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GC Tissue Conditioner

At a glance
First all-in-one relining material Easy and fast handling Easy to apply, fast setting, possibility to add extra material at any time. Unique patented formulation No Pthylate plasticizer for long lasting softness. The surface remains clean and odourless what makes it more comfortable and hygienic for the patient. Flexibility With Coating Agent: soft relining, for longevity of softness in mouth. Without Coating Agent: Tissue conditioning, for shorter duration of softness in mouth. Aesthetic Available in 2 different colours: lifelike pink and white. Easy to remove Due to improved tear resistance, GC Tissue Conditioner can easily be removed by hand, even with minimum thickness. GC Tissue Conditioner

GC Tissue Conditioner
GC Tissue Conditioner is part of a comprehensive range of top end relining products for tailor made implantology and removable prosthetics solutions. Based on both highly advanced acrylic and silicone technology, GC comes with a complete package for your patients need and indications. Alongside the hard GC Reline as well as GC Reline Soft and GC Reline Extra Soft, this new product now provides dentists with an acrylic-based temporary relining material which stays soft and cleaner for a long time. Thanks to its chemical composition it can be worked quickly, reliably and easily. And you can add to it over and over again. GC Tissue Conditioner can be used in a variety of cases; whether for soft relining or tissue conditioning, for cases where dentures are planned, after pre-prosthetic or implant surgery or even for functional impressions. GC Tissue Conditioner has: A perfect consistency and flow and it only needs 5 minutes seating time in the mouth. A unique patented formulation and a special coating material which protects the excellent surface smoothness against deterioration over time. The smooth surface, in turn, aids the healing process, contributes to hygiene and avoids the development of malodour. A unique chemical structure and plastic property as a result of which the material adjusts its shape according to the changes of oral mucosa over time.

Preparation 1. Denture surface before relining. 2. Adjust misfitting areas with a carbide bur, clean and dry. Create sufficient space so GC Tissue Conditioner can be applied at a minimum thickness of 1 mm in order to maintain the elasticity. 3. The coating agent can be used as a bonding agent to improve the bond strength and to avoid possible delamination. Apply the coating agent with a brush only on the areas where a stronger bond is needed. In this case, GC Tissue Conditioner cannot be peeled off by hand.

GC Tissue Conditioner
POWDER /LIQUID DISPENSING The standard powder/liquid ratio is 2.4 g/2 mL (1 unit of powder to 2 units of liquid). Dispense the required amounts of powder and liquid into the rubber cup. a. Using less liquid will result in a shorter gel phase and a more viscous mixture. More liquid will result in a longer gel phase and a less viscous mixture. b. Powder may form aggregates in the bottle under certain storage conditions. This will not affect the function. c. Close the bottles of powder, liquid and coating agent tightly immediately after use. MIXING APPLICATION 5. Apply the mixture evenly to the fitting surfaces of the prepared denture. a. To avoid sticking of the material, lubricate fingertips or instruments with water. Do not use lotion or petroleum jelly. b.Prevent excess from flowing into the throat. 6. Seat the denture in the mouth. Ask the patient to gently occlude in the centric occlusion and move the lips and mandibles to muscle trim.

4. Mix powder and liquid for 30-60 seconds

until the mixture reaches a creamy consistency.

GC Tissue Conditioner

FINISHING 7. After keeping the denture for about 5 minutes in this position, remove and inspect for excess and deficiencies. 8. Remove any excess using a sharp instrument. Wash away saliva from the relined denture under running water. Dry with an air syringe. 9. Apply the coating agent to the relined surfaces of the denture. Dry the coating agent thoroughly with an air syringe or leave it undisturbed for 4-5 minutes. 10. Finished denture

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