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Sony Corporation

Generally, Totsuko was started by 2 talented Engineer, Masaru Ibuka and Marketing Innovator, Akio Morita in 1946 in Japan. The company name was later changed to SONY in 1958. From 1950 to 1999, SONY introduced many innovative products; many of the worlds first technology and even created a robotic dog named Aibo. SONYs vision is to create something new, to create more dreams and to make things fun. Their mission is to create things for every kind of imagination and involve them in peoples daily life. In addition, interconnected multimedia technology is always SONYs promise to the people. The important roles supporting SONYs visions and dreams through these years include Norio Ohga, Nobuyuki Idei, Kunitake Ando. Sony Corporation's strengths are that the human talents (Employees) in SONY are creative; loyal and hold the same dream. They have a vast and strong financial capabilities that enables SONY to expand their offices into US in 1960s with capital investment of US$500,000. SONY has their headquarters in Japan which capable of serving the Asia Pacific market; whereas the US office is taking care of the US/European continents. In 1972, SONY has started its own SONY Technology Centre in San Diego. There is a large number of talented engineers in SONY. They expanded their nature of business from electronics to entertainment (Sony Music/Sony Pictures), and even a bank for middle-class Japanese. Strong innovation culture within the company and among the employees. Sony has a great and successful marketing efforts for their products and they are recognized worldwide brand (Rated number 1 brand in US by 2000 Harris poll and Worlds 21st most valuable brand in 2002. The corporation made a succesfull console called the ''playstation'' in the early 1998. It was a one of the advance home intertainment console's. The console itself brought a revolution in gaming history. 6 years later Sony corporation brought its successor named ''playstation 2''. The console was a major hit in 2004 and it sold over 50 million consoles in just 3 months. The games graphics were the famous part about playstation 2, since there weren't any consoles that could run at that quality. This is what gave sony a huge advantage in marketing. Now in 2011 Sony corporation made a succesor of playstation 2 called the playstation 3. This console runs games, movies and other stuff in high quality. The playstation 3 is such a demanding console that it was first introduced with the blue-ray disc. This is what made sony jump up and dominate the marketing in electronics. The history of Sony Corporation began in January of 1958, the already well-known and successful Japanese electronics company, Totsuko, adopted Sony as its new corporate name. This new name, Sony, was an original brand name that was originally applied on Totsuko products. Even though Sony is well known for being a leader in audio-visual electronics and information technology for consumers at home, they also have reached out to larger businesses worldwide. In 1978 they formed Sony Broadcast Ltd., which focused on providing broadcast stations the best, quality products and services. This branch of the Sony Corporation is still very successful today. Sony has gone on to form a chemical corporation as well, which can provide physicians, doctors, and researchers with certain measuring and necessary tools. Almost every Sony product though can be placed under the category of electronics. They sell products and services globally such as televisions, VCRs, stereos, computers, memory devices, video game systems, digital and non-digital cameras and camcorders, Lithium batteries, fingerprint ID units, certain measuring equipment, and even shatter proof film for glass through their chemical corporation. Workforce: The workforce of

the Sony Corporation is very large. For the fiscal year that ended on March 31, 2001, it was estimated that 181,800 total people were employed for the Sony Corporation. Of this total, 23,000 employees are currently working in U.S. plants and offices. There are major research and development and engineering facilities in the U.S. located in California, New York, and Colorado with manufacturing facilities being located in the same locations in addition to Alabama, New Jersey, Texas, Oregon, and Indiana. Future Outlook: Today Sony is a leading music company, motion picture company, television production company, manufacturer of game consoles, and inventor of many new professional products such as VAIO personal computers. With Sony being listed in sixteen stock exchanges worldwide, the corporation is growing rapidly every day.