresaideC and *hen the $n'e++ departeth he *i++ /i++ the *ho+e p+a%e *ith a s*eet and
p+easant s,e++ *hi%h *i++ be s,e+t a +on' ti,e.
!ota. 1he 'o+den sea+ *i++ ser6e and is to be .sed in the operation o/ a++ the $+tit.des.
1he &o++o.r o/ the $+,ade+ be+on'in' to the /irst &hora is +i++y 4+i+y5 *hite. 1o the se%ond
&hora a Per/e%t red 7ose &o++o.r; 1he 3
&hora is to be a 'reen ,i8t *ith 4a5 *hite si+6er
%o++o.r. 1he @o.rth &hora is to be a b+a%) ,i8t *ith a +itt+e 'reen o/ a sadd %o++o.r J% % %
% %.
O! the #econ" Chora or Altit)"e-
!oteC a++ the other three $+tit.des *ith their si'nes and prin%es ha6e po*er o6er 'oods
414665 and ri%hes, and %an ,a)e any ,an 7i%h or poor, and as the /irst &hora 'i6eth
En%rease and ,a)eth /, so these 'i6eth de%rease and 2arrenness, J% % % % %.
$nd i/ any ha6e a desire to operate in any o/ the other 3 &horas or $+tit.des, they ,.st
doe it on #.ndays in the ,anner as abo6e is she*ed; 2.t doe not pray /or anythin' that is
%ontrary to the o/ their o//i%e, or a'ainst 'od and his +a*s, b.t *hat 0od 'i6eth
a%%ordin' to the %o.rse o/, that yo. ,ay desier and obtaine, and a++ the /
that is to be .sed is to be o/ the sa,e %o++o.r as the $+,ade+ is o/, and the prin%es o/ this
se%ond &hora are na,ed as @o++o*eth AiH
C Al$hariAa: Genon: Geror: Aron:
Gereinon 40ereinin5 J%.
and *hen yo. operate )nee+ be/ore the $+,ade+ *ith %+oathes o/ y
sa,e %o++o.r in a
%+oset h.n' *ith the sa,e a++so, /or the ho+y apparation *i++ be o/ the sa,e
%o++o.rC and *hen he is appeared, p.t the earthen 2ason .nder the $+,ade+ *ith /ire and
hott ashes and 3 'raines o/ asti% in po*eder to /.,e as abo6e *ritten, and *hen the
$n'e++ s,e++eth the per/.,e, he t.rneth his /a%e to*ards yo., as)in' the E8or%ist *ith a
+o* 6oya%e *hy he %a++ed the prin%es o/ this &hora or $, then yo. ,.st ans*er as
be/ore; sayin'C - desire that ,y 7eB.est ,ay be 'ranted, and the %ontents thereo/ ,ay be
a%%o,p+ished, /or yo.r o//i%es ,a)eth appear and de%+areth that s.%h is to be done by
yo. i/ it p+eases 'od, J%C yo. ,.st not be /ear/.++ b.t spea) h.,b+y sayin' J%C -
re%o,end ,y ,y 4si%5 se+/e *ho+y into yo.r o//i%e, and - pray .nto yo.r prin%es o/ this
$ that - ,ay en<oy 4and obtain a++ thin's a%%ordin' to5 ,y *ishes and desiers, J%C
yo. ,ay /.rther e8press yo.r ,ind in a++ parti%.+ars in yo.r prayer J%. doe the +i)e in the
2 other &horas that /o++o* J.% [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [.
1he $n'e++ o/ this se%ond $ appears in the /or, o/ a yo.n' %hi+de *ith %+othes o/
sattin and o/ a 7ed 7ose %o++o.r, ha6ein' a %ro*n o/ 7ed 'i++y /+o*ers .pon his head, his
/a%e +oo)in' .p*ards to hea6en, and is o/ a 7ed &o++o.r and is %o,passed ro.nd abo.t
*ith a 2ri'ht sp+endo.r, as the 2ea,s o/ the #.nn; and be/ore he departeth he spea)s to
the E8or%ist, sayin' 3 am your frien$ an$ 'rother, and 4he5 -++.,inateth the ayre ro.nd
abo6e *ith sp+endo.r, and 4he +ea6eth a5 p+easant s,e++, *hi%h +asteth a +on' ti,e, J% % %
% %.
o! the Thir" Chora or Altit)"e
-n this &hora yo. are to doe in a++ thin's as yo. are be/ore dire%ted in the other 1*o. 1he
$n'e++s o/ this $ are na,ed as /o++C 6iH
Eli$haa#ai: Geloiro#: Ge"o%onai:
Saranana: 9 Elonia? 1hey appeare in the /or, o/ %hi+dren or +itt+e *o,en drest in
'reen and si+6er, 6ery de+i'ht/.++ to beho+d, and a %ro*n o/ 2ay +ea6es, beset
*ith @+o*ers o/ *hite and 'reen .pon their heads and they see,e to +oo) a +itt+e
do*n*ards *ith their /a%es, J%. 1hey spea) as the others doe to the E8or%ist and +ea6e a
,i'hty, s*eet per/.,e behind the,, J% % % % % %.
O! the !o)rth Chora or Altit)"e
-n this &hora yo. ,.st doe as in the other 4others5, and the $n'e++s o/ this &hora are
%a++ed 6archiel: Ge"iel: Ga%iel: Deliel: 9 Ca$tiel/ J%. 1hese appeare in the /or,e o/
+itt+e ,en or 2oys *ith %+oathes o/ a 2+a%) %o++o.r, ,i8t *ith a dar)e 'reen and in their
hands they ho+d a 2ird *hi%h is na)ed J their heads are 2eare, on+y it is %o,passed
ro.nd J 4147r5 2esett *ith -6y 4and5 2erries. 1he 41hey5 are a++ 6ery bea.ti/.++ and
%o,e+y and are %o,passed ro.nd *ith a 2ri'ht shinein' o/ di6eres 4di6ers5 %o+;
1hey +ea6e a s*eet s,e++ behinde the, a++so; b.t 4it5 di//ereth /ro, the others so,ethin'
4so,e*hat5 J% % % % %.
.O! the $ro$er tie# !or in&o'ing the#e angell#4
!otaC 1here are 12 prin%es r.++in' besides those in the 4 $+tit.des, and they distrib.te
their o//i%es a,on'st the,se+6es, e6ery one r.++in' 30 dayes 4or thereabo.ts,5 e6ery
yeare, no* it *i++ be in 6ain to %a++ any o/ those $n'e++s .n+ess it be those that then
'o6erneth, @or e6ery &hora or $, hath its +i,ited ti,e a%%ordin' to the 12 si'ns o/
the Godia%) and in that 4*hat5 si'ne the #.nn is in. 1hat $n'e++ or those an'e++s that
be+on' to that si'ne ha6e the 'o6ern,entC as /or E8a,p+e; s.ppose - *o.+d %a++ the 2 /irst
o/ those 5 that be+on' to the /irst &hora, 1hen the /irst #.nday on ar%hC that is
a/ter the #.n is entred , and then - ,a)e ,y E8peri,ent; and so doe the +i)e i/ yo. *i++
the ne8t #.nday a/ter a'aine; 2.t i/ yo. *i++ %a++ the 2 se%ond that be+on' to y
&hora, 1hen yo. ,.st ta)e the #.ndays that are in $pri++, a/ter the is entered . 2.t i/
yo. %a++ the +ast o/ the 5
4/i6e5 1hen yo. ,.st ta)e those #.ndays that are in ay a/ter
the is entered ; to ,a)e yo.r E8peri,ent in; doe the +i)e in the other $+tit.des, /or
they ha6e a++ one *ay o/ *or)in'C 2.t the $+tit.des ha6e a !a,e /or,ed se6era++y in the
s.bstan%e o/ hea6en e6en as a &hara%ter, /or *hen the $n'e++s hear the na,es o/ 'od that
are attrib.ted to the, they hear it by the 6ert.e o/ that %are%ter 4%hara%ter5. 1here/ore it is
in 6ain to %a++ any an'e++ or spirit .n+ess yo. )ne* 4)no*5 *hat na,es o/ 'od to %a++
the, by; 1here/ore obser6e the /or,e o/ this @o++o*in' %on<.ration, or -n6o%ation J% % %
% %.
The In&ocation .!or to call !orth an, o! the a!ore#ai" angell#4
I tho. 'reat ,i'hty and b+essed an'e++ o/ 'od, N, *ho r.+eth as the %hee/e J /irst
'o6ernin' an'e++ in the /irst &hora or $ in the East, .nder the 'reat prin%e o/ the
East *ho, yo. obey, and 4*ho5 is sett o6er yo. as )in' by the di6ine po*er o/ 'od,
A"onai: Heloi: *ine; *ho is the distrib.tter J disposer o/ a++ thin's, ho++y in hea6en
and Earth and he++; - the ser6ant o/ that 'od A"onai: Heloi: *ine; *hi%h yo. obey, doe
-n6o%ate, &on<.re J entreat thee N/ that tho. /orth*ith appeareth, J by the 6ert.e J
po*er o/ the sa,e 'od, .A"onai: Heloi: *ine4, - doe %o,,and thee /orth 4by hi,
*ho, yo. do obey and *ho is set o6er yo. as )in' by the di6ine po*er o/ 0od, that yo.
/orth*ith des%end5 //ro, thy order or p+ease 4p+a%e5 o/ abode to %o,e into ,e, and she*
thy se+/e p+ain+y and 6isib+y here be/ore ,e in this &rista++ stone, in thy o*ne 4and5
proper shape and '+ory spea)in' *ith a 6oi%e inte++i'ib+e and to 4.nto5 ,y .nderstandin'C
I tho. ,i'hty and b+essed an'e++ N, *ho art by the po*er o/ 'od ordained to 'o6erne a++
6e'etab+es and $ni,a++s, and %a.seth the,, and a++ other %reat.res o/ 'od to sprin',
en%rease, and brin' /orth a%%ordin' to their )inds and nat.res; - the ser6ant o/ the sa,e
yo.r 'od - doe entreat and h.,b+y besee%h thee to %o,e and she* .nto ,e a++ thin's that
- sha++ desiere o/ yo., so /arr as in o//i%e yo. %an, or be %apab+e to per/or,, i/ 'od per,itt
to the sa,e; I tho. ser6ant o/ ,er%y N, - entreat thee, and h.,b+y besee%h thee, in and
by these 3 na,es o/ yo.r tr.e 'od, A"onai: Heloi: *ine, $nd doe %onstraine yo. in and
by this 4po*er/.+5 na,e Ana%ona, 1hat tho. /orth*ith appeareth 6issib+y and p+aine+y in
thy o*n proper shape and '+ory in and thro*'h this &rista++ stone; 1hat - ,ay 6isib+y see
1hee, and a.dib+y hear yo. spea)e .nto ,e, 1hat - ,ay ha6e thy b+essed and 414765
0+orio.s an'e++i%a++ assistan%e; /a,i+iar, /riendship, and %onstant so%iety, %o,,.ni%ation
and -nstr.%tion, both no* and at a++ other ti,es, to -n/or,e and ri'ht+y -nstr.%t ,e in ,y
-'norant and depra6ed -nte++e%t J.d'e,ent and .nderstandin'; and to assist ,e both
herein, and in a++ other tr.ths, e+se *hat the $+,i'hty A"onai, the Kin' o/ Kin's, 1he
'i6er o/ a++ 'ood 'i/ts, sha++ in his 2o.nti/.++, and @ather+y er%y be 'ra%eo.s+y p+eased
to besto* .pon ,e; 1here/ore I tho. b+essed an'e++ N/ be /riend+y .nto ,e, and doe /or
,e, so /arr as 'od hath 'i6en yo. po*er in o//i%e to per/or,e, *here.nto - ,o6e yo. in
po*er and presen%e to appeare 1hat - ,ay sin' *ith his ho+y $n'e++s, I appa=+a=,anM
Ha++e+.<ah a,en.
4!ote this in6o%ation is to be a+tered a%%ordin' to the $ and an'e++ yo. *ish to %a++
Dhen he is appeared, 'i6e hi, or the, a )ind entertaine,ent, and then $s)e *hat is
and +a*/.++; and that *hi%h is proper and s.etab+e to his o//i%e, and yo. sha++ Ibtaine it.
So en"eth the 6oo'e Ala"el o! Soloon/ 9c/
.Ar# Ala"el Salooni#4
Ars Notoria4
!I1I7Y $71
#he*in' the
&$2$3-#1-&$3 KEY
I/ C a'i%a+ Iperations
1he +ibera+ #%ien%es,
Fi6ine 7e6e+ation, and
1he $rt o/ e,ory.
Dritten ori'ina++y in 3atine, and no*
En'+ished by 7I2E71 1"7!E7
3ondon, Printed by @. &ottre+, and are to be so+d
by artha Harison, at the 3a,b at the
East=end o/ Pa.+s. 1657.
The E$i#tle De"icator,/
1o his -n'enio.s and respe%ted /riend r. Di++ia, 7y6es, o/ #t.*ar), #t.dent in
Physi%) and $stro+o'y.
1He deep inspe%tion and $ove5li"e pier%in' Eye o/ yo.r apprehension into the deepest &abinets o/
!at.res Arcana6s, a++.res ,e >i/ - had no other attra%ti6e a'neti%) en'a'e,ents,? to set this Ipti%)
be/ore yo.r si'htC not that it *i++ ,a)e any addition to yo.r )no*+ed'e; b.t by the 4i65 / o/
yo.r <.d',ent, be *a++ed a'ainst the art=%onde,nin' and 6irt.e=despisin' Calumniators. - )no* the
%andor o/ yo.r -n'en.ity *i++ p+ead ,y, and sa6e ,e /ro, that +abo.r; restin' to be
3itt+e 2rittain, die . in . 6.49.16,6. Yo.r rea+ a//e%tionate @riend,
7I2E71 1"7!E7.
To the Ingenio)#
$%ongst the rest of the la'ours of my long +inter hours 'e please$ to accept of this as a flo)er
of the Sun7 )hich 3 have transplante$ from the copious 0oman 'an"s into the .nglish soyle7 )here 3
hope it )ill fruitfully sprea$ its 'ranches an$ prove not a perishing gour$ 'ut a continual green
Laurel )hich Authors say is the plant of the goo$ Angel an$ $efen$s all persons neer its sha$e from
the Penetrating 'lasts of Thun$er an$ Lightening7 so )ill this 'e a flo)er fit for every man6s Gar$en7
its virtues )ill soon 'e "no)n if practise$ an$ the 'lasts of vice $isperse$4 its su'1ect is too su'lime
to 'e 8vi9 e&prest- Let not the carping o,i, nor envious 'lac"51a)6$ Goi+i rayl7 let not the ignorant
'ar" at that )hich they "no) not7 here they learn no such lesson4 an$ against their Calumnies the
'oo" 3 thus vin$icate4 B.od potest per /ide, inte++i'i, J non a+iter, J per /ide, in eo operare potes.
, J%.
Heb. 11. J%. an$ my o)n intention 3 thus $emonstrate7 Fi%o %ora, o,nipotenti Feo, J %ora, (esu
Christo .ni'ento @i+io e<.s, B.i <.di%at.r.s est 6i6os J ,ort.o.s; B.od o,nia J sin'.+a B.T in ho%
opere di8i, o,nesB.e h.<.s #%ientiT 6e+ artis proprietates, J .ni6ersa B.T ad e<.s spe%.+atione,
pertinent, 6e+ in ho% Ao+.,ine %ontinenter, 6eris J nat.ra+ib.s prin%ipiis innit.nt.r, /.intB.e %.,
Feo J bona &ons%ientia, sine in<.ria &hristianT /idei, %., inte'ritate; sine s.perstitione 46ii5 6e+
-do+o+atria B.a%.nB.e, J non dede%eant 6ir., sapiente, &hristian., bon., atB.e /ide+e,; !a, J
e'o Christianus s.,, baptiHat.s in no,ine Patris, 2c- B.a, /ide, %., Fei a.8i+io B.a, di. 6i8ero
/ir,iter in6io+ata, tenebo; Pro%.+ er'o absit a ,e, dis%ere a.t s%ribere &hristianT /idei J
p.ritati %ontrari.,, san%tis ,orib.s no8i.,, a.t B.o,odo+ibet ad6ers.,. Fe., ti,eo J in e<.s
%.+t., J.ra6i, a B.o ne% 6i6.s ne% >.t %on/ido? ,ort..s separaborC This small treatise 3 therefore
commen$ to all the lovers of art an$ learning in )hich 3 hope they )ill attain their $esires B.ant.,
a Feo %on%essi erit; so that 3 hope 3 have not cast a Pearle 'efore the s)ine 'ut set a glasse 'efore
the grateful $oves-
12 ar%h 1656.
7I2E71 1"7!E7.
4-ntrod.%tion /ro, HC -t is %a++ed the !otory $rt in %ertain brei/ notes it tea%heth and
%o,prehendeth the )no*+ed'e o/ a++ arts. 1his /i/th part is a boo)s o/ orations and prayers that *ise
#o+o,on .sed .pon the a+tar in the te,p+e, %a++ed $rs !o6a, J *as re6ea+ed to #o+o,on by the ho+y
an'e+ o/ 0od %a++ed i%hae+ and he a+so re%ei6ed ,any brei/ notes *ritten by the /in'er o/ 'od *hi%h
*as de+i6ered to hi, by the said an'e+ *ith th.nder %+aps, *itho.t *hi%h notes Kin' #o+o,on had
ne6er obtained his 'reat )no*+ed'e /ro, those notes it is %a++ed the notary art.
X 1his is a /+o*er o/ the s.n >as Fr. 7.dd %a++s it? /it /or e6ery ,ans 'arden; its *i++ soon be
)no*ne i/ pra%tised, and the b+asts o/ 6i%e dispersed. -ts s.b<e%t is too s.b+i,e to be e8presed B.od
portess per /ide, inte++i'i et non a+iter et per/ide, in es sporare potes.
$nd Fr. 7.dd saith in 6indi%ation o/ this boo) and hi,se+/e = Dico coram --- separa'or >as abo6e?.5
The Notor, Art
re&eale" %, the Mo#t High Creator to
)# Salooni re)ela)it/
-n the !a,e o/ the ho+y and .ndi6ided 1rinity,
be'inneth this ,ost ho+y $rt o/ Kno*+ed'e,
7e6ea+ed to #I3II!, *hi%h the ost Hi'h
&reator by his ho+y $n'e+ ,inistred to
#I3II! .pon the $+tar o/ the 1e,p+e; that
thereby in a short ti,e he )ne* a++ $rts and
#%ien%es, both 3ibera+ and e%hani%), *ith a++ the
@a%.+ties and Properties thereo/C He had s.dden+y
in/.sed into hi,, and a+so *as /i++ed *ith a++
*isdo,, 425 to .tter the sa%red ,ysteries o/ ,ost
ho+y *ords.
-n !o,ine #an%tae J 1rinitatis
in%ipit san%tissi,a $rs !otoria, B.a, &reator
$+tissi,.s #a+o,oni per $n'e+., s..,
s.per a+tare 1e,p+i ,, 6t per ea,
o,nes s%ientias +ibera+es, ,e%hani%as, J ear., /a%.+tates per bre.e
spa%i., te,poris possit s.bito a%B.irere J
habere, J in pro/eredo ,ysti%a 6erba
san%tar., oration., in o,ni sapientia
penit.s /.ndaret.r.
Alpha an$ ,mega: Ih $+,i'hty 0od, the
be'innin' o/ a++ thin's, *itho.t be'innin', and
*itho.t endC 0ra%io.s+y this day hear ,y prayers;
neither do tho. render .nto ,e a%%ordin' to ,y
sins, nor a/ter ,ine iniB.ities, I 3ord ,y 0od, b.t
a%%ordin' to thy ,er%y, *hi%h is 'reater then a++
thin's 6isib+e and in6isib+e. Ha6e ,er%y .pon ,e,
I &hrist, the Disdo, o/ the @ather, the 3i'ht o/
$n'e+s, the 0+ory o/ #aints, the Hope, 7e/.'e, and
#.pport o/ #inners, the &reator o/ a++ thin's, the
7edee,er o/ a++ h.,ane @rai+ties, *ho ho+dest the
Hea6en, Earth, and #ea, and a++ the *ho+e Dor+d,
in the pa+, o/ thy HandC - h.,b+y i,p+ore and
besee%h, 1hat tho* *i+t ,er%i/.++y *ith the @ather,
i++.strate ,y inde *ith the bea,s o/ thy ho+y
#pirit, that - ,ay be ab+e to %o,e and attain to the
per/e%tion o/ this ,ost ho+y $rt, and that - ,ay be
ab+e to 'ain the )no*+ed'e o/ e6ery #%ien%e, $rt,
and Disdo,; and o/ e6ery @a%.+ty o/ e,ory,
-nte++i'en%es, "nderstandin', and -nte++e%t, by the
Aert.e and Po*er o/ 435 thy ,ost ho+y #pirit, and
in thy !a,e. $nd tho., I 0od ,y 0od, *ho in the
$+pha J I,e'a, Fe.s I,nipotens,
prin%ipi., o,ni., rer.,, sine prin%ipio,
/inis sine /ine, e8a.di hodie pre%es ,eas
piissi,E, J neB.e se%.nd], iniB.itates
,eas, neB.e se%.nd], pe%%ata ,ea
,ihi, Fo,ine Fe.s ,e.s, sed se%.nd],
,iseri%ordia, t.a, B.e ,aior est reb.s
o,nib.s 6isibi+ib.s J in.isibi+ib.s. iserere
,ei #apientia Patris, &hriste +.8 $n'e+or.,,
'+oria #an%tor.,, spes J port.s J re/.'i.,
pe%%ator.,, %.n%tar., rer., %onditor, J
h.,anae /ra'i+itatis rede,ptor. Q.i %^+., J
terra,, ,ar%B.e tot., a% ,.nd., pondera
pa+,ae %on%+.dis, te piissi,e depre%or J
e8oro, 6t 6n_ %., Patre i++.stres ani,a,
,ean radio san%tissi,i #pirit.s t.i, B.aten.s
in ha% sa%rosan%ta arte ta+iter possi,
pro/i%ere, 6t 6a+ea, ad noti%ia, o,nis
s%ientiae, artis J sapientiae, ,e,oriae,
/a%.ndiae, inte++i'entiae, J inte++e%t.sC 6irt.te
t.i san%tissi,i #pirit.s, J t.i no,inis
per.enire. Et t. Fe.s ,e.s, B.i in prin%ipio
%reasti %^+., J terra,, J o,nia e8 nihi+oC
B.i in #pirit. t.o o,nia re/or,as, %o,p+e,
insta.ra, sana inte++e%t., ,e.,, 6t
'+ori/i%e, te per o,nia opera %o'nitation.,
be'innin' hast %reated the Hea6en and the Earth,
and a++ thin's o.t o/ nothin'; *ho re/or,est, and
,a)est a++ thin's by thy o*n #pirit; %o,p+eat,
/.+/i+, restore, and i,p+ant a so.nd "nderstandin'
in ,e, that - ,ay '+ori/ie thee and a++ thy Dor)s, in
a++ ,y 1ho.'hts, Dords, and Feeds. I 0od the
@ather, %on/ir, and 'rant this ,y Prayer, and
in%rease ,y "nderstandin' and e,ory, and
stren'then the sa,e, to )no* and re%ei6e the
#%ien%e, e,ory, E+oB.en%e, and Perse6eran%e in
a++ ,anner o/ 3earnin', *ho +i6est and rei'nest
Dor+d *itho.t end. Amen-
,ear., J 6erbor., ,eor.,. Fe.s Pater,
oratione, ,ean %on/ir,a, J inte++e%t.,
,e., a.'e J ,e,oria,, ad s.s%ipiend.,,
ad %o'nos%end., o,ni., #%ript.rar.,
s%ientia,, ,e,oria,, e+oB.entia, J
perse.erantia,, B.i J re'nas in se%.+a
se%.+or.,, $,en.
Here beginneth the first Treatise of this Art,
which Master A$olloni)# calleth, The gol"en
Flo(er#: being the generall Introduction to all
Natural Sciences; and this is Confirmed,
Composed, and Approved b the Authorit of
Soloon: Manich<)#: and E)")ch<)#/
Inci$it $ri)# Tractat)# i#ti)# arti#:
9 e8$o#itione# ei)#: B)a# Magi#ter
A$olloni)# Flore# a)reo# a$$ella)it:
a" er)"itione oni)
#cientiar) nat)rali) generaliter/
Et hoc con!ira)it a)thoritate
Salooni# Manich<i 9 E)")chi;
co$o#it) 9 $ro%at)/
- Apollonius aster o/ $rts, d.+y %a++ed, to *ho,
the ! o/ 3ibera+ $rts hath been 'ranted, a,
intended to treat o/ the Kno*+ed'e o/ 3ibera+ $rts,
and o/ the Kno*+ed'e o/ $strono,y; and *ith
*hat E8peri,ents and Fo%.,ents, a &o,pendio.s
and &o,petent Kno*+ed'e o/ $rts ,ay be attained
.nto; and ho* the hi'hest and +o*est ysteries o/
! ,ay be %o,petent+y di6ided, and /itted and
app+ied to the !at.res o/ 1i,es; and *hat proper
dayes and are to be e+e%ted /or the Feeds and
$%tions o/ ,en, to be be'.n and ended; *hat
Q.a+i/i%ations a ,an o.'ht to ha6e, to attain the
E//i%a%y o/ this $rt; and ho* he o.'ht to dispose
o/ the a%tions 455 o/ his +i/e, and to beho+d and
st.dy the &o.rse o/ the oon. -n the /irst p+a%e
there/ore, *e sha++ de%+are %ertain pre%epts o/ the
#pirit.a+ #%ien%es; that a++ thin's *hi%h *e intend
to spea) o/, ,ay be attained to in order. Donder
not there/ore, at *hat yo. sha++ hear and see in this
s.bseB.ent 1reatise, and that yo. sha++ /inde an
E8a,p+e o/ s.%h inesti,ab+e 3earnin'.
E0I $po++oni.s arti., a'ister ,erit`
n.n%.pat.s, %.i nat.ra +ibera+i., B.asi
%essisse 6idet.r, tra%tat.r.s s., de %o'nitione
arti., +ibera+i.,, J de %o'nitione
$strono,iae. Q.ib.s e8peri,entis J B.ib.s
do%.,entis arti., %o,pendiosa
%o,petensB.e %o'nitio possit haberi,
B.ib.sB.e nat.ris te,por., idonee possit
nat.ra s.,,a in/i,aB.e %o,petenter di.idi,
J B.ib.s dieb.s J hotis /a%ta ho,in.,
in%hoanda atB.e deter,inanda s.nt. Q.a+iter
ho,o J B.a+i e//i%a%ia in ista arte
dispositione, 6itae a'ere debeat, J, +.nae inspi%ere debeat J st.deat.
Pri,` arbitrat.s s.,, B.aeda, prae%epta de
spirit.a+ib.s s%ienti<s de%+aranda, 6t ad
sin'.+a prae/ati s.,.s, ordine %ontin.o
pertin'at.r. !e ,ireris, er'o B.od a.dieris J
B.od 6is.r.s es in ho% op.s%.+o s.bseB.enti,
J B.od in.enis e8e,p+ar tantae J
inesti,abi+is er.ditionis.
#o,e thin's *hi%h /o++o*, *hi%h *e *i++ de+i6er
Q.aeda, s.nt postea seB..nt.r,
to thee as Essayes o/ *onder/.+ E//e%ts, and ha6e
e8tra%ted the, o.t o/ the ,ost an%ient 2oo)s o/
the Hebre*s; *hi%h, *here tho. seest the,,
>a+tho.'h they are /or'otten, and *orn o.t o/ any
h.,ane 3an'.a'e? ne6erthe+ess estee, the, as
ira%+esC @or - do tr.+y ad,ire the 'reat Po*er
and E//i%a%y o/ Dords in the Dor)s o/ !
tibi ,irabi+i o//i%io e8 antiB.issi,is
Hebraeor., +ibris e8tra%ta +e'endo
prae+iba.i,.sC 6bi 6ideris, +i%et i'nota
/.er.nt +in'.e h.,anae, ta,en pro ,ira%.+o
rep.ta B.od _ Fo,ino Feo t.o tibi no.eris
esse %on%ess.,. E'o si B.ide, de propositis
nat.ris pri.s in ,e ,irat.s s., 6erba tanta, posse habere e//i%a%ia,.
O! (hat e!!icac, (or"# are/
1here is so 'reat Aert.e, Po*er and E//i%a%y in
%ertain !a,es and Dords o/ 0od, that *hen yo.
reade those 6ery Dords, it sha++ i,,ediate+y
in%rease and he+p yo.r E+oB.en%e, so 465 that yo.
sha++ be ,ade e+oB.ent o/ spee%h by the,, and at
+en'th attain to the E//e%ts o/ the po*er/.+ #a%red
!a,es o/ 0odC b.t /ro, *hen%e the po*er hereo/
doth pro%eed, sha++ be /.++y de,onstrated to yo. in
the /o++o*in' &hapters o/ PrayersC and those *hi%h
/o++o* ne8t to o.r hand, *e sha++ +ay open.
@)anta #it e!!icacia &er%or)/
Est eni, tanta B.or.nda, Fei e//i%a%ia
6erbor.,, 6t %., ipsa 6erba +e'etis, tibi
/a%.nditate, e8 i,pro.iso ita a.'eb.nt B.od
B.asi de i++is e+oB.ens /a%t.s /.eris J de,.,
Fei sin'.+is aeB.a+is /.eris e//e%t.sC
6er.nta,en 6nde hae% /iant si% in seB.entib.s
%apit.+is oration., p+enE tibi de,onstrabit.rC
!.n% 6er` ad ,an., s.nt praesentia
An e8$lanation o! the Notar, Art/
1his art is di6ided into t*o partsC 1he /irst
%ontaineth 'enera+ 7.+es, the se%ond spe%ia+ 7.+es.
De %o,e /irst to the spe%ia+ 7.+es; that is, @irst, to
a three/o+d, and then to a /o.r/o+d Fi6isionC $nd in
the third p+a%e *e %o,e to spea) o/ 1heo+o'y;
*hi%h #%ien%es tho. sha+t attain to, by the
Iperation o/ these Irations, i/ tho. prono.n%e
the, as it is *rittenC 1here/ore there are %ertain
!otes o/ the !otary $rt, *hi%h are ,ani/est to .s;
the Aert.e *hereo/ H.,an 7eason %annot
%o,prehend. 1he /irst !ote hath his si'ni/i%ation
ta)en /ro, the Hebre*; *hi%h tho.'h the
e8pression thereo/ be %o,prehended in a 6ery 475
/e* *ords; ne6erthe+ess, in the e8pression o/ the
ystery, they do not +ose their Aert.eC 1hat ,ay be
%a++ed their Aert.e, *hi%h doth happen and pro%eed
/ro, their pron.n%iation, *hi%h o.'ht to be 'reat+y
ad,ired at.
I#ta o#ten#io #)%#eB)en# e#t "e arte
-sta ars di.idit.r in partesC -n pri,a
ponit notas 'enera+es, in se%.nda spe%ia+es.
$d spe%ia+es pri.s a%%eda,.s seC ad 1ri.i.,,
postea ad B.atri.i.,. 1ertio 6er` ad
1heo+o'ia, s%ientias %., operatione
istar., oration., asseB.eris, si eas si%.t
s%ript., est, pron.n%ia.eris. Fe !otoria
i'it.r arte B.aeda, not.+ae %., s%riptis
ear., nobis ,ani/estae s.nt,,
6irt.te, h.,ana ratio non potest
%o,prehendere. Est i'it.r pri,a nota %.i.s
si'ni/i%atio est e8 Hebraeo distorta, B.e +i%et
%., pa.%issi,is 6erbi.s %o,prehendat.r
ta,en in e8pressione s.a, J in e8pressione
,ysteri< s.a, non a,ittit 6irt.te,C 1a,en
ei.s 6irt.s est B.od e8 ea %ontin'it J pro%edit
,irabi+iter ad,irand., B.i+ibet arbitret.r.
.6eginning o!4 The !ir#t $rece$t .: !ir#t cha$ter
o! three cha$ter#4/
Inci$it $ria oratio $rii ca$it)li
"e tri%)# ca$it)li#/ Scemath Ama/a/ *emel7 Sathusteon hheli
41. 1his oration in /.++ at the end >p.
Tama/am J%.
*hi%h Solomon entit.+ed, *is first
0evelation; and that to be *itho.t any
-nterpretationC -t bein' a #%ien%e o/ so
1rans%endent a p.rity, that it hath its Iri'ina+ o.t
o/ the depth and pro/.ndity o/ the Chal$ee
*e're) and Grecian 3an'.a'es; and there/ore
%annot possib+e by any ,eans be e8p+i%ated /.++y
in the poor 1hread=bare #%he,e o/ o.r 3an'.a'e.
$nd o/ *hat the E//i%a%y o/ the a/oresaid
*ords are, Solomon hi,se+/ doth des%ribe in his
E+e6enth 2oo), *elisoe, o/ the i'hty 0+ory o/
the &reatorC b.t the @riend and #.%%essor o/
Solomon, that is, Apollonius, *ith so,e /e*
others, to *ho, that #%ien%e hath been
,ani/ested, ha6e e8p+ained the sa,e, and de/ined
it to 485 be ,ost Ho+y, Fi6ine, Feep, and Pro/o.nd
ysteries; and not to be dis%+osed nor prono.n%ed,
*itho.t 'reat @aith and 7e6eren%e.
Hel, #ceath AaAaA: heel: Sath)#teon:
hheli TaaAa 9c/ Q.a, #a+o,on pri,a,
oratione, J 45845 ea, o,ni
interprete %arere, s%iens tanta, s.bti+itatis de
&ha+dei, Hebraei, 0rae%i pro/.nditate
ser,onis e8torta,P 6t n.++o ,odo possit
p+enario s%he,ate ser,onis e8 poXi.
a.te, sit ei.s e//i%a%ia, ipse ide, #a+o,on in
+ib. --. He+isoe %onditoris de /.+'ore,
sapientiae ostenditC #ed a,i%.s J s.%%essor
#a+o,onis, id est $po++oni.s, %., pa.%is
a+i<s, B.ib.s data /.it isti.s s%ientiae
,ani/estatio, e8pos.are, di%eter. -sta di.ina
,ysteria pro/.nda J san%tissi,a, J B._,
p+.ri,b, re.erenda s.nt J non absB.e /idei
,a'nit.dine pro/erenda.
4He+y . se,at . aHaran . he,e+ . #a,i% .
A S$irit)al Man"ate o! the $rece"ent Oration/ Hic "at)r #$irit)ale an"at) "e
$raece"enti oratione/
2e/ore any one be'in to reade or prono.n%e any
Irations o/ this $rt, to brin' the, to e//e%t, +et
the, a+*ayes /irst re6erent+y and de6o.t+y
rehearse this Prayer in the be'innin'.
Q.od anteB.a, in%ipiat, +e'ere, si.e
pro/erre orationes isti.s artis pro
e//i%a%ia, ista, oratione, se,per pri,`
pro/erat in initio re.erenter J de.otE.
-/ any one *i++ sear%h the #%ript.res, or *o.+d
.nderstand, or e+oB.ent+y prono.n%e any part o/, +et hi, prono.n%e the *ords o/ the
/o++o*in' @i'.re, to *it, *ely scemath, in the
,ornin' beti,es o/ that day, *herein tho. *i+t
be'in any *or). $nd in the !a,e o/ the 3ord o.r
0od, +et hi, di+i'ent+y prono.n%e the
proposed, *ith this Prayer *hi%h /o++o*s, *hi%h is,
Theos %egale; $nd is ,ysti%a++y distorted, and
,ira%.+o.s+y and proper+y /ra,ed o.t o/ the
*e're) Gree" , and Chal$ean 1on'.esC and it
e8tendeth itse+/ brie/+y into e6ery 3an'.a'e, in
*hat be'innin' soe6er 495 they are de%+ared. 1he
se%ond part o/ the Iration o/ the se%ond &hapter,
is ta)en o.t o/ the *e're) Gree" an$ Chal$ee;
and the /o++o*in' E8position thereo/, o.'ht to be
prono.n%ed /irst, *hi%h is a 3atine IrationC 1he
third Iration o/ the three &hapters, a+*ays in the
be'innin' o/ e6ery @a%.+ty, is /irst to be rehearsed.
#i e.i'i+et s%ript.rae, si.e B.a,+ibet
s%ript.ra, /a%.ndE inda'are si.e pro/erre
6o+.erit, 6erba /i'.rae prae%edentis
prae/ati s.,.s, s%i+i%et, Hel, #ceath. -n i++a
die B.ando 6.+t in%ipere op.s s.,,o
,anE, in no,ine Fo,ini Fei nostri, in ipsa
proposita pro+atione s%ript.rae di+i'enter
pro/eratC &., i++a ta,en oratione B.e, est Theo# egale, est e8
Hebraeo, 0rae%o, J &ha+daeo ser,one
s.bti+iter distorta J e+i,ata ,irabi+iter J
propriE, s%i+i%er per e8positione, s.,,ati,
protendit.r in o,ni ser,one in B.o+ibet initio
pro/erenda s.nt.
-n%ipit se%.nda pars orationis se%.ndi
%apit.+i, B.e e8 Hebraeo, 0rae%o, J &ha+daeo
est e8%erpta. &., ista pri,a s.a e8positio
seB.ens pro/erri debet; oratio +atina est.
1ertio oratio de trib.s %apit.+is, se,per
in initio %.i.s+ibet /a%.+tatis . #. pri,`
1he Iration is, Theos %egale in tu ymas .urel,

42. 1his oration in /.++ at the end >p.
-n%ipit ipsa oratio, Theo# egale io t) ,a#
E)rel J%.
1his she*eth, ho* the /ore'oin' Prayer is
e8po.ndedC 2.t a+tho.'h this is a parti%.+ar and
brie/ E8position o/ this Iration; yet do not thin),
that a++ *ords are th.s e8po.nded.
Hi% ostendit B.a+iter prae/ata oratio
e8ponat.r. H.i.s,odi 6er` orationis ho% est
parti%.+a J s.,,ati, prae+ibata e8positio.
!on ta,en p.tes B.od sin'.+a 6erba
e8ponant.r si%.
The E8$o#ition o! thi# Oration/ Inci$it e8$o#itio "ictae orationi#/
IH 0od, the 3i'ht o/ the Dor+d, @ather o/
-,,ense Eternity, 0i6er o/ a++ Disdo, and
Kno*+ed'e, and o/ a++ #pirit.a+ 0ra%e; ,ost
Ho+y and -nesti,ab+e Fispenser, )no*in' a++
thin's be/ore they are ,ade; *ho ,a)est
3i'ht and Far)nessC #tret%h /orth thy Hand,
and to.%h ,y, and ,a)e ,y 1on'.e
as a sharp s*ord; 4105 to she* /orth these
*ords *ith E+oB.en%e; a)e ,y 1on'.e as
an $rro* e+e%ted to de%+are thy Donders, and
to prono.n%e the, ,e,orab+yC #end /orth
thy ho+y #pirit, I 3ord, into ,y Heart and
#o.+, to .nderstand and retain the,, and to
,editate on the, in ,y &ons%ien%eC 2y the
Iath o/ thy Heart, that is, 2y the 7i'ht=hand
o/ thy ho+y Kno*+ed'e, and ,er%i/.++y
inspire thy 0ra%e into ,e; 1ea%h and instr.%t
,e; Estab+ish the %o,in' in and 'oin' o.t o/
,y #enses, and +et thy Pre%epts tea%h and
%orre%t ,e .nti+ the end; and +et the &o.n%e+
o/ the ,ost Hi'h assist ,e, thro.'h thy
in/inite Disdo, and er%y. Amen.
4&orrespondin' *ith 3iber J.rat.s %hapter
3.8 ,.ndi Fe.s i,,ensae pater aeternitatis,
+ar'itor sapientiae J s%ientiae J toti.s 'ratiae
spirit.a+is, pie J inaesti,abi+is dispensator,
nos%ens o,nia pri.s anteB.a, /iant, /a%iens
tenebras J +.%e,, ,itte ,an., t.a, J
tan'e os ,ea,, J pone id 6t '+adi., a%.t.,
ad enarrand., e+oB.enter 45855 hae% 6erba.
@a% +in'.a, ,ea, 6t sa'itta, e+e%ta, ad
enarrand., ,irabi+ia t.a, J ad
pron.n%iand., ea ,e,oriter. E,itte
#pirit., san%t., t.., Fo,ine, in %or ,e.,
ad per%ipiend., J in ani,a, ,ea, ad
retinend., ea ,e,oriter. E,itte #pirit.,
san%t., t.., Fo,ine in %or ,e., ad
per%ipiend., J in ani,a, ,ea, ad
retinend.,, J in %ons%ientia, ,ea, ad
,editand., per i.ra,ent., t.i %ordis, id est
per de8tra, piae s%ientiae Et
,iseri%orditer J %+e,enter in ,e 'ratia,
t.a, inspira J do%e, J instr.e, J insta.ra
introit., J e8it., sens.., ,eor.,, J
do%eat 4si%5 ,e J %orri'at 4si%5 ,e dis%ip+ina
t.a 6sB.e in /ine,. Et ,e %onsi+i.,
a+tissi,i, per in/inita, sapientia, J
,iseri%orda, t.a,, $,en.
The (or"# o! the#e Oration# cannot %e (holl,
!Either thin), that a++ *ords o/ the pre%edin'
Iration %an be trans+ated into the 3atin 1on'.eC
@or so,e *ords o/ that Iration %ontain in
the,se+6es a 'reater #ense o/ ysti%a+ Pro/.ndity,
o/ the $.thority o/ Solomon; and ha6in' re/eren%e
to his Dritin's, *e a%)no*+ed'e, 1hat these
Irations 4115 %annot be e8po.nded nor .nderstood
by h.,ane senseC @or it is ne%essary, 1hat a++
Non e8 toto &er%a oration)
$o##)nt e8$oni/
!e ta,en p.tes B.od prT/ate orationis 6erba
sin'.+a in +atin., trans+ata sint ser,one,,
%., ipsi.s orationis 6erb., p+.s in se
sens.s J ,ystiT pro/.nditatis %ontineat e8
a.thoritate J etia, #a+o,onis, J ipsi.s
s%riptis re/erentib.s a'nos%i,.s oratione,
n.++aten.s h.,ani sens.s %onditione posse
e8poni. !e%essari., est eteni,, etia, ipsas
$strono,iT si.e $stro+o'iT, si.e artis
notoriT parti%.+as distin%tas, 6e+ orationes s.o
Irations, and distin%t parti%.+ars o/ $strono,y,
$stro+o'y, and the !otary $rt, be spo)en and
prono.n%ed in their d.e ti,e and season; and the
Iperations o/ the, to be ,ade a%%ordin' to the
disposition o/ the 1i,es.
,odo J te,pore di%i J pro/erri, J e8 eis
se%.nd., dispositione, te,por., depere
O! the Tri)$hal Fig)re#: ho( #$aringl, the,
are to %e $rono)nce": an" hone#tl, an"
"e&o)tl, #$o'en/
1here are a+so %ertain @i'.res or Irations, *hi%h
Solomon in Chal$eac" calleth *ely; that is,
1ri.,pha+ Irations o/ the 3ibera+ $rts, and s.dden
e8%e++ent E//i%a%ies o/; and they are the
-ntrod.%tion to the !otary $rt. Dhere/ore
Solomon ,ade a spe%ia+ be'innin' o/ the,, that
they are to be prono.n%ed at %ertain deter,inate
ti,es o/ the oon; and not to be .nderta)en,
*itho.t %onsideration o/ the end. Dhi%h a+so
%agister Apollonius hath /.++y and per/e%t+y
ta.'ht, sayin', Dhosoe6er *i++ prono.n%e 4125
these *ords +et hi, do it in a deter,inate
appointed ti,e, and set aside a++ other o%%asions,
and he sha++ pro/it in a++ #%ien%es in one oneth,
and attain to the, in an e8traordinary *onder/.+
Hic loB)it)r "e tri)$hali%)#
!ig)ri# B)oo"o $arcJ "icant)r: 9
hone#tJ $ro!erant)r: 9 "e)otJ/
#.nt etia, B.Tda, /i'.rT si.e orationes, #a+o,on Hel, &ha+dai%E, id est
tri.,pha+es orationes +ibera+i., artia, J
s.bitas a% prT%e++entes 6irt.t., e//i%a%ias J s.nt ad artis notoriT
itrod.%tori., 4si%5. Ande #a+o,on spe%ia+e
prin%ipi., de ipsis, 6t se%.nd],
+.nas te,pora deter,inata, J non absB.e
ter,ino %onsiderara pro/erant.r. Q.od J
a'ister noster $po++oni.s p+enE J
%o,petenter, di%ensC Q.i%.nB.e hT%
6erba, si%.t pa.+` in/eri.s deter,inato J te,pore prot.+erit, s%iat se o,ni
o%%asione re,ota -! A!I E!#E 1I1$
@$&A!F-$ -! o,nib.s s%ienti<s
pro/erendis, ,.+t` ,a'is ,ore so+ito
,irabi+iter adipis%i.
The E8$o#ition# o! the L)nation# o! the Notar,
I#t< #)nt e8$o#itione# l)nationi#
arti# notori</
1Hese are the E8positions o/ the 3.nation, and
-ntrod.%tion o/ the !otary $rt, to *it, in the /o.rth
and the ei'hth day o/ the oon; and in the t*e+/th,
si8teenth, /o.r and t*entieth, ei'ht and t*entieth,
and thirtieth they o.'ht to be p.t in operation.
@ro, *hen%e Solomon saith, 1hat to those ti,es,
*e 'i6e the e8positi6e ti,es o/ the oon; o/ the
/o.rth day o/ the oon *hi%h are *ritten by the
/o.r $n'e+s; and in the /o.rth day o/ the oon is
,ani/ested to .s; and are /o.r ti,es repeated and
e8p+ained by the $n'e+, the essen'er o/ these
Irations; and are a+so re6ea+ed and de+i6ered to .s
that reB.ire the, /ro, the $n'e+, /o.r ti,es o/ the
year, to she* the E+oB.en%e and @.+ness o/ the
/o.r 4135 3an'.a'es, Gree" *e're) Chal$ee and
Latine; and 0od hath deter,ined the Po*er o/ the
@a%.+ties o/ H.,ane "nderstandin', to the /o.r
Parts o/ the Earth; and a+so the /o.r o/
H.,anities, "nderstandin', e,ory, E+oB.en%e,
and the @a%.+ty o/ 7.+in' those three. $nd these
thin's are to be .sed as *e ha6e be/ore spo)en.
He #he(eth ho( the $rece"ent Oration i# the 6eginning an" Fo)n"ation o! the
(hole Art/
1Hat is the /irst @i'.re o/ the !otary $rt, *hi%h is ,ani/est+y sited .pon a
Q.adran'+e !oteC $nd this is $n'e+i%a+ Disdo,, .nderstood o/ /e* in $strono,y; b.t
in the 0+ass o/ $stro+o'y, it is %a++ed, 1he 7in' o/ Phi+osophy; and in the !otary $rt it
is *ritten, 1o be the @o.ndation o/ the *ho+e #%ien%e. 2.t it is to be rehearsed /o.r
ti,es a day, be'innin' in the ,ornin' on%e, abo.t the third ho.r on%e, on%e in the
ninth ho.r, and on%e in the e6enin'.
1he pre%edent Iration o.'ht to be 4145 spo)en se%ret+y; and +et hi, that spea)s it be
a+one, and prono.n%e it *ith a +o* 6oy%e, so that he s%ar%e+y hear hi,se+/. $nd this is
the %ondition hereo/, that i/ ne%essity .r'e one to do any 'reat *or)s, he sha++ say it
t*i%e in the ,ornin', and abo.t the ninth ho.r t*i%e; and +et hi, /ast the /irst day
*herein he rehearseth it, and +et hi, +i6e %hast+y and de6o.t+y. $nd this is the oration
*hi%h he sha++ sayC
1his is the Iration o/ the /o.r 1on'.es, Chal$ee Gree" *e're) and Latine, e6ident+y
e8po.nded, *hi%h is %a++ed, :the #p+endor or Speculum o/ Disdo,.: -n a++ ho+y
3.nations, these Irations o.'ht to be read, on%e in the ,ornin', on%e abo.t the third
ho.r, on%e abo.t the ninth ho.r, and on%e in the e6enin'.
The Oration/
$ssay+e,ath, $ssay, 3e,eth, $HHab.e.
The #econ" $art o! the $rece"ent Oration#: (hich i# to %e #ai" onel, once/
$GHay+e,ath, 3e,ath, $Ha%'essenio.
The thir" $art o! the $rece"ent Oration: (hich i# to %e #$o'en together (ith the
3e,ath, #eban%he, E++ithy, $y'eHo.
Thi# Oration hath no E8$o#ition in the Latine/
1His is a ho+y Prayer, *itho.t dan'er o/ any sin, *hi%h Solomon saith, is ine8p+i%ab+e
be h.,ane sense. $nd he addeth, and saith, 1hat the E8p+i%ation thereo/ is ,ore
pro+i8io.s, than %an be %onsidered o/ or apprehended by ,an; e8%eptin' a+so those
se%rets, *hi%h is not +a*/.+, neither is it 'i6en to ,an to .tterC 1here/ore he +ea6eth
this Iration *itho.t any E8position, no ,an %o.+d attain to the per/e%tion 4165
thereo/C and it *as +e/t so #pirit.a+, the $n'e+ that de%+ared it to Solomon, +aid
an ine8%.sab+e prohibition .pon it, sayin', #ee that tho. do not pres.,e to 'i6e to any
other, nor to e8po.nd any thin' o.t o/ this Iration, neither tho. thy se+/, nor any one
by thee, nor any one a/ter theeC @or it is a ho+y and #a%ra,enta+ ystery, that by
e8pressin' the *ords thereo/, 0od heareth thy Prayer, and in%reaseth thy e,ory,
"nderstandin', E+oB.en%e, and estab+isheth the, a++ in thee. 3et it be read in
appointed ti,es o/ the 3.nation; as, in the /o.rth day o/ the oon, the ei'hth and
t*e+/th, as it is *ritten and %o,,andedC say that Iration 6ery di+i'ent+y /o.r ti,es in
those dayes; 6eri+y be+ie6in', 1hat thereby thy st.dy sha++ s.dden+y be in%reased, and
,ade %+ear, *itho.t any a,bi'.ity, beyond the apprehension o/ h.,ane 7eason.
O! the E!!icac, o! that Oration (hich i# ine8$lica%le to h)ane #en#e/
1His is that one+y *hi%h Solomon %a++s 1he happiness o/ Dit, and . Apollonius
ter,eth it, 1he 3i'ht o/ the #o.+, and the Speculum o/ Disdo,C $nd, - s.ppose, the
said Iration ,ay be %a++ed, 1he -,a'e o/ Eterna+ 3i/eC the Aert.e and E//i%a%y
*hereo/ is so 'reat, that it is .nderstood or apprehended o/ 6ery /e* or none.
1here/ore ha6in' essayed so,e Petitions, #i'ns and Pre%epts, *e 'i6e the, as an
entran%e to those thin's *hereo/ *e intend to spea); o/ *hi%h they are part, that *e
ha6e spo)en o/ be/ore. !e6erthe+ess, be/ore *e %o,e to spea) o/ the,, so,e thin's
are ne%essary to be de%+ared, *hereby *e ,ay ,ore %+ear+y and p+ain+y set /orth o.r
intended HistoryC @or, as *e ha6e said be/ore, there are %ertain E8%eptions o/ the
!otary $rt; so,e *hereo/ are dar) and, and others p+ain and ,ani/est.
@or the !otary $rt hath a 2oo) in $strono,y, *hereo/ it is the 2e'innin' 4185 and
,istris; and the Aert.e thereo/ is s.%h, that a++ $rts are ta.'ht and deri6ed /ro, her.
$nd *e are /.rther to )no*, 1hat the !otary $rt doth in a *onder/.+ ,anner %ontain
and %o,prehend *ithin it se+/, a++ $rts, and the Kno*+ed'e o/ a++ 3earnin', as
Solomon *itnessethC 1here/ore it is %a++ed, The Notary Art, in %ertain brie/
!otes, it tea%heth and %o,prehendeth the )no*+ed'e o/ a++ $rtsC /or so Solomon a+so
saith in his 1reatise Lemegeton, that is, in his 1reatise o/ #pirit.a+ and #e%ret
Here he #he(eth: in (hat anner tho#e Note# "i!!er in Art: an" the rea#on
thereo!? !or a Note i# a certain 'no(le"ge: %, the Oration an" Fig)re %e!ore #et
2"t o/ the Irations and @i'.res, ,ention sha++ be ,ade in their d.e p+a%e, and ho*
the !otes are %a++ed in the !otary $rt. !o* he ,a)eth ,ention o/ that Iration, *hi%h
is %a++ed, 1he Q.een o/ 1on'.esC /or a,on'st these Irations, there is one 4195 ,ore
e8%e++ent than the rest, *hi%h Kin' Solomon *o.+d there/ore ha6e be %a++ed, 1he
Q.een o/ 1on'.es, it ta)es a*ay, as it *ere, *ith a %ertain #e%ret %o6erin' the
-,pedi,ents o/ the 1on'.e, and 'i6eth it a ,ar6e++o.s @a%.+ty o/ E+oB.en%e.
Dhere/ore be/ore *e pro%eed /.rther, ta)e a +itt+e Essay o/ that IrationC @or this is an
Iration *hi%h in the #%ript.res *e are ta.'ht to ha6e a+*ayes in o.r ,o.thes; b.t it is
ta)en o.t o/ the Chal$ean 3an'.a'eC *hi%h, a+tho.'h it be short, is o/ a *onder/.+
Aert.e; that *hen yo. reade that, *ith the Iration be/ore=,entioned, yo.
%annot )eep si+ent those thin's, *hi%h the 1on'.e and "nderstandin' s.''est, and
ad,inister to thee.
1he Iration *hi%h /o++o*s, is a %ertain -n6o%ation o/ the $n'e+s o/ 0od, and it
pro6o)eth E+oB.en%e, and o.'ht to be said in the be'innin' o/ the, and in the
be'innin' o/ the oneth.
The Oration
415 3Ameth Leynach Semach !elmay >these Irations ha6e not proper
3.nations, as the &o,,entator saith .pon the 0+oss, A//ailement Gesegon
Lothamasim ,/etogomaglial ;e/iphier (osanum Solatar !o/efama
Defarciamar ;emait Lemaio Pheralon Anuc Philosophi Gregoon Letos
Anum Anum Anum-?
Ho( thi# Oration i# to %e #ai" in the %eginning o! e&er, Moneth: cha#tl,: an" (ith
a $)re in"e/
-! the be'innin' o/ the #%ript.res, are to be ta.'ht, ho* the pre%edent Iration o.'ht
to be spo)en ,ost se%ret+y, and nothin' o.'ht to be retained, *hi%h thy inde and
"nderstandin' s.''ests and pro,pts to thee in the readin' thereo/C 1hen a+so /o++o*
%ertain *ords, *hi%h are Pre%epts thereo/, *hi%h o.'ht a+*ayes to be be'.n in the
be'innin' o/ the oneth, and a+so in other dayes. - *o.+d a+so note this, 1hat it is to
be prono.n%ed 4215 *ise+y, and *ith the 'reatest re6eren%e; and that /astin', be/ore yo.
ha6e ta)en either eat or Frin).
Here !ollo(eth the *ra,er (e #$a'e o! %e!ore: to o%tain a goo" Meor,/
425 I ost i'hty 0od, -n6isib+e 0od, Theos Patir *eminas; by thy
$r%han'e+s, .liphamasay Gelonucoa Ge'eche !anai Gera'cai .lomnit;
and by thy '+orio.s $n'e+s, *hose !a,es are so &onse%rated, that they
%annot be .ttered by .s; *hi%h are these, Do- *el- <- P- A- Li- ,- =- J%.
*hi%h %annot be &o,prehended by H.,ane #ense.
Here !ollo(ing i# the *rolog)e o! the $rece"ent Oration: (hich $ro&o'eth an"
$roc)reth Meor,: an" i# contin)e" (ith the $rece"ent Note/
1His Iration o.'ht to be said ne8t to the pre%edent Iration; to *it, Lameth4 and *ith
this, - besee%h thee to day, , Theos, to be said a+*ays as one %ontin.ed Iration. -/ it
be /or the e,ory, +et it be said in the ,ornin'; i/ /or any other e//e%t, in the e6enin'.
4225 $nd th.s +et it be said in the ho.r o/ the e6enin', and in the ,ornin'C $nd bein'
th.s prono.n%ed, *ith the pre%edent Iration, it in%reaseth the e,ory, and he+peth
the -,per/e%tions o/ the 1on'.e.
Here %eginneth the *rolog)e o! thi# Oration/
- 2esee%h thee, I ,y 3ord, to i++.,inate the 3i'ht o/ ,y &ons%ien%e *ith
the #p+endor o/ thy 3i'htC -++.strate and %on/ir, ,y "nderstandin', *ith the
s*eet odo.r o/ thy #pirit. $dorn ,y #o.+, that hearin' - ,ay hear and *hat -
hear, - ,ay retain in ,y e,ory. I 3ord, re/or, ,y heart, restore ,y
senses, and stren'then the,; B.a+i/ie ,y e,ory *ith thy 0i/tsC er%i/.++y
open the d.+ness o/ ,y #o.+. I ,ost ,er%i/.+ 0od, te,per the /ra,e o/ ,y
1on'.e, by thy ,ost '+orio.s and .nspea)ab+e !a,eC 1ho. *ho are the
@o.ntain o/ a++ 0oodness; the Iri'ina+ and #prin' o/ Piety, ha6e patien%e
*ith ,e, 'i6e a 'ood e,ory .nto ,e, and besto* .pon ,e *hat - pray o/
thee in this ho+y Iration. I tho. *ho dost not /orth*ith J.d'e a sinner, 4235
b.t ,er%i/.++y *aitest, e8pe%tin' his 7epentan%e; - >tho.'h .n*orthy?
besee%h thee to ta)e a*ay the '.i+t o/ ,y sins, and *ash a*ay ,y
*i%)edness and o//en%es, and 'rant ,e these ,y Petitions, by the o/
thy ho+y $n'e+s, tho. *ho art one 0od in 1rinity. Amen-
Here he #he(eth #oe other Vert)e o! the $rece"ent Oration/
-/ tho. o/ any 'reat Asion, *hat it ,ay /oreshe*; or i/ tho. *o.+dst see any
'reat Asion, o/ any dan'er present or to %o,e; or i/ tho. *o.+dst be %erti/ied o/ any
one that is absent, say this Iation three ti,es in the e6enin' *ith 'reat re6eren%e and
de6otion, and tho. sha+t ha6e and see that *hi%h tho. desirest.
Here !ollo(eth an Oration o! great Vert)e: to attain the 'no(le"ge o! the *h,#ical
Art: ha&ing al#o an, other Vert)e# an" E!!icac,/
-@ yo. *o.+d ha6e the per/e%t )no*+ed'e o/ any Fisease, *hether the sa,e tend to
death or +i/eC i/ the si%) party +ie +an'.ishin', stand be/ore hi,, J say this Iration
three ti,es *ith 'reat re6eren%e.
The Oration o! the *h,#ical Art/
-*esus fili Dominus 3ncomprehensi'ilis4 $n%or, $na%or, $ny+os, Gohorna,
1heodonos, he+y otes Pha'or, !oriHane, &ori%hito, $nosae, He+se 1onope,
Another $art o! the #ae Oration/
.lleminator Can$ones helosi Tephagain Tecen$um Thaones !ehelos !elhoros
*ocho Phagan Corphan$onos *uman> natus 2 vos .loytus Phugora4 2e present ye
ho+y $n'e+s, ad6ertise and tea%h ,e, *hether s.%h a one sha++ re%o6er, or dye o/ this
&orrspondin' to %hapter KKA- in
1his bein' done, then as) the si%) person, @riend, ho* dost tho. /ee+ thy se+/V $nd i/
he ans*er thee. - /ee+ ,y se+/ at 'ood ease, - be'in to ,end, or the +i)e; then <.d'e
*itho.t, 1he si%) person sha++ re%o6erC b.t i/ he ans*er, - a, 6ery 'rie6o.s+y i++,
or *orse and *orse; then, He *i++ dye on the ,orro*C 2.t i/ he
ans*er, - )no* not ho* ,y state and %ondition is, *hether better or *orse; then yo.
,ay )no* +i)e*ise, 1hat he 4255 *i++ either dye, or his disease *i++ %han'e and a+ter
/or the *orse. -/ it be a &hi+de , that is not o/ years %apab+e to ,a)e an ans*er; or that
the si%) +an'.ish so 'rie6o.s+y, that he )no*eth not ho*, or *i++ not ans*er, say this
Iration three ti,es; and *hat yo. /inde /irst re6ea+ed in yo.r ,inde, that <.d'e to
%o,e to pass o/ hi,.
@.rther,ore i/ any one disse,b+e and see) to hide or %o6er his in/ir,ity; say the sa,e
Iration, and the $n'e+i%a+ Aert.e sha++ s.''est the to thee. -/ the diseased person
be /arre o//; *hen yo. hear his !a,e, say +i)e*ise this Iration /or hi,, and yo.r
,inde sha++ re6ea+ to yo. *hether he sha++ +i6e or dye.
-/ yo. to.%h the P.+se o/ any one that is si%), sayin' this Iration, the e//e%t o/ his
-n/ir,ity sha++ be re6ea+ed to yo..
Ir i/ yo. to.%h the P.+se o/ any Do,an *ith &hi+de, sayin' the sa,e Iration, it sha++
be re6ea+ed, *hether she sha++ brin' /orth a a+e or @e,a+e.
2.t )no*, that this ira%+e pro%eeds not /ro, yo.r o*n !, b.t /ro, the !
and Aert.e o/ the ho+y 4265 $n'e+s; it bein' a part o/ their I//i%e, *onder/.++y to re6ea+
these thin's to yo.. -/ yo. o/ the Air'inity o/ any one, say this Iration in yo.r
,inde, and it sha++ be re6ea+ed to yo., *hether she be a Air'in, or &
Here !ollo(# an e!!icacio)# *re!ace o! an Oration: #he(ing (hat Vert)re an"
E!!icac, ,o) a, there%, $ro&e e&er, "a,/
I/ this Iration Solomon saith, 1hat by it a ne* )no*+ed'e o/ Physi%) is to be
re%ei6ed /ro, 0odC "pon *hi%h, he hath +aid this %o,,and, and %a++eth it, 1he
ira%.+o.s and E//i%a%io.s @o.ndation o/ the Physi%a+ #%ien%e; and that it %ontaineth
in it the B.antity and B.a+ity o/ the *ho+e Physi%a+ $rt and #%ien%eC *herein there is
%ontained, rather a ,ira%.+o.s and spe%io.s, then /ear/.+ or terrib+e ira%+e, *hi%h as
o/ten=soe6er as tho. readest the sa,e, re'ard not the pa.%ity o/ *ords, b.t praise the
Aert.e o/ so 'reat a ysteryC @or, Solomon hi,se+/ spea)in' o/ the s.bti+ity o/ the
!otory $rt, *onder/.++y e8to++s the Fi6ine He+p; to *it, *e ha6e proposed a
4275 'reat thin', that is to say so ,any and so 'reat ysteries o/ !, %ontained
.nder so spe%io.s bre6ity, that - s.ppose the, to be as a 'enera+ Prob+e, to be
proposed in the ordination o/ so s.bti+e and e8%e++ent a *or); that the ,inde o/ the
7eader or Hearer ,ay be the ,ore %on/ir,ed and /i8ed here.pon.
Here he #he(eth ho( e&er, Note o! e&er, Art: o)ght to e8erci#e hi# o(n o!!ice?
an" that the Note# o! one Art $ro!it not to the 'no(le"ge o! another Art? an" (e
are to 'no(: That all Fig)re# ha&e their $ro$er Oration#/
De %o,e no*, a%%ordin' to o.r stren'th, to di6ide the /a,i+ies o/ the !otory $rt; and
+ea6in' that part *hi%h is nat.ra+, *e %o,e to the 'reater parts o/ the $rtC /or Solomon,
a 'reat &o,poser, and the 'reatest aster o/ the !otory $rt, %o,prehendeth di6ers
$rts .nder the !otion thereo/. 1here/ore he %a++eth this a !otory $rt, it sho.+d
be the $rt o/ $rts, and #%ien%e o/ #%ien%es; *hi%h 4285 %o,prehendeth in it se+/ a++ $rts
and #%ien%es, 3ibera+ and e%hani%)C $nd those thin's *hi%h in other $rts are /.++ o/
+on' and tedio.s +o%.tions, /i++in' .p 'reat pro+i8io.s Ao+.,es o/ 2oo)s, *earyin' o.t
the #t.dent, thro.'h the +en'th o/ ti,e to attain to the,C -n this $rt are %o,prehended
6ery brie/+y in a /e* *ords or *ritin's, so that it dis%o6ereth those thin's *hi%h are
hard and di//i%.+t, ,a)in' the in'enio.s +earned in a 6ery short ti,e, by the *onder/.+
and .nheard=o/ Aert.e o/ the *ords.
1here/ore *e, to *ho, s.%h a /a%.+ty o/ the )no*+ed'e o/ the o/ #%ien%es is
'ranted, ha6e *ho++y re%ei6ed this 'reat 'i/t, and inesti,ab+e bene/it, /ro, the
o6er/+o*in' 'ra%e o/ the ,ost hi'h &reator. $nd *hereas a++ $rts ha6e their se6era+
!otes proper+y disposed to the,, and si'ni/ied by their @i'.res; and the !ote o/ e6ery
$rt, hath not any o//i%e o/ trans%endin' to another $rt, neither do the !otes o/ one $rt
pro/it or assist to the )no*+ed'e o/ another $rtC 1here/ore this ,ay see, a +itt+e
di//i%.+t, as this s,a++ 1reatise, *hi%h ,ay 4295 be %a++ed a Prelu$ium to the 2ody o/
the $rtC *e *i++ e8p+ain the !otes se6era++y; and that *hi%h is ,ore ne%essary, *e
sha++ by the Fi6ine Pro6iden%e di+i'ent+y sear%h o.t the se6era+ #%ien%es o/ the
A certain #$ecial *rece$t/
1His is ne%essary /or .s, and ne%essari+y *e s.ppose *i++ be pro/itab+e to posterity,
that *e )no* ho* to %o,prehend the 'reat pro+i8io.s Ao+.,es o/ *ritin's, in brie/
and %o,pendio.s 1reatises; *hi%h, that it ,ay easi+y be done, *e are di+i'ent+y to
enB.ire o.t the *ay o/ attainin' to it, o.t o/ the three ,ost an%ient 2oo)s *hi%h *ere
%o,posed by Solomon; the /irst and %hie/est thin' to be .nderstood therein, is, 1hat
the Iration be/ore the se%ond &hapter, is to be .sed +on' be/ore e6ery spee%h, the
be'innin' *hereo/ is Assay4 and the *ords o/ the Iration are to be said in a %o,petent
spa%e o/ ti,e; b.t the s.bseB.ent part o/ the Iration is then %hie/+y to be said, *hen
yo. desire the )no*+ed'e o/ the Ao+.,es o/ *ritin's, and +oo)in' 4305 into the !otes
thereo/. 1he sa,e Iration is a+so to be said, *hen yo. *o.+d %+ear+y and p+ain+y
.nderstand and e8po.nd any #%ien%e or 'reat ystery, that is on a s.dden proposed to
yo., *hi%h yo. ne6er heard o/ be/oreC say a+so the sa,e Iration at s.%h ti,e, *hen
any thin' o/ 'reat %onseB.en%e is i,port.ned o/ yo., *hi%h at present yo. ha6e not
the /a%.+ty o/ e8po.ndin'. 1his is a *onder/.+ Iration, *hereo/ *e ha6e spo)en; the
/irst part *hereo/ is e8po.nded in the Ao+.,e o/ the a' o/ the B.a+ity o/ $rt.
The Oration/
3Ame$ 0ogum 0agia 0agium 0agiomal Agale$ .ra$ioch Anchovionos
Lochen Sa/a ?a %anichel %amacuo Lephoa !o/aco Cogemal Salayel
?tsunanu A/aroch !eyestar Ama"-
1o the operation o/ the a' o/ $rt, this Iration %ontaineth in the se%ond p+a%e, a
'enera+ 1reatise o/ the /irst !ote o/ a++, part o/ the E8position *hereo/, *e
ha6e /.++y e8p+ained 4315 in the a' o/ the B.a+ity o/ the sa,e $rt. 2.t the
7eader hath hard+y heard o/ the ad,irab+e ystery o/ the #a%ra,enta+ -nte++e%t o/ the
sa,eC 3et hi, )no* this /or a %ertain, and not o/ the 0ree) *ords o/ the Iration
a/oresaid, b.t that the be'innin' o/ the, is e8po.nded in 3atine.
The %eginning o! the Oration/
IH Eterna+ and "nreprehensib+e e,oryM Ih "n%ontradi%tib+e Disdo,M Ih
"n%han'eab+e Po*erM 3et thy ri'ht=hand en%o,pass ,y heart, and the ho+y $n'e+s o/
thy Eterna+ &o.nse+; %o,p+eat and /i++ .p ,y &ons%ien%e *ith thy e,ory, and the
odo.r o/ thy Iint,ents; and +et the s*eetness o/ thy 0ra%e stren'then and /orti/ie ,y
"nderstandin', thro.'h the sp+endor and bri'htness o/ thy ho+y #pirit; by 6ert.e
*hereo/, the ho+y $n'e+s a+*ayes beho+d and ad,ire the bri'htness o/ thy /a%e, and a++
thy ho+y and hea6en+y; Disdo,, *here*ith tho. hast ,ade a++ thin's;
"nderstandin', by *hi%h tho. hast re/or,ed a++ thin's; Perse6eran%e .nto b+essedness,
*hereby tho. hast restored and %on/ir,ed the $n'e+s; 3o6e, *hereby tho. hast
restored +ost an)inde, and raised hi, a/ter his @a++ to Hea6en; 3earnin', *hereby
tho. *er9t p+eased to tea%h A$am the )no*+ed'e o/ e6ery #%ien%eC -n/or,, rep+eat,
instr.%t, restore, %orre%t, and re/ine ,e, that - ,ay be ,ade ne* in the .nderstandin'
4o/5 thy Pre%epts, and in re%ei6in' the #%ien%es *hi%h are pro/itab+e /or ,y #o.+ and
2ody, and /or a++ /aith/.+ be+ie6ers in thy !a,e *hi%h is b+essed /or e6er, *or+d
*itho.t end.
Here i# al#o a $artic)lar E8$o#ition o! the !ore=going Oration: (hich he hath le!t
)ne8$o)n"e": to %e rea" %, e&er, one that i# learne" in thi# Art? an" 'no(: that
no h)ane $o(er nor !ac)lt, in an i# #)!!icient to !in"e o)t the E8$o#ition
1his Iration is a+so %a++ed by Solomon, 1he 0e,,e and &ro*n o/ the 3ordC /or he
saith, -t he+peth a'ainst dan'er o/ @ire, or o/ *i+de 2easts o/ the 4335 Earth, bein' said
*ith a be+ie6in' /aithC /or it is a//ir,ed to ha6e been reported /ro, one o/ the /o.r
$n'e+s, to *ho, *as 'i6en po*er to h.rt the Earth, the #ea, and the 1rees. 1here is
an e8a,p+e o/ this Iration, in the 2oo) %a++ed, The =lo)er of heavenly Learning; /or
herein Solomon '+ori/ieth 0od, by this he inspired into hi, the )no*+ed'e o/
1heo+o'ie, and di'ni/ied hi, *ith the Fi6ine ysteries o/ his I,nipotent Po*er and
0reatnessC *hi%h Solomon beho+din' in his ni'ht=#a%ri/i%e, besto*ed .pon hi, by the
3ord his 0od, he %on6enient+y 'athered the 'reater ysteries to'ether in this !otory
$rt, *hi%h *ere ho+y, and *orthy, and re6erend ysteries. 1hese thin's and ysteries
o/ 1heo+o'ie the errin' 0enti+es ha6e not a++ +ost, *hi%h Solomon %a++eth, 1he #i'ne o/
the ho+y ystery o/ 0od re6ea+ed by his $n'e+ be/ore; and that *hi%h is %ontained in
the,, is the /.+ness o/ o.r di'nity and h.,ane #a+6ation.
The !ir#t o! the#e Oration# (hich (e call S$irit)al: the &ert)e (hereo! teacheth
Di&init,: an" $re#er&eth the eor, thereo!/
1hese are Irations a+so, *hi%h are o/ 'reat 6irt.e and e//i%a%y to o.r #a+6ationC 1he
/irst *hereo/ is #pirit.a+, and tea%heth Fi6inity; and a+so Perse6eran%e in the e,ory
thereo/C 1here/ore Solomon %o,,andeth it to be %a++ed, 1he #i'ne o/ the 0ra%e o/
0odC /or, as .cclesiastes saith, This is the Spiritual Grace of Go$ that hath given me
"no)le$ge to treat of all Plants from the Ce$ar of Le'anon to the *yssop that
gro)eth on the )all-
The election o! tie: in (hat L)nation the#e Oration# o)ght to %e #ai"/
1He /irst Iration o.'ht to be said on%e in the /irst 3.nation; in the third, three ti,es;
in the si8th, si8 ti,es; in the ninth, nine ti,es; in the t*e+/th. t*e+6e ti,es; in the
se6enteenth, se6enteen ti,es; and in the ei'hteenth, as ,any ti,es; in the t*enty
si8th, as ,any; in the t*enty ninth, as ,any; and so ,any in the thirty ninthC /or this
Iration is o/ so 'reat 6ert.e and e//i%a%y, that in the 6ery day tho. sha+t say the sa,e,
as i/ it 4355 *ere deter,ined by the @ather, it sha++ in%rease thy )no*+ed'e in the
#%ien%e o/ Fi6inity.
2.t i/ other*ise that tho. art i'norant, and it hath been seen by thy &o,panions, thy or -n/, tho.'h .nto others tho. sha+t see, to ha6e )no*+ed'e; enter
into the st.dy o/ Fi6inity, and hear the 3e%t.res by the spa%e o/ so,e ,oneths, %astin'
o// a++ /ro, thee, o/ the, *ho sha++ see thee, to )no* s.%h thin'sC and in that
day *herein tho. *o.+dst say it, +i6e %hast+y, and say it in the ornin'.
Solomon testi/ieth, 1hat an $n'e+ de+i6ered the /o++o*in' Iration in 1h.nder, *ho
standeth a+*ayes in the Presen%e o/ the 3ord, to *ho, he is not dread/.+. 1he ystery
hereo/ is ho+y, and o/ 'reat e//i%a%yC neither o.'ht this Iration to be said abo6e on%e, it ,o6eth the hea6en+y #pirits to per/or, any 'reat *or).
I/ this Iration he saith, 1hat so 'reat is the ystery thereo/, that it ,o6eth the
&e+estia+ #pirits to per/or, any 'reat *or) *hi%h the Fi6ine Po*er per,itteth. -t a+so
'i6eth the 6ert.e 4365 o/ its ystery, that it e8a+teth the ton'.e and body o/ hi, that
spea)eth it, *ith so 'reat inspiration, as i/ so,e ne* and 'reat ystery *ere s.dden+y
re6ea+ed to his .nderstandin'.
Here !ollo(eth the %eginning o! thi# Oration: (herein i# #o great &ert)e an"
e!!icac,: a# (e ha&e #ai": it %eing #ai" (ith great "e&otion/
Achacham ?hel Chelychem Ag/yra/tor ?egor 2c-
1his is the be'innin' o/ the Iration, the parts *hereo/ are /o.rC 2.t there is so,ethin'
to be said o/ the be'innin' by itse+/, and o/ the /o.r parts se6era++y; and then bet*een
the be'innin' and these Irations, *hi%h are /o.r, *e sha++ ,a)e this %o,petent
@or this is that *hi%h is to be spo)en o/ the be'innin' se6era++yC $nd this Iration is to
be di6ided into /o.r parts; and the /irst part thereo/ is to be said, that is, the be'innin',
be/ore any other part o/ the Iration is to be %o,p+eated. 1hese 0ree) !a,es 4375
/o++o*in' are to be prono.n%ed. 1his is the di6ision o/ these Irations, *ielma *elma
*emna, J%. Ih 0od the @ather, 0od the #on, 0od the Ho+y #pirit, &on/ir, this
Iration, and ,y "nderstandin' and e,ory, to re%ei6e, .nderstand, and retain the
)no*+ed'e o/ a++ 'ood #%ript.res; and 'i6e ,e perse6eran%e o/ ,inde therein.
1his is the be'innin' o/ that Iration, *hi%h, as *e ha6e said be/ore, o.'ht to be said
a%%ordin' to the Pro+ations and &onstit.tions thereo/; and o.'ht to be repeated, o/ the /or'et/.+ness o/ o.r e,ory, and a%%ordin' to the e8er%ise o/ o.r *it,
and a%%ordin' to the san%tity o/ o.r +i/e; there bein' %ontained in it so 'reat a ystery,
and s.%h e//i%a%io.s Aert.e.
1here /o++o*eth another s.bti+e Iration, *herein is %ontained a #a%ra,enta+ ystery,
and *herein e6ery per/e%t #%ien%e is *onder/.++y %o,p+eatedC @or hereby 0od *o.+d
ha6e .s to )no*, *hat thin's are &e+estia+, and *hat are 1errene; and *hat hea6en+y
thin's the &e+estia+ e//e%teth, and *hat earth+y thin's thin's the 1erreneC the
3ord hath said, y eyes ha6e 4385 seen the i,per/e%t, and in thy boo) e6ery day sha++
be /or,ed and *ritten, and no ,an in the,, 2c. #o it is in the Pre%epts o/ 0odC /or *e
are not ab+e to *rite a++ thin's, ho* the #.n hath the sa,e %o.rse as at /irst, that o.r
order ,ay be %on/ir,edC /or a++ *ritin' *hatsoe6er, *hi%h is not /ro, 0od, is not to
be read; /or 0od hi,se+/ *o.+d ha6e a++ thin's to be di6idedC J this is ho* these are to
be .sed, be/ore the se%ond part, *hi%h %ontaineth so '+orio.s and e8%e++ent
&onse%rations o/ Irations, J de/ineth the &onse%rated part to ha6e po*er in the
Hea6ens, and in no *ise %an be de/ined by h.,ane ton'.es.
Thi# i# the %eginning o! the #econ" $art o! that Oration #$o'en o! %e!ore: (hich i#
o! #o great &ert)e/
Aglaros Theomiros Thomitos J%.
1his is the se%ond part o/ the pre%edent Iration, o/ *hi%h so,e sin'.+ar thin' is to be
spo)en. Dhere/ore i/ tho. sayest this Iration, %o,,e,oratin' the /irst part thereo/,
say the Iration /o++o*in', and tho. sha+t 4395 per%ei6e the pre%epts *hi%h are therein.
Ih 0od o/ a++ thin's, *ho art ,y 0od, *ho in the be'innin' hast %reated a++ thin's o.t
o/ nothin', and hast re/or,ed a++ thin's by the Ho+y #pirit; %o,p+eat and restore ,y
%ons%ien%e, and hea+ ,y .nderstandin', that - ,ay '+ori/y thee in a++ ,y *or)s,
tho.'hts and *ords. $nd a/ter tho. hast said this Iration, ,a)e a +itt+e respite the
spa%e o/ ha+/ an ho.r, and then say the third part o/ the Iration, *hi%h /o++o*sC %egal
Legal Chariotos, J%. ha6in' said this third part o/ the Iration, then ,editate *ith thy
se+/ abo.t the #%ript.res tho. desirest to )no*; and then say this IrationC
Ih tho. that art the, 3i'ht, and Day, o/ a++ &reat.resC Ih <.st 0od, 6i6i/y ,e,
and %on/ir, ,y .nderstandin', and restore ,y )no*+ed'e and %ons%ien%e .nto ,e, as
tho. didst .nto Kin' Solomon, $,en.
&o,,e,oratin' the parts a%%ordin' to that *hi%h is +aid do*n, add the Iration
/o++o*in'C the other Irations bein' said, say the /o.rth part o/ the Iration, *hi%h is
thisC Amasiel Danyi hayr J%.
Then the $art# %eing coeorate" a# i# "irecte": a"" al#o the !ollo(ing
- spea) these thin's in thy presen%e, Ih 3ord ,y 0od, be/ore *hose /a%e a++ thin's are
na)ed and open, that - bein' *ashed /ro, the error o/ in/ide+ity, thy a++=B.i%)in' #pirit
,ay assist ,e, and ta)e a*ay a++ in%red.+ity /ro, ,e.
Ho( the Latine Oration# are not e8$o)n"e" %, the (or"# o! the Oration#/
De are there/ore to )no*, that the *ho+e Iration re,aineth .ne8po.nded; the
*ords thereo/ are o/ so 'reat s.bti+ty, adorned *ith the Hebre* and &ha+dean 1on'.e,
*ith the s.bti+e and *onder/.+ e+o%.tion o/ 0odC that the o//i%e o/ the /ree e8position
thereo/, %annot possib+y be trans/erred .pon ,e. 1he 3atine *ords *hi%h are
s.b<oyned to the parts o/ the Iration a/oresaid, are s.%h *ords as ha6e been trans+ated
o.t o/ the 4415 &ha+dean 1on'.eC /or they are not the *ho+e Iration; b.t as %ertain
heads o/ e6ery Iration pertainin' there.nto.
Here he #$ea'eth o! the e!!icac, o! all the#e/
@or this Iration is s.%h a ,ystery, as Kin' Solomon hi,se+/ *itnesseth, that a #er6ant
o/ his ha6in' /o.nd this boo) by %han%e, and bein' too ,.%h o6er%o,e *ith
Dine in the &o,pany o/ a Do,an, he pres.,pt.o.s+y read it; b.t be/ore he had
/inished a part thereo/, he *as stri%)en d.,b, b+ind and +a,e, and his e,ory ta)en
/ro, hi,; so he %ontin.ed to the day o/ his deathC and in the ho.r o/ his death, he
spo)e and said, that /o.r $n'e+s *hi%h he had o//ended in pres.,pt.o.s readin' so
sa%red a ,ystery, *ere the dai+y )eepers and a//+i%ters, one o/ his e,ory, another o/
his spee%h, a third o/ his si'ht, and the /o.rth o/ his hearin'.
2y *hi%h 1esti,ony this Iration is so ,.%h %o,,ended by the sa,e Kin' Solomon,
and 'reat is the ,ystery 4425 thereo/C *e do 'reat+y reB.ire and %har'e e6ery one, that
*i++ say or read it, that he do it not pres.,pt.o.s+y; /or in pres.,ption is sin;
*here/ore +et this Iration be said, a%%ordin' as is dire%ted.
De there/ore ho+d it %on6enient and ne%essary, to spea) so,ethin' o/ the 'enera+
pre%epts o/ art, and o/ the )no*+ed'e o/ a++ arts; and o/ the se6era+ pre%epts o/ e6ery
sin'.+ar artC b.t *e ha6e to.%hed so,thin' o/ the %o.rse o/ the oon, it is
ne%essary that *e she* *hat her %o.rse si'ni/ies. 1he oon passeth thro.'h 12 si'ns
in one oneth; and the #.n thro.'h 12 si'ns in a year; and in the sa,e ter, and ti,e,
the #pirit inspireth, /r.%ti/ieth and i++.strateth the,; *hen%e it is said, that the #.n and
the oon r.n their %o.rseC it is .nderstood the %o.rse *hi%h /irst they had. 2.t this is *antin' in the Hebre*, *e tho.'ht 'ood to o,it it in the 3atine, ha6in'
spo)en s.//i%ient+y o/ the pre%edin' Iration, and the three parts thereo/.
In thi# Cha$ter he #he(eth the e!!icac, o! the #)%#eB)ent Oration: it %eing #$ecial
to o%tain EloB)ence/
1his Ho+y Iration *hi%h /o++o*eth, is a %ertain spe%ia+ Iration, to obtain e+oB.en%e;
*hereas a++ others ha6e 6irt.e and e//i%a%y in other thin's, this %ontaineth this %ertain
spe%ia+ ,ystery in it se+/C $nd *hereas one o/ the 'enera+s is she*in' in it se+/, %ertain
'enera+ pre%epts, %o,,on to a++ arts /or so 0od instit.ted the so.+ in the body, sayin',
1his - 'i6e .nto yo., that ye ,ay )eep and obser6e the 3a* o/ the 3ord; $nd these are
they that stand in the presen%e o/ 0od a+*ayes, and see their #a6io.r /a%e to /a%e ni'ht
and day. #o o/ this Iration, - say, 1his is that ,ost '+orio.s, ,ysti%a+ and inte++i'ib+e
Iration, %ontainin' s.%h ,ysteries in it, *hi%h the ,ind, %ons%ien%e and ton'.e
s.%%eedeth. 1his is s.%h a ,ystery, that a ,an sha++ )eep it a%%ordin' to his *i++, *ho
/oreseeth a++ thin's in his si'ht that are ,ade; /or the ,ystery o/ this Iration is
'+orio.s 4445 and sa%ra,enta+C +et no ,an pres.,e to say any o/ this Iration a/ter too
,.%h drin)in' or 3.8.ry; nor /astin', *itho.t 'reat re6eren%e and dis%retion. Dhen%e
Solomon saith, 3et no ,an pres.,e to treat any thin' o/ this Iration, b.t in %ertain
deter,inate and appointed ti,es, .n+ess he ,a)e ,ention o/ this Iration be/ore so,e
'reat President, /or so,e *ei'hty b.siness; /or *hi%h this Iration is o/ *onder/.+
e8%e++ent 6irt.e.
1he 'oodness o/ this Iration, and the attainin' to the e//e%ts thereo/, it is read in that
Psa+, *herein it is said, @o++o* ,e, and - *i++ ,a)e yo. /ishers o/ ,en, as he said
and did.
De )no* that it is not o/ o.r po*er, that this Iration is o/ so 'reat Airt.e, and s.%h a
,ystery, as so,eti,es a+so the 3ord said to his dis%ip+es, 1his *e are not ab+e to
)no*C /or this Iration is s.%h a ,ystery, that it %ontaineth in it the 'reat !a,e o/ 0od;
*hi%h ,any ha6e +yed in sayin' they )ne* it; /or (esus hi,se+/ per/or,ed ,any
ira%+es in the 1e,p+e by itC 2.t ,any ha6e +yed abo.t *hat he did, and ha6e hid and
abs%onded the thereo/; so 4455 that none ha6e de%+ared the sa,e be/ore it %a,e to
passeC b.t *e s.ppose ha6e spo)en so,thin' abo.t or %on%ernin' it.
In thi# cha$ter he #etteth "o(n the tie an" anner ho( thi# Oration i# to %e
@or this Iration is one o/ the 'enera+s, and the /irst o/ parti%.+ars, %ontainin' both in it
se+/; ha6in' a spe%ia+ 6irt.e and /a%.+ty, to 'ain E+oB.en%e in it se+/C there/ore it is
ne%essary to be .nderstood *hat ti,e, ordination, and *hat dayes it is to be said and
-t ,ay a+*ayes be rehearsed in e6ery 14 3.nary as abo6e said; b.t the ordination o/
the ti,e /or e6ery day, *herein it is to be said, is espe%ia++y in the ,ornin' beti,es,
be/ore a ,an is de/i+ed; and then a++ Irations are %hie/+y to be said. $nd this Iration
,.st be then prono.n%ed tota++y to'ether, *itho.t any di6ision. $nd a+tho.'h there are
di6isions therein, the Iration is not di6ided in it se+/; b.t on+y the Fi6ine and 0+orio.s
!a,es are *ritten 4465 se6era++y, and are di6ided into parts, a%%ordin' to the
ter,inations o/ e6ery 'reat and 0+orio.s !a,e; and it is to be said to'ether as a ,ost
e8%e++ent !a,e, b.t not as one Dord, o/ the /ra'i+ity o/ o.r; !either is
it need/.+ to )no* the E+e,ents o/ si++ab+es, posited in this Iration; they are not to be
)no*n; neither +et any one pres.,pt.o.s+y spea) the,; neither +et hi, do any thin'
by *ay o/ te,ptation, %on%ernin' this Iration, *hi%h o.'ht not to be doneC .lmot
Sehel *emech ;a'a J%.
No an that i# i$e"ite" or corr)$te" (ith an, crie: o)ght to $re#)e to #a,
thi# Oration/
1his is a thin' a'reed .nto a,on'st the *ise ,en o/ this Dor+d, that these thin's, as
*e ha6e said be/ore, be prono.n%ed *ith 'reat re6eren%e and ind.stryC it ,ay be said
e6ery day, *herein tho. art not hindred by so,e %ri,ina+ sin; and in that day *herein
tho. art i,pedited by so,e %ri,ina+ sin, tho. ,aist re,e,ber it in thy heart; and i/
tho. dost desire to be 4475 ,ade E+oB.ent, repeat it three ti,es. $nd i/ any e6i+ thin'
tro.b+e thee, or tho. art er,er'ed and in6o+6ed into any 'reat b.siness, repeat this
Iration on%e, and E+oB.en%e sha++ be added to thee, as ,.%h as is need/.+; and i/ tho.
repeat it o6er t*i%e, 'reat E+oB.en%e sha++ be 'i6en to theeC so 'reat a #a%ra,ent is
this Iration.
1he third thin' to be %onsidered in this Iration, is; 1his Iration o.'ht so to be
prono.n%ed, that %on/ession o/ the Heart and o.'ht to pre%ede itC +et it be
prono.n%ed in the ,ornin' ear+y, and a/ter that Iration say the 3atine Iration
Thi# i# a *rolog)e or E8$o#ition o! the $rece"ent Oration: (hich o)ght to %e #ai"
Ih o,nipotent and eterna+ 0od, and ,er%i/.+ @ather, b+essed be/ore a++ Dor+ds; *ho
art a 0od eterna+, in%o,prehensib+e, and .n%han'eab+e, and hast 'ranted this b+essed
'i/t o/ #a+6ation .nto .s; a%%ordin' to the o,nipoten%y o/ thy a<esty, hast 'ranted
.nto .s the /a%.+ty o/ spea)in' and 4485 +earnin', *hi%h tho. hast denyed to a++ other
ani,a+s; and hast disposed o/ a++ thin's by thy in/a++ib+e pro6iden%eC tho. art 0od,
*hose is eterna+ and %ons.bstantia+, e8a+ted abo6e the Hea6ens; in *ho, the
*ho+e Feity %orpora++y d*e++sC - i,p+ore thy a<esty, and 0+ori/y thy o,nipoten%y,
*ith an intenti6e i,p+oration, adorin' the ,i'hty Airt.e, Po*er and a'ni/i%en%e o/
thy eternity. - besee%h thee, Ih ,y 0od, to 'rant ,e the inesti,ab+e Disdo,e o/ the
3i/e o/ thy ho+y $n'e+s. Ih 0od the Ho+y #pirit, in%o,prehensib+e, in *hose presen%e
stand the Ho+y B.ires o/ $n'e+s; - pray and besee%h thee, by thy Ho+y and 0+orio.s
!a,e, and by the si'ht o/ thy $n'e+s, and the Hea6en+y Prin%ipa+ities, to 'i6e thy
'ra%e .nto ,e, to be present *ith ,ee C, and 'i6e .nto ,e po*er to perse6ere in the
e,ory o/ thy Disdo,e, *ho +i6est and rei'nest eterna++y one eterna+ 0od, thro.'h
a++ *or+ds o/ *or+ds; in *hose si'ht are a++ %e+estia+, no* and a+*ayes, and
e6ery*here, $,en.
1his Iration bein' th.s /inished, there ,.st o/ ne%essity so,e ystery be added; so
that yo. are to be si+ent a *hi+e a/ter the 3atine Iration is endedC and a/ter a +itt+e
ta%it.rnity, that is, a +itt+e spa%e o/ si+en%e, be'in to say this Iration /o++o*in'
serio.s+yC Semet Lamen J%.
1his >saith Solomon? is the Iration o/ Irations, and a spe%ia+ e8peri,ents, *hereby a++
thin's, *hether 'enera+s or parti%.+ars, are )no*n /.++y, e//i%a%io.s+y and per/e%t+y,
and are )ept in the e,ory. 2.t *hen tho. hast by this Iration attained the
E+oB.en%e tho. desirest, be sparin' thereo/, and do not rash+y de%+are those thin's
*hi%h thy 1on'.e s.''ests and ad,inisters to thee; /or this is the end o/ a++ 'enera+
pre%epts, *hi%h are 'i6en to obtain e,ory, E+oB.en%e, and .nderstandin'. $++ those
thin's *hi%h are be/ore de+i6ered, o/ 'enera+ pre%epts, are 'i6en as si'ns ho* the
/a%.+ty o/ attainin' to the .nderstandin' o/ the 'enera+ pre%epts ,ay be had, *hi%h
a+so Solomon %a++eth #pirit.a+s; 4505 and those sin'.+ar arts ha6e sin'.+ar and
Ha6in' no* 'i6en a s.//i%ient de/inition o/ 'enera+ pre%epts; and the Irations are +aid
do*n, and the $.thority o/ the Irations .nto *hat they are desi'ned; it is no*
ne%essary to set do*n *hat is to be done, %on%ernin' the sin'.+ar Irations;
*e are no* to treat o/ the se6era+ and parti%.+ar arts, that *e ,ay /o++o* the e8a,p+e
*hi%h o.r b.i+der and aster hath +aid be/ore .s; /or Solomon saith, be/ore *e
pro%eed to the sin'.+ar notes and Irations o/ arts be/ore noted, there o.'ht to be said a
Pr>u$ium, *hi%h is a be'innin' or Pro+o'.e.
Ho( e&er, #e&eral art hath it# $ro$er note/
2e/ore *e pro%eed to the sin'.+ar pre%epts o/ se6era+ $rts, it is ne%essary to dis%o6er
ho* e6ery se6era+ $rt hath a se6era+ !ote.
O! the li%eral Science# an" other thing#: (hich a, %e ha" %, that Art/
1he +ibera+ $rts are sea6en, and sea6en e8%epti6es, and sea6en e%hani%)s. 1he
sea6en e8%epti6es are %o,prehended .nder the sea6en +ibera+C -t is ,ani/est *hat the
sea6en +ibera+ $rts are, o/ *hi%h *e sha++ /irst treat. 1he e%hani%)s are these, *hi%h
are ad.+terated+y %a++ed *y$romancy Pyromancy Nigromancy Chiromancy
Geomancy Geonegia *hi%h is %o,prehended .nder Astronomy, and Neogia.
*y$romancy, is a s%ien%e o/ di6inin' by the Dater; *hereby the asters thereo/
<.d'ed by the standin' or r.nnin' o/ the Dater. Pyromancy, is an e8peri,ent o/
di6inin' by the /+a,in' o/ the /ire; *hi%h the an%ient Phi+osophers estee,ed o/ 'reat
e//i%a%y. Nigromancy, is a #a%ri/i%e o/ dead $ni,a+s, *hereby the $n%ients s.pposed
to )no* ,any 'reat E8peri,ents *itho.t sin, and to attain to 'reat )no*+ed'eC /ro,
*hen%e Solomon %o,,andeth that they ,i'ht read sea6en 2oo)s o/ that $rt *itho.t
sin; and that t*o he a%%o,pted 4525 #a%ri+ed'e, and that they %o.+d norC read t*o
2oo)s o/ that $rt *itho.t sin. 2.t ha6in' spo)en eno.'h hereo/, *e pro%eed to the
O! the li%eral Science# an" other thing# (hich a, %e ha" there%,/
1here are sea6en +ibera+ $rts, *hi%h e6ery one ,ay +earn and read *itho.t sin. @or
Phi+osophy is 'reat, %ontainin' pro/o.nd ysteries in it se+/C 1hese $rts are
*onder/.++y )no*n.
He "eclareth (hat note# the three !ir#t li%eral Art# ha&e/
@or Grammar hath three notes on+y, Dialects t*o, and 0hetoric" /o.r, and e6ery one
*ith open and distin%t Irations. 2.t *here/ore Grammar hath three, Dialects t*o, and
0hetoric" /o.r; that *e )no* Kin' Solomon hi,se+/ testi/ieth and a//ir,eth; /or he
saith, $nd as - *as ad,irin' and re6o+6in' in ,y heart and ,ind, *hi%h *ay, /ro,
*ho, and /ro, *hen%e *as this s%ien%e, $n $n'e+ bro.'ht one boo), *herein *as
*ritten the @i'.res and Irations, and 4535 de+i6ered .nto ,e the !otes and Irations o/
a++ $rts, p+ain+y and open+y, and to+d ,e o/ the, a++ as ,.%h as *as ne%essaryC $nd he
e8p+ained .nto ,e, as to a &hi+d are ta.'ht by %ertain E+e,ents, so,e tedio.s $rts in a
'reat spa%e o/ ti,e, ho* that - sho.+d ha6e these $rts in a short spa%e o/ ti,eC #ayin'
.nto ,e, #o sha+t tho. be pro,oted to e6ery s%ien%e by the in%rease o/ these
$nd *hen - as)ed hi,, 3ord, *hen%e and ho* %o,eth thisV 1he $n'e+ ans*ered, 1his
is a 'reat #a%ra,ent o/ the 3ord, and o/ his *i++C this *ritin' is by the po*er o/ the
Ho+y 0host, *hi%h inspireth, /r.%ti/ieth and in%reaseth a++ )no*+ed'e; $nd a'ain the
$n'e+ said, 3oo) .pon these !otes and Irations, at the appointed and deter,inate
ti,es, and obser6e the ti,es as appointed o/ 0od, and no other*ise. Dhen he had th.s
said he she*ed to Kin' Solomon a boo) *herein *as *ritten, at *hat ti,es a++ these
thin's *ere to be prono.n%ed and p.b+ished, and p+ain+y de,onstrated it a%%ordin' to
the Aision o/ 0odC Dhi%h thin's - ha6in' heard and seen, did operate in the, a++,
a%%ordin' to 4545 the Dord o/ the 3ord by the $n'e+C $nd so Solomon de%+areth,it %a,e
to passe .nto hi,C 2.t *e that %o,e a/ter hi,, o.'ht to i,itate his $.thority, and as
,.%h as *e are ab+e obser6e those thin's he hath +e/t .nto .s.
Here Soloon sheweth, how the Angel told him distinctl, wherefore the Graar
hath three !igures"
2eho+d *here/ore the 0ra,,ati%a+ $rt hath on+y three !otes in the 2oo) o/ Solomon
Gemeliath, that is, in 1he 2oo) o/ the $rt o/ 0od, *hi%h *e read is the $rt o/ a++ other
s%ien%es, and o/ a++ other $rts; @or Solomon saith, Dhen - did inB.ire e6ery thin'
sin'.+ar+y o/ the $n'e+ o/ 0od, *ith /ear, sayin', 3ord, /ro, *hen%e sha++ this %o,e
to passe to ,e, that - ,ay/.++y and per/e%t+y )no* this $rtV Dhy do so ,any !otes
appertain to s.%h an $rt, and so ,any to s.%h an $rt, and are as%ribed to se6era+
deter,inate Irations, to ha6e the e//i%a%y thereo/V 1he $n'e+ is th.s said to ans*erC
1he 0ra,,ati%a+ $rt is %a++ed 4555 a +ibera+ $rt, $nd hath three thin's ne%essary
there.ntoC Irdination o/ *ords and ti,es; and in the,, o/ $d<.n%ts or @i'.res;
#i,p+e, %o,po.nd and 6ario.s; and a 6ario.s de%+ination o/ the parts to the parts, or a
re+ation /ro, the parts, and a &on'r.ent and ordinate di6ision. 1his is the reason, *hy
there is three !otes in the $rt o/ GrammarC $nd so it p+eased the Fi6ine Disdo,e,
that as there sho.+d be a /.++ )no*+ed'e o/ de%+inin' by one; by another, there sho.+d
be had a %on6enient Irdination o/ a++ the parts; by the third, there sho.+d be had a
%ontin.a+ and %on6enient Fi6ision o/ a++ the parts, si,p+e and %o,po.nd.
The Rea#on (h, the Dialectical Art hath t(o Fig)re# onel,/
Dialect, *hi%h is %a++ed the /or, o/ $rts, and a Fo%trina+ spee%h, hath t*o thin's
ne%essary there.nto, to *it, E+oB.en%e o/ $r'.in', and Pr.den%e to ans*er; 1here/ore
the 'reatness o/ the Fi6ine Pro6iden%e and Piety, hath appointed t*o !otes to it; that
by the /irst, *e ,ay ha6e E+oB.en%e to 4565 $r'.e and Fisp.te; and by the se%ond,
ind.stry to ans*er *itho.t a,bi'.ityC Dhere/ore there are as%ribed to Grammar three
!otes, and to Dialect t*o !otes.
The #eason wh Rhetoric' hath four !igures"
3et .s see *here/ore 0hetoric" hath /o.r !otes. @or there are /o.r thin's ne%essary
therein; as the $n'e+ o/ the 3ord said .nto Solomon; to *it, a %ontin.a+ and /+o.rishin'
adorn,ent o/ +o%.tion, an ordinate, %o,petent and dis%reet <.d'e,ent, a 1esti,ony o/
& or I//i%es, o/ &han%es J 3osses, a %o,posed disposition o/ b.yin' and
se++in'; $n E+oB.en%e o/ the ,atters o/ that $rt, *ith a de,onstrati6e .nderstandin'.
1here/ore the 'reatness o/ 0od hath appointed to the $rt o/ 0hetoric" /o.r !otes, *ith
their Ho+y and 0+orio.s Irations; as they *ere re6erent+y sent by the Hand o/ 0od;
that e6ery !ote in this $rt a/oresaid, ,i'ht ha6e a se6era+ /a%.+ty, 1hat the /irst !ote
in that $rt, ,i'ht 'i6e a %ontin.a+ 4575 +o%.tion, a %o,petent and /+o.rishin'
adorn,ent thereo/C 1he se%ond, to dis%ern J.d'e,ents, <.st and .n<.st, ordinate and
inordinate, tr.e and /a+seC 1he third, %o,petent+y to dis%o6er o//i%es and %a.sesC and
the /o.rth 'i6eth .nderstandin' and e+oB.en%e in a++ the operations o/ this $rt, *itho.t
pro+i8ity. #ee there/ore ho* in Grammar Logic" and 0hetoric", the se6era+ !otes are
disposed in the se6era+ $rts.
6)t o! the other Art# an" their Note#: (e #hall #$ea' in their ")e $lace an" tie:
a# (e !in" the "i#$o#e" in the %oo' o! the #ae Solomon/
At what times and hours the Notes of these three liberal Arts are to be loo$ed into"
!o* *e pro%eed to she* at *hat ti,e, and ho* the !otes o/ these $rts areto be
+oo)ed into, and the Irations to be said, to attain to these $rts. -/ tho. art a+to'ether
i'norant o/ the 0ra,,ati%a+ $rt, and *o.+dst ha6e 4585 the )no*+ed'e thereo/C i/ it be
appointed thee o/ 0od to do this *or) o/ *or)s, and ha6e a /ir, .nderstandin' in this
$rt o/ $rtsC 1hen )no* that tho. ,aist not pres.,e to do other*ise than this boo)
%o,,andeth thee; /or this boo) o/ his sha++ be thy aster, $nd this $rt o/ his thy
Ho( the Graatical Note# are to %e loo'e" into in the !ir#t Moon/
@or in this ,anner, the 0ra,,ati%a++ !otes are to be +oo)ed into, and the Irations to
be said.
-n the dayes *hen the oon is in her pri,e, the /irst !ote is to be +oo)ed into 12
ti,es, and the Irations thereo/ repeated 24 ti,es *ith Ho+y re6eren%e; ,a)in' a +itt+e
spa%e bet*een, +et the Irations be t*i%e repeated at the inspe%tion o/ e6ery !ote, and
%hie/+y abstain /ro, sinsC do this /ro, the /irst day o/ the oon to the 14, and /ro,
the 14 to the 17. 1he /irst and se%ond !otes are to be +oo)ed into 20 ti,es, and the
Irations to be repeated 30 ti,es, on the 4595 15 and 17 dayes, .sin' so,e inter6a+
bet*een the,, $++ the three !otes are then e6ery dayto be +oo)ed into 12 ti,es, and
the Irations to be repeated 20 ti,esC and th.s o/ the !otes o/ the $rt o/ Grammar. 2.t
i/ tho. hast read any boo)s o/ this $rt, and desirest per/e%tion therein, do as is
%o,,anded; .sin' the 'enera+ Irations to in%rease e,ory, E+oB.en%e,
.nderstandin' and perse6eran%e therein, repeatin' these abo6e in the d.e ti,e and appointed; +est that 'oin' beyond thy pre%ept, tho. %o,,ittest sinC b.t *hen
tho. dost this, see that it be se%ret to thy se+/, and that tho. ha6e no +oo)er on b.t 0od.
!o* *e %o,e to the !otes.
Here !ollo(eth the 'no(le"ge o! the Note#/
-n the be'innin' o/ the inspe%tion o/ a++ !otes, /ast the /irst day ti++ the e6enin', i/ yo.
%an; i/ tho. %anst not, then ta)e another ho.r. 1his is the 0ra,,ati%a+ pre%ept.
O! the logical note#/
1he Fia+e%ti%a+ !otes ,ay be .sed e6ery day, e8%ept on+y in those dayes be/ore to+d
o/C 1he 7hetori%a+ e6ery day, e8%ept on+y three dayes o/ the oneth, to *it, . 11,
17, and 19. $nd they are /orbidden on these dayes, as Solomon testi/yes, the !otes o/
a++ $rts, e8%ept the !otes o/ this $rt are o//ered. 1hese pre%epts are 'enera++y to be
Ho( the Logical Note# are to %e in#$ecte": an" the Oration# thereo! #ai"/
Kno*, that the Fia+e%ti%a+ !otes are /o.r ti,es to be +oo)ed into, and the Irations
thereo/ in that day are 20 ti,es to be repeated, ,a)in' so,e respite, and ha6in' the
boo)s o/ that $rt be/ore yo.r Eyes; and so +i)e*ise the boo)s o/ 7hetori%), *hen the
!otes thereo/ are inspe%ted, as it is appointed. 1his s.//i%eth /or the )no*+ed'e o/ the
3 $rts.
Ho( (e )#t %e(are o! o!!ence#/
2e/ore *e pro%eed to be'in the /irst !ote o/ the $rt o/ Grammar so,thin' is to be
tryed be/ore, that *e ,ay ha6e the )no*+ed'e o/ the 1, 2, and 3 !otes. $nd yo. o.'ht
/irst to )no*, in *hat the !otes o/ the 0ra,,ati%a+, 3o'i%a+, or 7hetori%a+ $rt are to
be inspe%ted, it bein' ne%essary that yo.r 'reatest intentions be to )eep /ro, a++
Ho( the Note# o)ght to %e in#$ecte": at certain electe" tie#/
1his is a spe%ia+ and ,ani/est )no*+ed'e, *here*ith the !otes o/ the 0ra,,ati%a+ $rt
are )no*nC ho* they are to be p.b+ished, at *hat ti,es, and *ith *hat distin%tion, is
d.+y and %o,petent+y ,ani/est; it is spo)en a+ready o/ the p.b+ishin' and inspe%tion o/
the !otes and IrationsC no* *e sha++ di'resse a +itt+e to spea) so,thin' o/ the ti,es,
it bein' in part done a+ready.
Ho( "i&er# Month# are to %e #o)ght o)t in the in#$ection o! the Note#/
De ha6e spo)en a+ready o/ the tear,s o/ this $rt, *herein the Irations are to be read,
and the !otes to be +oo)ed intoC it re,aineth to de%+are, ho* the 3.nations o/ these
Irations are to be inspe%ted and /o.nd o.t. 2.t see that yo. ,ista)e notC yet - ha6e
a+ready noted the 3.nations, *herein the !otes o.'ht to be +oo)ed into, and the
Irations rehearsedC 2.t there are so,e onths, *herein the 3.nation is ,ore
pro/itab+e than othersC i/ tho. *o.+dst operate in 1heo+o'y or $strono,y, do it in a
/iery si'n; i/ 0ra,,ar or 3o'i%), in 0e,ini or Air'o; i/ .si%) or Physi%), in 1a.r.s
or 3ibra; i/ 7hetori%), Phi+osophy, $rith,eti%) or 0eo,etry, in 0e,ini or &an%er; /or
athe,ati%)s, in 1a.r.s or 0e,iniC so they are *e++ p+a%ed, and /ree /ro, e6i+; /or a++
the Hea6en+y Potestates and &hor.s o/ $n'e+s, do re<oy%e in their 3.nations, and
deter,inate dayes.
Here i# a"e ention o! the Note# o! all Art#/
- Apollonius /o++o*in' the po*er o/ Solomon, ha6e disposed ,y se+/ to )eep his *or)s
and obser6ations, as it is spo)en o/ the three !otes o/ 0ra,,ar, so *i++ - obser6e the
ti,es as they are to be obser6edC 2.t the Irations thereo/ are not *ritten, b.t are ,ore
/.++y de,onstrated in the /o++o*in' *or); /or *hat is *ritten o/ those three !otes, are
not Irations, b.t Fe/initions o/ those !otes, *ritten by the 0ree), Hebre*, and
&ha+dean, and other thin's *hi%h are apprehended by .sC @or those *ritin's *hi%h are
not .nderstood in 3atine, o.'ht not to be prono.n%ed, b.t on those dayes *hi%h are
appointed by Kin' Solomon, and in those dayes *herein the !otes are inspe%ted, b.t
on those dayes those Ho+y *ritin's are a+*ayes to be repeatedC and the 3atine, on
those dayes *herein the !otes are not inspe%ted. 1he !otes o/ the 3o'i%a+ $rt are t*oC
and at *hat ti,es they are to be p.b+ished is a+ready she*n in partC ,ore sha++ 4645
herea/ter be said o/ the,C no* *e %o,e to the rest. 1he 3atine *ritin's ,ay be
p.b+ished, a%%ordin' to the $ntiB.ity o/ the Hebre*s, e8%ept on those dayes *e ha6e
spo)en o/C /or Solomon saith, #ee that tho. per/or, a++ those pre%epts as they are
'i6enC 2.t o/ the rest *hi%h /o++o*, it is to be done other*iseC /or *hen tho. seest the
/irst !ote o/ 3o'i%), repeat in thy heart the si'n in the /irst !ote, and so in the !otes
o/ a++ $rts e8%ept those *hereo/ a de/inition sha++ be 'i6en.
De!inition# o! #e&eral Art#: an" the Note# thereo!/
De *i++ 'i6e a+so Fe/initions o/ se6era+ $rts, as it is in the 2oo) o/ Solomon;
0eo,etry hath one !ote, $rith,eti%) a !ote and a ha+/; Phi+osophy, *ith the $rts and
#%ien%es %ontained therein, hath 7 #pe%ies; 1heo+o'y and $strono,y, *ith the
#%ien%es in the, %ontained, hath 7 !otes, b.t they are 'reat and dan'ero.s; not 'reat
in the pron.n%iation, b.t ha6e 'reat e//i%a%yC .si%) hath one !ote, and Physi%) one
!ote; b.t they are a++ to be 4655 p.b+ished and rehearsed in their appointed dayesC 2.t
)no*, that in e6ery day *herein yo. beho+dest the !otes o/ 1heo+o'y, Phi+osophy, or
o/ any $rts %ontained in the,, that tho. neither +a.'h nor p+ay, nor sport,
Kin' Solomon, *hen he sa* the /or,s o/ these !otes, ha6in' o6er=dr.n) hi,se+/, 0od
*as an'ry *ith hi,, and spo)e .nto hi, by his $n'e+, sayin', tho. hast
despised ,y #a%ra,ent, and Po++.ted and derided ,y Ho+y thin's; 3 )ill ta"e a)ay
part of thy King$ome an$ 3 )ill shorten the $ayes of thy Chil$ren- $nd the $n'e+
added, The Lor$ hath for'i$ thee to enter into the Temple @A $ays that thou maist
repent of thy sin- $nd *hen Solomon *ept and beso.'ht ,er%y o/ the 3ord, the $n'e+
ans*ered, Thy $ayes shall 'e prolonge$7 nevertheless many evills an$ iniBuities shall
come upon thy Chil$ren an$ they shall 'e $estroye$ of the iniBuities that shall come
upon them-
$t the be'innin' o/ a !ote, ha6in' seen the 'enera+s; +et the spe%ia+s be +oo)ed into.
1he *ord o/ Solomon is to see) .nto 0od /or his pro,ises, be/ore the !otes o/ the
three $rts.
The !ir#t Oration at the %eginning o! the Note/
415 1he 3i'ht,, 3i/e, Day, J.d'e, er%y, and Patien%e,
preser6e, he+p ,e, and ha6e er%y .pon ,e, $,en.
1his Iration, *ith the pre%edin', o.'ht to be said in the be'innin' o/ the /irst !ote o/
425 Ih 3ord, Ho+y @ather, $+,i'hty, eterna+ 0od, in *hose si'ht are a++ the
/o.ndations o/ a++ &reat.res, and in6isib+e bein's, *hose Eyes beho+d ,y
i,per/e%tions, o/ the s*eetness o/ *hose +o6e the Earth and Hea6ens are
/i++ed; *ho sa*est a++ thin's be/ore they *ere ,ade, in *hose boo) e6ery
day is /or,ed, and a++ ,an)ind are *ritten thereinC beho+d ,e thy #er6ant
this day prostrate be/ore thee, *ith ,y *ho+e Heart and #o.+, by thy Ho+y
#pirit %on/ir, ,e, b+esse ,e, prote%t a++ ,y $%tions in this inspe%tion or
repetition, and i++.,inate ,e *ith the %onstan%y o/ thy 6isitation.
1he 3 Iration. 1his Iration o.'ht to be said be/ore the se%ond !ote o/ 0ra,,ar.
435 2eho+d, I 3ord, ,er%i/.+ @ather o/ a++ thin's; eterna+ dispensor o/ a++, and %onsider ,y operations this day; 1ho. art the 2eho+der and
Fis%erner o/ a++ the $%tions o/ en and $n'e+sC 3et the *onder/.+ 'ra%e o/
thy pro,ises %ondes%end to /.+/i+ this s.dden 6irt.e in ,e, and in/.se s.%h
e//i%a%y into ,e, operatin' in thy Ho+y and 'reat !a,e, tho. *ho in/.sest
thy praise into the ,o.ths o/ the, that +o6e thee, $,en.
1he 4 Iration. 3et this Iration be rehearsed be/ore the third 0ra,,ati%a+ !oteC
445 I $donay, &reator o/ a++ 6isib+e &reat.resM Ih ,ost Ho+y @ather, *ho
d*e++est in%o,passed abo.t *ith eterna+ +i'ht, disposin' and by thy po*er
'o6ernin' a++ thin's be/ore a++ be'innin's; - ,ost h.,b+y besee%h thy
eternity and thy in%o,prehensib+e 'oodness ,ay %o,e to per/e%tion in ,e,
by the operation o/ thy ,ost Ho+y $n'e+s; $nd be %on/ir,ed in ,y e,ory,
and estab+ish these thy Ho+y *or)s in ,e, $,en.
$ +itt+e spa%e a/ter this Iration, say the /o++o*in'C the /irst Iration o.'ht to be said
be/ore the /irst !ote o/ 3o'i%).
455 Ih Ho+y 0od, 'reat 'ood, and the 4685 eterna+ a)er o/ a++ thin's, thy
$ttrib.tes not to be e8prest, *ho hast &reated the Hea6en and the Earth, the
#ea and a++ thin's in the,, and the botto,+ess pit, a%%ordin' to thy;
in *hose si'ht are the Dords and $%tions o/ a++ ,enC 0rant .nto ,e, by these
#a%ra,enta+ ysteries o/ thy Ho+y $n'e+s, the pre%io.s )no*+ed'e o/ this
art, *hi%h - desire by the inistry o/ thy Ho+y $n'e+s, it bein' *itho.t any
a+i'nant or a+itio.s intent, $,en.
*rono)nce thi# Oration in the %eginning o! the !ir#t Fig)re o!
the Logic' art? an" a!ter thi# Oration rehear#e incontinentl,
(ith #oe inter&al: the Oration# (ritten %et(een the !ir#t
1he 6 Iration o.'ht to be said be/ore the /irst !ote o/ the Fia+e%t.
465 He+ayC ost er%i/.+ &reator, -nspirer, 7e/or,er, and
$ppro6er o/ a++ Fi6ine *i++s, Irdeyner o/ a++ thin's,
er%i/.++y 'i6e ear to ,y Prayer, '+orio.s+y intend .nto
the desires o/ ,y heart, that *hat - h.,b+y desire,
a%%ordin' to thy pro,ises, tho. *i+t er%i/.++y 'rant,
1his Iration /o++o*in', o.'ht to be prono.n%ed be/ore the /irst
!ote o/ the 7hetori%a+ $rt.
475 I,nipotent and ,er%i/.+ @ather, Irdeyner and &reator
o/ a++ &reat.resC Ih ,ost Ho+y J.d'e, eterna+ Kin' o/
Kin's, and 3ord o/ 3ords; *ho *onder/.++y %ondes%endest
to 'i6e *isdo,e and .nderstandin' to thy #aints, *ho
<.d'est and dis%ernest a++ thin'sC - besee%h thee to
i++.,inate ,y heart this day *ith the #p+endor o/ thy
2ea.ty, that - ,ay .nderstand and )no* *hat - desire, and
*hat thin's are %onsiderab+e to be )no*n in this $rt,
1his Iration *ith the /o++o*in' *ana/ay, J%. o.'ht to be
prono.n%ed be/ore the /irst @i'.re o/ 7hetori%)C and a+tho.'h the
Iration is di6ided into t*o parts, yet it is one and the sa,eC $nd
they are di6ided on+y /or this, that there ,i'ht be so,e ,ean
inter6a+ .sed in the prono.n%in' o/ the,; and they o.'ht to be
prono.n%ed be/ore the other Irations *ritten in the @i'.re.
HanaHay, #aHhaon,, #ene, Hay, 0inbar, 7onai+,
#e+,ora, Hyra,ay, 3oha+, YHaHa,ae+, $,atho,atois,
Yaboa'eyors, #oHo,%rat, $,pho, Fe+,edos, 4705 0ero%h,
$'a+os, eihata'ie+, #e%a,ai, #ahe+eton, e%ho'ris%es,
&o,pare Li'er (uratus ,
%hapter 3K.
1he 8 Iration, +et it be prono.n%ed be/ore the se%ond !ote o/ the
7hetori%a+ $rtC
485 Ih 'reat eterna+ and *onder/.+ 3ord 0od, *ho o/ thy
eterna+ %o.nse+ hast disposed o/ a++, and art
Irdeyner o/ a++ 'oodness; $dorn and 2ea.ti/y ,y
.nderstandin', and 'i6e .nto ,e 7eason to )no* and +earn
the ysteries o/ thy Ho+y $n'e+sC $nd 'rant .nto ,e a++
)no*+ed'e and +earnin' tho. hast pro,ised to thy #er6ants
by the 6ert.e o/ thy ho+y $n'e+s, $,en.
1his Iration, *ith the other t*o /o++o*in', o.'ht to be
prono.n%ed, >vi/- Cision J%.? A/elechias, J%. in the be'innin' o/
the se%ond @i'.re o/ 7hetori%), and be/ore the other Irations; and
there o.'ht to be so,e inter6a+ bet*een the,.
3et this Iration /o++o*in' be said, be/ore the se%ond !ote o/
495 Aision; beho+din' *ith thy eterna+ %onspiration a++
Po*ers, Kin'do,es and J.d'es, $d,inistrin' a++ ,anner
o/ 3an'.a'es to a++, and o/ *hose po*er there is no end;
restore - besee%h thee and in%rease ,y e,ory, ,y heart
and 4715 .nderstandin', to )no*, .nderstand, and <.d'e a++
thin's *hi%h thy Fi6ine a.thority %o,,endeth ne%essary
in this art, per/e%t+y /.+/i++ the, in ,e, $,en.
&o,pare Li'er (uratus ,
%hapter 3K--.
3et this Iration /o++o*in', *ith the Pre%edent, be rehearsed be/ore
the se%ond !ote o/ 7hetori%).
4105 A/elechias Celo/eos 3noan/ama Samelo *otens
Sagnath A$onay Soma (e/ochos *icon (e/omethon
Sa$aot- $nd tho. Ih 0od propitio.s+y %on/ir, thy
pro,ises in ,e, as tho. hast %on/ir,ed the, by the sa,e
*ords to Kin' Solomon; send .nto ,e, Ih 3ord, thy 6irt.e
/ro, Hea6en, that ,ay i++.,inate ,y ,ind and
.nderstandin'C stren'then, Ih 0od, ,y .nderstandin',
rene* ,y #o.+ *ithin ,e, and *ash ,e *ith the Daters
*hi%h are abo6e the Hea6ens; po.r o.t thy #pirit .pon ,y
/+esh, and /i++ ,y bo*e+s *ith thy J.d'e,ents, *ith
h.,i+ity and %harityC tho. *ho hast %reated the Hea6en and
the Earth, and ,ade ,an a%%ordin' to thy o*n -,a'e; po.r
o.t the +i'ht o/ thy +o6e into ,y .nderstandin', that bein'
radi%ated and estab+ished in thy +o6e and thy ,er%y, - ,ay
+o6e thy !a,e, and )no*, and *orship thee, and
.nderstand 4725 a++ thy #%ript.res, $nd a++ the ysteries
*hi%h tho. hast de%+ared by thy Ho+y $n'e+s, - ,ay
re%ei6e and .nderstand in ,y heart, and .se this $rt to thy
&o,pare Li'er (uratus ,
%hapter 3K---.
Honor and 0+ory, thro.'h thy ,i'hty &o.nse+, $,en.
1he 11 Iration o.'ht to be said be/ore the prono.n%iation o/ the
third !ote o/ 7hetori%).
4115 - )no*, that - +o6e thy 0+ory, and ,y de+i'ht is in thy
*onder/.+ *or)s, and that tho. *i+t 'i6e .nto ,e
*isdo,e, a%%ordin' to thy 'oodness and thy po*er, *hi%h
is in%o,prehensib+eC Theon *altanagon *aramalon
;amoyma Chamasal (econamril *arionatar
(echomagol Gela %agos Kemolihot Kamanatar
*ariomolatar *anaces Celonionathar A/oroy (e/a'ali7
by these ,ost Ho+y and 0+orio.s pro/o.nd ysteries,
pre%io.s I//i%es, 6irt.e and )no*+ed'e o/ 0od, %o,p+eat
and per/e%t ,y be'innin's, and re/or, ,y be'innin's,
;em'ar *enoranat Grenatayl Sam/atam (ecorna/ay4 Ih
tho. 'reat @o.ntain o/ a++ 'oodness, )no*+ed'e and 6irt.e,
'i6e .nto thy #er6ant po*er to es%he* a++ e6i++, and %+ea6e
.nto 'oodness and )no*+ed'e, and to /o++o* the sa,e 4735
*ith an Ho+y intention, that *ith ,y *ho+e heart - ,ay
.nderstand J +earn thy 3a*s and Fe%rees; espe%ia++y these
Ho+y ysteries; *herein that - ,ay pro/it, - besee%h thee,
&o,pare Li'er (uratus ,
%hapter 3K-A.
12. 1his Iration o.'ht to be said be/ore the ninth 7hetori%a+ !oteC
Ih ,ost re6erend $+,i'hty 3ord, r.+in' a++ &reat.res both
$n'e+s and $r%h=$n'e+s, and a++ &e+estia+, terrestria+, and
in/erna+ &reat.res; o/ *hose 'reatness %o,es a++ p+enty,
*ho hast ,ade ,an a/ter thy o*n -,a'e; 0rant .nto ,e
the )no*+ed'e o/ this $rt, and stren'then a++ #%ien%es in
,e, $,en.
&o,pare Li'er (uratus ,
%hapter 3KA.
13. Prono.n%e this be/ore the /irst @i'.re o/ $rith,eti%)C
Ih 0od *ho n.,brest, *ei'hest, and , a++ thin's,
'i6en the day his order, and %a++ed the #.n by his !a,e;
0rant the )no*+ed'e o/ this $rt .nto ,y .nderstandin',
that - ,ay +o6e thee, and a%)no*+ed'e the 'i/t o/ thy
'oodness, $,en.
&o,pare Li'er (uratus ,
%hapter 3KA-.
14. #ay this be/ore the se,i=note o/ $rith,eti%)C
Ih 0od, the Iperator o/ a++ thin's, /ro, *ho, pro%eeds
e6ery 'ood and per/e%t 'i/t; so* the #eeds o/ thy Dord in
&o,pare Li'er (uratus ,
%hapter 3KA--.
,y Heart, that - ,ay .nderstand 4745 the e8%e++ent
ysteries o/ this $rt, $,en.
15. #ay this be/ore the se%ond @i'.re o/ $rith,eti%)C
Ih 0od the per/e%t J.d'e o/ a++ 'ood *or)s, *ho ,a)est
)no*n thy sa6in' 'oodness a,on'st a++ !ations; open ,y
Eyes and ,y Heart, *ith the bea,s o/ thy ,er%y, that -
,ay .nderstand and perse6ere in these thy Hea6en+y
ysteries, $,en.
&o,pare Li'er (uratus ,
%hapter 3KA---.
16. 1his Iration be/ore the se%ond !ote o/ 0eo,etryC
Ih 0od the 'i6er o/ a++ *isdo,e and )no*+ed'e to the,
that are *itho.t sin, -nstr.%tor and aster o/ a++ #pirit.a+
3earnin', by thy $n'e+s and $r%h=$n'e+s, by 1hrones,
Potestates, Prin%ipates and Po*ers, by &, and
#eraphi,, and by the 24 E+ders, by the 4 $ni,a+s, and a++
the host o/ Hea6en, - adore, in6o%ate, *orship and '+ori/y
thy !a,e, and e8a+t theeC ,ost terrib+e and ,ost ,er%i/.+,
- do h.,b+y besee%h thee this day to i++.,inate and /i++ ,y
Heart *ith the 'ra%e o/ thy Ho+y #pirit, tho. *ho art three
in one, $,en.
&o,pare Li'er (uratus ,
%hapter 3K-K.
17. #ay this Iration be/ore the se%ond !ote o/ 1heo+o'y.
- adore thee, Ih Kin' o/ Kin's, ,y +i'ht, ,y s.bstan%e,
,y +i/e, ,y Kin', and ,y 0od, ,y e,ory, 4755 and ,y
stren'th; *ho in a o,ent 'a6est s.ndry 1on'.es, and
thre*est do*n a i'hty 1o*er, $nd 'a6est by thy Ho+y
#pirit the )no*+ed'e o/ 1on'.es to thy $post+es, in/.sin'
thy )no*+ed'e into the, in a o,ent, 'i6in' the, the
.nderstandin' o/ a++ 3an'.a'esC inspire ,y Heart, and po.r
the de* o/ thy 'ra%e and Ho+y #pirit into ,e, that - ,ay
.nderstand the E8position o/ 1on'.es and 3an'.a'es,
&o,pare Li'er (uratus ,
%hapter 3KK.
Three Cha$ter# to %e $)%li#he": %e!ore an, o! the Note#/
Dhat *e ha6e spo)en o/ the three /irst &hap. are 'enera++y and
spe%ia++y to be prono.n%ed, so that yo. say the,, and the Irations
on the dayes appointed, and *or) by the !otes as it is
de,onstrated to yo.. 1hese Irations o.'ht to be said a+*ayes
be/ore noon, e6ery day o/ the oneth; and be/ore the !otes say
the proper IrationsC and in a++ readin', obser6e the pre%epts
Ho( the *ro$er Note# are to %e in#$ecte"/
-/ yo. *o.+d +earn anythin' o/ any one $rt, +oo) into the proper
!otes thereo/ in their d.e ti,e. Eno.'h is said a+ready o/ the three
+ibera+ $rts.
Khat "a,e# are to %e o%#er&e" in the in#$ection o! the Note# o!
the !o)r Art#/
-n the /o.r other $rts, on+y the /o.r /irst dayes are to be obser6edC
1he Phi+osophi%a+ !otes, *ith a++ #%ien%es %ontained therein, the 7
and 17 dayes o/ the oon are to be inspe%ted, 7 ti,es a day, *ith
their se6era+ Irations. 1he !ote is to be +oo)ed into, *ith /ear,
si+en%e and tre,b+in'.
I/ the !otes o/ the +ibera+ $rts, it is spo)en a+ready; b.t on+y
)no* this, that *hen yo. *o.+d .se the,, +i6e %haste and sober+y;
/or the !ote hath in it se+/ 24 $n'e+s, is /.++y and per/e%t+y to be
prono.n%ed, as yo. ha6e heardC b.t *hen yo. +oo) into the,, 4775
repeat a++ the 1heo+o'i%a+ Irations, and the rest in their d.e ti,e.
O! the in#$ection o! general Note#/
#ay the 'enera+ !otes 10 ti,es a day, *hen yo. ha6e o%%asion to
.se any %o,,on $rts, ha6in' the boo)s o/ those $rts be/ore yo.,
.sin' so,e inter6a+ or spa%e o/ ti,e bet*een the,, as yo. ha6e
been ta.'ht a+ready.
Ho( the three !ir#t Cha$ter# are to %e $rono)nce" %e!ore
1o ha6e per/e%tion herein, )no*, that in the 'enera+ pron.n%iation
o/ Irations, the !otes o/ the three heads are to be rehearsed;
*hether the Irations be prono.n%ed or not.
Ho( the !i!th Oration o! Theolog, o)ght to %e rehear#e" )$on
the#e Oration#/
1here is a+so so,thin' e+se to be said o/ the /o.r other +ibera+ $rts;
i/ yo. *o.+d ha6e the per/e%t )no*+ed'e o/ the,, ,a)e the /irst
Iration o/ 1heo+o'y 4785 be/ore yo. say the Irations o/ the other
!otes. 1hese are s.//i%ient+y de%+ared, that yo. ,ay .nderstand
and )no* the,; $nd +et the %apit.+ar Irations be prono.n%ed
be/ore the se6era+ !otes o/ e6ery $rt, and )ept as is deter,ined,
2c- 1hese are the $.',entations o/ the Irations, *hi%h be+on' to
a++ $rts +ibera+ and e8%epti6e, e8%ept %echanic", and are
espe%ia++y as%ribed to the !otes o/ 1heo+o'y. $nd they are th.s to
be prono.n%ed, that *hensoe6er yo. *o.+d +oo) into any one !ote
o/ any $rt, and *o.+d pro/it therein, say these Irations /o++o*in'.
1. ./omamos *a/alat ./ityne *e/emechel
C/emomechel ;amay ;aton ;iamy Nay/aton
*y/emogoy (eccomantha (araphy Phale/eton
Sacramphal Sagama/aim Secranale Sacramathan7
(e/ennalaton *acheriatos (etelemathon ;ayma/ay
;amaihay Gigutheio Geurlagon Garyos %egalon *era
Cruhic Crarihuc, $,en.
3et this Iration *ith the /o++o*in' be prono.n%ed be/ore the /irst
!ote o/ Phi+osophyC
Ih 3ord 0od, ho+y @ather, a+,i'hty and in%o,prehensib+e;
4795 hear ,y Prayers, tho. that art in6isib+e, i,,orta+ and
inte++i'ib+e, *hose /a%e the $n'e+s and $r%h=an'e+s, and a++
the po*ers o/ Hea6en, do so ,.%h desire to see; *hose
a<esty - desire eterna++y to adore, and hono.r the on+y
one 0od /or e6er and e6er, Amen-
2. #ay this be/ore the se%ond !ote o/ Phi+osophyC
Ih 3ord 0od, Ho+y and $+,i'hty @ather, hear ,y Prayers
this day, and in%+ine thy ears to ,y Irations; Ge/omelion
Samach Semath Cemon Ge/agam Ge/atrhin ;heamoth
;e/e *ator Se/eator Samay Sarnan$a Ge/yel 3e/el
Ga/iety *el Ga/ayethyhel $,en.
#ay this /o++o*in' *ith the /or,erC
Ih 0od eterna+, the *ay, the, and the +i/e; 'i6e thy
+i'ht and the /+o*er o/ thy Ho+y #pirit into ,y ,ind and
.nderstandin', and 'rant that the 'i/t o/ thy 'ra%e ,ay
shine /orth in ,y heart, and into ,y #o.+, no* and /or
e6er, Amen-
Prono.n%e the Iration /o++o*in' be/ore the third !ote o/
Lemogethom *egemochom *a/achay *a/atha
A/amachar A/acham Cohathay- Geomothay Logomothay
;athana 8@A9 Lachanma Legome/on Legorno/on
Lem'$emachon ;egoma$ay *athanayos *atamam
*elesymom Cage$aren Ca$eya'ar Lamnanath Lama$ai
Gomongchor Gemecher .llemay Gecromal Gecrohahi
Colomanos Colomaythos $,en.
#ay this /o++o*in' *ith the pre%edent IrationC
Ih 0od the +i/e o/ a++ 6isib+e &reat.res, eterna+ bri'htness,
and 6irt.e o/ a++ thin's; *ho art the ori'ina+ o/ a++ piety,
*ho )ne*est a++ thin's be/ore the *ere; *ho <.d'est a++
thin's, and dis%ernest a++ thin's by thy .nspea)eab+e
)no*+ed'eC '+ori/y thy Ho+y and .nspea)ab+e !a,e this
day in ,y heart, and stren'then ,y inte++e%t.a+
.nderstandin'; in%rease ,y e,ory, and %on/ir, ,y
e+oB.en%e; ,a)e ,y 1on'.e ready, B.i%), and per/e%t in
thy #%ien%es and #%ript.res, that by thy po*er 'i6en .nto
,e, and thy *isdo,e ta.'ht in ,y heart, - ,ay praise thee,
and )no* and .nderstand thy Ho+y !a,e /or e6er Dor+d
*itho.t end, Amen-
#ay this Iration /o++o*in' be/ore the /o.rth !ote o/ Phi+osophy.
Ih Kin' o/ Kin's, the 0i6er and Fispenser o/ in/inite
a<esty, and o/ in/inite ,er%y, 4815 the /o.nder o/ a++
/o.ndations; +ay the /o.ndation o/ a++ thy in ,e,
re,o6e a++ /oo+ishness /ro, ,y heart, that ,y senses ,ay
be estab+ished in the +o6e o/ thy %harity, and ,y #pirit
in/or,ed by thee, a%%ordin' to the re%reation and
in6o%ation o/ they *i++, *ho +i6est and rei'nest 0od
thro.'ho.t a++ Dor+ds o/ Dor+ds, $,en.
Ho( the#e Oration# are to %e #ai" e&er, "a, once %e!ore the
general Note#: an" the Note# o! the li%eral Art#/
1hese 4 Irations are ne%essary /or +ibera+ $rts, b.t %hie/+y do
appertain to 1heo+o'y, *hi%h are to be said e6eryday be/ore the
'enera+ !otes, or the !otes o/ the +ibera+ $rts; b.t to 1heo+o'y say
e6ery one o/ these 7 ti,es to e6ery !ote; b.t i/ yo. *o.+d +earn or
tea%h any thin' o/ di%tatin', 6ersi/yin', sin'in' or .si%), or any
o/ these #%ien%es, /irst tea%h hi, these Irations, that tho. *o.+d9st
tea%h, ho* he sho.+d read the,C b.t i/ he be a &hi+d o/ ,ean
.nderstandin', read the, be/ore hi,, and +et hi, say a/ter thee
*ord /or 4825 *ord; b.t i/ he be o/ a 'ood .nderstandin', +et hi,
read the, 7 ti,es a day /or 7 dayesC or i/ it be a 'enera+ !ote,
prono.n%e these Irations, and the Airt.e thereo/ sha++ pro/it yo.
,.%h, and yo. sha++ therein /ind 'reat 6irt.e.
Solomon saith o/ these Irations, +et no ,an pres.,e to ,a)e .se
o/ the, .n+ess /or the proper o//i%e they are instit.ted /or.
Ih @ather, in%o,prehensib+e, /ro, *ho, pro%eedeth
e6ery thin' that is 'ood; *hose 'reatness is
in%o,prehensib+eC Hear this day ,y Prayers, *hi%h - ,a)e
in thy si'ht, and 'rant to ,e the Joy o/ thy sa6in' hea+th,
that - ,ay tea%h .nto the *i%)ed the Dayes and Paths o/
thy #%ien%es, and %on6ert the 7ebe++io.s and in%red.+o.s
.nto thee, that *hatsoe6er - %o,,e,orate and repeat in
,y heart and ,, ,ay ta)e root and /o.ndation in ,e;
that - ,ay be ,ade po*er/.+ and e//i%a%io.s in thy *or)s,
#ay this Iration be/ore the 6 !ote o/ Phi+osophyC
Ge/emothon ,romathian *ayatha Aygyay Lethasihel
Lechi/liel Gegohay Gerhonay Samasatel Samasathel
8@D9 Gessiomo *atel Segomasay A/omathon
*elomathon Gerochor *e1a/ay Samin *eliel Sanihelyel
Siloth Silerech Garamathal Gesemathal Gecoromay
Gecorenay Samyel Samihahel *esemyhel Se$olama&
Secothamay Samya 0a'iathos Avinosch Annas $,en.
1hen say this /o++o*in'C
Ih eterna+ Kin'M I 0od, the J.d'e and dis%erner o/ a++
thin's, )no*er o/ a++ 'ood #%ien%es; instr.%t ,e this day
/or thy Ho+y !a,es sa)e, and by these Ho+y #a%ra,ents;
and p.ri/y ,y .nderstandin', that thy )no*+ed'e ,ay
enter into ,y in*ard parts, as *ater /+o*in' /ro, Hea6en,
and as Ii+ into ,y bones, by thee, Ih 0od #a6io.r o/ a++
thin's, *ho art the @o.ntain o/ 'oodness, and ori'ina+ o/
piety; instr.%t ,e this day in those #%ien%es *hi%h - desire,
tho. *ho art one 0od /or e6er, Amen-
Ih 0od @ather, in%o,prehensib+e, /ro, *ho, pro%eedeth
a++ 'ood, the 'reatness o/ *hose ,er%y is /atho,+ess, hear
,y Prayers, *hi%h - ,a)e this day be/ore thee, and render
.nto ,e the <oy o/ thy #a+6ation, that - ,ay tea%h the
.n<.st the )no*+ed'e o/ thy *ayes, and %on6ert 4845 the
.nbe+ie6in' and 7ebe++io.s .nto thee; and ,ay ha6e po*er
to per/or, thy *or)s, Amen.
The L Oration: (hich i# the en" o! the Oration#: %elonging to
the ine!!a%le Note: the la#t o! Theolog,: ha&ing E1 Angel#/
Ih 0od o/ a++ piety, $.thor and @o.ndation o/ a++ thin's,
the eterna+ Hea+th and 7ede,ption o/ thy peop+e; -nspirer
and 'reat 0i6er o/ a++ 'ra%es, #%ien%es and $rts, /ro,
*hose 'i/t it %o,ethC -nspire into ,e thy ser6ant, an
in%rease o/ those #%ien%esC *ho hast 'ranted +i/e to ,e
,iserab+e sinner, de/end ,y #o.+, and de+i6er ,y Heart
/ro, the *i%)ed %o'itations o/ this Dor+d; e8tin'.ish and
B.en%h in ,e the /+a,es o/ a++ and /orni%ation, that -
,ay the ,ore attenti6e+y de+i'ht in thy #%ien%es and $rts;
and 'i6e .nto ,e the desire o/ ,y Heart, that - bein'
%on/ir,ed and e8a+ted in thy '+ory, ,ay +o6e theeC and
in%rease in ,e the po*er o/ thy Ho+y #pirit, by thy
#a+6ation and re*ard o/ the /aith/.+, to the #a+6ation o/ ,y
#o.+ and 2ody, Amen.
1hen say this /o++o*in'C
Ih 0od ,ost ,i'hty @ather, /ro, *ho, pro%eedeth a++
'ood, the 'reatness o/ *hose ,er%y is in%o,prehensib+e;
hear ,y Prayers, *hi%h - ,a)e in thy si'ht.
S$ecial $rece$t# o! the Note# o! Theolog,: chie!l, o! the D/ E/
an" 3/
1hese 7 Irations are an a.',entation o/ the rest, and o.'ht to be
said be/ore a++ the !otes o/ 1heo+o'y, b.t espe%ia++y be/ore the
ine//ab+e !ote; these are the pre%epts to ,a)e thee s.//i%ient,
*hi%h *e %o,,and thee to obser6e by the a.thority o/ SolomonC
di+i'ent+y inB.ire the, o.t, and do as *e ha6e proposed, and
per/e%t+y prono.n%e the Irations, and +oo) into the !otes o/ the
other $rts.
How Soloon received that ineffable Note from the Angel" tho. desirest the ystery o/ the !otes, ta)e this o/ the
ine//ab+e !ote, the e8pression *hereo/ is 'i6en in the $n'e+s by
the @i'.res o/ 4865 #*ords, birds, trees, @+o*ers, &and+es, and
#erpents; @or Solomon re%ei6ed this /ro, the 3ord in the ni'ht o/
Pa%i/i%ation, in'ra6en in a boo) o/ 0o+d; and heard this /ro, the
3ordC not, neither be a//raid; /or this #a%ra,ent is 'reater
than a++ the rest; $nd the 3ord <oyned it .nto hi,, Dhen tho.
+oo)9st into this !ote, and read9st the Irations thereo/, obser6e the
pre%epts be/ore, and di+i'ent+y +oo) into the,; $nd be*are that
tho. pr.dent+y %on%ea+ and )eep *hatsoe6er tho. read9st in this
!ote o/ 0od, and *hatsoe6er sha++ be re6ea+ed to thee in the
6ision. $nd *hen the $n'e+ o/ the 3ord appeareth to thee, )eep
and %on%ea+ the *ords and *ritin's he re6ea+eth to thee; and
obser6e the, to pra%ti%e and operate in the,, obser6in' a++ thin's
*ith 'reat re6eren%e, and prono.n%e the, at the appointed dayes
and, as be/ore is dire%tedC and a/ter*ards sayC Sapienter $ie
illo7 Age 2 caste vivas- 2.t i/ tho. dost anythin' .n%ertain, there
is dan'er; as then *i+t ha6e e8perien%e /ro, the other !otes and
the Irations o/ the,; b.t %onsider that *hi%h is ,ost *onder/.+
4875 in those Irations; /or these *ords are ine//ab+e !a,es, and are
spirit.a++y to be prono.n%ed be/ore the ine//ab+e !ote, *osel
(esel Anchiator Aratol *asiatol Gemor Gesameor- 1hose are
the Irations *hi%h o.'ht to be prono.n%ed a/ter the inspe%tion o/
a++ $rts, and a/ter the !ote o/ 1heo+o'y.
1his is the /.+/i++in' o/ the *ho+e *or); b.t *hat is ne%essary /or
an e8peri,ent o/ the *or), *e *i++ ,ore p+ain+y de%+are. -n the
be'innin' o/ the )no*+ed'e o/ a++ $rt, there is 'i6en a+,ost the
per/e%t do%trine o/ operatin'C - say a+,ost, so,e
/+o.rishin' instit.tions hereo/ re,ain, *hereo/ this is the /irst
Ho( the $rece$t# are to %e o%#er&e" in the o$eration o! all
Ibser6e the 4 in e6ery operation o/ 1heo+o'y. E8hibit that
operation *ith e//i%a%y e6ery 4 Buartam lunam; and di+i'ent+y
+oo) into the boo)s and *ritin's o/ those $rts; i/ tho. o/ any
o/ the &hapters, they are to be prono.n%ed, as is ta.'ht o/ the 4885
s.perio.r &hapters; b.t )no* this, that these Ho+y Dords o/
Irations, *e appoint to be said be/ore the bed o/ the si%), /or an
e8peri,ent o/ +i/e or death. $nd this tho. ,aist do o/ten, i/ tho.
*i+t operate nothin' e+se in the *ho+e body o/ $rtC $nd )no* this,
that i/ tho. hast not the boo)s in thy hands, or the /a%.+ty o/
+oo)in' into the, is not 'i6en to thee; the e//e%t o/ this *or) *i++
not be the +esse there/oreC b.t the Irations are t*i%e then to be
prono.n%ed, *here they *ere to be b.t on%eC $nd as to the
)no*+ed'e o/ a 6ision, and the other *hi%h these ho+y
Irations ha6e; tho. ,aist pro6e and try the,, *hen and ho* tho.
The#e $rece$t# are #$eciall, to %e o%#er&e"/
2.t *hen tho. *o.+d9st operate in 1heo+o'y, obser6e on+y those
dayes *hi%h are appointed; b.t a++ ti,es are %on6enient /or those
!otes and Iperations, /or *hi%h there is a %o,petent ti,e 'i6en;
b.t in the prono.n%iation o/ the three +ibera+ $rts, or in the 4895
inspe%tion o/ their !otes, perhaps tho. ,aist preter,it so,e day
appointed, i/ tho. obser6e the rest; or i/ tho. trans'ress t*o dayes,
+ea6e not o// the *or), /or it +oseth not its e//e%t /or this, /or the
oon is ,ore to be obser6ed in the 'reater n.,bers than the
dayes or @or Solomon saith, i/ tho. ,iss a day or t*o, /ear
not, b.t operate on the 'enera+ &hapters. 1his is eno.'h to say o/
the,C b.t by no ,eans /or'et any o/ the *ords *hi%h are to be
said in the be'innin' o/ the readin' to attain to $rts; /or there is
'reat 6irt.e in the,. $nd tho. ,aist /reB.ent+y .se the Ho+y
Dords o/ the 6isionsC b.t i/ tho. *o.+dst operate in the *ho+e
body o/ the Physi%a+ $rt, the /irst &hapters are /irst to be repeated
as be/ore are de/ined. $nd in 1heo+o'y, tho. ,.st operate on+y by
thy se+/C I/ten repeat the Irations, and +oo) into the !otes o/
1heo+o'yC this prod.%eth 'reat e//e%ts. -t is ne%essary that tho.
ha6e the !ote o/ the 24 $n'e+s a+*ayes in e,ory; and /aith/.++y
)eep those thin's, *hi%h the $n'e+ re6ea+es to thee in the 6ision.

1. # adds the /o++o*in'
noteC Here endeth the
notary arte, as a+soe the
Clavicula Salomonis
a%%ordin' to the *riten
e8e,p+ar; *hi%h on%e
%a,e to ,y hand b.t
e8a,inin' the Ars Notoria
*hi%h is printed J /o.nd
in that printed e8e,pa+ar
so,e aditions or
%o,p+eated by a'ister
$po+oni.s a s.%)%essor o/
#a+o,on in that s.b+i,e J
se%ret st.ddy; as he sti+eth
hi,se+/e parte o/ the,
bein' p+a%ed be/ore J
parte behinde; the abo6e
*ritten !otory $rte; *hi%h
is said additions, - tho.'ht
/itt to sett do*ne here
a++soe >b.t by the,se+6es?
J see to in one
2oo)e as /o++o*eth. Here
/o++o*eth the additiona++
part o/ the 4si%5 as it stands
in the be'innin' o/ the
printed e8e,p+arC 6iH -t
then %o,,en%es *ith the
se%tion :- $po++oni.s....:
The %&periment of the precedent wor$, is the beginning of the
following 'rations, which Soloon calleth Arte No&a/
1hese Irations ,ay be said be/ore a++ $rts 'enera++y, and be/ore
a++ !otes spe%ia++y; $nd they ,ay be prono.n%ed *itho.t any
other &hapters, i/ tho. *o.+dst operate in any o/ the a/oresaid
$rts, sayin' these Irations in d.e ti,e and order; tho. ,aist ha6e
'reat e//i%a%y in any $rt. $nd in sayin' these Irations, neither the
ti,e, day, nor , are to be obser6edC b.t ta)e heed, that on these
dayes yo. abstain /ro, a++ sin, as dr.n)enness, '+.ttony, espe%ia++y
s*earin', be/ore yo. pro%eed there.nto, that yo.r )no*+ed'e
therein ,ay be the ,ore %+eer and per/e%t.
Dhere/ore Solomon saith, Dhen - *as to prono.n%e these
Irations, - /eared +est - sho.+d o//end 0od; and - appointed .nto
,y se+/ a ti,e *herein to be'in the,; that +i6in' %hast+y, - ,i'ht
appear the ,ore inno%ent.
4915 1hese are the Proae,i.,s o/ these Irations, that - ,i'ht +ay
do*n in order e6ery thin' *hereo/ tho. ,aist, *itho.t any
other de/inition. $nd be/ore tho. be'in to try any o/ these s.bti+e
*or)s, it is 'ood to /ast t*o or three dayes; that it ,ay be di6ine+y
re6ea+ed, *hether thy desires be 'ood or e6i+.
1hese are the pre%epts appointed be/ore e6ery operation; b.t i/
tho. o/ any be'innin', either o/ the three /irst &hapters, or
o/ the /o.r s.bseB.ent $rts, that tho. ,aist ha6e the e//e%t o/
per/e%t )no*+ed'e; i/ tho. %onsider and prono.n%e the Irations,
as they are abo6e des%ribed, a+tho.'h tho. o6erpass so,thin'
i'norant+y; tho. ,aist be re%on%i+ed by the spirit.a+ 6irt.e o/ the
s.bseB.ent Irations.
1he $n'e+ said o/ these Irations to SolomonC #ee the ho+iness o/
these Irations; and i/ tho. hast trans'rest any therein
pres.,pt.o.s+y or i'norant+y, say re6erent+y and *ise+y these
Irations, o/ *hi%h the 'reat $n'e+ saithC 1his is a 'reat sa%ra,ent
o/ 0od, *hi%h the 3ord sendeth to thee by ,y 4925 hand; at the
6eneration o/ *hi%h sa%ra,ent, *hen Kin' Solomon o//ered *ith
'reat patien%e be/ore the 3ord .pon the $+tar, he sa* the boo)
%o6ered *ith /ine +inen, and in this boo) *ere *ritten 10 Irations,
and .pon e6ery Iration the si'n o/ 'o+den #ea+C and he heard in
his #pirit, 1hese are they *hi%h the 3ord hath /i'.red, and are /ar
e8%+.ded /ro, the hearts o/ the .n/aith/.+.
1here/ore Solomon tre,b+ed +est he sho.+d o//end the 3ord, and
)ept the,, sayin' it *as *i%)edness to re6ea+ the, to .nbe+ie6ersC
b.t he that *o.+d +earn any 'reat or spirit.a+ thin' in any $rt or
ne%essary #%ien%e, i/ he %annot ha6e a hi'her *or), he ,ay say
these Irations at *hat ti,e soe6er he *i++; the three /irst, /or the
three /irst +ibera+ $rts; a se6era+ Iration /or e6ery se6era+ $rt, or
'enera++y a++ the three /or the three $rts are to be said; and in +i)e
,anner the /o.r s.bseB.ent Irations, /or /o.r other +ibera+ $rts.
$nd i/ tho. *o.+dst ha6e the *ho+e body o/ $rt, *itho.t any
de/inition o/ ti,e, tho. ,aist prono.n%e these Irations be/ore the
se6era+ 4935 $rts, and be/ore the Irations and !otes o/ these $rts,
as o/ten as tho. *i+t, /.++y, ,ani/est+y and se%ret+y; b.t be*are that
tho. +i6e %hast+y and sober+y in the prono.n%iation thereo/.
1his is the /irst Iration o/ the 10, *hi%h ,ay be prono.n%ed by its
se+/, *itho.t any pre%edent *or) to a%B.ire e,ory, E+oB.en%e
and .nderstandin', and stab+eness o/ these three and sin'.+ar+y to
be rehearsed be/ore the /irst /i'.re o/ 1heo+o'yC
I,nipotent, -n%o,prehensib+e, in6isib+e and indisso+6ab+e
3ord 0od; - adore this day thy Ho+y !a,e; - an .n*orthy
and ,iserab+e sinner, do +i/t .p ,y Prayer, .nderstandin'
and reason to*ards thy Ho+y and Hea6en+y 1e,p+e,
de%+arin' thee, Ih 3ord 0od, to be ,y &reator and
#a6io.rC and - a rationa+ & do this day in6o%ate thy
,ost '+orio.s %+e,en%y, that thy Ho+y #pirit ,ay 6i6i/y ,y
in/ir,ityC $nd tho., Ih ,y 0od, *ho didst %on/er the
E+e,ents o/ +etters, and e//i%a%io.s Fo%trine o/ thy 1on'.e
to thy #er6ants %oses and Aaron, %on/er the sa,e 'ra%e o/
thy s*eetness .pon ,e, *hi%h tho. hast 4945 in6esti'ated
into thy #er6ants and ProphetsC as tho. hast 'i6en the,
+earnin' in a ,o,ent, %on/er the sa,e +earnin' .pon ,e,
and %+eanse ,y &ons%ien%e /ro, dead *or)s; dire%t ,y
Heart into the ri'ht *ay, and open the sa,e to .nderstand,
and drop the into ,y .nderstandin'. $nd tho., Ih
3ord 0od, *ho didst %ondes%end to %reate ,e a/ter thy
o*n i,a'e, hear ,e in thy J.sti%e, and tea%h ,e in thy, and /i++ .p ,y so.+ *ith thy )no*+ed'e a%%ordin' to
thy 'reat ,er%y, that in the , o/ thy ,er%ies, tho.
,aist +o6e ,e the ,ore, and the 'reater in thy *or)s, and
that - ,ay de+i'ht in the ad,inistration o/ thy
&o,,and,ents; that - bein' he+ped and restored by the
*or) o/ thy 'ra%e, and p.ri/ied in Heart and &ons%ien%e to in thee, - ,ay /east in thy si'ht, and e8a+t thy na,e,
/or it is 'ood, be/ore thy #aints, #an%ti/ie ,e this day, that -
,ay +i6e in /aith, per/e%t in hope, and %onstant in %harity,
and ,ay +earn and obtain the )no*+ed'e - desire; and
bein' i++.,inated, stren'thened, and e8a+ted by the #%ien%e
obtained, - ,ay )no* thee, and +o6e thee, and +o6e the 4955
)no*+ed'e and *isdo,e o/ thy #%ript.res; and that - ,ay
.nderstand and /ir,+y retain, that *hi%h tho. hast
per,itted ,an to )no*C Ih 3ord Jes.s &hrist, eterna+ on+y
be'otten #on o/ 0od, into *hose hands the @ather 'a6e a++
thin's be/ore a++ Dor+ds, 'i6e .nto ,e this day, /or thy
Ho+y and '+orio.s !a,e, the .nspea)ab+e n.tri,ent o/
#o.+ and 2ody, a /it, /+.ent, /ree and per/e%t 1on'.e; and
that *hatsoe6er - sha++ as) in thy ,er%y, *i++ and, -
,ay obtain; and %on/ir, a++ ,y Prayers and a%tions,
a%%ordin' to thy 'ood Ih 3ord ,y 0od, the
@ather o/ 3i/e, open the @o.ntain o/ #%ien%es, *hi%h -
desire; open to ,e, Ih 3ord, the @o.ntain *hi%h tho.
openedst to A$am, and to thy #er6ants A'raham, and
3saac, and (aco', to .nderstand, +earn and <.d'e; re%ei6e
Ih 3ord ,y Prayers, thro.'h a++ thy Hea6en+y,
1he ne8t Iration is the se%ond o/ ten, and 'i6eth E+oB.en%e,
*hi%h o.'ht to be said a/ter the other; a +itt+e inter6a+ bet*een, and
be/ore the /irst @i'.re o/ 1heo+o'y.
- adore thee, tho. Kin' o/ Kin's, 4965 and 3ords, eterna+
and .n%han'eab+e Kin'C Hear)en this day to the %ry and
si'hin' o/ ,y Heart and #pirit, that tho. ,aist %han'e ,y
.nderstandin', and 'i6e to ,e a heart o/ /+esh, /or ,y heart
o/ stone, that - ,ay breath be/ore ,y 3ord and #a6io.r;
and *ash Ih 3ord *ith thy ne* #pirit the in*ard parts o/
,y heart, and *ash a*ay the e6i+ o/ ,y /+eshC in/.se into
,e a 'ood .nderstandin', that - ,ay be%o,e a ne* ,an;
re/or, ,e in thy +o6e, and +et thy sa+6ation 'i6e ,e
in%rease o/ )no*+ed'eC hear ,y Prayers, I 3ord,
*here*ith - %ry .nto thee, and open the Eyes o/ ,y /+esh,
and .nderstandin', to .nderstand the *onder/.+ thin's o/
thy 3a*; that bein' 6i6i/ied by thy J.sti/i%ation, - ,ay
pre6ai+ a'ainst the Fe6i+, the ad6ersary o/ the /aith/.+; hear
,e Ih 3ord ,y 0od, and be ,er%i/.+ .nto ,e, and she*
,e thy ,er%y; and rea%h to ,e the 6esse+ o/ #a+6ation, that
- ,ay drin) and be satis/ied o/ the @o.ntain o/ thy 'ra%e,
that - ,ay obtain the )no*+ed'e and .nderstandin'; and +et
the 'ra%e o/ thy Ho+y #pirit %o,e, and rest .pon ,e, Amen.
For EloB)ence an" #ta%ilit, o! in"/
1his is the third Iration o/ the ten, and is to be said be/ore the /irst
@i'.re o/ $strono,y.
- %on/esse ,y se+/ '.i+ty this day be/ore thee Ih 0od,
@ather o/ Hea6en and Earth, a)er o/ a++ thin's, 6isib+e
and in6isib+e, o/ a++ &reat.res, Fispenser and 0i6er o/ a++
'ra%e and 6irt.e; *ho hidest *isdo,e and )no*+ed'e /ro,
the pro.d and *i%)ed, and 'i6est it to the /aith/.+ and
h.,b+e; i++.,inate ,y Heart, and estab+ish ,y &ons%ien%e
and .nderstandin'C set the +i'ht o/ thy %o.ntenan%e .pon
,e, that - ,ay +o6e thee, and be estab+ished in the
)no*+ed'e o/ ,y .nderstandin', that - bein' %+eansed /ro,
e6i+ *or)s, ,ay attain to the )no*+ed'e o/ those #%ien%es,
*hi%h tho. hast reser6ed /or be+ie6ers. Ih ,er%i/.+ and
o,nipotent 0od, %+eanse ,y Heart and reins, stren'then
,y #o.+ and #enses *ith the 'ra%e o/ thy Ho+y #pirit, and
estab+ish ,e *ith the /ire o/ the sa,e 'ra%eC i++.,inate ,e;
'ird .p ,y +oyns, and 'i6e the sta//e o/ thy &onso+ation
into ,y 4985 ri'ht hand, dire%t ,e in thy Fo%trine, root o.t
o/ ,e a++ 6i%es and sin, and %o,/ort ,e in the +o6e o/ thy
,er%iesC 2reath into ,e Ih 3ord the breath o/ 3i/e, and
in%rease ,y reason and .nderstandin'; send thy Ho+y
#pirit into ,e, that - ,ay be per/e%t in a++ )no*+ed'eC
beho+d Ih 3ord, and %onsider the do+o.r o/ ,y ,ind, that
,y *i++ ,ay be %o,/orted in thee; send into ,e /ro,
Hea6en thy Ho+y #pirit, that - ,ay .nderstand those thin's
- desire. 0i6e .nto ,e in6ention, Ih 3ord, tho. @o.ntain
o/ per/e%t reason and ri%hes o/ )no*+ed'e, that - ,ay
obtain *isdo, by thy Fi6ine assistan%e, Amen.
To Co!ort the o)t(ar" an" in(ar" Sen#e#/
Ih Ho+y 0od, ,er%y/.+ and o,nipotent @ather, 0i6er o/
a++ thin's; stren'then ,e by thy po*er, and he+p ,e by thy
presen%e, as tho. *ert ,er%y/.+ to A$am, and s.dden+y
'a6est hi, the )no*+ed'e o/ a++ $rts thro.'h thy 'reat
,er%y; 'rant .nto ,e po*er to obtain the sa,e )no*+ed'e
by the sa,e ,er%yC be present *ith ,e Ih 4995 3ord, and
instr.%t ,eC Ih ,ost ,er%y/.+ 3ord Jes.s &hrist #on o/
0od, breath thy Ho+y #pirit into ,e, pro%eedin' /ro, thee
and the @ather; stren'then ,y *or) this day, and tea%h ,e,
that - ,ay *a+) in thy )no*+ed'e, and '+ori/y the
ab.ndan%e o/ thy 'ra%eC 3et the /+a,es o/ thy Ho+y #pirit
re<oy%e the &ity o/ ,y Heart, by breathin' into ,e thy
Fi6ine #%ript.res; rep+enish ,y Heart *ith a++ E+oB.en%e,
and 6i6i/y ,e *ith thy Ho+y 6isitation; b+ot o.t o/ ,e the
spots o/ a++ 6i%es, - besee%h thee, Ih 3ord 0od
in%o,prehensib+e; +et thy 'ra%e a+*ayes rest .pon ,e, and
be in%reased in ,e; hea+ ,y #o.+ by thy inesti,ab+e
'oodness, and %o,/ort ,y heart a++ ,y +i/e, that *hat -
hear - ,ay .nderstand, and *hat - .nderstand - ,ay )eep,
and retain in ,y e,ory; 'i6e ,e a tea%hab+e Heart and
1on'.e; thro.'h thy ine8ha.stib+e 'ra%e and 'oodness; and
the 'ra%e o/ the @ather, #on, and Ho+y 0host, Amen.
Thi# !ollo(ing i# !or the Meor,/
I Ho+y @ather, ,er%i/.+ #on, and Ho+y 0host, inesti,ab+e
Kin'; - adore, in6o%ate, and besee%h thy Ho+y !a,e, that
o/ thy o6er/+o*in' 'oodness, tho. *i+t /or'et a++ ,y sinsC
be ,er%y/.+ to ,e a sinner, pres.,in' to 'o abo.t this
o//i%e o/ )no*+ed'e, and o%%.+t +earnin'; and 'rant, Ih
3ord, it ,ay be e//i%atio.s in ,e; open Ih 3ord ,y ears ,
that - ,ay hear; and ta)e a*ay the s%a+es /ro, ,y Eyes,
that - ,ay seeC stren'then ,y hands, that - ,ay *or); open
,y /a%e, that - ,ay .nderstand thy *i++; to the '+ory o/ thy
!a,e, *hi%h is b+essed /or e6er, Amen.
Thi# !ollo(ing #trengtheneth the interio)r an" e8terio)r
3i/t .p the senses o/ ,y Heart and #o.+ .nto thee, Ih 3ord
,y 0od, and e+e6ate ,y heart this day .nto thee; that ,y
*ords and *or)s ,ay p+ease thee in the si'ht o/ a++ peop+e;
+et thy ,er%y and o,nipoten%y shine in ,y bo*e+s; +et ,y
.nderstandin' be 41015 en+ar'ed, and +et thy Ho+y E+oB.en%e
be s*eet in ,y ,, that *hat - read or hear - ,ay
.nderstand and repeatC as A$am .nderstood, and as
A'raham )ept, so +et ,e )eep .nderstandin'; and as (aco'
*as /o.nded and rooted in thy *isedo,e , so +et ,e beC +et
the /o.ndation o/ thy ,er%y be %on/ir,ed in ,e, that - ,ay
de+i'ht in the *or)s o/ thy hands, and perse6ere in J.sti%e,
and pea%e o/ #o.+ and 2ody; the 'ra%e o/ thy Ho+y #pirit
*or)in' in ,e, that - ,ay re<oy%e in the o6erthro* o/ a++
,y ad6ersaryes, Amen.
Thi# !ollo(ing gi&eth EloB)ence: Meor, an" Sta%ilit,/
Fisposer o/ a++ Kin'do,es , and o/ a++ 6isib+e and in6isib+e
'i/tsC Ih 0od, the Irdeyner and 7.+er o/ a++ *i++s, by the
&o.nse+ o/ thy #pirit dispose and 6i6i/y the *ea)ness o/
,y .nderstandin', that - ,ay b.rn in the a%%esse o/ thy
Ho+y *i++ to 'oodC do 'ood to ,e in thy 'ood, not
+oo)in' .pon ,y sins; 'rant ,e ,y desire, tho.'h
.n*orthy; %on/ir, ,y e,ory and reason to )no*,
.nderstand, and retain, 41025 and 'i6e 'ood e//e%t to ,y
senses thro.'h thy 'ra%e, and <.sti/y ,e *ith the
<.sti/i%ation o/ thy Ho+y #pirit, that *hat spots soe6er o/
sin are %ontra%ted in ,y /+esh, thy Fi6ine po*er ,ay b+ot
o.t; tho. *ho hast been p+eased in the be'innin', to %reate
the Hea6en and Earth, o/ thy er%y restore the sa,e, *ho
art p+eased to restore +ost ,an to thy ,ost Ho+y Kin'do,e
; Ih 3ord o/ *isdo,e , restore E+oB.en%e into a++ ,y
senses , that -, tho.'h an .n*orthy sinner, ,ay be
%on/ir,ed in thy )no*+ed'e, and in a++ thy *or)s, by the
'ra%e o/ the @ather, #on, and Ho+y 0host, *ho +i6est and
rei'nest three in one, Amen.
An Oration to reco&er lo#t (i#"oe/
Ih 0od o/ +i6in' , 3ord o/ a++ &reat.res 6isib+e and
in6isib+e, $d,inistrator and Fispenser o/ a++ thin's,
en+i'hten ,y Heart this day by the 'ra%e o/ thy Ho+y #pirit,
stren'then ,y in*ard ,an, and po.r into ,e the de* o/
thy 'ra%e, *hereby tho. instr.%test the $n'e+s; in/or, ,e
*ith the p+enty o/ thy )no*+ed'e, *here*ith /ro, the
be'innin' tho. hast ta.'ht thy 41035 /aith/.+; +et thy 'ra%e
*or) in ,e, and the /+o.ds o/ thy 'ra%e and #pirit, %+eanse
and %orre%t the /i+th o/ ,y &ons%ien%e. 1ho. *ho %o,est
/ro, Hea6en .pon the Daters o/ thy a<esty, %on/ir, this
*onder/.+ #a%ra,ent in ,e.
To o%tain the grace o! the Hol, S$irit/
Ih 3ord ,y 0od, @ather o/ a++ thin's, *ho re6ea+est thy
%e+estia+ and terrestria+ se%rets to thy #er6ants, - h.,b+y
besee%h and i,p+ore thy a<esty, as tho. art the Kin' and
Prin%e o/ a++ )no*+ed'e, hear ,y Prayers; and dire%t ,y
*or)s, and +et ,y $%tions pre6ai+ in Hea6en+y, by
thy Ho+y #piritC - %ry .nto thee, Ih 0od, hear ,y &+a,or, -
si'h to thee, hear the si'hin's o/ ,y heart, and a+*ayes
preser6e ,y #pirit, #o.+, and 2ody, .nder the #a/e'.ard o/
thy Ho+y #pirit; I 0od tho. Ho+y #pirit, perpet.a+ and
Hea6en+y %harity, *hereo/ the Hea6en and Earth is /.++,
breath .pon ,y operation; and *hat - reB.ire to thy hono.r
and praise, 'rant .nto ,e; +et thy Ho+y #pirit %o,e 41045
.pon ,e, r.+e and rei'n in ,e, Amen.
To reco&er intellect)al (i#"oe/
Ih 3ord, - thy #er6ant %on/esse ,y se+/ .nto thee, be/ore
the a<esty o/ thy '+ory, in *hose #pirit is a++
a'ni/i%en%e and #an%ti,onyC - besee%h thee a%%ordin' to
thy .nspea)eab+e !a,e, e8tend thy ,er%i/.+ Ears and Eyes
to the o//i%e o/ ,y operation; and openin' thy hand, - ,ay
be /i++ed *ith the 'ra%e - desire, and satiated *ith %harity
and 'oodness; *hereby tho. hast /o.nded Hea6en and
Earth, *ho +i6est, J%.
Sa, the#e Oration# !ro the !ir#t "a, o! the onth: to the
!o)rth "a,- in the !o)rth "a, Al$ha an" Oega: an" that
!ollo(ing it: vi(" Helischemat a(atan? A# it i# in the %eginning-
a!ter(ar"# #a,:
1heos e'a+e patyr, y,as heth he+dya, hebeath
he+eoteHy'e+, #a+atye+, #a+.s, 1e++i, #a,e+, GadaHie+,
Gadan, #adiH 3eo'io, Ye,e'as, en'as, I,%hon
X 1his %orresponds *ith
Li'er (uratus %hapter
KA--C 1heos N ,e'a+e N
patir N y,os N hebre+ N
yeroy,, EHe+, EHe+y, Ye'ro'a,a+, #a,e+da%h, #o,e+ta,
#anay, 0e+tona,a, Hanns, 41055 #i,on #a+te, Patyr, Isyon,
Hate, Hay+os, $,en.

habobe+ N he%oy N ha+ey N
he+yhot N hety N hebiot N
+etie+ N ieHey N sada, N
sa+aseey N sa+atia+ N
sa+ate++i N sa,e+ N
sada,ie+ N saday N
he+'yon N he++ie+ N
+e,e'os N ,itron N ,e'os
N ,yheon N +e',es N
,.thon N ,i%hoyn N hee+
N hese+y N ie%or N 'rana+ N
se,he+ N se,obHhat N
se,e+tha N sa,ay N 'eth N
'ehe+ N rasahanay N
'e+'e,ana N se,ana N
harasy,ihon N sa+epatir N
se+apati N ra'ion N sa+etha
N th.ri'i., N hepatir N
6sion N hata,as N hetanas
N harayn.
Ih +i'ht o/ the Dor+d i,,ense 0od, J%.

XX 1his para'raph is 'i6en
in /.++ on pa'e 9. -t is
des%ribed as the e8position
o/ the pre%edin' Iration. -t here in /.++ in #, b.t
in 7.1. and H it in
the be'innin', *orded
s+i'ht+y di//erent+y, I 0od,
the +i'ht o/ the *or+d,
@ather o/ i,,ense
Here%, i# increa#e" #o )ch EloB)ence: that nothing i# a%o&e
1heHay +e,a%h ossan+o,a%h aHabath aHa%h aHare 'esse,on
re+aa,e aHathabe+ia+ bi+iarsonor tintin'ote a,.ssiton
seba,ay ha+b.%hyre 'e,aybe reday+ her,ay+ te8tossepha
pa,phi+os &ytro'oo,on bapada +a,pdayo%hi, yo%hy+e
tahen%ior yasta,or #ado,e'o+ 'ye+eiton Ho,a'on
#o,as'ei ba+tea a%heto, 'e'era,etos ha+ypha+a se,ean
.tan'e+se,on barya theri%a 'etra,an se%ha+,ata ba+nat
hariynos hay+os ha+os 'ene'at 'e,ne'a+ saneya+ai8
sa,artai8 %a,ae+ satab,a+ si,a+ena 'ay%yah sa+,an%ha
sabanon sa+,a+say si+i,a%roton He'as,e ba%herietas
He,ethi, thea,eaba+ 'eHoraba+ %raton henna '+.n'h
haria'i+ pari,e'os Ha,arie+ +eoHo,a%h re8 ,a+eosia
,ission Heb,ay a+iao8 'e,ois saHay+ neo,a'i+ Ke Ke
#epha %apha,a+ aHeton 'eHain ho+hanhiha+a se,eanay
'ehosynon %arya%ta 'e,yaHan Hea,pha+a%hin He'e+a,an
hathanatos, se,a%h 41065 'erorabat syrnosye+, ha+aboe,
4&orrespondin' *ith Li'er
(uratus , %hapter KK and
heba+or ha+ebe%h r.os sabor yde+,asan /a+ior sabor
,e'ioH'oH neyather phara,she /orantes saHa ,o'h
s%ha,peton sado,the nepotH ,inaba Hanon s.a/neHenon
inhan%on ,aninas 'ere.ran 'etha,ayh passa,oth theon
beth satha,a% ha,o+nera 'a+se,aria%h ne%ho,nan re'na+i
pha'a ,essyy, de,o'e,pta tere,e'arH sa+,a%haon
a+pibanon ba+on septH.rH sapre,o sapiaHte baryon aria
.syon sa,esHion sepha ath,iti sobonan $r,issiton
tintin'it te+o y+on .syon, Amen-
$Hay +e,a%h aHae 'esse,on the+a,e%h aHabhaiha+ seHyon
traheo e,a'a+ 'yeotheon sa,e'on pa,phi+os sitra'ra,on
+i,pda <a%hi, a+na hasios 'enona'a+ sa,a+ayp %a,ie+
se%a+ hana'o'an hese+e,a%h 'eta+ sa, sade,on seb,assan
traphon oria'+pan thona'as tyn'en a,iss.s %oysoda,an
assonnap sena+y sodan a+.p theonantriatos %opha anaphia+
$Hathon aHaHa ha,e+ hya+a sara,an 'e+yor synon
banada%ha 'enna, sasseta+ ,a'a ha+'oHa,an
setraphan'on He' $thanathay sena%h Here Haba+
so,aye+ +eosa,a%h 'itha%a+ ha+ebriatos Jaboy de+ ,asan
ne'bare pha%a,e%h s%hon nehooH %herise,a%h 'ethaHayhy
a,i+ya se,e, a,es 'e,ay passayna%h ta'ay+ a'a,a+ 41075
/ra'a+ ,esi the,e'e,a%h sa,a+a%ha nabo+e, Hop,on
.syon /e+a, se,essi theon, Amen-
The thir" $art: the #ign Leach/
3e,a%h sabri%e e+%hyan 'eHa'an to,aspin he'ety 'e,ia+
e8yophya, sorat., sa+athaho, beHapha saphateH
&a+,i%han sa,o+i%h +ena Hotha phete hi, hapnies
sen'en'eon +ethis, Amen-
4&orrespondin' *ith Li'er
(uratus , %hapter KK-- and
For the eor,/
Ih 'reat in6isib+e 0od, Theos patyr 'ehominas
Ca$agamias imas by thy Ho+y $n'e+s, *ho are %ichael
the edi%ine o/ 0od; 0aphael the o/ 0od,
Ga'riel ar$ens holy per Amassan Cheru'in Gelommeios
Se/aphim ge$a'anan tochrosi ga$e anathon /atraman
/amanary ge'rienam4 Ih /.+ness, Ho+y &her.bins, by a++
4&orrespondin' *ith Li'er
(uratus , %hapter KK-A.
thy $n'e+s, and by a++ thy '+orio.s $r%h=an'e+s, *hose
!a,es are %onse%rated by 0od, *hi%h o.'ht not to be
spo)en by .s, *hi%h are these, $ichal $ehel $epymon
e&luse e&megon pharconas Nanagon hossyelo/ogon
gathena ramon gar'ona vramani %ogon hamas7 41085
Dhi%h h.,ane sen%e %annot apprehendC - besee%h thee, Ih
3ord i++.,inate ,y &ons%ien%e *ith the #p+ender o/ thy
+i'ht, and i++.strate and %on/ir, ,y .nderstandin' *ith the
s*eet odor o/ thy #pirit; adorne ,y #o.+, re/or, ,y heart,
that hearin' - ,ay .nderstand, and retain *hat - hear in ,y
e,ory. Ih ,er%y/.+ 0od, appease ,y bo*e+s, stren'then
,y e,ory, open ,y , ,er%i/.++y; te,perate ,y
1on'.e by thy '+orio.s and .nspea)ab+e !a,eC tho. *ho
art the @o.ntain o/ a++ 'oodness, ha6e patien%e *ith ,e,
and 'i6e a 'ood e,ory .nto ,e, 2c-
#ay these Irations in the /o.rth , vi/- *ely schemath, $+pha and
I,e'a, Theos megale. Ih +i'ht o/ the Dor+d A/alemach, 'reat
0od - besee%h theeC 1hese o.'ht to be said in the 8, 12, 10, 20, 24,
28, 30. and in a++ these 3.nations rehearse 2 /o.r ti,es; in the
,ornin' on%e, the third ho.r on%e, the ninth on%e, and on%e in the
e6enin'; and in the other dayes rehearse none, b.t the, o/ the /irst
day, *hi%h are $+pha and I,e'a, *elyschemat, $+,i'hty,
in%o,prehensib+e, - adore thee; 41095 - %on/esse ,y se+/ '.i+tyC I
Theos ha/amagiel4 Ih ,er%y/.+ 3ord 0od, raise .p the sen%es o/
,y /+eshC Ih 0od o/ a++ +i6in', and o/ a++ Kin'do,es, - %on/esse
Ih 3ord this day, that - a, thy ser6ant. 7ehearse these Irations
a+so in the other dayes /o.r ti,es, on%e in the ,ornin', on%e in the
e6enin', on%e abo.t the third ho.r, and on%e on the ninth; $nd
tho. sha+t a%B.ire e,ory, E+oB.en%e and stabi+ity /.++y, Amen-
The Concl)#ion o! the (hole (or': an" Con!iration o! the
Science o%taine"/
Ih 0od, a)er o/ a++ thin's; *ho hast %reated a++ thin's
o.t o/ nothin'; *ho hast *onder/.++y %reated the Hea6en
and Earth, and a++ thin's by de'rees in order, in the
be'innin', *ith thy #on, by *ho, a++ thin's are ,ade, and
into *ho, a++ thin's sha++ at +ast ret.rnC Dho art $+pha and
I,e'aC - besee%h thee tho.'h a sinner, J .n*orthy, that -
,ay attain to ,y desired end in this Ho+y $rt, speedi+y, and
not +ose the sa,e by ,y sins; b.t do 'ood .nto 41105 ,e,
a%%ordin' to thy .nspea)ab+e ,er%yC *ho doth not to .s
a/ter o.r sins, nor re*ardeth .s a/ter o.r iniB.ities, Amen-
#ay this in the end de6o.t+yC
Ih *isdo,e o/ 0od the @ather in%o,prehensib+e, Ih ,ost
,er%y/.+ #on , 'i6e .nto ,e o/ thy ine//ab+e ,er%y, 'reat
)no*+ed'e and *isdo,e, as tho. didst *onder/.++y besto*
a++ #%ien%e to Kin' Solomon, not +oo)in' .pon his sins or
*i%)edness, b.t thy o*n ,er%iesC *here/ore - i,p+ore thy
,er%y, a+tho.'h - a, a ,ost 6i+e and .n*orthy sinner, 'i6e
s.%h an end to ,y desires in this art, *hereby the hands o/
thy bo.nty ,ay be en+ar'ed to*ards ,e, and that - ,ay the
,ore de6o.t+y *a+) by thy +i'ht in thy *ayes, and be a
'ood e8a,p+e to others; by *hi%h a++ that see ,ee, and
hear ,e, ,ay restrain the,se+6es /ro, their 6i%es, and
praise thy ho+yness thro.'h a++ Dor+ds, Amen. 2+essed be
the !a,e o/ the 3ord, 2c-
rehearse these t*o Irations a+*ayes in the end, to %on/ir, thy
)no*+ed'e 'ained.

2. # brea)s o// here *ithC
1he end o/ the /irst part o/
$rs !otoria P 1he se%ond
part P I/ the +ibera++
#%ien%es and other thin's
*hi%h ,ay be had by this
$rt and *ith that
%hapter >see abo6e, pp
The 6ene"iction o! the $lace/
2+esse Ih 3ord this p+a%e, that there ,ay be in it Ho+y
#an%tity, %hastity, ,ee)ness, 6i%tory, ho+iness, h.,i+ity,
'oodness, p+enty, obedien%e o/ the 3a*, to the @ather, #on,
and Ho+y 0host; Hear Ih 3ord, ho+y @ather, $+,i'hty
eterna+ 0od; and send thy Ho+y $n'e+ %ichael, *ho ,ay
prote%t, )eep, preser6e and 6isit ,e, d*e++in' in this
1aberna%+e, by hi, *ho +i6eth, 2c-
Dhen yo. *o.+d operate, ha6e respe%t to the 3.nationsC they are
to be %hosen in those ,oneths, *hen the 7.+es in and
, in these ,oneths yo. ,ay be'in.
-n the !a,e o/ the 3ord be'inneth this ,ost Ho+y $rt, *hi%h the
,ost hi'h 0od $d,inistered to Solomon by his $n'e+ .pon the
$+tar, that thereby s.dden+y in a short spa%e o/ ti,e, he *as
estab+ished in the )no*+ed'e o/ a++ #%ien%es; and )no*, that in
these Irations are %ontained a++ #%ien%es, 3a*/.+ and .n+a*/.+;
@irst, i/ yo. prono.n%e the Irations o/ e,ory, E+oB.en%e, 41125
and .nderstandin', and the stabi+ity thereo/; they *i++ be ,i'hti+y
in%reased, inso,.%h that yo. *i++ hard+y )eep si+en%e; /or by a
*ord a++ thin's *ere &reated, and by the 6irt.e o/ that *ord a++
%reated bein's stand, and e6ery #a%ra,ent, and that Dord is 0od.
1here/ore +et the Iperator be %onstant in his /aith, and %on/ident+y
be+ie6e, that he sha++ obtain s.%h )no*+ed'e and *isdo,e, in the
prono.n%in' these Irations, /or *ith 0od nothin' is i,possib+eC
there/ore +et the Iperator pro%eed in his *or), *ith /aith, hope,
and a %onstant desireC /ir,+y be+ie6in'; *e %an obtain
nothin' b.t by /aith; 1her/ore ha6e no in this Iperation,
*hereo/ there are three spe%ies *hereby the $rt ,ay be obtained.
1he /irst spe%ies is Iration, and reason o/ a 0od+y ,ind, not by
atte,ptin' a 6oy%e o/ depre%ation, b.t by readin' and repeatin'
the sa,e in the in*ard parts. 1he se%ond spe%ies is /astin' and
prayin', /or the prayin' ,an 0od heareth. 1he third spe%ies is
%hastity; he that *o.+d operate in this $rt, +et hi, be %+ean and
%hast by 41135 the spa%e o/ nine dayes at +east; and be/ore yo.
be'in, it is ne%essary that yo. )no* the ti,e o/ the . /or in the
pri,e o/ the . it is proper to operate in this $rtC and *hen yo.
be'in so sa%red an $rt, ha6e a %are to abstain /ro, a++ ,orta+ sins,
at +east *hi+e yo. are pro%eedin' in this *or) .nti+ it be /inished
and %o,p+eatedC and *hen yo. be'in to operate, say this 6erse
)nee+in'C 3i/t .p the +i'ht o/ thy &o.ntenan%e .pon ,e, Ih 3ord
,y 0od, and /orsa)e not ,e thy ser6ant !. that tr.sts in theeC
1hen say three ti,es Pater Noster, J%. $nd assert that tho. *i+t
ne6er %o,,it *i+/.++ per<.ry, b.t a+*ayes perse6ere in /aith and
hope. 1his bein' done, *ith bended )nees in the p+a%e *herein
tho. *i+t operate, say, I.r he+p is in the !a,e o/ the 3ord, *ho
hath ,ade Hea6en and earthC $nd - *i++ enter into the -n6o%ation
o/ the ,ost hi'h, .nto hi, *ho en+i'htneth and p.ri/ieth ,y #o.+
and &ons%ien%e, *hi%h d*e++eth .nder the he+p o/ the ,ost hi'h,
and %ontin.eth .nder the prote%tion o/ the 0od o/ Hea6enC I 3ord
open and .n/o+d the do.bts o/ ,y Heart, and 41145 %han'e ,e into
a ne* ,an by thy +o6eC be tho. Ih 3ord .nto ,e tr.e /aith, the
hope o/ ,y +i/e, and per/e%t %harity, to de%+are thy *onders. 3et .s
prayC 1hen say the Iration /o++o*in'C
Ih 0od ,y 0od, *ho /ro, the be'innin' hast &reated a++
thin's o.t o/ nothin', and re/or,est a++ thin's by thy #pirit;
restore ,y &ons%ien%e, and hea+ ,y .nderstandin', that -
,ay '+ori/y thee in a++ ,y tho.'hts, *ords and deeds;
thro.'h hi, *ho +i6eth and rei'neth *ith thee /ore6er,
!o* in the !a,e o/ Christ, on the /irst day o/ the onth, in
*hi%h tho. *o.+dst a%B.ire e,ory, E+oB.en%e and
"nderstandin', and stabi+ity thereo/, *ith a per/e%t, 'ood and
%ontrite heart, and sorro* /or thy sins %o,,itted; tho. ,aist be'in
to prono.n%e these Irations /o++o*in', *hi%h appertain to the
obtainin' o/ e,ory and a++ #%ien%es, and *hi%h *ere %o,posed
and de+i6ered by the $n'e+ to Solomon, /ro, the hand o/ 0od.
1he /irst and +ast Iration o/ this art, is $+pha and I,e'aC Ih 0od
o,nipotent, 2c-
1his /o++o*in' is an Iration o/ /o.r 3an'.a'es, *hi%h is thisC
*ely Schemat A/atan honiel sichut tam imel
3atatan$ema (etromiam Theos4 Ih Ho+y and stron' 0od,
*amacha mal Gottneman Ala/aman Actuaar Secheahal
Salma/an /ay /o1eracim Lam hay %asaraman grensi
/amach heliamat seman selmar yetrosaman muchaer
vesar hasarian A/ani/ A/amet Amathemach hersomini-
$nd tho. ,ost Ho+y and <.st 0od, in%o,prehensib+e in a++
thy *or)s, *hi%h are Ho+y <.st and 'ood; %agol
Achelmetor samalsace yana .man and cogige
maimegas /emmail A/anietan ille'atha sacraman
reonas grome /e'aman /eyhoman /eonoma melas
heman hathoterma yatarmam semen semetary $,en.
&orresponds *ith Li'er
(uratusEF %hapter KA-.
1his Iration o.'ht to /o++o* the /irst o/ the ten abo6e *ritten.
To $er!or an, (or'/
1his is to /o++o* the third Iration abo6eC
- %on/esse, , Theos ha/amagielge/u/an sa/aman
Sathaman getormantas salathiel nesomel megal
vuieghama ya/amir /eyhaman hamamal amna nis/a
8GGH9 $eleth ha/amaloth moy pama/athoran hanasuelnea
sacromomem gegonoman /aramacham Ca$es 'achet
girtassoman gyseton palaphatos halathel ,sachynan
machay $,en.
1his is a tr.e and appro6ed e8peri,ent, to .nderstand a++ $rts and
se%rets o/ the Dor+d, to /ind o.t and di' .p ,inera+s and;
this *as re6ea+ed by the Hea6en+y $n'e+ in this !otory $rt. @or
this $rt doth a+so de%+are thin's to %o,e, and rendereth the sense
%apab+e o/ a++ arts in a short ti,e, by the Fi6ine .se thereo/.
De are to spea) a+so o/ the ti,e and p+a%e. @irst there/ore, a++ these
pre%epts are to be obser6ed and )ept; and the Iperator o.'ht to be
%+ean, %haste, to repent o/ his sins, and earnest+y desire to %ease
/ro, sinnin' as ,.%h as ,ay be; and so +et hi, pro%eed, and
e6ery *or) sha++ be in6esti'ated into hi,, by the di6ine ,inistery.
Dhen tho. *i+t operate in the ne* oon, )nee+in' say this 6erseC
3i/t .p the +i'ht o/ thy &o.ntenan%e .pon .s, Ih 0od, and /orsa)e
.s not, Ih 3ord o.r 0od. 1hen say three ti,es the 41175 Pater
Noster4 $nd a/ter*ards +et hi, 6o* .nto 0od, that he *i++ ne6er
%o,,it *i+/.++ per<.ry, b.t a+*ayes persist in /aith. 1his bein'
done, at ni'ht say *ith bended )nees be/ore thy bed, I.r he+p is in
the !a,e o/ the 3ord, 2c- and this Psa+,; Dhoso d*e++eth .nder
the shado* o/ the *in's o/ the ,ost hi'h, to the end; and the
3ords Prayer, and the Prayer /o++o*in'.
Theos Pater vehemens; 0od o/ $n'e+s, - Pray and in6o%ate
thee by thy ,ost Ho+y $n'e+s .liphamasay Gelomiros
Ge$o 'onay Saranana .lomnia and by a++ thy Ho+y
!a,es, by .s not to be prono.n%ed, *hi%h are theseC $e-
el- & p n " h t li g y y- not to be spo)en, or %o,prehended by
h.,ane sense; - besee%h thee %+eanse ,y &ons%ien%e *ith
the #p+endor o/ thy !a,e; i++.strate and %on/ir, ,y
.nderstandin' *ith the s*eet sa6o.r o/ thy Ho+y #piritC I
3ord $dorne ,y #o.+, that - ,ay .nderstand and per/e%t+y
re,e,ber *hat - hear; re/or, ,y Heart, and restore ,y
Heart, and restore ,y sense Ih 3ord 0od, and hea+ ,y
bo*e+sC open ,y , ,ost ,er%i/.+ 0od, and /ra,e and
te,per ,y 1on'.e to 41185 the praise and '+ory o/ thy
!a,e, by thy '+orio.s and .nspea)eab+e !a,e. I 3ord,
*ho art the @o.ntain o/ a++ 'oodness, and ori'ina+ o/ a++
piety, ha6e patien%e *ith ,e, and 'i6e .nto ,e a tr.e
.nderstandin', to )no* *hatsoe6er is /ittin' /or ,e, and
retain the sa,e in e,oryC tho. *ho dost not present+y
J.d'e a sinner, b.t ,er%i/.++y e8pe%test repentan%e; -
besee%h thee, tho.'h .n*orthy, to *ash a*ay the /i+th o/
,y sins and *i%)edness, and 'rant ,e ,y petitions, to the
praise and '+ory o/ thy Ho+y !a,e; *ho +i6est and rei'nest
one 0od in per/e%t 1rinity, Dor+d *itho.t end, Amen.
Soe other $rece$t# to %e o%#er&e" in thi# (or'/
@ast the day /o++o*in' *ith bread and *ater, and 'i6e $+,es; i/ it
be the 3ord9s day, then 'i6e do.b+e $+,es; be %+ean in body and
,ind; both thy se+/, and p.t on %+ean &+oaths.
The $roce##e !ollo(#/
Dhen tho. *i+t operate %on%ernin' any di//i%.+t Prob+e,e or
Q.estion, *ith bended )nees, be/ore thy bed, ,a)e &on/ession
.nto 0od the @ather; and ha6in' ,ade thy &on/ession, say this
#end Ih 3ord thy *isdo,e to assist ,e, that it ,ay be
*ith ,e, and +abo.r *ith ,e, and that - ,ay a+*ayes )no*
*hat is a%%eptab+e be/ore thee; and that .nto ,e N- ,ay be
,ani/ested the o/ this B.estion or $rt.
1his bein' done, 1hri%e in the day /o++o*in', *hen tho. risest,
'i6e than)s to 0od $+,i'hty, sayin', 0+ory and hono.r, and
benedi%tion be .nto hi, that sitteth on the 1rone, and that +i6eth
/or e6er and e6er, Amen- *ith bended )nees and stret%hed o.t
2.t i/ tho. desirest to .nderstand any boo), as) o/ so,e that hath
)no*+ed'e therein, *hat that boo) treateth o/C 1his bein' done,
open the boo), and read in it; and operate as at /irst three ti,es,
and a+*ayes *hen tho. 'oest to s+eep, *rite $+pha and I,e'a,
41205 and a/ter*ards s+eep on thy ri'ht side, p.ttin' the pa+,e o/
thy hand .nder thy Ear, and tho. sha+t see in a drea, a++ thin's
tho. desirest; and tho. sha+t hear the 6oy%e o/ one in/or,in' and
instr.%tin' thee in that boo), or in any other /a%.+ty *herein tho.
*i+t operateC $nd in the ,ornin', open the boo), and read therein;
and tho. sha+t present+y .nderstand the sa,e, as i/ tho. hadst
st.dyed in it a +on' ti,eC $nd a+*ayes re,e,ber to 'i6e than)s to
0od, as a/oresaid.
$/ter*ards on the /irst day say this IrationC
Ih @ather, a)er o/ a++ &reat.res; by thy .nspea)eab+e
po*er *here*ith tho. hast ,ade a++ thin's, stir .p the
sa,e po*er, and %o,e and sa6e ,e, and prote%t ,e /ro,
a++ ad6