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Name: _________________________ Date: __________________________ American Century Spring Exam Review Guide

American Century Ms. Whitaker

The final exam will follow a similar format to that of your other assessments and will be cumulative from second semester only. Dont forget about the map of the U.S.! Also, you have a choice of three essay questions. You may prepare one but cannot bring anything into the exam. Your exam will be given the morning of Friday June 1st at 8 AM in Wilder Dining Hall. I will provide U.S. history specific office hours 7:30-8:00 PM Thursday May 31st in my classroomyou must come prepared with questions. If you have any other concerns please feel free to email, call or set up a meeting. Good luck studying! Civil War & Reconstruction Review your cloze notes (Civil War=Days I-VIII, Reconstruction Days I & II), vocabulary sheets, quizzes and test. Everything you need to know can be found among these items! Indian Wars Indian Removal Act Bureau of Indian Affairs (& Corruption) Quality of Life on a Reservation Fate of Bison Population Homestead Act of 1862 Sand Creek Massacre of 1864 The Great Sioux War of 1865-67 Treaty of Fort Laramie 1868 Custers Last Stand 1876 Battle of Wounded Knee 1890 Gilded Age Vertical Integration Horizontal Combination Swift, United Fruit Co. Rockefeller, Carnegie Gospel of Wealth Social Darwinism Knights of Labor 1869 AFL 1886 Tenements Gilded Age Conspicuous Consumption Progressive Era Progressivism Muckraking Riis, McClure, Wells Sinclair & The Jungle Jane Addams & Hull House Settlement Houses WCTU & Temperance Prohibition, 18th Amendment Reform of Prostitution National Board of Censorship Standardization of Education Immigration Trends Sanger & Birth Control Washington & DuBois NAACP

Spanish-American War Definition of Depression, stats American Lake Imperialism, Annex, Sovereignty, Protectorate Attempted Annexation of Canada Good Neighbor Policy (Bilateral) U.S. Desire for Cuba Spanish-American War in Cuba Jose Marti General Valeriano Weyler Policy of Reconcentrado Cuba Libre Movement USS Maine Controversy Theodore Roosevelt & The Rough Riders Platt Amendment (Guantanamo) White Mans Burden

Spanish-American War in Philippines Emilio Aguinaldo

Roosevelt & Trustbusting Sherman Antitrust & Hepburn Acts Pure Food and Drug Act Birth of Environmentalism, Muir Election of 1912 Wilsons Presidency

World War I Review your cloze notes packet and open notes quiz. Be able to create a chart of the alliances. Roaring Twenties Influenza Epidemic Prohibition Flappers Harlem Renaissance 18th & 21st Amendments Suffrage, 19th Amendment World War II Review your cloze notes packet (including the Holocaust), timelines and notes on the following: Totalitarian Authoritarian Fascism Pearl Harbor & FDR The Cold War Review your cloze notes packet and notes on the following: StalinKhrushchev Korean War 1950-1953 Bay of Pigs 1961 Civil Rights Movement Brown vs. Board of Education, 1954 Emmett Till, 1955 Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott, 1955-56 Desegregating Little Rock, 1957 March on Washington, 1963 Selma and the Voting Rights Act, 1965 Martin Luther King Jr.s Assassination, 1968 Berlin Crisis (Berlin Wall) 1961 Cuban Missile Crisis 1962 Space Race 1960s Role of Women Japanese Issei/Nisei D-Day (Operation Overlord) Yalta Conference Potsdam Conference Manhattan Project Truman & Atomic Bombs Outcomes of WWII The Great Depression Wall Street Crash of 1929 Black Tuesday Oct. 29th Unemployment statistics Election of 1932: FDR Dustbowl, Okies The New Deal