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Expiration exhaling Red blood cells oxygen and co2 Nas/o, rhin/o- nose Pharyng/o pharynx (throat) Laryng/o

g/o larynx (voice box) Trache/o trachea (windpipe) Bronch/o bronchi Alveol/o alveoli Phren/o, diaphragmat/o, diaphragm/o diagram (TRUE) Pneum/o air/lung (FALSE) atel/ectasis lung collapse due to trauma pneumon/o/plasty surgical repair of prolapsed lung pneumon/o/mycosis fungal condition of the lung pneumo/thorax air in the thorax (chest) spirometry measures lung volume (FALSE) cerebal embrolus clot moving to brain (FALSE) orthopnea difficulty breathing laying down Hemoptysis coughing up blood and sputum Epistaxis nose bleed Pharyngoplasty surgical repair of pharynx Pleurisy and pleuritis = inflammation of lungs (FALSE) Sinistro left , dextro right (TRUE) Chiropractors- doctors that use hands (TRUE) Chiroplasty surgical repair of hand Geriatrics - old age Gerontology study of aging Orthopedist diseases/surgery of skeletal system Carpi - plural of carpus Tarsals - bones of ankle Phalanges - bones of fingers/toes Phalynx singular form of phalanges (FALSE) Medial digit not equal middle finger Radioulnar referring to radius and ulna (FALSE) closed manipulation movement to align w/ surgery vs internal fixation = screws/nails tibia thick bone aligned with big toe fibula thin bone aligned with little toe ile/o = ileum (small intestine), illi/o = ilium (pelvic bone) (TRUE) ischioneuralgia neuralgic pain in hip (FALSE) suprapubic above pubis rachitis inflammation of spine rachischisis fissure of spine (spit spine) (FALSE/NO) cervical collar not on cervix (FALSE) Brachial- artery of arm (TRUE) nyct/o, noct/I night Somnambulism sleepwalking

Ankylodactylia immovable fingers/toes Phlebostasis checking flow in veins Schizophasia split speech (incomprehensible) Shizonychia split nails Schizophrenia split mind Opthamalic, ocular = pertaining to the eye Exophthalmos herniation of the eye Opthalmalgia, opthalmodynia ocular pain Xanthopia yellow vision Ambiopia both eyes forming separate visions Diplopia double vision Myopia nearsightedness Eso toward Exotropia eyes pointing outward Esotropia eyes pointing upward (NO) Euphoria feeling of well being Blepharoptosis prolapse of eyelid (droopy eyelid) Irides plural of iris (FALSE ) Iridomalacia softening of iris Glaucoma intraocular pressure increased Kerat, Corne, cor/e root for cornea Lacrimation, dacryorrhea flow of tears Onych/o nails Onchyoid resembling nails Onychomalacia softening of nails Onchomycosis fungal infection of nails Onchophagia nail biting Trich/o- hair Trichoid resembling hair Testes produce testosterone Adrenal epinephrine and norephinephrine produce in medulla of adrenal glands Steroids synthesized from cholesterol in ovaries, testes, and adrenal. Steroids are lipid hormones used to code RNA proteins hormone injections used my body builders Suprarenal- above the kidney Estrogen infertility in females may be due to low estrogen levels Insulin nonsteroidal hormones that allows glucose to enter Diabetes type I