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Section 8: Prejudice Update 1 - Changelog STABILITY: Fixed a crash that could occur when retrying to join a match after

losin g connection to LIVE Fixed a crash that could occur when accepting an invite while a disconne ction error message was displayed Fixed a rare Lock-On crash that could occur during gameplay Fixed a rare issue where player's controls could become unresponsive aft er performing a fatality MATCHMAKING: Fixed an issue with not being able to see some servers in Custom Match Changed the Server Clan search to only list servers running the specifie d game mode Fixed an issue with Server Clan search not listing SOD servers Fixed an issue where Quick Match would sometimes join an empty SOD serve r when there were populated servers available Changed Quick Match to prefer joining an empty SOD server of the same re gion/language before a populated server of a different region/language Changed Custom Match to hide empty SOD servers when Hide Empty is select ed USABILITY Fixed an issue with binding Shift as the Use key Fixed an issue where the bot icon would be missing under System Link Fixed an issue where the hintbar could disappear after disconnecting fro m the server Fixed an issue where players would be unable to free spawn after cancell ing a squad spawn Improved the ability for the tank to fire over a slope Added the ability for some Prejudice Online tweaks to be available when not connected to LIVE or Prejudice Online AUTOBALANCE Changed Autobalance to more aggressively place you with Friends Changed Private servers to force Autobalance off Changed Ranked servers to allow Autobalance off Changed Autobalance to allow a team size discrepancy of 2 (to facilitate getting Friends on the same team) GAMEPLAY Changed the Friendly Fire to penalize napalm damage less than regular da mage Changed Overtime to constantly increase both team VP at the same rate (1 0% of maximum VP per minute) Fixed an issue where the tank would fire an extra shot after exiting the driver seat Fixed the Ball Hog achievement (Assault) to count CPs captured because o f implicit turn end due to all defenders being killed STATS Changed Swarm to implicitly be Ranked for PC Listen servers (provided di fficulty is at least Medium) Changed Badges to only allow earning each 2 times per match Changed Repair and Auto Repair ScoreEvents to have a maximum per match ( 200)

Changed Repair Feat to have a maximum per match (66) Changed Ranked Swarm to only require two human players Fixed an issue where players could host a Ranked Swarm match on Trivial Difficulty (Medium is the minimum requirement) DEDICATED SERVER Fixed an issue where the user configs would not work if there were trail ing spaces on lines Fixed an issue where SOD servers were not able to host certain game mode s after rotating Fixed some crashes related to hosting service server queries Fixed an issue where the hosting service server query would return the i ncorrect max players for SOD servers Fixed an issue starting SOD servers on virtual machines Fixed an issue where SOD servers would become unplayable after being idl e for more than a day