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Alarm Groups - Kotmale Power Station

Prepared by: Nizam Salih, EE(O) - Sep. 2010 Page - 3030 1 2 Turbine Inlet Valve Faulty: +13(2F) Cooling System Abnormal: +12(4C-D) +13(1F) +14(1B-F,2A) 1 Inlet Valve Pressure Vessel Oil Level Low/High 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Gov Oil Cooler Pump Overload Trip Gov Oil Cooler Filter Blocked Gen. Air Cooler C.W. Low Cooling Water Pump1 Overload Trip Cooling Water Pump2 Overload Trip Cooling Water Valve Overload Trip Cooling Water Pumps Fault Cooling Water Flow Failure Oil Pressure Pump Overload Trip Oil Pressure Pumps Fault Governor Oil Pressure Low Governor Oil Pressure High Governor Press Vessel Oil Level High/Low Sump Tank Oil Temp High Governor Sump Tank Oil Level High/Low Generator Upper Brg Cooler C.W. Low Generator Lower Brg Cooler C.W. Low Turbine Guide Brg Cooler C.W. Low Turbine Guide Brg Oil Temp High Thrust Brg Metal Temp High Upper Guide Brg Metal Temp High Lower Guide Brg Metal Temp High Thrust Bearing Oil Pressure Low Upper Guide Brg Oil Level High/Low Lower Guide Brg Oil Level High/Low Turbine Guide Brg Oil Level High/Low

Gov Oil System Abnormal: +12(3C-F,4A-B) +13(4E)

Bearings Abnormal: +13(1D-E,2A,2C,3E-F,4A,4F) +12(2D-F)

5 6 7

Auto Seq Failure: +14(4F) AVR Failure: +14(2C) Electrical Trip Relay Operated: +11(3A-F,4A-B,4D) +12(1E) 1 Excitation System Faulty 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Generator Over Voltage Protection Generator Under Impedance Protection Loss of Excitation Protection Shaft Current Protection Gen Differential Protection Negative Phase Sequence Protection Stator Earth Fault Protection Generator Cable Fault Excitation System Fault Generator Motoring

Mechanical Trip Relay Operated: +11(1B, 1E-F, 2A-F, 4C, 4E-F) +12(1B, 1D,2C)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Inl Valve Press Vessel Low Press/Low Level Turbine Bearing Metal Temp High Turbine Governor Fault Governor Press Vessel Low Press / Low Level Governor Sump Tank Oil Level Low Gen Thrust Bearing Metal Temp High Gen Upper Guide Bearing Metal Temp High Gen Lower Guide Bearing Metal Temp High Generator Stator Winding Temp High Excessive Vibration Long Starting Time Long Stopping Time Faulty Brake Operation High Bearings Temp (Therm) Bearing Oil Level High / Low

Gen Air/Wind Temp High: +12(2A, 2B) +13(3D)

1 Gen Air Cooler Hot Air Temp High 2 Gen Air Cooler Cold Air Temp High 3 Stator Winding Temp High

10 Non urgent Electrical Fault: 1 Guide Vane Equipment Zero Voltage +12(4F) +13(1A,3B) +14(1A,2D,3A-C,3E-F,4A-B,4D-E) 2 Guide Vane Equipment Earth Fault 3 400V V.T. - Fuse Failure SBC 4 High Press Oil Pump Overload Trip 5 Loss of Excitation Prot Start 6 Stator Heaters Overload Trip 7 Jacking Pump Overload Trip 8 Neutral Point Equipment MCB Trip 9 Temp Monitoring Earth Fault 10 Temp Monitoring Zero Voltage 11 220V DC Fuse Failed 12 Fault Speed Monitoring 13 13.8 KV V.T. Fuse Failed 14 Field BR Interpos Relays Fault 11 Non urgent Mechanical Fault: +12(3A-B) +13(1B-C,2B,2D,3C) +14(2F,4C) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Turbine Pit Shaft Seal C.W. Low Turbine Pit Service Seal Worn Turb Head Cover Pump Overload Trip Turb Head Cover Level High Actuator Dirty Oil Filter Turbine Governor Fault Shaft Seal Water Off Vibration Creeping

12 Negative Phase Sequence: +14(2E) 13 Overspeed: +11(1C,1D) +12(1E)

1 Negative Phase Sequence Protection 0-20% ln 1 Turbine Over Speed EL/Mech 2 Turbine Over Speed EL/Hydr 3 Generator Motoring 1 Emergency Shutdown 1 Brake Air Press Low 1 Guide Vane Not In Synchr 1 Turbine Governor Supervis Voltage Loss 1 Gen Cable Pilot Wire Fault 1 Inl Valve service Seal On 89

14 Emergency Shutdown: +12(1A) 15 Brake Air Pressure Low: +14(2B) 16 Guide Vane not in Synchr: +12(4E) 17 Turb. Govern. Superv. Volt Loss: +13(2E) 18 Cable Prot Faulty: +14(3D) 19 MIV Service Seal On: +13(3A)

Note1: U03 UGB Oil level low proximity switch was replaced with high level proximity switch. (normally open) Hence 731 relay is always energized. Contacts of 731 were changed as follows. 15 to 17, 14 to 16, 25 to 27, 24 to 26, 17 to 15.